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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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(Unknown Surname), John C. to McClaskey, Catharine on Nov 12, 1877
(No name given) to Riley, Jemima on Sep 22, 185


Cady, John W. to Phillips, Julia A. on Nov 26, 1878
Caidwell, James to Stone, Sarah C. on Oct 05, 1865
Caidwell, Robert to Ross, Rowena on Feb 20, 1868
Caidwell, Robert to Borders, Nettie on Dec 19, 1889
Cain, James M. to Taylor, Mary A. on Jul 25, 1880
Cain, T.D. to Smith, Jennie on Aug 16, 1893
Cain, William J. to Baker, Louisa J. on Sep 07, 1887
Calahan, Willis to Neff, Orphie B. on Feb 05, 1899
Caldwell, James A. to Montgomery, Ida B. on Dec 24, 1895
Caldwell, John to Dearing, Josephine E. on Jan 05, 1869
Caldwell, John T. to Thomas, Cora B. on Nov 28, 1889
Caldwell, Marian J. to Baldridge, Jennie G. on Jul 29, 1895
Caldwell, Robert to Dearing, Magadlin S. on Nov 25, 1880
Caldwell, William to Norvell, Amanda on Mar 19, 1874
Caldwell, William to Griffith, Sarah F. on Apr 17, 1883
Caldwell, William to Somerville, Orlie C. on Nov 11, 1886
Cale, Fred B. to Guymon, Ora M. on Jan 26, 1899
Calfee, Alexander T. to Collins, Lula M. on Aug 27, 1896
Calfee, John F. to Triplett, Sarah E. on Aug 31, 1875
Calfee, Lemuel to Wilson, Antha on Mar 23, 1899
Calfee, William to Prindle, Caroline on Jan 01, 1873
Calfee, William F. to Prindle, Caroline on Jan 01, 1873
Calhoon, Charles A. to Eades, Ema J. on Oct 03, 1878
Calhoon, G.A. to Reger, Nannie on Jun 01, 1890
Calhoon, Wesley L. to Hines, Alice M. on Mar 23, 1884
Calhoun, Austin to Henry, Sarah A. on Mar 28, 1869
Calhoun, Edmond to Roberts, Margaret E. on Mar 17, 1878
Calhoun, Marion L. to Eaton, Florence G. on Apr 07, 1887
Calhoun, William to Alexander, Arvilla A. on Jan 21, 1883
Call, David W. to Miller, Ada M. on Mar 11, 1894
Call, Martin F. to Allen, Alley on Sep 06, 1888
Call, Nathan S. to Russell, Minnie E. on Jan 15, 1884
Callahan, James B. to Smith, Dora B. on Mar 05, 1899
Callihan, Andrew J. to Sterling, Alice J. on Jan 29, 1891
Callihan, Bailey to Doolin, Elizabeth on Aug 02, 1868
Callihan, Conrad to Palmer, Mary E. on Dec 25, 1895
Callihan, James to Sterling, Mary C. on Dec 16, 1888
Callihan, John to Clem, Martha F. on Oct 24, 1866
Callihan, John to Lewis, Mary J. on Dec 20, 1881
Callihan, Joseph to Springer, Eliza on Dec 06, 1868
Callihan, Joseph to Bankus, Mrs. Sary on Mar 04, 1880
Callihan, Martin to Clem, Mirenda Ann on Apr 14, 1859
Callihan, Perry to Wright, Malinda C. on Jan 24, 1886
Callihan, Perry C. to Kelsall, Jessie E. on Aug 06, 1899
Callihan, Stephen to Wallace, Jane on Feb 12, 1882
Callihan, William to Hoover, Rebecca Ann on Mar 12, 1857
Callihan, William to Jacobs, Rachel A. on Oct 13, 1863
Callin, Calvin P. to Owen, Susan on Feb 11, 1875
Calvert, James to Dodson, Dicy Ann on Mar 20, 1858
Calvert, John W. to Pierce, Sarah E. on Dec 01, 1870
Calvert, William Binson to Tharp, Martha Ann on Jul 30, 1857
Cambell, Annias to Willis, Mary J. on Feb 29, 1880
Camlen, Barton J. to Hines, Lilia J. on Jul 15, 1894
Camp, Alfred H. to Dunlap, Ada on May 11, 1897
Campbell, Annanias to Johnson, Annie on May 22, 1898
Campbell, Arthur A. to Seals, Flora A. on Mar 15, 1896
Campbell, Charley R. to Hicks, Josephine L. on Apr 14, 1895
Campbell, Eli to Myers, Jane on Oct 15, 1859
Campbell, George W. to Lafland, Mary Elena on Feb 27, 1878
Campbell, Isaac N. to Harper, Sarah L. on Mar 30, 1876
Campbell, John to Livingston, Sarah on Oct 10, 1886
Campbell, John to Yardley, Ona on Jan 14, 1894
Campbell, Johnson to Dillener, Rosa May on Dec 10, 1899
Campbell, Joseph E. to Wyant, Nellie J. on Apr 09, 1897
Campbell, Marl to Payne, Alice P. on Jul 02, 1871
Campbell, Samuel T. to Curl, Alice on Feb 07, 1897
Campbell, William to Sorrell, Damarias on Mar 18, 1885
Campbell, William H. to Smith, Sarah R. on Mar 11, 1882
Campton, Moses C. to Jacobs, Elizabeth on May 25, 1878
Canard, Glen to Browning, Clara on Oct 18, 1893
Cannon, Amos to Bragg, Amapda on Mar 12, 1860
Cannon, John to Parkey, Perlina on Apr 01, 1860
Cannon, William M. to Pipes, Nancy E. on Nov 05, 1863
Cannon, William M. to Jackson, Eliza on Oct 05, 1881
Canon, James H. to Tharp, Josie on Sep 27, 1891
Canterbury, Joseph P. to Baker, Sarah J. on Jan 20, 1895
Canterbury, William F. to Hoover, Ada on Jan 19, 1895
Capito, George W. to Newell, Florence M. on Sep 15, 1882
Capito, William to Boyd, Cora on Jun 01, 1891
Capps, John G. to Price, Mattie F. on Sep 08, 1886
Carlstead, George W. to Dell, Dora A. on May 07, 1898
Carlstead, John C. to Page, Cora on Nov 23, 1897
Carmack, A.J. to Fanning, Netta on Aug 26, 1895
Carmack, Daniel to Belzer, Lucinda on Jan 01, 1878
Carmack, George M. to Belier, Abbie on Jan 02, 1897
Carmack, James to Nantz, Esther on Dec 25, 1851
Carmack, John B. to Coffman, Emmeline on May 05, 1879
Carmack, Manford to Beller, Minnie on Oct 11, 1894
Carmack, Sylvester D. to Haley, Lillie G. on Dec 13, 1896
Carmack, Thomas B. to Bunch, Dortha on Dec 24, 1891
Carmack, Thomas J. to Coffman, Louisa on Jun 03, 1884
Carmack, William to Fanning, Mary Ellen on May 17, 1873
Carmack, William A. to Coffman, Maggie on Mar 10, 1886
Carmer, Cage to McCartney, Elizabeth on Mar 13, 1892
Carmer, Charles to Hans, Eliza on May 12, 1881
Carmer, Mjcajah to McNeece, Elizabeth on Mar 11, 1875
Carmer, William O. to Wattenbarger, Mary on Mar 27, 1883
Carmichael, James to Bradshaw, Jennie on Sep 23, 1894
Carothers, William to Mummy, Mrs. Mary A. on Feb 25, 1869
Caroyer, Walter to Taylor, Rosa L. on Oct 02, 1879
Carpenter, Henry to Langley, Mary C. on Mar 17, 1853
Carpenter, Stark A. to Reger, Nina G. on Jun 22, 1898
Carpenter, William to Langley, Frances on Mar 15, 1849
Carperan, James H. to Deatrick, Elizabeth on Feb 26, 1859
Carry, John F. to Waggoner, Mary E. on Feb 26, 1879
Carson, N.M. to Creason, Mary A. on Aug 26, 1891
Carson, Winfield K. to Hamilton, Sarah on Aug 10, 1893
Carter, Benjamin F. to Jacobs, Martha J. on Feb 09, 1867
Carter, Calvin to Meekins, Sarah A. on Sep 11, 1860
Carter, David to Donohoo, Mary on Feb 24, 1867
Carter, Franklin to Bray, Sarah on Jul 30, 1868
Carter, George T. to Williamson, Marthena on May 20, 1888
Carter, James R. to Phillips, Hester on Jun 29, 1869
Carter, John B. to Scott, Nannie on Jul 05, 1892
Carter, John Henry to Broyles, Priscilla on Mar 27, 1867
Carter, Monroe to Beller, Sarah E. on Feb 15, 1891
Carter, Sidney M. to Keithley, Louella M. on Oct 12, 1879
Carter, W.G. to Johnson, Mary on Jan 28, 1877
Carver, Benjamin O. to Callihan, Alice on May 24, 1891
Carver, H.N. to West, Ella on Sep 14, 1890
Cass, Dwane to Roe, Nancy L. on Jul 10, 1883
Cassidy, Alfred T. to Bray, Annie M. on Oct 03, 1892
Cassity, Albert T. to Barlow, Sarah M. on Apr 13, 1890
Cassity, Alonzo to Swigart, Sarah Ann on Jun 29, 1871
Cassity, Isaac N. to Tipton, Martha on Nov 09, 1856
Cassity, J.W. to Smith, Elizabeth E. on Sep 04, 1884
Cassity, Peter to Hall, Comelia on Dec 18, 1882
Cassity, Peter to Glidewell, Sarah J. on Sep 12, 1897
Cassity, Peter T. to Anderson, Mary E. on Dec 09, 1898
Cassity, Thompson to Mathiws, Catharine on May 24, 1888
Cassity, William L. to Anderson, Elizabeth M. on Jan 07, 1894
Casswell, David W. to Sheets, Sarrah M. on Dec 25, 1879
Casteel, George W. to Hulbert, Mary on Jan 11, 1849
Casteel, James to Armstrong, Esther on Feb 22, 1857
Casteel, Milton to Casteel, Nancy Jane on Nov 14, 1850
Caster, A.J. to Hutchinson, Lucinda on Jan 29, 1860
Caswell, Ewell to Carmack, Sarah on Aug 15, 1874
Cat, Walter to Bookout, Manlin on Feb 22, 1880
Cathers, Silas D. to Muthins, J. on Mar 18, 1880
Catherson, John A. to Dicks, Carey I. on Jul 13, 1873
Catlett, Charles W. to Butler, Lulie on Jul 06, 1884
Catlett, Charles Wesley to Johnson, Margaret Ann on Apr 28, 1880
Catlett, Samuel J. to Wattenbarger, Elizabeth on Mar 03, 1891
Catlett, Samuel J. to Clark, May on Aug 23, 1896
Catlett, William to ---, Malissa on Nov 25, 1896
Catlett, William J. to Clark, Effie M. on Dec 27, 1899
Caton, John to Roberts, Mary on Jul 13, 1876
Cautwell, O.B. to Linder, Elva on Nov 18, 1891
Cavanaugh, George T. to Smiley, Rebecca M. on Apr 28, 1867
Cave, Edmond to Brandon, Eunice on Jan 05, 1862
Cave, John to Dickson, Phebe Ann on Oct 28, 1855
Cave, John P. to Branden, Dicey on Apr 05, 1857
Cavenee, Wils to Kidd, Mollie on Feb 15, 1891
Cavermale, Fred L. to Lane, Ethelyn C. on Sep 08, 1892
Cavett, Charles to Edson, Annie R. on Aug 18, 1882
Cavitt, James M. to Kent, Mary S. on Feb 13, 1877
Cavvnel, Samuel C. to Cotton, Laura E. on Dec 23, 1888
Caw, Henry L. to McKee, Martha on Aug 08, 1878
Cawood, Freezy to Williams, Sarah Frances on Feb 26, 1880
Cawood, John E. to Bruce, Hattie E. on Nov 15, 1893
Cawood, Joseph A. to Whitney, Mary E. on Feb 17, 1867
Cease, James A. to Huffman, Susan E. on Nov 25, 1866
Cevnett, Wm. L. to Belcher, Martha L. on Jan 30, 1889
Chalfaut, Walter to Simms, Eliza on Feb 19, 1891
Chamberlin, Andrew J. to Reese, Hannah on Apr 14, 1857
Chance, Stephen F. to Donoho, Sarah Jane on Sep 28, 1862
Chancy, Thomas H. to Baker, Lieuslla on Oct 30, 1878
Chandler, R.E. to Franklin, Mrs. Mahala on Mar 04, 1889
Channell, Frank J. to Graham, Mrs. Carrie on Jun 21, 1885
Chapin, Charles J. to Canaan, Lura A. on Feb 08, 1896
Chaplin, Erastus H. to Wood, Jane on Feb 05, 1866
Chaplin, William H. to Wood, Ethel P. on Aug 23, 1891
Chapman, Aquilla to Myers, Sarah on Mar 03, 1867
Chapman, Charles C. to VanHorn, Nellie on Oct 26, 1897
Chapman, Elijah to Robinson, Sarah on Apr 21, 1897
Chapman, John A. to Moore, Mary M. on Oct 02, 1892
Chapman, Norman to Parker, Mirghty A. on Jun 27, 1881
Chapman, Samuel to Browning, Mary Jane on Mar 26, 1857
Chapman, Terry to Frazier, Polly Ann on Jan 03, 1878
Chapman, William H. to West, M.E. on Jan 11, 1879
Chapman, William H. to Biba, Rosa on Jan 08, 1899
Chapman, William Hamilton to McClaskey, Amanda on Jan 05, 1871
Chappel, Isaac N. to Hamilton, Sarah Jane on Oct 31, 1869
Chappell, Arthur E.M. to Lunsford, Martha E. on Feb 02, 1898
Chappell, Charles E. to Black, Rosetta E. on Feb 18, 1897
Chappell, Charles J. to Ingraham, Lucy O. on Nov 15, 1893
Chappell, H.H. to Davisson, Ida F. on Sep 05, 1897
Chappell, Robert L. to Barto, Cora E. on Jul , 1894
Chappell, William R. to Payne, Cora T. on Jun 17, 1891
Chase, Benjamin K. to Adamson, Anna on Jun 03, 1897
Chase, Leonard to Pierce, Carrie on Sep 15, 1897
Chase, Nathan to Rudd, Cynthia Ann on May 06, 1860
Cheeseman, Ezra D. to Brown, Adelia on Jan 01, 1884
Cheffey, George B. to Neff, Elizabeth on Feb 20, 1887
Chenvront, John O. to Cookman, Arminta on Oct 18, 1888
Cherry, Allie A. to Morris, Norma L. on Dec 31, 1899
Chevorant, Martin to Cochrane, Elizabeth E. on Oct 29, 1884
Chevvront, L.C. to Cookman, Clar on Jan 26, 1893
Cheyney, Robert T. to Campbell, Zena J. on Jan 15, 1888
Chiders, Sylvanus W. to Jamison, Sarah A. on Dec 26, 1871
Childers, Addison W. to Kelly, Susan on Dec 12, 1876
Childers, Charles C. to Harmon, Lucy on Mar 30, 1897
Childers, Edwin to Harman, Dora on Jan 04, 1895
Childers, Henry H. to Miller, Viola L. on Oct 21, 1896
Childers, Joseph F. to Buckalew, Mary on Oct 07, 1890
Childers, Joseph W. to Howell, Rebecca A. on Jul 01, 1888
Childers, Joseph W. to Graham, Lillie M. on Nov 15, 1888
Childers, Preston R. to Cunningham, Mary E. on Apr 12, 1866
Childers, Stephen to Page, Mary on Jan 02, 1876
Childers, Stephen L. to Dunlap, Phoebe on Dec 13, 1894
Childers, William M. to McNabb, Mary A. on Mar 07, 1883
Childers, William T. to Pickerell, Mary on Aug 03, 1865
Childres, William to Woods, Rebecca on Jun 04, 1865
Childres, Wm. H. to Smith, Mary E. on Apr 26, 1887
Chonnin, C.W. to Foster, Sarah on Dec 25, 1892
Christ, George to Pots, Harriett B. on Oct 01, 1848
Christy, Edward D. to Arnold, Maud M. on Jan 19, 1896
Christy, George to Price, Emma L. on Dec 28, 1892
Christy, Rudy to Carter, Manerva J. on Sep 15, 1872
Clapp, John W. to Rannells, Sadie K. on Dec 05, 1893
Clapp, Newton C. to Clawson, Laura on Oct 10, 1897
Clar, Edward to Hurley, Sophronia E. on Dec 24, 1868
Clark, David H. to Jacobs, Louisa on Mar 31, 1889
Clark, George to Gibson, Mary S. on Oct 07, 1866
Clark, George M. to Stanley, Sallie on Mar 18, 1888
Clark, James to Emberton, Florence on Sep 12, 1889
Clark, James B. to Oaks, Inez E. on Nov 29, 1885
Clark, John N. to Smith, Amanda M. on Feb 16, 1898
Clark, John Q. A. to Peasler, Martha A. on Jan 20, 1881
Clark, Otus O. to Cook, Nora M. on Mar 27, 1897
Clark, Perry to Schultz, Caroline on Jul 22, 1866
Clark, Robert to Dover, Elizabeth on Oct 01, 1855
Clark, Samuel to Hatcher, Matilda on Jul 28, 1873
Clark, Silas to Carter, Ida on May 03, 1888
Clark, Thomas B. to Peters, Elizabeth on Dec 20, 1864
Clark, Thompson F. to Clements, Susan on Mar 05, 1882
Clark, W.M. to Williams, Maggie on Oct 06, 1892
Clark, Walter M. to Swanger, Mary P. on Oct 26, 1881
Clark, William H. to Harrelson, Mary L. on May 28, 1896
Clark, Wm. to Jones, Angeline on May 26, 1881
Clayburg, George W. to Morris, Sarah J. on May 31, 1857
Clayburg, Isaac to Tellison, Margaret on Feb 28, 1856
Clear, William H. to Hall, Sarah E. on May 15, 1882
Cleaton, Alfred to Beck, Nancy on Apr 20, 1859
Cleaton, Lester D. to Lowe, Annie on Apr 22, 1883
Cleaton, Napoleon to Warren, Catharine on Jun 16, 1859
Cleaton, Oscar F. to Berry, Allie on Dec 07, 1894
Cleeton, Emsley A. to Ford, Jennie B. on Oct 14, 1896
Cleeton, Everett A. to Crail, Mattie on May 31, 1895
Cleeton, James W. to Cleeton, Migary on Dec 3 , 1871
Cleeton, John J. to Jones, Mary J. on Sep 21, 1865
Cleeton, John W. to Glidewell, Belle on May 26, 1891
Cleeton, John W. to Spray, Jennie on May 26, 1896
Cleeton, John William to Vandeventer, Molly on Jul 30, 1876
Cleeton, Moses to Linhart, Amanda C. on Mar 25, 1896
Cleeton, William to Mills, Jane on Mar 08, 1869
Cleeton, Wm. T. to Linhart, Prudie A. on May 26, 1895
Cleeton, Z.A. to Ransom, Dora on Nov 05, 1893
Clem, Alfred H. to Clem, Emeline Virginia on Aug 06, 1876
Clem, Alfred H. to Smith, Ella on Feb 22, 1882
Clem, Alonzo to Butler, Luticia on May 25, 1879
Clem, Andrew J. to Jacobs, Sarah on Apr 08, 1866
Clem, Andrew J. to Jacobs, Sarah on Apr 08, 1866
Clem, Aretas I. to Richmond, Mary F. on Feb 02, 1890
Clem, Elias to Jacobs, Perneta on Nov 25, 1861
Clem, Emanuel to Mills, Elizabeth on Mar 06, 1861
Clem, Enoch to Tipton, Mary on Mar 02, 1848
Clem, Herbert M. to Quigley, Nora O. on Sep 15, 1895
Clem, Hiram to Sandefur, Elizabeth D. on Oct 16, 1884
Clem, Jacob to Fields, Martha Ann on Jan 18, 1856
Clem, Jacob to Shephard, Bertha on Nov 03, 1887
Clem, John A. to Talbert, Ola A. on Apr 04, 1887
Clem, John M. to Sherwood, Lucina A. on Jan 12, 1873
Clem, John M. to Dunlap, Minnie on Apr 03, 1884
Clem, Melvin to Sayre, Lucy B. on Mar 23, 1884
Clem, Noah to Holbrook, Jane on Nov 27, 1853
Clem, Perry S. to Sterling, Susannah on Sep 04, 1898
Clem, William H. to West, Sarah C. on Apr 07, 1872
Clem, Willis B. to Smith, Lizzie on Feb 15, 1880
Clements, Davis P. to Garrett, Anna on Mar 30, 1884
Clements, John to Conkine, Elen on Sep 02, 1874
Clements, William to Shepherd, Angeline on Dec 27, 1874
Clemmons, William to Rouse, Mary on Dec 21, 1879
Clevenger, John L. to Clevenger, Mollie on Feb 17, 1884
Clevinger, John W. to Malloney, Lillian H. on Jan 25, 1876
Cline, 0th C. to Howell, Adda on Mar 10, 1898
Closson, John L. to Moberly, Mary A. on Mar 06, 1866
Clownming, Thomas L. to Humphreys, Esther on Jun 14, 1899
Clubine, Albert T. to Collum, Lydia M. on Mar 16, 1887
Clubine, Robert to Belzer, Rebecca A. on Sep 22, 1889
Clubine, Robert W. to Hughes, Mary on Sep 01, 1885
Clubine, Skelton C. to Clubine, Lydia on Sep 29, 1891
Cobb, Jasper M. to McGee, Polly Ann on Nov 18, 1866
Cochran, David E. to Bitts, Margaret A. on Dec 25, 1876
Cochran, Hugh W. to Quigley, Eva M. on Jul 23, 1892
Cochran, James B. to Montgomery, Alice L. on Jan 17, 1893
Cochran, James B. to Somerville, Alice on Jun 30, 1898
Cochran, James E. to Reger, Ada A. on Sep 28, 1893
Cochran, James H. to Miller, Mary Bell on Oct 31, 1870
Cochran, James R. to Wilhite, Lydia on Nov 18, 1858
Cochran, Robert to Swanger, Isabella on Oct 24, 1877
Cochran, Robert to Crocker, Harriet J. on Feb 23, 1865
Cochran, Robert A. to Montgomery, Nannie B. on Feb 28, 1895
Cochran, Robert H. to Reger, Mary L. on Apr 13, 1893
Cochrane, Madison M. to Armstead, Sarah Ann on Apr 28, 1861
Cochrane, Wampler L. to Knight, Alice E. on Apr 10, 1895
Cochrane, William to Swanger, Alice M. on Jun 07, 1885
Coebran, Robert to Crawford, Harriet J. on Feb 23, 1865
Coebran, William to Shatto, Mary on Dec 10, 1864
Coens, Robert to McNab, Keziah on Jan 28, 1872
Coffen, W.W. to Harris, Anna on Sep 13, 1891
Coffman, Berton C. to Norvell, Emma A. on Dec 24, 1899
Coffman, F.S. to Linhart, Nannie on Sep 06, 1892
Coffman, Jacob P. to Parmley, Abbie on Jan 25, 1882
Coffman, James A. to Spencer, Rebecca on Feb 28, 1867
Coffman, Pleasant to Britton, Betsy on Sep 08, 1866
Coghill, Homer to Gormley, Viola on Dec 25, 1897
Coghill, J.W. to Rouse, Cordelia on Jul 28, 1872
Coghill, John W. to Stoglan, Wilta on Dec 25, 1877
Coghill, William to Lawhim, Loraney on Jan 21, 1879
Colamber, W.H. to Ostram, Anna on May 28, 1885
Cole, George to Bottomberg, Alma on Dec 27, 1882
Cole, John C. to Sandefer, Mahala A. on Aug 09, 1868
Coleron, Isaac to Tungate, Elizabeth on Oct 26, 1856
Collier, Martin G. to Head, Nancy E. on Feb 08, 1879
Collin, John to Head, Sarah J. on Jan 10, 1879
Collin, Joseph to Caswell, Nancy E. on Jan 26, 1879
Collins, Charles to Myres, Mary C. on Jan 01, 1888
Collins, George F. to McDuff, Belle on Oct 31, 1889
Collins, George L. to Shafer, Laura A. on May 23, 1898
Collins, Horace B. to Cater, Cora C. on Sep 15, 1892
Collins, Jerome J. to Barlow, Emily P. on May 13, 1890
Collins, Jesse to Judd, Mary E. on Jan --, 1880
Collins, John to Allen, Jane H. on Jan 22, 1885
Collins, Levy Weard to Bradley, Esther Ann on Mar 15, 1870
Collins, Stephen to Dennis, Clarissa C. on Oct 19, 1886
Collins, Thomas J. to Moore, Julia E. on Sep 10, 1892
Colyer, John S. to Lawrence, Maggie E. on Dec 24, 1887
Combs, Jacob to Capto, Mrs. Florence on Sep 09, 1888
Combs, William K. to Bumgardner, Seny on Jul 15, 1860
Compton, Clark H. to Singley, Nettie E. on Mar 03, 1889
Compton, James to Compton, Nancy C. on Nov 24, 1888
Compton, John E. to Miller, Jennie M. on Jul 17, 1896
Compton, William H. to Glidewell, Nancy C. on Sep 19, 1878
Comstock, Charles B. to Ross, Flora M. on Apr 12, 1868
Comstock, Charles B. to Ross, Flora M. on Apr 12, 1868
Comstock, Ross J. to Davis, Jennie M. on Apr 12, 1893
Conkin, James M. to Brackett, Catharine Lucy on Aug 20, 1856
Conkin, John to Williams, Martha on Jan 18, 1880
Connaway, Wm. to Shortridge, Juilitte on Sep 03, 1898
Conner, Allen to Wilkinson, Mattie L. on Jan 20, 1895
Conner, Darius A. to Bartlett, Dora on May 01, 1898
Conner, James to Green, Elviry T. on Nov 26, 1859
Conner, Samuel W. to Reed, Jane on Mar 06, 1892
Conner, Simeon to Price, Dara A. on Mar 26, 1890
Conner, T.J. to Allen, Elizabeth on Dec 23, 1859
Conner, Thomas H. to Waller, Catharine A. on Mar 03, 1889
Conner, William to Norman, Mary Eliza on Feb 05, 1879
Constant, Ira L. to Roades, Lily on Jun 14, 1896
Cook, A.N. to Gillett, Sallie R. on Sep 05, 1891
Cook, Charles A. to Walters, Emma on Oct 10, 1886
Cook, Charles H. to Dollins, Nancy Elizabeth on Feb 24, 1859
Cook, David to Runalds, Emily H. on Aug 02, 1860
Cook, Eleas to Thompson, Grace on Feb 08, 1895
Cook, John D. to Milburn, Amanda M. on Jan 25, 1899
Cookman, Claget to Dennison, Ruby E. on Oct 16, 1898
Cookman, Elias H. to Hatcher, Minnie on Jan 01, 1896
Cookman, Milburn to Hersaman, Barbara on Feb 04, 1892
Cookman, Walter L. to West, Margaret J. on Dec 20, 1874
Cooly, David to Pring, Elizabeth on Jan 18, 1856
Coon, Albert R. to Deeds, Nancy A. on Dec 11, 1881
Coon, Ausliny to Anasmith, Margs on Dec 08, 1887
Coon, Benjamin Franklin to Smith, Catherine Boyd on May 25, 1875
Coon, Marian E. to Walters, Janie E. on Jun 02, 1895
Cooper, A.H. to Brown, Sarah on Aug 31, 1877
Cooper, A.J. to Baily, Alta on Dec 20, 1891
Cooper, Edward to France, Ann on Oct 09, 1873
Cooper, F.W. to Shobe, Mary E. on Mar 14, 1886
Cooper, Hugh M. to Dell, Elizabeth Catherine on Jun 18, 1865
Cooper, James W. to Bates, Mary E. on Oct 22, 1882
Cooper, John to Walters, Annie on Jun 12, 1897
Cooper, John Caleb to Bragg, Alzada on Jul 15, 1877
Cooper, Lewis to Simmons, Elydia A. on Oct 01, 1876
Cooper, Nathaniel to White, Bessie L. on Jan 02, 1898
Coopman, James M. to White, Narcissus M. on Feb 16, 1865
Copen, Milton to Sears, Amanda M. on Mar 31, 1878
Corall, Jim to Gose, Joan on Nov 21, 1848
Corban, Lennie W. to Barnett, Geneva A. on Sep 05, 1897
Corben, John L. to Baldridge, Sarah I. on May 23, 1858
Corbin, Wm. D. to Tucker, Effie on Aug 28, 1892
Cordray, Samuel W. to Sill, Martha J. on Mar 05, 1882
Cordray, Thomas L. to Pyatt, Rosa A. on Oct 28, 1894
Cordray, William T. to Cotter, Mollie on Jun 10, 1894
Cordrey, Nathan to Boyd, Mary on Oct 18, 1853
Cornelius, Harden W. to Roberts, Rachel on Aug 04, 1897
Cornet, Garret to Myers, Martha on Aug 19, 1857
Cornett, William E. to Pratt, Nancy E. on Aug 18, 1872
Cornett, William J. to Pilcher, Susan T. on Jul 30, 1848
Corporon, David F. to Ledford, Martha A. on Feb 25, 1898
Cortney, William M. to Diltz, Cordelia J. on Dec 25, 1881
Coss, John W. to Rogers, Jennie on Apr 06, 1893
Cotter, Benjamin F. to Kidwell, Rosa B. on Dec 21, 1884
Cotter, Charles E. to Page, Sarah E. on Dec 26, 1897
Cotter, David to Nighters, Susan on Apr 10, 1879
Cotter, J.A. to Johnson, C. on Nov 16, 1887
Cotter, John to McReynolds, Barbara on Mar 09, 1873
Cotter, Sherman S. to Hilburn, Cora B. on Sep 23, 1894
Cotter, Warren to Kuhn, Lydia on Sep 22, 1898
Cotton, Andrew to Engles, Lucy J. on Dec 15, 1870
Cotton, Andrew to Green, Emma on Feb 25, 1894
Cotton, Jesse to Benham, Malenda on Mar 09, 1856
Cotton, John to Saulsberry, Sarah A. on Dec 24, 1889
Cotton, John to Denslow, Sarah on Oct 05, 1890
Cotton, John to Rooks, Hannah M. on Jul 13, 1897
Cotton, Leonard L. to Sautsbury, Sarah J. on Mar 20, 1889
Cotton, Nathan to Rooks, Jane M. on Dec 30, 1899
Cotton, Owen B. to Rooks, Rachel R. on Jun 20, 1890
Couch, Daniel S. to Hollon, Mary Ann on Jan 01, 1860
Couch, Isaac P. to Jackson, Mary M. on Apr 14, 1870
Couch, J.M. to Price, Mildred Jane on Jul 07, 1861
Couch, John L. to Whiteaker, Laura B. on Sep 19, 1880
Couch, John T. to Frazier, Lew E. on Jul 10, 1899
Couch, Joseph H. to Ford, Mary on Apr 12, 1868
Couch, Joseph W. to Foster, Nancy L. on Jul 12, 1866
Couch, Thomas to Beizer, Betsa F. on Aug 30, 1856
Couch, Thomas to Tally, Susan Ann on Sep 21, 1856
Courtney, James A. to Nowell, Alavoiza on Feb 01, 1877
Courtney, John A. to Bridewell, Nancy on Feb 05, 1877
Courtney, Joseph to Nowells, Sarah C. on Dec 23, 1869
Courtney, Martin to Leapley, Julia Ann on Aug 12, 1881
Cowgill, George W. to Mulkins, Martha on Jul 30, 1888
Cowhick, John T. to Ellwood, Emily J. on Apr 29, 1872
Cox, Abram L. to Payne, Josie on Jun 10, 1886
Cox, Frank H. to Dawnen, Isadore on Jan 29, 1882
Cox, George H. to Seward, Nancy on Nov 15, 1881
Cox, Henry to Barnett, Millie M. on Nov 02, 1879
Cox, James to King, Margaret Jane on Jun 15, 1876
Cox, Leigh F. to Winkleblack, Eva on Sep 23, 1888
Cox, William A. to Stufflebean, Mary Ellen on Aug 30, 1869
Coyle, Bernard to Cahalan, Allie on Apr 21, 1884
Coyle, T.A. to Artens, Fannie on Dec 11, 1892
Cozen, Chester to Murrials, Mary M. on Aug 12, 1866
Craft, Charles M. to Cruzen, Katie on May 16, 1893
Craft, John E. to Newton, Josie on Nov 04, 1891
Craig, Samuel B. to Bailey, Caroline on Dec 23, 1881
Craig, William H. to Burgess, Amanda J. on Jan 20, 1859
Cramer, Gilbert to Bagly, Mary Belle on Jan 05, 1880
Cramer, William E. to Cassity, Vesta Ann on Jun , 1881
Crampton, Riggen H. to Briggs, Sarah P. on Aug 15, 1866
Crane, William to Broyles, Ida on Mar 23, 1884
Crannell, Charles to Norris, Alice on Jan 19, 1890
Crasley, Francis to Russell, Emma Jane on May 07, 1871
Craven, Luther E. to Bondurant, Eliza E. on Mar 13, 1873
Crawford, Alfred F. to Overstreet, Mary Hattie on Apr 29, 1877
Crawford, Alfred F. to McAninch, Alice on Oct 20, 1896
Crawford, Elmer E. to VanWye, Ruby on Sep 02, 1897
Crawford, English G. to Yardley, Winnie L. on Apr 15, 1896
Crawford, Henry to Harmon, Catherine on Oct 26, 1849
Crawford, Henry E. to Hays, Polly A. on Feb 16, 1896
Crawford, James to Smith, Phebe Ann on Apr 02, 1868
Crawford, John to Davis, Mariah on Oct 08, 1882
Crawford, Robert to Leach, Mary on Oct 17, 1880
Crawford, Robert to Sinclair, Sarah J. on Apr 07, 1887
Crawford, Thomas J. to Havens, Lou Bell on Mar 22, 1882
Crawford, Thomas W. to Porter, Oliver V. on Feb 25, 1894
Crawford, W.F. to Boynton, Jean F. on Jan 26, 1887
Crawford, William W to Straley, Emily F. on Dec 20, 1866
Creason, Charles to Campbell, Ada on Mar 17, 1899
Creason, Colias to Jacobs, Mary Ann on Feb 15, 1863
Creason, George to Muck, Clarinda on Mar 11, 1867
Creason, Gilbert to Herrington, Anna on Aug 15, 1889
Creason, Gilpen to Bumgardner, Elizabeth on Nov 28, 1860
Creason, Isaac W.N. to Aul, Sarah E. on Jun 30, 1875
Creason, John to Erls, Lyddia on May 26, 1867
Creason, John R. to Minnis, Susanab F. on Jan 23, 1856
Creason, John R. to Osborn, Juda A. on Sep 16, 1893
Creason, L.T. to Lumsden, Nettie on Apr 04, 1888
Creason, Leonard J. to Parish, Carrie L. on Aug 29, 1897
Creason, Marshal to Dodson, Mary J. on Mar 30, 1892
Creason, N. to MeCloud, M. on Feb 17, 1878
Creason, Nile to Wilson, Sophia on Aug 18, 1894
Creason, Peter to Bivens, Mary E. on Feb 21, 1880
Creason, Robert A. to Crowdis, Eliza T. on Dec 25, 1879
Creason, Robert L. to Rooks, Laura E. on Jul 02, 1894
Creason, Sidney to Norton, Sarah on Nov 26, 1887
Creason, William to Grindstaff, Mary A. on Sep 06, 1886
Creason, William to VanWye, Lucy F. on Nov 05, 1887
Creek, John to Breeden, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth on Jan 15, 1860
Creviston, John R. to Creviston, May A. on Dec 31, 1876
Crigler, Oliver to Hildergoth, Nellie on Nov 04, 1885
Crist, William to Smith, Manda on Aug 25, 1870
Crites, Jehiel to Hunter, Alice M. on Jun 13, 1872
Crocker, Ebenezer B. to McClannahan, Susan on Feb 03, 1872
Cromer, Edward J. to Calbert, Mary E. on Oct 05, 1879
Cromer, Joseph H. to Renner, Lucinda on Sep 23, 1882
Cromer, Samuel L. to Poole, Cordelia on Dec 05, 1880
Cromer, Thomas to McIntyre, Martha J. on Dec 22, 1883
Crooks, John to Grindstaff, Mary A. on Jul 03, 1889
Crooks, Samuel to Winters, Elizabeth J. on Jun 15, 1879
Crooks, Titus to Adkins, Hannah on Jan 10, 1868
Crouch, C.N. to Crawford, Annie B. on Feb 16, 1893
Crouch, Frank B. to Moomaw, Neosho on Jul 09, 1887
Crouch, Harley to Haywood, Eliza on Dec 06, 1874
Crouch, James D. to Hill, Maggie M. on Mar 29, 1891
Crouse, Fred L. to Yardley, Birtha E. on Feb 14, 1895
Crouse, Jacob E. to Crummer, Carrie J. on May 07, 1896
Crouse, Jno. W. to Chapman, Tillie on Jun 16, 1889
Crouse, John S. to Deeds, Margaret on Jan 23, 1881
Crowder, John to Spake, Hulda on May 05, 1864
Crowder, M.W. to Hickinson, Eunice on Sep 14, 1873
Crowdis, Robert to Harris, Maggie J. on Nov 20, 1887
Croy, Jackson to Smith, Lucy on Jan 11, 1871
Cruet, Jefferson to Bennett, Nancy P. on Oct 13, 1859
Crum, Andrew to Lafever, Elizabeth on Aug 11, 1870
Crump, Charles M. to Bimton, Maude Ladd on Oct 04, 1897
Crump, John to Lowther, Iva M. on Jul 05, 1896
Crump, John T. to Grinder, Melvina on Nov 22, 1875
Crumpacker, A.O. to Kinton, Ida Isabell on Feb 02, 1881
Crumpacker, David W. to Wilson, Emma E. on Feb 17, 1859
Crumpacker, Henry to Frazier, Rachel on Apr 13, 1864
Crumpacker, John D. to Purdy, Mary V. on May 01, 1895
Crumpacker, W.E. to Smith, Winnie J. on Oct 05, 1893
Culbertson, A.G. to Williams, Fanny L. on May 26, 1882
Cullison, William W. to McNeese, Mary Jane on Mar 27, 1881
Cummings, Cyrus to Huffman, Mary A. on Jul 22, 1860
Cummings, Daniel B. to Baker, Delena on Dec 18, 1879
Cummings, George to Owen, Polly Ann on Feb 09, 1861
Cummings, James to Kaup, Effie C. on May 25, 1879
Cummins, Edward to Bartlett, Sarah E. on Dec 25, 1880
Cummins, George to Lawrence, Maggie E. on Dec 07, 1883
Cummins, George W. to Wilson, Lucinda on Aug 15, 1885
Cummins, Thomas C. to Kinley, Phebe on May 13, 1883
Cummins, William to Bennett, Susan on Feb 21, 1875
Cummins, William to Cooksey, Angeline on May 14, 1899
Cummins Sr., William to Darr, Berth M. on Apr 12, 1897
Cummons, Daniel to Norris, Malissa on Dec 23, 1875
Cunningham, Thomas to Reed, Margaret on Feb 09, 1870
Cunningham, William to Green, Rosa on Nov 13, 1890
Cunningham, William to Banner, Cora M. on May 15, 1892
Cunningham, William Alfred to Judd, Mary on Nov 01, 1866
Curl, Barney E. to Meekins, Mollie B. on Apr 16, 1891
Curl, J.N. to Stanforth, Mary M. on Feb 08, 1880
Curl, James to Likes, Rhoda on May 10, 1879
Currence, Bony C. to Linville, Dora A. on Dec 29, 1897
Curtis, John W. P. to Thurlow, Frances E. on Apr 02, 1863
Curtis, Richard T.L. to Mairs, Emma L. on Aug 23, 1898
Custer, J.M. to Rich, Luella on Sep 07, 1892
Custer, John L. to Dimmitt, Clara J. on Apr 04, 1883
Custer, Joseph C. to Doze, Phebe on Sep 16, 1869
Custer, Judd to Cummins, Susie on Jun 15, 1893
Custer, Thomas J. to Hargis, Margart on Aug 18, 1867
Custer, William K. to Crump, Miss on Apr 29, 1869
Cutsinger, George to Keele, Rhoda A. on Nov 11, 1883
Cutsinger, George to Atkinson, Emma on Jun 06, 1891
Cutsinger, George W. to Slonaker, Ann on Nov 23, 1890
Cutsinger, George Wm. to Harris, Martha Emily on Aug 01, 1858
Cutsinger, John T. to Slonelser, Jane on Aug 13, 1893
Cutsinger, Samuel to Stewart, Mary E. on Apr 28, 1878
Cutsinger, William to Cutsinger, Elizabeth on Mar 06, 1873


Dailey, Benjamin to Brackett, Mary on Feb 01, 1867
Dailey, Reuben H. to Chayney, Dara M. on Oct 06, 1897
Daily, Barton N. to DeHaven, Anna N. on May 26, 1867
Dale, Richard to Pileher, Susan S. on Sep 01, 1878
Daly, James to Barbee, Susan on Dec 28, 1865
Dalzell, Samuel to Porter, Mary E. on May 08, 1883
Damrell, Benjamin to Henderson, Mary Frances on Jan 20, 1859
Daniels, Nathan F. to McDannald, Viola on Sep 08, 1895
Daniels, Thomas J. to Franklin, Ella on Mar 05, 1891
Daniels, William J. to Ogle, Eveline on May 01, 1892
Dark, Thomas C. to Curtis, Maggie E. on Mar 20, 1884
Darr, Charles L. to Burns, Sarena M. on Feb 05, 1899
Darr, Jesse S. to Knifong, Catharine Eve on Feb 08, 1857
Darr, John M. to Higginbotham, Margaret E. on Jan 02, 1881
Darr, Leroy C. to Swan, Milbra on Feb 25, 1872
Darr, Samuel O. to Burrus, Vietta on Dec 25, 1895
Darrab, Robert to Buckmaster, Nancy on Mar 12, 1857
Darrah, Thomas to Boney, Anna on Apr 22, 1891
Daughtery, Robert M. to Seaman, Lydia E. on Apr 13, 1847
Davenport, Charles to Boyer, Emma on Sep 10, 1876
Davenport, William to MeCorkle, Lydda Mariah on Jun 25, 1865
Davidson, Absalom J. to Scott, Amanda B. on May 29, 1891
Davidson, Adaph M. to Green, Luvinnie on May 27, 1898
Davidson, Henry to Johnson, Elizabeth on Apr 04, 1875
Davidson, John E. to Harrelson, Ruthilda on Nov 01, 1868
Davis, A.K. to Reese, Mabel E. on Nov 24, 1891
Davis, C.E. to Bay, Lue V. on Nov 05, 1891
Davis, Charles H. to Whitenark, Martha Belle on Apr 19, 1886
Davis, Charles J. to Spencer, Eva on Aug 07, 1892
Davis, Darrius to Bridewell, Elizabeth on Aug 24, 1872
Davis, Eli to Roleiman, Nancy C. on Jan 12, 1888
Davis, Eugene to Beabout, Nancy A. on Apr 24, 1881
Davis, Fred E. to Bailes, Rose on Dec 27, 1896
Davis, Harry S. to Hudnall, Jennie on Mar 16, 1884
Davis, Isaac N. to Conkin, Emma on Sep 17, 1891
Davis, Jacob to Dell, Jane on Jun 08, 1874
Davis, James to Heney, Sarah Jane on Oct 15, 1876
Davis, James to Tucker, Nancy on Jan 03, 1891
Davis, James A. to Miller, Melissa A. on Jan 18, 1894
Davis, James E. to Paush, Mrs. Lucinda E. on Nov 30, 1881
Davis, John E. to Pfeiffer, Fannie on Dec 24, 1874
Davis, Jonathan to Hunter, Lucinda on Jul 17, 1870
Davis, Miles L. to Swame, Martha on Aug 01, 1887
Davis, Mitchell to Eggman, Angelina on Apr 22, 1877
Davis, N.W. to Babbitt, Abbie J. on Oct 30, 1881
Davis, Parley to Jones, Nancy on Oct 01, 1865
Davis, Robert to Singley, Flora E. on Jul 07, 1889
Davis, Samuel to Prewitt, Sarah M. on Nov 12, 1865
Davis, Stephen to Watts, Elmira on Apr 19, 1866
Davis, William A. to Starke, Alcinda on May 30, 1872
Davis, William A. to Tillet, Ida L. on Nov 26, 1885
Davis, William C. to Matthews, Sarah C. on Dec 23, 1881
Davis, William P. to Nichols, Martha H. on Jan 07, 1883
Davis, William T. to Tate, Susie E. on Oct 25, 1892
Davlin, John to Tunnell, Nancy E. on Feb 01, 1885
Day, James E. to Wells, Ida M. on Mar 06, 1881
Day, James E. to Jackson, Willie L. on Sep 28, 1892
Day, John W.J. to Riggins, Lucinda M. on Mar 26, 1876
Day, Joseph P. to Noble, Francina J. on Sep 05, 1860
Dazell, Joseph to Yardley, Nancy R. on Oct 23, 1867
De France, James M. to Halliburton, Mary E. on Nov 04, 1856
DeCapito, Theodore to Williams, Emma on Mar 06, 1895
DeHart, Willis A. to Riley, Mrs. Anna J. 0' on Sep 15, 1887
DeIzell, H.J. to McCreany, Mollie A. on Feb 02, 1893
DeWitt, John C. to Heflion, Anna S. on Apr 07, 1894
DeWitt, Mark P. to Swanger, Bertha on Dec 27, 1883
DeWitt, Shirley P. to Caldwell, Lizzie on Oct 11, 1899
DeWitt, Thomas H. to Howell, Waneta M. on Mar 29, 1898
Dean, Daniel E. to Prentice, Alta M. on Sep 30, 1897
Dean, Jacob to McGee, Nicy on Dec 23, 1852
Dean, Norman to Jennings, Carrie E. on Jan 22, 1899
Deardorff, Martin H. to Tiffany, Mrs. Safena on Jul 03, 1864
Dearing, Daniel W. to Herrington, Rose on Feb 21, 1897
Dearing, Haliburton to Connell, Jane on Nov 08, 1877
Dearing, James J. to West, Susannah L. on Jan 26, 1882
Dearing, John M. to Clapp, Emma A. on Feb 09, 1880
Dearing, Judge Riddley to Broyles, Margaret Jane on Jan 11, 1872
Dearing, Samuel B. to Reger, Matilda E. A. on Nov 01, 1868
Decker, Killis W. to Peek, Mary A. on Dec 20, 1897
Dedy, Lewis to Lamar, Sarah on Jun 03, 1867
Deeds, Benj. F. to McDonald, Mary on Feb 01, 1880
Deeds, Charles J. to Starns, Alice on Jan 01, 1894
Deeds, David to Beasley, Evaline on Mar 14, 1892
Deeds, George to Funkenhouser, Margaret A. on May 30, 1858
Deeds, Jacob R. to Calhoon, Mary F. on Oct 17, 1886
Deeds, James W. to Waggoner, Martha E. on May 04, 1884
Deeds, John G. to Montgomery, Emma A. on May 21, 1876
Deeds, Jonathan Bonapart to Stufflebean, Laura Minna May on Dec 29, 1879
Deeds, Phillip to Collens, Sarah Ann on Mar 29, 1855
Dehm, George to Hays, Laura on Nov 10, 1891
Dehm, John T. to Laughead, Sina on Sep 04, 1889
Deldrick, Jacob to McCollum, Susan A. on Jun 16, 1861
Delenger, John L. to Cleaton, Nancy on Sep 07, 1854
Dell, Adolphus Butler to Lions, Sarah Ann on Oct 09, 1873
Dell, Henry to Morelock, Matilda on Mar 24, 1846
Dell, Henry D. to Neely, Florence Ann on Sep 07, 1876
Dell, John to Lyons, Ahenica on May 12, 1861
Dell, Leward to Moberly, Elizabeth on Oct 18, 1874
Dell, Samuel to Nichols, Sarah J. on Oct 29, 1899
Delnn, George M. to Boyd, Floy on Feb 02, 1896
Dennis, Andrew to Sherkey, Nancy on Feb 17, 1858
Dennis, David to Saffel, Sarah J. on Oct 11, 1874
Dennis, Edward to Overstreet, Permelia T. on Nov 04, 1855
Dennis, Homer T. to Todd, Zilpha on Mar 29, 1893
Dennis, Ira M. to Hodson, Sarah E. on Oct 25, 1882
Dennis, James I. to Hollenbeck, Martha on May 15, 1895
Dennis, John to Sodders, Emiline on Jan 10, 1863
Dennis, John to Brooks, Rosetta on Mar 23, 1873
Dennis, John to Black, Susan on May 17, 1874
Dennis, John to Reger, Elva J. on Sep 29, 1898
Dennis, Joseph to Glidewell, Ida S. on Sep 24, 1896
Dennis, Newton to Crouch, Martha H. on Jun 21, 1883
Dennis, Reuben L. to Hall, Evelin on Mar 03, 1859
Dennis, William to Fry, Amanda on Jan 06, 1867
Dennis, William A. to CaIdwell, Annie on Feb 23, 1893
Dennis, William A. to Pickerel, Daisy on Jun 07, 1897
Dennis, William Jasper to Franklin, Amy Ann on May 21, 1863
Denoho, Isaac R. to Nelson, Mollie on Dec 28, 1886
Denslow, James O. to Park, Mary E. on Dec 30, 1887
Denslow, Oliver C. to Wages, Mrs. Sarah on Nov 17, 1884
Derringer, Mathias W. to Miles, Mary E. on Sep 05, 1883
Derthick, John R. to Martin, Rebecca J. on Jun 23, 1881
Desper, Harvie S. to Payne, Etta E. on Apr 07, 1888
Desper, Jasper to Cochran, Sarah Ann on Aug 06, 1865
Desper, Joseph F. to Bartmus, Ida M. on Mar 15, 1899
Desper, Norris to Bradley, Martha S. on Oct 05, 1865
Desper, William P. to Norman, Emily on Jan 16, 1873
Deven, Mount to Kinley, Carolina on Feb 06, 1851
Dever, William H. to Holsinger, Mrs. Emma on Apr 25, 1886
Devolled, Samuel to Huffman, Sarah E. on Apr 11, 1880
Dewey, Omer B. to Purcell, Flora E. on Oct 27, 1894
Dewitt, James B. to McCullough, Madeline on Jan 02, 1861
Dewitt, Joseph C. to McCullough, Elizabeth on Feb 10, 1867
Dewitt, W.W. Webster to Reger, Laura Victoria on Nov 16, 1876
Dewitt, William to Meals, Amanda on Oct 21, 1869
Dezam, Huston to Young, Cora M. on Jan 10, 1884
Dickerson, Alex W. to Vaughn, Jane on Feb 07, 1891
Dickerson, Charles H. to Gray, Emma L. on Feb 09, 1898
Dickerson, Darl C. to Glidewell, May on Jan 12, 1896
Dickerson, Edward F. to Guymon, Ana O. on Sep 02, 1895
Dickerson, James to Saners, Martha on Mar 12, 1868
Dickerson, James to Snow, Mattie on Feb 14, 1892
Dickerson, John to Ham, Mary M. on Oct 18, 1876
Dickerson, John to Laws, Serenia A. on Feb 05, 1899
Dickerson, John E. to Gemison, Mary J. on Oct 11, 1872
Dickerson, Robert W. to Browning, Laura E. on Oct 10, 1895
Dickerson, Spencer to Browning, Milly J. on Sep 21, 1893
Dickerson, Thomas M. to Statch, Laura on Sep 08, 1897
Dickerson, William H. to Seaman, Minnie M. on May 19, 1895
Dickinson, Alexander to McCorkle, Mary Ann on Oct 17, 1872
Dickinson, Lorenzo A. to Tucker, Emma on Dec 19, 1894
Dickson, Alexander to Sanders, Nancy J. on Sep 02, 1875
Dickson, George W. to McNabb, Susan E. on Apr 08, 1884
Dilkes, Elijah to Sparks, Milly on Sep 14, 1866
Dill, Thomas to Thompson, Rebecca on Sep 08, 1896
Dillen, Isaac J to Walker, Rebekah A. on Apr 04, 1878
Dilliner, A.D. to Munn, Florence on Jan 25, 1894
Dillinger, Alfred R. to George, Mrs. Margaret L. on Oct 05, 1877
Dillinger, J.J. to Beck, Martha Ellen on Apr 30, 1874
Dillinger, James M. to Wilson, Wealthy D. on Sep 03, 1883
Dillinger, James M. to Crane, Emma E. on Sep 13, 1891
Dillinger, John W. to Coffman, Annie E. on Feb 11, 1882
Dillon, Jacob R. to Downing, Margaret on Jan 02, 1881
Dimmitt, Robert O. to Steele, Mary E. on Apr 02, 1899
Dixon, Francis to Barbee, Emma on Jun 21, 1885
Dixon, William M. to Stringen, Mattie on Feb 24, 1889
Doak, Alexander S. to Sears, Mary M. on Apr 03, 1871
Doak, Henry B. to Wager, M. L. on Aug 23, 1871
Dobson, Sumner to Norman, Stephen on Dec 17, 1854
Dodson, Charles to Bohanan, Alice on Dec 22, 1890
Dodson, Edmond S. to Pipes, Robisty A. on Dec 14, 1875
Dodson, Francis M. to Williams, Eliza J. on Mar 31, 1863
Dodson, James A. to Judd, Lottie on Mar 15, 1891
Dodson, James O. to Knifong, Mine E. on Aug 18, 1898
Dodson, Job to Dodge, Mary on Dec 20, 1863
Dodson, John to Head, Lucinda on Jan 07, 1877
Dodson, John to Judd, Eleanor on Dec 29, 1889
Dodson, John C. to Bundies, Rachel on Mar 18, 1886
Dodson, John C. to Bundies, Mary J. on Nov 06, 1895
Dodson, Joseph to O'Neal, Mary on Dec 05, 1850
Dodson, Marcus to Taylor, Mary on Jul 20, 1854
Dodson, Martin to McCowen, Sarah E. on Mar 14, 1880
Dodson, Pleasant to Jones, Mary A. on Dec 25, 1878
Dodson, R.S. to Clipch, Mary on Mar 09, 1875
Dodson, Virgel J. to Bohaunan, Rosa M. on Nov 22, 1894
Doke, Samuel to Doak, Margaret J. on Sep 11, 1857
Dolleris, Lewie to Downing, Sarah on Oct 15, 1884
Donoho, George M. to Bruce, Olie B. on Jul 09, 1890
Donoho, James W. to Shipley, Mary on Apr 06, 1854
Donoho, Thomas Alexander to Cams, Martha Lucinda on Apr 03, 1879
Donohoo, Robert to Duffield, Margaret E. on Apr 10, 1873
Doolin, Claud S. to Neff, Ida D. on Dec 25, 1890
Doolin, George B. to Crooks, Ella M. on Apr 09, 1893
Doolin, Hiram to Cooper, Mary Frances on Mar 02, 1854
Doolin, James M. to Hill, Sallie R. on Dec 21, 1880
Doolin, Lee Roy to Dobbins, Mattie on Mar 13, 1890
Doolin, T.J. to Johnson, Ann E. on Jun 06, 1877
Doolin, William C. to Crooks, Alice on Apr 29, 1891
Doolin, William Henry to Johnston, Sarah on Dec 31, 1865
Dormer, James M. to Norman, Nancy J. on Jul 19, 1896
Dormer, W.M. to Newell, Maude on Jul 13, 1881
Dormer, William to Wallace, Elizabeth on Apr 28, 1880
Dorner, Thomas M. to Phillips, Amy E. on Jul 31, 1881
Dorrell, James to Barnett, Sarah L. on Nov 15, 1857
Dorsey, Joseph F. to Archer, Denne on Sep 11, 1889
Dorsey, Theadore H. to Davis, Louisa J. on Jan 27, 1857
Dotson, J. to Whitcomb, Mary on Dec 08, 1878
Dotson, Jethro to Sleeper, Lydia P. on Sep 23, 1847
Dotts, David to Cavenee, Mavrntha on May 12, 1881
Doty, Frank to Smith, Amanda on Nov 25, 1888
Doty, William A. to Russell, Etta M. on Mar 14, 1889
Douglas, A.P. to Whiteaker, Katie on Oct 05, 1894
Douglas, John to Alexander, Eliza on Jul 30, 1862
Douglass, William to Brown, Laura on Jan 10, 1886
Douler, Frank C. to Clark, India on Oct 27, 1889
Doven, Solomon W. to Penn, Eunice E. on Aug 20, 1890
Downen, Joel L. to Gilworth, Sarah W. on Nov 14, 1856
Downen, Joel L. to Lyle, Mrs. Mary J. on Sep 26, 1882
Downen, Samuel to South, Martha J. on Dec 24, 1874
Downey, John M. to Russell, Mary on Feb 24, 1861
Downing, C.T. to Eggman, Nancy C. on Dec 25, 1884
Downing, Charles T. to Neel, Mary on Sep 14, 1882
Downing, David A. to Craft, Laura A. on Jul 24, 1893
Downing, Ellis to Curtis, Clarry A. on May 07, 1889
Downing, W.G. to Baker, Edna on Apr 08, 1893
Downing, William to Walker, Isalula on Mar 24, 1878
Downs, B.P. to Vaughn, Clarinda on Oct 05, 1873
Downston, Charles to Thomas, Virginia on Nov 05, 1871
Downtain, Walter W. to Williams, Anna B. on Oct 12, 1882
Doyle, Daniel to Moraine, Catharine on Feb 04, 1859
Doyle, Daniel to Russell, Hannah on Aug 06, 1862
Doze, Franklin to Bishop, Fannie A. on Nov 21, 1880
Doze, Job to Snow, Mary on Apr 6 , 1882
Doze, Peter P. to Wood, Rebecca E. on Dec 13, 1882
Drake, J.D. to Morgan, Melvina on Jun 26, 1869
Drake, James T. to Eaparthen, Lucinda on Sep 10, 1863
Draper, Samuel M. to Madden, Caroline Flora Adaline on Jul 03, 1880
Dray, Annias to Hughes, Fannie on Oct 04, 1897
Duckworth, Parsan A. to Roach, Fannie on Aug 23, 1885
Duckworth, William D. to Hill, Linda on Aug 16, 1891
Duckworth, William E. to Johnson, Allie H. on Sep 18, 1895
Duckworth, William S. to Hoover, Mrs. Martha on Sep 11, 1859
Dudley, Thomas W. to Blackwood, Victory B. on Jul 16, 1886
Duffield, George G. to Graham, Louise A. on Aug 04, 1864
Duffiell, Samuel to Elmore, Catherine on Apr 28, 1859
Dugan, John to Davidson, Mavia on Oct 03, 1889
Dugley, J. to Woods, Mary J. on Aug 12, 1880
Duley, George E. to Collins, Laura J. on Feb 03, 1889
Duley, Robert W. to Smith, Maggie B. on Jun 01, 1890
Duncan, Fred R. to Browning, Louie E. on Dec 24, 1899
Duncan, Henry B. to Morley, Mattie E. on Oct 06, 1897
Duncan, James H. to Meekins, Maggie A. on Sep 04, 1888
Duncan, Joseph Lee to Van Wye, Minnie B. on Dec 20, 1899
Dunlap, Alexander to Bingham, Elizabeth on Sep 05, 1850
Dunlap, Alonzo to Ginder, Alice on Jan 14, 1886
Dunlap, Benjamin to Hunsaker, Phebe on Dec 07, 1882
Dunlap, Isaac to Johnson, Tabitha on Dec 29, 1867
Dunlap, James to Campbell, Santippa on Oct 15, 1893
Dunlap, James B. to Hedrick, Mary C. on Nov 15, 1866
Dunlap, James J. to Sholes, Elta on Dec 04, 1887
Dunlap, John to Gibson, Maud F. on Dec 17, 1899
Dunlap, John A. to Eaton, Grace on Dec 29, 1897
Dunlap, Thomas A. to Smith, Lizzie on Oct 04, 1891
Dunn, William to McClin, Mrs. Angeline on Oct 19, 1879
Dunton, Lisilvonus to Parker, Sarah on Jul 15, 1863
Dupree, Thomas S. to Spears, Nancy E. on Jan 20, 1879
Durbin, Dennis F. to Casteel, Hannah J. on Jul 06, 1893
Duskey, James P. to McCloud, Luella on Sep 08, 1889
Duskey, Moses P. to Hardin, Syndrilla on Feb 15, 1863
Duval, James to Linn, Julia on Sep 02, 1874
Duvalld, Samuel to Leaply, Sarah E. on Dec 25, 1886
Dye, George to Buckallew, Della on Jun 13, 1897
Dyer, John A. to Curns, Sabina on Mar 08, 1866
Dyer, R. to Sterling, Margaret A. on Mar 01, 1866
Dyer, Samuel S. to Busby, Mary on Nov 25, 1886
Dyer, Wiley F. to Waller, Sarah E. on Nov 17, 1873
Dyer, William C. to Long, Eliza on Apr 11, 1875


Eades, Edgar to French, Sithy on Nov 24, 1878
Earhack, Charles to Gibson, Huldah J. on Jan 17, 1875
Earles, William A. to Easley, Emma F. on Jul 04, 1883
Easley, Isaac N. to Crouch, Winnie on Jun 29, 1877
Easley, Walter J. to Stanton, Cora on Dec 23, 1891
Eastman, Hiram F. to Helms, Kittie on Feb 17, 1897
Eastman, Willard R. to Harrelson, Effa on Jan 05, 1898
Eastwood, Charles I. to Abrams, Minnie M. on May 19, 1895
Eastwood, Dekaib to Brown, Rachel M. on Dec 03, 1865
Eastwood, Harry W. to Hyde, Birdie B. on Jan 09, 1899
Eastwood, Lewis E. to Goins, Mary C. on Oct 08, 1890
Eaton, Charles M. to Neal, Sallie on Jul 21, 1888
Eaton, Charles T. to Mitchell, Ida on Nov 05, 1891
Eaton, Elisha K. to Ralls, Millie on Mar 28, 1894
Eaton, Henry to Matkins, Eliza Ann on Oct 10, 1867
Eaton, James to Todd, Ruth Ann on 11N , 1860
Eaton, James E. to Dearing, Mrs. Matilda E. A. on Aug 21, 1881
Eaton, James F. to McGee, Nancy R. on May 28, 1881
Eaton, James F. to Pile, Mary E. on Feb 19, 1899
Eaton, James H. to Reed, Nancy W. on Nov 19, 1893
Eaton, Robert L. to Collins, Minerva E. on Nov 11, 1896
Eaton, William B. to Harris, Mary E. on May 15, 1851
Eddy, H.H. to Marquis, Mary S. on Mar 20, 1881
Eddy, Hulcy C. to Meeks, Mary E. on Oct 01, 1895
Eddy, John W. to Whipple, Minnie on Feb 15, 1890
Edmonds, Edward to Adams, Theressa M. on Apr 14, 1897
Edson, Leslie C. to Lynider, Dora E. on Sep 09, 1879
Edwards, J.A. to Ashley, Elizabeth on Jul 04, 1878
Elam, William to Cady, Laura on Nov 30, 1882
Elder, John to Bower, Corilla A. on Apr 23, 1868
Eley, Cuff to Harris, Minnie on Dec 30, 1886
Elledge, Gilbert M. to Parrish, Mary Jane on Jul 12, 1857
Ellidge, Thomas B. to Jaynes, Rebecca on Feb 12, 1882
Elliott, Alexander M. to Sevier, Ida L. on Feb 13, 1881
Elliott, James O. to Dodson, Mary J. on Sep 22, 1884
Elliott, Jefforson D. to Harmon, Josie on Mar 16, 1883
Elliott, Thomas to Harris, Eliza on May 27, 1891
Ellis, Irvin to Sloanaker, Sarah F. on Feb 15, 1885
Ellis, John N. to Felker, Barbara E. on Jan 16, 1890
Ellis, William A. to Tunnell, Martha A. on Sep 11, 1881
Ellison, J.H. to Smick, Henritta on Dec 25, 1891
Ellison, John to --, -- on May 08, 1859
Ellison, John to Campbell, Frances on Apr 19, 1866
Ellison, Monty C. to McDonald, Nancy R. on May 10, 1887
Ellit, Henry to Williams, Rebecca J. on Aug 16, 1885
Ellwood, William R. to Green, Mary E. on May 03, 1891
Elmore, Harrison to Tipton, Sarah on Jun 17, 1847
Elsea, Benjamin F. to Grasnier, Amanda on Nov 14, 1897
Elwood, Charles L. to Johnson, Alta on Jan 01, 1896
Elwood, G.H. to Day, S. A. on Jan 17, 1878
Elwood, John A. to Green, Rachel E. on Mar 03, 1886
Emberton, George C. to McCollum, Lillie on Mar 27, 1892
Emberton, George W. to Boyd, Eliza Ellen on Nov 01, 1860
Emberton, James to Helmans, Adie on Apr 22, 1888
Emberton, John to McManaman, Maggie on Dec 04, 1887
Emberton, John T. to Dennis, Mary C. on Aug 26, 1897
Emberton, Nathan W. to Creason, Mary Jane on May 17, 1861
Emberton, William to Hill, Sarah Ann on Dec 15, 1853
Emberton, William to Simpson, Cora on Aug 05, 1897
Emberton, William H. to Vanway, Electa on Dec 01, 1861
England, John C. to Gray, Amilda on Mar 07, 1886
England, Smith to McNeece, Lana on Jun 28, 1874
England, William to Lamar, Della on Apr 01, 1888
England, William E. to Price, Nancy C. on Nov 19, 1862
England, Willis B. to Gray, Viola on Jun 23, 1891
Enslow, James V. to Moore, Dennie O. on Dec 27, 1898
Erwin, John D. to Tunnell, Elizabeth M. on Apr 15, 1871
Erwin, William A. to Goddard, May on Oct 08, 1896
Eubanks, David A. to Henry, Florence on Jul 07, 1878
Eubanks, F.S. to Rumbley, Emma E. on Dec 15, 1879
Eubanks, Humphrey W. to Marshall, Eliza M. on Jan 01, 1890
Eubanks, M.G. to Shaver, Louisa F. on Nov 01, 1887
Eubanks, William to Elsworth, Nancy on Jun 09, 1877
Evans, Edward R. to Miller, Cora B. on Nov 08, 1896
Evans, L.D. to George, Christina E. on Dec 30, 1888
Evans, Russel to Grim, Elizabeth on Jan 19, 1855
Evans, Soloman G. to Lewis, Sarah Isabelle on Jul 11, 1875
Evans, Walter L. to Ryan, Ida R. on Jun 07, 1892
Evans, William to Head, Mary on Mar 11, 1861
Everhart, James C. to Graham, Mattie H. on Jun 26, 1881
Everhart, Wm. L. to Wilson, Emma on May 07, 1882


Fadget, William to Hearrelson, Rebecca on Dec 07, 1883
Fairbanks, Charles to Reed, Rosa on Dec 27, 1889
Fairbanks, James M. to Fry, Elizabeth E. on Jul 10, 1880
Fairbanks, Noah to English, Kate on Jul 21, 1885
Fairbrother, Henry to Robinson, Mrs. Mary J. on Aug 30, 1898
Fairley, Albert M. to Jewett, Allie M. on Jan 20, 1893
Fairley, Milton W. to Todd, Letitia F. on Dec 25, 1880
Fairley, Perry M. to Webb, Lillie D. on Jul 03, 1886
Fancher, Charles J. to Skiles, Lydia A. on Oct 29, 1872
Fanning, Charles to Spenser, Hennetta Jane on Oct 01, 1882
Fanning, David to Carmack, Nancy J. on Feb 23, 1886
Fanning, Jacob to Hamlin, Catherine on Jul 06, 1851
Fanning, James M. to Helmes, Minnie B. on Dec 19, 1897
Fanning, John to Spencer, Abigail on Jul 13, 1874
Fanning, Reuben to George, Agnes on Sep 01, 1870
Fanning, Reuben H. to Goodwin, Isabell on Feb 02, 1879
Fanning, Thomas B. to Helms, Melinda M. on Jan 24, 1897
Fanning, William to Hill, Mary E. on Jan 06, 1884
Fans, William C. to Beals, Louisa on Oct 09, 1852
Farley, Charles H. to Cutsinger, Junie G. on Jan 01, 1892
Farley, David to Gibbons, Nancy G. on Jan , 1872
Farley, James to Hamrick, Julia Ann on May 27, 1855
Farley, James M. to Stewart, Henrietta F. on Nov 28, 1888
Farley, Richard to Cochran, Mary A. on Oct 22, 1865
Farley, W.F. to Miller, Salie on Dec 17, 1890
Farley, Wright to Struder, C. on Dec 22, 1878
Farnsworth, Franklin L. to Grear, Ann E. on Sep 23, 1858
Farson, Thomas H. to Moffitt, Mary J. on Nov 22, 1881
Fascett, Riley to Kesterson, Amanda on Oct 12, 1889
Fassett, Sherman A. to Ellis, Jalie on Feb 16, 1895
Fear, James B. to Shiflett, Rosa on Jun 21, 1883
Fearn, William B. to Frazier, Margaret L. on Aug 24, 1884
Fearnow, Thomas N. to Camlen, Sarah E. on Nov 28, 1889
Febs, John to Cleeton, Louvonia on Oct 05, 1884
Ferrell, John W. to Owings, Mary H. on Jul 04, 1893
Ferrell, Samuel W. to Sallbary, Artie on Apr 10, 1899
Ferris, Samuel to McAllister, Jennie M. on Jan 30, 1887
Fertig, M. Mitchell to Hatcher, Hulda T. on Sep 05, 1883
Fertig, Thadeus S. to Boyer, Susanna on Apr 11, 1875
Fetherly, John to Saulsberry, Mary A. on Jan 04, 1869
Fetters, W.H. to Gum, Catharine V. on Apr 15, 1883
Fetty, Edward G. to Schrock, Cornelia on Feb 24, 1867
Fields, Andrew J. to Riley, Ellen on Dec 01, 1881
Fields, David J. to Hall, Eliza on Nov 23, 1861
Fields, Jacob M. to Shephard, Bertha A. on Sep 01, 1898
Fields, John to Heralson, Virginia on Aug 19, 1847
Fields, John S. to Brumbaugh, Rebecca on Oct 05, 1883
Fields, John S. to Jones, Elzora on Sep 07, 1893
Fields, John W. to Myers, Katie I. on Oct 24, 1888
Fields, Patterson F. to Dearing, Lydia E. on May 05, 1884
Fields, Perry B. to Kelly, Adaline on Feb 17, 1853
Fields, Perry B. to Maggart, Sarah on Dec 07, 1854
Fields, Samuel to George, Ann Mary on Dec , 1874
Filson, Allen to Purdin, Emma on Aug 30, 1893
Finchum, David M. to Burnett, Mary E. on Sep 08, 1892
Finchum, James W. to Phillips, Deborah F. on Sep 04, 1891
Finchum, John C. to Pierce, Alma S. on Sep 15, 1895
Finchum, Robert to Pierce, Mary H. on Aug 20, 1887
Finchum, Samuel to Ross, Martha L. on Jul 31, 1895
Fink, George B. to Vaughn, Mary E. on Aug 22, 1878
Finley, Samuel A. to Starkey, Lucinda on Jul 11, 1857
Finney, John W. to McQuoun, Virginia K. on Aug 19, 1860
Finney, Thomas to Reves, Maggie A. on Nov 13, 1887
Fish, Charles M. to Pfeiffer, Susan on Sep 29, 1887
Fish, Lafayette to Bradford, Kay Seeley on Oct 02, 1873
Fisher, A.O. to Hudson, Allis on Nov 15, 1874
Fisher, Charles A. to Anderson, Weithie on Dec 02, 1894
Fisher, Elijah C. to Head, Emma J. on Jul 01, 1882
Fisher, George A. to Caunell, Nora S. on Oct 04, 1897
Fisher, John to Higgin, Mary E. on Feb 17, 1877
Fisher, Samuel to Fertig, Helen on Oct 20, 1870
Fisher, William A. to Spray, Mary F. on Jan 23, 1873
Fisher, William H. to Simmons, Nannie A. on Apr 13, 1884
Flanagin, Charles M. to Beeler, Ellen on Nov 06, 1895
Flanagin, Fredric M. to Ledford, Sonora on Apr 02, 1898
Fleenor, William to Perigo, Eliza A. on Aug 16, 1896
Fleetwood, William to Roseling, Rebeca on Dec 14, 1887
Fleming, James T. to Becker, Jane on Jun 19, 1895
Fleshman, John W. to Dell, Rosa on Dec 25, 1883
Fleshman, S.L. to Dell, Maggie on Dec 24, 1885
Fletcher, Thomas to Michael, Armilisa on Jan 28, 1872
Flower, James to Morris, Mary on Apr 03, 1866
Fodell, Nicholas to McDole, Rachel on Aug 30, 1874
Forbes, D.L. to Meeks, Amanda M. on Apr 15, 1888
Forbes, Frances S. to Spray, Annie on Sep 27, 1891
Forbes, John H. to Taylor, Clara on Oct 02, 1892
Ford, Benjamin F. to McCracken, Armedie F. on Dec 05, 1869
Ford, George to Berry, Elizabeth B. on Mar 10, 1872
Ford, Grant to Foster, Nancy on Oct 25, 1863
Ford, Henry to Gramling, Mary Jane on Jun 22, 1879
Ford, James A. to Boume, Julia B. on Mar 19, 1895
Ford, James G. to Coffman, Orpha on Dec 24, 1896
Ford, John to Wattenbarger, Elizabeth Ann on Apr 05, 1866
Ford, John G. to Gramling, Margaret J. on Nov 11, 1869
Ford, John W. to Jennings, Ella M. on Apr 05, 1894
Ford, Martin to Love, Tabitha J. on Sep 16, 1866
Ford, Simon P. to Clark, Susan M. on Jul 26, 1863
Ford, Simon P. to Clark, Susan M. on Jul 26, 1863
Ford, Thomas L. to Wright, Mollie on Nov 03, 1895
Ford, William to Cummings, Jane on Jan 01, 1863
Ford, William T. to Williams, Lydia L. on Jun 12, 1881
Ford, Wm. J. to Franklin, Clella M. on Aug 24, 1890
Fosher, M. Elmer to Chadwell, Jennie on Oct 01, 1896
Foster, Alfred to Clem, Annie M. on Aug 14, 1898
Foster, Alva R. to Kent, Rebecca J. on Mar 20, 1890
Foster, George W. to Cooper, Bessie A. on Sep 27, 1899
Foster, Jacob L. to Beck, Susannah C. on Feb 08, 1881
Foster, James E. to Butler, Lucretia B. on Dec 29, 1895
Foster, James I. to Kent, Elizabeth A. on Apr 07, 1889
Foster, Jno. W. to Jones, Anna L. on Feb 27, 1890
Foster, Robert W. to Dickerson, Nettie on Oct 22, 1894
Foster, Thomas A. to Browning, Sarah E. on Nov 02, 1890
Foster, Thomas H. B. to Jackson, Martha J. on Jun 14, 1863
Foster, Walker to Rose, Ann on Sep 01, 1880
Foster, William to Couch, Rebecca E. on May 11, 1865
Foster, William to Baker, Malinda on Nov 03, 1868
Foster, William H. to Nichols, Sarah M. on Sep 18, 1887
Foster, William L. to Bailey, Nellie J. on Oct 28, 1894
Fox, Hannibal to Taylor, Henrietta on Oct 25, 1870
Fraizer, T.W. to Findon, Sarah K. on Sep 28, 1879
France, Isaac to Warren, Harriet on Sep 24, 1868
Francis, Arthur D. to Roach, Rosa E. on Apr 19, 1891
Francis, Henry to Ayres, Claria S. on Sep 02, 1883
Franciscs, William E. to Murphy, Jerusia E. on Mar 19, 1892
Franklin, A.C. to Shaw, Eliza J. on Aug 13, 1871
Franklin, Alexander to Crowdes, Ela on Dec 29, 1879
Franklin, Charles M. to Ridding, Sinah on May 04, 1884
Franklin, Edmond to Knifong, Dydama on Jul 22, 1851
Franklin, Edward D. to Jones, Susie on Nov 02, 1897
Franklin, Henry C. to Talbert, Cora B. on Apr 30, 1891
Franklin, I.R. to Myers, Daisy M. on Feb 16, 1899
Franklin, James to Jones, Ann on Nov 08, 1868
Franklin, James C. to Jones, Mollie C. on Nov 03, 1897
Franklin, Jesse to Shatto, Elizabeth E. on Jul 04, 1872
Franklin, Melill to Blair, Jane on Oct 04, 1875
Franklin, Russell to Taylor, Elsie A. on Sep 16, 1898
Franklin, William to Crawford, Mary on Mar 01, 1858
Franklin, William to Doover, Levisa on Jun 30, 1872
Frazer, James to Jones, Mary Ann on Oct 19, 1851
Frazer, Joshua to Beachamp, Margaret on Jan 1 , 1853
Frazer, William E. to Cannon, Maggie M. on Mar 12, 1899
Frazier, Archibald to Miller, Alsinda on Apr 10, 1868
Frazier, Benjamin to Lee, Mary on Mar 21, 1861
Frazier, Benton to Bennett, Elizabeth on Dec 08, 1861
Frazier, Cantrel R. to Subert, Syntha Jane on Feb 25, 1857
Frazier, E.E. to Kenley, Mary L. on Oct 11, 1891
Frazier, Eliah U. to Tunget, Mary Ann on Feb 04, 1869
Frazier, Elihu E. to Starns, Velonia on Jul 30, 1894
Frazier, Elihu E. to Pipes, Sarah E. on Sep 24, 1896
Frazier, Francis to Summers, Rachel on Feb 27, 1877
Frazier, Henry to Bechem, Pricy on Oct 29, 1857
Frazier, James E. to Beacham, Josephine on Nov 10, 1859
Frazier, Jasper to Washburn, Frances Belle on May 07, 1876
Frazier, Joe C. to Simpson, Lue E. on Jun 25, 1891
Frazier, John to Lee, Sarah on Sep 13, 1857
Frazier, John to Henson, Sarah C. on Oct 15, 1891
Frazier, John W. to Tipton, Flora on Oct 05, 1890
Frazier, Ora N. to Ridenour, Lulu on Apr 22, 1895
Frazier, Roy M. to Shatto, Lizzie on Jan 15, 1893
Frazier, Sterling P. to Ryan, Elizabeth G. on Jun 18, 1895
Frazier, T.W. to Saulsberry, Delilah on Jan 07, 1883
Frazier, William to Lee, Malinda on Sep 23, 1855
Frazier, William E. to Frazier, Abbie on Mar 21, 1886
Fredenburgh, Francis M. to Hall, Nancy on Sep 26, 1858
Freed, E. to Christy, Blanch on Jun 20, 1880
Freeland, Daniel G. to Warren, Maude E. on Sep 30, 1894
Frequa, Richard W. to Grantham, Martha on Mar 02, 1876
Fulks, Charles to McCart, Martha on Jan 06, 1870
Fulks, James T. to Meeks, Amanda J. on Apr 19, 1896
Fulks, William W. to Reynolds, Margaret A. on Feb 22, 1884
Fuller, Lorenzo D. to Campbell, Jane on Oct 01, 1875
Fulton, Ethelbert to Adams, Susie on Apr 16, 1896
Fulton, John H. to Barnes, Tellitha on Sep 30, 1858
Fungate, John to Williams, Mary Ann on Nov 17, 1858
Fussleman, John to Ryan, Mary on Nov 25, 1877

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