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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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(Unknown Surname), John C. to McClaskey, Catharine on Nov 12, 1877
(No name given) to Riley, Jemima on Sep 22, 1850


Mabb, Stephen to Crowder, Hattie on Dec 19, 1882
Mace, Ott Perry to Allen, Barbara on Dec 27, 1855
Mace, V.F. to Perkins, Carolina on Dec 06, 1860
Mace, William H. to Wilson, Polly A. on Dec 02, 1896
Macklin, John W. to Cutsinger, Sarah A. on Nov 26, 1871
Mackollum, Henderson to Belzer, Mary on Sep 18, 1858
Maddrell, John D. to Dillinger, Nancy on Feb 15, 1873
Maggart, Benjamin to Fields, Virginia B. on Mar 06, 1881
Maggart, C.E. to Posey, Margaret A. on Mar 11, 1877
Maggart, Charles E. to Dearing, Sarah C. on Mar 27, 1898
Maggart, Cyrus to McCullough, Isabelle on Nov 21, 1854
Maggart, D.C. to Wuhite, Lydia on Jan 11, 1880
Maggart, John to Jennings, Lucy on May 07, 1880
Maggart, Peter M. to Reed, Amanda Elizabeth on Aug 25, 1856
Maggart, Wm. H. to Lumsden, Sarah A. on Feb 28, 1887
Mahoney, John B. to Padget, Rebecca on Jan 15, 1893
Mairs, Joseph W. to Curtis, Mary E. on Jun 12, 1870
Mairs, O.J. to Sorrell, Eva F. on Jul 17, 1881
Mairs, Robert S. to Sterling, Esther on Nov 25, 1891
Mairs, Thomas to Robeson, Catherine on Jun 19, 1853
Majore, Wm. Henry to Brisendine, Sarah E. on Aug 05, 1882
Majors, W.H. to Haggy, Mary E. on Sep 27, 1893
Malone, B.F. to Irvin, Elizabeth M. on Feb 11, 1880
Malone, Benjamin F. to Croofoot, Judith on Apr 24, 1870
Maloney, Hugh S. to Kiger, Mrs. Mary on Mar 16, 1882
Maloney, Martin E. to Compton, Emma on Aug 30, 1885
Maloney, Samuel to Leach, Sufframann on Oct 27, 1850
Maloney, William M. to Winfrey, Dary on Sep 23, 1890
Malony, Hugh L. to Bennett, Rhoda on Jul 04, 1847
Maloy, George R. to Kelsaw, Margaret L. on Jun 06, 1896
Manly, Rowland C. to Hoalden, Mary R. on Mar 27, 1860
Manner, Stockely to Myers, Rebecca on Oct 02, 1864
Mantlo, Jefferson C. to Faller, Mary L. on Jun 23, 1888
Mantlo, Thomas W. to Clark, Ann M. on Jan 01, 1882
Mantlo, William to Harrels, Cerelda on Feb 28, 1870
Mantlo, William W. to Stringer, Susan Sarah on Jan 03, 1858
Mapels, M. to Grindstaff, Rachel on Jan 05, 1880
Maples, Mod to Smith, Sypha J. on Jan 19, 1885
Marchbanks, Andrew J. to Meekins, Maggie E. on Jul 17, 1890
Marchbanks, Josiah to Chappell, Eliza Jane on Apr 16, 1876
Mariel, John A. to Walker, Nanna L. on May 20, 1866
Marion, Francis to Hayworth, Mary Jane on Mar 31, 1869
Markley, Fred to Cooper, Clara on Dec 21, 1892
Marlay, John G. to Scearce, Della D. on Sep 06, 1887
Marquis, John D. to Devy, Emma on Nov 22, 1895
Marsh, William to Welsh, Cora N. on May 24, 1889 [Error: Should be Cora N. WEBB]
Marshall, Floyd to Phipps, Lillie M. on Oct 09, 1885
Marshall, John to Wilber, Mary on Jun 23, 1855
Martin, Alexander to Harmon, Emma on Feb 14, 1872
Martin, Archidaums S. to Cain, Eliza Jane on Dec 12, 1867
Martin, B.F. to Moody, Mary E. on Aug 24, 1882
Martin, Calcium to Kent, Minerva on Feb 21, 1886
Martin, Cyrus to Woy, Ada on Mar 17, 1878
Martin, Dan L. to Johnson, Carrie E. on Feb 22, 1891
Martin, Daniel to Reynolds, Susan on Oct 23, 1853
Martin, Daniel F. to Webb, Florence A. on Aug 23, 1899
Martin, E.G. to Phillips, Mary on Oct 14, 1880
Martin, Elvis L. to Wilson, Fannie C. on Jul 28, 1895
Martin, Frank to Green, Selama on Sep 27, 1885
Martin, George R. to Kennedy, Madia on Aug 05, 1897
Martin, Henry C. to Seaman, Martha J. on Dec 30, 1897
Martin, James O. to Page, Lotie on Dec 24, 1899
Martin, John to Fanning, Rebecca on Oct 18, 1861
Martin, John to Harris, Priscilla E. on Jul 17, 1870
Martin, John to Greene, Ida on Oct 30, 1892
Martin, John W. to McCollum, Eliza J. on Apr 25, 1876
Martin, Luther C. to Rowland, Rachel on Dec 31, 1872
Martin, Mire to Knifong, Olive on Oct 05, 1873
Martin, Thomas to Cheney, Rachel J. on Mar 11, 1869
Martin, William to Carter, Mariah on Jun 26, 1859
Martin, William C. to McQuown, Martha A. on May 24, 1859
Martin, William H. to Hunsaker, Elizabeth on Mar 22, 1874
Martin, William H. to King, Carolina on Dec 10, 1877
Martin, William H. H. to Smith, Susan J. on Jul 14, 1861
Martin Jr., William to Green, Samantha on Dec 25, 1873
Martindale, Frank to Creason, Delcenia on Jul 13, 1896
Marty, Peter J. to Dale, Hannah J. on Oct 15, 1899
Marvin, James W. to Taylor, Mary E. on Oct 26, 1890
Marvin, John H. to Wallace, Mollie on Feb 13, 1892
Marvin, Lewis E. to Jones, Sarah E. on Apr 28, 1894
Mashens, William M. to Wilson, Mary on Sep 30, 1860
Mason, David D. to Schooling, Nancy E. on Jan 22, 1871
Mason, Elias F. to Bartley, Huldid J. on May 01, 1881
Mason, George W. to Hurst, Rosetta on Jan 03, 1866
Mason, Isaac to Carmack, Lucinda on Apr 28, 1894
Mason, James to Crawford, Isabella on Mar 28, 1875
Mason, John H. to Long, Mrs. Mary A. on Jun 18, 1886
Massey, Beaz M. to Hoskins, Mary F. on Dec 20, 1853
Maston, Charles H. to White, Flora on Dec 26, 1893
Maston, Francis M. to Emry, Rhoda on Mar 20, 1898
Mathenay, William to Haven, Ann on Aug 01, 1858
Mathew, William to Shumerd, Mrs. Catherine on Oct 27, 1879
Mathews, William to Cleeton, Mrs. A.C. on Dec 24, 1876
Mathis, William G. to Marshall, Louella on May 14, 1885
Matkins, Alexander to Cutsinger, Ida on Sep 08, 1889
Matkins, David to Eaton, Jane on Nov 18, 1860
Matkins, Silas A. to Reger, Clara M. on Jul 03, 1894
Matkins, William J. to Crummer, Elizabeth on Jul 02, 1890
Matney, Isaac C. to Baker, Margaret E. on Feb 29, 1872
Matteson, Charles E. to Creason, Sarah E. on Aug 10, 1892
Maxey, Elmer to Butler, Lucinda on Jan 12, 1888
Maxey, Patrick Henry to Maxey, Elvine Augustine on Jun 07, 1849
Maxey, William to Bunch, Christina on Sep 28, 1862
May, Charles F. to Hoffman, Cina H. on Dec 12, 1894
May, George H. to Swearengen, Maggie E. on Oct 01, 1899
May, James to Deering, Nellie F. on Jan 10, 1875
May, John to Wilhite, Olive on Oct 24, 1878
May, Nove W. to West, Dora E. on Nov 25, 1896
May, Samuel A. to MeClaskey, Elizabeth A. on Feb 12, 1880
May, William G. to Sterling, Sarah C. on Dec 27, 1883
May, William G. to Sterling, Sarah C. on Dec 27, 1883
McAlister, Harvey M. to Weaver, Ada B. on Mar 18, 1895
McAllister, John R. to Bodenhammer, Barbara on Aug 10, 1869
McAnn, James to Russell, Minerva on Apr 19, 1868
McArthur, James to Romine, Rita E. on May 03, 1898
McAtlin, Wm. D. to Yoakum, Martha A. on Jul 08, 1895
McBurney, John W. to Clapp, Maritta C. on Dec 01, 1889
McCabe, James to Hosteter, Mary on Jul 30, 1879
McCabe, Patrick to Crawford, Agnes on Dec 17, 1873
McCabe, Thomas L. to Crawford, Anna on Oct 12, 1891
McCall, Aaron to Miller, Matilda Jane on Jan 02, 1870
McCallahan, Charles to Traber, Jennie on Feb 11, 1866
McCalley, Charles R. to Cowbick, Bertha J. on Feb 05, 1899
McCallister, Joseph to Higgins, Sarah A. on Jul 20, 1884
McCallister, Thomas to Mairs, Maggie on Mar 26, 1885
McCallister, William to Todd, Naoma E. on May 07, 1877
McCarmick, Charles P. to Colter, Martha E. on Dec 24, 1896
McCerien, Amen to Ford, Niaca on May 10, 1874
McClanahan, Andrew J. to Baldridge, Mary Alice on Jan 01, 1888
McClanahan, Charles E. to Judd, Cora C. on Feb 28, 1897
McClanahan, James A. to Vinson, Kittie V. on Apr 11, 1894
McClanahan, John to Payne, May on Mar 24, 1887
McClanahan, Robert B. to Triplett, Nancy on Mar 21, 1871
McClanahan, Samuel W. to Crammer, Mary A. on Jan 11, 1880
McClant, Joseph to Yardley, Mary on Apr 02, 1860
McClaren, John W. to Norman, Matilda C. on Apr 18, 1896
McClaren, Samuel to Moss, Mrs. Sarah E. on Jan 03, 1875
McClarren, Ora to Breeding, Mary E. on Aug 30, 1885
McClary, James to Bailey, Edith A. on Mar 22, 1891
McClaska, James A. to Glidewell, Clara on Oct 13, 1895
McClaskey, Daniel to Dewitt, Lydia D. on May 26, 1881
McClaskey, George to Jones, Mary A. on Apr 11, 1875
McClaskey, Isaac to Muck, Clerisa on Nov 06, 1881
McClaskey, James to Shatto, Elizabeth on Jul 03, 1849
McClaskey, John to Cochran, Catherine on Oct 07, 1880
McClaskey, John W. to Gray, Dessie E. on Dec 23, 1897
McClaskey, Joseph to Alexander, Nancy on Feb 09, 1871
McClaskey, Newal to Cason, Eliza Jane on Apr 18, 1876
McClaskey, Robert to Clapp, Rosetta on Jan 06, 1887
McClaskey, William to Cochran, Margaret on May 02, 1875
McClaskey, William A. to Link, Mrs. Emma on Sep 05, 1888
McClaskey, Williard H. to Sterling, Mary on Aug 08, 1872
McClasky, James F. to Kennedy, Dicinda on Feb 08, 1874
McCleod, John F. to Roach, Alice S. on Apr 07, 1887
McClluy, George L. to Boxwell, Mary E. on Mar 22, 1888
McCloud, John F. to Black, Clara on Jan 03, 1892
McClure, Logan to Daily, Katie on Dec 27, 1897
McCluskey, Riley to Cason, Sarah F. on Jul 06, 1876
McCollan, Noah A. to Lohual, Eliza C. on May 27, 1866
McColloch, John G. to Eastwood, Emma on Nov 29, 1898
McCollum, John H. to Chaplin, Eliza H. on Jul 30, 1871
McCollum, John W. to Ratliff, Mary A. on Nov 03, 1894
McCollum, Robert J. to McCollum, Minnie on Apr 23, 1887
McCollum, Stephen to Squires, Nancy J. on Mar 08, 1880
McCollum, Stephen to Bunch, Mrs. Margaret on Jun 05, 1890
McCollum, Stephen W. to Bunch, Mrs. Margaret on Jul 02, 1885
McCollum, W. to Snowden, Mary J. on Nov 12, 1876
McCollum, William to McCollum, Mary on May 05, 1878
McCollum, William P. to Guntn, Mary C. on Oct 03, 1880
McColluy, Evert to Dunlap, Alta on Dec 01, 1887
McConn, John L. to Shadden, Anise E. on Jul 17, 1893
McConnell, William M. to Lord, Mrs. Lea on Sep 04, 1889
McCormack, Charles B. to Buckheart, Jane Belle on May 10, 1891
McCormack, James O. to Shipman, Mrs. Ara A. on Mar 01, 1888
McCormick, James F. to Cunningham, Allie on Jan 31, 1892
McCormick, Samuel N. to Holloway, Mary T. on Oct 19, 1873
McCormick, William R. to Cowles, Mary E. on Jan 05, 1867
McCowan, Redman to Speaks, Mary on Sep 09, 1869
McCown, William to Ogle, Martha on Feb 07, 1861
McCoy, Calvin to Cather, Frances on Oct 29, 1873
McCoy, Jefferson to Preston, Mary on Oct 21, 1880
McCoy, William W. to Williams, Jane on Oct 07, 1860
McCracken, Mathew to Stone, Julia Ann on Feb 05, 1872
McCracken, Mathew to Caldwell, Mary Jane on Oct 30, 1879
McCracken, Matthew to CaIdwell, Mary Jane on Dec 16, 1879
McCracomac, William to Smith, Anna on May 08, 1853
McCraken, William A. to Ford, Mary on Dec 05, 1869
McCray, William to Doolin, Eliza C. on Jan 01, 1878
McCreary, Joel C. to Jackson, Mary A. on Aug 22, 1881
McCredy, William to Black, Elizabeth on Feb 19, 1869
McCulley, Betheul to Wade, Hattie J. on Mar 18, 1884
McCullough, Arthur V. to Vanwye, Ellen on May 20, 1860
McCullough, Grant R. to Bradley, Clara E. on Jun 07, 1899
McCullough, Joel H. to Minchell, Sarah on Dec 25, 1889
McCullough, John T. to Parker, Eliza E. on Sep 03, 1899
McCullough, Warren to Dewitt, Margaret J. on Jul 02, 1865
McCully, Charles to Goforth, Obedience on Dec 30, 1868
McCully, David H. to Runvels, Lou on Jan 03, 1897
McCully, Howard S. to Reynolds, Anna on Feb 27, 1894
McCully, Jacob E. to VanFossen, Lida L. on Feb 10, 1895
McCully, James R. to Yoho, Flora F. on Sep 20, 1896
McCully, John C. to McCullough, Emma J. on Aug 05, 1885
McCully, Robert P. to Murphy, Mary Jane on Mar 22, 1877
McCuns, William J. M. to Smith, Mary Alice on Dec 25, 1878
McCurdv, John E. to Glaze, Sarah Jane on Oct 24, 1866
McDammit, Francis M. to Wade, Nancy J. on Jun 11, 1871
McDanald, James R. to Day, Senora E. on Dec 31, 1887
McDanald, William N. to Belt, Rosa E. on May 22, 1890
McDandel, L.C. to Norman, Rebecca J. on Mar 23, 1893
McDanel, Marion T. to Myers, Luella on Nov 07, 1889
McDaniel, Francis N. to Waggoner, Harriett on Aug 25, 1867
McDaniel, H. to Taylor, Margaret on Jun 29, 1856
McDannald, George W. to McDonald, Barbara A. on Jan 01, 1896
McDannald, James to Salmons, Mary E. on Feb 17, 1878
McDannald, Noah C. to Reeves, Susan J. on Dec 31, 1897
McDannald, S.A. to Parker, Allie B. on Mar 07, 1894
McDannald, Samuel A. to Denslow, Mary O. on Dec 21, 1884
McDannald, Thomas to Reeves, Mrs. Mary on Jun 14, 1885
McDole, D.W. to Rich, Annie on Dec 06, 1881
McDole, George W. to Wright, Isabelle on Oct 20, 1872
McDonald, George to McNeece, Julian on Mar 05, 1871
McDonald, Noah Allen to Deeds, Barbara on Aug 27, 1871
McDonald, W.S. to Phillips, Maria L. on Mar 01, 1882
McDonald, Walter to Haviner, Eva on Jul 26, 1891
McDonald, William to Fields, Malinda on May 08, 1861
McDonald, William to Wood, Nancy K. on Mar 06, 1862
McDonald, William D. to Hall, Eliza M. on Dec 02, 1869
McDonnald, William T. to Miller, Sarah A. on Aug 30, 1882
McDorman, E.J. to Cole, Hannah A. on Dec 02, 1891
McDowell, William F. to Yardley, Mary B. on Jul 26, 1897
McDuff, Alexander S. to Montgomery, Mary T. on Dec 28, 1862
McFarland, William M. to Fetty, Leah H. on Apr 10, 1862
McGaughlin, B. to Lynnmiller, Etta A. on Dec 04, 1879
McGee, James A. to Kent, Rachel on Sep 11, 1856
McGee, John to Wilhite, Elizabeth on Dec 27, 1849
McGee, John D. to Thompson, Elizabeth on Dec 26, 1886
McGee, Luther to Shubert, Sarah Jane on Apr 08, 1855
McGee, Marion to Law, Susan on Oct 14, 1876
McGill, Hamilton to Riggins, Jane on Apr 19, 1861
McGill, John W. to Manning, Jennie on May 28, 1874
McGittigen, Stanley to Caster, Lucinda on Jan 17, 1867
McGlothlin, Thomas J. to Reger, Helen S. on Oct 26, 1879
McHargue, William to Cutsinger, Effie D. on Oct 03, 1897
McIntyre, Andrew J. to Williams, Nancy A. on Mar 20, 1887
McKay, --- to Glaze, Sarah C. on Feb 26, 1869
McKay, F.P. to Stoles, Maggie on Jan 06, 1886
McKay, Henry C. to Palmer, Sara on Jan 03, 1882
McKay, James F. to Rule, Marritta on Oct 11, 1888
McKay, R.L. to Lewis, Alta F. on Feb 07, 1886
McKay, Walter D. to Williams, Hattie G. on Dec 29, 1895
McKee, James E. to Peterson, Georgia S. on Apr 30, 1891
McKee, John to Bowen, Mariann on May 07, 1849
McKee, William T. to Peterson, Nancy O. on May 04, 1890
McKeehan, Douglas to Page, Ellen on Feb 25, 1885
McKinney, Alfred to Clark, Rebecca J. on Mar 25, 1886
McKinney, Andrew to Garrub, Ellen on May 29, 1881
McKinney, Francis M. to Cumpton, Sarah P. on Jun 02, 1888
McKinney, Hamptin to Gramling, Lucreticia on Jun 22, 1879
McKinney, John C. to Killum, Mary A. on Oct 05, 1865
McKinney, John C. to Linhart, Elizabeth on Sep 16, 1891
McKinney, Thomas R. to Magors, Sarah E. on Dec 23, 1872
McKinsey, Joseph to High, Sarah on Sep 16, 1880
McKinsey, Wm. to Anders, Elizabeth on Dec 25, 1880
McKinstray, Simeon to Neighbors, Alda on Apr 10, 1892
McKnob, Jesse to England, Elizabeth Jane on Mar 29, 1852
McLain, John to Price, Mary on Oct 08, 1871
McLaughlin, Andrew J. to Langhead, Levina on Apr 09, 1876
McLaughlin, Andrew J. to Langhead, Laura Lucinda on Apr 24, 1876
McLaughlin, Frank to Scott, Ella on Apr 29, 1889
McLin, Henry to Goforth, Emily J. on Dec 18, 1873
McLin, John W. to Lockard, Margaret R. on Oct 17, 1891
McMillen, Isaac to Potts, Stella on Sep 15, 1889
McMullen, John to Montgomery, Milly Jane on Aug 26, 1866
McNabb, Charles to Scott, Jessie on Jan 14, 1897
McNabb, David B. to Shobe, Lucy L. on Feb 19, 1880
McNabb, Elbert Jackson to McGee, Mrs. Rachel on Mar 15, 1874
McNabb, Jacob N. to Thompson, Letitia on Feb 06, 1890
McNabb, John D. to Waldeck, Laura B. on Jan 01, 1894
McNabb, John H. to Kelley, Mrs. Emily on Jun 27, 1884
McNabb, W.C. to Myers, Emma on Mar 21, 1883
McNaught, Franklin to Aibright, Lewalles on May 01, 1880
McNaught, William to Beall, Jossee on Jan 08, 1881
McNeece, Arch F. to Sulser, Julia V. on Nov 21, 1897
McNeece, William H. to Vaughn, Clarissa on Apr 08, 1877
McNeeley, David N. to Springer, Mabel V. on Jun 19, 1890
McNeese, Simon P. to Allsinger, Ninnie A. on Dec 13, 1866
McNeil, William to Palmer, Malinda E. on Jun 01, 1873
McNeiley, R.A. to Boyland, Anna on Jan 30, 1893
McQuinn, Charles E. to Creason, Lucy G. on Sep 08, 1895
McRae, L.T. to Marine, Florence on Dec 14, 1880
McReynolds, Samuel to Haliburton, Helen M. on Dec 31, 1876
McWhorter, Walter to Hurst, Emile L. on Apr 22, 1860
McWhorter, Walter F. to Broyles, Allie C. on Sep 13, 1885
Mcconkey, Thomas to Daugherty, Eliza on Nov 21, 1891
MeCaffery, John to Norman, Maggy on Apr 10, 1880
MeCallahan, W.C. to Johnson, Permelia C. on Nov 17, 1864
MeCalley, Marvin to West, Allie on Sep 24, 1893
MeClanahan, William to Murte, Mary Jane on Jan 08, 1880
MeClaskey, William A. to Call, Sarah A. on Dec 10, 1882
MeCollum, Benville to Taylor, Ella on Jul 06, 1897
MeCollum, David H. to Baker, Mary on Dec 16, 1865
MeCollum, Isaac to Pulliam, Permelia on Apr 30, 1857
MeDonnald, Henry to Moffett, Eliza Jane on Sep 26, 1880
MeFerren, Jesse to Brown, Lizzy on Aug 27, 1860
MeKenney, John to Whitaker, Rebecca on Mar 12, 1858
MeMains, Perry M. to Hatfield, Ettie on Mar 16, 1898
MeNabe, Albert to McGee, Louise on Jan 20, 1860
MeNealey, Edward to Murdock, Jennitia on Apr 28, 1881
MeNeill, W.P. D. to Lee, Rachel Ann on Mar 11, 1856
MeVey, James A. to Peters, Nancy Jane on Apr 05, 1859
Meade, Thomas J. to Long, Laura on Jan 30, 1887
Meader, George W. to Phillips, Eliza M. on Mar 14, 1875
Meador, Charles to Howard, Julia on May 13, 1885
Meador, Jesse to Bookout, Sarah on Mar 06, 1870
Meadow, Theodore to Beard, Frances on Nov 08, 1874
Meals, Clemont W. to Terry, Mary F. on Apr 30, 1878
Meals, George W. to Andrews, Mariah on Dec 24, 1874
Medley, Andrew J. to Taylor, Mary Pascle on Oct 14, 1866
Medley, Javez to Fransher, Tennessee on ly 14, 1861
Medley, John C. to AlIred, Catharine on Jul 28, 1871
Medley, John C. to Andis, Ellen F. on May 25, 1898
Medley, Jules to Ready, Martha on Aug 15, 1886
Meedan, John M. to Boyd, Nancy A. on Apr 15, 1866
Meek, George W. to Spencer, Mary E. on Nov 30, 1899
Meek, Hosea H. to Morgan, Amanda M. on Oct 02, 1870
Meeker, John to Winsel, Nancy E. on Nov 01, 1888
Meekins, James W. to West, Ursula J. on Dec 07, 1893
Meekins, John S. to Harter, Mrs. Maggie E. on May 11, 1871
Meekins, Ricahrd B. to Prather, Ann on Dec 04, 1851
Meekins, Van to Glaze, Mrs. Catharine Virginia on Aug 08, 1869
Meekins, William A. to Allen, Josephine on Oct 24, 1880
Meeks, Gus to Page, Delora on Dec 29, 1886
Meeks, Hannuns to Vaughn, Priscilla on Jan 13, 1886
Megren, Charles E. to Morton, Josie on May 18, 1893
Meines, George to Allison, Mary June on Sep 09, 1858
Melon, Samuel W. to Watson, Nancy E. on Aug 21, 1860
Mendenhall, William G. to Baker, Delcina on Jul 18, 1886
Menefee, Richard P. to Dewett, Anna L. on Oct 09, 1895
Merrameen, Wm. B. to Parker, Rosaline on Aug 01, 1878
Merrill, Wilbur DeLoss to Fox, Minnie Louise on Jun 06, 1894
Merriman, John W. to Bush, Sencia on Jun 23, 1857
Mersman, Frank to Rutledge, Cora on Oct 03, 1899
Merten, John N. to Klepsch, Hattie F. on Oct 24, 1881
Mewmaw, John E. to Reger, Etta V. on Sep 05, 1890
Mewmaw, William H. to Dunlap, Nellie G. on Nov 04, 1894
Meyers, Henry to Hunt, Catherine on Sep 15, 1861
Michael, E.D. to Ball, Ada E. on Dec 31, 1893
Michael, John to Fanchen, Samantha on Jan 08, 1857
Michael, Johnathan A. to Overstreet, Sarah on Oct 11, 1849
Michaels, James S. to Rhoades, Cora M. on Aug 04, 1898
Michaels, Jonathan to Vaughn, Jane on Sep 02, 1869
Mickens, James M. to England, Sarah A. on May 08, 1857
Middaugh, Thomas E. to Emery, Sarah C. on Jun 25, 1882
Mikeles, David to Beard, Nancy Jane on Aug 09, 1862
Milburn, John T. to Reardon, Mary E. on Apr 14, 1889
Milcey, Johnny to Schrock, Margaret Ann on Nov 18, 1858
Miles, Benjamin F. to Wilkinson, Rachel E. on Jan 04, 1879
Milhoan, Charles C. to Winters, Lina on Sep 03, 1894
Millan, John K. to Springer, Elizabeth C. on Dec 20, 1859
Millay, Elmer to Burrus, Nora F. on Nov 06, 1898
Milledgen, Stephen S. to McCallister, Madlam on Sep 17, 1868
Miller, Aaron to Springer, Missouri M. on Jul 07, 1870
Miller, Albert P. to Boynton, Cora M. on Dec 18, 1884
Miller, Alfred L. to Hill, Susan J. on Feb 05, 1885
Miller, Alonzo to Brownfield, Mollie on Jul 12, 1885
Miller, Arthur L. to Compton, Alice G. on Mar 30, 1898
Miller, C.H. to Vanwye, E.J. on Apr 15, 1877
Miller, Charles W. to Harrington, Martha J. on Oct 20, 1890
Miller, D.W. to Creason, Berthena A. on Aug 05, 1894
Miller, Daniel to Allred, Sarah on Mar 14, 1869
Miller, Daniel B. to Duley, Emma D. on Jan 07, 1877
Miller, Daniel B. to Ducey, Emma D. on Jan 07, 1878
Miller, Doc to Kelley, Alice on Oct 13, 1882
Miller, Franklin to Berry, Hattie A. on Nov 26, 1878
Miller, Fredrick H. to Muncy, H. Maude on Jun 28, 1899
Miller, George W. to Baker, Anna E. on Nov 20, 1892
Miller, Jacob E. to Norman, Mary A. on Jan 28, 1892
Miller, James to Walters, Rebecca J. on Apr 16, 1881
Miller, James L. to Allred, Megary E. on Jun 25, 1871
Miller, James L. to See, Minerva on Feb 12, 1891
Miller, James M. to Desper, Viola on Feb 17, 1881
Miller, James W. to Wattenbarger, Mary A. on Feb 22, 1885
Miller, John to Harris, Jane on Jan 14, 1869
Miller, John to Obelle, Mary on Apr 05, 1892
Miller, John H. to Brown, Jennie A. on Nov 12, 189?
Miller, John W. to Robinson, Hannah J. on Feb 19, 1887
Miller, Joseph to Russell, Mary T. on Apr 05, 1866
Miller, Joseph F. to Campbell, Betti on Apr 03, 1887
Miller, Joseph H. to Brigham, Emma L. on Mar 13, 1886
Miller, Lewis G. to Morgan, Almeinda B. on Sep 11, 1881
Miller, Nathaniel C. to Smith, Sarah Ann on Mar 06, 1864
Miller, Preston to Yoho, Jane on Oct 17, 1883
Miller, Rufus to Roberts, Irabella on Mar 12, 1874
Miller, Rufus G. to Smith, Elizabeth on Mar 13, 1859
Miller, Samuel to Weaver, Nannee on Sep 09, 1890
Miller, Samuel E. to Boney, Iola on Dec 28, 1886
Miller, Silas C. to Altizer, Mary V. on Sep 05, 1886
Miller, Stephen A. to Davis, Mary J. on Feb 19, 1893
Miller, William M. to Yoakum, Laura M. on Jul 08, 1895
Mills, James R. to Clem, Sarah Ann on Sep 13, 1868
Mills, William T. to White, Sarah A. on Sep 30, 1897
Milstead, D.C. to Starns, Zella on Mar 26, 1887
Minear, Vesper to Davis, Nellie F. on May 03, 1891
Miner, Wm. H. to Huber, Ella on Jan 04, 1886
Minnis, Burggess K. to Knight, Addeline on Nov 19, 1863
Minnis, Thomas Dee Gallitan to Bingham, Elizabeth Jane on Oct 21, 1855
Minor, Grant E. to Bivins, Alfie A. on Jul 01, 1897
Minor, Joseph to Clark, Anna E. on Aug 14, 1897
Minson, F.L. to Dolan, Elizabeth on Jan 20, 1878
Minson, Samuel to Squires, Martha on Mar 23, 1878
Mises, William to Williams, Margaret on Sep 02, 1857
Mitchell, Charles to Maloney, Mollie on Dec 22, 1899
Mitchell, James F. to Ford, N. Frances on Oct 11, 1894
Mitchell, John to Everhart, Martha J. on Apr 12, 1883
Mives, John R. to Nichols, Anna on Apr 15, 1887
Moberly, Charles to Stringer, Mary F. on Feb 23, 1873
Moberly, Franklin B. to West, Mildred on Jul 25, 1898
Moberly, Isaac to Humphreys, Sarah on May 11, 1884
Moberly, John to Haley, Agnes on Apr 15, 1852
Moberly, John T. to Moberly, Sarah J. on Apr 10, 1884
Moberly, John W. to Murdock, Corn B. on Apr 30, 1896
Moberly, Thomas to Dobbins, Sarah Cattum on Nov 04, 1877
Mock, George W. to Nette, Emma on Mar 22, 1886
Mock, Kenneth to McClaskey, Nora on Oct 23, 1899
Mock, Thomas M. to Seamon, Hattie E. on Dec 03, 1895
Moddrell, Wilber W. to Huff, Emma on Dec 31, 1894
Moddrell, William H. to Page, Flara on Dec 25, 1895
Moffett, William R. to Thrasher, Laura T. on Dec 20, 1873
Moffit, Wm. H. to King, Nancy M. on Jul 16, 1887
Moffitt, Albert W. to Johnson, Sarah on May 08, 1895
Moffitt, Amleanzen to Dye, Sarah Evelyn on Oct 15, 1863
Moffitt, Benjamin F. to Borron, Ema on Mar 11, 1899
Moffitt, Edward P. to Reed, Lillie A. on Oct 22, 1895
Moffitt, George A. to Leas, Lura A. on Mar 09, 1899
Moffitt, James F. to Bailey, Emma M. on Dec 24, 1897
Moffitt, John A. to Moffitt, Bobella on Oct 21, 1880
Moffitt, John R. to Yoakum, Mary E. on May 13, 1896
Moffitt, William R. to Allen, Ida J. on Aug 30, 1883
Mofit, Philip S. to Dever, Sarah L. on Oct 24, 1879
Molland, Samuel A. to Merriman, Nancy F. on May 19, 1857
Monroe, Reuben S. J. to Davis, Samantha on Feb 21, 1869
Monson, John P. to Dover, Mary A. on Jan 03, 1878
Monson, Robert D. to Buxton, Chloe on Jun 28, 1878
Monson, W.B. to Medley, Mary F. on Jun 07, 1893
Montgery, Solomon to Johnson, Wealthy P. on Mar 13, 1899
Montgomery, Alpha to Whitaker, Florence on Jan 17, 1895
Montgomery, C.T. to Summerville, Sarah M. on Apr 04, 1872
Montgomery, Daniel E. to Watson, Kitty on Sep 11, 1887
Montgomery, Doyle to Doyle, Mariah on Feb 07, 1853
Montgomery, Isaac to Montgomery, Ruth on Jul 30, 1854
Montgomery, James A. to Hall, Elizabeth on Nov 21, 1891
Montgomery, John D. to Parker, Nancy E. on Jul 21, 1878
Montgomery, Lewis to Shatto, Melinda F. on Mar 29, 1898
Montgomery, Lucky to Beall, Mary E. on Oct 28, 1858
Montgomery, Marion F. to Simmerig, Lina on May 17, 1894
Montgomery, Robert to Shatto, Mary L. on Sep 12, 1880
Montgomery, Thomas to Baldridge, Mary Caroline on Jun 30, 1860
Montgomery, William H. to Spake, Mary E. on Feb 19, 1871
Montgomery, William S. to Baldridge, Effie on Oct 31, 1894
Montgomery, Willis J. to Bivens, Laura B. on Sep 24, 1890
Montgomery Sr., William to Weaver, Ann on Dec 03, 1865
Moody, Benjamin M. to McCollum, Mahala P. on Jan 12, 1858
Moody, William T. to Watenburger, Rachel L. on Nov 18, 1880
Moore, Alva A. to Waltus, Ether E. on Oct 10, 1889
Moore, Andrew J. to Adams, Mirtie E. on Oct 28, 1896
Moore, Grant M. to Link, Almanci on Nov 06, 1892
Moore, Jann to Jewitt, Ada on Sep 09, 1885
Moore, John M. to Cotter, Orissa J. on Mar 10, 1897
Moore, John P. to Cary, Amelia E. on Oct 13, 1878
Moore, Joseph A. to Spake, Annie on Oct 30, 1897
Moore, Levi to Terry, Cora B. on Dec 01, 1896
Moore, Martin V. to Rude, Susan on Jan 29, 1861
Moore, Richard to Ford, Mrs. Martha on Dec 23, 1882
Moore, Sterling Price to Adams, Idam M. on Oct 16, 1886
Moore, Stockely to Hill, Adeline on Feb 28, 1864
Moore, William to Rooks, Velmine on Mar 01, 1874
Moore, William B. to Sayres, Kate on Feb 27, 1887
Moore, William H. to McMams, Mattie on Apr 11, 1897
Moore, William M. to Edson, Nettie M. on Jul 04, 1889
Moorehead, Addison to Cavanaugh, Nellie I. on Aug 24, 1898
Moorehead, William to Page, Sarah P. on Jul 06, 1871
Moots, William to Glidewell, Vianna on Jan 13, 1859
Morain, James to Derr, Elizabeth G. on Dec 25, 1863
Moran, David to Moran, Mary on May 16, 1895
Moran, John to O'Donnell, Julia on Feb 26, 1878
Moran, Thomas to Moran, Catharine on Apr 21, 1884
Moran, Ulysses G. to Wattenbarger, Rosa M. on Jul 02, 1886
Morehead, John B. to Bonham, Mary on Aug 13, 1874
Morehead, John B. to Baldridge, Margaret I. on Nov 28, 1886
Morehead, John H. to Emberton, Nora E. on Sep 16, 1894
Morelock, A.D. to Smith, Hanah J. on Jun 03, 1888
Morelock, Abraham D. to Gramling, Betsy A. on Mar 20, 1871
Morelock, Augustus to Cumpton, Mary on Mar 09, 1866
Morelock, David W. to Bragg, Jane on Apr 26, 1849
Morelock, Edward to Harris, Rebecca on Jul 17, 1864
Morelock, Enoch to Kelly, Martha on Jun 19, 1860
Morelock, G.W. to Morgan, Annie L. on Jan 09, 1892
Morelock, George to Hill, Nancy Ann on Jun 15, 1856
Morelock, George M. to Smith, Laura A. on Oct 21, 1896
Morelock, William to Overstreet, Martha on Nov 20, 1851
Morgan, Andrew J. to Skyles, Nancy E. on Dec 25, 1877
Morgan, Austin J. to Peck, Nancy E. on Apr 07, 1880
Morgan, John J. to Morgan, Nancy A. on Feb 17, 1877
Morgan, John J. to Taylor, Cora F. on Dec 18, 1898
Morgan, Leroy C. to Hatcher, Elizabeth on Feb 23, 1868
Morgan, Spencer to Farthing, Rebecca on Oct 25, 1848
Morgan, William I. to Beal, Marietta Victory on Apr 18, 1875
Morlan, Hannibal to Rooks, Lydia M. on Jan 28, 1892
Morlan, Marion W. to Crouse, Dora M. on Nov 07, 1897
Morrane, Edward to Toalson, Catherine on Jun 20, 1874
Morrell, Amos M. to Burby, Mary on May 23, 1867
Morris, Auster to Sims, Orpha O. on Dec 05, 1897
Morris, George H. to Browning, Alma L. on Oct 12, 1873
Morris, George W. to Sterling, Ella on Sep 29, 1872
Morris, J.W. to Westlake, M.E. on Jun 23, 1877
Morris, James to Munly, Elizabeth A. on Mar 08, 1857
Morris, John to Head, Mary E. on Jan 16, 1870
Morris, John to Hollon, Nancy on Nov 22, 1874
Morris, John E. to Highland, Mae on Jan 08, 1895
Morris, John R. to Wages, Melissa on Dec 01, 1883
Morris, Joseph C. to Stanton, Wennetta on Apr 06, 1890
Morris, Joseph R. to Hoover, Lucy J. on Aug 02, 1877
Morris, Lester to Britton, Rosa on Oct 04, 1885
Morris, Richard M. to Yoakum, Mary E. on Mar 26, 1876
Morris, Robert F. to Yardley, Manda on Jun 09, 1871
Morris, Samuel T. to Baker, Margaret Ann on Jan 01, 1885
Morris, William to Linhart, Sarah A. on Feb 20, 1883
Morris, William to Childers, Dora A. on Oct 22, 1888
Morris, William to Yardley, Alice J. on Aug 10, 1890
Morrison, Andrew D. to Staley, Sarah A. on Dec 30, 1885
Morrison, G.W. A. to Sheart, Maggie J. on Dec 24, 1891
Morrison, Joseph to Busick, Martha on Jan 30, 1859
Morrison, Wm. B. to Montgomery, Nancy on Sep 16, 1855
Morrow, William H. to Wattenbarger, Millie A. on Mar 25, 1894
Morton, R.M. to Dorsey, Olie on May 24, 1883
Morton, William W. to Shepley, Lydia on Dec 11, 1879
Moss, Mantells H. to Casida, Mary E. on Feb 12, 1860
Muck, Anthony to Stewart, Maria on Dec 16, 1858
Muck, Daniel to Courtney, Mrs. Dicy on Jan 15, 1858
Muck, Daniel to Burress, Phebe on Aug 21, 1870
Muck, John to Burress, Clarinda on Aug 21, 1864
Muckins, Richard J.B. to Muckins, Ann M. on Sep 11, 1879
Mullenax, John H. to Herringlon, Cora on Aug 10, 1899
Mullin, Jesse to McKay, Arminta on Jun 25, 1865
Mullinix, David E. to King, Sarah E. on Mar 05, 1880
Mullins, David W.W. to Stone, Rebecca C. on May 10, 1864
Muncy, Andrew J. to Burton, Mary on Feb 11, 1864
Muney, Andrew B. to Burbon, Mary on Aug 02, 1863
Munn, N.F. to Hooker, Anna on Mar 13, 1873
Munsin, Alexander to Beal, Martha Ellen on Oct 22, 1879
Munveney, Wilson B. to Morelock, Revis A. on Jan 14, 1889
Munyon, David to Green, Villa V. on Mar 25, 1880
Munyon, Oscar to Kent, Lizzie J. on Jan 14, 1886
Murdock, James M. to Dennison, Effie J. on Oct 27, 1895
Murdock, John R. to Boyd, Lucy A. on Apr 08, 1897
Murdock, William to Crummer, Rebecca Jane on Sep 08, 1872
Murphey, George to Frederick, Rhoda on Jul 24, 1853
Murphey, James R. to Gibson, Cenderilla on Jun 24, 1867
Murphey, Jesse J. to Loop, Lizzie on Dec 16, 1895
Murphey, Peter to Polvert, Eliza J. on Oct 21, 1866
Murphey, Robert to Kelly, Casandra on Jan 31, 1867
Murphy, Albert T. to Lawrence, Minnie on Nov 14, 1897
Murphy, Carry to Bonine, Mattie on Jun 02, 1896
Murphy, Gen. C. to McCully, Dolly L. on Apr , 1869
Murphy, Jesse B. to Johnson, Eliza on Aug 21, 1851
Murphy, John E. to Steele, Cora M. on Nov 15, 1898
Murphy, John G. to Bondurant, Mary A. on May 05, 1864
Murphy, Luther to Reger, Stella on Sep 03, 1891
Murphy, Orlando to Foster, Ellen J. on Jan 27, 1881
Murphy, Peter to Glidewell, Sarah M. on Nov 05, 1899
Murphy, William to Dilliner, Alta on Sep 23, 1894
Murray, F.P. to Miller, Ettie on Feb 06, 1882
Murray, John W. to Sneed, Delilah R. on Oct 31, 1872
Murrey, Thomas to Rounds, Sarah Harriet on Feb 24, 1876
Murry, James O. to Nickell, Bentie on Jan 09, 1898
Musgrave, Orris E. to McCalley, Rosa F. on Nov 14, 1897
Myer, Simm to Widner, Rebecca on Nov 17, 1879
Myer, William W. to Clevenger, Dora on Apr 01, 1883
Myers, A.F.S. to Parks, Sophia A. on Apr 15, 1880
Myers, Andrew to Haskins, Susan on Dec 25, 1892
Myers, Andrew J. to Beasley, Elizabeth S. on Dec 17, 1889
Myers, Asa to Livingston, Rachel on Oct 06, 1886
Myers, C.W. to Montgomery, Belle on Sep 16, 1889
Myers, Charles A. to Crump, Verdie C. on Nov 19, 1899
Myers, Daniel C. to Novinger, Sarah E. on Mar 21, 1895
Myers, Davidson to Clarry, Elizabeth on Dec 27, 1855
Myers, Davidson to Owings, Mrs. Marion on Dec 09, 1872
Myers, Emery D. to White, Maud D. on Oct 12, 1895
Myers, Franklin S. to Hill, Iva M. on Jun 22, 1898
Myers, George H. to Snedgar, Anna L. on Oct 28, 1879
Myers, George R. to Elarton, Inez E. on Apr 05, 1893
Myers, Ira to Jacobs, Emma C. on Nov 27, 1892
Myers, Isaac to Hix, Mary A. on Aug 26, 1869
Myers, Isaac to Pahuer, Permelia on Dec 09, 1883
Myers, Jacob L. to Smith, Belinda B. on Nov 20, 1865
Myers, James to Williams, Mary F. on May 18, 1879
Myers, John to Shepherd, Georgianna on Mar 23, 1865
Myers, John H. to Thrasher, Lillie B. on Jun 10, 1888
Myers, John H. to Roseberry, Dara F. on Jul 08, 1894
Myers, Ottie B. to McNaught, Eva Q. on Jun 19, 1890
Myers, Thomas B. to Myers, Martha on Apr 11, 1880
Myers, William H. to Smith, Mary Ann on Oct 04, 1863
Myers, William I. to Coutwell, Millie J. on Aug 17, 1888
Myers Jr., B.F. to McKinister, Amanda on Feb 16, 1873


Nangis, Elisha to Taylor, Catharine Ann on Jan 25, 1855
Needham, Wyatt R. to Payne, Nancy E. on Sep 02, 1883
Neel, Eliza M. to Cochran, Mary B. on Apr 03, 1894
Neeley, Joseph to Cassity, Nancy on Mar 20, 1877
Neeley, Norman to Cassity, Henretta on Jan 15, 1879
Neely, Elortus M. to Hooker, Dora on Oct 09, 1888
Neet, W S. to Cawood, Alvina Ann on Feb 23, 1882
Neete, Charlie to Calvin, Gertrude on Nov 09, 1892
Neets, Sherman T. to Chappell, Stella M. on Dec 20, 1888
Neff, Frank to Peters, Alberta on Jul 06, 1884
Neff, John W. to Mukkings, Mrs. Rachel on Mar 12, 1871
Neighbor, John W. to Fry, Ollie on Dec 11, 1884
Neighbors, Charles to Beard, Anna on Apr 12, 1890
Neighbors, Joseph to Franklin, Alice on Feb 22, 1886
Nelson, Edwin to Payne, Clara L. on Jan 17, 1897
Nelson, John E. to Waggoner, Eliza on Nov 14, 1878
Nelson, William A. to Nowelle, Mrs. Rebecca on Jun 06, 1884
Nevin, Thomas to Helm, Ella on Dec 31, 1890
Newell, John to Kidwell, Elizabeth on Dec 29, 1888
Newkirk, W.M. to Smick, Madora H. on Jun 08, 1882
Newman, M.P. to Thurlo, O. N. on Apr 11, 1849
Newton, Denismon to Owing, Susan I. on Apr 03, 1887
Newton, John to Brumbaugh, Martha E. on Mar 28, 1875
Newton, McCllen to Ivie, Anna M. on Apr 10, 1887
Newton, Philip M. to Albright, Annie on Jun 03, 1896
Niblo Jr., James A. to Caldwell, Ida M. on Sep 18, 1890
Nicholas, John W. to Attwood, Viola on Dec 25, 1883
Nichols, Daniel W. to Lee, Martha J. on Feb 13, 1884
Nichols, E. to Rayburn, Martha Jane on Jul 29, 1880
Nichols, Henry to Hines, Sarah M. on Mar 15, 1882
Nichols, Henry to Neighbors, Emma on Mar 18, 1894
Nichols, John R. to White, Sarah J. on Sep 27, 1891
Nichols, L.P. to Clara L. Summers, on Aug 03, 1881
Nichols, Martin L. to Thompson, Selehee on Sep 11, 1890
Nichols, Samuel F. to Morrison, Ella on Dec 16, 1889
Nicholson, John to Boyd, Nora A. on Sep 06, 1886
Nickell, Frank W. to Fields, Sarah J. on Nov 25, 1887
Nickell, James G. to Hollon, Miranda on May 31, 1898
Nickell, Joseph to Smith, Gertrude on Mar 24, 1895
Nickell, Richard F. to Jones, Leona on Sep 15, 1867
Nickell, William P. to Carter, Lellia on Mar 06, 1895
Nickels, Edward to McDannel, Julia on Oct 17, 1875
Nirla, John E. to Tunnell, Alice L. on Apr 26, 1886
Noble, Marian to Zeigler, Emma J. on Feb 12, 1880
Nooman, Stephen A. to Ellison, Sarah on Jan 11, 1897
Norman, George E. to Miller, Allie E. on Jan 18, 1891
Norman, Jacob W. to Higgins, Nannie J. on Sep 03, 1874
Norman, Joseph to Jaques, Clara V. on Feb 02, 1881
Norman, Lemuel M. to Sandford, Susan J. on Oct 27, 1894
Norman, Oliver C. to Swan, Ellen on Dec 31, 1869
Norman, Stephen to Allen, Sarah Ann on Mar 19, 1879
Norman, Stephen W. to Stanley, Mary Elizabeth on Jul 24, 1864
Norman, William A. to Shatto, Minnie J. on Jul 11, 1896
Norris, George to Clark, Bell on Jun 30, 1887
Norris, Joel to Frazier, Elizabeth M. on Feb 02, 1873
Norton, E.A. to Couson, Hulda on Oct 29, 1859
Norton, James to Bruce, Rosanna on Dec 19, 1882
Norton, James N. to Taylor, S.G. on Jul 22, 1858
Norton, John W. to Canterberry, Eliza C. on Apr 02, 1863
Norton, William to Clayburg, Mary on Nov 13, 1856
Norvell, R.S. to Duffel, Jebella G. on May 02, 1867
Norvill, G.W. to Stanley, Mary B. on Nov 21, 1868
Nowels, Francis M. to Buckner, Laura L. on Oct 05, 1882
Nowels, John A. to Griffith, Margaret on Jan 26, 1881
Nowels, John A. to Buckner, Henniretta on Feb 03, 1887
Nowels, Nathan A. to Buckner, Carrie on Dec 05, 1889
Nowels, Nathan A. to Wilcox, Roxey K. on Oct 24, 1894
Nowlin, David to Page, Fuvena on Jul 08, 1852


O'Payne, John to Ogle, Amanda on Sep 14, 1856
ODonnald, Mike to Ryan, Eva C. on Apr 19, 1886
Oakes, Clarence P. to Brookshier, Retta A. on Nov 28, 1895
Oaks, Clarence P. to Brookshire, Ida B. on Dec 29, 1889
Oatneal, France H. to Dickerson, Laura L. on Sep 30, 1888
Oberley, Victor to Morgan, Cynthia Jane on Apr 02, 1876
Odell, Warren L. to White, Millie J. on Apr 12, 1893
Offutt, Charles to Gun, Nancy on Jul 07, 1846
Ogg, William A. to Myers, Hattie G. on Jan 13, 1895
Ogle, Alson to Holsinger, Sophrona on Jan 29, 1890
Ogle, John to Cleeton, Margaret on Dec 01, 1871
Ogle, John R. to Cotter, Martha J. on Jul 03, 1888
Ogle, William to McQuown, Melvina on Aug 16, 1864
Ohaver, William to Phillips, Debbie on May 15, 1889
Oldaker, A.H. to Schuster, Minnie I. on Apr 23, 1893
Oliver, John to Warren, Nancy on Apr 04, 1850
Oliver, Oscar F. to MeDole, Mary H. on Mar 16, 1880
Oliver, William H. to Shepherd, Susan on Jul 23, 1868
Olmstead, David A. to MeClanahan, Bertha on Feb 28, 1897
Olmstead, David N. to Calhoun, Aldona on Mar 31, 1890
Olmstead, Loyd to Coon, Ocie May on Dec 17, 1899
Olmstead, William to Coon, Ada B. on Sep 19, 1897
Olmstead, William B. to Bowman, Alice A. on Apr 04, 1888
Oneal, Franklin to Buckalew, Fannie F. on Jan 01, 1881
Orear, L.L. to Roe, Millie on Jul 12, 1893
Orr, Benjamin to Wilhite, Ellen on Oct 14, 1876
Orr, William to Harmon, Ann on Feb 23, 1884
Orrondoff, William to RaIls, Sarah J. on Mar 14, 1867
Osborn, Andrew P. to Caldwell, Jane on Jun 22, 1868
Osborn, James to Wilhite, Julia A. on Jan 03, 1886
Osborn, James R. to McCullough, Tina P. on Jul 03, 1897
Osborn, John W. to Donhc, Martha on Mar 26, 1876
Osborn, Robert W. to Lair, Mamie on Apr 29, 1893
Osborn, Scott to Drake, Mrs. Melvina on Oct 15, 1874
Osborn, William to Brookshier, Manerva Jane on Dec 06, 1866
Osborn, William B. to Bingham, Philicia on Jun 23, 1898
Osburn, Jackson S. to Brinkley, Emma on Feb 19, 1899
Osburn, James M. to Wattenbarger, Julia A. on Feb 17, 1877
Ostrom, David to Romine, Emma on Mar 23, 1884
Ostrum, Egbert C. to Warden, Mrs. Elizabeth on Mar 01, 1871
Otis, John H. to Whited, Jane on Jun 17, 1880
Oven, Dr. Thomas P. to Crumpacker, Clara Mae on Aug 30, 1881
Overstreet, Charles I. to Moore, Margaret E. on Mar 08, 1885
Overstreet, Charles L. to Myers, Maggie on Feb 25, 1894
Overstreet, Charles L. to Buckalew, Sadie E. on Jan 05, 1899
Overstreet, Francis M. to Crigler, Eliza S. on Nov 29, 1859
Overstreet, Francis M. to Holliday, M. R. on Nov 10, 1878
Overstreet, John to Wood, Elizabeth on Jan 17, 1861
Overstreet, John H. to Burchett, Martha Jane on Oct 06, 1870
Overstreet, Leonard to Custer, Cora on Sep 17, 1890
Overstreet, Mann to Baird, Francis on Mar 20, 1881
Overstreet, Preston to Gray, Elizabeth M. on Nov 06, 1884
Overstreet, W.J. to Lowry, Hester A. on Oct 04, 1893
Overstreet, William E. to Shearer, Susie E. on Dec 31, 1885
Owen, M. to Michael, Denizy on Apr 05, 1855
Owen, Rev. John W. to Green, Louana L. Besse on Feb 28, 1881
Owen, Richard to Baker, Elizabeth on Mar 20, 1853
Owens, Adison to Page, Lethe M. on Nov 06, 1856
Owens, John W. to Mapels, Lorena L. on Feb 15, 1881
Owings, George A. to Pickens, Alice on Jul 18, 1891
Owings, John to Ivy, Henrietta on Aug 05, 1880
Owings, John L. to Pickens, Sarah on Oct 27, 1897
Owings, Samuel to Brenard, Nancy on Sep 10, 1863
Ownings, William H. to Huntington, Mrs. Catherine J. on Dec 06, 1874

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