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Wilhite Cemtery
Sullivan County, MO

This historic cemetery is located in the pictureqsue rolling hill country of Northern Missouri, about six miles west of Milan and about six miles east of Osgood, and is located in Section 11 of Township 62 North and Range 21 West. Many early settlers of Sullivan County are interred here, and if you are able to visit, you will experience strange but wonderful impressions as you walk quietly among them and feel their presence. For those that aren’t able to make the trip, we hope this compilation will help you find more of your Missouri roots. We’ve done our best to “decipher” some stones ravaged by time and weather. For the great work of the caretakers, sincere “Thanks.”

Recorded by Zelda and David Maggart, 9-28-2002.


“Noel”, no last name shown, no dates shown, near Marjorie J. May

Eleanor (Tipton) Broyles b. 12-16-1847 d. 2-2-1925 (Wife of Newton S.)

Elizabeth Broyles b. 7-14-1809 d. 3-23-1892 (Wife of John) “aged 82yr 8mo 9da”

John Broyles d. 2-26-1877 “aged 90yr 3mo”

John J. Broyles b. 3-22-1819 d. 1-22-1892 “aged 72yr 10mo”

Newton S. Broyles b. 2-23-1839 d. 5-6-1928

Veldia Broyles d. 6-13-1900 “Dau MW and BJ Broyles aged 4yr 5mo 25da”

Adaline (Eaton) Dearing b. 1848 d. 1919 (Wife of Columbus?)

Bailous Dearing b. 11-17-1815 d. 5-15-1876

Broyles Dearing no dates shown “Ota and Eva infant”

Columbus Dearing b. 1861 d. 1918

Dewitt Dearing d. Jan or Jun 1880? “aged 24yr 6mo 4da?”

Ellen S.W. Dearing b. 12-30-1830 d. 11-1-1862 (Wife of John W.?)

John W. Dearing d. 5-18-1897 “aged 70yr 2mo 27da”

Nancy E. Dearing d. 5-14-1864 “Dau of JW and L Dearing aged 9yr 1mo 13da”

Naomi Dearing b. 6-4-1854 d. 5-25-1864 “aged 9yr 11mo 21da”

Mary E. Dyer b. 11-20-1878 d. 12-17-1880 “Dau of JA & S Dyer aged 2yr 10mo 22da”

Hettie Hatcher b. 1882 d. 1958

Hyrum Hatcher b. 1877 d. 1953

Nannie Hatcher b. 1879 d. 1950 (Wife of Hyrum)

Phyllis Dean Hodge b. 8-6-1930 living

Keith Nickell Hoerrmann b. 8-4-1936 d. 3-12-1995

Kyle Francis Hoerrmann b. 1-9-1961 d. 3-11-1990

John D. Jacobs b. 4-27-1965 d. 8-11-1994

Eva May Lee b. 1885 d. 1-20-1900 “Dau of JD and NJ Lee aged 14yr 8mo”

J. Benfred Lee b. 9-7-1896 b. 12-31-1967

Jefferson D. Lee b. 8-16-1861 d. 2-11-1952

Nancy J. Lee b. 9-27-1862 d. 1-4-1954 (Wife of Jefferson D.)

William H. Lee b. 3-4-1889 d. 12-11-1966

Clifford McCule Livingston b. 1917 d. 1966

Helen Rose Livingston b. 9-30-1920 d. 5-3-1993 (Wife of Russell Jr.)

Russell Livingston Jr. b. 8-16-1920 living

Virginia F. Livingston no dates shown

Alfred A. Maggart b. 1884 d. 1936

Alfred S. Maggart b. 6-10-1859 d. 7-10-1940

Amanda E. Maggart b. 4-2-1837 d. 12-12-1920 (Wife of Peter H.)

Bertha Maggart b. 1894 d. 1960 (Wife of Grover)

Bertha L. Maggart b. 1887 d. 1975 (Wife of Alfred A.)

Byron C. Maggart b. 1914 d. 1997

Charles Elliott Maggart b. 1857 d. 1944 “He Has Kept The Faith”

Cyrus L. Maggart b. 3-10-1829 d. 7-10-1900

Dewitt Clinton Maggart b. 4-23-1857 d. 1-22-1949

Fred L. Maggart b. 8-1-1892 d. 12-22-1942

Geraldine H. Maggart b. 1915 living (Wife of Byron C.)

Grover Maggart b. 1888 d. 1956

Isabella S. Maggart b. 11-3-1839 d. 3-16-1922 (Wife of Cyrus L.) “Until The Dawn”

John L. Maggart b. 2-21-1895 d. 6-30-1973

Lydia S. Maggart b. 7-27-1863 d. 8-23-1899 “Wife of DC Maggart”

Nancy Maggart b. 5-13-1804 d. 3-22-1877 (Wife of Samuel) “aged 72yr 10mo 9 da, Married in Monroe Cty. Va 1-12-1826, Emigrated to Missouri in 1841, Daughter of Peter and An Larew, Confessed
Religion In 1814, Joined ME Church, Lived A Life As Gentle As A Dove, Departed This Life The Same Way.”

Peter H. Maggart b. 12-4-1834 d. 9-1-1860

Ronald C. Maggart d. 1936 d. 1971

Samuel Maggart b. 2-22-1801 d. 4-29-1884

Sarah C. Maggart d. 9-14-1904 (Wife of Charles Elliott) “aged 51yr 7mo 28da – She Did What She Could”

Tommy Maggart b. 11-28-1884 d. 7-24-1911

Charles F. May b. 11-12-1892 d. 10-1-1978

Charlie May b. 3-9-1913 d. 3-21-1913 “Son of JF and RM May”

Clarence H. “Red” May b. 9-8-1908 d. 7-15-1985

Claudia M. May b. 1896 d. 1956 (Wife of James H.)

Dorothy L. May b. 6-29-1926 living (Wife of Jack R.)

Eliza J. May no dates shown

Eliza M. May b. 12-17-1855 d. 2-2-1923 (Wife of Jacob H.)

Jack R. May b. 2-6-1920 b. 4-21-1993 (On same stone with John D. Jacobs and Dorothy L. May)

Jacob H. May b. 9-10-1850 d. 3-3-1923

James H. May b. 1886 d. 1962

John Arthur May b. 11-27-1911 d. 1-12-1938

John F. May b. 1-7-1876 d. 3-3-1971

Marjorie J. May b. 5-26-1922 d. 2-12-1977

Marvin Lee May b. 9-19-1934 d. 6-15-1999

Mary Pauline May b. 6-18-1911 d. 12-17-1997 (Wife of Clarence H. “Red”)

Mollie May b. 10-31-1899 d. 1-23-1970 (Wife of Charles F.)

Rebecca M. May b. 1-16-1889 d. 5-22-1927 (Wife of John F.)

Blanche Montgomery b. 1876 d. 1965 (Wife of Edward L.)

Carl C. Montgomery b. 1-27-1897 d. 3-25-1989

Edward L. Montgomery b. 1872 d. 1963

Elizabeth Montgomery b. 1882 d. 1976 (Wife of John S.)

Emily J. Montgomery b. 12-14-1852 d. 1-14-1927 (Wife of Hiram D.)

Francis M. Montgomery b. 3-2-1897 d. 12-16-1988 “F3 USN WWI”

Grace A. Montgomery b. 2-1-1910 d. 12-22-1983

Hiram D. Montgomery b. 1-29-1848 d. 5-28-1929

John S. Montgomery b. 1876 d. 1960

Lena Montgomery b. 1877 d. 1964 (Wife of Marion)

Lura M. Montgomery b. 12-8-1880 d. 12-20-1880 “8 days old – dau of HJ and EJ Montgomery”

Marion Montgomery b. 1870 d. 1952

Martha Montgomery b. 1896 d. 1960 (Wife of Francis M.)

Mary C. Montgomery b. 8-24-1900 d. 3-22-1990 (Wife of Carl C.)

Merrill E. Montgomery b. 1-12-1902 d. 7-29-1990

Roy Montgomery d. 1923 “infant”

Ruth C. Montgomery b. 10-23-1907 d. 12-22-1992 (Wife of Merrill E.)

Vera Montgomery d. 1933 “infant”

Clella Rawlings b. May 1891 d. Feb 1960

Walter C. Rawlings b. 3-8-1887 d. 4-2-1962 “Mo PFC Co A 28th M Gun Btn WWI”

Mary E. Shatto d. 3-23-1879 “aged 19?yr”

Shutts stone upright but not legible

James Shutts d. 8-23-1905 “aged 60yr 5mo 10da”

Stone near Marjorie J. May lying down in grass and illegible

Stone east of Ellen S.W. Dearing broken and illegible

Stone north of Ellen S.W. Dearing broken and illegible

Stone north of Z.P.D. Wil(l)hite broken off at ground level and illegible

Stone south of Mary E. Dyer illegible, stone north of her illegible, stone north of previous stone just a piece of field rock, which is near a broken stone with faint illegible lettering

Stone south of Daniel & Rowena Wilhite broken, dates “Nov 1, 1855 d. 8-1-1864”
Stones, two, south of this stone broken and illegible

Stone south of Meakin Raylor (Sr.) broken and illegible (if any writing ever existed)

Stones south of Samuel J. Taylor completely illegible

Basney H. Taylor b. 1873 d. 1962 (Wife of Samuel J. Jr.)

Bertha G. Taylor b. 6-26-1896 d. 9-6-1896 “dau of SJ and Basney Taylor”

Bertha Lenora Taylor b. 8-3-1882 d. 4-12-1885 “dau of SJ and ME Taylor aged 2yr 7mo 12da”

F. Wayne Taylor b. 1897 d. 1973

Frederick Taylor b. 6-18-1884 d. 6-23-1885 “son of SJ and ME Taylor aged 1yr 5da”

Harriet E. Taylor b. 5-11-1833 d. 11-25-1879 (Wife of Samuel J.) “aged 46yr 6mo 14da”

Harrison Taylor b. 3-12-1888 d. 9-20-1936

Hazel Taylor b. 1904 d. 1990 (Wife of F. Wayne)

Hiram Taylor b. 2-14-1859 d. 1-7-1887 “son of SJ & HE Taylor aged 27yr 10mo 23da”

Infant son Taylor d. Nov 1896 “son of SJ and Basney Taylor”

Laura Taylor b. 11-12-1862 d. 1-16-1941 (Wife of Zebedee) “aged 78yr 2mo 4da”

Lucy A. Taylor b. 1870 d. 1954 (Wife of W.S.?)

Mary A. Taylor b. 8-22-1853 d. 3-21-1927 (Wife of Zachary)

Meakin Taylor b. 3-8-1797 d. 9-27-1859 “aged 62yr 6mo 21da”

Meakin Taylor b. 11-21-1866 d. 4-26-1890 “son of SJ & HE Taylor aged 23yr 5mo 5da”

Samuel J. Taylor b. 9-21-1828 d. 4-13-1905 “aged 76yr 22da”

Samuel J. Taylor (Jr.) b. 1874 d. 1949 “son of SJ and HE Taylor”

Sarah J. Taylor d. 7-11-1885 “dau of SJ and ME Taylor aged 30yr 10mo 21da”

W.S. Taylor b. 1870 d. 1944

Zachary Taylor b. 8-5-1852 d. 12-12-1935

Zebedee Taylor b. 12-22-1856 d. 10-18-1928

Catherine J. Wilhite b. 1-4-1827 d. 12-2-1846 (Wife of Solomon)

Daniel Wilhite d. 1-9-1877 “aged 75yr”

Elizabeth Ann Wilhite b. 2-1-1831 d. 8-7-1892 (Wife of Solomon) “age 61yr 6mo 7da”

Ellen Wilhite d. 5-22-1890 (Wife of Daniel) “aged 65 yr”

Lemuel A. Wilhite b. 8-9-1830 d. 9-30-1857

Missouri Ann Wilhite b. 1845 d. 1845 “Dau of Solomon and Catherine Wilhite”

Nancy G. Wil(l)hite b. 3-15-1837 d. 1-7-1873 (Wife of Z.P.D.)

Rowena Wilhite d. 1-4-1858 (Wife of Daniel) “aged 55yr 1mo 20da”

Solomon Wilhite b. 7-8-1822 d. 8-4-1883 “aged 61yr 26da”

Solomon Wilhite b. 4-28-1871 d. 1-15-1872 “Son of ZPD and NG Wil(l)hite”

Z.P.D. Wil(l)hite b. 4-11-1836 d. 5-18-1913

Eula Frances Worthington b. 1-28-1918 d. 4-9-1992

Marshall J. Worthington b. 11-5-1920 living

Eddie I. Wright b. 1872 d. 1944

Mida E. Wright b. 1878 d. 1945 (Wife of Eddie I.)

Betty Jean Young b. 3-3-1924 d. 3-5-1924 “aged 2da”

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