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Hatcher Cemetery

Cemetery pen and ink drawing.The Hatcher Cemetery is quite small and its location on FindAGrave does not match that of what has been on this site for many years.

» Location that was original with this page has listed: From Boynton, on N Hwy, go .8 miles to Fourm Drive. Take a right (from here to the cemetery it is gravel/dirt road). Go about .1 mile and take a right between the house and the shed. Follow the road, about .1 mile, to the cemetery, which is on the right. After considerable map research for the update of this page, I believe this is incorrect.
» Location from other sources: Located on the Kenny Hedges farm approx. 3.5 miles northwest of Browning, MO, it's not reachable by road as it's in a pasture by his house. ~ See Hatcher FindAGrave Listing. This page also states it is near Cora and has a picture of the cemetery.
» for the cemetery gives the geocode for the cemetery states it is near Browning. A Google map check with satellite view show same location.

If anyone knows exactly where this cemetery is located, please let the web maintainer know. See the "submitting block" on the right side of page.
See new information below.

Original 'partial listing' of names only
contributed by Tim Wheeler, Nov 2003. On May 9, 2012, Mr. Wheeler notified me that the location now posted above is correct plus his new email address.
List has been placed in (name) alphabetical order.

Hatcher Cemetery Surname List Updated from Original
Name Birth|Death Dates Other Inscription & Comments
HATCHER, Clerissa See the this page on site. ~ Clarissa Harlan,
HATCHER, Eliza See the this page on site. ~ Elizabeth "Liza" Taylor??
HATCHER, Issac See the this page on site. ~ Isaac.
HATCHER, James A. See the this page on site.
HATCHER, John W.C. See the this page on site. Also see John W.C. Hatcher page on site. Includes picture of tombstone.
HATCHER, Martha J. See the this page on site. ~ Martha Jane Childers.
HOOKER, Andrew J. See the this page on site.
» The site also lists one other person buried in this cemetery: Mary S. Smith, third wife of John W.C. Hatcher Sr. This site has sources listed. Some are not 'primary' but believe that if you are researching this family, this site will be extremely beneficial.
» Another site found is the More information is listed there for John W.C. Hatcher as well as source info and an abandoned Hatcher Cemetery page.

About This Update

The data has been put in table form. Because no dates were in original submission, further research provided a family genealogy site with data on every person listed.

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