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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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Organized by Bride's Last Name V-Z

(No given name) to Ellison, John on May 08, 1859
(Unknown Surname), America Elizabeth to Bartlett, Hugh Marshall on Sep 12, 1872
(Unknown Surname), Malissa to Catlett, William on Nov 25, 1896
(No given name) to Bargar, D.W. on Dec 23, 1882
(No given name) to Sloan, William L. on Nov 05, 1886


Van Buran, Baird to W., Charles on Mar 26, 1890
Van Wye, Amanda to Grindstaff, David D. on Jul 04, 1882
Van Wye, Minnie B. to Duncan, Joseph Lee on Dec 20, 1899
Van Wye, Mrs. Ollie to Tyson, James W. on Mar 19, 1882
VanFossen, Lida L. to McCully, Jacob E. on Feb 10, 1895
VanHorn, Laura A. to Smith, Dee G. on Jun 04, 1882
VanHorn, Nellie to Chapman, Charles C. on Oct 26, 1897
VanWye, Lucy F. to Creason, William on Nov 05, 1887
VanWye, Ruby to Crawford, Elmer E. on Sep 02, 1897
Vanborn, Margaret to Parker, James on Mar 18, 1897
Vance, Lucinda to Kimbraugh, Henry on Jul 22, 1881
Vance, Martha E. to Joslin, William P. on Nov 11, 1893
Vanderpool, Effie J. to Wencel, William F. on Dec 25, 1894
Vanderpool, Mahalla to Vanderpool, William on Sep 03, 1849
Vandeveer, Polly N. to Boyd, Robert Wesley on Jan 20, 1878
Vandeventer, Mary E. to Smith, Josephus on Feb 17, 1869
Vandeventer, Molly to Cleeton, John William on Jul 30, 1876
Vandeventer, Rebecca to Roberts, Jonathan on Apr 01, 1869
Vandusen, Henrietta to Traver, Christopher on Feb 05, 1860
Vandusen, Laura to Smith, William N. on Aug 21, 1883
Vandusen, Laura B. to Wright, J.E. on Nov 08, 1891
Vanest, Laura to Vanest, Joseph H. C. on Apr 10, 1864
Vanhook, Katie to Jones, Elijah E. on Feb 24, 1897
Vanhook, Mary L. to Buxton, Junius on Oct 17, 1886
Vanhorn, Martha to Burns, B.F. on Oct 29, 1879
Vansickle, Juliett to Wilson, Henry M. on Mar 05, 1871
Vanskie, Louissa to Wallis, William on Oct 08, 1845
Vanskike, Louisa to Wallis, William on Oct 08, 1845
Vanway, Electa to Emberton, William H. on Dec 01, 1861
Vanwye, E.J. to Miller, C.H. on Apr 15, 1877
Vanwye, Ellen to McCullough, Arthur V. on May 20, 1860
Vanwye, Josephine to Jones, William W. on Apr 14, 1861
Vanwye, Margaret to Setter, James R. on May 27, 1871
Vanwye, Rosetta E. to Little, John S. on Jul 04, 1878
Varney, Clarissa O. to Varney, Charles on Sep 16, 1877
Vaughn, Alice to Smith, James H. H. on Aug 28, 1879
Vaughn, Clarinda to Downs, B.P. on Oct 05, 1873
Vaughn, Clarissa to McNeece, William H. on Apr 08, 1877
Vaughn, Eliza Ann to Adams, John on Nov 19, 1863
Vaughn, Jane to Michaels, Jonathan on Sep 02, 1869
Vaughn, Jane to Dickerson, Alex W. on Feb 07, 1891
Vaughn, Mary E. to Fink, George B. on Aug 22, 1878
Vaughn, Priscilla to Meeks, Hannuns on Jan 13, 1886
Vaughn, Rachel to Hayes, James Hamilton on May 04, 1873
Vaughn, Roxa A. to Bears, William W. on Mar 03, 1872
Vaughn, S.M. to Baidridge, Marion F. on Mar 08, 1877
Vaugn, Lisla to Salsberry, Daniel on Apr 27, 1898
Vess, Raddie L. to Tipton, Willard L. on Sep 02, 1896
Vinson, Cora A. to Jones, George B. on Feb 18, 1895
Vinson, Kittie V. to McClanahan, James A. on Apr 11, 1894
Vollier, Kate to Barclay, Daniel W. on Jul 12, 1893


WaIler, Erva H. to Broyles, Luther C. on Mar 28, 1897
Wade, Hattie J. to McCulley, Betheul on Mar 18, 1884
Wade, Mary to Lunsford, David on May 14, 1868
Wade, Nancy to Lawlion, Taylor T. on Mar 08, 1868
Wade, Nancy J. to McDammit, Francis M. on Jun 11, 1871
Wagener, Nancy F. to Waller, J.N. on Dec 29, 1880
Wager, M. L. to Doak, Henry B. on Aug 23, 1871
Wagers, Lilly to Hill, John on Apr 21, 1889
Wages, Alice W. to Bradford, John M. on Apr 06, 1882
Wages, Ellen to Hays, Jesse P. on Mar 12, 1895
Wages, Mary J. to Boyd, James A. on Feb 04, 1899
Wages, Melissa to Morris, John R. on Dec 01, 1883
Wages, Mrs. Sarah to Denslow, Oliver C. on Nov 17, 1884
Wages, Ola to Talley, Robert J. on Mar 24, 1898
Waggoner, Eliza to Nelson, John E. on Nov 14, 1878
Waggoner, Harriett to McDaniel, Francis N. on Aug 25, 1867
Waggoner, Martha E. to Deeds, James W. on May 04, 1884
Waggoner, Mary E. to Carry, John F. on Feb 26, 1879
Waggoner, Mrs. Nancy to Graham, George on Dec 21, 1884
Waggoner, Rachel to Baker, Milton on Dec 19, 1869
Waggoner, Sarah J. to Rodgers, James A. on Sep 30, 1883
Waggoner, Sarah P. to Starkey, William on May 13, 1866
Waid, Annie O. to Wedun, Joseph J. on Jul 30, 1887
Waldeck, Kate to Rushton, Wilber S. on Nov 03, 1894
Waldeck, Laura B. to McNabb, John D. on Jan 01, 1894
Walden, Martha to Strait, Wilson on Nov 04, 1878
Walden, Mary to Keivan, Arther on Jul 14, 1888
Walker, Alice to Long, William on Feb 24, 1895
Walker, Anna to Lawther, G.W. on Nov 09, 1891
Walker, Dora B. to Vroom, Edward M. on Feb 14, 1895
Walker, Emily E. to Riddle, William on Feb 06, 1870
Walker, Erzina E. to Kent, Ira H. on Feb 04, 1894
Walker, Ida I. to Beathy, E. Dean on Nov 25, 1886
Walker, Isalula to Downing, William on Mar 24, 1878
Walker, Lilie to Bell, Daniel O. on Dec 25, 1894
Walker, Luella to Gehrke, John A. on Feb 18, 1892
Walker, Malinda to Gramling, Daniel on Oct 18, 1893
Walker, Martha A. to Springer, Alvey on Sep 20, 1883
Walker, Mary to Griffith, Seth M. on Dec 05, 1888
Walker, Mary J. to Hare, Charles W. on Dec 20, 1883
Walker, Nanna L. to Mariel, John A. on May 20, 1866
Walker, Neoma to Kent, Luther I. on Mar 23, 1890
Walker, Rebekah A. to Dillen, Isaac J on Apr 04, 1878
Walker, Susan M. to Grudier, Jacob A. on Feb 28, 1892
Walker, Susin to Bean, William J. on Mar 29, 1890
Wallace, Elizabeth to Dormer, William on Apr 28, 1880
Wallace, Jane to Callihan, Stephen on Feb 12, 1882
Wallace, Mollie to Marvin, John H. on Feb 13, 1892
Waller, Catharine A. to Conner, Thomas H. on Mar 03, 1889
Waller, Jane to Webb, Douglas A. on Jan 18, 1882
Waller, Sarah E. to Dyer, Wiley F. on Nov 17, 1873
Walls, Judab A. to Todd, John K. on Apr 13, 1865
Walls, Martha Bell to Walls, Joseph McMann on Feb 22, 1872
Walters, Anna to Hannah, Edgar J. on Dec 08, 1886
Walters, Annie to Robertson, Thomas E. on Mar 24, 1880
Walters, Annie to Cooper, John on Jun 12, 1897
Walters, Dora A. to Thompson, John S. on Jan 27, 1895
Walters, Emma to Cook, Charles A. on Oct 10, 1886
Walters, Janie E. to Coon, Marian E. on Jun 02, 1895
Walters, Lollie R. to Hook, John T. on Feb 06, 1887
Walters, May to Schooling, H. Guy on Mar 06, 1898
Walters, Rebecca J. to Miller, James on Apr 16, 1881
Walton, Adilade L. to Shearer, David on Jul 02, 1870
Waltus, Ether E. to Moore, Alva A. on Oct 10, 1889
Wampler, Mary A. to Summers, James on Dec 28, 1875
Ward, Amy C. to Linder, James N. on Apr 03, 1892
Ward, Dedana to Knight, William C. on Apr 26, 1863
Ward, Elizabeth to Sanders, John on Aug 15, 1869
Ward, Mary E. to Harmon, Thomas W. on Sep 21, 1886
Warden, Mrs. Elizabeth to Ostrum, Egbert C. on Mar 01, 1871
Wardle, Maria to Garside, James on Oct 21, 1877
Warner, Eliza J. to Grim, Joel D. on Aug 26, 1883
Warner, Ellen to Humphreys, George on Nov 25, 1887
Warren, Addie to Tunnell, Wm. E. on Jan 01, 1891
Warren, America to Bradshaw, George on Dec 01, 1873
Warren, Arsula to Gailey, Augustus on Nov 15, 1884
Warren, Catharine to Cleaton, Napoleon on Jun 16, 1859
Warren, Eleanor E. to Setters, Peter on Jun 10, 1855
Warren, Elizabeth to Burnett, Allen on Nov 11, 1866
Warren, Elizabeth to Simmons, William on Sep 11, 1870
Warren, Harriet to France, Isaac on Sep 24, 1868
Warren, Louella to Hooper, Allen on Mar 26, 1889
Warren, Malinda to Lyle, Francis P. on Aug 08, 1875
Warren, Mary A. to Botts, James on Jul 08, 1860
Warren, Maude E. to Freeland, Daniel G. on Sep 30, 1894
Warren, Nancy to Oliver, John on Apr 04, 1850
Warren, Nancy to Hopper, Jeremiah on Sep 20, 1864
Warren, Rebecca to Walters, William on Sep 12, 1867
Warren, Sarah to Warren, Jackson on Jul 21, 1853
Warren, Sarah Jane to Kelly, Jasper on Aug 03, 1856
Warren, Sarah M. to Williams, Zebibee on Aug 21, 1860
Warren, Susan A. to Woodruff, H. on May 30, 1874
Washburn, Eliza to Hall, Levi on Oct 04, 1884
Washburn, Fela Jane to Leach, Lewis on Oct 06, 1861
Washburn, Frances Belle to Frazier, Jasper on May 07, 1876
Washburn, Maggie to Pennington, John on Dec 24, 1891
Watenburger, Rachel L. to Moody, William T. on Nov 18, 1880
Watson, Aphelia to Payne, John on Apr 03, 1889
Watson, Florence A. to Rhoades, John M. on Oct 07, 1888
Watson, Jannie to Lane, Adolphus on May 27, 1892
Watson, Kitty to Montgomery, Daniel E. on Sep 11, 1887
Watson, Laura to Watson, Charles on Jan 16, 1898
Watson, Laura S. to Atkins, J.S. on May 09, 1880
Watson, Mary C. to Kelley, William C. on Aug 20, 1882
Watson, Mary F. to Jacobs, John W. on Sep 15, 1889
Watson, Mary S. to Wilson, Thomas H. on Jul 03, 1898
Watson, Matilda J. to Webb, Dr. James C. on Apr 08, 1866
Watson, Mildred to Hannon, Charles D. on May 05, 1888
Watson, Mrs. Martha R. to Barbee, Washington on Oct 09, 1881
Watson, Nancy E. to Melon, Samuel W. on Aug 21, 1860
Watson, Polly Ann to Auxier, Samuel M. on Jan 20, 1878
Watt, Esther to Price, Leonidas on Dec 02, 1894
Watt, Margaret to Hardinger, William T. on Sep 13, 1888
Watt, Mary to Bankus, R.W. on Mar 11, 1877
Wattenbarger, Elizabeth to Catlett, Samuel J. on Mar 03, 1891
Wattenbarger, Elizabeth Ann to Ford, John on Apr 05, 1866
Wattenbarger, Hannah to Shatto, Paul on Apr 20, 1865
Wattenbarger, Hannah J. to Price, Henry on Feb 24, 1878
Wattenbarger, Jennie L. to Altizer, Silas H. on Nov 06, 1895
Wattenbarger, Julia A. to Osburn, James M. on Feb 17, 1877
Wattenbarger, Martha to Grim, Solomon on Jun 13, 1892
Wattenbarger, Martha E. to Almond, Edward A. on Jan 30, 1898
Wattenbarger, Martha M. to Ball, John W. on Feb 08, 1888
Wattenbarger, Mary to Carmer, William O. on Mar 27, 1883
Wattenbarger, Mary A. to Miller, James W. on Feb 22, 1885
Wattenbarger, May to Pipes, Albert L. on Mar 01, 1896
Wattenbarger, Millie A. to Morrow, William H. on Mar 25, 1894
Wattenbarger, Rosa M. to Moran, Ulysses G. on Jul 02, 1886
Watts, Elmira to Davis, Stephen on Apr 19, 1866
Watts, Eunice to Lafever, William H. on Jun 12, 1879
Weas, Sallie to Shutts, Peter on Feb 02, 1898
Weaver, Ada B. to McAlister, Harvey M. on Mar 18, 1895
Weaver, Amanda to Glidewell, William on Apr 10, 1859
Weaver, Ann to Montgomery Sr., William on Dec 03, 1865
Weaver, Catharine to Baull, John W. on Jun 06, 1858
Weaver, Charity to Smith, William A. on Dec 17, 1857
Weaver, Mary E. to Walker, Charles on Apr 11, 1861
Weaver, Nancy to Braden, Joseph on Oct 17, 1861
Weaver, Nannee to Miller, Samuel on Sep 09, 1890
Weaver, Nora Ann to Shatto, Thomas on Oct 09, 1892
Weaver, Sarah to Hughes, James on Aug 01, 1859
Webb, Annie E. to Sommerville, Edwin F. on Jul 17, 1884
Webb, Cora N. to Marsh, William on May 24, 1889 [See Below]
Webb, Cordelia to Gramling, John on Jul 03, 1855
Webb, Cordelia to Warren, Edward on May 27, 1895
Webb, Elizabeth to Todd, Lewis G. on Jun 30, 1879 [See Below]
Webb, Elizabeth to Schultz, John W. on Sep 04, 1893
Webb, Florence A. to Martin, Daniel F. on Aug 23, 1899
Webb, Lillie D. to Fairley, Perry M. on Jul 03, 1886
Webb, Louella to Vaughn, William on Dec 28, 1895
Webb, Luella I. to Almond, Eddie A. on Aug 05, 1893
Webb, Margaret to Poole, Solomon on May 23, 1855
Webb, Martha M. to Barkley, William on Dec 31, 1876
Webb, Mattie to Pearson, James E. on Oct 21, 1888
Webb, May E. to Tucker, Taylor Z. on Nov 22, 1896
Webb, Nannie to Vual, Arthur on Aug 21, 1890
Webber, Mary E. to Tatman, Sylvester on Feb 10, 1850
Webber, Susan to Bunch, Joseph J. on Jan 17, 1864
Webster, Grivilla A. to Payne, George S. on Jun 26, 1887
Weisner, Martha A. to Brown, John N. on Apr 18, 1888
Welch, Elizabeth to Todd, Lewis G. on Jun 30, 1879 [Error: Should be Elizabeth WEBB]
Wells, Emma to Petre, John F. on Jun 14, 1895
Wells, Ida M. to Day, James E. on Mar 06, 1881
Wells, Martha E. to Vance, Truman on Apr 17, 1892
Wells, Nancy B. to Wilson, Fred L. on Nov 03, 1895
Wells, Nettle to Reed, Frank G. on Apr 10, 1898
Wells, Ora to Springer, John T. on Feb 26, 1888
Welsh, Cora N. to Marsh, William on May 24, 1889 [Error: Should be Cora N. WEBB]
Welsh, Georgia to Thompson, Walter B. on Dec 25, 1894
Wensel, Laura I. to Wise, J.N. on Nov 20, 1891
Wensel, Sarah I. to Vanderpool, Luther on Oct 10, 1894
Wesner, Susan to Lambert, R.W. on Nov 26, 1876
West, Allie to MeCalley, Marvin on Sep 24, 1893
West, Dora E. to May, Nove W. on Nov 25, 1896
West, Ella to Carver, H.N. on Sep 14, 1890
West, Emily J. to Jones, Thomas W. on Jul 23, 1891
West, Ethel M. to House, Charles A. on Jun 30, 1898
West, Hannah to Wheeler, Elisha W. on Apr 23, 1863
West, Laura to Austin, Wm. H. on Jul 04, 1899
West, Lydia J. to Privitt, Jasper N. on Feb 20, 1877
West, M.E. to Chapman, William H. on Jan 11, 1879
West, Margaret J. to Cookman, Walter L. on Dec 20, 1874
West, Martha to Lovell, James on Jan 25, 1877
West, Mary A. to Pickett, George W. on Feb 16, 1873
West, Mildred to Moberly, Franklin B. on Jul 25, 1898
West, Priscila J. to Preston, Aaron on Jun 10, 1891
West, Sarah to Shepard, Stephen on Aug 30, 1868
West, Sarah A. to Wolf, James on Apr 02, 1876
West, Sarah C. to Clem, William H. on Apr 07, 1872
West, Susannah L. to Dearing, James J. on Jan 26, 1882
West, Ursula J. to Meekins, James W. on Dec 07, 1893
Westfall, Blanche to Hoselton, John M. on Nov 29, 1899
Westlake, Alvaretta B. to Van Fossen, Frank E. on Feb 26, 1893
Westlake, Eliza Olive to Strode, William H. on Dec 08, 1879
Westlake, Eliza Olive to Strode, Wm. H. on Dec 08, 1879
Westlake, Flora D. to Wood, Thomas on Nov 04, 1886
Westlake, M.E. to Morris, J.W. on Jun 23, 1877
Westlake, Mary B. to Jellison, Samuel on Dec 04, 1881
Westlow, Catherine to Peters, Silas on Sep 04, 1862
Weston, Eliza to Johnson, Eliaken on Jun 09, 1864
Weston, Eliza A. to Stringer, Thomas J. on Aug 28, 1881
Weston, Louise to Bennett, Raleigh on Oct 17, 1852
Weston, Lucinda to West, John P. on May 03, 1883
Weston, Lucy J. to Burdett, Robert on Nov 04, 1888
Weston, Mary A. to Simpson, Thomas on Dec 13, 1867
Weston, Mrs. Elizabeth to Beenly, Reuben on Mar 01, 1859
Weston, Zorada to Peters, David T. on Sep 19, 1877
Westton, Easter Emeline to Wessner, Erastus on Jun 20, 1852
Whaley, A.G. to St. Clair, J.W. on Feb 13, 1887
Whaley, Abbie L. to Painter, James P. on Nov 04, 1896
Whaley, Alta C. to Taylor, Jacob L. on Jan 01, 1878
Whaley, Atta B. to Roach, George E. on Sep 24, 1894
Whaley, Mary L. to Roach, John C. on Dec 21, 1899
Wheeler, Diana M. to Yardley, James T. on Dec 24, 1874
Wheeler, Margaret to Houston, James on Oct 06, 1861
Wheeler, Nannie T. to Goodwin, Ira H. on Sep 01, 1897
Wheeler, Rachel T. to Turner, John W. on Jun 26, 1887
Wheeler, Roday to Vaughn, George W. on Apr 21, 1881
Wheeler, Sarah to Johnson, John on Jan 19, 1873
Whetsone, Phebe to Knight, John on Nov 11, 1855
Whetstone, Catbarine to Tabor, John S. on Jul 07, 1856
Whetstone, Mary E. to Knight, Andrew J. on Jul 17, 1856
Whipple, Minnie to Eddy, John W. on Feb 15, 1890
Whitaker, Allice to Burnett, James on Jul 25, 1880
Whitaker, Catherine to Parkey, John on Dec 03, 1865
Whitaker, Ermine to Brandon, Eden on Oct 11, 1896
Whitaker, Florence to Montgomery, Alpha on Jan 17, 1895
Whitaker, Madge to Harmon, Benjamin W. on Oct 21, 1896
Whitaker, Pauline E. to Toms, Benjamin on Jul 22, 1873
Whitaker, Rebecca to MeKenney, John on Mar 12, 1858
Whitaker, Sarah C. to Parkey, James on Jun 02, 1874
Whitaker, Sarah E. to Garrett, John on Sep 12, 1867
Whitaker, Sarah J. to Jones, William L. on Dec 30, 1877
Whitaker, Sidney to Kenley, Fielding on Jan 01, 1882
Whitcomb, Mary to Dotson, J. on Dec 08, 1878
White, Alice to Sommerville, Charles F. on Mar 16, 1890
White, Arena to Wattenbarger, Joel on Jan 09, 1887
White, Bessie L. to Cooper, Nathaniel on Jan 02, 1898
White, Cora A. to Howard, Charles E. on Nov 21, 1898
White, Elizabeth to Shatto, Jeremiah on Dec 10, 1854
White, Flora to Maston, Charles H. on Dec 26, 1893
White, Lydia A. to Sturill, George on Apr 20, 1862
White, Marcena to George, James F. on Mar 11, 1877
White, Mary Jane to Jonson, John on Mar 22, 1849
White, Mary M. to Williams, Benj. L. on Jan 24, 1898
White, Maud D. to Myers, Emery D. on Oct 12, 1895
White, Melince to Lesley, Jackson on Mar 22, 1849
White, Millie J. to Odell, Warren L. on Apr 12, 1893
White, Narcissus M. to Coopman, James M. on Feb 16, 1865
White, Nettie D. to Bailey, David on Sep 30, 1896
White, Nora E. to Harris, James W. on Nov 10, 1897
White, Sarah A. to Mills, William T. on Sep 30, 1897
White, Sarah J. to Nichols, John R. on Sep 27, 1891
Whiteacre, Millie to Thompson, Arthur G. on Jan 18, 1898
Whiteaker, Florence to Vanhorn, Ransler on Dec 24, 1895
Whiteaker, Katie to Douglas, A.P. on Oct 05, 1894
Whiteaker, Laura B. to Couch, John L. on Sep 19, 1880
Whited, Jane to Otis, John H. on Jun 17, 1880
Whitenark, Martha Belle to Davis, Charles H. on Apr 19, 1886
Whitney, Mary E. to Cawood, Joseph A. on Feb 17, 1867
Wicker, Martha E. to Hutchison, Alesander M. on Jan 12, 1888
Widner, Rebecca to Myer, Simm on Nov 17, 1879
Widsor, Frances E to Sloan, Robert M. on Oct 20, 1897
Wilber, Mary to Marshall, John on Jun 23, 1855
Wilburn, Ada M. to See, James H. on Nov 12, 1899
Wilburn, Lizzie to Howell, John S. on Dec 25, 1895
Wilcox, Roxey K. to Nowels, Nathan A. on Oct 24, 1894
Wilford, Sarah E. to Holloway, Joseph C. on Dec 02, 1869
Wilhite, America V. to Kent, William on Aug 15, 1875
Wilhite, Elizabeth to McGee, John on Dec 27, 1849
Wilhite, Ellen to Orr, Benjamin on Oct 14, 1876
Wilhite, Julia A. to Osborn, James on Jan 03, 1886
Wilhite, LeNora E. to Sterling, William J. on Dec 24, 1885
Wilhite, Lydia to Cochran, James R. on Nov 18, 1858
Wilhite, Mira A. to Jayne, Isaac N. on Dec 22, 1889
Wilhite, Olive to May, John on Oct 24, 1878
Wilkerson, Myrtle L. to Salsberry, Andrew T. on Sep 20, 1897
Wilkin, Effie B. to Bradshaw, Albert C. on Mar 05, 1899
Wilkins, Amanda to Leeply, William on Feb 21, 1875
Wilkinson, Mattie L. to Conner, Allen on Jan 20, 1895
Wilkinson, Rachel E. to Miles, Benjamin F. on Jan 04, 1879
Willhite, Adaline to Shatto, Joel on Nov 09, 1854
Willhoit, Harriet to Taylor, Samuel T. on Jul 16, 1851
Williams, Alpha J. to Young, William L. on Oct 24, 1897
Williams, Anna B. to Downtain, Walter W. on Oct 12, 1882
Williams, Charity to Harmon, T.J. on Nov 20, 1860
Williams, Charley to Rieck, Louis G. on Oct 01, 1899
Williams, Clara to Wood, George on Mar 10, 1892
Williams, Cora to Sargent, John R. on Sep 22, 1889
Williams, Della to King, James H. on Aug 08, 1892
Williams, Dora A. to Gender, Irvin L. on Jan 28, 1894
Williams, Dora D. to Ray, John W. on Nov 09, 1889
Williams, Eddy J. to Lemasters, William on Mar 08, 1864
Williams, Elender to Shipley, George Washington on Nov 30, 1848
Williams, Eliza to Brookshier, Thomas on Jul 03, 1876
Williams, Eliza J. to Dodson, Francis M. on Mar 31, 1863
Williams, Eliza Jane to Rains, Elias on Sep 14, 1873
Williams, Elizabeth to Reddin, Caleb on Jul 11, 1869
Williams, Emily to Jones, Abraham on Mar 15, 1868
Williams, Emma to DeCapito, Theodore on Mar 06, 1895
Williams, Emma F. to Amerman, Wesley R. on Jun 04, 1893
Williams, Ethel to Hootman, Samuel on Sep 15, 1898
Williams, Fanny L. to Culbertson, A.G. on May 26, 1882
Williams, Florence to Allen, David on Apr 10, 1887
Williams, Hattie G. to McKay, Walter D. on Dec 29, 1895
Williams, Huldah E. to Hoover, George W. on Oct 10, 1848
Williams, Isabelle to Johnson, William D. on Mar 16, 1886
Williams, Jane to McCoy, William W. on Oct 07, 1860
Williams, Lizzie B. to Hurt, James E. on Feb 13, 1895
Williams, Lydia L. to Ford, William T. on Jun 12, 1881
Williams, Maggie to Clark, W.M. on Oct 06, 1892
Williams, Maggie to Stufflebean, Andrew J. on Jan 25, 1899
Williams, Maine to Sloan, Sam. L. on Dec 05, 1886
Williams, Margaret to Mises, William on Sep 02, 1857
Williams, Margaret M. to Rardon, E.E. on Oct 04, 1893
Williams, Martha to Triplett, William on Apr 22, 1866
Williams, Martha to Conkin, John on Jan 18, 1880
Williams, Martha J. to Wilson, Joseph on Mar 02, 1856
Williams, Martha J. to Tate, James on Oct 02, 1867
Williams, Mary Ann to Fungate, John on Nov 17, 1858
Williams, Mary F. to Shaeffer, Henry C. on Jul 30, 1864
Williams, Mary F. to Myers, James on May 18, 1879
Williams, Mary Jane to Haven, Henry B. on Aug 30, 1857
Williams, Melvina to Blulock, Meredith on Jul 13, 1851
Williams, Minerva M. to Harmo, James G. on Jul 02, 1871
Williams, Mollie J. to Pipes, George A. on Mar 21, 1887
Williams, Mrs. Josaphine E. to Williams, Walter D. on Jan 31, 1882
Williams, Mrs. Lavina to Lander, Joseph H. on May 03, 1866
Williams, Mrs. Lillie to Rowland, Charles L. on Jan 15, 1899
Williams, Mrs. Minnie to Wheeler, William E. on Dec 27, 1881
Williams, Nancy A. to Kennedy, James R. on Oct 24, 1875
Williams, Nancy A. to McIntyre, Andrew J. on Mar 20, 1887
Williams, Nancy B. to Thomas, Charles W. on Apr 11, 1872
Williams, Nancy J. to Butler, Alfred K. on Aug 23, 1886
Williams, Nancy S. to Henry, Jeremiah on Sep 26, 1888
Williams, Patsy to Bundridg, J.W. on Apr 07, 1887
Williams, Rebecca to Livingston, Harry A. on Feb 19, 1851
Williams, Rebecca J. to Ellit, Henry on Aug 16, 1885
Williams, Sallie L. to Lyda, T.H.B. on Sep 22, 1889
Williams, Sarah to Jeuett, Joseph W. on Sep 16, 1877
Williams, Sarah C. to Lark, George W. on Dec 17, 1890
Williams, Sarah Frances to Cawood, Freezy on Feb 26, 1880
Williams, Sarah J. to Gray, Leevis on Apr 10, 1892
Williamson, Anna B. to Holt, Leroy on Jul 09, 1893
Williamson, Catherine to Boyer, Joseph on May 09, 1875
Williamson, Marthena to Carter, George T. on May 20, 1888
Williamson, Nancy to Richmond, Almond on Aug 15, 1875
Williamson, Nancy J. to Judd, Silvester A. on May 03, 1891
Williamson, Polly M. to Webb, Charles O. on Feb 16, 1898
Williamson, Rebecca to Yardley, Frederick G. on Mar 17, 1880
Willis, Clara A. to Pilcher, Charles L. on Dec 16, 1882
Willis, Louisa V. to Reece, A.G. on Jun 06, 1880
Willis, Margaret to Scott, William on Feb 17, 1877
Willis, Margaret to Scott, William on Feb 17, 1878
Willis, Mary J. to Cambell, Annias on Feb 29, 1880
Willis, Nancy Susanah to Hennon, James Elmore on Oct 31, 1880
Willis, Perthenia N. to Ardis, John on Aug 29, 1872
Willoughby, Catharin to Lucas, Thomas L. on Mar 01, 1882
Wilson, Alice to Holliday, Samuel J. on Mar 16, 1881
Wilson, Antha to Calfee, Lemuel on Mar 23, 1899
Wilson, Bertha to Potts, Benjamin F.A. on Jul 14, 1898
Wilson, E.C. to Johnson, Wm. J. on Feb 15, 1885
Wilson, Emma to Everhart, Wm. L. on May 07, 1882
Wilson, Emma E. to Crumpacker, David W. on Feb 17, 1859
Wilson, Fannie C. to Martin, Elvis L. on Jul 28, 1895
Wilson, Ida to Hurst, Granville P. on Aug 03, 1881
Wilson, Jane to Vescey, Andrew on Jan 06, 1861
Wilson, Julia Ann to Parker, Ezekiel on Apr 02, 1869
Wilson, Katie M. to Lintner, J.S. on Jan 01, 1892
Wilson, Lelia E. to Baker, Levi on Oct 25, 1885
Wilson, Lucinda to Cummins, George W. on Aug 15, 1885
Wilson, Martha to Vanderpool, W.B. on Dec 06, 1894
Wilson, Martha J. to Vandervart, C.B. on Feb 05, 1883
Wilson, Martha Jane to Pine, Herman on May 13, 1861
Wilson, Mary to Mashens, William M. on Sep 30, 1860
Wilson, Mary Jane to Terry, B.O. on Dec 25, 1884
Wilson, Mary S. to Simpson, James T. on Dec 26, 1897
Wilson, Mrs. Clarissa to Jewitt, Charles M. on Mar 06, 1871
Wilson, Nancy to Wise, James M. on Oct 25, 1868
Wilson, Nannie to Hayes, James E. on Nov 18, 1894
Wilson, Polly A. to Mace, William H. on Dec 02, 1896
Wilson, Rosetta M. to Brooks, Jacob on Mar 17, 1867
Wilson, Sarah to Straham, Reuben S. on Feb 10, 1861
Wilson, Sarah to Low, Benjamin on Sep 22, 1872
Wilson, Sarah F. to Salsbury, David L. on Jun 17, 1887
Wilson, Sophia to Creason, Nile on Aug 18, 1894
Wilson, Wealthy D. to Dillinger, James M. on Sep 03, 1883
Winall, Martha Jane to Wilson, William H. on Nov 30, 1889
Winchett, Amanda to Watt, William on Sep 03, 1869
Winfrey, Dary to Maloney, William M. on Sep 23, 1890
Winfrey, Ida to Balls, George W. on Feb 27, 1895
Winfrey, Nancy C. to Leonard, F.L. on Nov 27, 1893
Winfrey, Sarah E. to Henderson, Stephen on Aug 30, 1883
Wing, Alta J. to Herrington, Joshua on Mar 11, 1891
Wininger, Malinda to Brookshire, Joseph on Dec 21, 1854
Winkle, Elizabeth to Porter, William G. on Mar 31, 1846
Winkleblack, Eva to Cox, Leigh F. on Sep 23, 1888
Winsel, Nancy E. to Meeker, John on Nov 01, 1888
Winters, Cyntha J. to Gupton, Micajah on Jan 21, 1868
Winters, E. S. to Walker, Reuben on Apr 13, 1869
Winters, Elizabeth J. to Crooks, Samuel on Jun 15, 1879
Winters, Lina to Milhoan, Charles C. on Sep 03, 1894
Winters, Pearl to Plummer, Charles H. on Jun 27, 1894
Winters, Tennessee to Bosser, William W. on Aug 11, 1885
Wise, Nancy to Botsen, Jacob R. on Nov 21, 1880
Wisehart, Caroline C. to Hodson, A.J. on Mar 03, 1886
Wisehart, Melissa to Sanford, Hamlet T. on Oct 07, 1882
Witten, Jennie to Quigley, Jerdin on Nov 11, 1888
Witter, Malissa to Ash, Cbristopher Columbus on Nov 06, 1873
Witter, Mariah to Phillips, Oliver P. on May 13, 1855
Wnitro, Slattie M. to Knapp, Charles C. on Jul 01, 1890
Wolf, Lura E. to Taylor, Daniel on Dec 24, 1885
Wolf, Virginia M. to Williams, F.M. on Feb 15, 1881
Wolfe, Belle to Wells, Joel J. on Mar 26, 1895
Wolfe, Frona to Herrington, M.L. on Dec 25, 1892
Wood, Adeline to Wood, Henry M. on Nov 17, 1859
Wood, Alice A. to Kessinger, Jacob on Aug 03, 1886
Wood, Amanda V. to Rogers, Walter O. on Jun 21, 1898
Wood, D. Angeline to Burchett, John Albert on Nov 26, 1874
Wood, Effie to Walker, George W. on Apr 01, 1894
Wood, Elizabeth to Overstreet, John on Jan 17, 1861
Wood, Elizabeth to Stoetzl, Simon on Aug 10, 1892
Wood, Elizabeth T. to Wood, Abner on Aug 13, 1871
Wood, Emma to Grismer, Nelson on Aug 29, 1885
Wood, Ethel P. to Chaplin, William H. on Aug 23, 1891
Wood, Frances I. to Rhoads, Daniel on Jan 06, 1853
Wood, Hester A. to Wood, Felder on Mar 11, 1863
Wood, Jane to Chaplin, Erastus H. on Feb 05, 1866
Wood, July Ann to Smith, William T. on Nov 26, 1854
Wood, Mary to Shirley, Hiram on Feb 28, 1871
Wood, Nancy K. to McDonald, William on Mar 06, 1862
Wood, Prudence to Hunsaker, Levi on Jun 04, 1856
Wood, Rebecca E. to Doze, Peter P. on Dec 13, 1882
Wood, S.J. to Beck, J.W. on Aug 13, 1876
Wood, Sarah Ann to Tripplett, Andrew J. on Nov 28, 1847
Woodall, Martha to Johnson, Henry D. on Jun 24, 1865
Woodruff, Alice to Bell, Mordecai on Nov 13, 1873
Woodruff, Celicia to Bartlett, Harmon J. on Aug 14, 1879
Woods, Allie to Glidewell, John W. on Dec 06, 1896
Woods, Ester to Vaughn, Hanson on Jul 09, 1881
Woods, Kalista A. to Van Wye, Edward on Jun 06, 1895
Woods, Mary J. to Dugley, J. on Aug 12, 1880
Woods, Mellie to Thurman, Jesse on Sep 11, 1880
Woods, Phebe to Beery, David on Mar 14, 1876
Woods, Rebecca to Childres, William on Jun 04, 1865
Woody, Sarah A. to Gadberry, William T. on Jul 02, 1896
Woolery, Julia to Starnes, Hardin on Nov 24, 1896
Wooten, Cynthia to Broyles, James on Aug 10, 1873
Wooten, Elizabeth to Head, Daniel on Sep 12, 1870
Wooten, Matilda to Taylor, Jacob on Jan 01, 1873
Wooten, Rebecca to Brookshier, Newton on Jun 28, 1868
Wooton, Sarah L. to Wilks, James S. on Feb 14, 1884
Worthington, Minnie to Johnson, James M. on Mar 13, 1887
Woy, Ada to Martin, Cyrus on Mar 17, 1878
Woy, Nettie to Wood, J.W. on Feb 02, 1881
Wren, Celestia to Hamrick, George R. on Feb 06, 1862
Wright, Annie F. to Kerns, James B. on Dec 25, 1879
Wright, Eliza M. to Black, Robert W. on Jun 16, 1867
Wright, Elizabeth to Snider, Hiram on Apr 22, 1865
Wright, Elizabeth to Hunt, Patrick on Jul 01, 1876
Wright, Ida M. to Lewis, William J. on Jan 16, 1883
Wright, Isabelle to McDole, George W. on Oct 20, 1872
Wright, Lucinda to Amrim, Richard on Jul 03, 1860
Wright, Lucinda to Shultz, Samuel on Dec 07, 1878
Wright, Malinda C. to Callihan, Perry on Jan 24, 1886
Wright, Malissa to Lee, Andrew J. on Sep 26, 1869
Wright, Melissa J. to Rulon, Ross H. on Mar 29, 1886
Wright, Mollie to Ford, Thomas L. on Nov 03, 1895
Wright, Mollie M. to Lawrence, Robert J. on Nov 12, 1897
Wright, Mrs. Maria J. to Jennings, Andrew J. on Apr 06, 1885
Wright, Sarah to Jacobs, John on Oct 15, 1863
Wuhite, Dora A. to Beatty, Victor E. on Dec 25, 1898
Wuhite, Lydia to Maggart, D.C. on Jan 11, 1880
Wuhite, Mary J. to Burroughs, Robert on Dec 27, 1869
Wyant, Mary to Hamilton, Harvey on May 18, 1890
Wyant, Nellie J. to Campbell, Joseph E. on Apr 09, 1897
Wyner, Julia Ann to Vanwye, Charles on May 13, 1866
Wynn, Margaret to Vanwye, James D. on Oct 11, 1863


Yardley, Alice J. to Morris, William on Aug 10, 1890
Yardley, Birtha E. to Crouse, Fred L. on Feb 14, 1895
Yardley, Dollie to High, Andrew J. on Oct 02, 1892
Yardley, Dora E. to Leach, John L. on Jan 27, 1886
Yardley, Ethel D. to Sanders, James H. on Apr 24, 1895
Yardley, Eva to Henry, Allen on Dec 29, 1891
Yardley, Finetta J. to Roan, W.W. on Aug 22, 1895
Yardley, Jane to Talley, Henry on Mar 21, 1878
Yardley, Lucretia to Boye, William on Jan 06, 1859
Yardley, Manda to Morris, Robert F. on Jun 09, 1871
Yardley, Margaret A. to Sinclair, David P. on Oct 03, 1880
Yardley, Mary to McClant, Joseph on Apr 02, 1860
Yardley, Mary B. to McDowell, William F. on Jul 26, 1897
Yardley, Mary Elizabeth to Hill, Thomas P. on Sep 20, 1860
Yardley, Mary O. to High, John on Jul 04, 1876
Yardley, Nancy R. to Dazell, Joseph on Oct 23, 1867
Yardley, Ona to Campbell, John on Jan 14, 1894
Yardley, Renthy to Johnson, James S. on Sep 26, 1889
Yardley, Rosa Bell to Arthur, James on Nov 18, 1878
Yardley, Rosa V. to Rogers, Arthur H. on Jul 17, 1898
Yardley, Winnie L. to Crawford, English G. on Apr 15, 1896
Yardley, Wrintha to High, Lewis O. on Jan 03, 1892
Yates, Cyntha to Humphreys, Wesley on Jun 24, 1852
Yoakum, Laura M. to Miller, William M. on Jul 08, 1895
Yoakum, Martha A. to McAtlin, Wm. D. on Jul 08, 1895
Yoakum, Mary E. to Morris, Richard M. on Mar 26, 1876
Yoakum, Mary E. to Moffitt, John R. on May 13, 1896
Yoho, Anna to Whitaker, Elisha on Aug 19, 1883
Yoho, Flora F. to McCully, James R. on Sep 20, 1896
Yoho, Jane to Miller, Preston on Oct 17, 1883
Yos, Lissie to Smith, George S. on Dec 13, 1892
Young, Cora M. to Dezam, Huston on Jan 10, 1884
Young, Marcia to Lestley, George on Nov 25, 1868
Young, Mary Jane to Gillispie, Thomas B. on Mar 15, 1853
Young, Nancy E. to Sodders, William on Jan 01, 1875


Zeigler, Emma to Trent, George on Apr 11, 1894
Zeigler, Emma J. to Noble, Marian on Feb 12, 1880
Zerick, Laura to Lauchead, Francis on Jan 08, 1866
Zern, Mrs. Nancy to Bingham, Jacob on Dec 23, 1884
Zigler, Orma to Grindstaff, James F. on Aug 10, 1897

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