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Sullivan County Deaths: 1878-1884

These death records are not complete for the county, but do constitute the death records as they appeared in the Sullivan Standard and the Milan Republican.

Often the dates given were vague, as “last week”, “a few days ago”, “sometime back”, “recently”, etc. If the exact date was not given, but a remark as “last Tuesday”, “Sunday back”, and similar expressions used, the date of the newspaper and a perpetual calendar were used to try to ascertain the exact date. The wording concerning these deaths is as it appears in the news item.

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Date Information Surnames
Between 1878 & 1884
1878 is assumed.
John D. Call aged about 20, living in Clay Twp. died recently of liver disease.  CALL
Between 1878 & 1884
1878 is assumed.
Died, Mr. Edward Downing, age 16, by his own hand. He lived with his mother about 5 miles north of Kiddville. DOWNING
1878-01-08 Died January 8, 1878, in Morris Township, Mr. Greenbury Summers, a native of Maryland, being 88 years old. SUMMERS
1878-02-12 Feb.18, Mr. James Spray of Morris Township died on Tuesday of last week.
Note from Sullivan County Coordinator: If death was in 1878, Tuesday was Feb. 12th.
Between 1878-03-10 & 3-16 March 22, 1878. Mr. Shannon Beard living near Green Castle died one day last week. BEARD
1878-03-16 Mrs. Michael Wright died March 16, 1878, at her home, four or five miles east of Milan. WRIGHT
1878-04-02 Mrs. Rebecca Clarkson died April 2, 1878. CLARKSON
1878-04-20 Mrs. Wm. Westlake of Buchanan died on Monday, April 20, 1878, and was buried Tuesday. She died of consumption. WESTLAKE
1878-05-19 Mrs. Sanford Duckwarth died Sunday, May 19, 1878, at her home two miles west of Scottsville in Duncan Township. DUCKWARTH
1878-05-22 Died of consumption, on the 22nd of May 1878, at her home near Birdseye Ridge, of this county, Mrs. Martha Ellen Cole, wife of George Cole and daughter of Col. Oliver P. and Maria C. Phillips. She was aged 22 years. PHILLIPS,
1878-06-02 Mr.____ Edwards, father of Mrs. M.D. Shearer died June 2, 1878, of consumption. EDWARDS
Between 1878 & 1884
1878 is assumed.
Mrs. Dr. [Stet.] Franklin of Pleasant Hill Twp. died a few days ago. FRANKLIN
1878-06-15 Mr. Jacob Shearer of Green Castle, was found dead in his chair June 15, 1878. SHEARER
1878-07-07 Died at her home three miles east of Milan on the 7th inst. July 1878, Mrs. Foster, of flux. She had been a citizen of this county for over 30 years. FOSTER
Between 1878-07-14 & 7-20 July 26, 1878, Judge E. Hartzler of Sticklerville, died very suddenly one day last week from the effects of extreme heat. HARTZLER
1878-07-19 Died at his home in Duncan Twp. of consumption, on Friday, July 19, 1878, Mr. F. M. Fields. FIELDS
1878-07-26 Billy Boyd died July 26, 1878. He had become overheated about a week before his sickness and this is supposed, led to his death. BOYD
1878-08-07 Mr. N. M. Bonham, living three miles east of Milan died Wednesday night August 7,1878. BONHAM
1878-08-07 Died in Union Twp. on Aug. 7, 1878, Mrs. Daniel T. Beck. BECK
1883-08-08 Larry E. Brookshire died Aug. 8, 1883 of cholera infantum, age 10 months, 8 days. BROOKSHIRE
1878-08-11 Died, Bell eldest daughter of W. J. and A. A. Dennis, aged 9 years, 5 months and 11 days, on Aug. 11, 1878. DENNIS
1878-08-11 Mr. William E. Straley living in Duncan Township died at his own hands Aug. 11, 1878. Verdict of inquest jury: - “Wm. E. Straley committed suicide by shooting himself with a revolver.” He came from Pennsylvania in 1869. He left a wife and 11 children. STRALEY
1878-08-23 Aug. 23, 1878. Mrs. Josie Bennett of Bowman Township died one day last week. BENNETT
1878-08-24 A little daughter of Mr. Josiah Rasser died Aug. 24, 1878. RASSER
1878-08-28 Died Susie R., daughter of James and Lizzie Morris, aged 16 years, 7 months and 27 days on August 28, 1878. MORRIS
1880-12-21 Died, Solomon Poole, Dec. 21, 1880, supposedly of heart disease. He was born in London. England in 1827. He came to America in 1849. He came to Sullivan Co. in 1858. He was married to Margaret Webb in 1855. POOLE
1883-10-06 Oct. 6, 1883 died Wm. C. Baker of tonsillitis, age 6 yrs., 7 months, 5 days. BAKER
1883-10-29 Oct. 29, 1883, died Sarah Allen, age 63 yrs., 4 mo. and 11 days. Born in North Carolina, of pneumonia. ALLEN
1883-11-01 Died Nov. 1, 1883, Lora Hattie Adkins, age 1 mo. 10 days. ADKINS
1883-12-30 Dec. 30, 1883 died Susan Berry of pneumonia, age 25 yrs., 3 mo., 10 days. BERRY
1884-01-02 Mr. M.S. Dover died Jan. 2, 1884. He was born in Tenn., Jan. 29, 1884, but came to Sullivan county over 40 years ago. DOVER
1884-02-03 Gracy B. Bumgarner, Feb. 3, 1884, of pneumonia age 1 yr., 3 mo., 6 days. BUMGARNER
1884-02-22 Died Ross Berry Feb. 22, 1884 of Lobular pneumonitis, age 8 months, 11 days. BERRY
1884-03-05 12 Mar 1884, page 5 col 1, 2 (Milan Republican)

Col 1. “It is said that David Mullins has taken a change of venue.“ Col. 2. “David Mullins passed away to the land of the unseen on Tuesday night at about 9 pm. He was unconcious for a long time before his death. He was unfortunate and was the victim of circumstances and malign influence.“

[David was shot just south of Reger by Fletcher Franklin about 25 Feb 1884 and died 5 Mar]

Contributed by Neil Smith (sieben((a))

1884-04-03 April 3, 1884, died Olive Ann Addlesbarker, age 16 yrs. ADDLESBARKER
1884-04-12 Died James Bunnell, April 12, 1884, of croup age 2 years. BUNNELL
1884-05-27 Miles Burchett died May 27, 1884 of consumption, born in Ohio, age 61 yrs., 3 mo., 1 day. BURCHETT
1884-08-01 Mary Ann Boone died Aug. 1, 1884, of consumption, age 30 yrs., 8 mo., 24 days. BOONE
1884-08-12 Died Norman Barker, Aug. 12, 1884, age 6 months, 4 days. BARKER
1884-10-06 Jonathan Bolinger died Oct. 6, 1884 of dysentery, age 3 yrs., 7 mo., 6 da., born in Virginia City, Montana. BOLINGER
1884-10-09 Died Babe Bolinger, Oct. 9, 1884, of colic, age 2 mo., 29 days, born in Montana. BOLINGER

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