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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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(Unknown Surname), John C. to McClaskey, Catharine on Nov 12, 1877
(No name given) to Riley, Jemima on Sep 22, 1850


Saffrred, Joseph L. to Sewell, Mary E. on Dec 14, 1887
Safned, Jerome to Safned, Mary on Dec 15, 1887
Salesbury, John P. to Creason, Sarah G. on Jun 28, 1878
Salisberry, William P. to Pearson, Margaret E. on Jan 14, 1891
Salsberry, Andrew T. to Wilkerson, Myrtle L. on Sep 20, 1897
Salsberry, Daniel to Vaugn, Lisla on Apr 27, 1898
Salsberry, Zachariab to Curl, Elizabeth E. on May 09, 1891
Salsberry, Zachariah to Carmel, Mary J. on Apr 25, 1895
Salsbury, David L. to Wilson, Sarah F. on Jun 17, 1887
Salsbury, Henry I. to Hoaglin, Mary C. on Jan 21, 1889
Salsbury, Malachi to Gealson, Elizabeth on Sep 11, 1859
Salsbury, Sherman E. to Henthrow, Nora E. on Oct 10, 1897
Samples, David to Hargis, Eliza E. on Feb 23, 1860
Samples, James to Smith, Emma S. on Mar 30, 1892
Samuel, Moses to Porter, Margaret on Oct 03, 1855
Sandefur, Lewis to Pile, Sarah M. on Dec 08, 1867
Sandefur, William T. to Harris, Mahala A. on Dec 09, 1855
Sanders, Charles to Browning, Marinda on Mar 27, 1859
Sanders, Henry S. to Hudson, Clara on Dec 24, 1874
Sanders, James H. to Yardley, Ethel D. on Apr 24, 1895
Sanders, James T. to Pile, Patsy on May 01, 1856
Sanders, John to Ward, Elizabeth on Aug 15, 1869
Sanders, Marion to Kerns, Mary Thomas on May 12, 1852
Sandford, David to McCorkle, Cynthia on Aug 03, 1872
Sandfur, Redan to Sandifer, Mary on Mar 29, 1874
Sandifur, Edwin M. to Hart, Lucy T. on Feb 11, 1872
Sandlin, Wesley to Mumm, Amy on Sep 19, 1895
Sanford, Elmer L. to Hook, Rebecca F. on Apr 12, 1891
Sanford, Hamlet T. to Wisehart, Melissa on Oct 07, 1882
Sanford, William to Fairley, Barbara on Apr 28, 1859
Sanford, William T. to Miller, Francis D. on Aug 27, 1899
Santifer, John S. to Piles, Mary on Mar 13, 1856
Sapp, J.W. to Peak, Etta Florence on Jan 08, 1895
Sapp, James W. to Frazier, Lillie on Jun 03, 1893
Sapp, James W.J. to Reic, Edith on Jul 01, 1888
Sargent, John R. to Williams, Cora on Sep 22, 1889
Saulsbenry, Zachariah to Redin, Lucy Jane on Aug 28, 1870
Saulsberry, Andrew J. to Creviston, Catherine on Aug 06, 1863
Saulsberry, Christopher to Harrison, Luchresia A. on Sep 24, 1867
Saulsberry, George W. to Pearsen, Lydia A. on Aug 19, 1882
Saulsberry, Jackson to Creviston, Catherine on Aug 06, 1863
Saulsberry, Jacob to Frazier, Annie on Feb 15, 1885
Saulsberry, Jefferson C. to Ford, Mary E. on Jul 05, 1878
Saulsberry, John P. to Irish, A.F. on Nov 29, 1894
Saulsberry, Jonathan M. to Hamilton, Charlotte C. on Apr 27, 1883
Saulsberry, William K. to Brantner, Sarah on Apr 24, 1872
Saulsberry Jr., John P. to Harlston, Margaret Jane on Apr 06, 1890
Saulsburry, Andrew J. to Baker, Mary A. on Feb 15, 1885
Savage, Albert to Shipley, Martha Ann on Dec 30, 1869
Sayers, Allison T. to Doty, Iva M. on May 05, 1895
Sayers, J.H. to Clevenger, Edna on Aug 31, 1898
Sayers, Newton to Sharp, Laura B. on Jan 27, 1889
Sayers, William L. to Fields, Emily F. on Sep 20, 1885
Sayre, G.R. to Henthorn, Clara on Feb 22, 1893
Scannell, Joseph to Scott, Alice L. on Dec 10, 1895
Scarlett, Reter to Halliburton, Eliza on Jun 23, 1867
Schevell, John C. to Steele, Rebecca Elizabeth on May 19, 1867
Schnelle, John F. to Hamilton, Annie M. on Nov 11, 1897
Schooler, Lewis S. to Montgomery, Mervie on Apr 28, 1889
Schooler, Minor L. to Humphrey, Sarah J. on Dec 25, 1882
Schooler, Ulysis A. to Stewart, Nellie on Oct 27, 1898
Schooling, H. Guy to Walters, May on Mar 06, 1898
Schooling, Henry A. to Crowder, Mary E. on May 05, 1864
Schooling, Henry A. to Hollon, Lucretia M. on Dec 27, 1866
Schooling, Homer F. to Healey, Edna E. on Sep 10, 1899
Schooling, T. Gratz to Gilleland, Josie M. on Jun 14, 1893
Schoonover, John W. to Smith, Olie on Aug 08, 1895
Schoonover, Milton to Davis, Fannie M. on Aug 21, 1898
Schrock, A.J. to Johnson, Mary Ann on Jan 04, 1854
Schrock, James Wilson to Burns, Sarah S. on Dec 04, 1850
Schrock, Perez to Tally, Sarah on Nov 29, 1854
Schrock, Perez D. to Minnis, Martha A. on Feb 15, 1849
Schrock, S.B. to Seaman, Vina on Feb 23, 1890
Schultz, George to Clark, Nancy J. on Aug 12, 1866
Schultz, John W. to Webb, Elizabeth on Sep 04, 1893
Schultz Sr., George to Lawrence, Mrs. Sarah E. on Sep 17, 1873
Schuster, Aaron L. to Phieffer, Emma on Apr 30, 1882
Schuster, H.W. to Pfieffer, Anna on Oct 03, 1881
Scnapp, John to Anderson, Susan on Jul 17, 1866
Scobee, Carl to Gray, Victoria on Sep 20, 1890
Scobee, James W. to Mason, Sarah A. on Mar 25, 1884
Scott, Barton L. to Shipley, Mrs. Malinda on Nov 29, 1863
Scott, Barton S. to Tate, Mrs. Mary E. on Jun 29, 1881
Scott, Christopher L. to Callihan, Dara on May 03, 1894
Scott, Edward W. to Beall, Rosa M. on Apr 15, 1894
Scott, Eli S. to Runnells, Sarah A. on Feb 08, 1864
Scott, Harry B. to Jaynes, Anna M. on Dec 31, 1896
Scott, James A. to Thompson, America J. on Aug 18, 1888
Scott, James A. M. to McNeily, Missouri Catherine on May 01, 1873
Scott, James W. to Phillips, Chloe E. on Feb 05, 1893
Scott, John F. to Sorrell, Mary E. on Dec 21, 1898
Scott, John M. to Meinnis, Bellizna Melvina on Feb 03, 1859
Scott, Madison to Terrell, Jane on May 06, 1866
Scott, Mead L. to Hainly, Lillie on Sep 08, 1888
Scott, R.F. to England, Z.E. on Sep 05, 1888
Scott, Robert F. to Peters, Sarah I. on Oct 22, 1899
Scott, Robert T. to Massey, Elizabeth Jane on Dec 25, 1853
Scott, Roy to Peters, Pearley on Jan 19, 1896
Scott, Stephen to Campbell, Mary J. on Jan 14, 1875
Scott, Tilson to Brown, Margaret E. on Feb 23, 1896
Scott, William to Sizemore, Thalia on Sep 12, 1874
Scott, William to Willis, Margaret on Feb 17, 1877
Scott, William to Willis, Margaret on Feb 17, 1878
Scott, William S. to Seavers, Isabella on Jul 18, 1867
Scott, Zebulan P. to Brassfield, Sarah on Feb 18, 1890
Seal, O.M. P. to Helms, Lydia A. on Nov 07, 1891
Seaman, Andrew J. to Clark, Iniz on Feb 01, 1892
Seaman, Charles W. to Chittin, Emma on Jan 03, 1889
Seaman, J.D. to Smith, Hatty E. on Jan 31, 1876
Seaman, James V. to MeNeal, Lula E. on Jun 11, 1882
Seaman, John Richard to Bundridge, America Ann on Apr 04, 1867
Seaman, Jonah to Browning, Amanda M. on Mar 01, 1860
Seaman, Jonah to Browning, Sarah on Nov 15, 1868
Seaman, Lewis to Tunnell, Martha on Jun 28, 1873
Seaman, Thomas J. to Havens, Pennelia M. on Feb 19, 1882
Seaman, William O. to Todd, Sarah Jane on Dec 29, 1856
Sears, Alonzo P. to Hurst, Ella C. on Apr 19, 1866
Sears, Amos C. to Bennett, Louilla on Nov 04, 1880
Sears, Ira L. to Anderson, Lelitia on May 13, 1886
Sears, Ira L. to Shadden, Jamima on Apr 20, 1895
Sears, Oscar P. to Anderson, Mary E. on Mar 19, 1876
Sears, William R. to High, Della on Mar 19, 1898
Seaward, John I. to Dennis, Elizabeth on Sep 16, 1893
Seaweard, John to Brookbanks, Rosa Beil on Jul 03, 1885
See, George to Frazer, Margaret A. on Mar 31, 1878
See, Guss T. to Sevier, Onie on Mar 14, 1897
See, James H. to Wilburn, Ada M. on Nov 12, 1899
Selinsts, Abraham to Caylon, Lucinda on Aug 16, 1860
Seltzer, Henry to Nichols, Elizabeth on Dec 16, 1889
Sen., J.T. Bradley to Castle, Julia A. on Feb 07, 1892
Senat, John C. to Hensley, Odella on Aug 21, 1884
Setter, James R. to Vanwye, Margaret on May 27, 1871
Setters, Henry W. to Smith, Zalinah on Oct 15, 1865
Setters, Peter to Warren, Eleanor E. on Jun 10, 1855
Severe, John W. to Pipes, Sarah Ann on Jul 29, 1854
Severns, Daniel to Crawford, Viola P. on Jun 26, 1898
Severs, George A. to Stall, Ella on Dec 26, 1886
Sevier, J.M. to Athon, Emily C. on Feb 05, 1888
Sevier, J.M. to Lowe, Cora M. on Dec 24, 1894
Sevier, James to Macksey, Emely on Jul 21, 1845
Sevier, James W. to Troyer, Magdalon J. on Dec 11, 1883
Sevier, John R. to Jessee, Martha W. on Mar 05, 1882
Sevier, Joseph to Harmon, Ruann on Sep 19, 1869
Sevier, Robert H. to Cooper, Mary E. on Nov 02, 1879
Sevier, Thos. to Smith, Mary Ann on Sep 07, 1851
Seward, Calvin C. to Andrews, Mrs. Martha A. on Aug 21, 1881
Seward, James H. to Cook, Elizabeth A. on Aug 05, 1877
Seward, Lewis to Pfieffer, Fannie on Jan 01, 1875
Shaeffer, Henry C. to Williams, Mary F. on Jul 30, 1864
Shaffer, Benjamin A.D. to Moore, Charlotte on Feb 11, 1867
Shalding, Joseph to Brackett, Louise on Oct 02, 1851
Shane, William to Kline, Dot on Oct 25, 1892
Shannon, Edward L. to Baker, Eva on Mar 01, 1899
Sharkey, James to McDannel, Maranda on Apr 27, 1858
Sharmon, Wesley to Owings, Mary on Feb 03, 1870
Sharp, Charles W. to Tanner, Mabel D. on Feb 15, 1891
Sharp, David M. to Bunton, Lucy O. on Oct 07, 1896
Sharp, Frank M. to Smith, Maude on Dec 25, 1890
Sharp, John to Hennings, Martha Ann on Oct 22, 1865
Sharp, Robert M. to Foster, Nancy on Apr 01, 1897
Sharpnuck, Thomas B. to Hennen, Ollie A. on Dec 31, 1893
Shatto, Andrew L. to Clark, Alma on Feb 12, 1885
Shatto, Daniel to Grim, Mary on Mar 25, 1864
Shatto, Elias to Connell, Sarah on Oct 10, 1880
Shatto, Henry D. to Dyer, Amanda on Feb 18, 1869
Shatto, Hiram to Herralson, Manerva Jane on Aug 20, 1876
Shatto, Hiram S. to Arnold, Mary A. on Sep 25, 1879
Shatto, Israel to Dearing, M. J. on Apr 24, 1864
Shatto, James to Jacobs, Mattie G. on Sep 23, 1894
Shatto, Jeremiah to White, Elizabeth on Dec 10, 1854
Shatto, Joel to Willhite, Adaline on Nov 09, 1854
Shatto, Joseph to Inman, Nancy on Apr 27, 1856
Shatto, Lafayette to Montgomery, Mary E. on Aug 21, 1881
Shatto, Paul to Wattenbarger, Hannah on Apr 20, 1865
Shatto, Paul to Ford, Mrs. Betsy Ann on Mar 12, 1872
Shatto, Thomas to Weaver, Nora Ann on Oct 09, 1892
Shatto, William F. to Miles, Nancy on Oct 30, 1880
Shattou, Thomas to Bass, Bell on Sep 11, 1881
Shattuck, Benjamin to Bright, Julia A. on Apr 08, 1868
Shaw, Canada to Higgins, Martha on Sep 05, 1859
Shaw, George to McMullen, Dora I. on Nov 04, 1894
Shaw, George H. to Sevier, Annie L. on Dec 27, 1899
Shaw, Joseph to Martin, Louisa on Dec 30, 1847
Shaw, William to Bausell, Mary A. on Dec 31, 1874
Shawand, Wm. H. to Green, Margaret on Sep 10, 1856
Shawley, William to Cook, Emiline on Oct 15, 1864
Shawner, J.P. to Guffey, Margaret on May 02, 1867
Shearer, Carl W. to Healey, Ethyl A. on Jun 04, 1899
Shearer, David to Walton, Adilade L. on Jul 02, 1870
Shearer, Geo. W. to Rallan, Mrs. E. A. on Oct 28, 1881
Shearer, J.E. to Morton, Kay on Feb 09, 1874
Shepard, Stephen to West, Sarah on Aug 30, 1868
Shepherd, Francis M. to Hargis, Nancy J. on Jul 27, 1862
Shepherd, James A. to Arthur, Almeda M. on Nov 05, 1876
Shepherd, John to Glaze, Mary E. on Apr 22, 1877
Shepherd, John L. to Fields, Coonora E. on Dec 08, 1897
Shepler, Henry M. to Darr, Augusta B. on Feb 21, 1883
Shepler, John N. to Butler, Georgia on May 14, 1888
Shepler, Martin H. to Baker, Angelina on May 02, 1878
Shepler, Ross to Compton, Cora E. on Feb 28, 1894
Shepler, William to Riley, Mary W. on Feb 12, 1899
Shepler, William D. to Hannah, Minnie R. on Oct 20, 1891
Sherman, Alva A. to Scott, Ella E. on Nov 13, 1897
Sherman, Thomas C. to Barbee, Nola C. on Dec 04, 1899
Sherwood, George R. to Hennings, Alice on Sep 18, 1886
Sherwood, W.F. to Moberly, Bessie O. on Nov 24, 1892
Sherwood, William Wakeman A. to Brown, Mary Lizzie on Mar 23, 1864
Shields, Heber R. to McNabb, M. Susan on Nov 01, 1896
Shifflett, George to Pigg, Maggie on Sep 23, 1893
Shinafelt, William O. to Bookout, Isabelle on May 25, 1898
Shinn, William T. to Dunlap, Mirna on Dec 17, 1882
Ship, Joseph to Caldwell, Maggie on Jan 24, 1881
Shipley, Charley B. to Rains, Eliza A. on Jan 26, 1873
Shipley, George to Grim, Marilla A. on Sep 17, 1865
Shipley, George Washington to Williams, Elender on Nov 30, 1848
Shipley, Isaac F. to McClaren, Susan N. on Feb 24, 1866
Shipley, James M. to Tate, Comfort on Dec 17, 1863
Shipley, James R. to Myers, Louilla on Jun 22, 1873
Shipley, James R. to Stone, Fanna on Jun 24, 1883
Shipley, James S. to Burwell, Rebecca A. on Sep 16, 1888
Shipley, Soloman to Dunnahoo, Malinda on Jul 26, 1860
Shipley, Solomen R. to Hollen, Julia on Mar 03, 1878
Shipley, Thomas to McGuinn, Elizabeth on Mar 09, 1879
Shipley, William to Morelock, Nancy A. on Jul 21, 1867
Shirkey, G.R. to McDonald, Sarah on Dec 26, 1894
Shirley, Hiram to Wood, Mary on Feb 28, 1871
Shobe, Oliver to Stroud, Nettie M. on Jul 02, 1891
Shoe, James M. to Keely, Mrs. Nancy J. on Aug 14, 1890
Shohoney, Ora T. to Crawford, Minnie on Jun 13, 1897
Shole, Abraham L. to Dunlah, Jenny on Mar 27, 1887
Shole, William H. to Gray, Mabel A. on Oct 16, 1887
Shollenbarger, George W. to Scobee, Hannah J. on May 23, 1896
Sholly, William to Grindstaff, Charlottie on Feb 15, 1897
Sholtus, D.H. to Butler, Maggie Lou E. on Nov 29, 1888
Shoppell, Peter to Knight, Mary V. on Oct 23, 1899
Shores, George A. to Neal, Pearl E. on Jun 22, 1897
Shores, John H. to Gray, Margaret M. on Mar 24, 1895
Shores, Meredith to Griffith, Martha J. on Nov 10, 1867
Shriver, C.T. to Price, Ida B. on Sep 13, 1892
Shultz, David E. to Smith, Susan C. on Jun 18, 1891
Shultz, Samuel to Wright, Lucinda on Dec 07, 1878
Shultz, Samuel G. to Harrelson, Nora E. on May 28, 1896
Shultz, W.H. to Glidewell, Ela on Feb 04, 1891
Shumaker, John to Myers, Mary on May 11, 1856
Shumard, Thomas W. to Kanouse, Aliminta on May 31, 1891
Shumord, John L. to Clark, Annie on Jun 30, 1887
Shutt, David W. to Griun, Flora E. on Aug 20, 1895
Shutts, Casabiance to Grim, Emma B. on Aug 31, 1895
Shutts, Peter to Weas, Sallie on Feb 02, 1898
Sible, James W. to Huff, Nancy on Jun 13, 1858
Siders, Isaac B. to Emery, Mary E. on Feb 22, 1892
Sigart, John J. to Prather, Martha M. on Aug 29, 1860
Sill, Adam to Frittze, Mrs. Rebecca on Sep 20, 1885
Sill, Moses to Toms, Ellen on Oct 16, 1890
Sill, William to Cordray, Nancy C. on Mar 15, 1883
Simmons, George to Bevins, Emma on Jun 19, 1884
Simmons, J.R. to Fields, Eliza on Sep 10, 1877
Simmons, James W. to Hudston, Rebecca J. on Feb 18, 1872
Simmons, William to Warren, Elizabeth on Sep 11, 1870
Simmons, Wm. C. to Houpt, Mary A. on Jan 01, 1892
Simms, Granville E. to Sterling, Mabel M. on Sep 27, 1896
Simpson, Henry to Fields, Rebecca B. on Mar 06, 1898
Simpson, James T. to Wilson, Mary S. on Dec 26, 1897
Simpson, John E. to Thompson, Mary E. on Oct 07, 1884
Simpson, Orestes K. to Grear, Mary Jane on Aug 09, 1863
Simpson, Samuel to Cunningham, Margaret E. on May 24, 1896
Simpson, Smith H. to Shelton, Dora B. on Sep 27, 1896
Simpson, Thomas to Weston, Mary A. on Dec 13, 1867
Sims, Daniel T. to Thompson, Caroline on Mar 05, 1876
Sims, Edward R. to Harris, Ida A. on Nov 25, 1895
Sinclair, David P. to Yardley, Margaret A. on Oct 03, 1880
Sinclair, John L. to Miller, Mary C. on Dec 12, 1880
Sinclair, Sterling P. to Bartlett, Amanda M. on Mar 10, 1891
Sinclair, William H. to Ailtiser, Matilda E. on Aug 20, 1874
Singley, Rheene to Dillinger, Rosetta on Jan 03, 1886
Singley, Robert C. to Edson, Lucy A. on Nov 01, 1885
Sizemoore, James W. to Snyder, Lillie M. on Jun 12, 1898
Skiles, Barton C. to Fancher, Mary E. on May 15, 1875
Slater, B.A. to Long, Henrietta on Dec 01, 1892
Sleeper, John W. to Keller, Nancy on May 14, 1854
Sloan, Robert M. to Widsor, Frances E on Oct 20, 1897
Sloan, Sam. L. to Williams, Maine on Dec 05, 1886
Sloan, William L. to Alice Emma Jean Crawford on Nov 05, 1886
Slough, Isaac B. to McLaughlin, Mina on May 06, 1879
Smart, Alfred Marion to Smart, Mary G. A. on Nov 30, 1880
Smart, Charles W. to Law, Susan on Mar 22, 1881
Smart, Elijah C. to Jones, Elfie M. on Jul 14, 1895
Smart, Grant to McCully, Mary E. on Jul 29, 1899
Smart, H.K. to Clear, Caroline on Sep 10, 1876
Smart, J.L. to Jewett, Minnie on Dec 15, 1890
Smart, James to Atwood, Nancy on Nov 14, 1891
Smart, James M. to Kelley, Mary E. on Apr 16, 1868
Smart, Oliver to Rumbly, Sarah L. on Nov 09, 1885
Smart, William J. to Davis, Eunice E. on Aug 18, 1896
Smart, Wm. J. to Ayres, Rinda on Feb 03, 1887
Smiley, Andrew to Tipton, Emilie on May 08, 1862
Smiley, Elijah to Muck, Mary M. on Feb 12, 1882
Smiley, Jacob M. to Clevenger, Maria E. on Jun 17, 1886
Smiley, James to Cochran, Mary A. on Jun 18, 1882
Smiley, Joseph J. to Palmer, Millie E. on Apr 04, 1880
Smiley, Levi to Nowels, Lucinda C. on May 28, 1885
Smiley, Riley M. to Leslie, Catharine A. on Nov 27, 1864
Smiley, William T. to Myers, Cora A. on Mar 15, 1894
Smith, A.E. to Thurlo, Ella J. on Nov 08, 1874
Smith, A.J. to Curtis, Mrs. Frances E. on Dec 13, 1866
Smith, Adam T. to Cordray, Mary E. on Oct 08, 1883
Smith, Addison to Peveler, Decia C. on Sep 02, 1858
Smith, Andrew B. to Deering, Nancy A. on Dec 31, 1876
Smith, Benjamin F. to McCormick, Anna on Sep 11, 1866
Smith, Casar R. to Montgomery, Harriet on May 12, 1872
Smith, Clarence to Seward, Mary A. on Oct 13, 1895
Smith, Daniel M. to Clawson, Nancy A. on Sep 14, 1886
Smith, Daniel M. to Linhart, Anna F. on Sep 20, 1894
Smith, David to B---, Leona Catherine on Jun 11, 1853
Smith, David E. to Shipley, Delila on Jul 24, 1853
Smith, Dee G. to VanHorn, Laura A. on Jun 04, 1882
Smith, Druary H. to Bunnell, Iris O. on Sep 24, 1895
Smith, Earley to Clements, Julia M.R. on Dec 22, 1897
Smith, Edward L. to Crawford, Anna M. on Sep 18, 1898
Smith, Edwin M. to Gray, Sarah J. on Jun 15, 1898
Smith, Enoch N. to Stinger, Sarah J. on Feb 25, 1884
Smith, Ephraim L. to Dorton, Hannah M. on Sep 01, 1878
Smith, Erasmen to Sandifer, Elizabeth on Mar 30, 1850
Smith, Francis M. to Huffman, Sarah R. on Dec 24, 1880
Smith, Frank M. to Scobee, Mary B. on Sep 22, 1877
Smith, Fred E. to Glasgow, Cynthia J. on Dec 11, 1886
Smith, G.W. to Rains, Mary E. on Feb 25, 1877
Smith, George O. to Creason, Hester on Jun 20, 1886
Smith, George R. to Hulburt, Della on Nov 23, 1895
Smith, George S. to Yos, Lissie on Dec 13, 1892
Smith, George W. to Britton, Elizabeth on Apr 21, 1872
Smith, H.C. to Stone, Matilda on Mar 23, 1872
Smith, Henry to Pipes, Amanda on Apr 26, 1826
Smith, Henry A. to Taylor, Jane on Apr 10, 1850
Smith, Henry C. to Dunlap, Mina on Dec 20, 1893
Smith, Henry E. to Ledford, Mary J. on Feb 24, 1878
Smith, Henry M. to Myers, Nancy E. on Dec 24, 1886
Smith, J.A. to Calhoun, Martha E. on Jul 26, 1894
Smith, J.G. to Jaques, Hester C. on Oct 26, 1876
Smith, J.H.B. to Stanley, Mrs. Jennie M. on Feb 22, 1880
Smith, J.H.B. to Stanley, Mrs. Jem. Wm. on Feb 22, 1880
Smith, J.W. to Reed, Catharine on Jan 18, 1880
Smith, Jabbes C. to Prethers, Maud Jane on Mar 04, 1847
Smith, James to McNeece, Mahala on Sep 11, 1871
Smith, James F. to Norman, Mary C. on Oct 23, 1892
Smith, James H. H. to Vaughn, Alice on Aug 28, 1879
Smith, James M. to Smith, Laura on Sep 25, 1894
Smith, Jerry M. to Lewis, Minnie on Apr 10, 1898
Smith, John to Holloway, Rebecca Ann on Jan 25, 1847
Smith, John A. to Reed, Martha J. on Jun 05, 1864
Smith, John A. to Stufflebean, Sarah on Sep 26, 1880
Smith, John F. to Lawhon, Marcelia on Dec 31, 1876
Smith, John S. to Fenchum, Mary E. on Aug 10, 1879
Smith, John S. to Sigmund, Sarah M. on Nov 20, 1889
Smith, John S. to Reed, Maggie A. on Jul 09, 1892
Smith, John W. to Bailey, Leona on Feb 19, 1891
Smith, John Y. to Marcum, Mary N. on Aug 03, 1862
Smith, Jonathan I. to Hamnek, Mary Catherine on Apr 30, 1846
Smith, Joseph G. to Richmond, Susan C. on Jan 14, 1883
Smith, Joseph M. to Rooks, Jennie on Oct 25, 1886
Smith, Josephus to Vandeventer, Mary E. on Feb 17, 1869
Smith, Lawrence D. to Myers, Lily J. on May 06, 1895
Smith, Leonard J. to Holliday, Sarah F. on Jan 13, 1895
Smith, Liberty R. to Bartlett, Elizabeth on May 11, 1869
Smith, M.M. to Brumbaugh, Lennie on Apr 22, 1896
Smith, Martin V. to Evans, Mary E. on May 09, 1880
Smith, Moses M. to Bennett, Mary Ann on Nov 07, 1851
Smith, Nathan R. to Prethers, Betsey Ann on Apr 28, 1848
Smith, Orra to Dunlap, Dosie on Nov 02, 1898
Smith, Oscar L. to Myers, Viola L. on Oct 20, 1895
Smith, Robert E. to Sapp, Eliza on Feb 12, 1882
Smith, Robert G. to Sims, Nancy M. on Jun 16, 1895
Smith, Robert R. to Matthews, Mary E. on Jul 05, 1885
Smith, Roscoe E. to Reece, Nora A. on Nov 25, 1897
Smith, Sexon to Phillips, Cassey C. on Mar 02, 1871
Smith, Thomas H. to Drake, Frances S. on Sep 11, 1867
Smith, Thomas W. to Babwell, Sarah W. on Feb 20, 1890
Smith, U.G. to Fields, Alta on Sep 04, 1892
Smith, W.A. to Flowers, Fidora on Jun 06, 1885
Smith, W.H. to Ritch, Clara on Feb 23, 1886
Smith, William A. to Weaver, Charity on Dec 17, 1857
Smith, William D. to Jackson, Eiseman on Aug 29, 1870
Smith, William H. to McCabe, Mary on Feb 02, 1898
Smith, William J. to Quigley, Cora A. on Aug 04, 1897
Smith, William N. to Montgomery, Mary B. on Sep 13, 1874
Smith, William N. to Vandusen, Laura on Aug 21, 1883
Smith, William R. to Monroe, Carlista J. on Sep 07, 1871
Smith, William R. to Neeley, Flora M. on Mar 02, 1882
Smith, William T. to Wood, July Ann on Nov 26, 1854
Smithson, Isaac N. to Robertson, Nancy E. on May 31, 1889
Smoyer, Harry J. to Boyd, Hellen on Feb 16, 1887
Smyser, John G. to Gill, Fannie on Jun 11, 1899
Smyth, Anthony to Cavenall, Rebecca M. on Dec 17, 1879
Snapp, John to Sanders, Mrs. Rebecca on Feb 13, 1870
Snapp, John to Payne, Emma E. on Feb 21, 1896
Snapp, Samuel R. to Shulse, Sarah on Feb 22, 1873
Snider, Hiram to Wright, Elizabeth on Apr 22, 1865
Snider, John to Owens, Drucilla on Aug 16, 1876
Snigley, William G. to Leas, Mary M. on Oct 23, 1887
Snow, David E. to Ayres, Bertha on Sep 15, 1889
Snow, Joseph M. to Murphy, May on Apr 06, 1898
Snow, William H. to Melton, Artie on Aug 11, 1895
Sodders, A.J. to Crowder, Emily on Jun 04, 1881
Sodders, A.J. to Clear, Rena on Mar 01, 1890
Sodders, James D. to Deeds, Myrtle A. on Aug 31, 1899
Sodders, James S. to Russell, Elizabeth on Jan 22, 1866
Sodders, William to Young, Nancy E. on Jan 01, 1875
Somerville, Alfred O. to Stewart, Mattie M. on Apr 26, 1899
Somerville, Charles F. to Seals, Cora A. on Jul 12, 189?
Somerville, William S. to Adams, Annie S. on Nov 21, 1886
Sommerville, Charles to Stirling, Jennie on Dec 03, 1885
Sommerville, Charles F. to White, Alice on Mar 16, 1890
Sommerville, Edwin F. to Webb, Annie E. on Jul 17, 1884
Sorrel, George W. to Kid, B. Jane on May 21, 1857
Sorrell, Clyde P. to Busick, Neiory on Sep 03, 1889
Sorrell, James to Reynolds, Elizabeth on Mar 01, 1866
Sorrell, James N. to Peters, Catharine on Dec 22, 1889
Sorrell, John A. to Howe, Lizzie E. on Nov 17, 1889
Sorrell, John W. to Sears, Susan E. on Apr 27, 1862
Sorrells, Christopher M. to Leeds, Lottie L. on Oct 31, 1884
Southerland, J.W. to Ridenhour, Rachel R. on Aug 25, 1884
Southerland, Thomas D. to Browning, Mary L. on Dec 31, 1890
Southerland, Wm. D. to Berry, Sally on Apr 15, 1884
Sowder, Robert S. to Eckerson, Lula on Sep 25, 1899
Spake, Dennis D. to Linville, Cora R. on May 08, 1898
Spake, Henry to Rankin, Delina on Dec 28, 1885
Sparger, Caleb Addle to Cockran, Ellen Augusta on May 11, 1858
Spellman, Harry to Dyer, Mrs. Maggie on May 25, 1885
Spencer, Aaron to Crist, Elizabeth on Jul 27, 1848
Spencer, Aaron to Kelly, Sarah on Jul 20, 1854
Spencer, Charles to Brown, Mary C. on Jul 29, 1890
Spencer, George M. to Brown, Nora E. on Dec 25, 1897
Spencer, Harrison to Smith, Susie on Dec 11, 1883
Spencer, Isaac C. to Hollon, Amanda on Jul 15, 1862
Spencer, Isaac C. to Martin, Rebecca on Jul 23, 1866
Spencer, J.M. to Swearengen, Frances on Oct 25, 1891
Spencer, James W. to Morton, Malissa J. on Mar 29, 1877
Spencer, John W. to Jones, Nannie A. on Dec 29, 1889
Spencer, Mathis W. to Martin, Alia on Jan 26, 1879
Spencer, William B. to Miller, Mrs. Exena on May 06, 1878
Spier, James L. to Strosnider, Florence on Jan 12, 1879
Sprague, Ebenezer to Bascus, Rosanna on May 30, 1858
Sprake, Martin to Hubbard, Jennie on Mar 29, 1857
Spray, G.W. to Fisher, Sarah R. on Jan 23, 1873
Spray, George W. to Peck, Nancy A. on Dec 21, 1863
Spray, Leonard L. to Davis, Mary A. on Dec 30, 1886
Springer, Alvey to Walker, Martha A. on Sep 20, 1883
Springer, Conrad to Cuddy, Sarah E. on Nov 28, 1869
Springer, Elihue to Jones, Halley Ann on Oct 07, 1858
Springer, Elihue F. to Jones, Halley Ann on Oct 07, 1858
Springer, Harding to Smith, Ellen on Jul 26, 1874
Springer, Henry to Bottenberg, Alice on Feb 2., 1882
Springer, John M. to Botlenbury, Mary on Oct 03, 1886
Springer, John T. to Wells, Ora on Feb 26, 1888
Springer, Lewis B. to Leace, Sarah on Nov 03, 1859
Springer, Melvin L. to Bledson, Etta L. on Mar 01, 1896
Springer, William E. to Pierce, Dora on Sep 17, 1899
Spurgeon, Allurh L. to Pucher, Amanda on Oct 14, 1880
Squires, John to Dolling, Elizabeth on Jun 23, 1878
St. Clair, J.W. to Whaley, A.G. on Feb 13, 1887
St. Clair, John W. to Allen, Sallie M. on Dec 20, 1899
St. Clam, J.B. to Platten, Mrs. Natolie on Aug 10, 1890
St. Clear, Thomas H. B. to Neet, Nancy J. on Feb 21, 1871
St. Clear, William T. to Montgomery, Margaret on Dec 15, 1853
Stacy, Burt R. to Dilts, Nellie on Oct 02, 1895
Staley, Samuel to Miyre, Pruda on Oct 14, 1857
Stall, Charles H. to Murphy, Sylvia G. on Mar 07, 1894
Stall, Fred N. to Payne, Ida M. on Aug 04, 1897
Stall, James W. to Summers, Flora K. on Dec 19, 1894
Stall, Lyman to Brown, Ella May on Oct 07, 1883
Stallmaker, William B. to Hufins, Sarah E. on Feb 25, 1879
Stancliff, William to Deeds, Margaret N. on Sep 15, 1864
Standley, William Nelson to Taylor, Elizabeth on Oct 05, 1869
Stanford, L.G. to Martin, Minnie B. on Apr 02, 1893
Stanforth, David S. to Strong, Carrie on Dec 25, 1890
Stanforth, Joseph to Stanforth, Hannah W. on Oct 31, 1897
Stanley, Byron to Crout, Lavina E. on May 20, 1872
Stanley, Charles to Malony, Margaret on May 03, 1845
Stanley, Eli to Brackett, Elizabeth on Mar 30, 1858
Stanley, James L. to Pierce, Amanda J. on Apr 17, 1879
Stanley, John to Fields, Elizabeth on pt 26, 1847
Stanley, John W. to Caslett, Florence M. on Sep 16, 1888
Stanley, Milton to Aleshire, Eliza C. on Jan 19, 1899
Stanley, Wilson to Ross, Matilda on Jul 26, 1860
Stanly, Sylvanus to Darrah, Mary on Jan 15, 1882
Stansbrough, George W. to Morris, Hannah on Jul 01, 1860
Starker, Ora E. to Harris, Maud M. on Jul 02, 1899
Starkey, James M. to Lythlite, Nancy J. on Dec 24, 1873
Starkey, John I. to Bradshaw, Cassie F. on Dec 25, 1894
Starkey, Josiah to Gray, Elizabeth E. on Dec 01, 1859
Starkey, Josiah to Carry, Lydia J. on Oct 25, 1865
Starkey, William to Waggoner, Sarah P. on May 13, 1866
Starks, William E. to Hughes, Emma on May 25, 1896
Starnes, Hardin to Woolery, Julia on Nov 24, 1896
Starns, Isaac N. to McConnell, Mary C. on Jul 25, 1882
States, John W. to Beall, Flora M. on Jan 09, 1887
Stauser, George W. to Day, Sarah E. on Dec 29, 1877
Steel, Henry C. to Calhoun, Ella on Feb 28, 1875
Steele, Samuel R. to Broyles, Maggie on Feb 18, 1885
Steir, George H. to Tagart, Florida L. on Jan 25, 1882
Stenssey, Samuel to Pfeiffer, Rosa on Feb 17, 1881
Stephenson, Geo. W. to Foster, Elpha on Jan 05, 1898
Stephenson, Henry to Foster, Elizabeth on Mar 24, 1877
Stephenson, Henry to Cromer, Palina E. on Dec 30, 1881
Stephenson, James D. to Spake, Nannie M. on Jul 13, 1884
Stephenson, Joel to Melon, Cretenia on Mar 10, 1872
Stephenson, John to McReynolds, Mary Ann on Oct 25, 1868
Stephenson, Robert F. to Brookshire, Jennie B. on Jan 24, 1884
Stephenson, Robert W. to Jones, Mary J. on Jun 02, 1872
Stephenson, Webster to Harrelson, Mary on Apr 27, 1898
Stephenson, William E. to Brown, Josie E. on Sep 04, 1892
Sterling, Henry to Cochran, Martha on Jan 12, 1868
Sterling, James H. to Mairs, Annie on Nov 27, 1889
Sterling, John W. to Cochran, Emma M. on Dec 01, 1894
Sterling, Robert to Taylor, Mary on Nov 17, 1859
Sterling, Robert H. to Caldwell, Ellin on Dec 29, 1887
Sterling, Samuel to Sterling, Alish on Feb 03, 1870
Sterling, William to Cochran, Sarah on Jun 27, 1872
Sterling, William J. to Wilhite, LeNora E. on Dec 24, 1885
Sterling, William W. to Cookman, Ella on Mar 27, 1890
Sterlo, W.W. to Jessee, Dara on Mar 16, 1890
Stevens, William C. to Schooling, Susan E. on Apr 15, 1879
Stevenson, Frank to Chess, Mrs. Minnie on May 25, 1890
Stevenson, James to Pearson, Laura Ann on Aug 22, 1869
Stevenson, Warren to Myers, Rebeca Z. on Mar 05, 1895
Stewart, Charles S. to Richardson, Winnie W. on Sep 25, 1890
Stewart, Hugh to Letner, Mary E. on Apr 04, 1867
Stewart, John to Gorrey, Sarah on Jun 24, 1881
Stewart, Price to Morelock, Susanna on Sep 07, 1851
Stewart, Samuel P. to Moore, Mary E. on Dec 03, 1865
Stewart, Tauner to Clements, Nancy E. on May 04, 1865
Stewart, Warren to Pierce, Laura E. on Sep 28, 1894
Stewart, Wheeler to Barnett, Emma on Sep 04, 1880
Stewart, William L. to Bigham, Callia on Feb 24, 1897
Stickler, James H. to Singley, Annie on Aug 23, 1881
Stillwell, William to Dell, Florence on Oct 15, 1884
Stinchcomb, George to Bradburn, Elizabeth on Feb 14, 1858
Stinson, Edward to McCormek, Lizzie on Dec 12, 1897
Stinson, Leslie L. to Long, Belle on Dec 01, 1892
Stinson, Oscar to Roseberry, Emma J. on Jan 15, 1891
Stinssy, Samuel to Pfieffer, Rosa on Feb 02, 1881
Stirling, James T. to Anderson, Sarah on Mar 07, 1889
Stoetzl, Simon to Wood, Elizabeth on Aug 10, 1892
Stokes, Edgar A. to Hull, Clara M. on Sep 24, 1899
Stokesberry, Samuel to Dolan, Mary E. on May 26, 1889
Stolehand, John A. to Burrass, Nancy E. on Apr 09, 1882
Stone, Elbert L. to Guthrie, Emma on Nov 05, 1885
Stone, Harvey to Dyer, Caroline on Feb 21, 1875
Stone, Jacob to Morgan, Jane on May 30, 1858
Stone, John E. to Rinehart, Lydie E. on Mar 30, 1876
Stone, Jonathan to Sebrock, Elizabeth on Jun 23, 1845
Stone, Marion C. to Swanger, Ursula J. on Jun 22, 1887
Storey, Alonzo to Eaton, Elizabeth on Aug 27, 1872
Story, Mathew S. to Steele, Mrs. Sarah on Dec 25, 1883
Stout, Isiah G. to Miller, Lois D. on Oct 03, 1880
Stout, Joseph F. to Coons, Sallie C. on Feb 27, 1881
Stout, Madison to Aldermum, Ann Eliza on May 07, 1862
Stout, Robert S. to Perkins, Ales on Jul 04, 1875
Stout, William to Norman, Mary on May 21, 1854
Stoven, N.B. to Peters, Catharine L. on Jul 04, 1880
Straham, Reuben S. to Wilson, Sarah on Feb 10, 1861
Straight, Thomas to MeGrim, Mary E. on Mar 19, 1879
Strain, James E. to Bailey, Arvilla on Jan 01, 1880
Strain, James E. to Bailey, Arvilla on Jan 01, 1880
Strait, Wilson to Walden, Martha on Nov 04, 1878
Straley, Elmer E. to Beck, Ida J. on Nov 15, 1890
Straley, George to Bunch, Rosa on Dec 04, 1887
Straley, William to Belt, Margaret T. on Sep 25, 1870
Straley, Willis to Alexander, Pink on Feb 05, 1884
Strandard, James to Saulsberry, Louisa on Jun 23, 1872
String, William Erastus to Knox, Mary Florence on Feb 24, 1881
Stringer, David to Russell, Anna E. on Jan 21, 1872
Stringer, James M. to Humphreys, Rachel A. on Nov 11, 1858
Stringer, John H. to Russell, Virginia on Nov 19, 1885
Stringer, Thomas J. to Weston, Eliza A. on Aug 28, 1881
Strode, James C. to Payne, Manerva J. on Mar 28, 1875
Strode, Lindsey R. to Arnold, Melissa J. on Aug 25, 1881
Strode, William H. to Westlake, Eliza Olive on Dec 08, 1879
Strode, William H. to Jones, Lorinda on Oct 10, 1883
Strode, Wm. H. to Westlake, Eliza Olive on Dec 08, 1879
Strong, Robert S. to Buckner, Maggie C. on Apr 23, 1899
Strong, Ward to Bachman, Dennie on Nov 13, 1892
Stroud, James B. to Comstock, Martha on Apr 06, 1879
Stuart, J.A. to Moon, Cora E. on Sep 11, 1894
Stuart, J.M. to Huffman, Nellie on Nov 19, 1891
Stuart, John to Baldridge, Mary on Apr 30, 1871
Stuart, L.H. to Price, M.J. on Mar 06, 1878
Stufflebean, Andrew J. to Williams, Maggie on Jan 25, 1899
Stufflebean, Isaac to Burger, Amanda on Jun 13, 1886
Stufflebean, John to Ball, Elda Bell on Jun 09, 1853
Stufflebean, John to Berger, Jennie on Jan 14, 1891
Stufflebean, Michael to Murphy, Margaret on Mar 15, 1865
Stufflebean, William to Harter, Maggie E. on Jan 21, 1887
Stufflebean, Zacharigh to Pilcher, Dana E. on Dec 24, 1886
Stufflebean, Zack to Spencer, Sarah E. on Aug 06, 1893
Sturgall, Jacob to Hill, Eliza Jane on Dec 09, 1852
Sturgill, Center to Donoho, Sarah Ann on Mar 30, 1848
Sturgill, James G. to Donohoo, Mary Ann on Aug 13, 1848
Sturill, George to White, Lydia A. on Apr 20, 1862
Sturst, Thomas J. to Mukins, Lucy A. on Sep Ir, 1879
Sullivan, Barton D. to Slack, Annie B. on Sep 14, 1892
Sullivan, Claudius E. to Smith, Alice on Dec 03, 1899
Sullivan, Marquis A. to Jacobs, Carrie on Nov 20, 1892
Summers, Abnor M. to Starkey, Mary E. on Jul 02, 1882
Summers, Arthur M. to Mullins, May H. on Aug 16, 1893
Summers, Charles E. to Beck, Amanda E. on Jun 04, 1890
Summers, Clark W. to Starkey, May on Feb 09, 1890
Summers, Edward L. to Linville, Cornelia on Dec 01, 1895
Summers, James to Wampler, Mary A. on Dec 28, 1875
Summers, James W. to Crist, Ermine J. on Dec 22, 1889
Summers, John M. to Townley, Emma on Nov 22, 1883
Summers, Luther B. to Kennett, Bertha R. on Dec 24, 1879
Summers, Peter to Burns, Bannerd on Nov 29, 1886
Summerville, Jno. G. to Tharp, Mary B. on Sep 22, 1892
Sumpter, William to Jones, Martha on Jul 15, 1860
Sundly, Charles H. to Ralls, Sarah L. on Apr 13, 1887
Sutton, CharlesE. to Thomas, Nancy E. on Feb 16, 1879
Sutton, Thomas W. to Owings, Polly on Jan 28, 1869
Swallow, Evander M. to Springer, Matilda on Nov 24, 1872
Swallow, John M. to Barnett, Eva on Jun 09, 1872
Swan, Thomas to DeHaven, Mary M. on Aug 19, 1857
Swan, W.H. to Kilpatrick, Minnie V. on Apr 05, 1891
Swanger, John E. to Eubanks, Norma F. on Jul 01, 1898
Swann, Edward C. to Comstock, Lelia L. on Jun 12, 1894
Sweamngen, James A. to Cummins, Matilda on Nov 11, 1888
Swearingen, William to Payne, Ellen on Mar 17, 1864
Swearngen, Oscar to Cannon, Alice on Nov 09, 1890
Sweet, Anson to Brown, Sedalia on May 06, 1883
Sweet, S.B. to Sanders, Elizabeth on Mar 24, 1892
Swegent, George M. to Darman, Viola on Jul 30, 1890
Swen, Isaac to Clark, Martha A. on Dec 26, 1873
Sweps, John R. to Bilery, Susan on Jun 27, 1870
Swett, Arthur M. to Payne, Cora A. on Mar 24, 1881
Swigert, George to Grim, Martha on Dec 10, 1848
Swiggart, David to Jenkins, Elizabeth on Mar 20, 1853
Swiggart, John J. to Prather, Martha M. on Aug 29, 1860
Swiggat, James M. to Smith, Alma on Mar 06, 1850
Swiggy, Conrad to Schuster, Emalia on Nov 23, 1890
Swink, Charles E. to Keiffer, Anna on May 31, 1890
Switzer, JamesWvans to Gribler, Etta E. on Mar 08, 1880
Switzer, Robert L. to Chadwell, Gertrude on Oct 01, 1896
Swopes, William H. to Murry, Edith M. on Dec 31, 1894
Sykes, George to Camell, Elize Ann on Sep 18, 1887


Tabor, John S. to Whetstone, Catbarine on Jul 07, 1856
Tabor, Owen M. to Beck, Margaret Ann on Dec 19, 1856
Tailman, Wilber to Burton, Alice on Feb 28, 1891
Talbert, James to McKinney, Mary Ann on May 08, 1858
Talbert, Leander to Shultz, Lair on Jan 30, 1868
Talbert, Orlando to Anthony, Lucy on Oct 07, 1888
Talbert, Orville to Clark, Mary on Jul 05, 1869
Talleatt, John R. to Judd, Mary E. on Jun 26, 1887
Talley, David D. to Jackson, Catherine on Sep 30, 1852
Talley, Henry to Baldridge, Susan on Nov 17, 1861
Talley, Henry to Yardley, Jane on Mar 21, 1878
Talley, Robert J. to Wages, Ola on Mar 24, 1898
Taney, William to Sayre, Hannah F. B. on Oct 01, 1891
Tarmer, Martin V. to Kelly, Emma W. on May 21, 1871
Tarr, J.C. to Kennedy, Nancy A. on Nov 30, 1877
Tate, Albert S. to Kelley, Virginia on Nov 30, 1899
Tate, Edward to Shipley, Marilla on Jul 27, 1856
Tate, Edward A. to Shipley, Lydia Jane on May 03, 1876
Tate, James to Williams, Martha J. on Oct 02, 1867
Tate, Robert to Palmer, Nancy on Nov 09, 1860
Tate, San to MeLin, R. Nancy on Nov 29, 1852
Tate, Walter F. to Smith, Maggie L. on Mar 17, 1897
Tatman, Sylvester to Webber, Mary E. on Feb 10, 1850
Tayler, Jacob to Auxier, Emily on Sep 08, 1878
Tayler, James to Matkins, Sarah Francis on Apr 01, 1880
Taylor, Alfred R. to Smith, Sallie on Mar 01, 1887
Taylor, Calvin to Harris, Annie on Mar 08, 1882
Taylor, Daniel to Wolf, Lura E. on Dec 24, 1885
Taylor, David I. to Harmon, Nancy Jane on Apr 26, 1864
Taylor, George W. to Fanning, Rosa L. on Jan 18, 1899
Taylor, Harrison to Hannon, Lucinda on Apr 22, 1847
Taylor, Henry J. to Cotter, Martha E. on Jul 05, 1899
Taylor, Hugh R. to Busby, Martha E. on Sep 17, 1868
Taylor, Isaac to Glidwell, Mary M. on Sep 04, 1873
Taylor, Isaac to Pennick, Martha Jane on Feb 22, 1874
Taylor, Jacob to Eaton, Lucinda Ellen on Nov 20, 1856
Taylor, Jacob to Wooten, Matilda on Jan 01, 1873
Taylor, Jacob L. to Whaley, Alta C. on Jan 01, 1878
Taylor, James to Bingham, Caroline on Oct 27, 1859
Taylor, James E. to Reed, Flamissa D. on Oct 16, 1890
Taylor, James Polk to Jones, Susan Edna on Jan 22, 1871
Taylor, James Z. to Robbins, Martha O. on Jun 24, 1890
Taylor, John to Harmon, Martha on May 03, 1874
Taylor, John L. to McAllister, Loas on Feb 13, 1870
Taylor, Levi to Foster, Martha A. on Jul 23, 1876
Taylor, Meakin to Das, Louisa on Apr 16, 1848
Taylor, Reuben to Lewis, R. R. on Nov 14, 1867
Taylor, Richard C. to Roggers, Pensely on Feb 03, 1850
Taylor, Robert B. to Fanning, Norma M. on Oct 27, 1892
Taylor, Samuel J. to Stirling, Mrs. Martha E. on Nov 10, 1881
Taylor, Samuel J. to Callahan, Bashney H. on Nov 10, 1895
Taylor, Samuel T. to Willhoit, Harriet on Jul 16, 1851
Taylor, Simon T. to Rogers, Susana on Jun 23, 1848
Taylor, Thomas B. to Denison, Lulu M. on Sep 05, 1895
Taylor, Thomas C. to Edson, Leona J. on Jan 01, 1883
Taylor, Willard W. to Ogle, Anna on Nov 15, 1879
Taylor, William to Avery, Frances on Apr 06, 1866
Taylor, William C. to Hensley, Lena L. on Dec 21, 1896
Taylor, William H. to Crumpacker, Mary E. on Oct 24, 1889
Taylor, William H. to Cotter, Martha A. on Mar 18, 1897
Taylor, William L. to Lafaver, Mary Ann on Jul 03, 1871
Taylor, William L. to Gubler, Catherine E. on Oct 28, 1877
Taylor, William L. to Hannah, Mrs. Judah on Sep 04, 1882
Taylor, William P. to Leonard, Amanda on Nov 14, 1886
Taylor, Wm. S. to Callahan, Lucy A. on Dec 24, 1891
Taylor, Zachary to Cochran, Mary Ann on Feb 11, 1872
Taylor, Zebedee to Emhuff, Laura E. on Mar 26, 1882
Terry, B.O. to Wilson, Mary Jane on Dec 25, 1884
Terry, Ira S. to Piercy, Sarah E. on Mar 14, 1897
Terry, James T. to Simmons, Liza E. on Mar 25, 1888
Terry, Philo F. to Crawford, Anne on Dec 07, 1875
Terry, Wesley N. to Smith, Hattie J. on Nov 05, 1879
Terry, Wesley N. to Smith, Hattie J. on Nov 05, 1879
Tharp, Calvin to Page, America on Jun 18, 1891
Tharp, Edward S. to Gramling, Eliza A. on Feb 18, 1877
Tharp, J.M. to Harmon, Belle on Dec 30, 1890
Tharp, James P. to McNeal, Lily M. on Apr 08, 1891
Tharp, Jeremiah H. to Dodson, Jane on Jun 22, 1877
Tharp, W.A. to Lawrence, Mollie on Oct 23, 1892
Tharp, William to Pipes, Sarah J. on Dec 23, 1860
Thomas, Charles W. to Williams, Nancy B. on Apr 11, 1872
Thomas, Hiram S. to Rupe, Mary J. on Sep 12, 1858
Thomas, Joel W. to Dewitt, Mary Magedeline on Nov 25, 1860
Thomas, John F. to Payne, Mrs. Rachel on Dec 06, 1883
Thomas, John G. to Gispley, Naomi on Dec 12, 1878
Thomas, John W. to Pileher, Casendary S. on Dec 11, 1856
Thomas, Joseph W. to Murdock, Veatrice E. on Jan 31, 1892
Thomas, M.F. to Baldridge, Sarah V. on Apr 01, 1877
Thomas, Manley to Rush, Alice on Jan 08, 1878
Thomas, Thornton T. to Irwin, Ida E. on Sep 26, 1895
Thomas, William to Oliver, Polly Ann on Feb 24, 1848
Thomas, William L. to Ellis, Mary E. on Apr 22, 1858
Thompson, Adrain to Fredricks, Antemetia on Feb 02, 1854
Thompson, Andrew L. to Higgins, Nancy Marinda on Jan 17, 1875
Thompson, Andy to Connauthy, Sarah on Oct 21, 1866
Thompson, Arthur G. to Whiteacre, Millie on Jan 18, 1898
Thompson, C.M. to Shoraker, Barbara on Sep 09, 1877
Thompson, Charles to Bowling, Amanda on May 09, 1875
Thompson, David to Martin, Emily J. on Oct 24, 1897
Thompson, Henry N. to Jones, Rebecca on Nov 16, 1890
Thompson, Horace to Jones, Eliza B. on Mar 21, 1893
Thompson, John H. to Thomas, Mattie on Apr 26, 1891
Thompson, John S. to Walters, Dora A. on Jan 27, 1895
Thompson, Walter B. to Welsh, Georgia on Dec 25, 1894
Thompson, Willard to Bailey, Louisa on Oct 21, 1877
Thompson, William to Harlan, Cynthia Jane on Nov 19, 1865
Thompson Jr., Andrew to Rhoads, Mrs. Martha on Jan 02, 1890
Thomson, David to Rhodes, Martha on Jun 21, 1880
Thorington, Alfred M. to Templer, Nora E. on Mar 09, 1899
Thrasher, Isaac H. to Garrison, Emily on May 26, 1876
Thrasher, John W. to McNeil, Alpha on Dec 30, 1894
Thrasher, Joseph A. to Rulaw, Jennie B. on Jun 16, 1886
Thrasher, Oliver C. to Coatney, Mary P. on Aug 18, 1880
Thrasher, Stephen H. to Baker, Cora A. on Jun 12, 1892
Thurlo, Columbus to Peterson, Anna L. on Apr 26, 1888
Thurlo, Columbus C. to Smith, Mary C. on Dec 12, 1867
Thurlo, H.A. to Johnson, Permelia on Sep 17, 1893
Thurlo, Henry N. to Smith, Clara I. on Nov 12, 1895
Thurlo, John M. to Johnson, Ella on Aug 26, 1894
Thurlo, Silas to Smith, Ann E. on Dec 15, 1863
Thurlo, William Harry to Riddle, Annie on Jan 06, 1890
Thurlow, David M. to Mullins, Araminta B. on Oct 07, 1855
Thurlow, John M. to Tyer, Sarah Elizabeth on Nov 13, 1853
Thurman, Jesse to Woods, Mellie on Sep 11, 1880
Tindall, Jerome to Hurst, Malissa on Aug 23, 1888
Tinsley, Charles N. to Clark, Mary A. on Mar 02, 1897
Tipton, Arthur M. to Sterling, Lizzie on Oct 12, 1897
Tipton, C.C. to Lilly, Maggie on Nov 17, 1892
Tipton, Charles H. to Lilly, Emma J. on Jul 02, 1893
Tipton, George W. to Clements, Clued C. on Mar 14, 1875
Tipton, George W. to Grambling, Maria on Sep 27, 1891
Tipton, Hiram to Reger, Emaly A. on Jul 07, 1874
Tipton, Hiram to Boyd, Mary F. on Apr 13, 1876
Tipton, Hiram to Milburn, Mary on Nov 28, 1892
Tipton, Jacob Reed to Swigart, Catherine Thilene on Dec 07, 1852
Tipton, John A. to Lawrence, Margaret A. on Sep 18, 1881
Tipton, John W. to Minday, Cordelia on Apr 19, 1881
Tipton, Jonathan to Swigart, Eleanor on Aug 23, 1854
Tipton, Joseph to Ford, Mary on Sep 04, 1881
Tipton, Nathaniel to Perry, Carrie B. on Sep 05, 1889
Tipton, Nathaniel R. to Geisenhaff, Cane M. on Aug 13, 1896
Tipton, Samuel to Shipley, Ingleten Elizabeth on May 10, 1880
Tipton, Samuel to Pierce, Adelia on Mar 18, 1885
Tipton, W.W. to Hollon, Minnie H. on Jul 08, 1894
Tipton, Willard L. to Vess, Raddie L. on Sep 02, 1896
Tipton, William to McCully, Mrs. Elizabeth on Mar 16, 1871
Tipton, William to McClaskey, Katie on Jul 14, 1892
Toalson, Thomas to Hannon, Delia on Jun 17, 1847
Tobin, William to Green, Cloomdea on Jan 23, 1881
Todd, Austin to Hart, Addie M. on Jan 22, 1896
Todd, Charles L. to Farly, Nellie M. on Dec 25, 1897
Todd, James F. to Jones, Mary F. on Apr 12, 1870
Todd, James L. to Bokir, Lettie on Mar 18, 1888
Todd, James T. to Fisher, Etta on Jan 11, 1891
Todd, John H. to Smart, Carrie M. on Dec 22, 1897
Todd, John K. to Walls, Judab A. on Apr 13, 1865
Todd, L. to Richardson, Sarah on Mar 18, 1852
Todd, Lewis G. to Welch, Elizabeth on Jun 30, 1879 [Error: Should be Elizabeth WEBB]
Todd, Robert T. to Cowhick, Minnie M. on Nov 30, 1893
Todd, Samuel A. to Stewart, Harriett on Nov 22, 1849
Todd, Wallace J. to Trader, Laura on Dec 14, 1888
Todd, William H. to Richardson, Martha A. on Nov 18, 1860
Todd, William S. to McNabb, Luella on Sep 03, 1891
Todhunter, Isaac N. to Able, Mary on Apr 16, 1847
Tolbert, Henry S. to Gibson, Jemima on Jul 31, 1870
Tolley, Francis M. to Holloway, Sarah F. on Oct 19, 1873
Tolly, William J. to Baldridge, Emiline on Jan 23, 1851
Tolson, Thomas to Long, Jane on Jan 01, 1857
Toms, Benjamin to Whitaker, Pauline E. on Jul 22, 1873
Tood, George W. to McClany, Anna B. on Mar 19, 1888
Tood, Lewis M. to McCullough, Alice on Mar 06, 1891
Toole, Thomas to Anspach, Mrs. Tabitha on Mar 11, 1866
Tornsbugh, John to McNeece, Oasey on Mar 25, 1874
Torrey, Lewis to Hodge, Lillian on Jul 04, 1885
Townley, Henry to Kerns, Emily H. on Nov 01, 1878
Traber, John W. to Cain, Anna on Aug 13, 1871
Trager, John to Lee, Sarah Ann on Nov 27, 1857
Tramer, Benjamin to Prindle, Hopper on Jan 19, 1880
Trantham, Joseph R. to Gallamore, Susan J. on Dec 06, 1866
Trantham, Joshua A. to Ledford, Pollie C. on Sep 13, 1885
Traver, Christopher to Vandusen, Henrietta on Feb 05, 1860
Trayer, Louis N. to Opel, Bertha F. on Dec 15, 1887
Trent, George to Zeigler, Emma on Apr 11, 1894
Treswell, William O. to Clark, Matilda on Jan 08, 1888
Triggs, George W. to Baker, Nancy Jane on Apr 28, 1873
Triplett, David to Judd, Minnie on Dec 04, 1893
Triplett, George W. to McWhorter, Mary S. on Mar 23, 1883
Triplett, Hiram to Sterling, Mary on May 08, 1866
Triplett, James T. to McCallahan, Ann T. on Nov 14, 1872
Triplett, John to Moore, Rosella on Sep 26, 1865
Triplett, Lewis to Pickens, Ida on Dec 31, 1886
Triplett, William to Williams, Martha on Apr 22, 1866
Tripplett, Andrew J. to Wood, Sarah Ann on Nov 28, 1847
Trivens, John to Curtis, Mary on Sep 13, 1880
Troichal, Almon to Cole, Elvira on Apr 13, 1872
Troncil, George to Chamberlin, Leeta A. on Mar 16, 1856
Troxell, Erwin A. to Tipton, Princess A. on Dec 15, 1889
Trumbo, Charles L. to Reed, Jenima S. on Mar 25, 1894
Tucker, Jeremiah to Sandiford, Frances on Dec 23, 1869
Tucker, John to Deeds, Adaline on Aug 01, 1878
Tucker, John W. to Corbin, Emma L. on Dec 24, 1882
Tucker, Linville to McCall, Hannah on Oct 01, 1871
Tucker, Taylor Z. to Webb, May E. on Nov 22, 1896
Tucker, Walter L. to Brackett, Mary on Feb 03, 1867
Tucker, William A. to Kinney, Elizabeth Jane on Feb 20, 1857
Tucker, William M. to Barnett, Ida M. on Feb 05, 1896
Tullis, Walter H. to McKee, Ninnie M. on Oct 28, 1894
Tungate, William R. to Clarkson, Rebecca on Dec 16, 1866
Tunman, Aaron to Belt, Nancy on Jan 02, 1859
Tunnell, Alfred S. to Love, Betsy A. on Apr 05, 1877
Tunnell, George W. to Callihan, Mary on Jan 9., 1857
Tunnell, John W. to Dunlap, Mary R. on Feb 24, 1881
Tunnell, Josiah R. to Taylor, Mary E. on Mar 30, 1890
Tunnell, Manford to Burt, Hannah P. on Apr 15, 1877
Tunnell, Robert M. to Jones, Flora A. on Oct 02, 1883
Tunnell, Stephen S. to Callihan, Elizabeth on May 27, 1852
Tunnell, William H. to Bailey, Christy A. on Oct 27, 1870
Tunnell, William J. to Dunlap, Martha E. on Oct 27, 1878
Tunnell, Wm. E. to Warren, Addie on Jan 01, 1891
Turner, A.C. to Clarkson, Payne on Mar 27, 1888
Turner, Curtis T. to Owens, Helen on Sep 26, 1878
Turner, Daniel to Carmack, Mary on Jul 19, 1891
Turner, Elsworth to Brinkley, Delia on Oct 29, 1892
Turner, James B. to Reynolds, Nannie on Jun 14, 1899
Turner, John W. to Barr, Mary J. on Dec 18, 1886
Turner, John W. to Wheeler, Rachel T. on Jun 26, 1887
Turner, Wililam to Patrick, Maggie M. on Dec 18, 1895
Turner, William B. to Osborn, Mary J. on Aug 02, 1879
Tuttle, Acy C. to Bratton, Mrs. Delilah on Sep 26, 1869
Tyree, Noah to Phipps, Hannah C. on Sep 10, 1891
Tyson, James W. to Van Wye, Mrs. Ollie on Mar 19, 1882


Underwood, Howard B. to Kelley, Mary B. on Aug 09, 1885
Underwood, Howard B. to Hensley, Lavica G. on Nov 19, 1899
Upton, Harvey to Pipes, May on Apr 03, 1881
Upton, Harvey to Farley, Martha J. on Oct 05, 1894
Uvingston, Hugh to Upchurch, Mary Jane on Dec 01, 1867

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