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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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(Unknown Surname), John C. to McClaskey, Catharine on Nov 12, 1877
(No name given) to Riley, Jemima on Sep 22, 1850


Page, Daniel W. to Andrews, May on Feb 12, 1885
Page, Hugh W. to Barkley, Mary L. on Dec 02, 1888
Page, Isaiah L. to Bartlett, Mary E. on Mar 03, 1892
Page, James R. to Cherry, Adda M. on Jun 25, 1899
Page, John to Payne, Martha on Dec 22, 1870
Page, John M. to Griffey, Amanda J. on Jun 16, 1883
Page, Ollie to Medley, Lena on Apr 07, 1898
Page, R.S. to Childers, Almeda on Apr 30, 1876
Page, Robert A. to Underwood, Etta on Dec 15, 1895
Page, Robert D. to Day, Annie on Jun 08, 1895
Page, Sanford to Bartlett, Almeda on Dec 24, 1878
Page, William to Bunch, Arvey on Feb 08, 1846
Page, William Abner to Johnson, Methinda on Jul 04, 1877
Page Jr., George to Alexander, Mary M. on Jun 08, 1877
Painter, James P. to Whaley, Abbie L. on Nov 04, 1896
Palmer, Charles W. to Head, Minnie A. on Sep 24, 1891
Palmer, Henry to Hatcher, Ann on Sep 26, 1866
Palmer, Joseph M. to Dunlap, Lucy W. on Feb 10, 1887
Palmer, Nova E. to Dunlap, Mary E. on Dec 22, 1889
Palmer, William F. to Steele, Florence on Mar 29, 1893
Parish, Albert to Berry, Laura J. on Jul 02, 1885
Park, Edward to Jacobs, Martha on Aug 11, 1891
Parker, Albert W. to Hughes, Nora L. on May 16, 1888
Parker, Charles to High, Mary D . on Mar 20, 1881
Parker, Charles M. to Cooper, Anna on Jun 26, 1895
Parker, Ezekiel to Wilson, Julia Ann on Apr 02, 1869
Parker, James to Vanborn, Margaret on Mar 18, 1897
Parkey, Alfred to Cummings, Lydia on Apr 02, 1868
Parkey, James to Whitaker, Sarah C. on Jun 02, 1874
Parkey, John to Whitaker, Catherine on Dec 03, 1865
Parkey, L.J. to Tharp, Eliza J. on Jun 04, 1882
Parkey, Peter to Baker, Lydia on Nov 09, 1854
Parkhurst, Amos R. to Thompson, Fredonia L. on Mar 05, 1882
Parmer, William J. to Gray, Mary A. on Oct 18, 1873
Parmly, Samuel to Riggins, Mrs. Sarah on Nov 01, 1863
Parrish, Davis to Baily, Lilly on Sep 27, 1893
Parson, William A. to Olmstead, Clora M. on Apr 01, 1890
Parsons, William to Cotter, Barbara M. on Feb 18, 1891
Parton, John H. to Clawson, Allie on Feb 25, 1897
Parton, William to Prewitt, Elizabeth J. on Dec 31, 1865
Patrick, Henry D. to Colburn, Mary A. on Oct 07, 1871
Patrick, John to Edson, Samantha on Feb 28, 1879
Patrick, Millard to Stucky, Anna on Apr 10, 1887
Patrick, Robert W. to Patrick, Mary E. on Oct 17, 1872
Patterson, Elmer E. to Boyd, Nora M. on Jul 11, 1892
Patterson, Thomas C. to Henry, Amanda B. on Dec 03, 1891
Patterson, Wm. H. to Schrock, Estella G. on Sep 04, 1889
Payn, Benjamin to Shaver, Mary F. on Aug 12, 1879
Payne, Adison to Hill, Amanda on Dec 10, 1857
Payne, Benjamin B. to Overstreet, Emma E. on Jan 05, 1899
Payne, C.J. to Hardin, Sarah F. on Nov 05, 1893
Payne, Daniel A. to Bartlett, Nancy A. on Mar 03, 1878
Payne, Daniel S. to Ayres, Kittie on Jul 01, 1883
Payne, Dannel S. to Reynolds, Mary S. on Nov 03, 1890
Payne, Enoch to Pound, Mary M. on Apr 18, 1899
Payne, Frank to Miller, Emma on Mar 08, 1880
Payne, Frank to Collins, Emma on Jul 03, 1881
Payne, George B. to Samuels, Nancy J. on Apr 06, 1879
Payne, George E. to Desper, Patience on Feb 13, 1887
Payne, George S. to Webster, Grivilla A. on Jun 26, 1887
Payne, Gradeson to Cockrane, Victoria on Nov 09, 1858
Payne, Harmon B. to Montgomery, Melissa on Apr 10, 1894
Payne, Harmon B. to Seaman, Luella E. on Nov 17, 1895
Payne, James H. to Russell, Mrs. Frankie D. on Dec 21, 1899
Payne, Jesse T. to Moorehead, Ida on Dec 04, 1884
Payne, John to Frazier, Elizabeth on Sep 05, 1858
Payne, John to Martin, Parmelia on Feb 20, 1865
Payne, John to Watson, Aphelia on Apr 03, 1889
Payne, John O. to McCoun, Nancy A. on Nov 29, 1876
Payne, John T. to Page, Martha on Sep 11, 1870
Payne, John T. to Sevier, Lizzie on Apr 04, 1894
Payne, Phares K. to Cunningham, Mina A. on Oct 23, 1895
Payne, Reuben to Page, Sarah on Mar 08, 1874
Payne, Roy E. to Kessinger, Volla Amanda on Mar 14, 1886
Payne, Samuel B. to Bottenberg, Lizzie on Sep 25, 1895
Payne, Sandford T. to Quigley, Frances J. on Jun 25, 1876
Payne, Thomas E. to Frazier, Lola on Mar 28, 1897
Payne, William B. to Cummings, Martha on Jul 18, 1872
Payne, William H. to Shephard, Rachel on Apr 16, 1891
Payne, William T. to Corkin, Eliza Ann on Sep 23, 1860
Payne, Wm. H. to Salsberry, Marilda on Nov 03, 1898
Payne Jr., Addison to Montgomery, Martha on Jan 27, 1885
Payton, George W. to Cook, Mary A. on Feb 28, 1867
Pearsey, Andrew to Norman, Jane on Mar 01, 1855
Pearson, Branson B. to Davis, Susan on Sep 06, 1869
Pearson, Charles to Durm, Sarah on Jan 14, 1873
Pearson, Charlie B. to Smart, Martha J. on Mar 07, 1893
Pearson, Horace W. to Deeds, Tressa May on Apr 04, 1886
Pearson, James E. to Webb, Mattie on Oct 21, 1888
Pearson, Samuel to Link, Josephine on Apr 03, 1894
Pearson, Thomas B. to Atwood, Clara E. on Dec 24, 1891
Pearson, William to Cochran, Lena L. on Dec 23, 1872
Pearson, Wm. H. to Marley, Mary C. on Feb 19, 1893
Peavler, Frank to Calyer, Mary M. on Jul 31, 1884
Peavler, Martin to Baker, Nancy on Mar 31, 1878
Peavler, William to Chaplin, Mary E. on Feb 26, 1862
Peckenbaugh, Eseri to Johnson, Salina J. on Nov 25, 1867
Peckenpaugh, Douglas to Leas, Myra O. on May 06, 1883
Peckenpaugh, Lafayette to Leas, Martha E. on Jul 05, 1883
Peek, George W. to Jennings, Elvira on May 01, 1880
Peevler, Michael to Bunch, Annie on Sep 07, 1883
Pellisen, Isaac A. to Eladen, Margaret on Dec 24, 1857
Penland, Alexander to Gilworth, Nancy on Mar 22, 1871
Penland, William A. to Bunch, Martha on Aug 21, 1849
Penn, James to Lark, Martha J. on Sep 11, 1884
Pennington, John to Washburn, Maggie on Dec 24, 1891
Perigo, Judson to Frost, Lannie A.M. on Dec 30, 1896
Perkins, Charles to McCerren, Rebecca J. on May 03, 1874
Perkins, John to Martin, Ales on Feb 07, 1850
Perkins, John to Black, Harriet on Feb 19, 1869
Perkins, Jonathan to Grindstaff, Nancy Jane on Aug 22, 1869
Perkins, R.S. to Pearson, Almira J. on Oct 02, 1893
Perkins, William to Buler, Minerva on Nov 17, 1883
Perrin, George F. to McGowan, Nancy on Apr 08, 1897
Perrin, R.B. to Aibright, Ollie D. on Sep 21, 1898
Peters, Charles W. to Fowler, Emma J. on Dec 03, 1882
Peters, David T. to Weston, Zorada on Sep 19, 1877
Peters, Frank to Moffett, Alice on Feb 23, 1884
Peters, George F. to Fowler, Mollie A. on Jul 06, 1884
Peters, George W. to Martin, Alda J. on Jul 04, 1886
Peters, James H. to Doolin, Sally on Jul 05, 1867
Peters, John W. to Campbell, Sarah A. on Dec 26, 1869
Peters, Joseph J. to Crane, Lucy on Dec 24, 1871
Peters, Sherman to Myers, Charlotta on Dec 24, 1885
Peters, Silas to Westlow, Catherine on Sep 04, 1862
Peters, Silas P. to Stroud, Sarah on Jan 18, 1870
Peters, William to Robinson, Nora on Dec 14, 1879
Peterson, H. Miles to Peterson, Ida M. on May 04, 1898
Petre, Elmer to Lamar, Dora on May 19, 1895
Petre, John F. to Wells, Emma on Jun 14, 1895
Peuyars, Jonathan to Graham, Malissa A. on Jun 01, 1873
Pfeiffer, F.R. to Davis, Bertin on May 08, 1890
Pfeiffer, Henry to Lightsinger, Catharine on Dec 28, 1889
Pfeiffer, S.S. to Ferrell, Quintilla on Sep 15, 1889
Pfieffer, Casper to Laughten, Julia M. on Feb 05, 1882
Pfififer, Jno Henry to Fish, Louella on Nov 30, 1880
Pharo, Stephen M. to Ackles, Osie G. on Jan 30, 1899
Phebus, G.M. to Stall, Ida E. on Dec 25, 1892
Philipps, Isaah to Balgy, Hannah on Apr 05, 1857
Philips, Keney to Martin, Liza on Jan 08, 1871
Phillips, Edgar to Pickens, Lottie on Dec 16, 1897
Phillips, Elias to Rowland, Mary on Jan 11, 1872
Phillips, James to Myers, Christine on Apr 10, 1859
Phillips, James to Miller, Amanda E. on Mar 01, 1888
Phillips, John to Overstreet, Sarah F. on Feb 25, 1872
Phillips, John C. to Sorrel, Cintha E. on Oct 22, 1856
Phillips, Oliver P. to Witter, Mariah on May 13, 1855
Phillips, Ora M. to Crooks, Mary E. on Dec 10, 1899
Phillips, Thomas F. to Fintin, Laura Ann on Jan 02, 1881
Phillips, William D. to Terrell, Denia on Mar 25, 1866
Phipps, Andrew J. to Helms, Eva E. on Dec 03, 1893
Phipps, Charles to Magart, Hulda on Apr 25, 1888
Phipps, Jessee to Milner, Emma F. on Feb 25, 1899
Phipps, William H. to Clem, Martha J. on Aug 15, 1883
Pickenell, Robert H. to Cook, Carrie on Oct 10, 1880
Pickens, Jacob to Iling, Mary C. on Apr 27, 1882
Pickens, Michael to Harlan, Mary on Jul 22, 1872
Pickens, Miles to Hibbitts, Phoebe on Aug 24, 1890
Pickens, Nathaniel to Can, Mary E. on Oct 30, 1881
Pickerall, Joseph A. to LaFaver, Nancy C. on Apr 01, 1869
Pickerel, Cashus L. to Grismer, Daisy on Mar 31, 1896
Pickerel, R.C. to Han, Vina on Jun 12, 1892
Pickerell, Charles A. to Lewis, Harriett M. on Nov 30, 1889
Pickerell, Robert to Cillops, Salina A. on Dec 24, 1876
Pickerell, Samuel H. to Reeves, Lillie B. on Dec 29, 1889
Pickett, Edward to Simmons, Mary M. on Aug 12, 1866
Pickett, Emerson to Swank, Mattie on Jul 29, 1890
Pickett, George W. to West, Mary A. on Feb 16, 1873
Pickett, Hiram to Glaze, Elizabeth on Apr 11, 1875
Pickett, Marion to Stone, Elvira M. on Jul 23, 1887
Pickett, Robert E. to Smith, Grace on Oct 07, 1891
Pickett, William A. to Dearing, Rowena on Feb 14, 1869
Pierce, A.C. to McMains, Addie on Jul 01, 1894
Pierce, Andrew to Norman, Alcenda on Feb 15, 1866
Pierce, B.M. to Bartholomew, Mary L. on Jan 23, 1872
Pierce, C.E. to Garrett, Martha E. on Jul 24, 1894
Pierce, Edwin to Ford, Leota on Nov 03, 1898
Pierce, Edwin R. to Haller, Mollie M. on Jan 01, 1891
Pierce, George to McClure, Emma on Jul 23, 1894
Pierce, James M. to Rinehart, Amanda C. on Dec 23, 1883
Pierce, Leonard J. to Riddle, Mrs. Ellen V. on Oct 27, 1886
Pierce, Wilcome G. to Pickens, Dianah E. on Sep 05, 1897
Piercon, Marshall to Jesse, Harriett on Sep 15, 1872
Pierson, Charles to Hilligoss, Stella on Nov 27, 1898
Pig, Jackson W. to Barby, Mary G. on Dec 29, 1872
Pig, Jonathan P. to Tucker, Mary on Feb 25, 1869
Pigg, George T. to Dickson, Maud on Oct 14, 1899
Pigg, James M. to Tucker, Amelia on Jan 04, 1864
Pigg, Jesse to Tucker, Nancy on Dec 29, 1870
Pigg, Jessie L. to Taylor, Lucinda on Mar 16, 1888
Pigg, Linville to Moore, Anna on Apr 12, 1891
Pilcher, Charles L. to Willis, Clara A. on Dec 16, 1882
Pile, John L. to Smith, Martha A. on Sep 27, 1868
Pile, Lindsay to Payne, America I. on Mar 01, 1899
Pile, Samuel R. to McGee, Sarah E. on Sep 17, 1868
Pile, Wm. to McClanahan, Nancy A. on Jan 28, 1858
Pileher Jr., Lewis to Spencer, Permulia on Nov 18, 1852
Pine, Herman to Wilson, Martha Jane on May 13, 1861
Pipes, Albert L. to Wattenbarger, May on Mar 01, 1896
Pipes, Anderson H. to Cannon, Sarah E. on Mar 10, 1878
Pipes, Andrew to Crowdis, Mary on Mar 09, 1862
Pipes, George A. to Williams, Mollie J. on Mar 21, 1887
Pipes, Homer to Harrison, Sarah Ann on Apr 03, 1881
Pipes, James to Knifong, Jane on Jun 01, 1854
Pipes, James to Knifong, Virginia on Apr 13, 1859
Pipes, James M. to Brinkley, Rebecca on Apr 01, 1888
Pipes, James P. to Sevier, Sarah E. on Mar 29, 1863
Pipes, Janices A. to Jones, Susie E. on Nov 03, 1897
Pipes, John W. to Curtis, Louisa on Oct 05, 1879
Pipes, John W. to Jones, Minerva on Nov 18, 1891
Pipes, John W. to Langdon, Sallie on Sep 02, 1898
Pipes, Semon to Bohanan, Ellen on Oct 17, 1889
Pipes, Wm. S. to Harman, Aldin on Sep 08, 1888
Pips, Anderson to Sevier, Jane on Sep 13, 1845
Pittman, Dee to Sorrell, Mrs. Sue E. on Jan 14, 1877
Plowman, John W. to Shatto, Laura B. on Oct 27, 1895
Plumb, Jeremiah to Fancher, Mrs. Lydia A. on Mar 27, 1877
Plummer, Charles H. to Winters, Pearl on Jun 27, 1894
Poff, John to Athens, loney B. on Nov 24, 1889
Pool, Frank E. to Allen, Nellie on Aug 08, 1897
Poole, Albert E. to Nelson, Mabell C. on Jan 05, 1897
Poole, John S. to Stanley, Joannab on Jan 05, 1895
Poole, Solomon to Webb, Margaret on May 23, 1855
Poole, T.S. to Thomas, Annie on Oct 14, 1885
Poole, T.S. to Hughes, Estella on Mar 22, 1898
Porter, Adam S. to Chane, Julia on Apr 04, 1875
Porter, Andrew to Beatty, Bell on Dec 24, 1872
Porter, Reece R. to MeNealy, Mollie on Dec 28, 1899
Porter, William G. to Winkle, Elizabeth on Mar 31, 1846
Porter, Williams to Sorders, Lydy Jane on Jun 11, 1857
Porter, Wm. J. to Doggett, Mrs. Anna on Feb 14, 1884
Posey, Andrew to Pfeiffer, Caroline on Sep 09, 1888
Posey, William J. to Robinson, J.G. on Jan 04, 1880
Possey, William J. to Robinsen, Tampsy J. on Jan 04, 1880
Potter, James P. to Doke, Margaret Ann on Sep 11, 1856
Potter, V.F. to Storey, Anna on Jun 27, 1877
Potts, Benjamin F.A. to Wilson, Bertha on Jul 14, 1898
Potts, Peter F. to Sears, Laura on Sep 10, 1868
Pouescon, Harrison L. to Starkey, Rachel V. on Feb 14, 1877
Powell, Alonzo E. to Stone, Marian N. on Aug 27, 1898
Powell, Clark to Gilbert, Mary on Jul 06, 1891
Powell, Frank P. to Buddigum, Amanda on Jul 07, 1878
Powell, Geo. H.M. to Roseberry, Rebecca A. on May 19, 1889
Powell, William T. to Powell, Ella M. on Dec 25, 1897
Power, James T. to Mills, Cora B. on Nov 24, 1895
Powers, Charles A. to Peterson, Margaret R. on Apr 03, 1873
Prapps, Edgar to Smith, Flora on Dec 20, 1891
Prather, G.D. to Cotter, Elizabeth P. on Jun 26, 1888
Prather, Tabin to Kerr, Blanche on Sep 21, 1879
Prather, Tabin A. to Kerns, Blanche on Sep 21, 1879
Prather, Van to Duskey, Sarah Elen on Jul 24, 1851
Pratt, A.J. to Rowland, Rhoda on Nov 28, 1880
Pratt, John to Hanman, Milta on Feb 18, 1889
Pratt, Rufus to Clark, Josephine on Feb 10, 1874
Pratt, Soolman to Long, Marilea on Nov 21, 1852
Pratt, William W. to Law, Huldah A. on Nov 23, 1876
Pren, Thomas F. to Sevier, Isabella on Apr 11, 1869
Preston, Aaron to West, Priscila J. on Jun 10, 1891
Preston, G.A. to Cavanaugh, Hannah V. on Jan 10, 1893
Preston, George A. to Thomas, Pauline J. on Apr 15, 1885
Preston, William L. to Brantner, Rosa on Oct 12, 1881
Price, David to Shipley, Lydia on Nov 26, 1865
Price, Henry to Wattenbarger, Hannah J. on Feb 24, 1878
Price, James D. to Hamilton, Florence E. on Aug 15, 1894
Price, James T. to Campbell, Mollie D. on Oct 04, 1884
Price, John to England, Frances Ann on Dec 20, 1863
Price, John to Marshall, Mary on Oct 11, 1870
Price, John D. to Butler, Ida M. on Jan 12, 1897
Price, John D. to Gregory, Edna on Sep 07, 1899
Price, John T. to Brown, Frances R. on Sep 12, 1894
Price, Joseph J. to Toulsten, Lydia E. on Aug 24, 1854
Price, Joseph S. to Hook, Emma on Sep 17, 1879
Price, Leonidas to Watt, Esther on Dec 02, 1894
Price, Thomas to Henley, Ellen on Jul 20, 1898
Price, Ulysses G. to Baker, Susan F. on Apr 05, 1891
Price, William to Glidewell, M. J. on Apr 23, 1878
Price, Wm. G. to Kennelly, Fannie on Apr 18, 1880
Primrose, Benjamin to Clifford, on Jul 04, 1872
Prindle, Anson L. to Detwiler, Ella J. on Feb 17, 1884
Prindle, James O. to Cornelious, Annie on Jan 06, 1876
Privitt, Jasper N. to West, Lydia J. on Feb 20, 1877
Punnea, Charles to Mills, Mrs. Hannah on May 14, 1882
Purcell, Andrew J. to Phipps, Mary A. on Feb 11, 1883
Purdin, Benjamin F. to Mairs, Alice on Oct 01, 1892
Purdin, Charles to Britton, Josephine on Apr 24, 1892
Purdin, Henry to Browning, Laura M. on Dec 13, 1885
Purdin, Ira to Jessee, Floy on Jan 18, 1886
Purdy, Grant to Rowan, Elizabeth on Sep 31, 1889
Purdy, Paul J. to Richardson, Fannie S. on Sep 14, 1892
Putman, William to Bunch, Mrs. Nancy on Apr 14, 1882
Putnam, Frances M. to Minnis, Permelia Jane on Feb 25, 1852
Putnam, Squire to Rogers, Mrs. Mary S. on Jun 26, 1864
Putnam, William M. to Alkins, Fannie M. on Apr 17, 1888
Pyatt, David B. to Cordray, Louisa on Mar 25, 1894
Pyatt, David Cornelius to Haynes, Hannah Alexander on Jan 21, 1872


Quick, J.W. to Brookshier, Lucy on Jun 11, 1868
Quigley, Cantrel R. to Thompson, Mary A. on Sep 21, 1897
Quigley, Cantrell R. to Bradden, Elizabeth on Oct 29, 1871
Quigley, Jacob H. to Albright, Arozo on Oct 04, 1889
Quigley, James M. to Reed, Narcissus J. on Sep 12, 1880
Quigley, James P. to Barnett, Amanda on Jun 15, 1890
Quigley, James W. to Row, Mattie E. on Feb 14, 1886
Quigley, Jerdin to Witten, Jennie on Nov 11, 1888
Quigley, John W. to Clark, Harriet E. on Jan 05, 1883
Quigley, Jonathan to Fletcher, Nancy Ann on Mar 13, 1853
Quigley, Marion F. to Neighbors, Emma on Apr 14, 1892
Quigley, William E. to Beal, Mary M. on Feb 09, 1871
Quigley, William I. to Hunt, Bridget on Feb 13, 1887
Quigley, William N. P. to Turner, Lissie on Jun 15, 1892
Quint, Charles E. to Chapman, Della A. on Jul 03, 1895
Quint, Walter H. to Hamilton, Charlotte F. on Feb 26, 1896


Rains, Chrisley A. to Allen, Hattie F. on Aug 31, 1895
Rains, Elias to Williams, Eliza Jane on Sep 14, 1873
Rains, Reuben to Paul, Susan on Jan 09, 1870
Ralls, John C. to Privett, Ransey on Jun 09, 1868
Ralls, John C. to Armstrong, Mrs. Mary on Apr 05, 1889
Ralls, Terrah H. to Burditt, Mary E. on Jan 24, 1892
Ralls, Willis to Hamrick, Sarah Jane on Jun 18, 1846
Ransom, Daniel T. to Morgan, Frances on Oct 11, 1874
Rardan, Robert W. to Robinson, Iva V. on Jan 16, 1895
Rardon, Arthur Lee to Robinson, Hattie Violet on Jul 04, 1899
Rardon, E.E. to Williams, Margaret M. on Oct 04, 1893
Rardon, John F. to Sipes, Margaret A. on Mar 04, 1896
Rath, Jacob to Pickens, Mrs. Hannah E. on Dec 20, 1868
Ray, Brahm N. to Atkins, Nancy on Apr 19, 1861
Ray, Clint to Roach, Mary on Sep 29, 1899
Ray, John W. to Williams, Dora D. on Nov 09, 1889
Rayborn, George W. to Davis, Martha Susan on Apr 09, 1883
Rayburn, Harrison to M---, Ann on Aug 17, 1856
Rayner, Leonard to Saulsberry, Rebecca on Mar 31, 1874
Read, Phillip W. to Palmer, Frances E. on Dec 31, 1871
Reaugh, Philip to Terry, Mary F. on May 14, 1892
Reaves, Thomas A. to Baldridge, Frances M. on Apr 29, 1867
Reddin, Caleb to Williams, Elizabeth on Jul 11, 1869
Redding, Alfred to Carmichael, Nancy A. on Mar 14, 1886
Redding, Vincent G. to Griffiths, Nancy Ann on Feb 22, 1856
Redding, William T. to Brown, Elizabeth E. on Oct 16, 1895
Redington, J.H. to Lankard, Frances on Dec 28, 1891
Redman, James L. to Calfee, Martha A. on May 31, 1883
Reece, A.G. to Willis, Louisa V. on Jun 06, 1880
Reed, Albert L. to Dickenson, Eva on Oct 23, 1898
Reed, Birch to Judd, Katie V. on Aug 22, 1897
Reed, C.H. to Duskey, Sarah E. on Mar 30, 1862
Reed, Charles to Hagan, Temple on Sep 04, 1893
Reed, Charley to Tomether, Ivie M. on May 25, 1893
Reed, Columbus J. to Johnson, Elizabeth on Sep 25, 1856
Reed, Eadle to Green, Sarah E. on Jun 13, 1872
Reed, Eldad to Belt, Eliza on May 20, 1861
Reed, Frank G. to Wells, Nettle on Apr 10, 1898
Reed, Heskett to Burtch, Laura on Aug 12, 1894
Reed, Ira M. to Moffitt, Dovie M. on Jan 06, 1899
Reed, James S. to Ames, Gertrude C. on Oct 16, 1889
Reed, Jasper P. to Hunter, Hattie on Aug 28, 1873
Reed, John T. to Chapin, Lauracy on Jun 04, 1885
Reed, John W. to Reed, Lydia Ann on Aug 03, 1861
Reed, John W. to Baldwin, Lily on Apr 07, 1887
Reed, John W. to Finney, Minnie B. on Aug 08, 1888
Reed, Joseph H. to Allen, Lillie L. on Oct 09, 1892
Reed, Oliver B. to Hagan, Debbie on Nov 09, 1898
Reed, Richard to Peavley, Nancy on Jan 22, 1888
Reed, Robert G. to Roach, Julia M. A. on Jan 31, 1869
Reed, Robert M. to Sapp, Edith on Sep 27, 1893
Reeves, Dewitt to Miller, Elizabeth on Sep 06, 1868
Reeves, Elijah to Lamar, Clara on May 16, 1898
Reeves, Lawrence to Humphreys, Mary E. on Mar 04, 1894
Reeves, Nobel to Rooks, Mary on Oct 16, 1875
Reger, Antone to Ortloff, Christena on Aug 16, 1886
Reger, Ellis F. to Smith, Olive A. on Jan 04, 1899
Reger, George B. to Ross, Lydia on Jan 28, 1877
Reger, George F. to Ortloff, Sarah on Nov 08, 1885
Reger, Granville to Stone, Martha on Apr 21, 1867
Reger, Jacob W. to King, Parlina on Jul 30, 1882
Reger, Jacob W. to Simmons, Mrs. Permelia on Apr 12, 1883
Reger, James F. to Darr, Martha E. on Jun 12, 1898
Reger, James Havens to Tipton, Charlotte on Nov 02, 1861
Reger, James K. to Clem, Malissa on Nov 15, 1868
Reger, John E. to Baldndge, Clara M. on Sep 20, 1883
Reger, Leonadus to Cookman, Dew on Dec 04, 1890
Reger, Loranzo D. to Reger, Mary S. on Aug 07, 1887
Reger, Orra to Schrock, Cora on Sep 28, 1882
Reger, Phillip G. to Cutsinger, Melvina on Dec 06, 1880
Reger, Saul N. to Cutsinger, Nannie on Mar 20, 1887
Reger, W.M. to McCallister, Siddie on Jun 07, 1886
Reger, William M. to Mairs, Martha B. on May 26, 1870
Reid, Fremont to Schrock, Ann M. on Jan 29, 1871
Remley, James H. to Burruss, Elva J. on Dec 19, 1894
Renor, J.T. to Crowdis, Mary on Aug 03, 1879
Rensen, Enoch M. to Macklin, Eleanor on Sep 21, 1851
Revens, Charles to Head, Princes A. on Sep 12, 1885
Reynolds, James L. to Hoard, Dora B. on Nov 20, 1879
Reynolds, William to Caven, Eliza on Nov 15, 1874
Rhea, John W. to Todd, Alice on Sep 26, 1886
Rhoades, John M. to Watson, Florence A. on Oct 07, 1888
Rhoads, Daniel to Wood, Frances I. on Jan 06, 1853
Rhoads, James to Conkin, Martha on Jan 12, 1890
Rhoads, Minnes to Shaver, Elizabeth on May 10, 1885
Rhoads, Philip E. S. to Smith, Cassie on Aug 06, 1893
Rhodes, George W. to Thimpson, Ellen on Mar 24, 1878
Rice, Phillip Owen to Morley, Jemima on Nov 05, 1879
Richardson, George T. to Day, Rose M. on Feb 17, 1887
Richardson, James T. to Fertiz, Matilda J. on Apr 13, 1871
Richardson, John C. to Hess, Sarah Jane on Sep 07, 1869
Richardson, Mathew to Harris, Martha E. on Mar 14, 1877
Richardson, William to Tharp, Lelucrabra on Dec 18, 1870
Richey, Homer to Lavelle, Mary on Sep 20, 1894
Richmond, Almond to Williamson, Nancy on Aug 15, 1875
Richmond, Charles to Jennings, Mary on Oct 22, 1884
Richmond, Charles J. to Robinson, Lottie on Jan 08, 1899
Riddle, Chas. L. to Graham, Eliza on Apr 15, 1896
Riddle, E.L. to Morris, Alice on Jan 01, 1893
Riddle, George W. to Hoover, Elizabeth on Jan 04, 1894
Riddle, James B.F. to Hensley, Lavissa on Dec 25, 1889
Riddle, John B. to Beck, Rosaline on Aug 16, 1892
Riddle, Leonard E. to Hoover, Carrie S. on Apr 12, 1894
Riddle, Lewis H. to Bailey, Lola A. on Oct 08, 1890
Riddle, Robert to Pierce, Laura on Feb 09, 1888
Riddle, Tyne W. to Maxey, Clara C. on May 11, 1888
Riddle, William to Walker, Emily E. on Feb 06, 1870
Riddle, William P. to Straley, Amanda J. on Feb 07, 1886
Ridenour, Enoch M. to Claybrook, Nancy A. on Nov 03, 1867
Ridenour, George to Sloan, Angy on Sep 20, 1886
Ridenour, William to Cooper, Sylvia P. on Dec 13, 1860
Rider, T.J. to Baby, Laurabelle on Oct 16, 1880
Ridinghern, William to Spray, Emily Jane on Nov 14, 1880
Rieck, Louis G. to Williams, Charley on Oct 01, 1899
Rigen, Stephen A. Duglas to Cochran, Elizabeth on Jun 02, 1880
Riggen, Elmer E. to Hollon, Lottie L. on Apr 15, 1899
Riggin, George W. to Montomery, Elizabeth on Jun 04, 1871
Riggin, William W. to Leach, Mary V. on Sep 12, 1886
Riggins, Byron Dale to Beck, Mary Isabelle on Jul 28, 1872
Riggins, Elyah to Jacobs, Corda on Mar 11, 1888
Riggins, James Nicholas to Stockton, Susan Adaline on Dec 25, 1873
Riggs, Charles to Davis, Mary F. on Oct 08, 1878
Riggs, Warden to Hartsley, Mary Francis on Apr 16, 1865
Rilble, Albert to Ball, Ella on Apr 12, 1896
Rile, Oliver to Overman, Susan on Mar 20, 1856
Riley, Elisha P. to Hubbard, Lura on Apr 09, 1897
Riley, George W. to Quigley, Eliza F. on Jun 25, 1876
Riley, James to Hull, Alvina on Sep 30, 1883
Riley, Jonathan to Kinton, Minnie on Nov 27, 1898
Riley, Thomas B. to Samuels, Virginia W. on May 05, 1881
Riley, William to Jones, Alice D. on Dec 25, 1884
Riley, William C. to Pickerel, Nettie on Nov 21, 1895
Riley, William Dudley to Quigley, Elia on Mar 20, 1873
Rinehart, George L. to Nickell, Sadie A. on Oct 25, 1899
Ringo, George to Cleton, Armelda on Nov 24, 1853
Ritebmond, Alexander to Hatcher, Martha Jane on Dec 10, 1865
Ritz, Ernest to Colldet, Anna on Dec 16, 1869
Ritze, Edward to Medley, Lida on Aug 12, 1896
Roach, Charles W. to Haddox, Etta L. on Jan 15, 1898
Roach, George E. to Whaley, Atta B. on Sep 24, 1894
Roach, John C. to Whaley, Mary L. on Dec 21, 1899
Roach, Roderick D. to Green, Liltie on Nov 28, 1885
Roach, Samuel to Holsinger, Ida on Oct 28, 1890
Roach, William F. to Dunlap, Cordelia F. on Nov 21, 1897
Roades, Alfred M. to Clark, Bessie on Jul 26, 1896
Roades, David J. to Clark, Bertha L. on Oct 11, 1896
Roan, John W. to Cummings, Nancy on Jun 18, 1871
Roan, W.W. to Yardley, Finetta J. on Aug 22, 1895
Roan, William to Hoskens, Nancy on Jul 22, 1858
Robb, Samuel L. to Johnson, Nancy E. on Mar 23, 1880
Roberson, W.S. to McDaniel, Emma on Nov 08, 1885
Roberts, Alfred A. to Givens, Catharine on Jan 01, 1880
Roberts, Burton L. to Kinton, Rohama E. on Mar 18, 1888
Roberts, Fellix to Mason, Alice A. on Aug 01, 1886
Roberts, George M. to Moore, Addie on Mar 13, 1894
Roberts, Harrison to E.Mason, Sarah on Sep 08, 1886
Roberts, Isaac to Kidwell, Mary on Feb 03, 1886
Roberts, James to Cleeton, Clara M. on Oct 17, 1893
Roberts, John to Bradley, Mary Ellen on Oct 14, 1879
Roberts, John C. to Miller, Nevada O. on Aug 23, 1896
Roberts, John E. to Buren, Nan on Nov 09, 1898
Roberts, Jonathan to Vandeventer, Rebecca on Apr 01, 1869
Roberts, Merrick L. to Burchett, Nancy P. on Jun 26, 1870
Robertson, Charles to Ostrom, Katie on Feb 04, 1883
Robertson, James C. to Hackett, Avaline on Oct 24, 1872
Robertson, Jessie to Ostrom, Bettie on Jun 12, 1887
Robertson, Mark to Hill, Virginia on Oct 13, 1866
Robertson, Thomas E. to Walters, Annie on Mar 24, 1880
Robh, Robert J. to Robertson, Nina A. on May 23, 1880
Robins, Henry L. to Dearing, Mrs. Mary on Jul 03, 1865
Robins, Jonathan W. to Caldwell, Mary Jane on Jun 21, 1868
Robinson, Benjamin T. to Brewer, Carrie E. on Nov 08, 1885
Robinson, Charles L. to Ely, Elizabeth on Sep 21, 1889
Robinson, Frank C. to Duval, Nellie on Dec 18, 1895
Robinson, George to Hubbard, J.A. on Oct 19, 1879
Robinson, Henry to Gilstrap, Mary on Oct 27, 1878
Robinson, I.P. to Hall, Belle on Jul 05, 1892
Robinson, J. Sheridan to Huffman, Luetta on Feb 26, 1896
Robinson, James D. to Thomas, Fanny on Dec 31, 1876
Robinson, John D. to Orr, Sarah W. on Nov 13, 1884
Robinson, John G. to Saulsberry, Mary Ann on Mar 25, 1866
Robinson, John P. to Ledford, Nancy D. on Dec 25, 1889
Robinson, Marion F. to Franklin, Mary L. on Jun 14, 1891
Robinson, Peory to Friend, Eliza on Feb 21, 1864
Robinson, Perry to Friend, Elizabeth on Feb 21, 1864
Robinson, Robert S. to Opel, Laura J. on Feb 25, 1894
Robinson, William A. to Hall, Georgia L. on May 08, 1889
Robinson, William S. to Hurlburt, Alma on Jun 17, 1897
Robison, John R. to Glidewell, Rosella A. on Jun 20, 1885
Rockfeller, Albert to Brownlee, America on Dec 30, 1883
Roddman, William F. to Bram, Emelia on Sep 02, 1885
Rodgers, Clemmons E. to Ballard, Bertha D. on Sep 03, 1896
Rodgers, Fredrick to Camp, Myrtle E. on Jul 03, 1893
Rodgers, G.W. to Eggman, Florence on Oct 10, 1880
Rodgers, George T. to Schrock, M. Josie on Jan 22, 1884
Rodgers, Isaac to Grindstaff, Susan on Jan 30, 1884
Rodgers, James A. to Waggoner, Sarah J. on Sep 30, 1883
Rodgers, Joseph A. to Grindstaff, Barbara E. on Feb 06, 1887
Rodifer, William T. to Johnson, Julia B. on Nov 02, 1898
Roe, A.J. to Smith, Lesta M. on Apr 24, 1894
Roe, C.B. to Hutchison, Anna R. on Feb 26, 1890
Roger, Joseph to Pickett, Martha A. on Feb 22, 1880
Rogers, Allen D. to Perry, Margaret A. on Dec 15, 1881
Rogers, Arthur H. to Rogers, Sarah A. on Oct 02, 1891
Rogers, Arthur H. to Yardley, Rosa V. on Jul 17, 1898
Rogers, Henry to Cutsinger, Lorena on Sep 28, 1884
Rogers, Isaac to Perkins, Josephen on Jan 17, 1873
Rogers, John W. to Ford, Cora L. on Nov 29, 1896
Rogers, Jospeh A. to Grindstaff, Harriett R. on Nov 14, 1897
Rogers, Lewis to Hardin, Joanna on Apr 24, 1862
Rogers, Lewis to Dyer, Nannie D. on Mar 08, 1874
Rogers, Thomas to Farley, Mrs. Nancy L. on Dec 05, 1889
Rogers, Walter O. to Wood, Amanda V. on Jun 21, 1898
Rogers, William to Macklin, Mary L. Mary L. on Nov 17, 1849
Rogers, William to Schrock, Margaret on Aug 14, 1864
Romine, Mathew H. to Shatto, Adaline on Jun 25, 1882
Romine, Peter to Cathers, Sarah E. on Apr 16, 1877
Romine, Peter to Ostram, Minda on Jul 10, 1888
Romine, Samuel M. to Pryor, Clara J. on Dec 08, 1897
Root, Edwin E. to Cummins, Nancy on Feb 22, 1890
Rop, Thomas N. to Botts, Martha A. on Jan 19, 1889
Rorinson, James to Grim, Rachel on Jan 08, 1880
Rose, Arthur to Baker, Sarah Ann on May 19, 1872
Roseberry, James W. to Crawford, Nancy I. on Dec 30, 1894
Rosinberg, Winny to Rigor, Matilda on Aug 08, 1880
Ross, Charley to Johnson, Bessie on Aug 21, 1898
Ross, David O. to Bailey, Norma E. on Feb 11, 1897
Ross, John R. to McClaskey, Elizabeth on Mar 31, 1873
Ross, Samuel to Sterling, Elizabeth on Jan 07, 1875
Ross, Thomas to McClaskey, Martha on Apr 27, 1868
Rostinbader, William to Lease, Nora on Oct 20, 1896
Rottman, Chrisman to Bhream, Christain on Nov 30, 1881
Rottman, William to Milhone, Manervy on Oct 06, 1878
Rouse, J. to Rimbley, Elizabeth J. on Oct 15, 1880
Rouse, James H. to Lyle, Eliza C. on Jan 08, 1857
Rouse, Joseph to Rouse, Elizabeth on Sep 21, 1875
Rouse, Samuel L. to Jones, Louise J. on Sep 01, 1867
Rouse, Thomas B. to Charmel, Cerina E. on Jan 09, 1876
Rouse, Thomas J. to Smith, Sarah Jane on Jul 19, 1876
Rowan, John to Tate, Ruth A. on Jan 28, 1882
Rowan, John W. to Dickerson, Sarah E. on Jan 22, 1899
Rowan, Lucien E. to Farley, Mrs. Nancy on Feb 26, 1882
Rowan, William to Shipp, Mary E. on Jun 11, 1882
Rowland, Charles L. to Williams, Mrs. Lillie on Jan 15, 1899
Rowland, W.M. to Posey, Amanda on May 22, 1888
Rowland, William to Bayr, Mrs. Edna on Apr 18, 1886
Rulon, C.E. to Chaplin, Annie D. on Sep 11, 1892
Rulon, Ross H. to Wright, Melissa J. on Mar 29, 1886
Rumley, John C. to Thompson, Mary C. on Jun 01, 1884
Runnells, Henry to Butler, Malissa on Dec 07, 1868
Runnells, Samuel to Brown, Nancy Matilda on Apr 25, 1863
Runnells, Samuel to Montgomery, Elizabeth on Jul 31, 1863
Runnets, John to Bowman, Martha on Apr 01, 1851
Rush, William J. to Thurlo, Hinda on Nov 18, 1895
Rushton, Wilber S. to Waldeck, Kate on Nov 03, 1894
Rusk, Charles R. to Simms, Mary E. on Oct 21, 1899
Russell, Clarence S. to Cotter, Bertie on Feb 16, 1896
Russell, John to Burditt, Bettie on Oct 18, 1891
Russell, Raymon W. to Scumpsella, Lily on Mar 13, 1895
Russell, Richard to Greenwood, Catherine on Oct 07, 1880
Russell, Thomas to Sodham, Mary Catharine on May 30, 1858
Russell, Walter to Rhoads, Malinda E. on Aug 15, 1899
Rutledge, Alvin to Pierce, Minnie L. on Apr 11, 1899
Rutledge, Clifton E. to Moore, Mary L. on Dec 23, 1895
Ryan, John to Reynolds, Minnie on Sep 03, 1883
Ryan, P.E. to Page, Elizabeth on Apr 14, 1882
Ryan, Timothy to Tusselman, Cora E. on Sep 21, 1885

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