Deaths for Sullivan County Missouri, a MOGen Web Project.

Sullivan County Deaths: 1890-1894

These death records are not complete for the county, but do constitute the death records as they appeared in the Sullivan Standard and the Milan Republican.

Often the dates given were vague, as “last week”, “a few days ago”, “sometime back”, “recently”, etc. If the exact date was not given, but a remark as “last Tuesday”, “Sunday back”, and similar expressions used, the date of the newspaper and a perpetual calendar were used to try to ascertain the exact date. The wording concerning these deaths is as it appears in the news item.

The dates shown in the Information section are usually the dates it was published. If information, such as died Monday, is given, I have used a calendar from that year to find the probable date.

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Date Information Surnames
1890-01-06 Jan. 6, 1890, died at her home near Fair View Miss Mary Livingston, of consumption, age 17 yrs. 11 months and 20 days. She was laid to rest in the Holiday Cemetery.

Note from the site maintainer: Believe this to be Mary Jane Livingston, daughter of Hugh Livingston and Mary Jane Smith who were my great-grandparents.

1890-01-18 Jan. 24, 1890: Grandfather Cowgill died on the l8th at the home of his son G. W. Cowgill of Humphreys. He was 79 years old. He came from Ind. to spend the winter with his son. COWGILL
1890-01-16 Jan. 16, 1890, died Eddie Hill son of Jack and Mary Hill. He was 4 years and 6 months old. HILL
1890-01-27 Jan. 31, 1890: Died last Monday afternoon James Potter Sevier, of lagrippe and pneumonia. He was 32 yrs, 6 months.

Note from the site maintainer: Also part of my lineage.

1890-01-28 Jan. 31, 1890: James McClaskey died on Tues., of last week of typhoid pneu-monia and lagrippe. He was about 30 yrs. of age. [Note: Tuesday of last week might have put the death date on 21-Jan-1890.] McCLASKEY
1890-02-07 Feb. 7, 1890, Mrs. Katherine Friday died at her home near Green City. She was 70yrs. old. FRIDAY
1890-02-09 Feb.14, 1890: Died last Saturday morning,from consumption, T.V. McClanalan. He was buried in the Newtown Cemetery. McCLANALAN
1890-02-14 Feb. 14, 1890, died Mrs. Anspach, widow of Christian Anspach at her home west of Pollock. She suffered from pneumonia and lagrippe. ANSPACH
1890-02-21 Rufus 0. Henry, son of Obidah and Ellen Henry died Feb. 21, 1890, aged 29 yrs., 2 months and 10 days. He was born in Ohio. HENRY
1890-03-11 Mar. 14, 1890: Jonathan Davis died Tuesday of last week. Hewas the father of Steve and Parly Davis. Mr. Davis born Jan. 1809 came to Sullivan Co. from Ia. in 1854. [Tuesday of last week also might be 4-Mar-1890.] DAVIS
1890-03-11 Mrs. Isabelle Porter wife of Andrew Porter died in Union Twp. Mar. 11, 1890 of pneumonia. She was Isabelle Beatty, born in Tuscarawas Co. Ohio Feb. 1st, 1852 and moved to Sullivan Co. in 1862. PORTER, BEATTY
1890-03-14 James M. Dearing born Jan. 27, 1829 in White County Tenn. died Mar. 14, 1890. He came to Sullivan County in the fall of 1851. DEARING
1890-03-27 Died six miles south west of Green City Mar. 27,1890, Virgil Hardinger, son of Fredrick H. and Estella M. Hardinger. He was born Apr. 11.1869 in Sullivan Co. HARDINGER
1890-03-31 Died Mar. 31, 1890, Len, 2 1/2 yr. old son of Jno. and Arizona Lowry. LOWRY
1890-04-16 Wilson Baidridge died Apr. 16, 1890 in Jackson Twp. He was born near Nashville, Tenn. June 27, 1807. He came to Sullivan Co. in 1845 or 46. BAIDRIDGE
1890-04-17 Willis Wisehart died Apr. 17, 1890 from the effects of the grippe. He was the son of Thomas and Polly Wisehart, born 1815 in Pulaski Co. Va. WISEHART
1890-04-26 Meakin Taylor, born Nov. 21, 1867, died Apr. 26, 1890. He was buried in the Wilhite [Cemetery]. TAYLOR
1890-04-? Enis Olmstead departed this life Apr., 1890, after suffering several weeks with consumption. He was born at St. Johns,Putnam Co. Aug. 16, 1864. OLMSTEAD
1890-06-05 June 5, 1890, died A. J. White. He was born in Green Co. Tenn. May 31, 1815. He came to Bowman Twp. in 1855. WHITE
1890-06-09 John T. Moberly, of Humphreys, b. Oct. 31, 1823 in Madison Co. Ind. and died of cancer at his home July 9,1890. He married Agnes K. Haley, Apr.15, 1852. MOBERLY
1890-06-16 June 16, 1890, Judge W. Halliburton died. He was born Jan. 4, 1812, in Tenn. He came to Sullivan Co. in 1853. HALLIBURTON
1890-06-25 Died Vesta Darrow June 25, 1890, age 15 years. She was a resident of Humphreys. DARROW
1890-06-30 June 30, 1890: Died M. A. Sinclair wife of D. R. Sinclair. the daughter of Geo. Yardley. She came with her father to Sullivan Co. in 1874. Note from site maintainer: I have corrected a prior entry date of June 31st. Her husband's name also is incorrect. Her full name was Margaret Ann; she married David Phillip Sinclair on October 3, 1880. The Sinclair is part of my lineage. SINCLAIR, YARDLEY
1890-07-06 Mrs. Joseph Gibson b. Monroe Co. Mo., Oct. 10, 1837, died at home of Isaac Miller near Oak Grove School house, July 6, 1890. Her first husband was Thos. J. Couch, one son. Joseph. As Mrs. Gibson she was the mother of, Jennie, Clara, Myrtle. GIBSON, COUCH
1890-07-19 July 19, 1890: John B. Johnson of Humphreys died. JOHNSON
1890-07-21 James Ross of Liberty Twp. died July 21, 1890. ROSS
1890-07-25 Mr. Hugh Garrett died of consumption July 25, 1890. He came to Sullivan Co. as a youth, with his parents from Ohio. 1878 he married Martha Halliburton. He was in his fortieth year. GARRETT
1890-08-04 Aug. 8, 1890: A three year old daughter of David Grindstaff of near Boynton died Monday evening. GRINDSTAFF
1890-08-14 Aug. 14, 1890 died Mrs. Amanda Van Wye age, 83 yrs., 8 months and 24 days. VAN WYE
1890-08-29 Aug. 29, 1890: Elizabeth Callihan of near Pollock died Friday of consumption. CALLIHAN
1890-08-31 thru 1890-09-05 Sept. 5, 1890: Deaths reported in Milan Standard; Small son of Wilburn Kelley; child of Chas. McCaughey. Note: the dates are conjecture based on the publish date of 9/5/1890. KELLEY, McCAUGHEY
1890-09-13 Sept. 19, 1890: Hardin Dillinger of Union Twp. died last Saturday. He was about 93. The date of his birth is not known but was born in Va. He was married to Mary Beck. He came to Sullivan Co. 1848. DILLINGER
1890-09-18 Mrs. Sadie Hannah, widow of George Hannah died Sept. 18, 1890. She was the daughter of John A. and Elizabeth Bankus Sr. born in Morgan Co. 0. She was 28 yrs. of age and leaves four children, Ada Belle, age 6, Geo. Edward 4, Goldie May 6, and Lula Vere 6 months. HANNAH, BANKUS
1890-09-26 Sept. 26, 1890: John Anderson died of consumption last Friday, age 22 years. ANDERSON
1890-09-29 Sept. 29, 1890, died Rhoda Vaughn southeast of Boynton. She was 30 yrs. of age and left a husband and 3 children. VAUGHN
1890-10-16 Died Oct. 16, 1890, little Florence, daughter of M. C. and Nancy Ellison aged 2 yr., 2 months, 14 days. ELLISON
1890-10-17 Oct. 17, 1890: Mrs. Hariet Hardinger died at her home northeast of Green City. She was 60 yrs. old. HARDINGER
1890-10-24 Oct. 24, 1890: Mrs. Taylor, widow of Griffin Taylor, died last Sunday. She was 7~yrs. old. TAYLOR
1890-10-29 Died Mrs. Mary J. Harris in Pleasant Hill Twp. Oct. 29, 1890 of typhoid fever. She had lived in Sullivan Co. over 50 yrs. and was buried at Deep Springs. HARRIS
1890-10-29 John C. McKee b. Washington Co. Tenn. Oct. 11, 1821 died Oct. 29, 1890 of heart disease. 1848 he married Martha C. McNabb and came to Sullivan Co. in 1856. McKEE
1890-11-14 Nov. 14, 1890 died Nathan Harty in the 49th year of his life. HARTY
1890-11-21 Nov. 21, 1890: Robert Graham, born Derry, Ireland about 1805 and in 1841 emigrated to America. He settled in Sullivan Co. 1856. GRAHAM
1890-12-22 Dec. 22, 1890. Mrs. Mary E.James, age 71 fell dead while walking on the streets of Pollock. E.M.C. Ledford, J.P. was summoned and the following men were summoned to hold inquest: W. N. Smith, H. E. Smith, D. T. Montgomery, J. L. Smart, M.C. Ellison, and F.A. Williams, Drs. S.W. Holliday and I. Kidwell were called in; Verdict, Mary E. James died of heart failure. JAMES
1890-12-29 Died Dec. 29, 1890 at her home in Pleasant Hill Twp. Mrs. Mary McQuown in her 91st yr. McQUOWN
1890-12-29 Died, Dec. 29, 1890, J. W. Scobee of Pollock in his 47th yr. His first wife was Lovinia Sibloe who he married in 1868. She bore him 5 children. She died in 1882 and in 83 he was married to Sarah Mason who bore him 2 children. SCOBEE
Jan. 6. 1891, Manny, age 3, son of Mr. & Mrs. Manny Swallow, died of diptheria. Jan. 10, a sister Dollie, age 8, died and Jan. 15, Floydie age 5, died of the same disease. The parents have lost 7 children. SWALLOW
1891-01-09 Jan. 9, 1891: died Father William F. Hanley, Catholic priest of the parish of Milan, in his 29th yr. HANLEY
1891-01-11 Jan. 16, 1891: Died last Sunday, James Moran, about 2 yrs. old, son of James Moran. MORAN
1891-01-12 Died Jan. 12, 1891, Joseph Morris eldest son of James and Elizabeth Morris. He was born Dec. 29, 1857. Death was due to typhoid. He left a wife and 4 children. MORRIS
1891-01-21 Jan. 23, 1891, Last Wednesday, died Hattie McCully, wife of T. McCully, daughter of Martha Wade. She had suffered with consumption. She leaves a husband and 3 children. McCULLY, WADE
1891-02-06 Died, C.C. Bradley, son of Wm. and Julia Bradley Feb. 6, 1891. Clinton, born Jan. 6, 1870. He was interred at the Brackett [Cemetery]. BRADLEY
1891-02-22 Feb. 22, 1891, died Sarah Bingham. She was born near Knoxville, Tenn. in 1816 and came to Sullivan Co. in 1846. BINGHAM
Feb. 23, 1891: Died May, small daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Moran. On March 5, Dave small son of the Morans and brother of May died. They had membranous croup. MORAN
1891-02-27 Robert Henry, 6 month old son of Mr. Mrs. E. L. Jamison died of throat trouble Feb. 27, 1891. JAMISON
1891-03-31 Mar. 31, 1891, died Riley, second son of Mrs. Lizzie Custer. He was in his 17th year. CUSTER
1891-04-04 Apr. 4, 1891, died Lillie Bertha, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. L. McCoy, age 3 yrs., 6 months, 14 days old. McCOY
1891-04-07 April. 7, 1891, died Martha Witter, wife of M. B. Witter age, 82 years, 9 months and 8 days. Cause of death phlegmonous erysepelas. She was born Martha Sackett, Franklin Co. Vt., June 29, 1808. She came with her husband to Sullivan County in 1844. WITTER, SACKETT
1891-04-24 Francis William, age 70, died Apr 24, 1891 of lung trouble. WILLIAMS
1891-04-25 April 25, 1891, died Elizabeth Lynn wife of Bernard Lynn. She was born in Howard Co., Mo. LYNN
1891-05-04 Elsie B. Hale, wife of James L. Hale died May 4, 1891. She was born in Saratoga Co. Nov. 10, 1833. HALE
1891-05-07 May 7, 1891 died Mary L. Matthews born in Monroe Co., Ky., Mar. 1, 1819. She was first married to Henry Payne and bore him 8 children, after his death she married Felix Matthews and had 3 children. MATTHEWS, PAYNE
1891-06-11 Eliza Ann Baldridge, born in St. Charles Co. Mo. Feb. 8, 1819 and died June 11, 1891. She came to Sullivan Co. in 1845. She was the wife of Daniel Baldridge & her maiden name was Journey. BALDRIDGE, JOURNEY
1891-06-26 Isabelle Swanger Cochran, born in Muray, Miffin Co., Pa., Oct. 24, 1857 and died at her home near Wintersville June 26, 1891. She was the wife of R.H. Cochran. COCHRAN
1891-09-04 Sept. 4, 1891 died Ruth Gray, wife of Lewis Gray and daughter of Eljah and Elizabeth Smart. She was born Dec. 20, 1838 in Carlisle, Ky. GRAY, SMART
1891-09-06 Sept. 6, 1891, died Jakie son of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Miller. He was 1 yr., 3 months and 21 days. MILLER
1891-09-25 Sept. 25, 1891, John W. Needham, age 87, died at the home of Wm. Yardley near Boynton. He was born in Fayette Co., Pa. Aug. 19. 1804. Dec. 18, 1827 he was maried to Eliza Mealman. NEEDHAM
1891-10-10 Oct. 10, 1891, died Mary E. Whaley, wife of Geo. W. Whaley Sr. She was born in Illinois July 1, 1850 the daughter of Mr. Zeigler. WHALEY, ZEIGLER
1891-10-14 Nancy Curties died Oct. 14, 1891. CURTIES
1891-10-25 Oct. 25, 1891, died Ida May, oldest child of Allan and Sealey Hooper, age 6yr., 4 mo., and 18 days. HOOPER
1891-11-13 Nov. 13, 1891, died John L. Turner, born in Indianapolis, Ind. [on] May 20, 1846. TURNER
1891-11-19 Nov. 19, 1891, died Bessie, three year old daughter of Clark and Ellen Scott, of membraneous croup. SCOTT
1891-12-20 Died near the old Field's Mill Wm. McDaniel, Dec. 20, 1891. McDANIEL
1891-12-25 Dec. 25, 1891, died Miss Lily Hatcher, aged 16 years, 3months and 17 days. She was the daughter of Mr. Reuben Hatcher, deceased, and Mrs. Beacy Johnson. HATCHER
1891 Frank Williams of Buchanan died last week. [Buchanan is probably Buchanan County. The death year is conjecture based on where it was in the list. shows a Frank Williams living in this county.] WILLIAMS
1892-01-04 Jan. 4, 1892, died Robert McKay. He was born in Albemare Co. Va. Dec. 19, 1808. He had lived in Sullivan Co. since 1860. His wife's name was Smith and they were the parent of 8 children. McKAY
1892-01-06 Died Jan. 6, 1892, Ambrose C. Eubanks of pneumonia. Born in Pike Co. Ohio, June 16, 1832 and came to Milan in 1864. EUBANKS
1892-01-09 William H. Watson, born Aug. 15, 1805 in Ky., died in Milan Jan. 9, 1892. His first wife was Jane Pullium, mother of one daughter. After her death he married Matilda Elkins, at her death he married Mary M. Suttan. He was the father of 21 children. He was buried at Oakwood [Cemetery]. WATSON
1892-01-10 Rebecca Muncy died Jan 10, 1892. She had been a resident of Sullivan Co. since 1841. She was buried at Oakwood [Cemetery]. MUNCY
1892-10-01 Died W. H. Jaques Oct. 1, 1892 near Judson. He was 75 yrs. of age. He had been cutting cane and was found dead in the cane patch. He was buried at Jaques Cemetery near Judson. JAQUES
1892-10-09 Died Oct. 9, 1892, Alexander Vaughn age 76. He was born in Ohio, Sept. 10, 1895. Note: These are the dates from the prior transcription but the birth day can't possibly be correct. Since he was 76 years old at death, his birth year is about 1816. VAUGHN
1892-10-12 Died Oct. 12, 1892, of consumption, Anna Zettie Louisa Kerr wife of Chas. Kerr, age 40 years, 4 months and 24 days. KERR
1892-10-14 Oct. 14, 1892: Ada Perry fifteen year old daughter of Dave Perry, died near Wintesville of diptheria. PERRY
1892-10-15 Died Oct. 15, 1892 Benjamin Walton age 83 yrs. WALTON
1892-11-16 Died Nov. 16, 1892, Mrs. Sarah Davis, age 82 yrs. 7 months and 8 days. DAVIS
1891-11-25 Nov. 25, 1892, died Rebecca Walton, age 74 yrs., 11 mo., and 3 days. She was born in Columbiana Co. Ohio, and was married to Benjamin Walton. WALTON
1892-11-27 On Nov. 27, 1892, Miss Maud Sherwood died at her home in Humphreys She was the daughter of Wade Sherwood. SHERWOOD
1892-11-28 Sela Calahan died Nov. 28, 1892. She was born in N. C. Sept. 25, 1806. She married John Calahan March 4, 1827. CALAHAN
1892-12-01 Died Zach Montgomery, Dec. 1, 1892. MONTGOMERY
1893-01-10 Died Jan. 10, 1893, Dollie, wife of W. Carmer, age 20. She had typhoid fever. CARMER
1893-01-11 Johnathan B. Brown, died Jan. 11, 1893, age 63 yrs., 5 month and 7 days. He had lived in Sullivan Co. since 1860. BROWN
1893-01-16 Died Mrs. Hulda Haywood, wife of Frank Haywood, Jan. 16, 1893. She was the victim of consumption. HAYWOOD
1893-02-09 Mary J., wife of John T. Price, born in Ky. June 3, 1835, died Feb. 9, 1893. PRICE
1893-02-16 Thomas Fox, father of Dr. H. Fox, born Feb. 17, 1810 in North Ireland died Feb. 16, 1893. FOX
1893-02-23 Died Feb. 23, 1893, Mrs. Nancy Haley. She was born in Franklin Co. Jan. 17, 1807. She married Wade Haley Sept. 25, 1853. She came to Sullivan Co. in 1840. HALEY
1892-11-26 Elmore Hagan, son of U. S. and M. A. Hagan died Nov. 26, 1892. HAGAN
1893-01-06 John B. Sinclere born Nov. 6, 1819 in Allegany Co. Penn. died Jan. 6, 1893. He was walking home on the R. R. track and was within 30 yards where he would turn off when struck by a north bound train. He was a cabinet maker. Note from the site maintainer: A previous transcriber made an error. His surname was SINCLAIR and was my great-great-grandfather. I have added another full obituary below.

From the Milan, Missouri, Standard ~ INSTANT DEATH
    Last Friday afternoon December 30, 1892 about 3:30 o'clock, Mr. John B. SINCLAIR was overtaken and run over by the north bound passenger train one half mile north of Boynton on the C.B.& K.C. R.R. Mr. Sinclair had been to Boynton to pay his taxes. He walked over, and it seems that the unfortunate man was walking on the track on his way home and had come within twenty feet of where the bypath he always traveled intersected the railroad, when he was overtaken. The train men say he turned to the left, and had set one foot off the track when the engine struck him. It is supposed that he miscalculated the distance or speed of the train until it was too late to escape. This is a sad stroke to the family, and a loss to the community as well, that will be long felt. Mr. Sinclalir was about 73 years of age and has lived in Sullivan county ever since 1857 and had become so established as a true man in the hearts of the people, that he will be missed and mourned by many. He was an honest upright man, of the highest type, and all who knew him respected him. No man in Jackson township was more highly esteemed. The funeral services conducted by Rev. A. S. Doak Sunday at the family residence and the remains were followed to the graveyard by a large and sorrowing concourse of people.

    John B. SINCLAIR was born in Allegheny county, Penn., November 8, 1819, and was married to Miss Arena BAKER in Monroe couty, Ohio. Eight children blessed their union, seven of whom are living. He had three brothers and three sister, all are dead now except two sisters, who reside in Keosauqua, Iowa. One of these, Mrs. Sloan and her daughter were present at the funeral. His children all reside here and were present, except one son, Thomas, who is in the Black Hills. Mr. Sinclair went to Boynton, Friday, December 30 1892, and started home about 3 o'clock walking. He was up the R.R. track one half mile or more and was within thirty yards of where he would have left the track when he was overtaken by the north bound passenger train and instantly killed. Being a little hard of hearing it is supposed he did not hear the train until it was too near for him to get out of the way. His death was so sudden and sad that the family are almost paralyzed with grief. He was a good citizen and an obliging neighbor. A tender and affectioate husband, and a devoted father. He was by trade a cabinet maker, and was unexcelled. As a farmer he ranked with the very best. His faults were few. May we, who mourn his death, imitate his virtues, avoid his faults, and be warned by his sudden death to be always ready.

1893-01-14 Robert W. Marquis died Jan. 14, 1893 age 70 years, 1 month and 18 days. Born in Penn. 1823, married 1840 and moved to Milan in 1856. MARQUIS
1893-01-14 W. D. Riley of Jackson Twp. died Jan. 14, 1893 of pneumonia. He was known as Dink. He was born in Monroe Co. Ky. Nov. 9, 1850. He married Delia Arthurs. RILEY
1893-01-15 H. T. Knight died Jan. 15, 1893 of Pleuro Pneumonia. He was born in New Hampshire, in 1842. He moved to Milan about 1875. His wife was the former Nannie Tunnell. KNIGHT
1893-03-03 Margaret Shepherd died Mar. 3, 1893. She was 85 yrs. of age and a very early pioneer of Sullivan Co. SHEPHERD
1893-03-08 Reuben Grambling died Mar. 8, 1893, of cancer of the mouth. He was born in S. C. and was married to Harriett Brandon. GRAMBLING
1893-03-15 Died Mar. 15, 1893. Mr. John Hallenbeck. HALLENBECK
1893-04-09 Jane Widner wife of John Widner died Apr. 9, 1893. WIDNER
1893-04-21 Louisa, wife of J. W. Dearing died April 21, 1893, age 68 yrs. 5 months and 16 days. DEARING
1893-04-25 Died, April 25, 1893, Laura Z. Sears, age 46 yrs., 11 months and 17 days, born May 8, 1846, was married to Peter F. Potts Sept. 10, 1868. SEARS
1893-04-27 May 5, 1893: Last Thursday morning Geo. Akers died and about 9 O'clock that night his younger brother Fred died. Geo. was about 28 yrs. old and leaves a wife and child. Fred was about 22 yrs. old. Both had consumption. Note: Since May 5th was Friday, if the death date was May 4 the paper would have said 'yesterday'. Ergo the death date is the prior Thursday, April 27, 1893. AKERS
1893-04-29 Died April 29, 1893, Mrs. D. L. Hinckley age 64 years. She was born in Liverpool, Ohio. HINCKLEY
1893-05-04 Died, Martha Emeline Wilson, May 4, 1893. She was born July 6, 1821 in Gerrysburg, Penn. April 10, 1851 she married David A. Wilson. She had been a missionary in Africa. WILSON
1893-05-16 John Miller of Penn Twp. was found dead in his pond, May 16, 1893. MILLER
1893-05-18 Died, May 18, 1893, Hazzael Kelly who was born June 28, 1839. He came to Sullivan Co. in 1850. He married Mitilda A. Ailor in 1856. KELLY
1893-06-04 Died June 4, 1893, Henry Hill age 46 yrs., 9 months and 13 days. HILL
1893-07-05 Died July 5, 1893, Bluford Jessee Dennis, son of Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Dennis. He was age 22 yrs., 7 months, 28 days. DENNIS
1893-07-09 Died July 9, 1893 at her home near Judson. Harriett Isabell, wife of J. R. Reed, age 57 yrs., 3 months, 8 days. She was born Apr. 1, 1836 and married Mr. Reed Jan. 3, 1856. REED
1893-07-21 Jas. D. Romine, born May 4, 1832, died July 21, 1893. ROMINE
1893-08-04 Aug. 4, 1893: Died Sunday morning of cholera infantum, Jacob infant son of J. J.and L. Smith. SMITH
1893-08-15 Died, Aug. 15, 1893, Mrs. Amy T. Call. Born Apr. 9, 1826 in Green Co. Tenn., Jan. 30, 1847 was married to John Call, and moved near Lindley in 1850. CALL
1893-09-07 Died, Sept. 7, 1893, Mary C., daughter of J.K.P. and Susan Taylor. She was born in Baker Co., Oregon, Aug. 25, 1878. TAYLOR
1893-09-07 Mrs. Jane Letner, born in Queens Co. Ireland July 16, 1819, died Sept. 7, 1893. Her first husband was George Mason. She bore him 9 children. Her second husband was Michael Lentner. LETNER, MASON
1893-09-08 Sept. 15, 1893: Died last Friday evening John E. McCurdy. He was born in Ireland, 1830, came to Sullivan Co. in 1865, and in 1866 married Sarah J. Glaze. McCURDY
1893-09-11 Sept. 11, 1893, Jonah Seaman died. He was born in St. Joseph Michigan Aug. 26, 1838 and came to Sullivan County with his father in 1841. SEAMAN
1893-09-23 Died, Sept. 23, 1893, Phenia Payne. Phenia Page was born in Monroe Co. Ky., June 8, 1854. She came, with her mother, to Sullivan Co., 1869. She was married to H.B. Payne Aug. 22, 1872 PAYNE
1893-09-27 Sept. 27, 1893, died Mrs. J. Grimm. Hers is the third death in the family within four weeks, first a daughter, age 2, two weeks later a son, 17, and now the mother. GRIMM
1893-09-23 Sept. 29, 1893: Mr. Eddy died last Saturday. Age 81 yrs., 2 months, 22 days. EDDY
1893-09-26 Sept. 26, 1893, died Mrs. Wm. Cummins. She was born in Penn. CUMMINS
1893-09-26 Sept. 29, 1893: Dr. J. Ben Ward, practicing physician was killed almost instantly, Tuesday eve at 4 o'clock. He had hired his usual rig and team from Cuff Ely's barn and started to make a call. The team bolted, the buggy turned over and Dr. Ward thrown out. Dr. Ward was born in Ireland 1859, in 1867 he came to Milan. In 1882 he married Lizzie O'Riley. WARD
1893-09-27 Sept. 29, 1893: Ferdinand Johnson died Wednesday of chronic diarrhoea. JOHNSON
1893-10-17 Died, Oct. 17, 1893, Leonard Clarence infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Preston age 1 yr., 6 months., 9 days. PRESTON
1893-11-06 Reuben Frazier, born in Monroe Co. Ky. July 19, 1852, and died Nov. 6, 1893. He was married to Martha Hayes F. 7, 1847, one son James H. after her death he married Rachel Bartley Feb. 23, 1851. He came to Sullivan Co. in 1852. FRAZIER
1893-11-17 Nov. 17, 1893, died Mary Catherine Harris, wife of S. L. Harris. She was the daughter of R. and F. L. Harrelson, born Jan. 14, 1857, and was married July 10, 1873. HARRIS, HARRELSON
1893-11-19 Nov. 24, 1893: Alva Bolander died of typhoid fever Saturday night. BOLANDER
1893-11-29 William H. Wilson, born Feb. 14, 1868, died Nov. 29, 1893. He married Martha Winsel Nov. 30, 1889. WILSON
1893-11-29 Dec. 2, 1893: Died Miss Rose Lavelle, Wednesday night at Maryville, Kans. LAVELLE
1893-12-06 Billy Cramer, born in Hamilton Co. Ohio, Sept. 13, 1818, died Dec. 6, 1893. He married Susan Wallace Jan. 6, 1848. CRAMER
1893-12-07 Died, Jasper L. Haskins Dec. 7, 1893. He was horn Jan. 29, 1888, son of TE. and Rebecca J. Haskins. Membraneous croup was the cause of death. HASKINS
1893-12-14 Died, Dec. 14, 1893, Malinda C. (Wright) Callihan died. She was born near Keytsville, Mo. Feb. 3, 1864. CALLIHAN, WRIGHT
1893-12-14 Died on Dec. 14, 1893, Mr. J.D. Page. He was born in Ky. Sept. 7, 1836 and married Elizabeth A. Hensley Dec. 31, 1865. PAGE
1893-12-15 Died Dec. 15, 1893, Belle Myeres, daughter of Capt. I.H. Montgomery. She was born at Normanda, Ind. June 23, 1857. MEYERES, MONTGOMERY
1893-12-17 Mrs. W. F. Stone, died Dec. 17, 1893 of heart trouble. STONE
1894-01-20 Jan 20, 1894, Dr. J. P.S. Roberts died at his home near Bairdstown, Caused by a stroke. He was born in Gallia Co. Ohio, April 11, 1824. ROBERTS
1894-02-15 Martha L. Anderson Sears, wife of Ira Sears, died Feb. 15, 1894. SEARS, ANDERSON
1894-04-30 James Overstreet, born Feb. 8, 1826, Wayne Co. Ky. and died April 30, 1894. His wife was Mary A. Dodson. [I believe the next sentence belongs with this entry; however, in the old site it was in a row all by itself.] He had lived in Sullivan Co. 46 yrs. OVERSTREET
1894-06-01 Died June 1, 1894, Mrs. Rosa Thompson, wife of David Thompson and daughter of Rev. J. M. Newell. THOMPSON, NEWELL
1894-06-24 Killed by lightning, June 24, 1894, George Booth. He was born in Belmont Co. Ohio. Feb. 21, 1843. BOOTH
1894-06-29 June 29, 1894, died Sumner Boynton, born in Scioto Co., Ohio in 1832. He came to Sullivan Co. about 1856. BOYNTON
1894-07-01 Died Alexander Dunlap July 1, 1894. He was born in Ohio in 1830, moved to Missouri 1848 and married Elizabeth Bingham. DUNLAP
1894-08-03 Died, Aug. 3, 1894, Malinda Wilson, wife of Fred Wilson and daughter of Abner and Irene Hensley, of typhoid fever. She was born Feb. 27, 1870. WILSON, HENSLEY
1894-08-27 Died Aug. 27, 1894, Arminta M. Mullins, wife of Jessie Mullins, of heart disease. MULLINS

I have ancestors from Sullivan County that I plan to add to this site. I've always meant to do it.

What about you? Do you have a web site with ancestors from Sullivan County? There is no specific format "demanded" for a submission. I've always regretted I didn't do this a LONG time ago. Maybe if I had, some of my Sullivan County brickwalls might not be brickwalls any more.

Please .