Deaths for Sullivan County

Sullivan County Death Records

These death records are, of course, not complete for Sullivan County, but do constitute the death records as they appeared in the Sullivan Standard and the Milan Republican.

Often the dates given were vague, as “last week”, “a few days ago”, “sometime back”, “recently”, etc. If the exact date was not given, but a remark as “last Tuesday”, “Sunday back”, and similar expressions used, the date of the newspaper and a perpetual calendar were used to try to ascertain the exact date. The wording and abbreviations concerning these deaths are as it appears in the news item.

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The records are divided into separate files according to the table below:


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Honoring Officer Down: Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Enoch B. Morelock
Sullivan County Sheriff's Office
EOW: Sunday, December 19, 1847
Cause: Gunfire
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