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Deep Springs Cemetery

Cemetery pen and ink drawing.The Deep Springs Cemetery is situated on Highway T, five miles southeast of Milan, and is contained in Section 35, Township 62 North, Range 20 West. The cemetery is situated in wooded hill country carved out by the last glaciation.

Deep Springs dates from the 1840's, and is therefore one of the oldest cemeteries in Sullivan County. Some headstones are broken, some have disappeared under the grass, and some are standing upright under trees on the perimeter, away from the burial sites. The newer part of the cemetery on the south end is arranged neatly in rows, but the north part is not. Some families are partially grouped together throughout. More complete information is available, but this transcription is taken (2002), as closely as we could make it, from the headstones themselves. If mistakes were made, they can be attributed to the weathering of many of the stones.

Original compiled by Zelda and David Maggart, 29-Sep-2002.

Deep Spring Cemetery Surname List Updated from Original
Name Birth|Death Dates Other Inscription & Comments
Bessie E. AMBROSE b. 1-16-1930
d. 7-20-2010
(Wife of James W.)
Note: Death date updated from Deep Springs FindaGrave which includes obituary & picture.
James W. AMBROSE b. 10-1-1928
d. 10-19-1994
“In Loving Memory”
Mike AMBROSE b. 1951
d. 1998
Nancy ANDREWS d. 1-8-1882 “Wife of James B. Andrews & ? Hollon, age 22yr”
Joseph AVERY No dates “Co. C 2nd Missouri Infantry”
Matthew J. AVERY d. 4-15-1892 “age 61yrs 11mo 15da”
Eveline BECKER b. 8-10-1825
d. 5-1-1893
(Wife of Hiram)
George T. BECKER b. 9-14-1850
d. 6-26-1876
“Son of Hiram & E. Becker”
Hiram BECKER b. 9-29-1826
d. 4-5-1879
Lizzie BECKER d. 3-4-1882 “Wife of W.S. Becker & daughter of J. & A. Kenley”
Charles S. BICKLEY b. 3-31-1858
d. 5-23-1908
Louisa M. BICKLEY b. 10-22-1864
d. 11-26-1920
(Wife of Charles)
Elpha Blanche BRINKLEY d. 8-14-1892 “age  mo 22da”, near Nancy Ellen Jennings ~ Note: On original, listed as childe with no family name. However, on FindaGrave, her name was , tombstone image has “Children of H.H. & G.M. Brinkley”.
Ida Bell BRINKLEY d. 2-4-1889
“age 1yr 8mo 1da”
near Thomas Hoskins ~ Note: On original listed as child, Ida Bell with no surname. On FindaGrave, her surname is BRINKLEY, tombstone image has “Children of H.H. & G.M. Brinkley”.
Oliver BROWN d. 1-6-1905 “Age 85 years”
Charles T.B. BROWNFIELD d. 4-17-1886 “Son of W.A. & Sarah;
age 5yr 5mo 29da”
Joseph O. BROWNFIELD b. 8-9-1883
d. 5-25-1975
Viola May BROWNFIELD b. 1892
d. 1990
(Wife of Joseph O.)
E. Frances BROWNING b. 1920 - 2007 (Wife of John A.)
Note: Death date updated from tombstone image on Deep Springs FindaGrave.
John A. BROWNING b. 1916
d. 1968
John Francis BROWNING d. 1942  
Robert Lee BROWNING b. 12-25-1965
d. 12-26-1965
V. Dean BROWNFIELD BROWNING b. 3-24-1928
d. 1-22-1979
Son of Joseph O. & Viola Mae (Breeding) Brownfield. Surname & family update provided by Harvey Pearson. Completed 6/3/2011.
Elizabeth BROYLES d. 8-25-1885 “age 62 yr 5mo 3da”
Eunice M. BUNCH b. 7-1-1913
d. 9-7-1994
(Wife of Truman)
Truman Wilbern BUNCH b. 8-13-1914
d. 8-21-1998
Annie E. BUNDRIDGE b. 1857
d. 1944
(Wife of Thomas P.)
Delpha M. BUNDRIDGE b. 1896
d. 1974
(Tombstone on FindaGrave shows Ernest as husband)
Edward BUNDRIDGE Jr. b. 7-14-1923
d. 5-13-1997
“MSgt USAF WWII & Korea”
Ernest BUNDRIDGE b. 1897
d. 1976
(Tombstone on FindaGrave shows Delpha M. as wife)
May A. BUNDRIDGE b. 1896
d. 1986
(Wife of Thomas E.)
Thomas E. BUNDRIDGE b. 1885
d. 1943
(Husband of Annie E.)
Thomas P. BUNDRIDGE b. 1853
d. 1933 (FindaGrave has died Thanksgiving Day which was November 30th.)
(Tombstone on FindaGrave shows Annie E. as wife)
Virgie Rae BUNDRIDGE b. 12-6-1921
d. 4-22-1986
(Wife of William Beryl)
(Tombstone on FindaGrave has Married Mar. 19, 1940.)
Wesley V. BUNDRIDGE b. 1916
d. 1918
William Beryl BUNDRIDGE b. 3-17-1922
d. 8-18-1985
See note for wife, Virgie Rae.
Mary E. BURTON b. 186?
d. 1892
(Surname could be HURTON?)
James W. BUTLER b. 6-30-1828
d. 4-11-1900
Lucretia BUTLER b. 7-27-1834
d. 8-19-1878
(Wife of James W.)
Mary C. BUTLER b. 1-9-1861
d. 6-28-1935
(Wife of William A.)
Mary E. BUTLER b. 2-22-1867 (or 87)
d. 5-20-1910
Stone patched
Nora J. BUTLER d. 5-27-1907
“age 18yr 5mo 17da”
Daughter of W.A. & M.C. Butler
-“Peace Perfect Peace All That Looks On This Meet Me In Heaven”
Perry L. BUTLER d. 5-16-1882 “Son of J.W. & Lucretia Butler
age 2mo 16da”
William A. BUTLER b. 5-1-1854
d. 6-8-1934
CARRALSO d. 8-9-1865
“age ?yr 3mo ?da”
Note: Not listed on Deep Springs FindaGrave.
Cornelia Hollon CASSIDY b. 1849
d. 3-29-1897
Aaron G. CLARK b. d. 6-30-1984 Buried with Danny, “Parents of Danny”~ Updates provided by Harvey Pearson who states that Aaron was the son of Todd & Vickie Clark. The date was taken from the back of Todd & second wife Jennifer's gravestone and says born, NOT died.
Danny Ray CLARK d. 1-21-1990 [Possible parents?] Ray & Aaron G. Clark” ~ Updated 6/3/2011 provided on information by Harvey Pearson who states that Danny was the son of Todd & his second wife, Jennifer; ergo half-brother to Aaron.
Frederick F. CLARK b. 6-9-1912
d. 9-6-1982
“SK2 Navy WWII, Korea, Vietnam”
H.R. CLARK No dates shown “Co. G 23rd Missouri Infantry”
Lizzie S. CLARK b. 1823
d. 1863
(Wife of William T.)
William T. CLARK b. 1816
d. 1859
Wilma Pearl CLARK b. 10-20-1915 - living (Wife of Frederick F.)
“COON”   No other information
Infant Daughter COUCH d. 6-2-1939 “Daughter of Lawrence & Corinne Couch”
Note: According to obituary on husband's FindaGrave page, her name was Nancy Elmire FRANKLIN.
b. 1872
d. 1944
(Wife of Tom A.)
Tom A. DANIELS b. 1870
d. 1933
See obituary on FindaGrave page; birth year differs.
Nimrod M. DAVIS b. 13-Sep-1833
d. 25-Jul-1915
Added 6/27/2012. Information provided by Connie Shippers who also stated he died in Pleasant Hill.
Tyler Leon DEARING d. 4-13-1983 [Info FindAGrave has birth as 4-13-1983.]
Tyson Don DEARING d. 4-13-1983 [Info FindAGrave has birth as 4-13-1983.]
John DENNIS d. 2-9-1852  
Lois E. DOWNEN b. 5-9-1913
d. 1-1914
“Daughter of L.L. & N.E. Downen”
Carolyn J. DUNLAP b. 3-17-1945 - living “We Love You”
Gale E. DUNLAP b. 1-1-1943
d. 12-21-1994
(Husband of Carolyn)
Abbagail FANNING b. 1855
d. 1933
(Wife of John)
John FANNING b. 1853
d. 1919
J.W. FLYNN d. 8-15-1904 “Age 31 yrs ?mo ?da”
Allen E. FOSTER b. 3-30-1911
d. 7-24-1969
Clifford FOSTER b. 1910
d. 1966
Dollie FOSTER b. 1916
d. 1989
(Wife of Clifford)
Dora Ellen FOSTER b. 1879
d. 1958
(Wife of J. William)
Elias M. FOSTER b. 1872
d. 1959
Georgia A. FOSTER b. 3-31-1913
d. 6-1-1980
(Wife of Allen E.)
Haskell G. FOSTER b. 3-8-1919
d. 3-6-2002
Infant son FOSTER d. 5-31-1931 “Son of Allen & Georgia”
J. William FOSTER b. 1865
d. 1947
(Tombstone on FindaGrave has wife, Dora Ellen.)
Velma Imogene FOSTER b. 2-28-1928
d. 1-31-2008
(Wife of Haskell) “Married 12-16-50” ~ (Obiturary posted on FindaGrave provided death date.)
Adam C. FRANKLIN b. 9-21-1846
d. 7-7-1925
(Tombstone on FindaGrave has wife, Eliza Jane. Obituary included.)
Chloe FRANKLIN d. 4-23-1907 “Daughter of J.R. & E. Franklin”
Conrad FRANKLIN b. 1-15-1790
d. 11-7-1865
“age 75yr 9mo 23da”
Eliza Jane FRANKLIN b. 7-12-1849
d. 1-31-1926
(Wife of Adam C.) ~ (Tombstone on FindaGrave has wife, Eliza Jane. Obituary included.)
Elsie FRANKLIN b. 12-16-1874
d. 6-5-1935
(Wife of John R.)
Infant son FRANKLIN b. 8-1-1911
d. 8-1-1911
“Son of R.E. & M.S. Franklin”
James B. FRANKLIN d. 7-9-1892 “age 14y 7mo 9da, son of J.K. & L. Franklin”
J.K. FRANKLIN b. 4-20-1844
d. 12-25-1942
John B. FRANKLIN (Dr.) b. 1-12-1819
d. 6-19-1876
John R. FRANKLIN b. 12-14-1875
d. 12-26-1956
John W. FRANKLIN b. 4-15-1878
d. 5-12-1878
“Son of A.C. & Eliza”
Louzann FRANKLIN b. 7-18-1849
d. 2-14-1917
(Wife of J.K.)
Mary S. FRANKLIN b. 4-4-1881
d. 8-10-1977
(Wife of Robert E.)
Nancy Ellen FRANKLIN b. 10-23-1824
d. 6-15-1878
(Wife of John B.) ~ Maiden name was Gray [
Nancy Ellen FRANKLIN b. 7-10-1864
d. 9-22-1866
“Dau. of J. & N.E. Franklin, 2yr 2mo 12da” Note: Incorrectly transcribed, 22yr 12mo 2da. Parents were John Bolling Franklin & Nancy Ellen Gray [ ~ Updated 12/13/2010
Nora L. FRANKLIN b. 10-26-1930
d. 1-14-2000
(Wife of Veldon L.)
Robert E. FRANKLIN b. 3-20-1874
d. 7-18-1959
Veldon L. FRANKLIN b. 2-27-1935
d. 11-12-1989
Vonda Margaret FRANKLIN b. 7-22-1921
d. 3-24-1922
William Earl FRANKLIN b. 9-3-1890
d. 1-1-1922
“Son of Jas. K. & Ann Franklin”
FRAZIER b. ?-21-1852 Stone badly worn
James GEORGE b. 12-28-1823
d. 12-23-1911
(Husband of Mary)
Mary GEORGE b. 10-11-1825
d. 12-27-1888
“Married 4-12-1842”
GLIDEWELL d. 1-29-02 “age 61yr 7mo 1da” next to John T. Glidewell
A. or R. Susan GLIDEWELL No dates shown “Daughter of J.T. & J.A. Glidewell”
Aaron S. GLIDEWELL b. 6-19-1812
d. 1-16-1886
“age 73yr 6mo 27da”M.
Dora May GLIDEWELL b. 12-21-1880
d. 7-1-1966
(Wife of James)
H. Dewaine GLIDEWELL d. 8-12-1944  
George W. GLIDEWELL b. 1861
d. 1933
Homer GLIDEWELL b. 1899
d. 1989
Infant GLIDEWELL b. 1932
d. 1932
James GLIDEWELL b. 2-27-1879
d. 10-28-1961
Joseph W. GLIDEWELL b. 8-4-1889
d. 9-12-1959
“Pvt Co E 70th Inf. WWI”
Margaret GLIDEWELL b. 4-20-1812
d. 1-12-1888
(Wife of Aaron S.)
Mary E. GLIDEWELL d. 12-2-1874 “daughter of W.D. & M.E. Glidewell, 10yr 5mo 12da”
Mary F. GLIDEWELL b. 1914 - living (Wife of Homer)
Nancy A. GLIDEWELL b. 1864
d. 1903
(Wife of George W.)
Ralph GLIDEWELL b. 6-10-1894
d. 10-20-1957
“MO Pvt Bt D 30th Fld Art WWI”
Susan (A. or R.) GLIDEWELL d. 10-10-1872 “Daughter of J.T. & J.A. Glidewell” ~ Note: this could be the same as the 'A. or R. Susan GLIDEWELL' listed above.
Thomas GLIDEWELL b. 1870
d. 1918
Shelly HANSON d.1-12-1962 “Daughter of Rod & Shirley Hanson”
Martha HARDEN d. 8-15-190? “Daughter of W.C. Harden, age 23yr ?mo ?da”
Mary HARDEN d. 1891 “age ?yr 1mo 2da”
Elizabeth HARMON d. 5-31-1856 “Wife of Jacob Harmon, age 70yr” ~ (Tombstone & shield image on FindaGrave site provides further information.
Golda F. HARMON b. 11-19-1887
d. 2-14-1940
“Gone But Not Forgotten”
John W. HARMON b. 1-15-1913
d. 3-14-1974
“Cpl. Army WWII”
Larry D. HARMON b. 11-20-1951
d. 1-18-1990
Nancy E. HARMON b. 11-21-1850
d. 9-11-1862
“Daughter of A.C. & M.T. Harmon”
Rosa L. HARMON b. 3-28-1917 - 6/9/2006 (Wife of John W.) ~ (Death date from FindaGrave listing.)
Elizabeth Peel Pelley HARRIS b. 01-10-1842
b. 2-13-1842
d. 11-13-1864
(Wife of Charles M. Harris) ~ Daughter of John B. & Nancy Ellen Franklin Updated 6/3/2011 based on gravestone image on FindAGrave. Parents provided by Harvey Pearson.
James H. HARRIS b. 1869
d. 1960
“Father” (Husband of Josephine)
John HARRIS b. 5-8-1923
d. 3-11-1916
Josephine HARRIS b. 3-4-1861
d. 12-3-1922
“Gone But Not Forgotten”
Mary A. HARRIS b. 1-12-1833
d. 9-3-1915
(Wife of John)
Nancy E. HARRIS d. 6 (or 7)-21-1883 “Wife of John Harris, age 42yr 2mo 10da”
Billy Dean HEAD b. 3-18-1933
d. 3-31-1933
“Son of C.R. & M.E. Head”
Clarence HEAD b. 2-25-1892
d. 3-19-1960
Georgia A. HEAD b. 8-24-1871
d. 11-18-1952
(Wife of Robert B.)
Georgia C. HEAD b. 3-15-1917
d. 3-18-1917
“Daughter of R.L. & B.W. Head”
Mary Ella HEAD b. 7-11-1897
d. 12-10-1976
(Wife of Clarence)
Ray HEAD b. 3-29-1927
d. 4-5-1927
Buried next to Rex, both “Sons of C.R. & M.E. Head”
Rex HEAD b. 2-23-1922
d. 3-9-1922
Buried next to Ray, both “Sons of C.R. & M.E. Head”
Robert B. HEAD b. 2-28-1868
d. 8-24-1927
Husband of Georgia A. Obituary & tombstone on FindaGrave page.
Alva W. HINES b. 3-16-1915
d. 8-24-1915
“Infantry 1914” ~ See FindaGrave page. Believe Inf. on tombstone originally transcribed as 'Infantry' means 'Infant'. Son of Wade & Willie M. Hines. Reader, harvey pearson , checked Missouri Death Certificate & provided updated birth date. Updated 12/13/2010
Willie W. HINES b. 11-2-1896
d. 4-14-1915
See FindaGrave entry & tombstone. Note states she had a four-week old baby which was Alva (above). Reader, harvey pearson, checked Missouri Death Certificate verifying death date. Updated 12/13/2010
HOLLON   Stone knocked over, separated from pedestal, near Nancy Andrews
Daughter HOLLON d. 9-25-1872 Stone laying flat in grass, “age 1yr 1mo 18da”
Adaline (Evaline?) HOLLON b. 7-13-1827
d. 10-2-1894
(Wife of John Hollon) ~ Tombstone on FindaGrave clearly shows Adaline.)
James L. HOLLON b. 10-1-1853
d. 1-6-1923
(Tombstone on FindaGrave page has wife, Malinda C.)
John HOLLON b. 1820
d. 1904
(Tombstone on FindaGrave page has wife, Adaline.)
Malinda C. HOLLON b. 12-11-1855
death date blank on tombstone
(Wife of James L.)
HOSKINS d. 2-?-1894  
L. HOSKINS b. 3-13-1888
d. 4-9-1894
“Daughter of C.M. & S.E. Hoskins”
Thomas HOSKINS b. 1-25-1805
d. 8-4-1899
(Dates updated from tombstone picture on FindaGrave page.)
David W. JENNINGS b. 2-23-1855
d. 6-14-1931
(Obituary & tombstone as well as other information on FindaGrave page; wife was Elizabeth.)
Elizabeth JENNINGS b. 8-2-1851
d. 9-2-1910
“Dear Wife Gone But Not Forgotten” ~ (Tombstone image on FindaGrave, wife of David W.)
Nancy Ellen JENNINGS d. 2-5-1882 “Daughter of D.W. &E. Jennings” ~ (See FindaGrave for tombstone image. Death date updated.)
Baby JONES d. 11-24-1873 “Child of B. & L. Jones, age 10m 16da”
Basil JONES No dates “9 months”
Benjamin JONES b. 8-22-1856
d. 10-10-1915
(Tombstone on FindaGrave wife is Sarah E.)
Berthema JONES No dates “5 months”
Clarence G. JONES b. 8-24-1914
d. 12-31-1972
“Missouri Pvt Bt C 301st Fld Art WWII”
Doyle Edwin JONES b. 12-12-1939
d. 11-22-1998
George E. (or S.) JONES d. 3-19-1879 “Son of J.D. & E.H. Jones, age 1yr 2mo ?da”
Glennie Oliva JONES d. 9-18-18?? “C.W. & M.B.Jones?”
Hazel E. JONES b. 1890
d. 1962
(Wife of John W.)
J.N. JONES b. 1870
d. 1934
James A. JONES b. 1889
d. 1961
James D. JONES b. 2-14-1808
d. 11-9-1884
“age 76yr 8mo 26da” ~ (James D. - Middle initial & birth date taken from information on FindaGrave page. Tombstone image does not display middle initial. Wife listed is Minerva.)
John P. JONES b. 4-13-1840
d. 9-13-1909
(Information on FindaGrave page has birth year of 1838. Wife given as Mary E. Pearson
John W. JONES b. 1886
d. 1954
(Tombstone on FindaGrave page has wife, Hazel E.
Louis L. JONES b. 3-9-1844
d. 11-19-1873
“age 29yr 8mo 10da”
M.E. JONES   No info shown
Mary JONES d. 1-4-1895 “Daughter of J.D. & J.H. Jones, age 15yr 2mo 15da”
Mary Elizabeth (Pearson) JONES b. 4-21-1843
d. 1-28-1895
(Wife of John P.) ~ (Information on FindaGrave has middle name Eliza.)
Minerva JONES d. 8-3-1889 “age 77yr 2mo 11da” ~ (Tombstone on FindaGrave states wife of James Jones. Information states James D. Jones.)
Nancy JONES d. 9-16-1873 “Wife of F.M. Jones, age 29yr 1mo 29da”
Robert M. JONES b. 1851
d. 1928
(Tombstone on FindaGrave page has wife, Terrisa A.)
Roy JONES d. 7-15-1908 “Son of Victor & Ann Maud Jones” ~ (Tombstone on FindaGrave provided complete death date, names of parents & age, 2mo 23da.)
Sarah E. JONES b. 6-24-1859
d. 11-26-1930
(Wife of Benjamin)
T.H. JONES d. 8-12-??  
Terrisa A. JONES b. 1858
d. 1918
(Wife of Robert M.) ~ (Two entries on FindaGrave, both are same person but with different information.)
Rosa A. JUDD d. 9-18-1895 “15yr 6mo 27da”
Cassie Harrelson KELLEY b. 10-8-1823
d. 9-2-1886
Lenard A. KELLEY b. 1891
d. 1893
Alfred KENLEY b. 7-27-1898
d. 3-13-1984
(Two entries on FindaGrave has two entries, one has tombstone but entries ae the same person.)
Bev KENLEY b. 5-25-1868
d. 8-3-1953
(Tombstone image on FindaGrave page shows that 'Bev' is male, wife Liz.)
Liz KENLEY b. 11-22-1872
d. 10-2-1960
(Wife of Bev, tombstone image on FindaGrave.)
George KING No dates shown “Son of W.G. or G.W. King”
George W. KING d. 8-13-1872 (Tombstone image on FindaGrave show Son of Charles & Martha King. age 11 mo 3 da.)
Martha A. KING d. 3-3-1906 “Wife of G.W. or C.W. King, age 63 or 68yr, stone broken” ~ (Stone shown on FindaGrave page & clearly shows wife of C.W. King.)
Dolly Edna LANGDON b.2-11-1912
d. 3-22-1914?
“C.R. & M.L.R. Langdon” ~ (Stone broken as shown in tombstone image on FindaGrave page. Birth date & parents are clear; death month/day also clear. Transcriber has 1914 as death date but unable to verify on image.)
Allen Lawrence LAWRENCE b. 2-17-1894
d. 6-1-1961
(Tombstone image on FindaGravehad different birth 'day'.)
Bessie M. LAWRENCE b. 2-20-1894
d. 9-12-1968
George LAWRENCE b. 1877
d. 1921
(Tombstone image on FindaGrave page clearly has George and not Georgia as first name.)
Infant son LAWRENCE d. 1888 “Son of B.R. & R. Lawrence, age 4 or 14 da”
Lewis P. LAWRENCE b. 6-25-1872
d. 10-5-1936
(Obituary provided on FindaGrave page.)
Ralph LAWRENCE b. 10-20-1891
d. 5-11-1963
Alexander LEE   No info shown
George A. LUMSDEN b. 1876
d. 1966
Mary Elizabeth LUMSDEN b. 2-21-1918
d. 10-5-1921
(Information on FindaGrave has completely different birth date.)
Sarah J. LUMSDEN b. 1881
d. 1932
“Married to George A. 5-11-1900”
Infant daughter McCORMICK d. 5-3-1886 “Daughter of D.R. & M.E. McCormick”
Furnest F. McDONALD b. 3-22-1917
d. 2-15-2010
Updated 6/3/2011 based on gravestone on FindaGrave.
Marie McDONALD b. 3-25-1919
d. 5-25-2004
(Wife of Furnest) Updated death date 6/3/2011 based on information on FindaGrave.
Charles H. MAGGART No dates shown  
Maggie E. MAGGART d. 11-14-1896 “Wife of C.E. Maggart, age 37yr 7mo 13da” ~ (Tombstone image on FindaGrave page indicates middle initial is 'A' not 'E'.)
Mary Lee MAGGART d. 11-28-1891 (Stone left of Maggie) “age 8yr 1mo 28da”
Oscar MAGGART b. 12-19-1877
d. 7-27-1880
Albert L. MARLAY b. 1-21-1868
d. 11-25-1954
(Information on FindaGrave page indicates wife, Mary Elfie Tharp.)
Anna M. MARLAY b. 8-5-1840
d. 11-8-1909
(Wife of L.D.)
Ella L. MARLAY b. 1901
d. 1916
L.D. MARLAY b. 10-2-1834
d. 1-15-1916
Lee A. MARLAY b. 3-3-1910 - living  
Lorraine Lawrence MARLAY b. 10-11-1914
d. 11-05-2003
“Married to Lee 12-12-1933” ~ Updated 6/3/2011, middle name or maiden name as well as death date provided from Harvey Pearson.
M. Elfie MARLAY b. 6-11-1878
d. 6-5-1962
(Wife of Albert L.)
Charley Ray McCABE b. 1-21-1937
d. 9-16-2003
Entry & dates provided by reader, harvey pearson - Added 13-Dec-2010
Josephine MENDENHALL b. 2-27-1902
d. 6-6-1990
(Wife of Otto)
Otto B. MENDENHALL b. 9-17-1896
d. 2-5-1969
Maud MENNING d. 2-9-1901 “Daughter of F.M. & M. Menning, age 7yr 8mo 9da”
William MENNING d. 5-3-1903 “Son of F.M. & M. Menning, age 13yr ?mo ?da”
MURPHY d. 10-31-1873 “Wife of Robert Murphy”
Alford M. MURPHY Dates illegible “Son of Peter & Eliza Murphy”
Arthur E. MURPHY b. 1883
d. 1960 (or 1966)
Carry S. MURPHY b. 1-30-1868
d. 11-29-1937
(Son Daughter of Melvina) ~ (See FindaGrave page.) Updated 6/3/2011 - Carry (male, not female, buried beside his mother. Information provided by Harvey Pearson.
Charles A. MURPHY b. 4-28-1905
d. 7-28-1958
Ellen Jane MURPHY b. 1861
d. 1937
(Wife of Orlando) ~ (FindaGrave page has full birth/death dates.)
Elmer MURPHY b. 12-6-1887
d. 8-4-1964
James MURPHY d. 12-30-1907 “age 91yr”
James W. MURPHY d. 1871? “Son of Reneus (sp?) & M. Murphy”
Laura A. MURPHY d. 11-8-1870 “Daughter of C. & Malvina Murphy”
Maggie I. MURPHY b. 7-24-1906
d. 4-21-1995
(Wife of Charles. A.)
M.M. MURPHY   No other info
Melvina MURPHY b. 1-18-1832
d. 1-2-1922
Update 6/3/2011 - Mother of Carry S. Murphy. Maiden name Talbert. Information provided by Harvey Pearson.
N.B. MURPHY Dates illegible Stone partly under grass
Nora MURPHY b. 1895
d. 1919
(Wife of Arthur E.)
Orlando MURPHY b. 1855
d. 1948
Robert MURPHY d. 12-24-1853? “Laying Underneath This Stone”
Sarah A. Glidewell MURPHY b. 1844
d. 1931
Sophira MURPHY d. 12-9-1895 (Wife of James) “age79yr”
Margaret NICKELS(Nichols?) d. 2-21-1875 “age 6yr ?mo ?da”
Mary J. PARKS b. 7-13-1851
d. 4-1-1889
(Wife of George W. Parks)
Mary J. PILCHER b. 1815
d. 1890
James? PIPES d. 8-12-1872 South of the George family, “age ?yr 9mo 17da”
Anderson PIPES b. 3-12-1815
d. 8-18-1879
“age 64yr 5mo 6da”
Eliza Jane PIPES b. 1820
d. 10-15-1849
(Wife of Anderson) ~ Tombstone image on FindaGrave page. Age 26yrs - the rest is obsured due to grass &stone has sunk into the ground a little.
Mary A. QUIGLEY d. 6-27-1903? (Wife of C.R. Quigley)
Rory Edward RARDON b. 10-2-1960
d. 2-12-1995
Full dates & middle name updated 6/3/2011 based on gravestone FindAGrave gravestone image. Stone also has Johnny Cash & music staff.
Alven N. RENO d. 1893 (or 97) Obelisk, “Son of S. & M. Reno”
Susan RICHMOND No dates given “Wife of William Richmond”
Letha ROACH b. 8-23-1900
d. 11-4-1990
(Wife of Oakland)
Oakland ROACH b. 9-21-1895
d. 7-15-1988
(Husband of Letha)
Baby Girl ROBINSON b. 7-25-1989
d. 7-25-1989
“Daughter of Larry & Sophia Robinson – God Bless Our Baby Daughter”
Glen Forest ROBINSON b. 10-7-1891
d. 9-17-1892
“Presley Robinson”
Orville E. SEARCH b. 5-22-1908
d. 7-17-1978
Sylvia D. SEARCH b. 1-17-1908
d. 7-18-1975
(Wife of Orville)
Son SEVIER b. 1881?
d. 9-17-1882
“Son of J.W. & S.E. Sevier, age 1yr” ~ (Gravestone on FindaGrave page.)
Son SEVIER d. 11-3-1865 “Son of J.W. & S.E. Sevier, age 2yr 4mo 10da” ~ (Gravestone image on FindaGrave page.
John W. SEVIER b. 4-1-1824
d. 3-25-1897
“age 72yr 11m 25d” ~ (John W. Sevier, wife Sarah Pipes Sevier, was the son of one of the first settlers to Sullivan County, William W. Sevier. And the web maintainer's 2nd great grand uncle, gravestone image on FindaGrave.)
Nancy M. Bundridge SEVIER b. 1862
d. 1881
(Name updated based on tombstone image on FindaGrave page. Believe she was James Washingston Sevier's first wife. He was the son of John W. & Sarah.)
Sarah SEVIER d. 8-24-1877 “Daughter of J.W. & S.E. Sevier, age 12yr 4mo 5da” ~ (See gravestone on FindaGrave. The middle initial is very hard to discern.)
Sarah E. Pipes SEVIER b. 8-20-1830
d. 4-22-1892
(Wife of John W.) ~ (Gravestone & other information on FindaGrave page.)
Elmira T. SHAW b. 1-24-1824
d. 9-26-1888
(Wife of James P. Shaw)
James P. SHAW b. 9-1819
d. 2-9-1899
(Husband of Elmira)
Charles SLATER b. 1922
d. 1985
(Husband of Vonna)
Vonna SLATER b. 1924
d. 1985
(Wife of Charles)
Sarah Ellen SMILEY d. 11-26-1889 “Wife of James Smiley, age 44yr 6mo 10?da”
Charles L. SMITH b. 1895
d. 1895
Ethel G. SMITH b. 1894
d. 1894
James E. SMITH b. 1893
d. 1893
Jerl Elmer SMITH b. 2-5-1907
d. 7-5-1996
(Middle name taken from FindaGrave page; however, it shows Elmer Jerl Smith. Information states wife, Margaret Kathleen.)
Joel A. SMITH b. 1900
d. 1901
John E. SMITH b. 3/6/1905
d. 3/29/1910
(Dates updated from FindaGrave page, parents: Robert R. Smith & Mary Mathews.)
Maggie B. SMITH b. 1902
d. 1902
Margaret K. SMITH b. 7-22-1912
d. 12/20/2004
(Wife 0f Jerl) ~ (Death date updated from FindaGrave page.)
Sharon O. SMITH b. 1896
d. 1897
Aaron SPENCER b. 11-15-1828
d. 1-26-1912
(Tomstone & picture of the Spencer family on FindaGrave page. Wife was Sarah E.)
Betty SPENCER b. 10-6-1938
d. 7-27-1993
Bonnie A. SPENCER b. 1-7-1936
d. 3-22-1936
“C.N. & Oma Spencer” ~ (See FindaGrave page for death certificate information & full parent names.)
Clement A. SPENCER b. 2-17-1911
d. 7-31-1976
(See FindaGrave page for parents, siblings & wife information.)
Elijah A. SPENCER b. 4-20-1837
d. 3-13-1919
(See FindaGrave page & gravestone for information on parents, wife, schooling, military service, etc. First name obtained. Wife, Nancy E.)
Evelyn E. SPENCER b. 3-6-1920
d. 10/17/2003
(Wife of Clement) ~ (Death date updated from FindaGrave page. Middle name is shown as Ilene.)
I.C. SPENCER b. 10-27-1840
d. 11-25-1915
(Tombstone image on FindaGrave page confirms name; site provides full name of Isaac Crissman, parents. Wife, Rebecca Fanning.)
Infant Son SPENCER d. 2-1-1905 “Son of J.R. & Ida Spencer”
Nancy E. SPENCER b. 12-29-1840
d. 2-27-1916
(Wife of E.A.) ~ (Parents, death certificate information provided on FindaGrave page as well as tombstone image.
Ophelia E. SPENCER b. 11-30-1899
d. 7-18-1907
Rebecca SPENCER b. 4-20-1846
d. 4/21/1921
(Wife of I.C.) ~ (Death date not shown on tombstone, but provided on FindaGrave page.)
Sarah E. SPENCER b. 10-5-1839
d. 2-22-1912
(Wife of Aaron) ~ (Parents &tombstone image shown on FindaGrave page.)
Alice STEPHENSON b. 3-1-1861
(Wife of H. Stephenson) ~ (Birth date of 1-2?-18?? replaced by data found on FindaGrave page, no tombstone image.)
Amanda C. Linhart (STEPHENSON) b. 1-12-1842
d. 5-8-1907
“age 65yr 3mo 25da”
Dora B. STEPHENSON d. 1880 (or 81) “Daughter of R.W., age 2yr” ~ (See Mary Jane Jones Stephenson (her mother) FindaGrave page.)
Elenor STEPHENSON b. 9-8-1848
d. 3-9-1938
“age 85yr 3mo 1 da??”
Jane W. STEPHENSON d. 1867 “Wife of R.W.” (Believe she is first wife, see Robert W.)
Mary Jane STEPHENSON b. 2-?-1833
d. 3-21-1904
“Wife of R.W., age 71yr” ~ (See FindaGrave page. Her picture, marriage date, & parent information. Added middle name & dates from this data.
Robert W. STEPHENSON b. 3-1-1826
d. 3-22-1917
“Pvt Co. F 23rd Mo. Inf” ~ (His picture & short obituary on FindaGrave page.)
William STEPHENSON d. 1869 “Son of H.W. & J. Stephenson, age 22yr”
Elizabeth STEVISON No dates (Wife of Henry) “Daughter of John C. & Martha Foster”
Son STEVISON d. 4-20-1878 “Son of Henry & Elizabeth Stevison”
Elizabeth TALBERT d. 6-1-1896 “age 87yr 6mo 13da” (Wife of Thomas E.)
Ida M. TALBERT d. 9-1-1875  
James Harvey TALBERT b. 11-16-1838
d. 5-16-1919
(Information on FindaGrave page provided middle name & wife Mary Ann McKinney.)
Lair TALBERT b. 2-10-1837
d. 10-16-1920
(Wife of Leander) ~ (Dates updated from information on FindaGrave page which includes death certificates.)
Leander TALBERT b. 5-??-1844
d. 1909
(Wife, Lair, & parents provided on FindaGrave page.)
Mary Ann TALBERT b. 5-11-1840
d. 10-6-1922
(Wife of James H.) ~ (See information on FindaGrave page; middle name acquired.)
Mary E. TALBERT d. 2-1-1898 “age 22yr 10mo 4da?”
Mary J. TALBERT b. 8-10-1838
d. 10-30-1908
(Wife of Newton S.)
Newton S. TALBERT b. 1-3-1841
d. 2-24-1890
(See FindaGrave page for parent information.)
Thomas E. TALBERT d. 10-7-1857 “age 63yr 7mo 5da”
William J. TALBERT d. 7-2-1859 “Son of T. & E. Talbert, age 7yr 10mo 23da”
Frances TAYLOR d. 7-28-1889 “??yrs 9mo 29da” (Wife of WH? Taylor)
Infant Daughter THARP d. 3-28-1881 “age 2mo 4da”
Elizabeth Belle THARP b. 1881?
d. 1883?
Elva Alveda THARP b. 8-20-1879
d. 8-29-1889
(See information under Elizabeth Bell THARP. An Ella Altada, died Aug. 29, 1884, has tombstone shown on FindaGrave page that is for at least two children. Parents J.H. & N.J. Tharp.)
Hardin THARP b. 11-171849
d. 5-5-1937
(Tombstone on FindaGrave page. Birth & death dates updated from information. Wife is Nancy Jane Dodson. Parent information provided; first name shown as Jeremiah. Supposedly Syntha Elizabeth Adelly Tharp, died Aug. 14, 1889, is mother.)
Nancy Jane THARP b. 11-20-1858
d. 1-24-1938
(Dates expanded from FindaGrave page. Wife of Jeremiah Hardin Tharp. Short obituary provided.)
Syntha Elizabeth Adelly THARP d. 8-14-1889 (On original data, listed as child Synthia with no surname & buried near Hardin & Jane Tharp. Believe attributed to a child to be incorrect. See FindaGrave page tombstone. Further look-up on Ancestry shows a 1860 census with Syntha Sharp born about 1810 with a Jeremiah Tharp same age in Sullivan County, MO. 1870 census has name spelled Cynthia.)
Hugh I. TRIMBLE b. 12-27-1920
d. 4-17-1993
“Cpl. US Army WWII”
Jeptha WALKER b. 12-22-1859
d. 1-2-1900
Sarah Ellen WALKER b. 3-28-1867
d. 3-18-1899
(Wife of Thomas Berton Walker) ~ (His name, her middle name, & parents provided on FindaGrave page.)
W. Wade WALKER b. 1-25-1897
d. 3-2-1921
(Son of T.B. Walker)
Inice L. WHITAKER b. 1912
d. 1991
(Wife of Leo A.)
John F. WHITAKER b. 1930
d. 1980
Leo A. WHITAKER b. 1906
d. 1959
Banister L. WILLIS b. 1850
d. 1927
(Tombstone image shown on FindaGrave page; wife Huldah.)
Huldah WILLIS b. 1864
d. illegible
(Wife of Banister) ~ (Tombstone image on FindaGrave page clearly shows birth year but death year is illegible rather than not shown.)
Deep Spring Cemetery No Surname or Name List Updated from Original
Name Birth|Death Dates Other Inscription & Comments
Child, no family name b. 1-2-?? d. 3-10-1904 near Thomas Hoskins
Child, Susan, no family name d. 8-3-1872 “14yr 6da”, Stone broken
Child, Mattie E. No dates (Near John P Jones) “age 3yr 1mo 28da”
Married woman, Serena, no family name b. 6-15-18??  
“Earl”   Stone laid flat nothing else, between Wm. Franklin & Frederick Clark.
Bertha M. No dates Near John P Jones, “age 1yr 2da”
Below, no names or dates are available due to poor condition of gravesite.
Stone, downhill from John R. Franklin, illegible
Stone, illegible, between John Hollon & Perry Butler
Stone to right of Lizzie S. Clark. At one time had a stone on it, but now gone.
Stone, illegible, near Thomas Hoskins.
Stone illegible, near Elizabeth Talbert.
Stone illegible, near Mary E. Glidewell.
Stone inscribed “Father” near Maud Menning.
Stone, illegible between two Sevier infants.
Stones, two, small unmarked near Minerva Jones.
Stones, two, to the southeast of the George family, & a series of small stones scattered.
Stones, five, to the left of Cassie Kelley, & six more, completely illegible, by fence.
Stones, many at north end of cemetery under a juniper, are unreadable.
Stones, several, worn smooth, near Mary E. Butler.
Stones, two, in grass together, are illegible, southwest of Hardin & Jane Tharp.
Stones, several, worn smooth, near Lair Talbert.
Stone, small, behind James B. with letter “B” carved into it.
Stones, small, broken off & sunk in front of James & Sophira Murphy.
Stone, small, with inscription “MM” near Maggie E. Maggart.
Stone, small, near Thomas Glidewell.
A stone near Sevier monument may say Gephart or Earhart, but nothing is clear.
Stone near John W. Sevier says “SES”; another stone to side of that stone is blank.
Stone, small, square, with letter “B” on it between George Becker & John P Jones.
Stone, small, to southeast & another small stone to east of J.K. & L. Franklin, all illegible.
Stone, small white, completely illegible between Carry Murphy & Tho.P. Bundridge.
Stone, small, with letters “AH”, sinking into soil, near Dora B. Stephenson.
Stone, small, with letter “B” southeast of Margaret Nickels.
Stones, two, illegible between T.H. Jones & Susan Glidewell.
Stones, two illegible, two broken, to right & northeast of Mary Jo Franklin.
Stones, three, totally illegible between or near M.E.Jones & Nancy Jones.
Stones, three, small, to southeast of Mattie & Bertha M. near John P. Jones, all illegible.
Stones, two, small, to northeast of John R. & Elsie Franklin, worn completely smooth.

About This Update

The original compiled data had not been updated in 10 years. Information from Find a Grave Deep Springs Cemetery link: has provided most of the updates. Map to the cemetery as well as some tombstone images are shown. Not all entries below are on the FindaGrave site & vice versa. In some cases especially if surname or dates clarified information, FindaGrave data was included here but the researcher must look at BOTH records as well as other resources. No link does not mean that the person is not on the FindaGrave site.

The data has been put in table form. Original data will be kept on this site but no further updates will be done to that page.

Data where surname is known is shown first; data with no surname now in separate table
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