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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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(Unknown Surname), John C. to McClaskey, Catharine on Nov 12, 1877
(No name given) to Riley, Jemima on Sep 22, 1850


Abbott, Isaac C. to Kent, Ann on Jan 21, 1872
Abersumlin, Samuel D. to Storey, Margaret J. on Mar 28, 1877
Abott, John C. to Babbit, Mary C. on Aug 30, 1868
Ackers, George W. to Rause, Tiney on Mar 06, 1887
Ackles, Stephen to Rhodes, Isabel on Jul 09, 1891
Ackroyd, Walter to Cooley, Lucinda on May 10, 1868
Aclin, Samuel to Havens, Hattie on Sep 28, 1893
Adams, Charles W. to Lucas, Virtus E. on Apr 27, 1881
Adams, Dennis to Jaques, Mary Maria on Nov 07, 1858
Adams, Dennis E. to Coon, Violet E. on Feb 15, 1891
Adams, Isaac to Hollon, Jane on Sep 03, 1857
Adams, James M. to Cunningham, Martha J. on Sep 01, 185
Adams, James S. to Martin, Rosa B. on Nov 20, 1892
Adams, John to Vaughn, Eliza Ann on Nov 19, 1863
Adams, John Q. to Ames, Clara L. on Mar 22, 1896
Adams, John W. to Hollon, Florence L. on Jun 05, 1887
Adams, John W. to Johnson, Alice on Sep 30, 1896
Adams, William S. to Stringen, Mary C. on Jan 15, 1889
Addlesparger, John E. to Jaques, Mazilla B. on Feb 12, 1882
Addlesparger, William J. to Neal, Joan on Feb 17, 1878
Adkinson, John M. to Moberly, Rachel on Apr 20, 1873
Adlesperger, George O. to Clark, Mary E. on Feb 02, 1896
Afton, George H. to Brown, Alice Adelie on Mar 25, 1879
Aibright, Charles E. to Mullins, Della on Jan 01, 1895
Akers, John M. to Lawhorn, Minnie O. on Apr 16, 1893
AlIred, William W. to Jennings, Malinda J. on Feb 11, 1883
Albright, Frank to Phiffer, Mattie O. on Mar 25, 1888
Albright, George T. to Mullens, Lora on Dec 25, 1892
Albright, Henry to Pickens, Florence F. on Dec 31, 1880
Albright, John F. to Preston, Annie on Jan 14, 1886
Albright, Ulysses G. to Piercy, Ella E. on Dec 25, 1895
Albross, Charles D. to Moore, Arry on Sep 21, 1870
Alexander, Alfred E. to Bunch, Alvey on May 21, 1863
Alexander, David to Hickabotom, Mary on Nov 20, 1870
Alexander, G.W. to Swopes, Ida B. on Apr 19, 1894
Alexander, James W. to Smith, Ada A. on Dec 25, 1898
Alexander, John to Pate, Elizabeth on Feb 21, 1864
Alexander, John W. to Hunsaker, Ovetta on Nov 30, 1899
Alexander, Littleberry to Owen, Irena on Aug 30, 1882
Alexander, Robert L. to Roberts, Minerva A. on Dec 25, 1889
Alexander, Samuel to Owens, Mrs. Letha on Mar 05, 1876
Alexander, Thomas J. to Riddle, Emma on Mar 10, 1895
Alexander, V.C. to Ridenour, Lucretia on Mar 11, 1894
Alexander, Van C. to Straley, Annie on Jan 01, 1884
Alexander, Wm. G. to Seaman, Mary Jane on Nov 03, 1847
Alibright, Phillip to Davis, Catharine A. on Oct 15, 1855
Alired, Jesse T. to Adams, Lucinda on Jul 05, 1855
Aljer, Hewerdine A. to Pickens, Norma G. on Dec 13, 1896
Allen, Alolphus to Cowerdan, Mrs. Mary E. on Dec 28, 1870
Allen, Darrus to Harpham, Susanna on Aug 19, 1860
Allen, David to Williams, Florence on Apr 10, 1887
Allen, Eugene E. to Dunlap, Mary on Feb 21, 1892
Allen, George W. to Madkins, Martha J. on Mar 03, 1867
Allen, Gustavus V. to Harding, Ida L. on Mar 03, 1897
Allen, Hosa Benson to Brummitt, Allier on Apr 18, 1889
Allen, James P. to Ruw, Rose E. on Sep 13, 1882
Allen, Raymond O. to Dunlap, Mattie on Dec 23, 1894
Allen, Theodore E. to Cherry, Mattie on Dec 11, 1898
Allen, Thomas A. to Shatto, Lucinda on Nov 13, 1884
Allen, William to McGuinn, Wildy on Apr 28, 1866
Allen, William to Rose, Lizzie on Sep 29, 1897
Allen, William M. to Burckhalter, Carrie on Oct 25, 1890
Allen, William W. to Burchett, Sarah M. on Dec 31, 1893
Allred, John M. to Fourney, Martha Jane on Feb 23, 1857
Allright, Elijah to Jones, Delilah on Oct 02, 1864
Almond, Eddie A. to Webb, Luella I. on Aug 05, 1893
Almond, Edward A. to Wattenbarger, Martha E. on Jan 30, 1898
Almond, J.C. to Smith, Lena R. on Oct 18, 1893
Almond, L.W. to Coffman, Emma on Sep 01, 1886
Almstead, Mahue to Norman, Mary on Dec 02, 1859
Alomothy, George to Boice, M. Lizzie on Feb 21, 1875
Alred, Thomas to Hargus, Scyntha on Aug 24, 1845
Alspach, Fredris to Brumanagh, Ida M. on Dec 25, 1887
Altizer, Joseph M. to Hill, Olive V. on Jul 25, 1881
Altizer, Silas H. to Wattenbarger, Jennie L. on Nov 06, 1895
Amenda, Lewis to Calstedt, Louise on May 27, 1874
Amerman, Wesley R. to Williams, Emma F. on Jun 04, 1893
Ames, Charles M. to Beck, Maud B. on Jan 27, 1897
Ames, Edward F. to Brown, Becca on Feb 28, 1897
Ames, George T. to Harmon, Maggie E. on Jul 01, 1896
Ames, Harry to Cory, Maggie on Apr 11, 1889
Amrim, Richard to Wright, Lucinda on Jul 03, 1860
Anderson, Alexander to Lewis, Roseanna on Oct 11, 1868
Anderson, B.S. to Martin, Lucetta on Mar 31, 1857
Anderson, David W. to Starnes, Lazzie on Dec 08, 1888
Anderson, George W. to Edens, Jossie R. on Mar 26, 1899
Anderson, Hugh C. to Elder, Laura B. on Dec 25, 1895
Anderson, James W. to Cotton, Rosa E. on Apr 04, 1892
Anderson, James W. to Hays, Laura F. on Apr 12, 1894
Anderson, John Floyd to Ellwood, Marietta on Jul 12, 1877
Anderson, John L. to Goforth, Bessie on Mar 27, 1898
Anderson, John S.H. to Anderson, Laura F. on Apr 05, 1897
Anderson, Peter A. to Bozarth, Henrietta on Jan 09, 1881
Anderson, R.S.B. to Keele, Mrs. Elida on May 29, 1881
Anderson, Richard I.B. to Stewart, Margaret on Apr 22, 1896
Anderson, Robert N. to May, Nealey J. on Dec 02, 1886
Andis, William to Campbell, Mrs. Francis E. on Jan 25, 1885
Andrews, A.J. to Henderson, Clera E. on May 22, 1880
Andrews, James B. to Hollon, Madlin on Aug 04, 1881
Andrews, Mark T. to Boynton, Doda S. on Sep 01, 1887
Andrews, Milton to Lafaver, Mary E. on Mar 04, 1896
Anspach, Jno. W. to Smart, Martha K. on Nov 21, 1888
Anspach, Willis W. to Hurley, Nancy A. on Nov 30, 1873
Anspaugh, Christian to Hurley, Marinda on Jun 21, 1863
Arbuckle, Charles H. to Sorge, Dora E. on Jan 04, 1891
Archer, Marcelles to Shearer, Ella Armanda on Dec 21, 1868
Ardis, John to Willis, Perthenia N. on Aug 29, 1872
Armstrong, Edward C. to Sayres, Leco on Apr 14, 1899
Arnold, Wm. E. to Jacobs, Kattie on Dec 10, 1890
Artherton, Thomas to Daveson, Martha on May 20, 1845
Arthur, James to Yardley, Rosa Bell on Nov 18, 1878
Arthur, Joseph to Hays, Martha on Apr 26, 1868
Arthurs, Andrew J. to Brumbaugh, Amanda on Sep 13, 1874
Arthurs, Joseph to Quigley, Polly on Nov 11, 1855
Arthurs, Thomas C. to Mason, Mrs. Hannah E. on Jun 25, 1879
Ash, Byron to Smith, Missouri Louisa on Dec 03, 1874
Ash, Cbristopher Columbus to Witter, Malissa on Nov 06, 1873
Ash, Edmund to Jones, Sallie E. on Dec 26, 1883
Ash, Robert B. to Morris, Hester B. on Jun 17, 1885
Ash, William A. to Pfeiffer, Mollie on Nov 25, 1886
Ashley, Charles to Greenwood, Mary on Mar 22, 1881
Athon, Charles E. to Bailey, Bell on Jun 23, 1887
Atkins, J.L. to Glaze, Emily C. on Oct 31, 1878
Atkins, J.S. to Watson, Laura S. on May 09, 1880
Atkins, James W. to Smith, Belle on Mar 01, 1886
Atkins, Richard R. to Mullins, Dora on Jul 01, 1883
Atkinson, Hiram F. to Sandford, Mollie E. on Jun 15, 1889
Atwill, Wm. S. to Nichoken, Elemetta F. on Sep 05, 1880
Atwood, C.W. to Caldwell, Isabell on Jul 04, 1888
Atwood, Columbus to Higgins, Matilda A. on Nov 08, 1866
Atwood, Fletcher to Norman, Nancy Ann on May 23, 1861
Atwood, Frank W.R. to Starnes, Mary on Jul 01, 1896
Atwood, James to Price, Sarah A. on Apr 21, 1864
Atwood, Wesley G. to Coon, Catharine A. on Oct 06, 1889
Austin, Harvey to Johnson, Edna C. on Dec 05, 1896
Austin, James W. to Smith, Frances E. on Jan 05, 1891
Austin, Wm. H. to West, Laura on Jul 04, 1899
Authoy, William A. to Richmond, Anna N. on Dec 20, 1896
Auxier, George N. to Martin, Susan B. on Apr 02, 1885
Auxier, Samuel M. to Watson, Polly Ann on Jan 20, 1878
Auxier, Samuel M. to Arratsm, Mary on Dec 27, 1892
Auxier, Thomas J. to Banner, Ellen on Feb 28, 1892
Auxier, William to McWhorter, Virginia V. on Jul 20, 1879
Avery, Mathew to Hanworth, Nancy on Oct 08, 1890
Avery, Mathew J. to Pipes, Mrs. Jane on Feb 03, 1885
Ayer, John C. to Briggs, Maud on Aug 07, 1892
Ayers, Isaac to Bray, Mary E. on Apr 15, 1880
Ayers, William C. to Haynes, Rinda on Sep 18, 1864


Babb, Clark to Collins, Amanda S. on Apr 11, 1896
Babcock, J.H. to Mitchell, Effie on Nov 18, 1877
Bachman, Ira to Jackson, Marcena B. on Sep 20, 1874
Bachman, J.F. to Pierce, Effie M. on Feb 21, 1895
Bachman, Soloman B. to Hartford, Martha T. on Dec 29, 1887
Baebman, Andrew to Conklin, Lillie M. on Dec 25, 1899
Bagley, Silas N. to Long, Margaret C. on Aug 08, 1858
Bagwell, Homer A. to Smith, Etta on Feb 05, 1893
Bagwill, William H. to Parish, Belle on Aug 23, 1891
Baidridge, Marion F. to Vaughn, S.M. on Mar 08, 1877
Baidridge, Richard Benton to McWhorter, E.M. on Mar 26, 1876
Bail, Abner F. to Murphy, Louisa F. on Aug 20, 1886
Bailey, Aldo E. to Taylor, Ola S. on Jul 11, 1899
Bailey, Alexander to Crump, Sarah J. on Oct 10, 1860
Bailey, Charles to Rardon, Flora V. on Sep 06, 1889
Bailey, Charles W. to Cochran, Erminnie on Oct 22, 1899
Bailey, Daniel to Blair, Amanda M. on Mar 16, 1867
Bailey, David to White, Nettie D. on Sep 30, 1896
Bailey, David A. to McConnell, Martha on Jan 03, 1884
Bailey, David L. to Crowder, Anna on Nov 22, 1894
Bailey, Edward to Rhoads, Surrelda J. on May 26, 1881
Bailey, Fred L. to Russell, Etta M. on Feb 24, 1895
Bailey, Henry C. to Clark, Minnie on Feb 11, 1869
Bailey, Henry J. to Teeter, Mary J. on Aug 12, 1880
Bailey, Henry S. to Harre, Minnie M. on Feb 18, 1886
Bailey, James D. to Bass, lona M. on Jun 10, 1897
Bailey, James M. to Dobbins, Margaret on May 15, 1859
Bailey, James W. to Hudson, Emma on Mar 03, 1887
Bailey, John to McGittigen, Lucinda on Aug 04, 1874
Bailey, John to Strain, Nancy Jane on Mar 17, 1881
Bailey, John to Thompson, Cyrene on Aug 20, 1889
Bailey, John A. to Beaty, Laura O. on Oct 10, 1889
Bailey, John L. to Rider, Permelia J. on Jan 06, 1870
Bailey, John M. to Johnson, Martha J. on Apr 01, 1869
Bailey, M.G. to Dearing, Lucinda V. on Apr 04, 1890
Bailey, Oscar to Hannon, Rosa A. D. on Nov 06, 1899
Bailey, Thomas W. to Ruw, Sarah on Oct 14, 1882
Bailey, William to Thorn, Sarah on Dec 10, 1864
Baily, John S. to Shearer, Mabel J. on Nov 15, 1893
Baily, William H. to Gammon, Sonora B. on Sep 25, 1892
Baird, David to Steele, Mary on Jul 21, 1853
Baird, George H. to Cheyney, Harriet H. on Mar 03, 1892
Baird, J.T. to Henry, Ann M. on Jan 24, 1872
Baker, David J. to Clubine, Grace M. on Mar 26, 1899
Baker, Edwin G. to Greenstreet, Della on May 28, 1899
Baker, Francis M. to McCollum, Mary A. on Dec 23, 1865
Baker, George A. to Peavler, Mary Jane on Dec 11, 1870
Baker, George A. to Johnson, Mary A. on Feb 14, 1886
Baker, George T. to Beck, Lily N. on Jun 16, 1896
Baker, George W. to Floyd, Addie M. on Jul 21, 1886
Baker, J.F. to Davis, Bennett F. on Jan 31, 1878
Baker, James to Merryman, Martha on Sep 18, 1853
Baker, James W. to Pyatt, Rachel on Oct 12, 1865
Baker, Joel Palmer to Brown, Mary E. on Mar 01, 1881
Baker, Larkin to Couch, Catherine on Dec 16, 1862
Baker, Levi to Wilson, Lelia E. on Oct 25, 1885
Baker, Luy to Strode, Permelia A. on Sep 26, 1875
Baker, Milton to Waggoner, Rachel on Dec 19, 1869
Baker, Pleasant to Larence, Lizzie Jane on Jan 28, 1867
Baker, Robert A. to Stufflebean, Nancy J. on Apr 09, 1882
Baker, Robert C. to Brittian, Minervie on Nov 10, 1889
Baker, Samuel to Lemons, Charlotte on Apr 10, 1851
Baker, Samuel to Morris, Elizabeth on Feb 11, 1864
Baker, Samuel to Curl, Mary on Oct 31, 1876
Baker, Samuel R. to Pickerell, Nancy J. on Sep 07, 1883
Baker, Sylvester J. to Cooper, Sarah J. on Apr 11, 1880
Baker, Thomas A. to Coffman, Louella A. on Feb 19, 1880
Baker, Thomas A. to Custer, Rosa on Dec 27, 1897
Baker, William L. to Myers, Jane on Jul 28, 1880
Baker, William T. to Page, Nancy L. on Apr 29, 1896
Baker, William W. to Shores, Mollie on Sep 13, 1894
Baldridge, Alva W. to McCabe, Kate on Nov 22, 1899
Baldridge, Chester A. to McKinsey, Eliza R. on Apr 24, 1895
Baldridge, Elliott to Crane, Virginia E. on Nov 15, 1874
Baldridge, Eugine to Payne, Dora T. on Apr 27, 1884
Baldridge, George W. to DaIzell, Belle on Oct 07, 1877
Baldridge, Hugh to Matkins, Bessie M. on Mar 26, 1899
Baldridge, James to Hess, Margeret on Jun 03, 1864
Baldridge, Jasper M. to Sears, Julia on Oct 28, 1860
Baldridge, John to Gose, Mary E. on Jul 22, 1866
Baldridge, Lindley M. to MeCave, Sarah on Jun 10, 1860
Baldridge, Marion F. to McCabe, Kate on Jan 27, 1870
Bales, Morris L. to Dearing, Cora E. on Oct 25, 1896
Bales, Wm. R. to Dearing, Mary L. on Jan 04, 1891
Baley, Alex to Demmitt, Maggie P. on Mar 18, 1885
Baley, David H. to Cook, Sarah F. on Feb 29, 1880
Ball, Aaron H. to Lafaver, Amelia on Mar 29, 1868
Ball, Daniel C. to Powell, Florence A. on May 07, 1874
Ball, Franklin T. to Harris, Anny C. on Dec 25, 1867
Ball, George to Crouse, Lydda M. on Jan 18, 1867
Ball, J.P. to Hensley, Vesta E. on Dec 06, 1891
Ball, John W. to Wattenbarger, Martha M. on Feb 08, 1888
Ballenger, James H. to Clawson, Katie on Sep 19, 1895
Balls, George W. to Winfrey, Ida on Feb 27, 1895
Bankes, Oswell to Camp, Lieu on Mar 05, 1899
Bankus, Cyrus to Dunlap, Laura on Apr 05, 1888
Bankus, George P. to Riggen, Nancy on Jan 31, 1871
Bankus, John A. to Cavernee, Sarah on Jan 14, 1872
Bankus, John M. to Price, Esther on Dec 14, 1899
Bankus, Lloyd to Lundry, Alice on Nov 26, 1876
Bankus, Nathan to Dunlap, Dulcinda on Jun 08, 1876
Bankus, R.W. to Watt, Mary on Mar 11, 1877
Banner, Daniel to Payne, Malinda B. on Dec 25, 1887
Banner, Grant to Smart, Mary B. on Dec 08, 1886
Banner, J.S. to Cokerham, Lona on Dec 22, 1890
Banner, James S. to Shaffer, Ida on Aug 15, 1886
Banner, Robert to Fulton, Nancy on Nov 09, 1890
Banner, Samuel to Baidridge, Sarah Caroline on Apr 28, 1861
Banner, William to Scobee, Anna on Nov 25, 1888
Banner, Winfield Scott to Robberts, Frances on Mar 04, 1883
Banty, Bartholomew Fervigi to Scott, Maggie on Apr 28, 1878
Barbee, Andrew J. to Guymon, Mabel R. on Sep 27, 1895
Barbee, George W. to Deeds, Effie J. on Jul 16, 1899
Barbee, John W. to Norman, Levina Jane on Aug 03, 1873
Barbee, Washington to Watson, Mrs. Martha R. on Oct 09, 1881
Barbee, William H. to Miller, Mary J. on Sep 17, 1887
Barclay, Daniel W. to Vollier, Kate on Jul 12, 1893
Bardey, James Abraham to Deeds, Susanna on Dec 27, 1866
Bargar, D.W. to ????, ???? on Dec 23, 1882
Barhee, Thomas H. to Shifflet, Ann Eliza on Jan 16, 1880
Barkley, William to Webb, Martha M. on Dec 31, 1876
Barner, Samuel T. to Ross, Nancy on Mar 27, 1870
Barnes, Daniel to Quigley, Malinda on Feb 06, 1859
Barnes, James to Rush, Matilda on Mar 27, 1859
Barnes, John L. to Propps, Ida B. on Jun 30, 1889
Barnes, Squire to Day, Mary A. on Oct 20, 1863
Barnett, Burgon to Payne, Virginia E. on Jan 30, 1870
Barnett, Burgoyser M. to Kern, Florintha on Sep 30, 1880
Barnett, Claire B. to Irving, Mary Bell on Aug 22, 1895
Barnett, Ed to Tolle, Minnie A. on Mar 29, 1891
Barnett, Isaac to Smoote, Ethel on May 01, 1899
Barnett, John to Maxey, Mary E. on Apr 06, 1873
Barnett, Moses F. to Martin, Mary J. on Sep 08, 1867
Barnett, W.S. to Couplin, Amanda on Jun 13, 1880
Barnett, William M. to Brackett, Phebe A. on Feb 14, 1869
Barnett, William S. to Roan, Martha W. on Jun 26, 1856
Barnett, William S. to Barnett, Mary J. on Dec 25, 1890
Barr, J.W. to Doggett, Julia on Aug 22, 1886
Barr, William to Hamilton, Isabelle on Dec 22, 1885
Barrass, Granville to Hooker, Martha A. on Dec 05, 1883
Barrott, John to McDonald, Ellen on May 23, 1882
Barston, Thomas to Cannon, Minnie Belle on Dec 26, 1888
Bartemiss, Elza D. to Rushton, ---- on Mar 04, 1888
Bartemus, Stephen D. to Starns, Emeline on Jul 04, 1889
Bartimus, Charles to Sterling, Katie on Sep 19, 1895
Bartisser, John to Salsberry, Pearl on Sep 02, 1896
Bartlett, Addison S. to Halliburton, Mary F. on Feb 27, 1887
Bartlett, Harmon J. to Woodruff, Celicia on Aug 14, 1879
Bartlett, Harmon J. to Smith, Lucy on Mar 09, 1891
Bartlett, Hugh to Payne, Mary on Apr 03, 1870
Bartlett, Hugh Marshall to ---, America Elizabeth on Sep 12, 1872
Bartlett, John to Bartlett, Dorothy on Apr 09, 1876
Bartlett, Joseph to Marshall, Louella on Dec 31, 1876
Bartley, to Harris, Cynthia Jane on Aug 06, 1865
Bartley, Samuel B. to Riley, Nora A. on Aug 25, 1897
Barton, Alexander to Bennett, Sarah on Jan 09, 1876
Barton, Henry to Parton, Elizabeth on Sep 24, 1865
Barton, Lewis to Barnett, Susan M. on Oct 25, 1872
Baskett, Stephen S. to Keller, Isora L. on Jul 07, 1870
Bass, Cornelius to Fry, Adalee on Aug 04, 1872
Bass, Joshiali to Marques, Lavina on Nov 28, 1867
Bass, W. to Montgomery, S.L. on Feb 13, 1877
Basset, Lucas to McNeece, Permelia J. on Mar 28, 1871
Bassett, Lucus to Bowman, Fedella on Nov 23, 1884
Bates, Charles to Taylor, Armilda Jane on Jan 31, 1847
Bates, Harvey C. to Bailey, Christian B. on Dec 31, 1896
Baugh, John M. to Dell, Frances L. on Apr 26, 1874
Baughman, Elbert T. to Asher, Wordie M. on Mar 19, 1876
Baull, John W. to Weaver, Catharine on Jun 06, 1858
Bay, Thomas W. to Bradford, Mary M. on Aug 27, 1889
Bayles, Clay to Brumbaugh, Lizzie on Nov 26, 1881
Bazarch, James Madison to McKelnedy, Rachel on Jan 27, 1853
Bazarch, James Madison to MeKelnedy, Rachel on Jan 27, 1853
Beabout, Charles C. to Boyd, Jennie L. on Feb 17, 1895
Beabout, Charles M. to Needham, Loy L. on Feb 04, 1894
Beabout, William L. to Price, LeEtta on Dec 30, 1888
Beal, George to Bookout, America on Jun 06, 1875
Beal, John to Gourley, Catherine on Dec 03, 1878
Beal, Lester to Detluck, Cynthia on Oct 10, 1876
Bealiner, Matbew O. to MeMillan, Bertha on Apr 25, 1897
Beall, James J. to Ledford, Philander C. on Dec 13, 1868
Beall, James R. to Grim, Catharine on Dec 09, 1859
Beall, Joseph J. to Grace, L. Gertie on Jan 05, 1896
Beall, Josephus to McDole, Mary Jane on Nov 14, 1867
Beall, Vivian to Darmell, Parthinia Ann on Nov 09, 1856
Beall, William L. to Kennedy, Clarissa M. on May 09, 1874
Bean, William J. to Walker, Susin on Mar 29, 1890
Beard, Fred W. to Smith, Lillie on Mar 28, 1886
Bears, Arthur E. to Scott, Ann E. on Apr 02, 1871
Bears, William W. to Vaughn, Roxa A. on Mar 03, 1872
Beasley, James Riley to Ditto, Elizabeth on Jan 29, 1860
Beasley, Peter B. to Hoselton, Carrie on Mar 25, 1899
Beasley, Thomas to Deeds, Rhuanna on Feb 12, 1871
Beasley, Thomas to Harris, Flora on Jul 28, 1893
Beathy, E. Dean to Walker, Ida I. on Nov 25, 1886
Beatty, Victor E. to Wuhite, Dora A. on Dec 25, 1898
Beatty, Virgil E. to Bailey, Emma J. on Apr 10, 1889
Bebout, Elisha E. to Myers, Nancy A. on Dec 28, 1871
Bechem, John Samuel to Quigley, Rosan on Oct 22, 1857
Beck, Anderson to McWhorter, Emily L. on Nov 03, 1870
Beck, H.H. to Straley, Nellie on Jul 30, 1894
Beck, J.W. to Wood, S.J. on Aug 13, 1876
Beck, James C. to Baker, Lucinda on Feb 10, 1881
Beck, James W. to Fancher, Frances on Oct 05, 1857
Beck, Martin to Brownfield, Martha on Nov 05, 1884
Beck, Palemon L. to Dellinger, Charlotte on Jun 20, 1869
Beck, Preston L. to Bozarth, Florence on Sep 19, 1885
Becker, George to Franklin, Sarah on Aug 21, 1873
Becker, William S. to Kenley, Elizabeth on Apr 03, 1881
Becker, William S. to Cutsinger, Jane on Apr 12, 1885
Beckett, John to Cotton, Anna F. on Sep 24, 1899
Beckett, John D. to Campbell, Louise on Jul 28, 1877
Beckley, Charles R. to Robinson, Samatha on Dec 29, 1882
Beelan, Samuel to More, Delilah on Aug 10, 1856
Beenly, Reuben to Weston, Mrs. Elizabeth on Mar 01, 1859
Beerle, Joseph G. to Capitoe, Adelaid G. on Apr 04, 1880
Beery, David to Woods, Phebe on Mar 14, 1876
Belcher, John W. to Gilmore, Dora on Feb 15, 1888
Bell, Augustus M. to Newton, Anabell on Mar 09, 1882
Bell, Daniel O. to Walker, Lilie on Dec 25, 1894
Bell, George to Sorrel, Lotta on Aug 10, 1886
Bell, John F. to Custer, Clara H. on Aug 08, 1886
Bell, Josephus to Downing, Jane C. on Jul 14, 1880
Bell, Lester to Hunsaker, Sarah on Nov 18, 1869
Bell, Mordecai to Woodruff, Alice on Nov 13, 1873
Bellows, Sanfred to Craig, Florence E. on May 22, 1881
Belshee, John to Smith, Nancy J. on Apr 21, 1857
Belt, Edward to Jessee, Caroline M. on Feb 16, 1868
Belt, John R. to Mellon, Corrine on May 17, 1883
Belzer, Albert to Crowden, Julia Ann on Feb 10, 1859
Belzer, F.M. to Peavler, Charlotte on Jun 27, 1875
Belzer, John to Haynes, Mary E. on Sep 25, 1856
Belzer, Marion to HarI, Frances R. on Jul 25, 1886
Belzer, Milton to Belzer, Hannah on Jul 17, 1864
Ben, John to Martin, Elizabeth on Jan 15, 1894
Benefiel, William 5. to Schrock, Lucy B. on Feb 19, 1880
Benfiel, William S. to Schrock, Lucy B. on Feb 19, 1880
Benham, John to Halliburton, Nancy Ann on Apr 12, 1857
Benham, Peter to Casteel, Nancy Jane on Nov 14, 1850
Bennett, C.O. to Roseberry, Maggie on Feb 27, 1881
Bennett, Edgar E. to Megrew, Nellie L. on Jan 27, 1895
Bennett, Edward A. to Scott, Pharosty on Feb 06, 1898
Bennett, Edward S. to Niblo, Bessie K. on Nov 23, 1899
Bennett, Fred E. to Bunnell, Rebecca on Dec 28, 1893
Bennett, Geroge to Frazier, Minnie on Oct 11, 1888
Bennett, Henderson to Malony, Mary on Mar 31, 1846
Bennett, J.S. to Payne, Ibbie on Mar 22, 1888
Bennett, James to Latham, Addie on Jun 04, 1879
Bennett, James J. to Hayes, Manerva S. on Aug 06, 1871
Bennett, Job J. to Gramlin, Elizabeth on Oct 10, 1875
Bennett, John S. to Frazier, Rachel on Feb 13, 1862
Bennett, Joshua J. to Kidd, Mary S. on Jun 17, 1855
Bennett, L.A. to Lawborn, Mary on Oct 10, 1880
Bennett, Manley to Tunnell, Mollie J. on Nov 07, 1897
Bennett, Raleigh to Weston, Louise on Oct 17, 1852
Bennett, Smith to Courtney, Lizzie on Jun 05, 1895
Bennett, Thomas S. to Jones, Pearl on Sep 25, 1895
Bennett, Wiley to Mcvay, Nancy on Oct 17, 1871
Bennett, William to Emberton, Mary on Dec 12, 1852
Bennett, William to Baker, Sarah on Mar 31, 1874
Bennett, William T. to Christy, Mary L. on Mar 24, 1889
Bentley, George to Little, Emma on Mar 18, 1863
Bently, George to Slack, Mary E. on Dec 19, 1861
Berghofer, Albert A. to Cosby, Abbie H. on Feb 11, 1896
Berr, Andrew Dye to Cowhick, Elizabeth Genevieve on Oct 15, 1861
Berry, William J. to Reddie, Eliza Jane on Oct 09, 1881
Bertschman, Simon to Miller, Dixie R. on Nov 20, 1894
Berz, John W. to Bennett, Catharine on Feb 26, 1858
Bibens, John W. to Belcher, Ellen on Oct 14, 1895
Bier, John T. to Green, Olive F. on Mar 29, 1899
Biffings, B.F. to Michels, Rachel on Jul 08, 1880
Bigham, Eddie S. to Bennett, Eva on Mar 21, 1891
Billingsley, John to Henry, Mary E. on Jul 28, 1896
Billups, Socrates to Bunch, Nancy on Nov 29, 1877
Bingham, Arthur W. to Nickell, Rue J. on Jan 18, 1892
Bingham, Calvin C. to Jones, S. on Jun 05, 1856
Bingham, Cecil A. to Knifong, Neva R. on Aug 04, 1896
Bingham, Jacob to Zern, Mrs. Nancy on Dec 23, 1884
Bingham, Jacob to Penn, Mary Isabelle on Mar 02, 1891
Bingham, James D. to Osborne, Belle on Dec 18, 1898
Bingham, James K. P. to Dunlap, Amanda J. on Sep 20, 1868
Bingham, John W. to Simmering, Martha on Aug 01, 1897
Bingham, Samuel to Dennis, Sarah on May 06, 1847
Bingham, William to Kenley, Mary E. on Jan 04, 1866
Bingham, William A. to Bartley, Leona on May 01, 1899
Bingham, William R. to Morelock, Mary E. on Mar 06, 1897
Birch, James H. to Reed, Accy on Dec 27, 1860
Bird, Allen to Bray, Eveline Emma on Jan 27, 1889
Birdsell, Thomas N. to Harrison, Rebecca J. on Jan 12, 1892
Birres, Matthew to Muck, Mrs. Sarah Ann on Jan 21, 1858
Biship, William C. to Cluster, Mary E. on Nov 30, 1879
Bishoff, George w. to Tyatt, Ida B. on Mar 10, 1889
Bishop, Hamilton to Border, Mary C. on Jan 16, 1881
Bishop, Samuel to Muck, Melvina on Dec 23, 1883
Bishop, Thomas S. to Peters, Mary A. on Feb 05, 1871
Bivins, B.F. to Fairbanks, Mrs. Ella on Oct 25, 1884
Bivins, Charles to Prather, Maggie on Feb 25, 1894
Black, Alva to Price, Mollie on Jun 18, 1897
Black, James Alexander to Smiley, Elizabeth Elender on Jan 03, 1878
Black, Paton Clark to Glidewell, Laura J. on Oct 12, 1874
Black, Robert W. to Wright, Eliza M. on Jun 16, 1867
Black, William to Baidridge, Kittie on Nov 23, 1897
Blackburn, Albert to Erwin, Jennie on Nov 29, 1894
Blackburn, John to Beazley, Belle on Oct 26, 1877
Blacker, Silas M. to Gender, Ella on Sep 22, 1891
Blackman, Alfred to Becker, Sarah on Oct 13, 1878
Blackman, George H. to Cross, Olivia on Oct 31, 1898
Blackman, Henry to Kane, Kate on Apr 29, 1874
Blair, J.W. to Blythe, Selina on Jan 29, 1869
Blair, James Buma to McDonald, Mary Jane on Aug 18, 1872
Blair, John to McDonnald, Deliah on Mar 22, 1874
Blake, James E. to Sullivan, Anna M. on Sep 06, 1899
Blakely, William to Stout, Elizabeth E. on Aug 17, 1865
Blame, Francis A. to Harris, Sarah E. on Apr 19, 1899
Blubaugh, Benjamin to Cook, Elvira on Sep 23, 1877
Blue, Alfred to England, Isabelle on Jul 30, 1846
Blue, U.C. to Chapel, Sarah J. on Aug 25, 1891
Blue, Uriah C. to Shepherd, Eliza Jane on Jul 28, 1878
Blulock, Meredith to Williams, Melvina on Jul 13, 1851
Blurr, James J. P. to Harris, Mary E. on Dec 14, 1865
Blythe, Charles E. to Price, Lizzie on Apr 12, 1896
Blythe, Pleasant M. to Deeds, Sarah A. on Apr 15, 1869
Board, Benjamin E. to Starkey, Mary E. on Nov 14, 1869
Board, Nicholas S. to Dennis, Permelia J. on Oct 21, 1888
Bolan, Emmet D. to Melton, Sarah C. on Feb 23, 1896
Bolander, Edward E. to Page, Cora on Feb 03, 1895
Bolen, L.P. to Belzan, Irene on May 22, 1853
Boling, John H. to Frazier, Lizzie M. on Jan 01, 1895
Bolinger, Charles H. to Broyles, Eva on Jan 31, 1897
Bolt, I.S. to McCullough, Elfin M. on Oct 14, 1885
Bonde, Sylvester T. to Glidewell, Hannah E. on Jan 31, 1894
Bonduran, B.H. to Hodge, Jennie on Aug 11, 1892
Boney, John to Sanford, Epsey P. on Mar 14, 1880
Boney, William M. to Creason, Annie on Dec 24, 1898
Bonham, George W. to Couch, Rachel M. on May 11, 1875
Bonham, Nelson M. to Richardson, Mary on Aug 05, 1871
Bonham, Richard to Couch, Eva on Mar 24, 1872
Bookout, Charles E. to Smith, Belle on May 25, 1893
Bookout, Eli to Dotson, Sarah Jane on Sep 29, 1853
Bookout, James to Coghill, Lidya E. on Nov 06, 1865
Bookout, James to Hereford, Francis M. on Apr 22, 1885
Bookout, John to Newton, Mary J. on Sep 09, 1878
Booron, John P. to Lafever, Rhoda E. on Sep 15, 1889
Booth, Thomas H. to DeWitt, Minnie H. on Apr 27, 1884
Boothe, Joseph to Adkins, Melia on Nov 29, 1860
Bord, Alonzo to Schrock, Hester on Dec 06, 1871
Bord, George to Birch, Achroah on Apr 13, 1864
Border, Joseph M. to Caidwell, Margaret A. on Mar 09, 1896
Bosser, William W. to Winters, Tennessee on Aug 11, 1885
Boston, Pullant M. to Abernathy, Rebecca J. on Apr 18, 1886
Boswell, Isaiah F. to Knifong, Mary on Sep 28, 1884
Botsen, Jacob R. to Wise, Nancy on Nov 21, 1880
Botts, Charle& H. to Beasley, Hattie E. on Jun 17, 1895
Botts, James to Warren, Mary A. on Jul 08, 1860
Bourn, William W. to Cave, Tairie A. on Sep 08, 1897
Bowen, Robert to Harthison, Eliza on Jun 16, 1845
Bowerds, William M. to Alexander, Mary Jane on Feb 18, 1872
Bowland, John to Johnson, Margaret on Dec 02, 1852
Bowman, Jacob to Stanly, Margaret on Jun 27, 1854
Bowman, John to Ireland, Sarah E. on May 19, 1859
Bowman, John B. to Desper, Sarah A. on Mar 14, 1886
Boxton, Hiram to Richardson, Margaret Jane on Mar 27, 1862
Boyce, Wesley to Frazier, Mary Jane on Mar 12, 1874
Boyd, A.B. to Bowman, Lydia on Apr 08, 1867
Boyd, A.W. to Matkins, Minnie E. on Dec 25, 1892
Boyd, Chas. to Gum, Emma B. on Mar 04, 1891
Boyd, David D. to Frazier, Amanda on Mar 22, 1866
Boyd, J.T. to Crocker, Millie on Feb 19, 1893
Boyd, J.W. to Miller, Emma on Sep 14, 1882
Boyd, James A. to Green, Minnie on May 07, 1874
Boyd, James A. to Wages, Mary J. on Feb 04, 1899
Boyd, John J. to Montgomery, Sarah on Sep 16, 1855
Boyd, John W. to Hill, Sarah J. on Nov 20, 1873
Boyd, Leonard S. to Morrow, Maud E. on Nov 12, 1899
Boyd, N.M. to Baldridge, Mattie on Nov 24, 1892
Boyd, Robert to Baldridge, Nancy on Dec 25, 1853
Boyd, Robert B. to Burch, Anna on Jun 25, 1875
Boyd, Robert F. to Carmer, Mrs. Mary A. on Mar 19, 1865
Boyd, Robert Wesley to Vandeveer, Polly N. on Jan 20, 1878
Boyd, Sherman H. to Emberton, Dora on Apr 25, 1886
Boyd, W.H. to Porter, Martha W. on Oct 14, 1891
Boyd, Wilson to Hill, Emerine on Dec 30, 1847
Boye, William to Yardley, Lucretia on Jan 06, 1859
Boyer, J.H. to Creason, Nannie E. on Sep 02, 1894
Boyer, Joseph to Williamson, Catherine on May 09, 1875
Boyers, George W. to Faller, Nellie on Oct 04, 1891
Boynton, Charles L. to Hardin, Ada on Feb 19, 1895
Bozarth, Andrew J. to Marshall, Flora J on Dec 12, 1880
Bozarth, Benjamin to Summers, Sarah A. on Jul 06, 1879
Bozarth, William to Hannah, Jennie on Jan 29, 1890
Bozerth, Alexander to Bray, Sarah Clementine on Aug 26, 1880
Brace, Otis to Spencer, Rachall on Aug 27, 1857
Brackett, Jesse to Campbell, Carrie on Oct 06, 1897
Brackett, Joseph C. to Tucker, Sarah on Jul 10, 1860
Brackett, Thas. B. to Kinney, Mary on Jul 30, 1854
Bradberry, Jacob G. to Harris, Delema E. on Nov 28, 1860
Braden, Alexander to Alurney, Maryancy on Aug 27, 1870
Braden, Henry N. to Coghill, Armilda on Sep 02, 1866
Braden, Joseph to Weaver, Nancy on Oct 17, 1861
Bradford, Henry to Campbell, Emily on Jan 04, 1877
Bradford, John M. to Wages, Alice W. on Apr 06, 1882
Bradley, C.C. to Thurman, Julia on Feb 18, 1886
Bradley, John L. to Schrader, Eva on Apr 16, 1884
Bradley, Joseph T. to Lowery, Emily on May 10, 1888
Bradley, Thomas to Desper, Leona on Mar 22, 1864
Bradley, Ulyssess S. to Collins, Elsie V. on Sep 17, 1899
Bradley, William to Adams, Marietta on Aug 04, 1886
Bradley, William A. to Desper, Julia A. on Oct 22, 1865
Bradshaw, Albert C. to Wilkin, Effie B. on Mar 05, 1899
Bradshaw, Edward to Smith, Josie on Aug 12, 1891
Bradshaw, Francis P. to Browning, Elvina A. on Oct 05, 1876
Bradshaw, George to Warren, America on Dec 01, 1873
Bragg, Benjamin J. to Harmon, Gracy Ann on Apr 04, 1864
Bragg, Jonathan L. to Powell, Thirca Ann on Aug 19, 1877
Bragg, Jonathan T. to Cleaton, Margaret on Feb 21, 1861
Brandan, A.C. to Hutchison, Ida L. on Oct 26, 1889
Brandon, Eden to Whitaker, Ermine on Oct 11, 1896
Brandon, Frank to Riddle, Sarah on Oct 11, 1890
Brandon, John to Shipley, Nettie J. on Mar 01, 1887
Brandon, John to Moddrell, Alvia C. on Oct 06, 1891
Branstetter, Cecil C. to Cooper, Jennie on Jan 17, 1895
Branstetter, Orlando O. to Kivett, Belle M. on Dec 31, 1895
Brantner, Aaron to Parker, Annie on Oct 01, 1871
Brantner, Charles Wesley to Parker, Mary Rebecca on Sep 05, 1880
Brantner, Herman J. to Brookshire, Elsie M. on Jun 18, 1896
Brantner, Martin M. to Maxey, Christina on May 29, 1881
Brantner, Mirton V. to Cannon, Lizzie on Dec 18, 1895
Brantner, Rolla to Martin, Elizabeth on Feb 17, 1861
Brantner, Sherman to Stanley, Nora Kate on Jun 17, 1886
Brantner, William to Green, Sarah E. on May 05, 1860
Brason, Mathew to Caldwell, - on Mar 08, 1859
Brassfield, G.B. to Law, Orpha W. on Dec 24, 1882
Brassfield, James P.K. to Hoover, Rachel on Aug 14, 1866
Brassfield, Sherman to Peters, Minnie on Nov 07, 1886
Brautner, Edward L. to Christ, Sallie on Dec 25, 1895
Brautner, George to Minor, Cora M. on Oct 04, 1894
Bray, A.R. to Montgomery, Lizzie on Apr 02, 1886
Bray, James N. to Olmstead, Sarah A. on Mar 28, 1889
Bray, Richard J. to England, Susan A. on Nov 05, 1896
Bray, William to Todd, Renie A. on Oct 10, 1895
Bray, William T. to Martin, Eva E. on Oct 30, 1899
Breeden, James P. to Hines, Samantha on Sep 21, 1885
Breeden, Lewis to Payne, Nancy on Jun 27, 1869
Breeding, Samuel R. to Shipley, Mary J. on Feb 05, 1899
Breeding, Wilkins P. to Neighbors, Venia A. on Mar 10, 1883
Brees, Wilfred to Beall, Clarissa P. on Jan 01, 1896
Brehm, Adolphus to Rottman, Icy on Oct 26, 1888
Brewen, Albert to Milburn, Sarah on Sep 17, 1885
Brice, George W. to Henry, Frances E. on Aug 02, 1883
Bridges, William G. to Gutsinger, Minnie A. on Feb 15, 1894
Bridtwell, Joseph C. to Dellzel, Ann E. on Aug 22, 1866
Bridwell, William A. to Harellson, Jemima on Jan 07, 1868
Briggs, Dallas B. to Kent, Daisy M. on Dec 06, 1898
Briggs, Thomas V. to Flanagin, Cora L. on Jun 01, 1890
Briggs, Thomas V. to Ledford, Oma on Mar 15, 1894
Brigham, B.A. to Lucas, Anna on May 10, 1893
Brinkley, Humphrey H. to Hollen, Cora Mae on Jul 30, 1887
Brinkley, James to Cleaton, Julia on Dec 28, 1881
Britton, C.L. to Minor, Jessie on Oct 13, 1892
Britton, Noah S. to Dover, Betsy J. on Nov 13, 1869
Britton, Philander to Harris, Rebecca on Apr , 1868
Brooks, Jacob to Wilson, Rosetta M. on Mar 17, 1867
Brooks, James to Mary Reynolds, on Aug 15, 1856
Brooks, Robert to Kidd, Mary A. on Mar 29, 1866
Brooks, William to Gray, Elvira on Mar 10, 1877
Brookshier, Granville to Jennings, Susan N. on May 01, 1861
Brookshier, Newton to Wooten, Rebecca on Jun 28, 1868
Brookshier, Thomas to Williams, Eliza on Jul 03, 1876
Brookshire, James N. to Dodson, Mettie E.F. on Aug 30, 1883
Brookshire, James N. to Baskett, Belle on Nov 21, 1886
Brookshire, Joseph to Wininger, Malinda on Dec 21, 1854
Brookshire, Thomas S. to Harman, Shinie on Apr 09, 1888
Brookshire, William W. to Hollon, Ida B. on Jan 14, 1888
Brown, Alexander to Jones, Augusta A. on Mar 17, 1892
Brown, Byron to Norris, Lola on Aug 16, 1896
Brown, Charles W. to Isaacs, Agnes on Sep 15, 1894
Brown, David T. to Reynolds, America E. on Mar 17, 1883
Brown, Deloss to Davis, Lucinda on Nov 10, 1896
Brown, Edward J. to Call, Della M. on Oct 16, 1897
Brown, G. to Rhodes, Susanna on Aug 17, 1870
Brown, George K. to Burns, Mary E. on Dec 22, 1892
Brown, Isaac W. to Shipley, Elizabeth E. on Nov 23, 1884
Brown, Jacob M. to Tunnell, Rhoda E. on Mar 04, 1880
Brown, James E. to Keithley, Jenne on Sep 20, 1888
Brown, James H. to Meekens, Susan on Dec 03, 1857
Brown, James H. to Harris, Annie B. on May 02, 1886
Brown, John N. to Weisner, Martha A. on Apr 18, 1888
Brown, Mathew to Simms, Laura on Nov 27, 1889
Brown, Moses W. to Johnson, Catharine on Dec 22, 1873
Brown, Ricey L. to Morris, Nellie on Jan 02, 1898
Brown, Robert J. to McClaskey, Mary J. on Oct 02, 1890
Brown, Samuel A. to Crannel, Susan on Jun 08, 1852
Brown, Samuel S. to MeClelland, Mrs. Sarah I. on Sep 12, 1898
Brown, W.A. to Price, Margaret A. on Jun 30, 1893
Brown, William to Gray, Eliza Jane on Dec 21, 1845
Brown, William to McCorkel, Carolina on Jan 30, 1870
Brown, William to Markes, Louisa on Jun 25, 1874
Brown, William A. to Bundridge, Martha E. on Jan 12, 1865
Brown, William B. to Maloney, Nancy J. on Jan 31, 1881
Brown, William J. to Humphreys, Minnie L. on Sep 30, 1894
Brownfield, James to Anton, Bertha on Oct 14, 1898
Brownfield, John E. to Phillips, Quinie T. on Aug 16, 1891
Browning, David to Seaman, Annart on Mar 19, 1871
Browning, Edward to Thompson, Judith on Feb 19, 1871
Browning, Ely H. to Osborn, Nancy E. on Jan 20, 1897
Browning, Howard S. to Riley, America on Jul 03, 1884
Browning, J.D. to Fertig, Emma H. on Dec 24, 1899
Browning, John A. to Fields, Argina on Apr 24, 1872
Browning, Jonah A. to Cougill, Annie B. on Dec 22, 1895
Browning, William Jasper to Huriburt, Julia A. on Dec 31, 1865
Brownlee, Joseph E. to Johnson, Licida on Mar 06, 1892
Broyles, Charles H. to Hale, Martha Jane on Feb 19, 1893
Broyles, James to Wooten, Cynthia on Aug 10, 1873
Broyles, L.C. to Conner, Cora B. on Oct 03, 1892
Broyles, Luther C. to WaIler, Erva H. on Mar 28, 1897
Broyles, Minter W. to Taylor, Bertha J. on Aug 10, 1894
Broyles, Nelson P. to Cotter, Hannah on Jun 17, 1866
Broyles, Newton S. to Tipton, Ellen on Jan 03, 1867
Broyles, Norley to Milburn, Ada M. on Sep 11, 1892
Broyles, Obadiah to Fields, Mary on Jan 21, 1877
Broyles, Samuel G. to Cutsinger, Phila T. on Feb 10, 1889
Broyles, William to Duskey, Cindarilla on Oct 08, 1885
Broyles, William to Barnett, Sadie A. on Jun 21, 1891
Bruce, Jonathan to Camlen, Martha on Nov 21, 1883
Bruke, Amos to Clevenger, Amanda on Oct 12, 1882
Brumbaugh, Daniel to Fields, Mary E. on Dec 23, 1882
Brumbaugh, George H. to Fanning, Mary L. on Feb 20, 1899
Brumbaugh, Philip G. to Halliburton, Mary D. on Dec 23, 1896
Brummett, Wm. R. to Miles, Stacey E. on Aug 19, 1881
Brummitt, William J. to Ellwood, Charlotte on Oct 05, 1872
Brundage, William H. to Scoles, Maude on Feb 21, 1897
Bruner, William E. to Morelock, Amanda C. on Feb 24, 1890
Brunk, William Charles to Atwood, Louisa on Jan 17, 1867
Bryan, Charles F. to English, Sarah W. on Jul 13, 1870
Bryan, Walter A. to Jones, Grace on Mar 26, 1894
Buckalew, Carl to Lewis, Ora P. on Jan 01, 1893
Buckalew, Shelby W. to De Volld, Mary L. on Jul 15, 1891
Buckalew, William F. to Long, Mary C. on Feb 16, 1874
Buckhart, Elijah to Herrailson, Ann on Aug 24, 1872
Buckmaster, Parker to Allmstead, Lucy Ann on Sep 12, 1869
Buckner, Charles B. to Peters, Maggie C. on Aug 18, 1889
Buckner, Joel M. to Peters, Emma M. on Aug 18, 1889
Buckner, Simon B. to Lovell, Sarah C. on Dec 13, 1896
Buell, Henry F. to Montgomery, Minnie B. on Mar 07, 1895
Bukley, Jacob B. to Regar, Mrs. Permelia A. on Jan 17, 1888
Bullock, Thomas to Richardson, Frances J. on Mar 01, 1874
Bumbarner, Daniel M. to Ledford, Clare E. on Oct 01, 1879
Bumgardner, Mathew to Creason, Lavica on Mar 07, 1861
Bumgarner, J.C. to Hardin, Cora on Jul 21, 1821
Bun, George A. to Myers, Minnie L. on Aug 27, 1897
Bunch, Benjamin F. to Garrett, Mary C. on Jun 21, 1874
Bunch, Franklin to Haynes, Lucinda F. on Mar 22, 1881
Bunch, George to Dover, Margaret on Feb 28, 1861
Bunch, George to Han, Margaret on Oct 11, 1885
Bunch, Hiram B. to Pickerel, Florence E. on Nov 12, 1893
Bunch, Hiram B. to Harl, Vica on Jul 20, 1899
Bunch, Joseph J. to Webber, Susan on Jan 17, 1864
Bunch, Stokley to Martin, Nancy A. on Apr 26, 1884
Bunch Jr., Stokely to Riddle, Amanda on Apr 12, 1867
Bundies, Edward P. to Bundridge, Lizzie on Feb 27, 1896
Bundies, Henry to Browning, Sarah on Jul 11, 1885
Bundis, Thomas H. to Myers, Alice on Mar 27, 1884
Bundridg, J.W. to Williams, Patsy on Apr 07, 1887
Bundridge, Alfred M. to McClelan, Nealie A. on Mar 13, 1898
Bundridge, J.H. to Pipes, Ida J. on Nov 11, 1884
Bundridge, Joseph W. to Arnold, Girtie E. on Oct 06, 1897
Bundridge, Thomas P. to Loug, Anny E. on Nov 21, 1875
Bundridge, William to Long, Elizabeth on Sep 28, 1897
Bungarner, William H. to Duly, Amanda M. on Mar 07, 1889
Buns, Jesse to Muck, Margaret on Oct 21, 1858
Burch, William S. to Sears, Farence C. on Mar 19, 1891
Burchett, Charles W. to Lucas, Jennie on Nov 09, 1882
Burchett, Charles W. to Sidders, Charlotta on Dec 20, 1887
Burchett, James R. to Kimberly, Maggie on Aug 03, 1890
Burchett, John Albert to Wood, D. Angeline on Nov 26, 1874
Burdett, Robert to Weston, Lucy J. on Nov 04, 1888
Burditt, Alexander to Stroud, Nellie on Jan 15, 1891
Burk, C.R. to Kelly, Mrs. R.J. on Sep 11, 1867
Burk, Greenberry to Lewis, Leona on Oct 22, 1871
Burkhart, James F. to Smith, Melissa on May 23, 1899
Burnett, Allen to Warren, Elizabeth on Nov 11, 1866
Burnett, James to Whitaker, Allice on Jul 25, 1880
Burnett, James to Eaton, Phebe on Oct 20, 1884
Burns, B.F. to Vanhorn, Martha on Oct 29, 1879
Burns, Harry A. to Troyer, Hattie E. on Dec 22, 1897
Burns, Robert H. to Schrock, Sarah L. on Jan 22, 1857
Burress, William J. to Cutsinger, Annie M. on Jan 04, 1874
Burriss, James R. to Patrick, Mary Sue on Dec 15, 1875
Burroughs, Robert to Wuhite, Mary J. on Dec 27, 1869
Burrus, F.W. to Bunch, Laura on Oct 18, 1893
Burrus, James Randolph to Patrick, Mary Catharine on Dec 15, 1875
Burrus, John W. to Darr, Elmira on Sep 05, 1891
Burrus, Thomas U. to Call, Nancy E. on Dec 23, 1894
Burt, James E. to Tunnell, Elizabeth J. on Dec 28, 1874
Burton, John W. to Johnson, D. Melvina on Jun 27, 1894
Burton, Richard to Taylor, Margaret on Aug 20, 1868
Busby, O.M. to Shucy, Belle on Sep 06, 1892
Busby, Robert W. to Moore, Julia A. on Jul 18, 1860
Busby, William T. to Holt, Melvina H. on Feb 06, 1881
Buseton, Henry to Meyers, Elizabeth on Oct 17, 1858
Busic, Dr. J. N. to Busic, Sarah on Jun 29, 1864
Busic, Joshiah W. to Morrison, Martha J. on Mar 02, 1866
Busick, Andrew J. to Day, Dorothy J. on Dec 29, 1877
Busick, David R. to Duley, Josaphine on May 13, 1882
Busick, Dennis S. to Busick, Aurelia A. on Jan 04, 1876
Busick, Isaac N. to Cleeton, Lena B. on Nov 25, 1875
Busick, Isaac N. to Fenchum, Sarah J. on Sep 14, 1879
Busley, Charley to Pickett, N. J. on Oct 26, 1879
Butler, Alfred K. to Williams, Nancy J. on Aug 23, 1886
Butler, George W. to McCully, Elizabeth E. on Mar 15, 1874
Butler, James to Mullins, Lucretia on Mar 21, 1853
Butler, James T. to Hollon, Mollie on Mar 18, 1887
Butler, James W. to Maxey, Mrs. Mary F. on May 03, 1885
Butler, John P. to Payne, Cordelia on Nov 07, 1874
Butler, Thomas P. to Kineberly, Saxee on Oct 15, 1889
Butler, Wm. A. to Maggart, Mary C. on Sep 28, 1879
Buxton, James to Moffett, Mattie on Apr 10, 1898
Buxton, Junius to Gudson, Flora A. on May 15, 1881
Buxton, Junius to Vanhook, Mary L. on Oct 17, 1886
Buxton, Oscar to Earhart, Mary D. on Feb 23, 1886

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