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Site Tracking

Why a site tracking page? So far, it is turning into a permanent addition. If it helps no one else, it helps me. J A special tag is in the header so search engines will ignore this page.

Keeping a log the old-fashioned way ...Normally when someone does a complete update of a site, they do the entire and make the change-over to the new look all at once. But volunteers often cannot do a complete update.

So this particular site tracking page has two purposes:

  • To help the site coordinator know what has been changed and what has not. There are about 150 files (not counting images) that will need updating. Checking for broken links, possibly orphan files. This will also assist me in not creating orphan files by chance.
  • For those truly interested in all the things that are being done, see above.
  • And such things as the following took hours in 2011: Taking time that was to go to updates was dealing with an individual who had copied our cemetery records, some old and out-of-date as his own on his web site with no links to the original source. Much time was expended by the various Missouri county web coordinators along with the Missouri State and United States coordinators to deal with the problem. Our main concern was the people utilizing his web site was accessing old information. I'd MUCH rather be working on new pages and updating information provided or found.
  • Other things that take time:

    About June 2011: Problems with site's menu display using the most recent 3.6 & 4.0 versions of Firefox are caused by an Add-On or Extension called Invisible Hand. Disable that plug-in & menu will display correctly instead of at the very top of each browser page. ~ Posted 4/18/2011 ~ Updated 6/2/2011 .

Pages Updated

  • 27-Jun-2012: Added new entry, Officer Down Memorial who died in 1874.
  • 27-Jun-2012: Added new entry to Deep Springs Cemetery list.
  • 23-Oct-2011: HUGE Update! I have finished something I've wanted to do since I took the site and that is to go through each cemetery listed in the main part of the cemeteries page and see if it is listed on Histopolis or Find A Grave. If listed, provide the link. I finally finished that this afternoon.
    Major Update: The Hatcher Cemetery is now in the new format. But because no dates were with any of the names, I tried to provide at least some info. Found two great sites that should help people with family there.
    Corrected typo on Head Cemetery page.
    Home page updated ... and shortened.
  • 22-Oct-2011: Updated cemeteries page removing the (Not in GNIS listing). The second column has a section providing information regarding the removal. I believe these words provide no real help to anyone. Links TO information do & since no cemeteries have a GNIS link, this eliminates 'dead wood' plus gaining valuable space. Also corrected a misspelled word.
    Moved into new format: Head Cemetery. Placed in alphabetical order. New info added to one name which indicates this might have been called Locust Valley Cemetery at one time.
  • 21-Oct-2011: Update to vertical menu. Several Civil War pages that are old but have remained on the site were added. One new entry as well. Cemeteries page updated removing line breaks but no new data added.
  • 20-Oct-2011: Updated cemeteries page providing different color for 2010 changes.
  • 10-Oct-2011: Updated obits page correcting missing info on one of Fountain May's children.
    Updated weather page adding info re the April 1899 tornado.
    Updated cemetery home page; minor edit to Henry.
  • 2-Jun-2011: Two obituaries sent by a contributor along with a correction based on the information in the obits for the 1895-1899 Deaths page [see Gray & Alexander]. Obituaries page also updated. Both obits are needed to see the assumption re who traveled to Sullivan County by looking at only Mrs. Gray's.
  • 2-Jun-2011: Update also made to Deaths for Sullivan County, Missouri even though it is not directly called from menus. But this page was on the old site and people have have a link to it.
  • 1-Jun-2011: Correction sent by a contributor on direction to turn for Bunch, Bute, Rosehill cemetery completed.
  • Deep Springs Cemetery completed MAJOR update as well as new format. Original compile will remain available but since it had not been updated in ten years data was outdated. Reformatted into two different tables. Approximately 20 hours of work went into this update. - Error correction & update done on 13-Dec-2010.
  • Hoover Cemetery has been updated into the new format. A correction was submitted by a reader. The old Word document file contains link to the new document. The old file will exist for approximately four months and then will be deleted. Every update to a cemetery will include a update to the Cemetery.
  • Sullivan County Townships - updated to new 29-Oct-2010. Less than 50% of the townships have data but I believe I can rectify that. Original source though was never documented. Hope to find and add.
  • Taylor Township Trustee Account Book - updated 16-Oct-2010. This was one of the most time consuming pages to get updated (code cleaned). Pushed live on 27-Oct-2010.
  • Where in Missouri is Sullivan County located? - updated 22-Jul-2010.
  • Sullivan County home page - new 16-Oct-2009, updated 20-Nov-2009 and 28-Feb-2010, 24-Jun-2010, 27-Jun-2010, 12-Jul-2010, 23-Aug-2010, & 3-Oct-2010. Corrected typo 14-Oct-2010.
  • Sullivan County Obituaries - live 27-Jun-2010. I would like to make each one linkable. Added to information on the top paragraphs as well as an alphabetical listing. These are shown in the order they were in prior versions of the Sullivan County site. Updated with new obit for Mary Frazier on 8-Jul-2010. Updated with new obit for Ernest H. Dimmitt on 4-Oct-2010. Thanks for submitter adding several May obits; added 11-Nov-2010. Updated with new obit for Charley McCabe on 13-Dec-2010. Thanks to submitter for McCabe obit.
  • Sullivan County Cemeteries - live & partially updated 24-Jun-2010. Still need to complete check of these cemeteries on & provide link to any available transcriptions/map. Updated 28-Jun-2010, Hawkeye, Tunnell & Wintersville information. Updated 8-Jul-2010 & 12-Jul-2010 with new information on McCullough, Laden, & St. Mary's Catholic thanks for contributors!! Updated 7/20/2010 typo in the drop-down cemetery drop-down menu thanks to a sharp-eyed contributor. Updated 7/21/2010 with Find a Grave info. Updated 12/13/2010, Mount Olive & Deep Springs.
  • Deaths for Sullivan County - live 16-Oct-2009, updated 14-Mar-2010, updated 12-Sep-2010. All such pages have been completed into the new format. Several transcription errors from prior entries have been completed.
  • Search Engine resubmitted and site has been reindexed. This should fix the report of broken links on the site. Posted to the home page. Note: The search rebuild will ONLY work from the new format pages. If you are on an old format page, the search set up was done by the previous web coorinator & many of the links will be broken due to the rootsweb URL change.
  • Caldwell Family of Sullivan County - live 18-Oct-2009
  • Camp Ground Church - live 1-Nov-2009
  • Courthouse Information for Sullivan County - live 16-Oct-2009
  • Descendants of David Webb - live 31-Oct-2009
  • Early Marriages of Sullivan County - live 16-Oct-2009
  • Early Settlements of Sullivan County - live 30-Oct-2009.
    This one is dear to my heart since your site coordinator is a descendent of Mary Sevier and Jeremiah G. Smith (whose middle name was Gore).
  • Sullivan County Lookup Volunteers - live 1-Nov-2009, updated 8-Nov-2009
  • Newspapers of Sullivan County - live 17-Oct-2009
  • Public Library for Sullivan County - live 17-Oct-2009
  • Robertson Morris Family - live 17-Oct-2009
  • Morris Family Photos - live 17-Oct-2009
  • Sullivan County Historical Society - live 17-Oct-2009
  • The Meeks Murders of Linn & Sullivan Counties - live 19-Oct-2009
  • Maps and Places - live 16-Oct-2009, updated 1-Nov-2009 adding a great new resource for placing locations of schools, churches, etc. onto a Google Map. Updated again 6-Nov adding link to Sullivan County Place Names, 1928-1945 and to Newton Tornado of 1889. Updated again 28-Feb-2010 adding the Directory of Towns, Villages, & Hamlets.

Pages New

  • Weather Through the Years - live 23-Aug-2010. Additions completed 3-Oct-2010 from Green City Centennial and Pollock Centennial books.
  • Family and Ancestors - live 16-Oct-2009, updated 31-Oct-2009.
    • All links on body of this page have been updated to the new site template.
  • Resources and Records - new 16-Oct-2009, updated 2-Nov-2009
    • Updated 7/20/2010 with assistance re Measuring America ..., a free download from 2002 U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Site Sources - live 16-Oct-2009
  • And of course ... this page.

Pages Still To Do

  • The Grooms and Brides pages (16) under Sullivan County Early Marriages.
  • Sullivan County Cemeteries
    • Sullivan County Cemeteries - Still need to complete check of these cemeteries on & provide link to any available transcriptions/map.
    • There are at least 35 transcription pages linked to from this page. Changes are planned on how material is presented as well as adding links to other sites that also have information about that cemetery as well as making it easier to find names by allowing you the reader to sort on various parts of the information such as last name or date of death.
  • Towns of Sullivan County - in addition to moving this to the new look, plan is to fill in as much as possible information on towns that right now have no data.
  • Which means about 35 page updates yet to complete. But some of them are HUGE and will take days instead of hours to update.

Note to myself (taken from index page where originally posted)

Removed 10/23/2011
Personal Reflection ~ Moving these into the new format, one has to look at each entry; some just grab & hold you. How did the parents who lost three children within days of each other deal with the sorrow? Families where multiple family members died of the same affliction? One cannot read these without being touched by their bravery and fortitude.

When a new web site coordinator assumes the responsibilities, he or she also wants to put their own 'stamp' on the site. You will easily be able to tell when you are on the new look and feel (like this page). New pages will be added; new information added to existing pages. Each page will be checked for broken links.

As much as possible, I continue to use the same web addresses for pages within the site. And when that is not possible, a redirect will be available so that you will still be able to get to the data.

Established also is a Site Sources page. Sources are important for verification of genealogy information so this page provides a mechanism to ensure where possible sources are provided. In the segment above, you can see a [1] at the end of the section. Clicking on such links will take you directly to the source for that particular piece of information.

I'm also wish to encourage folks to contribute information and data. Too often people think they don't have that much that's important and don't realize that their “not much” actually has a key that would break through someone else's brick wall.

Again, profound thanks to Lea Ann Oliver-Robertson, who provided us such wonderful support during her tenure as Sullivan County Site Coordinator.

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