Deaths for Sullivan County Missouri, a MOGen Web Project.

Sullivan County Deaths: 1875-1877

These death records are not complete for the county, but do constitute the death records as they appeared in the Sullivan Standard and the Milan Republican.

Often the dates given were vague, as “last week”, “a few days ago”, “sometime back”, “recently”, etc. If the exact date was not given, but a remark as “last Tuesday”, “Sunday back”, and similar expressions used, the date of the newspaper and a perpetual calendar were used to try to ascertain the exact date. The wording concerning these deaths is as it appears in the news item.

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Date Information Surnames
~ 1875 ~ Mr. George Williams (son of Robert Williams & Mary Ann (Morelock) Frazier) died of consumption at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. James Craig Tate about 3 miles southeast of Milan. Mrs. Tate [Mary J. Williams] was George Williams' older sister. ~ Updated 7/8/2010 with additional information from Dr. Rebecca Moberly. WILLIAMS,
~ 1875 ~ Mrs. Harrelson died at her son-in-law's home six miles south of Milan last week. HARRELSON
1875-07-02 July 2,1875. The wife of Mr. L. Couch near Wintersville, this county died on last Friday. Four children and a husband mourn her death. COUCH
1875-08-02 Mrs. Sarah M. wife of Mr. Perry Montgomery, living about 4 miles west of Milan died on July 26th inst. of consumption. She leaves a child about 18 months old and her husband. Aug. 2,1875. MONTGOMERY
1875-08-10 Green Castle, Aug. 10,1875. Mrs. John K. Trenton died. TRENTON
1875-08-14 Mr. J. E. Head living near Acornville died at his residence last Sunday night, (Aug. 14,1875). HEAD
1875-09-10 Sept. 10,1875. Jonathan Tipton Sr. died at his residence 6 miles southwest of this place (Milan) one day last week. TIPTON
1875 is assumed.
Mr. Avery Wood died Sept. 24, at his residence on Spring Creek. WOOD
1875-09-26 Mrs. Rachel Sandefur, consort of Alex Sandefur died Sept.26, 1875. SANDEFUR
1875-09-? Mr. George Crist of Pleasant Hill Township died this month. (Sept. 1875). CRIST
1875-10-02 Mr. John Belzer living near North Salem this County died on last Sunday Oct 2, 1875 of conjestive [stet] chills. He leaves a wife and several children. BELZER
1875-10-05 Jackson Township, October 5, 1875, Mr. Alex Jamison, a young man of our neighborhood died one day last week. JAMISON
1875-10-08 Oct. 8, 1875. The wife of Mr. Stephen McCollum, living in Morris Township died one day last week. McCOLLUM
1875-10-15 Oct. 15,1875. Died one day last week the wife of Mr. J. D. Shearer of Pleasant Hill Township. SHEARER
1875-11-06 Died Mr. John J. Flourry, a prominent citizen of Duncan Township, November 6,1875. FLOURRY
~ 1876 ~ We understand that Mrs. Belle Scott: wife of William Scott, living in Green Castle, was found dead in her house, several days ago. No one was present but her small children. She was seen working in her garden a short time before she was found dead, apparently well. The cause of her death is not known but is supposed to have been caused by heart disease. She leaves a husband and four small children, who mourn her sudden and mysterious death. SCOTT
~ 1876 ~ We regret to learn of the death of Mr. James Carmichael of Buchanan Township. CARMICHAEL
1876-01-06 A Mrs. Richardson living in the eastern part of the city (Milan) died on last Wednesday night Jan. 6, 1876. RICHARDSON
1876-01-08 James L. Wilhite aged 12 years, son of A. J. Wilhite of Bowman Township died with what is known as the head disease, died on the 8th of Jan. 1876. WILHITE
1876-02-04 Feb. 4, 1876 Sullivan Standard. Mr. Joseph S. Morris, of Jackson Township, who fell in the fire and was badly burned died a few days ago. MORRIS
1876-03-06 Samuel Summers living in Morris Township was found dead in bed last Monday morning. (Mar. 6,1876). SUMMERS
From March 10,1876, Sullivan Standard. We are pained to learn of the death of Mr. Robert T. Tate who died at the home of his daughter in Duncan Township. He was born in Hanover County, Va. in 1800, and came to this county from Green County, Tenn. TATE
1876-03-24 Mar. 24,1876, died Mrs. Mary Elizabeth De France of Kirksville. She was the daughter of Hon. W. Halliburton of Milan. She had been suffering from consumption for some time. De FRANCE,
1876-04-09 On last Friday night (Apr.9, 1876) Mr. Robert Dusky, of this place, (Milan) who had been lying quite sick with comsumption [stet] for weeks died at about 11 o'clock. Mr. Dusky was buried with Masonic honors in our cemetery last Saturday afternoon. A wife and two children survive him. DUSKY
1876-05-12 May 12, 1876. Died near Judson of this county after a long and painful illness, the latter part of this week, Mrs. Lydia Deeds. Mrs. Deeds was an old settler in this county, and leaves a large number of descendents. DEEDS
1876-05-25 May 25,1876, died Margaret Bragg of the Owasco neighborhood. BRAGG
1876-05-28 Died on the 28th of May last (1876) in the 81st year of her age at Lindley, Mo. Mrs. Rachel Woods, wife of Abijah Woods. Mrs. Woods was born near Charleston, S.C., in 1795, and emigrated to this county in or about 1840. She died, as she had lived, for a quarter of a century, an earnest member of the Baptist Church. Peace be to her ashes. WOODS
1876-06-03 Drowned in Locust Creek on June 3,1876, Mr. E. W. Palmer, about 21 years and 7 months. PALMER
1876-06-24 June 24, 1876: Mr. George Becker, of Pleasant Hill township, and son-in-law of the late Dr. Franklin died on last Saturday. He was buried in Deep Springs Cemetery. BECKER,
1876-06-25 Mrs. A. E. Halliburon, consort of the Hon. Wesley Hallibutton, this place, (Milan) who has been laboring under a severe illness for the past five weeks, departed this life on Sunday (6-25-76) last, at 2 o'clock p.m. She was married to the bereved [stet] husband on the 15th of Nov., 1842, in Randolph Co., Mo. Thus they walked the path of life together near 34 years. She was nearly 52 years of age, and was the mother of eleven children-seven of whom she leaves to mourn her loss. HALLIBURON,
1876-08-16 May, oldest daughter of R.H. Gormly of Green Castle, died on Wednesday of last week (Aug. 16,1876) of scarlet fever. GORMLY
1876-08-22 It is our sad duty this week to announce the death of Mr. Moses Samuels, which took place at his home, in Jackson Township, on last Tuesday, (Aug.22.1876) about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Mr. Samuels had been a citizen of Sullivan Co. for the last twenty years. He was a minister of the gospel, of the Christian denomination. May the clods rest lightly over him. SAMUELS
1876-09-04 Died in Duncan Township, this county on Monday, Sept. 4, 1876, of intermittent bilious fever, John A., son of J.M. and C. C. Shipley, aged eight years of age. The same parents have another son, about 12 years of age lying dangerously ill with the same disease, having been confined to his bed for the past three weeks. SHIPLEY
1876-09-07 On Thursday, Sept. 7, 1876, at her home, in Jackson Township, after a long illness, Debry, consort of Jonn T. Wilbern, and daughter of Alex Dunlap, peacefully and easily breathed her last and fell asleep in Jesus. DUNLAP,
1876-06-20 Mrs. Mary M. Reger died on last Sunday morning of heart disease. (June 20,1875). REGER
1876-09-? Mr. David Kennedy was found dead in bed on the morning of the 9th inst. (Sep. 1876) He was a citizen of Jackson Township for twenty years and an old Mexican War soldier. KENNEDY
1876-01-? Mrs. Elizabeth Dodson, wife of John Dodson died January 1876. DODSON
1876-01-11 Ione, infant daughter of Perry B. and Bell Hughes died Jan. 11, 1876, of pneumonia. IONE
1876-02-21 Mr. Hiram Shatto, who lived six miles southeast of Milan died Feb. 21, 1876. SHATTO
1876-02-19 Mrs. James Bookout of Green Castle died suddenly of consumption February 19, 1876. BOOKOUT
1876-03-19 Mr. Edward Perkins died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. R.B. Bondurant near Wintersville on March 19, 1876. He was born in Buckingham County, Virginia, March 19, 1876. He was a soldier of the war of 1812 and a citizen of Sullivan Co. since 1848. PERKINS,
1876-04-13 April 13, 1876, died of cholera infantum, John W., only child of George and Elizabeth Butler, age 1 yr. 3 mo. 12 da. BUTLER
1876-05-02 Died May, 2, 1876. Mrs. Rachel Wood, at her home residence in Lindley. She was born in Charleston, S. C. 1795 and came to this county about 1840. She died as she had lived for a quarter of a century, an earnest Baptist. WOOD
1876-05-03 Died on last Wednesday, May 3, 1876, at the home of her parents in this place (Milan) after a lingering illness of consumption, Miss Ollie Hodge, age about 20 years. HODGE
1876-05-26 Died Mrs. Jonathan Bragg of Union Twp. May 26, 1876 at age about 35. She was buried at Owasco. BRAGG
1876-06-19 June 30,1876, John Franklin was born in what is now called Boyd County, then known as Mercer County Kentucky, on the 12th of Jan. 1819. He fell asleep in Sullivan Co., June 19, 1876. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his loss. FRANKLIN
1876-07-02 July, 1876. Mrs. Mary Childres, wife of Stephen Childres, and daughter of Mrs. Minerva Page, died at her home in Buchanan Twp. on the second of the month. She had been sick sometime with consumption. CHILDRES,
1876-07-12 July 12, 1876, died Pella, about 1 year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lucian Cover. COVER
1876-08-03 Aug. 3, 1876, Mr. W. J. Maxey of Union Township was thrown from his wagon and killed. MAXEY
1876-12-02 Died John Smart, Dec. 2, 1876 in Buchanan Township age 79 years. SMART
1876-12-08 Died Joseph Earl Dusky of the city Dec. 8, 1876 age 2 months and 11 days, son of Clay Dusky. DUSKY
1876-12-14 Died at 80 years of age Wm. Murdock Sr. of Jackson Township Dec. 14, 1876. MURDOCK
1877-01-10 Mr. Daniel Wilhite died at his home, six miles west of Milan on Jan. 10, 1877. He had lived in Sullivan County upwards of 40 years. WILHITE
1877-02-06 16 Feb 1877 page 3 col 2 (Sullivan Standard); “The wife of Squire Clements of Scottsville, died a few days ago”
Note: She actually died 6 Feb 1877. ~ Contributed by Neil Smith (sieben((a))
1877-02-09 Feb. 9, 1877, One Day last week Dr. J. G. Johnson of Lindley died of heart disease. He leaves a wife and 3 children. JOHNSON
1877-02-23 Feb. 23, 1877, Mr. John Broyles of Bowman Township aged 90. BROYLES
1877-02-28 Jesse Haynes, age 34, son of Dr. Samuel T. Haynes, died at his father's house, this county Feb. 28, 1877. He volunteered for service in the Confederate Army as a soldier from Sullivan Co. He died from internal injuries. He leaves a wife and child. HAYNES
1877-03-22 Died Mar. 22, 1877 Mrs. Nancy Maggart. She was the daughter of Peter and Ann Farew, born in Monroe Co. Va., May 13, 1804. She was married to Samuel Maggart, January 1829 and moved shortly afterwards to Sullivan Co. MAGGART
1877-03-24 Died, Aunt Polly, wife of George Page near Owasco last Saturday night. (From Mar. 30, 1877 paper). PAGE
1877-05-06 May 6, 1877 William F. Hodge died of erysipelas fever. He was born in North Carolina July 14, 1829. He married Bettie Garrett Feb. 8, 1855 and has resided in this town ever since. He leaves his wife and children. HODGE,
1877-05-26 Died on May 26, 1877, at his home 5 miles southeast of Milan in Pleasant Hill Twp., of consumption Mr. John F. Frazier. He was interred in Hickory Grove cemetery. FRAZIER
1877-05-08 Mr. William Lane of Pollock died suddenly on the night of May 8, 1877. He was affected with heart disease. LANE
1877-06-03 Drowned June 3, 1877 a little child about 2 years old of Mrs. Laws, living some 10 or 12 miles northeast of Milan while playing around a well in the yard. The well was 35 ft. deep and there was 23 ft. of water in it. Headlong, down into the well went the child. LAWS
1877-06-12 Mr. Lewis Glidewell died June 12, 1877 at his home about 6 miles northwest of Milan. He was plowing corn in his field on Monday afternoon and took a severe pain in the side from which he never recovered. GLIDEWELL
1877-06-14 Died Mr. Reuben Wilhite June 14, 1877 of typhoid fever he was 65 or 66 years old and came to Sullivan County from Tennessee. WILHITE
Tuesday were:
June-1877: Last Tuesday evening about six o'clock, while sitting by the fireplace at her son-in-laws, Mr. Mack Stanley, living some three miles north west of Milan, Mrs. K. Mitchel was struck by lightning and instantly killed. MITCHEL,
1877-06-21 June 29, 1877. We learn that Mr. Wm. See, quite an old gentleman, living some sixteen miles northeast of here, was killed on Thursday morn of last week. He went out to his corn crib and put his head through a hole and reached his hand in for some corn, when, all of a sudden, the crib fell, catching his neck and killing him instantly. SEE
1877-07-05 July 5, 1877, at her home 6 miles south of Milan, Mrs. Cynthia Tharp, consort of Jeremiah Tharp, died of dropsy in the 69th year of her age. THARP
1877-07-05 July 5, 1877, Charlie Gum of this place, lost a little daughter, about 6 years old, by death this week. GUM
1877-08-12 Miss Mary Ann Sterling, aged about 17 years, daughter of Judge James Sterling, died at her home Saturday afternoon August 12, 1877, with typhoid fever. STERLING
1877-09-16 Died Sept. 16, 1877, Elizabeth Lytle, wife of John Lytle in the 42nd year of her age. LYTLE
1877-09-19 Mrs. Jeremiah Smith died at her home 8 miles east of Milan Sept. 19, 1877. Mrs. Smith was severely burned by the explosion of a coal oil lamp a few weeks ago. [Ancestor of the current site coordinator. Her maiden name was Mary Ann Sevier.] SMITH,
1877-10-01 to 06 Oct. 12, 1877, died Mr. Mode Brown of Bowman one day last week. He will be remembered as the person who was cut, in a difficulty, with a knife nearly three years ago by Mr. L. Everheart. The cuts then received was the cause of his death. BROWN,
1877-10-07 Mr. R. B. Bondurant of near Wintersville died Oct. 7, 1877 and was buried with Grange honors on Monday. BONDURANT
1877-10-26 At 11: 30 on the 26th of Oct. 1877, the portable saw mill blew up for some un-known reason, killing its owner and operator, Mr. Alex Brown, age 51. He came from Kentucky. BROWN
1877-10-31 Died, Eugene, age 14 years, son of Mr. John W. Finney. He was taken sick with a congestive chill on Saturday, the 22 dult.[stet] Oct. 1877 and died on the following Wednesday. [Note from the site coordinator. Oct. 22, 1877 was not a Saturday but a Monday. So the young man died either on Oct. 24th or Oct. 31st.] FINNEY
1877-11-04 Mrs. Boner, mother of Messers John Q. and Henry Boner died at the latter's home November 4, 1877. BONER
1877-11-09 Nov. 9, 1877, at the residence of Mr. George Clark died Mrs. Elizabeth Setters age 89 years. SETTERS,
1877-11-11 Mr. Jimmie Cooper of Bowman Twp. died November 11, 1877 aged 84. COOPER
1877-12-04 Died in Milan Dec. 4, 1877, Oliver Brown after a sickness of typhoid fever, about 22 years of age. BROWN

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