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A resource is defined as “a source of aid or support that may be drawn upon when needed”. Resources are “an available source of wealth; a new or reserve supply …” [Definition Source]

A record is defined as “an account, as of information or facts, set down especially in writing as a means of preserving knowledge.” [Definition Source]

Finding a verified source for any piece of ancestry is a genealogist's dream.

Below is a list of the Records and Resources on the prior Sullivan County Missouri home page. Some new entries and updates made to broken links. Plan to continue to expand this section over time to a comprehensive Sullivan County Missouri list.


Researching “Outside the Box”

Sometimes when we are researching and are deep into county materials, we forget that looking outside the box at things that affected those ancestors can open pathways to other pieces of data. And if nothing else, make us aware of things which affected their daily lives.

For example, do any of you have family that lived here or in North Central Missouri between 1900-1909? My parents fit that period as well as my grandparents. So reading this week's's Learning Center article, A Look At the Decade, 1900-1909 finds the following:

"... heavy rains in the last few weeks of May 1903 brought on historic flooding in the Missouri, Kansas, and lower Republican River Basins. In the aftermath, homes were washed away, along with many bridges, one of which held the water line that supplied Kansas City, Missouri with water."

Now I suspect Sullivan as well as the surrounding counties got hit by this heavy rain too! And what time of year is planting? I'm a farmer's daughter! Yes -- this HAD to impact our families.


Am thinking of creating a Sullivan County Weather Through the Years Page

But still have many pages to update and check first. Just look at what still needs to be done. So what do you think???? Let me know. See that link to the right ... under Contact the Site Coordinator.


For your information [Image from now shut-down site still shown from About.Com].

Farm Journals of Charles H. Maggart, Sullivan County, MO, 1920 - 1921 ~ Contributed by member of the Brown Family
(Note: You must have Adobe Reader to access)

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