Kirk Cemetery, Sullivan County, MO

Compiled by Steven L. Pfeiffer, P.O. Box 104, Browning, MO 64630.
Located 1/4 mile East of North Salem, Mo., 300 yards North of the Highway.
It is just a few hundred feet inside Sullivan Co.
The fence in the 1950s became in bad repair and livestock has taken its toll on this cemetery.

"*"Means Parent
Name Birth Death Spouse or *Parent
,Nancy C. 1828 1868 KIRK,James F.
BAKER,Robert 1824 1884  COUCH,Elizabeth Jane
COUCH,Elizabeth Jane 1823 1900 BAKER,Robert
HALL,Flora E. 1884 1884 *HALL,Millard
KIRK,Abby Mabel 1876 1877 *KIRK,W.L.
KIRK,James F. 1828 1894 Nancy C.
KIRK,Madora Ann 1857 1864 *KIRK,James F.
ROBINSON,Emma M. 1884 1885 *ROBINSON,B.F.
SWISEGOOD,Andrew H. 1888 1888 *SWISEGOOD,John

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