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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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(Unknown Surname), John C. to McClaskey, Catharine on Nov 12, 1877
(No name given) to Riley, Jemima on Sep 22, 1850


Gadberry, Harvey O. to Smiley, Martha E. on Sep 04, 1884
Gadberry, William T. to Woody, Sarah A. on Jul 02, 1896
Gailey, Augustus to Warren, Arsula on Nov 15, 1884
Gains, Ephriam J. to Phipps, Mary M. on Dec 07, 1893
Gallimore, Albertus to Bradwell, Susan Jane on Jan 10, 1861
Gander, George M. to McGee, Mary C. on Apr 11, 1881
Ganon, John to Tate, Luiza on Oct 27, 1859
Garret, Richard to Marrs, Ada on Feb 14, 1878
Garrett, Edward O. to Morgan, Mary A. on Nov 29, 1894
Garrett, Henry T. to Ham, Rosa on Sep 15, 1895
Garrett, Hugh to Halliburton, Martha on Mar 10, 1878
Garrett, James to Stephens, Mary on Aug 27, 1860
Garrett, James to Michael, Deneza Jane on Oct 01, 1868
Garrett, Jesse to Holliday, Susan R. on Jun 24, 1877
Garrett, John to Whitaker, Sarah E. on Sep 12, 1867
Garrett, William to Laden, Hannah M. on Feb 09, 1871
Garrott, Paul to Banty, Francis on Jul 10, 1878
Garside, James to Wardle, Maria on Oct 21, 1877
Garton, Virgie E. to Emmons, Alma M. on Jan 21, 1892
Garver, Jacob A. to Lewis, Effa on Feb 25, 1883
Gater, Peter to Cousins, Lucinda A. on Apr 06, 1881
Gates, George W. to Meeks, Barbara A. on Dec 16, 1885
Gatewood, John B. to Jayques, Lydia on Mar 09, 1875
Gatewood, Peter H. to Springer, Lilian on May 29, 1881
Gauer, Charles A. to Ridenour, Rachel A. on Feb 04, 1891
Gehrke, Frank H. to Miller, Launa M. on Apr 25, 1895
Gehrke, John A. to Walker, Luella on Feb 18, 1892
Gender, Irvin L. to Williams, Dora A. on Jan 28, 1894
Gender, John A. to Brown, Sarah Ann on Feb 16, 1873
Genkiny, Peter M. to Gose, Sarah Ann on Jan 09, 1853
Gent, James to Long, Anna on Mar 30, 1875
George, Charles E. to Maser, Minnie Rae on Nov 30, 1899
George, Edward to Thrush, Christina on Oct 13, 1872
George, James F. to White, Marcena on Mar 11, 1877
George, John B. to Harmon, Lucinda on May 13, 1852
George, John M. to German, Mary Ann on Jan 13, 1880
George, Lewis to Stoll, Debra on Aug 10, 1872
George, Marian to Harris, Molly E. on Nov 07, 1880
George, Thomas C. to Taylor, Mary on Nov 26, 1878
Gerald, Aiken Humphrey to Rosolund, Francis A. on May 02, 1880
Gerking, David to Riggs, Sarah on May 17, 1857
Gibbins, Jesse S. to Day, Martha M. on Feb 18, 1869
Gibbons, George to Cox, Malinda on Oct 24, 1861
Gibbons, William to Kindell, Frances E. on Feb 25, 1869
Gibson, Andrew J. to Dickerson, Alice M. on Mar 01, 1882
Gibson, G.W. to Schrock, Hariet A. on Oct 24, 1854
Gibson, George W. to Myers, Clara M. on Jul 01, 1897
Gibson, James W. to Bauswell, Louise E. on Jun 29, 1869
Gibson, Joseph to Parkey, Lydia on Mar 03, 1872
Gibson, Joseph A. to Couch, Susan Ann on Sep 21, 1873
Gill, Julius W. to Bryne, Mrs. Melissa on Nov 23, 1874
Gillaspie, James W. to Keithley, Martha E. on Jul 01, 1877
Gillaspie, William H. to Gillaspie, Nancy J. on Apr 09, 1862
Gillespie, James to Smith, Ellen on Nov 08, 1855
Gillis, James L. to Poland, Zorah M. on Mar 26, 1895
Gillispie, John R. to Rentfrow, Georgia on Jul 31, 1878
Gillispie, Thomas B. to Young, Mary Jane on Mar 15, 1853
Gillmore, John to Johnson, Anna on Nov 11, 1880
Gilmore, David to MeQuown, Elizabeth on Jan 13, 1848
Gilmore, David H. to Brookshier, Martha F. on Sep 30, 1869
Gilmore, James to Owings, Rebecca J. on Aug 13, 1860
Gilmore, Jno N. to McQuown, Nettie J. on Jan 11, 1885
Gilworth, Johnson to Springer, Sarah W. on Feb 20, 1862
Ginder, William H. to Lewis, Ida on Aug 06, 1882
Gipson, McDaniel to Jacobs, Frances on Mar 12, 1868
Girking, James to Scott, Jane on Apr 15, 1862
Givens, D.C. to Smith, S.C. on Nov 06, 1885
Glase, Andrew to Grim, Sarah on Mar 16, 1856
Glasgow, Willis H. to Davis, Mrs. Martha S. on Dec 22, 1886
Glass, Marion W. to Crumb, Jennie on Apr 28, 1897
Glaze, Andrew J. to Crane, Rebecca H. on Oct 15, 1890
Glaze, Conrad to Burns, Mary on Oct 28, 1862
Glaze, James D. to Brookshire, Sallie on Feb 20, 1883
Glaze, John A. to Dunlap, Mrs. Sarah Catherine on Mar 20, 1873
Glaze, John W. to Swiggart, Martha M. on Jan 05, 1873
Glaze, Robert D to Meekins, Catharine on Mar 04, 1880
Glaze, Thomas W. to McKay, Mrs. Lucinda Jane on Nov 10, 1864
Glen, William M. to Desthick, Lydia A. on Jun 23, 1881
Glidewell, Aaron to Havens, Lueticia L. on Mar 09, 1880
Glidewell, Andrew M. to Smith, Ella on Nov 15, 1886
Glidewell, George W. to Judd, Nancy A. on Mar 20, 1887
Glidewell, Granville J. to Reger, Rosa W. on Jul 11, 1875
Glidewell, J.W. to Clark, Alice on Sep 14, 1892
Glidewell, John W. to Schrader, Rosa on Apr 03, 1886
Glidewell, John W. to Woods, Allie on Dec 06, 1896
Glidewell, Leander to Couch, Eliza Ann on Dec 23, 1856
Glidewell, Leander to Barnett, Jane on Jun 07, 1884
Glidewell, Lewis to Black, Ale on Jul 28, 1858
Glidewell, Marion to Gibson, Loretta on Aug 06, 1875
Glidewell, Nelson to Garrett, Sarah on Sep 05, 1875
Glidewell, Phlinder to Shatto, Mary A. on Sep 20, 1891
Glidewell, Robert L. to Lee, Sarah E. on Jan 11, 1886
Glidewell, Robert L. to Fulks, Sarah M. on Nov 25, 1895
Glidewell, William to Weaver, Amanda on Apr 10, 1859
Glidewell, William B. to Reger, Virginia on Oct 02, 1854
Glidwell, John Thomas to Hoskins, Julia Ann on Aug 12, 1866
Goad, Edward J. to Howell, Kate L. on Apr 24, 1895
Goaddie, Joshua to Curl, Levina B. on Aug 28, 1845
Goddard, George H. to Guymon, Hulda M. on Oct 16, 1897
Goderd, James D. to Stanley, Sarah E. on Dec 30, 1882
Goforth, John R. to Stanley, Merille F. on Jul 22, 1877
Gofortli, Andrew J. to Calkin, Henrietta M. on Dec 09, 1869
Goins, Elder Z. to Starns, V.A. on Jan 28, 1887
Goins, Sterling P. to Harris, Mary on Aug 10, 1885
Gooch, William G. to Reeves, Annetta on Jan 25, 1863
Gooden, Thadeus to Altiser, Lavina on Apr 26, 1868
Gooding, Thaddeus to Alther, Aizina on Oct 01, 1866
Gooding, Thadius to Brush, Margaret E. on Feb 30, 1878
Goodwin, Christopher to Delenger, Margaret J. on Aug 27, 1854
Goodwin, Edman to Myers, Eliza J. on Nov 10, 1847
Goodwin, Ira H. to Wheeler, Nannie T. on Sep 01, 1897
Goodwin, Lewis to Goodwin, Mrs. Polly Jane on Jan 17, 1882
Goodwin, Lewis A. to Spencer, Nannie J. on May 06, 1894
Goodwin, Thomas B. to Head, Melinda F. on Aug 23, 1886
Goodwin, Wesley to AlIred, Ida on Feb 20, 1883
Goodwin, William A. to Spencer, Elizabeth on Nov 03, 1895
Gorbet, Peter to Hamson, Nancy I. on Nov 27, 1899
Gorley, Robert H. to Gilworth, Emiline on Dec 26, 1860
Gose, Christopher Columbus to Jones, Mary Elizabeth on Apr 17, 1850
Gose, John M. to McQuown, Hannah on Feb 21, 1854
Gose, Peter to Laws, Emma on Sep 13, 1889
Gose, Stephen M. to Gerkin, Mary G. F. on Nov 08, 1849
Grace, Arthur C. to Rhodes, Mary E. on Feb 04, 1891
Grace, C.W. to Tipton, Nora V. on Aug 22, 1894
Graham, Andrew to Officer, Elizabeth on Feb 10, 1861
Graham, Charles E. to Turner, Eva W. on Dec 27, 1896
Graham, George to Dobbins, Martha Jane on May 17, 1857
Graham, George to Waggoner, Mrs. Nancy on Dec 21, 1884
Graham, John A. to Newton, Annie M. on Oct 30, 1892
Gramlin, James to Maggerd, Nancy F. on Oct 31, 1880
Gramling, Daniel to Walker, Malinda on Oct 18, 1893
Gramling, John to Webb, Cordelia on Jul 03, 1855
Gramling, William to Shipley, Mary on Nov 23, 1879
Grant, Francis M. to Quigley, Celia on Oct 29, 1874
Grant, Henderson to Jacques, Susan Agnes on Apr 04, 1867
Grant, William H. to Cawood, Elmira C. on Sep 18, 1867
Graves, Henry H. to Bondurant, Margaret E. on Dec 27, 1885
Graves, Peter to McLain, Mary on Apr 01, 1885
Gray, Charles L. to Hays, Nettie on Nov 04, 1896
Gray, Elijah C. to Dickerson, Armettie on Oct 11, 1888
Gray, Jasper to Starkey, Rebecca J. on Dec 31, 1865
Gray, Joseph C. to King, Nancy E. on Mar 10, 1861
Gray, Joshua to Saber, Clara Catherine on Aug 31, 1874
  (Editor's NOTE: it is suggested that "Saber" may really be "Faber.")
Gray, Leevis to Williams, Sarah J. on Apr 10, 1892
Gray, Nelson D. to Lane, Isabel on Mar 11, 1897
Gray, R.E. B. to Jesse, Rebecca E. on Jan 11, 1882
Gray, William to Starkey, Eliza on Oct 23, 1873
Grear, William to Taylor, Anna F. on Feb 08, 1885
Green, Alexander to Cox, Margaret J. on Apr 30, 1880
Green, Chalmer to Ceaner, Sarah E. on Jan 14, 1877
Green, David J. to Sorrell, Sarah F. on Aug 09, 1861
Green, Dwight B. to Moore, Lemma May on Jun 06, 1889
Green, Dwight B. to Morley, Catharine on Mar 03, 1896
Green, Earl F. to Mairs, Ida M. on Aug 28, 1898
Green, Ellis D. to Hall, M. Ollie on Apr 26, 1884
Green, George E. to Rich, Salome on Aug 29, 1899
Green, Henderson A. to Sandferd, Eliza Ann on Mar 30, 1858
Green, J.M. to Biven, L. on Aug 09, 1853
Green, James F. to Johnson, Sarah F. on Sep 08, 1889
Green, James MeKinsey to Martin, Ruth Ann on Mar 21, 1861
Green, John to Calvert, Linda on Feb 26, 1899
Green, John D. to Frazier, Mary J. on Oct 13, 1868
Green, John W. to Meadows, Pernelia on Dec 02, 1866
Green, Lafayette to Bunnes, Mary on Sep 05, 1884
Green, Marty L. to Johnson, Lillie A. on Jan 01, 1899
Green, R.E. to Chalfont, Alice on Nov 05, 1893
Green, Ritch to Huffrel, Rachel on Nov 11, 1856
Green, Theron D. to Clem, Addie M. on Dec 04, 1894
Green, William to Green, Lauranan on Apr 30, 1857
Green, William C. to Hunsaker, Mary A. on Dec 27, 1866
Greene, Charles R. to Kelly, Mary E. on Jun 31, 1881
Greenfield, Charles to Comstock, Halley L. on Oct 26, 1879
Greenstreet, Elby R. to Moffit, Della on Jan 01, 1899
Greenstreet, James T. to Moffitt, Jennie on Jan 14, 1894
Greson, George to Bailey, Laura on Sep 07, 1886
Grier, Henry to Thomas, Venley J. on May 05, 1879
Griffeih, Isaac S. to Elwood, Ollie on Dec 25, 1891
Griffen, William to Posey, Mary on Aug 10, 1859
Griffith, Clark to Matkins, Mary E. on Mar 15, 1883
Griffith, Henry to Holiday, Jennie on Sep 25, 1881
Griffith, Seth M. to Walker, Mary on Dec 05, 1888
Grim, George to Shatto, Catharine on Dec 18, 1853
Grim, Jacob to Swigart, Mrs. Sarah F. on Dec 23, 1858
Grim, Joel D. to Warner, Eliza J. on Aug 26, 1883
Grim, John to Robinson, Elizabeth on Sep 17, 1865
Grim, Solomon to Wattenbarger, Martha on Jun 13, 1892
Grim, Thomas B. to Fetters, Rebecca A. on Nov 14, 1878
Grim, W.A. to Kindred, Fronia on Jul 26, 1891
Grim, William P. to Spevliy, Louisa J. on Nov 14, 1880
Grimmett, James H. to Morgan, Bellyenda on Oct 11, 1874
Grinder, Thomas J. to Brasfield, Rachel R. on Feb 19, 1881
Grindstaff, David D. to Van Wye, Amanda on Jul 04, 1882
Grindstaff, David D. to Grindstaff, Ida on Jan 10, 1898
Grindstaff, Isaac to Creason, Linnie L. on Jan 06, 1892
Grindstaff, Isaac Newton to Blair, Esther Rosetta on Sep 03, 1876
Grindstaff, James to Grindstaff, Mary F. on Mar 02, 1882
Grindstaff, James F. to Zigler, Orma on Aug 10, 1897
Grindstaff, Simon H. to Rogers, Susan F. on Jan 14, 1880
Grindstaff, Thomas E. to Stivers, D.J. on Dec 15, 1875
Grindstaff, W.T. to Creason, Kittie A. on Feb 21, 1893
Grindstaff, William to Hines, Margaret Isabella on Aug 08, 1869
Grindstaff, William to Reddin, Joan on Mar 30, 1879
Grindstaff, William H. to Hansler, Sarah E. on Jan 03, 1885
Grindstaff, William Thomas to Creason, Mary Eliza on Nov 26, 1868
Grindstaff, Wm. H. to Brown, Ida on Sep 11, 1895
Grisamer, William to Bunch, Belle on Feb 26, 1891
Grisler, Ernest to Scott, Martha on Oct 08, 1865
Grismer, L.T. to Scott, Ella on Jan 28, 1894
Grismer, Nelson to Wood, Emma on Aug 29, 1885
Groves, John H. to Hay, Caroline on Oct 28, 1877
Groves, Peter to Philips, Sarah on Jun 29, 1899
Grudier, Jacob A. to Walker, Susan M. on Feb 28, 1892
Grudin, John W. to Conner, Anna on Dec 23, 1886
Guffey, Andrew J. to Straley, Carrie B. on Oct 04, 1895
Guffey, James S. to Swiggy, Fannie on Jan 31, 1897
Guffey, Thomas W. to Beard, Mary E. on Sep 14, 1869
Guiles, Elisa A. to Graham, Berte B. on Jun 10, 1897
Guiles, Emery to Beard, Ella O. on Oct 06, 1884
Guiles, Gordon E. to Quigley, Cora Ethel on Aug 16, 1899
Guiles, Lorin A. to Amack, Sarah E. on Mar 01, 1898
Guiles, Milton A. to Barley, Mary F. on Sep 13, 1874
Guinn, Frank to Thomas, Sallie on Apr 15, 1885
Guinn, Isaac to Preston, Jennie M. on Nov 27, 1884
Gulpatric, George A. to Martin, Manerva on Dec 24, 1896
Gum, Harmon F. to McNeece, Louisa Mahala on Nov 19, 1868
Gumb, John J. to Quigley, Susan E. on May 10, 1877
Gun, Lewis to Johnson, Arrabel on Mar 05, 1846
Gunn, John W. to Glasgow, Lydia T. on Oct 25, 1882
Gunter, Henry W. to Huntington, Marietta on Aug 23, 1867
Gunter, John A. to Jaynes, Mary E. on Jun 29, 1879
Gunter, Reuben Isaac to McCollum, Nannie on Mar 07, 1880
Gupton, Micajah to Winters, Cyntha J. on Jan 21, 1868
Gurgr, Charley F. to McKinney, Rebecca on Apr 06, 1881
Gustus, William to Smith, Hannah on Aug 01, 1852
Guthrie, William H. to Reger, Elsie M. on Nov 21, 1889
Guthry, William to McDonald, Mrs. Elizabeth on Mar 28, 1880
Guymon, Henry N. to Bray, Mahala C. on Oct 30, 1889
Guymon, Moses W. to Pigg, Mary G. on May 19, 1889
Guyner, Samuel to Hughes, Mrs. Polly on Apr 10, 1884


Haddock, Benjamin F. to Ash, Delina M. on Jul 03, 1881
Haeserne, Edgar B. to Fairbanks, Alice on Jul 05, 1881
Hagan, Fennell R. to Catlett, Hester D. on Apr 06, 1876
Hagan, Stanford E. to Henthorne, Laura E. on Feb 06, 1899
Hague, Lewis to Todd, Arvesa on Jan 21, 1877
Hagy, Elijah R. to Hollenbeck, Mary A. on Aug 17, 1889
Hagy, Jesse M. to Hallenbeck, Emma J. on Dec 07, 1891
Hahn, Wilber S. to Sayers, Sadie A. on Feb 27, 1890
Hahne, John F. to Bransteter, Fannie H. on Jan 09, 1894
Hale, James L. to Shepherd, Rosie E. on Mar 08, 1895
Haley, B.F. to Harris, Geberly A. on Jun 03, 1890
Haley, C.G. to McGlothlen, Alice on Sep 06, 1891
Haley, Charles G. to Hamlelin, Jennie on Sep 09, 1883
Haley, Hampton W. to Jones, Nancy R. on Oct 09, 1856
Haley, James R. to Cahoon, Catharine on Oct 06, 1889
Haley, John to Johnson, Julia on Dec 28, 1881
Haley, Joshua to Cockburn, Martha on Aug 02, 1845
Haley, Levi to Peak, Louisa J. on Dec 12, 1886
Haley, Levi E. to Parsons, Malissa on Aug 13, 1881
Haley, Silas T. to Kent, Susannah on Mar 25, 1853
Haley, Wade H. to Gregory, Nevada C. on Mar 24, 1895
Haliburton, James W. to Simmons, Adeline on Mar 12, 1876
Haliburton, John T. to Law, B.A. on Dec 29, 1878
Hall, Albert C. to Foster, Flora B. on Nov 30, 1895
Hall, C.C. to Hoover, Permelia on Sep 07, 1893
Hall, George W. to Leslie, Covie on May 17, 1891
Hall, Henry to Sanders, Mrs. Louisa on Aug 27, 1882
Hall, James to Shumerd, Elizabeth on Nov 04, 1880
Hall, James E. to Botts, Jane on Jul 13, 1879
Hall, James M. to Palmer, Nancy on Nov 19, 1874
Hall, Jesse C. to Spray, Laura on Mar 21, 1895
Hall, John H. to Cleeton, Viola E. on Jul 19, 1887
Hall, Levi to Washburn, Eliza on Oct 04, 1884
Hall, Millard to Bunch, Laura B. on Jan 27, 1889
Hall, Perry H. to Burrow, Martha C. on May 30, 1880
Hall, Trussel M. to DeWitt, Annie M. on Dec 14, 1897
Halliburton, Alfred D. to See, Effie M. on Jan 21, 1894
Halliburton, Forest H. to Boney, Minnie on Nov 19, 1899
Halliburton, Ralph to McAnaman, Ella on Feb 04, 1891
Halliburton, Westley to Eubanks, Amber C. on Jun 27, 1886
Halliburton, William to Morris, Mary J. on Sep 25, 1883
Halsinger, Jacob to Bruner, Maggie J. on Sep 06, 1885
Haly, Wad H. to Henry, Nancy on Sep 25, 1853
Hambaugh, George W. to Brimm, Susan Angeline on Jun 27, 1869
Hambrick, Thaddaus to Harris, Harriett on Jun 02, 1867
Hamilton, Alva to Henning, Jennie M. on Jun 07, 1883
Hamilton, Arch F. to Baidridge, Dora on Nov 30, 1897
Hamilton, B.H. to McNeece, Margaret on Jan 05, 1860
Hamilton, Clyde A. to Bailey, Lou on Mar 17, 1896
Hamilton, David M. to Duckworth, Rachel M. on Jun 06, 1888
Hamilton, H.R. to Browning, Laura on Apr 12, 1893
Hamilton, Harry A. to Roach, Annie J. on Mar 12, 1893
Hamilton, Harvey to Beachum, Malinda on Nov 01, 1859
Hamilton, Harvey to Wyant, Mary on May 18, 1890
Hamilton, Isidor to Turner, Mollie L. on Oct 09, 1895
Hamilton, J.J. to Fertig, Ella H. on Mar 23, 1892
Hamilton, John J. to Ellwood, Allice E. on Feb 22, 1885
Hamilton, Joseph to Bingham, Mary Ann on Feb 19, 1852
Hamilton, Marshall P. to Richardson, Mary J. on May 04, 1873
Hamilton, Ralph H. to Cowgill, Lulu M. on Oct 13, 1889
Hamilton, Wm. H. to Copelan, Flora Z. on Mar 29, 1896
Hammack, Isaac to McGuire, Louis on Dec 16, 1867
Hammers, Joseph S. to Bailey, Nellie N. on Jun 04, 1868
Hammock, George B.S. to Nida, Priscilla J. on Oct 05, 1889
Hamrick, George R. to Wren, Celestia on Feb 06, 1862
Hamton, Joe E. to Allred, Tabitha on Jul 30, 1871
Hancock, James P. to Keithley, Evie on Dec 10, 1896
Handley, Job H. to Pearson, Racheal A. on Apr 01, 1888
Hanes, William A. to Reeves, Cora on Mar 03, 1891
Haney, Johnathen to Ford, Mary Ann on Feb 03, 1853
Hanna, Jonathan M. to Kent, Lucinda on Sep 17, 1863
Hannah, Edgar J. to Walters, Anna on Dec 08, 1886
Hannah, Elmer B. to Reid, Maria on May 16, 1890
Hannah, John F. to Taylor, Jennie B. on Mar 03, 1897
Hannah, Lennie W. to Gressner, Arvilla L. on Apr 09, 1879
Hanning, John A. to Akerman, Mary on Apr 21, 1856
Hannington, Samuel to Hannington, Mary Louise on Dec 24, 1862
Hannon, Charles D. to Watson, Mildred on May 05, 1888
Hannon, Elmer to Invner, Daisy on Feb 16, 1898
Hannon, Geo. E.W. to Bailey, Pearl on Jan 09, 1898
Hanns, Schuyler P. to Glidewell, Mary E. on Sep 22, 1892
Hansand, John W. to Crandall, Esther C. on Jul 07, 1860
Haphet, John to Bliss, Sarah F. on Jan 28, 1892
Haralston, Alvaston to Mize, Mary Ann on Nov 30, 1848
Harbolt, James to Tillett, Jane on Mar 31, 1879
Hard, Charles T. to McNaught, Nora on Dec 25, 1893
Hardenbrook, T.A. to Peer, Mahala on Apr 06, 1893
Hardin, Henry to Calsee, Sarah A. on Mar 21, 1872
Hardin, Robert F. to Pigg, Maria on Oct 24, 1869
Hardin, Stuart S. to Kenney, Esther Ann on Feb 03, 1861
Hardin, Wm. C. to Tipton, Hester on Dec 13, 1891
Harding, Dannel E. to Glaze, Annie E. on Feb 07, 1893
Harding, John S. to McKay, Ada F. on Oct 07, 1896
Hardinger, James B. to Strasnider, M.M. on Dec 25, 1888
Hardinger, Oliver M. to Riggen, Daisy M. on Nov 15, 1898
Hardinger, William T. to Watt, Margaret on Sep 13, 1888
Hare, Charles W. to Walker, Mary J. on Dec 20, 1883
Hare, Ora G. to Battenbery, Hattie M. on Feb 22, 1887
Hargis, Andrew J. to Allred, Emily on Apr 27, 1847
Hargis, Nandin to Bozarth, Lucinda on Jan 07, 1855
Harl, George W. to Byrd, Mary on Nov 24, 1882
Harl, George W. to Baker, Allie on Apr 18, 1886
Harl, Leander H. to Haynes, Nancy R. on Feb 15, 1866
Harl, William W. to Clubine, Emma J. on Feb 08, 1895
Harlan, Millard Fieldman to Bois, Anna Frances on Sep 09, 1877
Harlan, S. B. to Rouse, Almeda on Mar 16, 1871
Harlan, Sherman G. to Spiva, Laura L. on Dec 23, 1883
Harless, John to Clark, Emily S. on Jan 31, 1879
Harless, Wesley to Nidey, Mary L. on Dec 24, 1871
Harman, Jacob A. to Fancher, Amanda J. on Sep 25, 1881
Harman, James F. to Sevier, Sarah on Jun 21, 1888
Harman, James G. to Brookshire, Sary June on May 29, 1881
Harman, Reuben to Brook, Rebecca F. on Nov 06, 1880
Harman, Thomas J. to Barnes, Ada on Jul 23, 1893
Harman Jr., Thomas J. to Dodson, Polly Ann on Apr 27, 1879
Harmo, James G. to Williams, Minerva M. on Jul 02, 1871
Harmon, Alexander to Tharp, Margaret on Oct 08, 1846
Harmon, Andrew C. to Birdwell, Minnie on Jan 08, 1892
Harmon, Benjamin W. to Whitaker, Madge on Oct 21, 1896
Harmon, Charles W. to Crist, Ella on Dec 23, 1896
Harmon, Clayton to Thompson, Rebecca on Jan 05, 1868
Harmon, Elliott M. to Roxwell, Eliza on May 18, 1873
Harmon, Hugh to Brackelt, Mary A. on Sep 15, 1897
Harmon, Jacob B. to Becker, Cormealy on Jan 25, 1880
Harmon, James G. to Payne, Mary J. on Oct 23, 1889
Harmon, Jeremiah to King, Hannah Rebecca on Jun 25, 1868
Harmon, John to Knifong, Elizabeth on Nov 24, 1846
Harmon, John B. to Bundridge, Sarah on May 24, 1865
Harmon, John B. to Pipes, Sarah F. on Oct 07, 1890
Harmon, John P. to Becker, Nora on Dec 29, 1878
Harmon, Louis J. to Taylor, Sarah E. on Nov 20, 1884
Harmon, Peter J. to Lawrence, Grace Ann on Jan 12, 1860
Harmon, Redmon P. to Brown, Mrs. Mary Jane on Mar 20, 1870
Harmon, T.J. to Williams, Charity on Nov 20, 1860
Harmon, Thomas to Judd, Hellena on Sep 11, 1885
Harmon, Thomas W. to Ward, Mary E. on Sep 21, 1886
Harmon, William I. to Cole, Hattie M. on Dec 30, 1883
Harner, John to Kerr, Esther on Feb 22, 1880
Harness, James to Stanly, Mary E. on Jan 22, 1882
Harpan, Charles W. to Long, Charlotte on Jan 15, 1877
Harper, Alli V. to Smith, Mary M. on Oct 18, 1899
Harper, Emery T. to Jenkins, Mary S. on Feb 27, 1897
Harper, Enoch M. to McCauley, Laura M. on Nov 31, 1881
Harper, Francis M. to Miller, Mary A. on Dec 28, 1871
Harper, William J. to Taylor, Sarah A. on May 16, 1886
Harrellson, Wesley to George, Susan J. on Aug , 1873
Harrelson, Austin to Harris, Laura A. on Jan 20, 1879
Harrelson, Casuel to McCormick, Emma on Nov 13, 1892
Harrelson, John to Smith, Jane on Dec 13, 1864
Harrelson, Lee to Harrington, Rebecca on Jun 28, 1883
Harrelson, Rollins to Shultz, Nancy E. on Aug 13, 1899
Harrelson, Samuel W. to Jacobs, Tina E. on Oct 31, 1897
Harrelson, Thomas to Smith, Cordelia on Apr 14, 1893
Harrington, Samuel to Harrington, Mrs. Martha Ann on Sep 07, 1883
Harrington, William L. to Miller, Malissa J. on Apr 23, 1890
Harris, Andrew J. to Payne, Elizabeth on Jan 31, 1869
Harris, Charles M. to Harmon, Mary J. on Sep 27, 1866
Harris, Charles P. to Stanley, Maggie on Jul 08, 1893
Harris, Charles W. to Daugherty, Fannie on Apr 24, 1893
Harris, Charley M. to Franklin, Elizabeth P. on Nov 27, 1860
Harris, Dr. James M. to Frazier, Mary F. on Dec 30, 1877
Harris, Enos E. to Hill, Nannie M. on Nov 15, 1888
Harris, George R. to Mayes, Malissa E. on Dec 10, 1865
Harris, Henry to Harris, Nancy on Sep 30, 1866
Harris, Hiram R. to Ross, Mary E. on Dec 08, 1896
Harris, James H. to Talbert, Josie on Oct 26, 1893
Harris, James R. to Tolle, Hattie C. on Jul 30, 1880
Harris, James W. to White, Nora E. on Nov 10, 1897
Harris, John to Franklin, Mary Ellon on May 04, 1848
Harris, John to Bolin, Aveline on Jun 05, 1859
Harris, John to Herrailson, Perdena W. on Sep 04, 1874
Harris, John to Frazier, Mrs. Mary A. on Aug 19, 1884
Harris, John A to Browning, Sarah E. on Oct 03, 1886
Harris, John J. to Beck, Frances R. on Jun 21, 1899
Harris, John W. to Daugherty, Rozeffee on Apr 22, 1893
Harris, Joseph E. to Lawrence, Annie on Oct 14, 1883
Harris, Malay to Kelly, Sirenevada on Sep 18, 1870
Harris, Mallory M. to Lee, Nancy E. on Jul 27, 1884
Harris, McQuown to McQuown, Malinda Lavina on Aug 25, 1856
Harris, Norman B. to Sutherland, Virginia 0 on Jun 12, 1881
Harris, Samuel to Pileher, Amanda F. on Jan 13, 1848
Harris, Samuel to Thomas, Sarah on Dec 04, 1859
Harris, Samuel J. to Harrelison, Mary C. on Jul 10, 1873
Harris, Samuel J. to Harryman, Rosetta on Sep 25, 1897
Harris, William to Swearingin, Mary Jane on Feb 18, 1847
Harris, William to Bartow, Sarah E. on Jan 27, 1886
Harris, William L. to Alexander, Henritta on Jan 04, 1884
Harris, Wm. L. to Alexander, Hannahretta on Jan 04, 1885
Harris Jr., Overton to Melton, Viola E. Lindsey on Oct 24, 1897
Harryman, Charles to Johnson, Rosella on Dec 31, 1885
Harryman, Charles C. to Triplett, Cora on Apr 05, 1893
Harryman, Overton to Desper, Silva on May 16, 1893
Harryman, Thomas J. to Cordray, Nancy J. on Sep 29, 1878
Hart, Alson R. to Ramsey, Rosa B. on May 23, 1897
Hart, Alson W. to Cory, Delilah J. on Dec 31, 1871
Hart, Charles S. to Straley, Lizzie on Feb 22, 1880
Hart, John S. to DeWitt, Elnore on Sep 18, 1880
Hart, Joseph to Howard, Fannie on Mar 25, 1894
Harty, Nathan J. to Riggen, Cora on Jun 23, 1897
Hartzler, William M. to Ohaven, Carrie E. on Dec 01, 1897
Harvey, Elisha to Letterell, Betty L. on Sep 08, 1872
Harvey, James to Rodgers, Callie M. on Feb 27, 1898
Harvey, William to Bowman, Honour on Nov 20, 1856
Hashman, J.C. to Allen, Nellie on May 26, 1889
Hassee, William to Dunlap, Nancy T. on Jul 01, 1852
Hatch, Edwin R. to Browning, Sarah A. on Jun 21, 1872
Hatch, William H. to Croter, Rachel on May 26, 1870
Hatcher, Hiriam to Smith, Nancy M. on Dec 06, 1896
Hatcher, John to Reed, Nancy on Sep 15, 1856
Hatcher, John to Gibson, Nancy A. on Jul 30, 1857
Hatcher, John to Smith, Mrs. Mary S. on Apr 13, 1859
Hatcher, Nicholas to Clark, Louise on Dec 22, 1867
Hatcher, Reuben to Perkins, Sarah on Nov 16, 1865
Hatcher, Reuben to Doolin, Cealy on Oct 29, 1874
Hatcher, Revleen to Creason, Elizabeth on Jan 12, 1853
Hatcher, Thomas H. to Moody, Frances J. on Dec 12, 1875
Hatcher, William J. to Brassfield, Mrs. Leah on Sep 27, 1886
Hatcher, William S. to Callihan, Mary E. on Jan 14, 1898
Haupt, Benjamin F. to Mayes, Ida on Dec 11, 1883
Haven, Alonzo to Davis, Josie B. on Sep 25, 1893
Haven, Henry B. to Williams, Mary Jane on Aug 30, 1857
Havens, Amasey to Perkins, Sarah Ann on Aug 30, 1860
Havens, Arch to Hooton, Melissa on Dec 27, 1882
Havens, Henry B. to Clark, Elizabeth on May 31, 1874
Havens, Henry R. to Hoskins, Mrs. Mary on Dec 25, 1862
Havens, Hiram to Marshall, Ellen on Sep 08, 1892
Havens, William H. to Long, Laura E. on May 01, 1887
Hawkins, Albert A. to Newton, Mary M. on May 26, 1895
Hawood, Charles to Crumpacker, Fannie on Dec 11, 1870
Hawood, Joseph to Coon, Eliza A. on Apr 09, 1862
Hayden, Thomas to Donohoe, Mary J. on Jul 21, 1878
Hayes, Elias to Brown, Elizabeth N. J. on May 02, 1865
Hayes, James E. to Wilson, Nannie on Nov 18, 1894
Hayes, James Hamilton to Vaughn, Rachel on May 04, 1873
Hayes, Jeremiah to Harris, Mary F. on Dec 23, 1877
Hayes, Michael to Harris, Sarah on Jan 12, 1868
Hayes, William T. to Smith, Araminta on Jan 18, 1882
Haymaker, Frederick M. to Kinman, Etheline on Feb 09, 1868
Haynes, John P. to Caswell, Laura A. on Sep 02, 1883
Haynes, John W. to Colyer, Mary E. on Oct 07, 1869
Haynes, Thomas P. to Lunsford, Rhoda Ann on Sep 02, 1854
Hays, Alfred W. to Minshall, Ollie G. on Jul 23, 1893
Hays, Hiram M. to Rogers, Anna J. on Feb 24, 1889
Hays, Isaac to Little, Sophia on Apr 10, 1866
Hays, James L. to Eggmun, Nora on Aug 31, 1879
Hays, Jesse P. to Wages, Ellen on Mar 12, 1895
Hays, Lewis F. to Martin, Mollie E. on Sep 12, 1886
Hays, Noah P. to Smith, Nora E. on Jul 23, 1893
Hayse, Henry H. to Ball, Mary on Sep 02, 1866
Hayward, William F. to Kent, Hulda on Feb 10, 1885
Haywood, Frederick to Keud, Mary E. on Oct 16, 1876
Haywood, Joseph Edgar to Easley, Nancy A. on Aug 31, 1879
Head, Daniel to Wooten, Elizabeth on Sep 12, 1870
Head, Daniel to Harmon, Sarah E. on Sep 24, 1876
Head, Daniel to Allueback, Rebeca J. on Aug 05, 1887
Head, Ira to Evans, Catherine on Jul 02, 1866
Head, James to George, Lucinda E. on Jul 11, 1861
Head, Robert B. to Franklin, Georgia A. on Sep 29, 1889
Head, Wesley A. to Lantz, Minnie A. on Jul 26, 1885
Heady, Frank O. to Nelson, Mrs. Belle on Sep 06, 1898
Heaton, William A. to Bankus, Hattie M. on Feb 28, 1897
Heaveston, Hawkene to Ringham, Jane on Aug 31, 1848
Heck, George to Musgrove, Dora on Feb 15, 1886
Heece, Dewitt C. to Caswell, Mary on Jan 22, 1864
Heflan, William to Higgins, Catherine on Dec 30, 1858
Hefloin, William S. to Constant, Mary E. on Jul 28, 1886
Heldreth, Rees to Beltzer, Rachel Ann on Jul 12, 1874
Helloms, Simon to Casida, Mary M. on Feb 18, 1869
Helm, Hiram to Crist, Martha on Sep 18, 1870
Helmes, William O. to Garrett, Elizabeth on Jan 17, 1898
Helms, Andrew to Green, Polly on Jun 18, 1871
Helms, George W. to Acres, Mary E. on Oct 16, 1879
Helms, George W. to Cooper, Martha E. on Nov 16, 1899
Helton, John H. to Bailey, Alwilda on Feb 15, 1885
Henderson, James W. to Adkins, Frances on Oct 26, 1854
Henderson, Joseph B. to Pierce, Lydia W. on Feb 01, 1887
Henderson, Robert P. to Damrell, Cynthia M. on Apr 12, 1860
Henderson, Stephen to Winfrey, Sarah E. on Aug 30, 1883
Hendrickson, Harvey to McCollum, Mrs. Parmelia on Apr 12, 1866
Heniford, John A. to Ayres, Ida on Feb 27, 1887
Henning, Francis M. to Rottman, Matilda on Feb 26, 1882
Henning, Jonathan G. to Creason, Hulda J. on May 17, 1883
Henning, Nathan Quincy to Seaman, Odora Alice on Dec 23, 1880
Hennon, George W. to Bankus, Sarah M. on Jan 01, 1881
Hennon, James Elmore to Willis, Nancy Susanah on Oct 31, 1880
Henry, Allen to Yardley, Eva on Dec 29, 1891
Henry, Arthur L. to Hensley, Elrdie P. on Aug 28, 1892
Henry, C.P. to Boyd, Ella on Aug 22, 1886
Henry, David to Evans, Calesta on Aug 21, 1879
Henry, Emery J. to Bachman, Ettie M. on Jun 29, 1899
Henry, G.F. to Arnmett, Lydia M. on Mar 21, 1883
Henry, George W. to Stirling, Laura on Nov 12, 1890
Henry, Harvey to Dearing, Sarah M. on Oct 02, 1884
Henry, I.C. to Keel, Laura A. on Dec 31, 1882
Henry, James to McLouglin, Lona on Aug 19, 1894
Henry, Jeremiah to Williams, Nancy S. on Sep 26, 1888
Henry, John W. to Slack, Margaret on Jan 07, 1883
Henry, John W. to Montgomery, May on May 26, 1889
Henry, John Z. to Baldridge, Mary on Dec 27, 1861
Henry, Luther E. to Moore, Nellie E. on Aug 10, 1899
Henry, Robert L. to Tally, Minnie on Oct 20, 1888
Henry, Robert L. to Baidridge, Susan on Mar 08, 1896
Henry, Thomas W. to Thomas, Lela A. on Nov 19, 1879
Hensley, Abner to Page, Irena on Dec 03, 1863
Hensley, James W. to Linhart, Lily M. on May 27, 1895
Hensley, John W. to Graham, Minnie on Jan 01, 1891
Henthorn, Nathan G. to Punnco, Sarah on Nov 03, 1870
Heralson, Rollins to Franklin, Frances L. on Jan 03, 1850
Hercules, Charles to Miller, Loran on Nov 07, 1874
Heringlon, Samuel A. to McDonald, Susan R. on Oct 21, 1899
Herlston, Hazzel to Bingham, Gemima on Jun 22, 1848
Herrallson, Levi D. to McKinney, Paulina on Dec 20, 1876
Herrallson, William K. to Bridwell, Sarah Elizabeth on Jun 07, 1868
Herriman, John to Harris, Ann T. on Apr 23, 1865
Herriman, Tilford H. to Ayers, Mrs. Jane on Nov 13, 1879
Herrington, Calvin to Lane, Hannah on Jan 16, 1848
Herrington, David A. to Hall, Louse on Oct 20, 1872
Herrington, Don Oron to Rooks, Marietta on Feb 27, 1876
Herrington, John R. to Robinson, Larayny P. on May 22, 1887
Herrington, Joshua to Creason, Martha M. on Sep 14, 1865
Herrington, Joshua to Wing, Alta J. on Mar 11, 1891
Herrington, M.L. to Wolfe, Frona on Dec 25, 1892
Herrington, Warner to Beatty, Vinnie E. on Jun 26, 1895
Herryman, Wade to Busick, Martha P. on Nov 01, 1888
Hibbets, Lewis H. to Pickens, Bessie on Mar 18, 1896
Hibbits, Charles W. to Brooks, Mrs. Senney on Aug 31, 1881
Hibbitts, Wm. O. to Rains, Carrie on Apr 01, 1884
Hicks, James C. to Riddle, Martha E. on Dec 24, 1882
Hicks, James C. to Brumbaugh, Metta on Jun 19, 1897
Hicks, Winfield M. to Smith, Sarah M. on Mar 19, 1889
Higgins, Charles E. to Doolin, Lena on Aug 29, 1885
Higgins, Frank D. to Shores, Maggie on Feb 18, 1897
Higgins, Marion to Hefflin, Jane on Oct 15, 1877
Higgins, Newton to Thompson, Sophrona on Feb 05, 1874
Higgins, W.W. to Shipp, Martha on Aug 10, 1873
Higgins, William to Hampble, Eliza on Sep 08, 1859
High, Albert to DeIzell, Mary H. on Oct 30, 1892
High, Andrew J. to Yardley, Dollie on Oct 02, 1892
High, Benjamin to Tolley, Emma on May 03, 1883
High, John to Yardley, Mary O. on Jul 04, 1876
High, Joseph to Tipton, Mary on Feb 19, 1880
High, Lewis O. to Yardley, Wrintha on Jan 03, 1892
High, Robert H. to Delzell, Alice on Jul 22, 1881
Hilagoth, William to Hall, Susie on Nov 16, 1872
Hilburn, William B. to Cotter, Clara A. on Jan 01, 1896
Hildebrand, Adolph to Coothlin, Martha J. N. on Nov 05, 1867
Hill, Armstead to Taggart, Mrs. Nancy on Jan 07, 1873
Hill, C.L. to Payne, Mary S. on Jan 01, 1880
Hill, Caleb to Braden, Amanda on Jul 25, 1852
Hill, Charles W. to Sorrell, Alpha on Sep 16, 1896
Hill, George W. to Bunch, Vina on Aug 15, 1861
Hill, James to Page, Malinda on Oct 15, 1868
Hill, James A. to Martin, Eliza J. on Jan 01, 1891
Hill, James H. to Lamar, Laura B. on May 05, 1897
Hill, John to Wagers, Lilly on Apr 21, 1889
Hill, John A. to Doze, Margaret on Aug 06, 1865
Hill, John B. to Schrock, Ida on Jun 08, 1887
Hill, John W. to Payne, Mary F. on May 13, 1883
Hill, Thomas P. to Yardley, Mary Elizabeth on Sep 20, 1860
Hill, Walter S. to Jackson, Mary E. on Dec 26, 1896
Hilligoss, William O. to Franklin, Della on Apr 14, 1894
Hilton, Orson to King, Mahala A. on Sep 29, 1886
Hinckley, D.L. to Bass, Maria L. on Aug 28, 1893
Hinckley, Jerome to Morrison, Sarah Lou on Mar 22, 1877
Hines, Andrew J. to Creason, Sarah A. on Feb 27, 1864
Hines, John R. to Ogle, Magany on Mar 12, 1892
Hines, Peter H. to Oiler, Belle on Dec 24, 1899
Hines, Samuel to Stephens, Daleina on May 11, 1852
Hines, William to Kelly, Catherine S. on Aug 05, 1863
Hines, William F. to Calhoun, Nancy A. on Apr 30, 1882
Hines, William S. to Hines, Missouri C. on May 04, 1896
Hines, Z.T. to Stufflebean, Arsulley on Aug 26, 1869
Hiseman, Gilbert G. to Becker, Hattie on Feb 16, 1871
Hite, James A. to Glidewell, Mary E. on Aug 24, 1898
Hix, Martin to St. John, Delilah on Nov 20, 1870
Hoaglin, George to Camp, Betty on Jun 24, 1888
Hoddy, William A. to Odneal, Julia A. on Sep 19, 1890
Hodge, Lee B to Donnelly, Emma on Oct 09, 1897
Hodson, A.J. to Wisehart, Caroline C. on Mar 03, 1886
Hodson, Benjamin F. to Stout, Julia A. on Mar 28, 1883
Hodson, Perry to Norman, Barbara Ellen on Dec 16, 1872
Hodson, William to Norman, Virginia on Sep 09, 1869
Hoffman, Henry H. to Seans, Nettie A. on Nov 10, 1897
Hoffman, John J. to Morrow, Florence C. on Jun 02, 1889
Hoge, Jasper N. to Reathley, Vina on Mar 11, 1877
Hoke, Franklin P. to Taylor, Melisa on Jan 27, 1879
Holbert, Henry F. to Mansbarger, Emma M. on Nov 08, 1892
Holglen, Isaac to Dennis, Caroline on Sep 10, 1858
Hollan, Ed to Potter, Minnie on Aug 30, 1893
Hollan, Edward to Payne, Nannie on Sep 22, 1887
Holland, John S. to Basket, Clarissa A. on Feb 25, 1869
Hollenbeck, Arthur E. to Icnogle, Jemima J. on Jul 04, 1894
Hollenbeck, John F. to Roseberry, Celeray on Feb 21, 1875
Holliday, Ambrose B. to Haliburton, Mary K. on Jan 19, 1862
Holliday, Americus E. to Harmon, Sarah D. on Jul 29, 1890
Holliday, George R. to McKinsey, Arena C. on Apr 24, 1889
Holliday, George W. to Cady, Nancy E. on Nov 13, 1881
Holliday, James W. to Banner, Ida May on Sep 20, 1888
Holliday, Joseph M. to Nowland, Manerva on Mar 07, 1875
Holliday, Milton J. to Upchurch, Hennetta F. on Jan 30, 1882
Holliday, S.N. to Elena, Lucinda on Apr 09, 1876
Holliday, Samuel J. to Wilson, Alice on Mar 16, 1881
Holliday, Thornton D. to Brown, Armetta I. on Nov 15, 1868
Hollon, Charles L. to Hoskins, Malinda C. on Sep 29, 1872
Hollon, George M. to Coffman, Alice on Feb 19, 1896
Hollon, J.T. to Brinkley, L. C. on Sep 03, 1892
Hollon, James to Smith, Mahala on Oct 12, 1873
Hollon, James Milton to Fields, Nancy M. on Feb 22, 1874
Hollon, John to Crooks, Fannie A. on Jan 16, 1896
Hollon, John W. to Pipes, Florence on Jan 21, 1883
Hollon, M. to Martin, Alvedy on Sep 25, 1870
Holloway, Joseph C. to Wilford, Sarah E. on Dec 02, 1869
Holmes, Daniel to Hannah, Elizabeth on Jun 17, 1881
Holsinger, Elias to Smiley, Emily on Oct 04, 1868
Holsinger, John to Hines, Sophia on Dec 03, 1889
Holsinger, John to Helms, Kittie on Dec 20, 1890
Holt, Isiah G. to Adams, Mary E. on Nov 22, 1888
Holt, Leroy to Williamson, Anna B. on Jul 09, 1893
Holt, Rufus M. to Laws, Melissa G. on Aug 17, 1882
Homan, Walter T. to Kelley, Mary E. on Jun 15, 1898
Hombeck, Isaac to Pipes, Mrs. Emily Jane on Nov 07, 1881
Homer, Watson to Burkholder, Emily on Apr 23, 1872
Hon, Thomas to Edwards, Nancy Susan on Jan 02, 1879
Honecker, George W. to Stancliff, Jane on Aug 25, 1884
Hook, Albert E. to Smart, Mary E. on May 05, 1878
Hook, Henry C. to Rose, Nancy J. on Dec 25, 1872
Hook, John T. to Walters, Lollie R. on Feb 06, 1887
Hook, Thomas to Obell, Rachel on Mar 13, 1881
Hook, V.A. to Bailey, Saphrona on Oct 30, 1883
Hooker, Enoch to Gable, Ida Ann on Jul 11, 1871
Hooker, John to Hatcher, Margaret on Jan 14, 1859
Hooper, Allen to Warren, Louella on Mar 26, 1889
Hooper, George W. to Hall, Reuhy Ellen on Aug 05, 1879
Hootman, Samuel to Williams, Ethel on Sep 15, 1898
Hooton, Lewis to Mathews, Clara on Jan 04, 1883
Hoover, George W. to Williams, Huldah E. on Oct 10, 1848
Hoover, John to Powell, E. J. on Nov 11, 1863
Hoover, Lawrence to CaIdwell, Jane on Jun 18, 1876
Hoover, Mattias to Hooker, Mary on Jun 24, 1869
Hoover, Robert A. to Henness, Abigail J. on Oct 19, 1876
Hoover, William to Powell, Nancy M. on Mar 24, 1868
Hoover, William E. to Hall, Ivy J. on Sep 27, 1896
Hopper, Allen to Finchem, Catharine on Feb 25, 1884
Hopper, Jeremiah to Warren, Nancy on Sep 20, 1864
Horming, John A. to Akerman, Mary on Apr 21, 1856
Hosby, Charles to Keyser, Sadie L. on Dec 22, 1897
Hoselton, Albert R. to Thrasher, Minnie V. on Feb 24, 1892
Hoselton, Arthur to Cathers, Florence on May 25, 1874
Hoselton, Arthur D. to Brassfield, Elizabeth on Feb 10, 1897
Hoselton, John M. to Westfall, Blanche on Nov 29, 1899
Hosford, James M. to Powell, Mary L. on Jun 12, 1862
Hoskins, Henry B. to Jones, Elizabeth E. on Oct 02, 1894
Hoskins, James to Dodson, Sarah on Oct 15, 1870
Hoskins, Jasper to Darr, Mary Ann on Dec 31, 1855
Hoskins, John J. to Browning, Ella on Mar 05, 1896
Hoskins, Joseph T. to Jones, Nerva on Aug 30, 1892
Hoskins, Sherman H. to Jennings, Mary on Aug 28, 1894
Hoskins, Sidney C. to Morris, Mary S. on Feb 11, 1866
Hoskins, Thomas to Gramling, Jane on Sep 27, 1870
Hoskins, Thomas E. to Roach, Rebecca Jane on Oct 26, 1881
Hoskins, William S. to Camlin, Sarah E. on Jun 17, 1888
Hostetter, William to Hines, Amanda J. on Aug 25, 1883
Houghton, E. to Smart, Dollie J. on Nov 17, 1892
House, Charles A. to West, Ethel M. on Jun 30, 1898
Houston, Geo.F. to Smart, Bertha on Dec 24, 1895
Houston, James to Wheeler, Margaret on Oct 06, 1861
Houston, Marion to Rider, Caroline on Mar 20, 1870
How, Abraham to Spake, Ruth on Dec 29, 1867
Howard, Charles E. to White, Cora A. on Nov 21, 1898
Howard, Earnest to Callihan, Hattie on Apr 08, 1883
Howard, Henry R. to Garret, Emma on Nov 29, 1884
Howard, Luther to Pipes, Dora on Mar 21, 1886
Howell, Jacob J. to Paxon, Mary L. T. on Nov 15, 1899
Howell, John S. to Wilburn, Lizzie on Dec 25, 1895
Howell, Lark D. to Milburn, Cora M. on May 31, 1891
Hubbard, Andrew J. to Robison, Belle on Jul 21, 1884
Hubbard, Charles C. to Pipes, Mary E. on Feb 22, 1878
Hubbard, Jackson to Taylor, Nancy Ann on Mar 06, 1867
Hubbard, John H. to Mcphrrsaw, Alice on Sep 01, 1885
Hubbard, Joseph to Thomas, Adair on Sep 09, 1880
Hubbard, Smith E. to Creasy, Clementine on Mar 20, 1871
Hubbard, William to Brookshier, Lucinda on Apr 29, 1862
Hubbart, Joseph S. to Barbee, Allie on Aug 22, 1893
Hucky, George to Abbott, Mary C. on Mar 11, 1877
Huddleson, Charles to Ford, Martha D. on May 11, 1882
Hudnall, David to McKinney, Nancy on Sep 20, 1890
Hudnall, Isaac to Boyd, Elizabeth on Oct 13, 1893
Hudnall, Robert M. to Downing, Elizabeth on Oct 07, 1883
Hudnall, Thomas Elias to Clark, Julia Ann on Apr 23, 1876
Hudnall, William to Smith, Amanda on Jan 07, 1872
Hudnall, William to Garrett, Nancy on Jun 09, 1876
Hudnall, Wm. to Pyatt, Lottie C. on Oct 15, 1898
Hudnell, Nathaniel to Murphy, Elizabeth on Sep 26, 1850
Huff, Benjamin A. to Head, Mary on Nov 08, 1890
Huff, William H. to Duley, Mrs. Talitha on Nov 12, 1876
Huffine, Thomas E. to Palmer, Louisa on Oct 14, 1883
Huffman, Edgar M. to Stone, Etta M. on May 16, 1893
Huffman, George W. to Haywood, Mrs. Maud on Apr 02, 1890
Huffman, John to A.Claybrook, Nancy on Jul 20, 1862
Hughes, James to Weaver, Sarah on Aug 01, 1859
Hughes, James to Bales, Mrs. Lillie A. on Mar 31, 1887
Hughes, John to McCollum, Mary on Jun 26, 1881
Hughes, John C. to Gregsby, Jessie F. on Jul 26, 1886
Hughes, McDonald to Bookout, Emma G. on Jan 27, 1880
Hughes, P.B. to Miller, Estelle on Mar 08, 1894
Hughes, Terry B. to Pein, Mrs. Martha Jane on Jan 01, 1878
Hughes, William S. to Edwards, Inez on Jun 09, 1881
Hughes, Woodberry to Riddle, Mary on Sep 20, 1882
Hulbert, Winthrop to Blair, Margaret on Jul 01, 1866
Hulett, Charles E. to D.Brombaugh, Emma on Oct 01, 1882
Hull, Benj. F. to Fanning, Cora on Dec 22, 1892
Hull, Lewis C. to Harris, Annis on Dec 10, 1849
Hull, William to Hayes, Mary S. on Apr 07, 1888
Hull, William R. to Frazier, Ann Eliza on Nov 01, 1868
Hulse, Wm. F. to Moffit, Hattie on Jan 24, 1888
Humes, James L. to Townsend, Caroline E. on Dec 17, 1868
Humphreys, Cyrenus to Talbert, Malvina on Feb 22, 1855
Humphreys, Danniel C. to Fisher, Letitia E. on Jul 01, 1893
Humphreys, Elisha to Dobbins, Mary Ann on Feb 11, 1854
Humphreys, Frank B. to Carlstead, Altha on Feb 23, 1895
Humphreys, George to Warner, Ellen on Nov 25, 1887
Humphreys, John to Handley, Florence C. on Sep 24, 1899
Humphreys, John W. to Smith, Elizabeth on Sep 04, 1864
Humphreys, Uriah to Elmore, Mary E. on Aug 25, 1861
Humphreys, Uriah to Barton, Nora May on May 26, 1895
Humphreys, Wesley to Yates, Cyntha on Jun 24, 1852
Hunner, John to Kerr, Esther on Feb 02, 1880
Hunsaker, Benjamin to Lafaver, Mary Jane on Mar 21, 1861
Hunsaker, Benjamin to Phillips, Elizabeth G. on Jul 21, 1872
Hunsaker, Benjamin N. to Cooper, Molly on Jul 21, 1878
Hunsaker, Joseph to McLaughlin, Vina on Nov 11, 1877
Hunsaker, Levi to Wood, Prudence on Jun 04, 1856
Hunt, James L. to Donnelly, Sallie on Jul 02, 1892
Hunt, Patrick to Wright, Elizabeth on Jul 01, 1876
Hunter, Charles E. to McCann, Annie M. on Jun 07, 1874
Hunter, James H. B. to Lawson, Mary T. on Jun 23, 1873
Hunter, Oscar T. to Jones, Delilah A. on Jan 01, 1891
Hurlbert, Jesse C. to Murphy, Mrs. Ida on Nov 18, 1889
Hurley, George to Abbott, Mary C. on Mar 11, 1877
Hurley, Thomas to Clear, Cora B. on Jul 28, 1887
Hurst, Granville P. to Wilson, Ida on Aug 03, 1881
Hurst, Harmon H. to Norman, Martha on Aug 27, 1854
Hurst, James A. to Patterson, Lillie M. on Jan 14, 1892
Hurst, Marshall to Taylor, Susan on Dec 29, 1872
Hurst, Virgil H. to Roberts, Mary on Dec 07, 1879
Hurst, Virgil H. to Roberts, Nancy on Dec 07, 1879
Hurt, James E. to Williams, Lizzie B. on Feb 13, 1895
Husk, William G. to Moore, Sarah E. on Oct 04, 1863
Husted, Wm. L. to Brown, Eliza J. on Mar 01, 1835
Huston, James W. to Herrington, Nora J. on Jul 18, 1897
Huston, Robert B. to McKinstry, Myrtle M. on Mar 22, 1897
Hutchinson, Alexander M. to Carter, Anna V. on Nov 19, 1871
Hutchinson, Alexander M. to Hatlick, Mrs. Jane on Oct 28, 1882
Hutchinson, Amos B. to Martin, Frances J. on Feb 28, 1897
Hutchinson, Elijah to Powers, Rhosetty on Jun 17, 1846
Hutchinson, John F. to Pickett, Mary V. on Mar 19, 1896
Hutchison, Alesander M. to Wicker, Martha E. on Jan 12, 1888
Hutton, William A. to Havens, Julia M. on Feb 15, 1890


Inglish, William Alexander to Titus, Mary Catherine on Apr 18, 1872
Ingram, William T. to Swops, Hattie M. on Dec 24, 1898
Inman, Jefferson M. to Reddick, Julia on Jul 13, 1877
Ireland, Eli Denny to Everhart, Elizabeth on Dec 25, 1855
Irvin, Alexander to Conner, Sarah Ann on Sep 23, 1866
Irvin, William R. to Pipes, Lillie on Mar 13, 1893
Isaccs, Henry J. to Maggart, Sarah E. on Feb 16, 1887
Ivie, J.W. to Long, Mary E. on Oct 30, 1892
Ivie, Sylvester N. to Harryman, Mary A. on Jan 05, 1899

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