Deaths for Sullivan County Missouri, a MOGen Web Project.

Sullivan County Deaths: 1885-1889

These death records are not complete for the county, but do constitute the death records as they appeared in the Sullivan Standard and the Milan Republican.

Often the dates given were vague, as “last week”, “a few days ago”, “sometime back”, “recently”, etc. If the exact date was not given, but a remark as “last Tuesday”, “Sunday back”, and similar expressions used, the date of the newspaper and a perpetual calendar were used to try to ascertain the exact date. The wording concerning these deaths is as it appears in the news item.

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Date Information Surnames
1885-01-14 John C. Adams died Jan. 14, 1885, of membranus croup. ADAMS
1885-09-16 Louis Maud West died Sept. 16, 1885 of membranous croup, age 10 months. WEST
1885-12-18 Dec. 18, 1885, died Marcelus Preston Archer, overdose of opium, so supposed, age 53 yrs., 2 mo., 2 da. He was born in Whitehall, Ill. ARCHER
1886-04-13 April 13, 1886, died 4 year old Mark J. Atkins of heart disease. ATKINS
1886-08-05 Annie F. Allen died Aug. 5, 1886 of fracture of the skull, age 7 yrs., 9 mo., 23 days. ALLEN
1886-09-14 H. W. Wilson died Sept. 14, 1886 of chronic Brights Disease, age 39 yrs., 5 mo., 28 days. WILSON
1886-10-29 Thomas Jefferson Wisehart died Oct. 29, 1886 of typho malarial fever, age 33 yrs., 10 mo., 9 days, born in Henry Co., Ind. WISEHART
1887-11-12 Joseph R. Trentham of Pollock died Nov. 12, 1887. TRENTHAM
1887-12-28 Norman Davis of Pollock died Dec. 28, 1887. DAVIS
1887-12-31 Dec. 31, 1887, Thos. Reed of near Half Rock died of typhoid fever. He leaves a wife and small child. REED
1888-01-13 Jan. 13, 1888: died Miss Mollie Melvin of consumption last Monday. MELVIN
1888-01-19 Mrs. Mary Daze died Jan. 19, 1888. She was born in New York June 10, 1816, daughter of Job Bailey. DAZE, BAILEY
1888-01-26 Jan. 26, 1888 died Essie Peters infant daughter of George and Alda Peters. PETERS
1888-03-06 Died Mar. 6, 1888, Miss Alice daughter of Henry and Rebecca Shipley. She was 23 yr. old. SHIPLEY
1888-03-09 Died Mar. 9, 1888, Alfred Morris age 35. He was the son of Robertson and Susanna Morris. He was born Apr. 11, 1852 and married Eliza Coffman Apr. 11, 1852. MORRIS, COFFMAN
188?-04-01 April 1, 188? died Jeremiah Tharp at the home of his son. Jeremiah was born in Marion Co., Ky. nearly 81 years ago He came to Sullivan Co. in 1841. THARP
1888-04-06 April 6,1888, died Magdaline Caldwell wife of Robert Caldwell, of consumption. CALDWELL
1888-04-28 April 28, 1888: John Thompson died Thursday of last week and was buried at the Mt. Zion Cemetery on Friday. THOMPSON
1888-04-28 Died on Sat. April 28, 1888 of cerebro spinal minigitis, Maud A., daughter of Henry and Sarah A. Hardin after a brief illness of only five days. Aged 6 years and 2 months and 17 days. HARDIN
1888-05-04 May 4, 1888 One of Dr. Busicks daughters died last week of consumption this makes three of daughters that have died of consumption within the last three months. BUSICK
1888-05-08 Sarah Ross daughter of James and Nancy Ross departed this life the 8 of May, 1888 aged nineteen years, eleven months and twenty nine days. The deceased had consumption and was of brief duration. She was laid to rest in the Shatto cemetery. ROSS
1888-05-11 May 11, 1888: Father J. H. McNeily who formerly resided in Milan all winter but moved to his farm west of town this last spring, died Monday evening from a strike of Paralysis. McNEILY
1888-05-18 May 18, 1888. The infant son of Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Miller, born some weeks ago died on Thursday evening. Mrs. Miller is herself seriously ill. MILLER
1888-05-18 May 18, 1888: Infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Boyd of Milan died Monday evening at 7 o'clock. BOYD
1888-05-28 Veda Myrtal Street infant daughter of William and Amanda Street departed this life May 28, 1888, aged 3 years, 7 months and 5 days. STREET
1888-06-04 Robert Daniel Morrison (b. Bedford Co. Tenn. July, 24, 1813) died June 4, 1888 of inflammation of the stomach and bowels. MORRISON
1888-06 Joseph McKinney, a young man 22 years of age who lived in south east Polk died last Wednesday of Pulmonary consumption. He was interred at the Oak Grove Cemetery. Note: The date is conjecture based on where it was in the list. McKINNEY
1888-06-08 June 8, 1888: Mrs. Garrett, wife of Harvey Garrett of Jackson Twp. died last Thursday, the 31 st. She was about sixty years of age. GARRETT
1888-06-09 Melva May, infant daughter of J.C. and M.J. Strode aged 4 months and 7 days died at her grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Judge Addison Payne's June 9, 1888. STRODE, PAYNE
1888-06-18 June 18, 1888: A daughter of Bob Johnsons who live near Green City died the first of the week. JOHNSON
1888-06-24 Amelia Vos, daughter of Henry Vos living 2 miles north of Sticklerville died Sunday of consumption. Note: The date is conjecture based on where it was in the list and that 3, 10, 17, 24 are Sundays. VOS
188?-06-15 June 22, 1888: Died Robert Sterling, living 6 miles northwest of Milan, June 15, 188?. He died of dropsy. STERLING
1888-06-08 Johnnie Smith, a son of William Smith, living at Terre Haute, this county, was drowned on the 8th. Note: The date is conjecture based on where it was on the list. Date could be July 8th of 1888 or 1887. SMITH
1888-07-01 Mrs. Mary A. Troxell (b. England, May 22, 1881) died July 1, 1888, age 47 years, 1 month, 9 days. TROXELL
1888-07-06 Rebecca J. Miller of near Owasco died last Friday of Consumption. Note: The date is conjecture based on where it was in the list. The Friday dates for July 1888 are: 6, 13, 20, 27. MILLER
1888-07-09 The widow of Samuel Smart in the vicinity of Pollock died Monday night, She ate a hearty supper, retired as usual, but soon after took sick and died about 10 o'clock. Her death is supposed to be heart trouble. Note: The date is conjecture based on where it was in the list. The Friday dates for July 1888 are: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. SMART
1888-07-20 July 20, 1888: Jonnie Stewart 4 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Stewart died Saturday night and was buried Sunday at 3 o'clock. This is two little ones taken from the family circle in the last few days. STEWART
1888-07-26 T.B. Rouse who lived north of Pennville was run over by the caboose of the Q.O. and K.C. freight train going east at 9:33, Thursday morning. The train had got under headway and was probably 30 feet from the platform when the accident occurred. Verdict, intoxicated. The wheels passed diagonally across his shoulders. Note: The date is conjecture based on where it was in the list. The Thursday dates for July 1888 are: 5, 12, 19, 26. ROUSE
1888-08-01 Died Carl Van Wye, July 22, 1888, age 2 yrs., nine months and 15 days, and Belva Van Wye died Aug. 1, 1888, aged 9 months and 19 days. They were the children of Mr. & Mrs. F. Van Wye. VAN WYE, VANWYE
1888-08-06 Elizabeth VanWye, died Aug. 6, 1888 from heart trouble. She was 44 yrs., 3 months and 16 days. She was the mother of 7 children, all who survive, five being under 15 yrs. of age. VANWYE, VAN WYE
1888-08-08 Died Patrick Edmond, son of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Daily, Aug. 8, 1888, born Mar. 25,1887. He had suffered untold agony for one week with the “bloody flux.” DAILY
1888-08-09 Died Isaiah Drake, son of Thomas and Fannie Smith near Scottsville, Aug. 9, 1888, of flux. SMITH
1888-08-14 Mary Potts daughter of Laura and Peter Potts died Aug. 14, 1888 aged 17 months. She died of the flux. POTTS
1888-08-21 Aug. 21, 1888: Died at the home of its grandparents in Milan, Little Pearl, infant daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Eddy. She was one year of age. EDDY
1888-08-22 Aug. 22, 1888: died Iva May daughter of Elbert & Emma Stone aged 2 yrs., 3 months. STONE
1888-09 Died Sept. 1888. Jane wife of Wm. Isacs, age 47 yrs., 6 months, 2 days. She died of consumption, and was the mother of ten children. ISAACS, ISACS
1888-09-21 Died in Humphreys Sept. 21, 1888, John Meekins, born in Va. Mar. 7, 1836 and came to Mo. in 1845. MEEKINS
1888-09-27 Died Sept. 27, 1888, Alice I. Harty, of Milan, age 10 years, of Spasmodic Diphtheria. She was the daughter of Nathan and Mary Harty. HARTY
1888-10-03 Oct. 5, 1888 Mrs. James Shaw died at her home near Mr. Zion, on Wednesday last. She had been sick of cancer for 3 years on her right side. She was Elmira Crowdis b. Jan. 14, 1824, Marion Co. Ky. CROWDIS, SHAW
1888-10-17 Oct. 19, 1888: Died Capt. J. W. Dewett, Tuesday evening at his home northwest of town, of heart disease. The captain was in town until after noon on the day of his death. DEWETT
1888-11-04 Wm. H. Smith of Milan died Sunday evening, in the 38th year of his life. He had an illness of only two days. Note: The date is based conjecture based on where it was in the list. SMITH
1888-11-08 Died Hardin Guinn, b. Apponoose Co., Ia., Jan. 29, 1857, died Nov. 8, 1888. GUINN
1888-11-17 Nov. 23, 1888: A daughter of John Haley died last Saturday and he has another child quite sick. HALEY
1888-11 or 1888-12 Mrs. J. B. Lockhart of Browning died last Monday. Note: The date is conjecture based on where it was in the list. LOCKHART
1888-01-17 Jan 18, 1889: Mrs. Mary George died Thursday morning, b. Oct. 11, 1825. She came to Sullivan County in 1845. GEORGE
1889-01-23 George Yardley died Jan. 23, 1889 at the age of 75 years, 8 months and 22 days. YARDLEY
1889-02-07 Died in Humphreys, Feb. 7, 1889, Charles Wesley and Lizzie May, children of Rev. W. A. and Margaret Smith. Lizzie was born Aug. 22, 1886 and Charles Aug. 20, 1888. They died in less than 6 hours of each other. SMITH
1889-02-06 Feb. 6, 1889 died Mrs. L. P. Crowdus of Browning. CROWDUS
1889-02-15 Died, Carrie Grace Smith in Humphreys Feb. 15, 1889. She was born Aug. 20, 1888 and died just eight days before her twin brother and 2 year old sister died. The funerals of the three children were preached Sunday at the Humphreys M.E. Church by Rev. B.D. Sipple. SMITH
1889-02-24 to 1889-03-01 Mar. 2, 1889: Mrs. Palmer living 3 or 4 miles east of Harris died last week. PALMER
1889-02-26 Died at Humphreys Feb. 26, 1889, Cora Florence, daughter of Rev. Wm. A. and M. C. Smith age 8 yrs., 7 days. SMITH
1889-02 or 1889-03 Mary Baker daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Baker age 17. Note: The date is conjecture based on where it appeared in the list. BAKER
1889-03-03 Died of whooping cough, Mar. 3, 1889, Annie 4 yr. old daughter of C. H. McCully and wife. McCULLY
1889-03-07 W.A. Smith's children (Humphreys) were buried last week. This is the fifth that has been taken from the family, within four weeks. Note: The date is conjecture but the first of the Smith children died on 2/7/1889. SMITH
1889-03-07 Mar. 7, 1889, died Minnie, the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Smith, age 6 yrs., 1 mo., 14 days. In 28 days they lost 5 children. SMITH
1889-03-11 Mar. 15, 1889: Mrs. Isral Holt of near Harris died of lung fever last Monday night. HOLT
1889-03-16 Thos. Saulberry of near Boynton died Mar. 16, 1889, of consumption, aged 17 years. SAULBERRY
1889-03-29 Mar. 29, 1889: ___ Reger a young farmer of near Judson vicinity died one day this week of consumption. REGER
1889-03-29 Mar. 29, 1889: Miss Ryle Watson daughter of D. P. Watson died last Monday evening, age seventeen years and five months. WATSON
1889-03-31 The little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hanley died Sunday night, Mar, 31, 1889. (Osgood) HANLEY
1889-03-31 The four year old son of Wm. Hill living west of Green City died Mar. 31, 1889. He had whooping cough, and measles terminating in lung fever. HILL
1889-03 or 1889-04 Mary, daughter of Lewis W. Pilcher, died Thursday of last week of quick consumption and was interred in Oak Grove Cemetary. She was 28 years of age. Note: The date is based on conjecture of where it appeared in the list. PILCHER
1889-04-06 April 6, 1889: The little child of Jas. Lafever, was kicked by a horse causing a fractured skull. The child died. LAFEVER
1889-04-11 Daniel Baldridge died April 11, 1889, aged 76 years, 5 months and 10 days. BALDRIDGE
1889-04-13 Wm. V. Doak aged 29, son of S. A. and Margaret Doak died April 13, 1889. DOAK
1889-04-13 Susannah Morris, wife of Robert Morris, died April 13, 1889, with typhoid pneumonia. She was 74 yrs. old and the mother of 9 children. MORRIS
1889-04-14 Ninian Beall of Green Castle died Apr. 14, 1889, aged 66 years and 27 days. BEALL
1889-04-24 Died G. W. Auxier, April 24, 1889. He was born in Johnson Co., Ky. March 15, 1820. He married Miss Nancy Prater Oct. 3rd, 1839. He had been afflicted with paralysis for about 6 years. AUXIER
1889-04-26 April 26, 1889. Cash Graham died at the home of R. H. Cochrane. He was 17 years of age. GRAHAM
1889-04-26 Died Warner Lavelle, April 26, 1889, in his 21st yr. at the home of his father 3 miles northwest of Milan. He had been married but a few months. LAVELLE
1889-04-28 Ida Baker died Sunday April 28, 1889, age 21 years, 7 months and 21 days. She was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Baker. BAKER
1889-05-05 May 5, 1889, Samantha Riggins wife of Thomas Riggins of Moris Twp. She suffered from ulceration of the stomach complicated by abdominal dropsy. She was born Oct. 20, 1858. She leaves four children. RIGGINS
1889-05-09 A Pioneer Gone: Armstead C. Hill died in this city Thursday evening, May 9, 1889, aged 85 years after a lingering illness of some weeks. His funeral took place Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Baptist Church, the funeral sermon was preached by J.J. Rome, which was a short, concise, and appropriate one, pronounced in a beautiful and impressive way. Uncle Armstead Hill had been an earnest and consistent member of the Baptist Church for many years. Out of respect every business house closed, and the largest concourse of people, almost in the history of Milan, attended the funeral. The burial was under the management of the G.A.R. boys, the funeral possession was headed by the cornet Band who led to the cemetery playing the funeral march, “Peaceful Slumber.” HILL
1889-05-10 May 10, 1889: Ada Miller, daughter of Widow Miller, died in Green Castle the first of the week. MILLER
1889-05-21 Died, May 21, 1889, John Fremon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Yardley of Milan, aged 6 years, 22 days. He took measles, took a cold and was finally carried off by dropsy. He was laid to rest in the Elmwoods cemetary. YARDLEY
1889-05-31 May 31, 1889: Died Elsie, daughter of E.C. and Rachel Eastwood. EASTWOOD
1889-05-31 Miss Minnie Callihan, daughter of Bailey and Elizabeth Callihan, died May 31, 1889. CALLIHAN
1889-06-02 Jesse Tucker Sr. died Sunday morning, June 2nd, 1889, at the home of his son Jno. W. Tucker, age 82 years. TUCKER
1860-06-16 Died June 1, 1889, Pros. L. R. Donoho of Milan. He had been ass't Principal and Principal of the Milan Schools. He was born June 16, 1860. DONOHO
1889-07-16 Died July 16, 1889, Mrs. Eunice M. Fields, (nee Jessee) aged 24 years, 7 months and 14 days. FIELDS, JESSEE
1889-07-22 John W. Boyd, son of Robert F. and Nancy Boyd departed this life July 22, 1889,. aged 22 years, 6 months and 20 days. He married Emma Miller, Sept. 1882 and leaves his widow and 3 small children. BOYD
1889-07-23 Died July 23, 1889. of cancer, Mrs. Rebecca Paterson in the 70th year of her life She died at the home of J. S. Alexander and was buried in Knifong cemetary. PATERSON
1889-07 Mr. Samuel Miller died at the home of Caleb Addlesparger. Note: The date is conjecture based on where it appeared in the list. MILLER
1889-07 or 1889-08 Died Mrs. Polk Crouch, of Lindley. Note: The date is conjecture based on where it appeared in the list. CROUCH
1889-08-09 Aug. 9, 1889. Died Mr. W. L. Watson of Pollock last Thursday. He was a member of the Pollock G.A.R. WATSON
1889-08-10 Died Aug. 10, 1889, Mrs. Nancy R. Payne, wife of Enoch Payne and was interred at the Oak Grove Cemetery.
     She was the daughter of James Frazier and was 63 yrs., 5 months, and 15 days. Death resulted from malarial fever and paralysis.
1889-08 or 1889-09 Died Mrs. Eizabeth Bailey in the 79th year of her live, of nervous prostration. Note: The date is conjecture based on where it was in the list. BAILEY
1889-10-06 Sophie E. Stall, widow of Joseph Stall died Oct. 6, 1889. Born in Steputery Germany June 2, 1836. She was buried at Mt. Olivet cemetery. STALL
1889-10-17 Mart Smith's little girl, a child of 2 years was buried at Cemetery near Lemons Station Sat. (Oct. 18, 1889). Note: The date is conjecture based on the burial on 10/18/1889. Burial usually was either the same date as death or within a day. SMITH
1889-10-25 Oct. 25, 1889, died Josephus M. Hamilton, born Sondersburg, Lancaster Co. Penn.. May 24, 1803. Sept. 8, 1828 he married Elizabeth Vandersaal of Shippensburg Penn. HAMILTON
1889-11-03 Nov. 8, 1889. Martin Stone of Green City died last Sunday and was buried in the Green City Cemetery. STONE
1889-11-12 Nov. 15, 1889: Oliver H. Bennett died at his home 3 miles east of Boynton, last Tue. BENNETT
1889-11-15 Nov. 22, 1889: Last Friday Mrs. J.D. Smart died with typhoid on Sunday night; her son Dale age 25 died of the same disease. SMART
1889-11-28 Nov. 29, 1889: Mrs. James Boney died last Thursday. BONEY
1889-12-03 Dec. 6, 1889: James McClaskey died Tue. night, of hemorrage of the stomach. He was born in Ind. in 1821. In 1849 he married Elizabeth Shatto. McCLASKEY
1889-12-16 Dec. 20, 1889: Chloe Smith, Little daughter of Jake Smith's drank a bottle of paragoric last Monday, which resulted in her death, She was 2 yrs., 5 months and 15 days old. SMITH
1889-12-18 Margaret J.M. Watson, b. Green Co., Tenn., Dec.13, 1806, died Dec. 18, 1889. She married Wm. Roach, 1823, came to Sullivan Co. in 1868. ROACH, WATSON
1889-12-23 Dec. 27, 1889: Mr. Washington Morland died last Monday and was buried at the old Baptist Cemetery. MORLAND

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