Deaths for Sullivan County Missouri, a MOGen Web Project.

Sullivan County Deaths: 1895-1899

These death records are not complete for the county, but do constitute the death records as they appeared in the Sullivan Standard and the Milan Republican.

Often the dates given were vague, as “last week”, “a few days ago”, “sometime back”, “recently”, etc. If the exact date was not given, but a remark as “last Tuesday”, “Sunday back”, and similar expressions used, the date of the newspaper and a perpetual calendar were used to try to ascertain the exact date. The wording concerning these deaths is as it appears in the news item.

The dates shown in the Information section are usually the dates it was published. If information, such as died Monday, is given, I have used a calendar from that year to find the probable date.

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Date Information Surnames
1895 No records have been submitted for 1895.  
1896-05-23 May 23, 1896. Mrs. Lemma May Green died, aged 25 yrs. 2 months and 23 days. She leaves her husband and two children. GREEN
1896-05-31 May 31, 1896, died Lelia Bradley, of typhoid fever. She was the daughter of J. W. and Mary E. Bradley, age 21 years. BRADLEY
1896-06-02 June 2, 1896, died Jennie Gibson of lingering consumption. She was the daughter of Joseph A. Gibson.

1896-06-02 June 2, 1896, Hal Boynton, born Apr. 1874, died in Green Castle at the home of his father Judge Boynton. BOYNTON
1896-06-06 Died June 6, 1896, Viola Evans, daughter of Noah and Tamson Camp Evans. She was 9 yrs., 2 mo., and 26 days. EVANS
1896-06-18 June 18, 1896, died Ezekial M. Mairs, born June 4, 1856. He was married to Flora Cowardin, Jan. 18, 1878. MAIRS
1896-07-15 July 15, 1896. died Louisa Kelly, born in Monroe Co. Ky. Mar. 12, 1825. She married John Kelly in 1843 and came to Sullivan Co. in 1847. KELLY
1896-07-10 July 10, 1896 died Sarah E. Braden Quigley. She was born Nov. 11, 1852 and was married to Cantrell R. Quigley Oct. 29, 1871. QUIGLEY
1896-08-21 Mahala Baldridge died Aug. 21, 1896. She was born in North Carolina Jan. 11, 1818, married Wilson Baldridge Feb. 23, 1836, and moved to Sullivan Co. in 1874. BALDRIDGE
1896-09-17 Mrs. Sarah Frazier died Sept. 17, 1896. She was born in Kentucky about 60 yrs. ago. She was the widow of John Frazier. FRAZIER
1896-09-18 Died Sept. 18, 1896 Nora Kate Brantner. She was born Jan.13, 1868, the daughter of J.M. and Jennie M. Stanley. She was the wife of Sherman Brantner. BRANTNER, STANLEY
1896-09-19 Clara Ellen, daughter of J. A. Gibson, died Sept. 19, 1896. She was 19 years, 7 days old. GIBSON
1896-09-22 Died Sept. 22, 1896 Amanda Sanders. SANDERS
1896-09-22 Died Sept. 22, 1896 Margaret Beaty. She was born to Mr. & Mrs. Graham, in Holms Co. Ohio, Feb. 2, 1814. She married John Beaty April 30, 1837. They came to Sullivan Co. in 1865. BEATY
1896-10-01 Died Nancy Lavelle Oct. 1, 1896. She was born in Ohio July 14,1859 and came to Missouri with her parents in 1870. LAVELLE
1896-10-02 Died Oct. 2, 1896, Mrs. J. T. McClead after a four weeks illness of typhoid. McCLEAD
1896-10-15 Oct. 15, 1896 died Mrs. J. Buxton. She was the daughter of Grotius and Charlotte Downtain, born in Fleming Co. Ky. Dec. 26, 1854. She died of catarh of the stomach. BUXTON, DOWNTAIN
1896-12-04 James M. Campbell died Dec. 4, 1896. He was born in Verrango Co. Penn. Oct. 7, 1818. He came to Sullivan Co. in 1853. CAMPBELL
1896-12-12 Dec. 12, 1896. James T. Yardley died. He was born Feb. 20, 1851 and married Diana M. Wheeler, Dec. 24, 1874. About 3 weeks ago he was standing on a chair adjusting a hanging lamp in his saloon, the chair slipped from under him and he fell on one of the large iron spittons striking his left side and breast. This resulted in his death. YARDLEY
1897-01-05 Jan. 5, 1897, died Henry Vos, age about 65 yrs., as the result of being trampled by some cows he had in a barn stall. VOS
1897-01-08 Susie Pearl daughter of Samuel and Mary McClanahan born Oct. 1, 1882 and died Jan. 8, 1897. McCLANAHAN
1897-01-13 John Dehm, born in Baden Germany Mar. 19, 1839 and died Jan. 13, 1897. He married Marie K. Geissler in 1863. DEHM
1897-01-31 Eva, daughter of J. A. and S. A. Nida, age about 5 years, died Jan. 31, 1897 of dropsy and heart trouble. NIDA
1897-02-03 Elizah Harlan died Feb. 3, 1897. He was about 86 years old. HARLAN
1897-02-04 Mrs. Margaret Robinson died Feb. 4, 1897 age nearly 66 years. She was born in W. Va. but came to Sullivan Co. in 1888. ROBINSON
1897-02-15 Fannie Sheets Taylor born in Bedford Co. Pa. Dec. 18, 1816 and died Feb. 15, 1897. She married James Taylor in 1840 and came to Mo. in 1864. TAYLOR
1897-02-27 Ella, daughter of E. W. and Salina Clark, born Sept. 4, 1879, and died of quick consumption Feb. 27, 1897. CLARK
1897-03-04 Nathan Hudnall, born Charleston W. Va. Mar. 3, 1828 and died Mar. 4, 1897. He came here in 1838 and married Elizabeth Murphy in 1850. HUDNALL
1897-03-11 Francis Marion Harter, son of Mr. & Mrs. Perry Harter, born, 1871, died Mar. 11, 1897. HARTER
1897-04-24 Jame Cochran, born County Derry Ireland Mar. 10, 1816, and died April 24, 1897. Ia 1840 he was married to Catherine Hutchinson and came to Sullivan Co. in 1866. COCHRAN
1897-04-24 Died April 24, 1897 Claudie Truman Conner, age 1 yr. 8 mo. and 24 days, from catarrhal fever. He was the son of T.H. and A.C. Conner. CONNER
1897-05-04 Mrs. Farigo, living near Pennville, was burned to death May 4, 1897. FARIGO
1897-05-10 Mrs. Sarah Isabell Ash, born in Randolph Co., Mo. Mar. 27, 1847 and died of cancer May 10, 1897. She was the daughter of Dr. J. C. Nelson. ASH, NELSON
1897-05-17 Carrie, youngest daughter of Mrs. Anna Scobee of Pollock, died May 17, 1897. She was born Feb. 23, 1891. Typhoid fever was the cause. SCOBEE
1897-05-18 John W. Dearing, born in Jackson Co. Tenn. Feb. 21, 1827 and died May 18, 1897. He married Louisa Dyer and came to Mo in 1851. DEARING
1897-06-06 Alice Montgomery Cochran, born Jan. 1, 1865 and died June 6, 1897. She was the daughter of Ruth Montgomery and married James B. Cochran, Jan. 17, 1893. COCHRAN, MONTGOMERY
1897-08-04 Peter Potts, born in Ohio 60 yrs. ago, and died Aug. 4, 1897. POTTS
1897-08-12 Aug. 12, 1897: Mrs. Fred Yardley died of consumption last Saturday. YARDLEY
1897-08-12 Aug. 12, 1897: The nine months old son of Job Anderson drowned by falling in a slop pail. ANDERSON
1897-08-19 William Cochrane, born County Derry, Ireland Oct. 10, 1826 and died Aug. 19, 1897. He came to the United States in 1840 and in 1854 with his wife Elizabeth Hyndman came to Sullivan Co. Elizabeth died in 1863, he then married Mary Shatto. COCHRANE
1897-08-21 Emma Taylor, daughter of J.W. and Nancy Auxier, was born in Johnson Co. Ky. Mar. 17, 1842 and died Aug. 21, 1887. She married Jacob Taylor Sept. 8, 1878. TAYLOR, AUXIER
1897-08-30 Rebecca Smith Wattenbarger, born in Green Co., Tenn. Sept. 13, died Aug. 30, 1897. WATTENBARGER, SMITH
1897-09-04 Died Sept. 4, 1897, Anne E. Poole in the 32nd year of her age. POOLE
1897-09-? David Taylor died Sept. 1897. He was born in Bartholomew Co. Ky., Jan. 10, 1814. TAYLOR
1897-09-14 Wm. Smick died Sept. 14, 1897. SMICK
1897-09-? Catharine Robinson, born in Jackson Co. W. Va. May 29, 1829. She was married to Thomas Mairs in June 19, 1853. Note: The date of death is conjecture based on where it was in the original list. ROBINSON
1897-10-11 Jacob Shobe, born in Grant Co. W. Va. Oct. 6, 1847 died Oct. 11, 1897. He came to Sullivan Co. in 1868. He married Livonia Jayne Oct. 27, 1872. SCOBE
1897-10-? James Sterling, born in Derry Co. Ireland Nov., 1828. He married Mary McClosky of Philidelphia, 1854. He died Oct., 1897. STERLING
1897-12-05 Phoebe Doze Custer, born in Lee Co. Ia. and died Dec. 5, 1897. She married J. C. Custer Sept. 16, 1869. CUSTER, DOZE
1898-01-02 George Wellington Albert Preston was born in County Down, Ireland, Oct. 3, 1827 and died Jan. 2, 1898. In 1830 he married Nancy Connaughy. He came to Pennville, Sullivan Co. in 1858. PRESTON
1898-01-02 Jan. 2, 1898, Catharine Frazier was found dead on her door step by her husband, Mr. Thomas W. Frazier. She had gone to Hiram Tipton's on confinement case. About 10 o'clock. Mr. Tipton accompanied her to within a hundred yards of the Frazier home. When Mr. Frazier opened the door the following morning he found her body. FRAZIER
1898-01-06 Mrs. Mary Gibbons was burned to death Jan. 6, 1898 by falling across the fireplace. She was 64 yrs. old. GIBBONS
1898-01-07 Mollie E. Tucker, wife of Taylor died Jan. 7, 1898. She was born Nov. 27, 1877. She leaves a two weeks old baby. TUCKER
1898-01-09 William Jasper Dennis was born in Tennessee Aug. 16, 1834 and died Jan. 9, 1898. He came to Sullivan Co. in 1842. In 1861 he married Ara Ann Franklin. DENNIS
1898-01-24 Minnie Boyd, wife of James A. Boyd, died Jan. 24, 1898. BOYD
1898-02-07 Feb. 7, 1898, Catharine Robinson Duley died. She was born in Orange Co. Ind., Jan. 21, 1834 and married Elisha Duley Feb. 14, 1855. DULEY
1898-02-25 Feb. 25, 1898, Ellen Johnson, wife of James Johnson was badly burned which resulted in her death. They were smoking meat and in some way her clothing caught on fire. JOHNSON
1898-03-11 Mar. 11, 1898, Catharine Grimm Gray died. She was born in Monongahela Co. Pa., Dec. 5, 1821, married R. W. Gray Jan. 13, 1847. In May 1885, Mrs. Gray came to Sullivan Co. with her daughter, Mrs. Hiram Tipton. Update 2-Jun-2011 provided by Carol Foster, a descendent of Mrs. Gray. Ms. Foster's research shows that the daughter Mrs. Gray accompanied to Sullivan County was Mrs. Columbia Alexander (see Mrs. Arthur Alexander's obituary and that Mary E. was the daughter who married Mr. Tipton. More details in Mrs. Gray's obituary. GRAY, GRIMM
1898-03-13 Mar. 13, 1898, little Alta Hari of near Winigan was burned to death. Her clothing caught from a stove. HARI
1898-03-? Samuel Summerville, born in Wood Co. Va. Jan. 30, 1820, died Mar., 1898. At age 22 he married Mary Ott. He came to Sullivan Co. in Dec. 1868. SUMMERVILLE
1898-03-28 Catharine Ann Davis, born in Washington Co. Ind. Aug. 1, l836 and departed this life Mar. 28, 1898. She came to Sullivan County on 1854. She married Phillip Aibright Oct. 14, 1856. Her death was caused by cistitis. DAVIS, AIBRIGHT
1898-03-31 Mercy Birdseye Comstock, born Mar. 15, 1812 in Conn., died Mar. 31, 1898. She married I. Comstock May 4, 1835. COMSTOCK, BIRDSEYE
1898-04-01 Ellen Wattenbarger, born Jan, 17, 1837 in Green Co. Tenn. died April 1, 1898. She married George Wattenbarger Apr. 13, 1854. WATTENBARGER
1898-04-01 April 1, 1898, Irving Long, nine year old son of Mr & Mrs. Cory B. Long was kicked by a mare, striking him on the left side and back of the head crushing his skull. LONG
1898-04-09 David Henry, born in Stark Co. Ohio May 13, 1830, died April 9, 1898. He came to Sullivan Co. in 1858. He was maried to Sarah Spealman July 3, 1855. HENRY
1898-04-20 April 20, 1898 died of heart failure Wm. H. Miller.. MILLER
1898-04-24 Apr. 28, 1898, Died at her home near Reger on last Monday Mrs. Harvey Dodd. DODD
1898-04-26 April 26, 1898 died Meadie Bunch, wife of Hiram Bunch. She left her husband and two children. BUNCH
1898-05-03 May 5, 1898: died 7 yr. old Fred J. Mimes last Wednesday of diptheria. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Mimes. Note: It is possible that the 'last Wednesday' indicated April 27, 1898. DIMES
1898-05-06 Died May 6, 1898 Minerva E Jackson, born Feb. 22, 1848. She was married to John B. Johnson. Note: It is unknown which is correct: Jackson or Johnson. Probably an early transcription error. JACKSON or JOHNSON
1898-05-06 May 6, 1898, died Jacob Vandeventer of consumption. VANDEVENTER
1898-05-10 May 10, 1898 died Caroline Renner, of dropsy. She was born in Rock, Castle Co. Ky. Dec. 25, 1829, married John Renner in 1848 and came to Sullivan Co. in 1856. RENNER
1898-05-23 Herman Goesling died May 23, 1898. He was born in Brehman Germany Jan. 10, 1853. In Sept. 1875 he was married to Missouri Ann Baldridge. GOESLING
1898-05-28 Died Miss Lizzie Murto May 28, 1898, age 22 yrs. 6 months. She was a sister of Mrs. Wm. McClanahan. MURTO
1892-01-10 Rebecca Muncy died Jan 10, 1892. She had been a resident of Sullivan Co. since 1841. She was buried at Oakwood [Cemetery]. MUNCY
1898-06-03 Daniel Friday killed himself with a revolver June 3, 1898. He was born in Switzerland about 65 yrs. ago. FRIDAY
1898-06-23 Died June 23, 1898 Mary Dunlap, wife of John Dunlap, of consumption. DUNLAP
1898-07-06 Died Alice Grace St. Clair, July 6, 1898. She was the daughter of Judge Whaley, born 1861. ST. CLAIR
1898-07-24 Died July 24, 1898, Mary Charlotte Ward, wife of Orlanda Ward and daughter of Abner and Irene Hensley, of malarial fever. She was born Nov. 7, 1864. WARD
1898-08-17 Died Aug. 17, 1898 Marinda Azbell Punneo. She was born Lebanon, Ohio, 1824 and married James Punneo at age 20. PENNEO
1898-09-13 Died Sept. 13, 1898, Capt. H. C. Calfee. He was born Wayne Co. Ky. in 1826. He married Sarah Rogers in 1850. CALFEE
1898-09-16 Mrs. E. J. Seals died Sept. 16, 1898 of dropsy. She was born to Mr. & Mrs. Botts in Maryland in 1822. SEALS, BOTTS
1898-10-12 Died Oct. 12, 1898 Arthur Deeds, 21 yr. old son of George and M. A. Deeds. Martin Spake died Dec. 21, 1898, born in Wayne Co. Ohio in 1837. He came to Sullivan Co. in 1855, served in the Civil War, was discharged in 1865. DEEDS
1898-10-25 David P. Sinclair died Oct. 25, 1898. He was born Oct 27, 1851 in Monroe Co. Ohio. He was the son of John and Arena Sinclair. On Oct. 3, 1880 he married Margaret A. Yardley. Note from site maintainer: His middle name was Phillip; his parents were John B. & Arena Baker Sinclair who were my great-great-grandparents. SINCLAIR
1898-11-05 Died Mrs. Lena Bell Couch Nov. 5, 1898. She was born Feb. 11, 1860 and was married to Thomas Couch. COUCH
1898-11-19 Died Nov. 19, 1898. Mrs. M. E. Calhoon, wife of Ed Calhoon. They were married Mar. 17, 1878. She was the daughter of J.P.S. and Mrs. M. E. Roberts. CALHOON, ROBERTS
1898-12-25 Ira Clarence Bales died Dec. 25, 1898 age l yr. 2 mo. 26 days. He was the son of Luther and Cora Bayles. Measles were the cause. Note: It is unknown whether the surname is BALES or BAYLES however given the other BALES entry, it is probable that BALES is correct. These two children might be cousins. BALES, BAYLES
1898-12-26 Winnie Ragan Bales, son of W.R. and M.C. Bales died Dec. 26, 1898 as a result of measles, age 9 mo., 4 days. Note: See the other BALES entry, possible cousin. BALES
1898-12-29 Ruth A. Fenis Niblo died Dec. 29, 1898. She was born in Butler Co., Ohio Nov. 26, 1846, was married to James A. Niblo Sr. Sept. 15, 1867, in 1882 the family came to Milan. NIBLO
1899-01-18 Mrs. Rachel Bickel Shepler died Jan. 18, 1899, from pneumonia. She was born Dec. 16, 1836 in Holmes Co. Ohio. Rachel Bickel married Peter Shepler Feb. 18, 1858. SHIPLER, BICKEL
1899-01-25 Mrs. Agusta Derthick Glare, (Mrs. Wm. Glare) died Jan. 25, 1899, age 43 years. She was born in Ill. 1855, came to Milan 1884. GLARE
1899-02-28 Lemuel Harrison Stutler died Feb. 28, 1899, born in Roane Co. W. Va. Oct. 14, 1872, son of Josiah and Rebecca Stutler. He married Anna Fox, May 1896. STUTLER
1899-03-26 Jonah P. Baldwin died Mar. 26, 1899. He was born in Richwood Ohio Aug. 4, 1828. He married in Ohio Katharine Blue, July 4, 1855. He came to Sullivan Co. in 1880. BALDWIN
1899-03-26 Hannah C. Mount died March 26, 1899. She was born in Virginia Oct. 30, 1833. She married J. J. Howell in Wood Co. Va. Dec. 16, 1856. MOUNT, HOWELL
1899-03-28 Mrs. Mary A. Morrison died March 28, 1899. She was born in New York March 17, 1838, the daughter of Ebenezer P. and Mary Ann Crocker. She married G. M. L. Morrison May 18, 1857. MORRISON, CROCKER
1899-04-18 Cynthia J. Obrey, born Feb. 18, 1846 died April 18, 1899. She was the daughter of D. D. and L. A. Morgan of Macon Co., Mo. and came to Sullivan Co. in 1849 and married Victor Obrey Apr. 3, 1876. OBREY, MORGAN
1899-04-11 Sarah Johnson died Apr. 11, 1899, age 78 yrs., 2 mo., and 14 days. She was the wife of Elenton Johnson JOHNSON
1899-04-20 John McCaffery died April 20, 1899. He leaves a wife and four children. McCAFFERY
1899-04-23 Pat Lavelle died April 23, 1899. He leaves a wife and son. LAVELLE
1899-05-06 David L. McManigal, born in Mifflin Co. Pa. Aug. 18, 1836 and died May 6, 1899. lie was married to Sarah D. Alexander, Oct. 7, 1863. McMANIGAL
1899-05-09 Mary Belle Kelley born, Mar. 1, 1869, died May 9, 1899. She married Howard Underwood Aug. 9, 1884. KELLEY, UNDERWOOD
1899-05-18 Gibson McKinny died May 18, 1989. He was born in New York. McKINNY
1899-05-22 Sarepta Shepherd, born in Miama Co. Ohio Mar. 17, 1849 and died May 22, 1899. She was married to Richard Reid June 16, 1867. SHEPHERD, REID
1899-06-03 Rachel Bartley Frazier was born in Monroe Co. Ky., Dec. 2, 1828 and died June 3, 1899. She was married to H. R. Frazier Feb. 23, 1851. He died Dec. 6, 1893. FRAZIER
1899-06-12 Andrew Swiggy, born Feb. 22, 1865, died June 12, 1899. He married Josie Belle Pamerell Aug. 19, 1881 SWIGGY
1899-07-05 Died Margaret Hopper, July 5, 1899, age 58 years. HOPPER
1899-07-19 Died Clarence 0. Kidwell July 19, 1899, age 17 yrs., 9 mo. and 8 days. He was the son of Mr. & Mrs. F. A. Kidwell. KIDWELL
1899-07-23 Died Sharon McCullough July 23, 1899. He was born in New Orleans 1833 and moved to Sullivan Co. in 1840. McCULLOUGH
1899-07-24 Maggie Fuiks Glidewell died July 24, 1899 of consumption. She was married to Robert Glidewell Nov. 25, 1896. GLIDEWELL
1899-07-27 Carl Dennis, only son of Timothy and Cora E. Ryan died of cholera infantum, Thursday July 27, 1899. RYAN
1899-08-06 Walter Brown, fourteen year old son of Mr. & Mrs. A. L. Brown, was kicked in the stomach by a pet horse, Aug. 6, 1899, which resulted in his death. BROWN
1899-08-21 Dan Montgomery died by his own hand Aug. 21, 1899; son of Thomas Montgomery. MONTGOMERY
1899-08-23 Catherine Montgomery was slain by the hand of her husband Aug. 23, 1899. She was the daughter of William and Mahala Watson born Jan. 31, 1864. MONTGOMERY
1899-08-25 Washington Glaze born in Virginia, married in 1844 in Va. and came to Sullivan Co. the same yr., died Aug. 25, 1899. GLAZE
1899-08-25 Charles Erwin Walker, born in Chenango Co. N. V., died Aug. 25, 1899. WALKER
1893-09-11 Mary McClaskey Sterling born in County Derry, Ireland, Aug. 1829 and died Aug. 26, 1899. STERLING
1899-10-10 Clara L. Johns, born in Putnam Co., daughter of J. H. and M. E. John, Aug. 21, 1977 and died Oct. 10, 1899. JOHNS
1899-10-20 Laura Belle Anderson, born April 13, 1869, died Oct. 20, 1899. She was reared by her grandmother Mrs. Elizabeth Brown and married H. C. Anderson Dec. 25, 1895. ANDERSON
1899-11-06 Died Nov. 6, 1899 Louisa Rouse, daughter of Geo. and Elizabeth Shaver. She was born in 1805 in Ky. She was married to Samuel Rouse. ROUSE, SHAVER
1899-11-10 Mrs. Grandison Payne died Nov. 10, 1899. She was born in Floyd Co. Va. in 1843 and was married to Grandison Payne Nov. 8, 1858. PAYNE
1899-11-15 Catherine Weston Peters, born Mar. 25, 1836, died Nov. 15, 1899. She married Silas Peters Sept. 1862. PETERS
1899-11-24 Della Watkins died Nov. 24, 1899, age 19 years, 8 months and 12 days. WATKINS
1899-11-25 David Brown died Nov. 25, 1899, at age 81 years. BROWN
1899-11-? Mahala A. Helton died Nov. 1899. She was born Alamakee Co. Ia. Aug. 22, 1857, married Jno. W. Long in 1881. In 1884 Mr. Long died, she then married 0.S. Helton. HELTON
1899-12-02 Polk Riggen died Dec. 2, 1899. He was 55 yrs. old. RIGGEN
1899-12-05 Dec. 5, 1899, Elizabeth Payne Page died of typhoid fever. She was born in Ky. 1828. PAGE
1899-12-07 Infant daughter of Elmer Davis died Dec. 7, 1899. DAVIS
1899-12-08 Ural, 2 yr. old son of Elmer and Lillie Davis died Dec. 8, 1899 of membranous croup. DAVIS
1899-12-08 Paul Buchanan, an old bachelor, about 80 years of age, living near Bairdstown died Dec. 8, 1899. BUCHANAN
1899-12-08 Betsy Redding, wife of C. C. Redding died Dec. 8, 1899, age 63 yrs; 4 months. REDDING
1899-12-09 George H. Rich died Dec. 9, 1899. He was born in Otsego Co. N.Y., July 4, 1829. RICH
1899-12-21 Anderson Wood Harris died Dec. 21, 1899. He was born in Boone Co. Nov. 5, 1822. In 1844 he married Gabrilla Nelson. HARRIS

I have ancestors from Sullivan County that I plan to add to this site. I've always meant to do it.

What about you? Do you have a web site with ancestors from Sullivan County? There is no specific format "demanded" for a submission. I've always regretted I didn't do this a LONG time ago. Maybe if I had, some of my Sullivan County brickwalls might not be brickwalls any more.

Please .