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Head Cemetery

Cemetery pen and ink drawing.The Head Cemetery is a small one and located on the West side of Ember Road, Northeast of Browning, Missouri in Township 61 North, Range 20 West, Section 22.

Cemetery was surveyed and inscriptions taken in November 2002. Original inscriptions copied by Mrs. George W. Prather, Mrs. Elizabeth Ellsberry and Bryce Logan circa 1951.

Cemetery might [repeat might] have been called Locust Valley at one time. See note under Synthia Ann Broyles.

Original contributed by Robert Myers, 2002.
List has been place in (name) alphabetical order.

Head Cemetery Surname List Updated from Original
Name Birth|Death Dates Other Inscription & Comments
BIVENS, Anies d. 1-8-1889 Son of C. & M. B.
Age 8 Months 3 Days
BIVENS, Minerva d. 3-28-1892 Wife of Charles
Age 23 Years
BROYLES, Synthia Ann d. 7-11-1824 Wife of James
Age 22 Years 17 Days
Note: Checked on since death year look incorrect. Information verified in Linn County, Missouri, Cemetery Records, Vol. 2 & 8 but in Locust Valley Cemetery with graveyard located northeast of Browning, Mo., in Sullivan County.
CAMDEN, Greenberry d. 6-8-1887 Son of G.B. & Jane C.
Age 9 Years 2 Months
CURTIS, Tommy E. L. d. 8/28/1877 Age 3 Months
FISHER, Josie d. 1926 (No Stone)
FISHER, Lige d. 1943 (No Stone)
FISHER, Oscar d. 1943 Son of L. & J.
Age 58 Years
(No Stone)
HEAD, Daniel A. b. 11-18-1846
d. 12-17-1918
HEAD, Elizabeth d. 9-25-1870 Wife of Daniel
Age 22 years, 7 months, 4 days
Note: The original had Age 22Y, 7M, 4D which is a common entry on gravestone.
HEAD, James d. 8-15-1875 Husband of Lucinda E.
Age 51 years, 8 months, 13 days
Note: The original had Age 51Y, 8M, 13D which is a common entry on gravestone.
HEAD, John d. 8-16-1899 Son of D.A. & R. J.
Age 3 years, 8 months, 27 days
Note: The original had Age 3Y, 8M, 27D which is a common entry on gravestone.
HEAD, Rebecca d. 11-18-1865  
HEAD, Rebecca b. 12-21-1864
d. 1-25-1932
Wife of Daniel A.
MORRIS, Mary E. & Infant d. 9-3-1871 Age 20 Years

About This Update

The original compiled data has not been updated since 19-Jan-2003.

As of the modified date on this page (see below), there is no entry for the Head Cemetery on nor is it on the Topozone topographic map list for cemeteries in the county. TopoZone Topographic Link

The data has been put in table form. Original data will be kept on this site but no further updates will be done to that page.

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