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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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(No given name) to Ellison, John on May 08, 1859
(Unknown Surname), America Elizabeth to Bartlett, Hugh Marshall on Sep 12, 1872
(Unknown Surname), Malissa to Catlett, William on Nov 25, 1896
(No given name) to Bargar, D.W. on Dec 23, 1882
(No given name) to Sloan, William L. on Nov 05, 1886


Saber, Clara Catherine to Gray, Joshua on Aug 31, 1874
  (Editor's NOTE: it is suggested that "Saber" may really be "Faber.")
Saffel, Sarah J. to Dennis, David on Oct 11, 1874
Safned, Mary to Safned, Jerome on Dec 15, 1887
Sallbary, Artie to Ferrell, Samuel W. on Apr 10, 1899
Salmons, Mary E. to McDannald, James on Feb 17, 1878
Salsberry, Marilda to Payne, Wm. H. on Nov 03, 1898
Salsberry, Pearl to Bartisser, John on Sep 02, 1896
Sammnatte, Sussie E. to Jackson, Thomas G. on May 08, 1887
Sampsel, Florence J. to Westlake, Lewis on Nov 12, 1882
Samuels, Nancy J. to Payne, George B. on Apr 06, 1879
Samuels, Virginia W. to Riley, Thomas B. on May 05, 1881
Sandefer, Mahala A. to Cole, John C. on Aug 09, 1868
Sandefur, Elizabeth D. to Clem, Hiram on Oct 16, 1884
Sanders, Elizabeth to Sweet, S.B. on Mar 24, 1892
Sanders, Mrs. Louisa to Hall, Henry on Aug 27, 1882
Sanders, Mrs. Rebecca to Snapp, John on Feb 13, 1870
Sanders, Nancy J. to Dickson, Alexander on Sep 02, 1875
Sandferd, Eliza Ann to Green, Henderson A. on Mar 30, 1858
Sandford, Mollie E. to Atkinson, Hiram F. on Jun 15, 1889
Sandford, Susan J. to Norman, Lemuel M. on Oct 27, 1894
Sandifer, Elizabeth to Smith, Erasmen on Mar 30, 1850
Sandifer, Mary to Sandfur, Redan on Mar 29, 1874
Sandiford, Frances to Tucker, Jeremiah on Dec 23, 1869
Saners, Martha to Dickerson, James on Mar 12, 1868
Sanford, Epsey P. to Boney, John on Mar 14, 1880
Sanford, Fannie C. to Johns, John H. on Oct 24, 1893
Sapp, Edith to Reed, Robert M. on Sep 27, 1893
Sapp, Eliza to Smith, Robert E. on Feb 12, 1882
Saulsberry, Delilah to Jones, William B. on Jul 19, 1863
Saulsberry, Delilah to Frazier, T.W. on Jan 07, 1883
Saulsberry, Louisa to Strandard, James on Jun 23, 1872
Saulsberry, Mary A. to Fetherly, John on Jan 04, 1869
Saulsberry, Mary Ann to Robinson, John G. on Mar 25, 1866
Saulsberry, Rebecca to Rayner, Leonard on Mar 31, 1874
Saulsberry, Sarah A. to Cotton, John on Dec 24, 1889
Sautsbury, Sarah J. to Cotton, Leonard L. on Mar 20, 1889
Sayers, Sadie A. to Hahn, Wilber S. on Feb 27, 1890
Sayre, Hannah F. B. to Taney, William on Oct 01, 1891
Sayre, Lucy B. to Clem, Melvin on Mar 23, 1884
Sayres, Kate to Moore, William B. on Feb 27, 1887
Sayres, Leco to Armstrong, Edward C. on Apr 14, 1899
Scearce, Della D. to Marlay, John G. on Sep 06, 1887
Schooling, Maggie to Kessenger, J.C. on Oct 30, 1892
Schooling, Nancy E. to Mason, David D. on Jan 22, 1871
Schooling, Susan E. to Stevens, William C. on Apr 15, 1879
Schrader, Eva to Bradley, John L. on Apr 16, 1884
Schrader, Rosa to Glidewell, John W. on Apr 03, 1886
Schrock, Ann M. to Reid, Fremont on Jan 29, 1871
Schrock, Cora to Reger, Orra on Sep 28, 1882
Schrock, Cornelia to Fetty, Edward G. on Feb 24, 1867
Schrock, Estella G. to Patterson, Wm. H. on Sep 04, 1889
Schrock, Hariet A. to Gibson, G.W. on Oct 24, 1854
Schrock, Hester to Bord, Alonzo on Dec 06, 1871
Schrock, Ida to Hill, John B. on Jun 08, 1887
Schrock, Lucy B. to Benfiel, William S. on Feb 19, 1880
Schrock, Lucy B. to Benefiel, William 5. on Feb 19, 1880
Schrock, M. Josie to Rodgers, George T. on Jan 22, 1884
Schrock, Margaret to Rogers, William on Aug 14, 1864
Schrock, Margaret Ann to Milcey, Johnny on Nov 18, 1858
Schrock, Martha E. to Ward, Clarence Hoard or on Sep 16, 1880
Schrock, Sarah L. to Burns, Robert H. on Jan 22, 1857
Schubert, Elizabeth to Vodinus, Hefiry on Apr 21, 1861
Schultz, Caroline to Clark, Perry on Jul 22, 1866
Schuster, Emalia to Swiggy, Conrad on Nov 23, 1890
Schuster, Minnie I. to Oldaker, A.H. on Apr 23, 1893
Scobee, Anna to Banner, William on Nov 25, 1888
Scobee, Hannah J. to Shollenbarger, George W. on May 23, 1896
Scobee, Mary B. to Smith, Frank M. on Sep 22, 1877
Scoles, Maude to Brundage, William H. on Feb 21, 1897
Scott, Alice L. to Scannell, Joseph on Dec 10, 1895
Scott, Amanda B. to Davidson, Absalom J. on May 29, 1891
Scott, Ann E. to Bears, Arthur E. on Apr 02, 1871
Scott, Artie to Jaynes, Marion on Jun 21, 1894
Scott, Catharine to Kidd, George on Jul 17, 1881
Scott, Ella to McLaughlin, Frank on Apr 29, 1889
Scott, Ella to Grismer, L.T. on Jan 28, 1894
Scott, Ella E. to Sherman, Alva A. on Nov 13, 1897
Scott, Ellen to Johnson Jr., James R. on Apr 02, 1865
Scott, Jane to Girking, James on Apr 15, 1862
Scott, Jessie to McNabb, Charles on Jan 14, 1897
Scott, Maggie to Banty, Bartholomew Fervigi on Apr 28, 1878
Scott, Martha to Grisler, Ernest on Oct 08, 1865
Scott, Mrs. Charity to Lane, Enoch on Jan 25, 1864
Scott, Nannie to Carter, John B. on Jul 05, 1892
Scott, Pharosty to Bennett, Edward A. on Feb 06, 1898
Scott, Roenah Francis to Jones, John on Feb 06, 1856
Scumpsella, Lily to Russell, Raymon W. on Mar 13, 1895
Seals, Cora A. to Somerville, Charles F. on Jul 12, 189?
Seals, Flora A. to Campbell, Arthur A. on Mar 15, 1896
Seaman, Annart to Browning, David on Mar 19, 1871
Seaman, Luella E. to Payne, Harmon B. on Nov 17, 1895
Seaman, Lydia E. to Daughtery, Robert M. on Apr 13, 1847
Seaman, Martha J. to Martin, Henry C. on Dec 30, 1897
Seaman, Mary E. to Jones, W.R. on Nov 27, 1892
Seaman, Mary Jane to Alexander, Wm. G. on Nov 03, 1847
Seaman, Minnie M. to Dickerson, William H. on May 19, 1895
Seaman, Odora Alice to Henning, Nathan Quincy on Dec 23, 1880
Seaman, Rhoda J. E. to Jones, Joel C. on Jul 30, 1860
Seaman, Sallie to Whaley, James on Sep 08, 1897
Seaman, Susan Jane to Kaiser, William on Sep , 1867
Seaman, Vina to Schrock, S.B. on Feb 23, 1890
Seamon, Hattie E. to Mock, Thomas M. on Dec 03, 1895
Seans, Nettie A. to Hoffman, Henry H. on Nov 10, 1897
Sears, Amanda M. to Copen, Milton on Mar 31, 1878
Sears, Farence C. to Burch, William S. on Mar 19, 1891
Sears, Julia to Baldridge, Jasper M. on Oct 28, 1860
Sears, Laura to Potts, Peter F. on Sep 10, 1868
Sears, Mary M. to Doak, Alexander S. on Apr 03, 1871
Sears, Sada E. to Link, Conrad R. on Aug 07, 1898
Sears, Susan E. to Sorrell, John W. on Apr 27, 1862
Seavers, Isabella to Scott, William S. on Jul 18, 1867
Sebert, Martha to Judd, Thomas on Aug 16, 1858
Sebrock, Elizabeth to Stone, Jonathan on Jun 23, 1845
See, Cora M. to Kelly, Marshall on Jan 21, 1894
See, Effie M. to Halliburton, Alfred D. on Jan 21, 1894
See, Minerva to Miller, James L. on Feb 12, 1891
Seret, Mary Ellen to Link, Uriah on Mar 15, 1874
Sevier, Annie L. to Shaw, George H. on Dec 27, 1899
Sevier, Ida L. to Elliott, Alexander M. on Feb 13, 1881
Sevier, Isabella to Pren, Thomas F. on Apr 11, 1869
Sevier, Jane to Pips, Anderson on Sep 13, 1845
Sevier, Josephine to Wampler, Thomas J. on Mar 06, 1895
Sevier, Lizzie to Payne, John T. on Apr 04, 1894
Sevier, Mary A. to Lowe, John W. on Sep 28, 1888
Sevier, Onie to See, Guss T. on Mar 14, 1897
Sevier, Sarah to Harman, James F. on Jun 21, 1888
Sevier, Sarah E. to Pipes, James P. on Mar 29, 1863
Sevire, Anny to Wallis, John on Apr 10, 1846
Seward, Mary A. to Smith, Clarence on Oct 13, 1895
Seward, Nancy to Cox, George H. on Nov 15, 1881
Sewell, Mary E. to Saffrred, Joseph L. on Dec 14, 1887
Shadden, Anise E. to McConn, John L. on Jul 17, 1893
Shadden, Jamima to Sears, Ira L. on Apr 20, 1895
Shafer, Laura A. to Collins, George L. on May 23, 1898
Shaffer, Ida to Banner, James S. on Aug 15, 1886
Sharp, Laura B. to Sayers, Newton on Jan 27, 1889
Sharp, Pervena Parlee to Jacobs, John on Feb 09, 1860
Shatto, Adaline to Romine, Mathew H. on Jun 25, 1882
Shatto, Catharine to Grim, George on Dec 18, 1853
Shatto, Elizabeth to McClaskey, James on Jul 03, 1849
Shatto, Elizabeth E. to Franklin, Jesse on Jul 04, 1872
Shatto, Frances M. to Weter, Dennis S. on Dec 04, 1894
Shatto, Laura B. to Plowman, John W. on Oct 27, 1895
Shatto, Lizzie to Frazier, Roy M. on Jan 15, 1893
Shatto, Lucinda to Allen, Thomas A. on Nov 13, 1884
Shatto, Marilla to Johnson, John on May 17, 1891
Shatto, Martha K. A. to Wattenbarger, George on Mar 09, 1892
Shatto, Mary to Coebran, William on Dec 10, 1864
Shatto, Mary A. to Glidewell, Phlinder on Sep 20, 1891
Shatto, Mary L. to Montgomery, Robert on Sep 12, 1880
Shatto, Mary R. to Jennings, George E. on Nov 19, 1893
Shatto, Melinda F. to Montgomery, Lewis on Mar 29, 1898
Shatto, Minnie J. to Norman, William A. on Jul 11, 1896
Shaver, Elizabeth to Rhoads, Minnes on May 10, 1885
Shaver, Louisa F. to Eubanks, M.G. on Nov 01, 1887
Shaver, Mary F. to Payn, Benjamin on Aug 12, 1879
Shaw, Eliza J. to Franklin, A.C. on Aug 13, 1871
Shay, Sarah to Kent, Hiram S. on Jun 27, 1894
Shearer, Ella Armanda to Archer, Marcelles on Dec 21, 1868
Shearer, Mabel J. to Baily, John S. on Nov 15, 1893
Shearer, Susie E. to Overstreet, William E. on Dec 31, 1885
Sheart, Maggie J. to Morrison, G.W. A. on Dec 24, 1891
Sheets, Sarrah M. to Casswell, David W. on Dec 25, 1879
Shelton, Dora B. to Simpson, Smith H. on Sep 27, 1896
Shephard, Bertha to Clem, Jacob on Nov 03, 1887
Shephard, Bertha A. to Fields, Jacob M. on Sep 01, 1898
Shephard, Rachel to Payne, William H. on Apr 16, 1891
Shepherd, Angeline to Clements, William on Dec 27, 1874
Shepherd, Eliza Jane to Blue, Uriah C. on Jul 28, 1878
Shepherd, Elizabeth to Johnson, Charles on Jul 03, 1873
Shepherd, Georgianna to Myers, John on Mar 23, 1865
Shepherd, Lonses E. to Johns, Benjamin on Aug 27, 1871
Shepherd, Rosa L. to Jackson, Nova A. on Aug 23, 1899
Shepherd, Rosie E. to Hale, James L. on Mar 08, 1895
Shepherd, Susan to Oliver, William H. on Jul 23, 1868
Shepley, Lydia to Morton, William W. on Dec 11, 1879
Sherkey, Nancy to Dennis, Andrew on Feb 17, 1858
Sherwood, Lucina A. to Clem, John M. on Jan 12, 1873
Shields, Elizabeth A. to Lilly, Isaac on Oct 18, 1863
Shifflet, Ann Eliza to Barhee, Thomas H. on Jan 16, 1880
Shiflett, Rosa to Fear, James B. on Jun 21, 1883
Shipley, Amanda to Zigler, So loman on Feb 16, 1873
Shipley, Delila to Smith, David E. on Jul 24, 1853
Shipley, Elizabeth E. to Brown, Isaac W. on Nov 23, 1884
Shipley, Ingleten Elizabeth to Tipton, Samuel on May 10, 1880
Shipley, Jane to Williams, Thomas on Jan 31, 1850
Shipley, Jane to Johnson, James on Apr 12, 1863
Shipley, Lavina Jane to Williams, Levi on Jun 27, 1852
Shipley, Lydia to Price, David on Nov 26, 1865
Shipley, Lydia Jane to Tate, Edward A. on May 03, 1876
Shipley, Margaret J. to Williams, Lewis on Nov 24, 1878
Shipley, Marilla to Tate, Edward on Jul 27, 1856
Shipley, Martha Ann to Savage, Albert on Dec 30, 1869
Shipley, Martha J. to Williams, John on Dec 23, 1877
Shipley, Mary to Donoho, James W. on Apr 06, 1854
Shipley, Mary to Gramling, William on Nov 23, 1879
Shipley, Mary F. to Williams, Levi on Aug 03, 1880
Shipley, Mary J. to Breeding, Samuel R. on Feb 05, 1899
Shipley, Mrs. Malinda to Scott, Barton L. on Nov 29, 1863
Shipley, Nettie J. to Brandon, John on Mar 01, 1887
Shipman, Mrs. Ara A. to McCormack, James O. on Mar 01, 1888
Shipp, Martha to Higgins, W.W. on Aug 10, 1873
Shipp, Mary E. to Rowan, William on Jun 11, 1882
Shobe, Lucy L. to McNabb, David B. on Feb 19, 1880
Shobe, Mary E. to Cooper, F.W. on Mar 14, 1886
Sholes, Elta to Dunlap, James J. on Dec 04, 1887
Shoraker, Barbara to Thompson, C.M. on Sep 09, 1877
Shores, Maggie to Higgins, Frank D. on Feb 18, 1897
Shores, Mollie to Baker, William W. on Sep 13, 1894
Short, Estie to Wilburn, John T. on May 09, 1895
Shortridge, Juilitte to Connaway, Wm. on Sep 03, 1898
Shubert, Sarah Jane to McGee, Luther on Apr 08, 1855
Shucy, Belle to Busby, O.M. on Sep 06, 1892
Shulse, Sarah to Snapp, Samuel R. on Feb 22, 1873
Shultz, Lair to Talbert, Leander on Jan 30, 1868
Shultz, Nancy E. to Harrelson, Rollins on Aug 13, 1899
Shumerd, Elizabeth to Hall, James on Nov 04, 1880
Shumerd, Mrs. Catherine to Mathew, William on Oct 27, 1879
Sidders, Charlotta to Burchett, Charles W. on Dec 20, 1887
Sigmund, Sarah M. to Smith, John S. on Nov 20, 1889
Sill, Martha J. to Cordray, Samuel W. on Mar 05, 1882
Simmerig, Lina to Montgomery, Marion F. on May 17, 1894
Simmering, Martha to Bingham, John W. on Aug 01, 1897
Simmons, Adeline to Haliburton, James W. on Mar 12, 1876
Simmons, Elydia A. to Cooper, Lewis on Oct 01, 1876
Simmons, Liza E. to Terry, James T. on Mar 25, 1888
Simmons, Louisa to Williams, Thomas on Feb 11, 1875
Simmons, Mary M. to Pickett, Edward on Aug 12, 1866
Simmons, Mrs. Permelia to Reger, Jacob W. on Apr 12, 1883
Simmons, Nannie A. to Fisher, William H. on Apr 13, 1884
Simms, Eliza to Chalfaut, Walter on Feb 19, 1891
Simms, Laura to Brown, Mathew on Nov 27, 1889
Simms, Mary E. to Rusk, Charles R. on Oct 21, 1899
Simpson, Cora to Emberton, William on Aug 05, 1897
Simpson, Lue E. to Frazier, Joe C. on Jun 25, 1891
Sims, Emily A. to Johnson, Thomas L. on Aug 20, 1893
Sims, Hersie to Ward, George H. on Nov 12, 1895
Sims, Nancy M. to Smith, Robert G. on Jun 16, 1895
Sims, Orpha O. to Morris, Auster on Dec 05, 1897
Simson, Mrs. Nancy Ann to Johnson, Elijah on Mar 30, 1862
Sinclair, Sarah J. to Crawford, Robert on Apr 07, 1887
Sinclair, Zaradie to Livingston, William C. on Aug 24, 1897
Singley, Annie to Stickler, James H. on Aug 23, 1881
Singley, Flora E. to Davis, Robert on Jul 07, 1889
Singley, Minerva to Lintner, Benjamin A. on Sep 16, 1891
Singley, Nettie E. to Compton, Clark H. on Mar 03, 1889
Sipes, Margaret A. to Rardon, John F. on Mar 04, 1896
Sizemore, Thalia to Scott, William on Sep 12, 1874
Skiles, Lydia A. to Fancher, Charles J. on Oct 29, 1872
Skyles, Nancy E. to Morgan, Andrew J. on Dec 25, 1877
Slack, Annie B. to Sullivan, Barton D. on Sep 14, 1892
Slack, Margaret to Henry, John W. on Jan 07, 1883
Slack, Mary E. to Bently, George on Dec 19, 1861
Slack, Mary E. to Waterman, LaDrue on Apr 12, 1880
Sleeper, Lydia P. to Dotson, Jethro on Sep 23, 1847
Sloan, Angy to Ridenour, George on Sep 20, 1886
Sloan, Clara to Kennett, James T. on Oct 21, 1881
Sloanaker, Sarah F. to Ellis, Irvin on Feb 15, 1885
Slonaker, Ann to Cutsinger, George W. on Nov 23, 1890
Slonelser, Jane to Cutsinger, John T. on Aug 13, 1893
Smart, Bertha to Houston, Geo.F. on Dec 24, 1895
Smart, Carrie M. to Todd, John H. on Dec 22, 1897
Smart, Dollie J. to Houghton, E. on Nov 17, 1892
Smart, Elizabeth to Lytle, John on May 08, 1872
Smart, Martha J. to Pearson, Charlie B. on Mar 07, 1893
Smart, Martha K. to Anspach, Jno. W. on Nov 21, 1888
Smart, Mary B. to Banner, Grant on Dec 08, 1886
Smart, Mary E. to Hook, Albert E. on May 05, 1878
Smart, Mary G. A. to Smart, Alfred Marion on Nov 30, 1880
Smick, Henritta to Ellison, J.H. on Dec 25, 1891
Smick, Madora H. to Newkirk, W.M. on Jun 08, 1882
Smiley, Elizabeth Elender to Black, James Alexander on Jan 03, 1878
Smiley, Emily to Holsinger, Elias on Oct 04, 1868
Smiley, Martha E. to Gadberry, Harvey O. on Sep 04, 1884
Smiley, Rebecca M. to Cavanaugh, George T. on Apr 28, 1867
Smiley, Zilpahan to Landyen, William N. on Feb 10, 1868
Smith, Ada A. to Alexander, James W. on Dec 25, 1898
Smith, Alice to Walker, Leroy on Mar 11, 1896
Smith, Alice to Sullivan, Claudius E. on Dec 03, 1899
Smith, Alma to Swiggat, James M. on Mar 06, 1850
Smith, Amanda to Hudnall, William on Jan 07, 1872
Smith, Amanda to Doty, Frank on Nov 25, 1888
Smith, Amanda M. to Clark, John N. on Feb 16, 1898
Smith, Angelina N. to Jackson, William L. on Feb 06, 1878
Smith, Ann E. to Thurlo, Silas on Dec 15, 1863
Smith, Anna to McCracomac, William on May 08, 1853
Smith, Araminta to Hayes, William T. on Jan 18, 1882
Smith, Belinda B. to Myers, Jacob L. on Nov 20, 1865
Smith, Belle to Atkins, James W. on Mar 01, 1886
Smith, Belle to Bookout, Charles E. on May 25, 1893
Smith, Cassie to Rhoads, Philip E. S. on Aug 06, 1893
Smith, Catherine Boyd to Coon, Benjamin Franklin on May 25, 1875
Smith, Clara I. to Thurlo, Henry N. on Nov 12, 1895
Smith, Cordelia to Harrelson, Thomas on Apr 14, 1893
Smith, Dora B. to Callahan, James B. on Mar 05, 1899
Smith, Elizabeth to Miller, Rufus G. on Mar 13, 1859
Smith, Elizabeth to Humphreys, John W. on Sep 04, 1864
Smith, Elizabeth E. to Cassity, J.W. on Sep 04, 1884
Smith, Ella to Clem, Alfred H. on Feb 22, 1882
Smith, Ella to Glidewell, Andrew M. on Nov 15, 1886
Smith, Ellen to Gillespie, James on Nov 08, 1855
Smith, Ellen to Springer, Harding on Jul 26, 1874
Smith, Emily G. to Jones, Edward T. on Feb 13, 1890
Smith, Emma to Wood, Elmer on Jul 09, 1892
Smith, Emma S. to Samples, James on Mar 30, 1892
Smith, Etta to Bagwell, Homer A. on Feb 05, 1893
Smith, Flora to Prapps, Edgar on Dec 20, 1891
Smith, Frances E. to Austin, James W. on Jan 05, 1891
Smith, Gertrude to Nickell, Joseph on Mar 24, 1895
Smith, Grace to Pickett, Robert E. on Oct 07, 1891
Smith, Hanah J. to Morelock, A.D. on Jun 03, 1888
Smith, Hannah to Gustus, William on Aug 01, 1852
Smith, Hattie J. to Terry, Wesley N. on Nov 05, 1879
Smith, Hattie J. to Terry, Wesley N. on Nov 05, 1879
Smith, Hatty E. to Seaman, J.D. on Jan 31, 1876
Smith, Hulda G. to King, William T. on May 26, 1896
Smith, Jane to Harrelson, John on Dec 13, 1864
Smith, Jennie to Cain, T.D. on Aug 16, 1893
Smith, Josie to Bradshaw, Edward on Aug 12, 1891
Smith, Laura to Smith, James M. on Sep 25, 1894
Smith, Laura A. to Morelock, George M. on Oct 21, 1896
Smith, Lena R. to Almond, J.C. on Oct 18, 1893
Smith, Lesta M. to Roe, A.J. on Apr 24, 1894
Smith, Lillie to Beard, Fred W. on Mar 28, 1886
Smith, Lizzie to Clem, Willis B. on Feb 15, 1880
Smith, Lizzie to Dunlap, Thomas A. on Oct 04, 1891
Smith, Lucy to Croy, Jackson on Jan 11, 1871
Smith, Lucy to Bartlett, Harmon J. on Mar 09, 1891
Smith, Maggie B. to Duley, Robert W. on Jun 01, 1890
Smith, Maggie L. to Tate, Walter F. on Mar 17, 1897
Smith, Mahala to Hollon, James on Oct 12, 1873
Smith, Manda to Crist, William on Aug 25, 1870
Smith, Margaret E. to Lane, Lee on May 04, 1862
Smith, Martha A. to Pile, John L. on Sep 27, 1868
Smith, Mary Alice to McCuns, William J. M. on Dec 25, 1878
Smith, Mary Ann to Sevier, Thos. on Sep 07, 1851
Smith, Mary Ann to Myers, William H. on Oct 04, 1863
Smith, Mary C. to Thurlo, Columbus C. on Dec 12, 1867
Smith, Mary E. to Childres, Wm. H. on Apr 26, 1887
Smith, Mary M. to Harper, Alli V. on Oct 18, 1899
Smith, Maude to Sharp, Frank M. on Dec 25, 1890
Smith, Melissa to Burkhart, James F. on May 23, 1899
Smith, Missouri Louisa to Ash, Byron on Dec 03, 1874
Smith, Mrs. Mary S. to Hatcher, John on Apr 13, 1859
Smith, Nancy Ann to Walker, William on Jun 04, 1854
Smith, Nancy J. to Belshee, John on Apr 21, 1857
Smith, Nancy M. to Hatcher, Hiriam on Dec 06, 1896
Smith, Nora E. to Hays, Noah P. on Jul 23, 1893
Smith, Olie to Schoonover, John W. on Aug 08, 1895
Smith, Olive A. to Reger, Ellis F. on Jan 04, 1899
Smith, Phebe Ann to Crawford, James on Apr 02, 1868
Smith, S.C. to Givens, D.C. on Nov 06, 1885
Smith, Sallie to Taylor, Alfred R. on Mar 01, 1887
Smith, Sarah Ann to Miller, Nathaniel C. on Mar 06, 1864
Smith, Sarah Jane to Rouse, Thomas J. on Jul 19, 1876
Smith, Sarah M. to Hicks, Winfield M. on Mar 19, 1889
Smith, Sarah R. to Campbell, William H. on Mar 11, 1882
Smith, Susan to Yardley, Elzie R. on Mar 31, 1897
Smith, Susan C. to Shultz, David E. on Jun 18, 1891
Smith, Susan J. to Martin, William H. H. on Jul 14, 1861
Smith, Susie to Spencer, Harrison on Dec 11, 1883
Smith, Sypha J. to Maples, Mod on Jan 19, 1885
Smith, Winnie J. to Crumpacker, W.E. on Oct 05, 1893
Smith, Zalinah to Setters, Henry W. on Oct 15, 1865
Smoote, Ethel to Barnett, Isaac on May 01, 1899
Snapp, Martha E. to Walker, Samuel L. on Feb 07, 1892
Snedgar, Anna L. to Myers, George H. on Oct 28, 1879
Sneed, Delilah R. to Murray, John W. on Oct 31, 1872
Snider, Mattie to Winters, Robert W. on Aug 29, 1895
Snow, Mary to Doze, Job on Apr 6 , 1882
Snow, Mary M. to Long, Robert S. on Jul 26, 1896
Snow, Mattie to Dickerson, James on Feb 14, 1892
Snow, Susie to Jackson, Smith on Dec 12, 1880
Snowden, Mary J. to McCollum, W. on Nov 12, 1876
Snyder, Lillie M. to Sizemoore, James W. on Jun 12, 1898
Sodders, Belle to Kelley, William on Nov 20, 1885
Sodders, Emiline to Dennis, John on Jan 10, 1863
Sodders, Martha Ann to Wilson, Andrew on Jan 06, 1867
Sodham, Mary Catharine to Russell, Thomas on May 30, 1858
Somerville, Alice to Cochran, James B. on Jun 30, 1898
Somerville, Orlie C. to Caldwell, William on Nov 11, 1886
Sorders, Lydy Jane to Porter, Williams on Jun 11, 1857
Sorge, Dora E. to Arbuckle, Charles H. on Jan 04, 1891
Sorrel, Cintha E. to Phillips, John C. on Oct 22, 1856
Sorrel, Lotta to Bell, George on Aug 10, 1886
Sorrell, Alpha to Hill, Charles W. on Sep 16, 1896
Sorrell, Damarias to Campbell, William on Mar 18, 1885
Sorrell, Eva F. to Mairs, O.J. on Jul 17, 1881
Sorrell, Mary E. to Scott, John F. on Dec 21, 1898
Sorrell, Mary P. to Watson, Drury P. on Jan 11, 1863
Sorrell, Mrs. Sue E. to Pittman, Dee on Jan 14, 1877
Sorrell, Sarah F. to Green, David J. on Aug 09, 1861
South, Martha J. to Downen, Samuel on Dec 24, 1874
Spainhorn, Martha C. to Wilson, Daniel O. on Feb 10, 1889
Spake, Annie to Moore, Joseph A. on Oct 30, 1897
Spake, Hulda to Crowder, John on May 05, 1864
Spake, Mary E. to Montgomery, William H. on Feb 19, 1871
Spake, Nannie M. to Stephenson, James D. on Jul 13, 1884
Spake, Ruth to How, Abraham on Dec 29, 1867
Sparks, Milly to Dilkes, Elijah on Sep 14, 1866
Speaks, Mary to McCowan, Redman on Sep 09, 1869
Spears, Nancy E. to Dupree, Thomas S. on Jan 20, 1879
Spencer, Abigail to Fanning, John on Jul 13, 1874
Spencer, Amanda to King, Peter on Feb 08, 1864
Spencer, Elizabeth to Goodwin, William A. on Nov 03, 1895
Spencer, Eva to Davis, Charles J. on Aug 07, 1892
Spencer, Louisa to Jennings, Stephen W. on Sep 19, 1863
Spencer, Louise to Jennings, Stephen W. on Sep 19, 1863
Spencer, Mary E. to Meek, George W. on Nov 30, 1899
Spencer, Nannie J. to Goodwin, Lewis A. on May 06, 1894
Spencer, Permulia to Pileher Jr., Lewis on Nov 18, 1852
Spencer, Rachall to Brace, Otis on Aug 27, 1857
Spencer, Rebecca to Coffman, James A. on Feb 28, 1867
Spencer, Sarah to Wolf, David T. on Mar 17, 1860
Spencer, Sarah E. to Stufflebean, Zack on Aug 06, 1893
Spencer, Susan J. to Johnson, Joseph W. on Nov 13, 1888
Spenser, Hennetta Jane to Fanning, Charles on Oct 01, 1882
Spevliy, Louisa J. to Grim, William P. on Nov 14, 1880
Spiva, Laura L. to Harlan, Sherman G. on Dec 23, 1883
Spiva, Lillia A. to King, James E. on Jun 13, 1891
Spray, Annie to Forbes, Frances S. on Sep 27, 1891
Spray, Emily Jane to Ridinghern, William on Nov 14, 1880
Spray, Jennie to Cleeton, John W. on May 26, 1896
Spray, Laura to Hall, Jesse C. on Mar 21, 1895
Spray, Mary F. to Fisher, William A. on Jan 23, 1873
Springer, Eliza to Callihan, Joseph on Dec 06, 1868
Springer, Elizabeth C. to Millan, John K. on Dec 20, 1859
Springer, Ginevra to Kimberly, Andrew J. on Feb 12, 1891
Springer, Lilian to Gatewood, Peter H. on May 29, 1881
Springer, Mabel V. to McNeeley, David N. on Jun 19, 1890
Springer, Mary J. to Walker, Allen Benjamin on Aug 07, 1864
Springer, Matilda to Swallow, Evander M. on Nov 24, 1872
Springer, Minerva to Kline, H.L. on Mar 05, 1885
Springer, Missouri M. to Miller, Aaron on Jul 07, 1870
Springer, Osa to Kelley, George on Apr 23, 1891
Springer, Rebecca J. to Leas, William on Oct 22, 1865
Springer, Sarah W. to Gilworth, Johnson on Feb 20, 1862
Spurling, Sarah E. to Jones, Taylor on May 03, 1879
Squires, Martha to Minson, Samuel on Mar 23, 1878
Squires, Nancy J. to McCollum, Stephen on Mar 08, 1880
St. John, Delilah to Hix, Martin on Nov 20, 1870
Staley, Sarah A. to Morrison, Andrew D. on Dec 30, 1885
Stall, Ella to Severs, George A. on Dec 26, 1886
Stall, Ida E. to Phebus, G.M. on Dec 25, 1892
Stancliff, Jane to Honecker, George W. on Aug 25, 1884
Stanfer, Eliza to Jones, Felrah on Mar 17, 1864
Stanforth, Hannah W. to Stanforth, Joseph on Oct 31, 1897
Stanforth, Mary M. to Curl, J.N. on Feb 08, 1880
Staniford, Rutha to Lambert, Albert S. on Jun 24, 1867
Stanley, Joannab to Poole, John S. on Jan 05, 1895
Stanley, Maggie to Harris, Charles P. on Jul 08, 1893
Stanley, Mary B. to Norvill, G.W. on Nov 21, 1868
Stanley, Mary Elizabeth to Norman, Stephen W. on Jul 24, 1864
Stanley, Merille F. to Goforth, John R. on Jul 22, 1877
Stanley, Mrs. Jem. Wm. to Smith, J.H.B. on Feb 22, 1880
Stanley, Mrs. Jennie M. to Smith, J.H.B. on Feb 22, 1880
Stanley, Nora Kate to Brantner, Sherman on Jun 17, 1886
Stanley, Sallie to Clark, George M. on Mar 18, 1888
Stanley, Sarah E. to Goderd, James D. on Dec 30, 1882
Stanley, Victory to Weightman, Robert H. on Jul 23, 1876
Stanly, Margaret to Bowman, Jacob on Jun 27, 1854
Stanly, Mary E. to Harness, James on Jan 22, 1882
Stanton, Cora to Easley, Walter J. on Dec 23, 1891
Stanton, Wennetta to Morris, Joseph C. on Apr 06, 1890
Starke, Alcinda to Davis, William A. on May 30, 1872
Starkey, Eliza to Gray, William on Oct 23, 1873
Starkey, Lucinda to Finley, Samuel A. on Jul 11, 1857
Starkey, Mary E. to Board, Benjamin E. on Nov 14, 1869
Starkey, Mary E. to Summers, Abnor M. on Jul 02, 1882
Starkey, May to Summers, Clark W. on Feb 09, 1890
Starkey, Rachel V. to Pouescon, Harrison L. on Feb 14, 1877
Starkey, Rebecca J. to Gray, Jasper on Dec 31, 1865
Starnes, Lazzie to Anderson, David W. on Dec 08, 1888
Starnes, Mary to Atwood, Frank W.R. on Jul 01, 1896
Starns, Alice to Deeds, Charles J. on Jan 01, 1894
Starns, Emeline to Bartemus, Stephen D. on Jul 04, 1889
Starns, V.A. to Goins, Elder Z. on Jan 28, 1887
Starns, Velonia to Frazier, Elihu E. on Jul 30, 1894
Starns, Zella to Milstead, D.C. on Mar 26, 1887
Statch, Laura to Dickerson, Thomas M. on Sep 08, 1897
Steel, Lily M. to Johnson, John A. on Apr 04, 1897
Steele, Cora M. to Murphy, John E. on Nov 15, 1898
Steele, Florence to Palmer, William F. on Mar 29, 1893
Steele, Mary to Baird, David on Jul 21, 1853
Steele, Mary E. to Dimmitt, Robert O. on Apr 02, 1899
Steele, Mrs. Sarah to Story, Mathew S. on Dec 25, 1883
Steele, Rebecca Elizabeth to Schevell, John C. on May 19, 1867
Stephens, Daleina to Hines, Samuel on May 11, 1852
Stephens, Ella to Jerome, Daniel on Dec 28, 1890
Stephens, Mary to Garrett, James on Aug 27, 1860
Sterling, Alice J. to Callihan, Andrew J. on Jan 29, 1891
Sterling, Alish to Sterling, Samuel on Feb 03, 1870
Sterling, Elizabeth to Ross, Samuel on Jan 07, 1875
Sterling, Ella to Morris, George W. on Sep 29, 1872
Sterling, Esther to Mairs, Robert S. on Nov 25, 1891
Sterling, Katie to Bartimus, Charles on Sep 19, 1895
Sterling, Lizzie to Tipton, Arthur M. on Oct 12, 1897
Sterling, Mabel M. to Simms, Granville E. on Sep 27, 1896
Sterling, Margaret A. to Dyer, R. on Mar 01, 1866
Sterling, Mary to Triplett, Hiram on May 08, 1866
Sterling, Mary to McClaskey, Williard H. on Aug 08, 1872
Sterling, Mary C. to Callihan, James on Dec 16, 1888
Sterling, Sarah C. to May, William G. on Dec 27, 1883
Sterling, Sarah C. to May, William G. on Dec 27, 1883
Sterling, Sarah J. to Kiser, Albert H. on Apr 26, 1884
Sterling, Susannah to Clem, Perry S. on Sep 04, 1898
Stewart, Harriett to Todd, Samuel A. on Nov 22, 1849
Stewart, Henrietta F. to Farley, James M. on Nov 28, 1888
Stewart, Margaret to Anderson, Richard I.B. on Apr 22, 1896
Stewart, Maria to Muck, Anthony on Dec 16, 1858
Stewart, Mary E. to Cutsinger, Samuel on Apr 28, 1878
Stewart, Mattie M. to Somerville, Alfred O. on Apr 26, 1899
Stewart, Nellie to Schooler, Ulysis A. on Oct 27, 1898
Stewart, Rebecca to Lumsden, David on Oct 08, 1883
Stinger, Sarah J. to Smith, Enoch N. on Feb 25, 1884
Stirling, Jennie to Sommerville, Charles on Dec 03, 1885
Stirling, Laura to Henry, George W. on Nov 12, 1890
Stirling, Mrs. Martha E. to Taylor, Samuel J. on Nov 10, 1881
Stirling, Nancy E. to Withite, Powell on Apr 13, 1882
Stivers, D.J. to Grindstaff, Thomas E. on Dec 15, 1875
Stockton, Susan Adaline to Riggins, James Nicholas on Dec 25, 1873
Stoglan, Wilta to Coghill, John W. on Dec 25, 1877
Stoles, Maggie to McKay, F.P. on Jan 06, 1886
Stoll, Debra to George, Lewis on Aug 10, 1872
Stone, Cassie I. to Williams, Isaac on Sep 23, 1888
Stone, Elvira M. to Pickett, Marion on Jul 23, 1887
Stone, Emma M. to Jewett, William H. on Feb 22, 1894
Stone, Etta M. to Huffman, Edgar M. on May 16, 1893
Stone, Fanna to Shipley, James R. on Jun 24, 1883
Stone, Julia Ann to McCracken, Mathew on Feb 05, 1872
Stone, Marian N. to Powell, Alonzo E. on Aug 27, 1898
Stone, Martha to Reger, Granville on Apr 21, 1867
Stone, Matilda to Smith, H.C. on Mar 23, 1872
Stone, Rebecca C. to Mullins, David W.W. on May 10, 1864
Stone, Sarah C. to Caidwell, James on Oct 05, 1865
Storey, Anna to Potter, V.F. on Jun 27, 1877
Storey, Hannah to King, Charles on Jun 06, 1872
Storey, Margaret J. to Abersumlin, Samuel D. on Mar 28, 1877
Stout, Elizabeth E. to Blakely, William on Aug 17, 1865
Stout, Julia A. to Hodson, Benjamin F. on Mar 28, 1883
Stout, Sarah E. to Kennedy, John M. on Nov 22, 1874
Strain, Elly to Law, Marshall on Jul 04, 1881
Strain, Nancy Jane to Bailey, John on Mar 17, 1881
Strait, Mary Elizabeth to Wolf, John on Jul 22, 1860
Straley, Amanda J. to Riddle, William P. on Feb 07, 1886
Straley, Annie to Alexander, Van C. on Jan 01, 1884
Straley, Carrie B. to Guffey, Andrew J. on Oct 04, 1895
Straley, Emily F. to Crawford, William W on Dec 20, 1866
Straley, Eva R. to Linhart, William L. on Sep 05, 1894
Straley, Lizzie to Hart, Charles S. on Feb 22, 1880
Straley, Nellie to Beck, H.H. on Jul 30, 1894
Strasnider, M.M. to Hardinger, James B. on Dec 25, 1888
Street, Leona to Wilhite, Charley on Jan 09, 1898
Stringen, Mary C. to Adams, William S. on Jan 15, 1889
Stringen, Mattie to Dixon, William M. on Feb 24, 1889
Stringer, Mary F. to Moberly, Charles on Feb 23, 1873
Stringer, Susan Sarah to Mantlo, William W. on Jan 03, 1858
Strode, Permelia A. to Baker, Luy on Sep 26, 1875
Strong, Carrie to Stanforth, David S. on Dec 25, 1890
Strosnider, Florence to Spier, James L. on Jan 12, 1879
Stroud, Nellie to Burditt, Alexander on Jan 15, 1891
Stroud, Nettie M. to Shobe, Oliver on Jul 02, 1891
Stroud, Sarah to Peters, Silas P. on Jan 18, 1870
Struder, C. to Farley, Wright on Dec 22, 1878
Stucky, Anna to Patrick, Millard on Apr 10, 1887
Stufflebean, Arsulley to Hines, Z.T. on Aug 26, 1869
Stufflebean, Laura Minna May to Deeds, Jonathan Bonapart on Dec 29, 1879
Stufflebean, Lillie to Kanan, James F. on Jan 13, 1898
Stufflebean, Margaret to Johnson, Andrew J. on Jan 01, 1875
Stufflebean, Mary Ellen to Cox, William A. on Aug 30, 1869
Stufflebean, Nancy J. to Baker, Robert A. on Apr 09, 1882
Stufflebean, Sarah to Smith, John A. on Sep 26, 1880
Sturgeon, Cora E. to Kingery, Thadeus P. on Jun 02, 1898
Sturgill, Easter C. to Knifong, Felix C. on Feb 18, 1847
Stutzlin, Maggie to Wendeshem, Gust on Mar 03, 1881
Subert, Syntha Jane to Frazier, Cantrel R. on Feb 25, 1857
Sullivan, Anna M. to Blake, James E. on Sep 06, 1899
Sulser, Julia V. to McNeece, Arch F. on Nov 21, 1897
Sumerville, Nannie to Jackson, John B. on Nov 08, 1893
Summers, Flora K. to Stall, James W. on Dec 19, 1894
Summers, Rachel to Frazier, Francis on Feb 27, 1877
Summers, Sarah A. to Bozarth, Benjamin on Jul 06, 1879
Summerville, Sarah M. to Montgomery, C.T. on Apr 04, 1872
Sutherland, Virginia 0 to Harris, Norman B. on Jun 12, 1881
Sutton, Mary M. to Watson, Wm. H. on Mar 01, 1854
Swagart, Mary M. to Kevens, Emanuel on Oct 04, 1857
Swame, Martha to Davis, Miles L. on Aug 01, 1887
Swan, Ellen to Norman, Oliver C. on Dec 31, 1869
Swan, Milbra to Darr, Leroy C. on Feb 25, 1872
Swanger, Alice M. to Cochrane, William on Jun 07, 1885
Swanger, Bertha to DeWitt, Mark P. on Dec 27, 1883
Swanger, Isabella to Cochran, Robert on Oct 24, 1877
Swanger, Mary A. to Witter, Martin R.H. on Sep 08, 1869
Swanger, Mary P. to Clark, Walter M. on Oct 26, 1881
Swanger, Ursula J. to Stone, Marion C. on Jun 22, 1887
Swank, Mattie to Pickett, Emerson on Jul 29, 1890
Swearengen, Frances to Spencer, J.M. on Oct 25, 1891
Swearengen, Maggie E. to May, George H. on Oct 01, 1899
Swearingin, Mary Jane to Harris, William on Feb 18, 1847
Sweet, Lillie J. to Lucas, Hercher on Apr 20, 1884
Sweet, Mrs. Sedalia to Lennville, Joseph on Feb 18, 1888
Swigart, Catherine Thilene to Tipton, Jacob Reed on Dec 07, 1852
Swigart, Eleanor to Tipton, Jonathan on Aug 23, 1854
Swigart, Mrs. Sarah F. to Grim, Jacob on Dec 23, 1858
Swigart, Sarah Ann to Cassity, Alonzo on Jun 29, 1871
Swiggart, Martha M. to Glaze, John W. on Jan 05, 1873
Swiggy, Cassie to Wuhite, John R. on Jan 31, 1897
Swiggy, Fannie to Guffey, James S. on Jan 31, 1897
Swiggy, Maggie to Jones, A.E. on Dec 14, 1887
Swopes, Ida B. to Alexander, G.W. on Apr 19, 1894
Swopes, Mattie E. to Young, Robert D. on Dec 24, 1899
Swops, Hattie M. to Ingram, William T. on Dec 24, 1898


Tagart, Florida L. to Steir, George H. on Jan 25, 1882
Taggart, Mrs. Nancy to Hill, Armstead on Jan 07, 1873
Talbert, Cora B. to Franklin, Henry C. on Apr 30, 1891
Talbert, Josie to Harris, James H. on Oct 26, 1893
Talbert, Malvina to Humphreys, Cyrenus on Feb 22, 1855
Talbert, Minnie to Jones, Ellis L. on Nov 03, 1897
Talbert, Neoma J. to Lawrence, Henry on Feb 19, 1888
Talbert, Ola A. to Clem, John A. on Apr 04, 1887
Talbert, Sarah E. to Jones, Benjamin on Dec 03, 1876
Talley, Amanda E. to Yardley, Willis D. on Feb 04, 1880
Tallman, Lula E. to Wright, A.P. on Apr 12, 1890
Tally, Mary to Weston, Jacob on Sep 29, 1872
Tally, Minnie to Henry, Robert L. on Oct 20, 1888
Tally, Mrs. Georgann to Yardley, John B. on Sep 07, 1873
Tally, Sarah to Schrock, Perez on Nov 29, 1854
Tally, Susan Ann to Couch, Thomas on Sep 21, 1856
Tanner, Mabel D. to Sharp, Charles W. on Feb 15, 1891
Tate, Comfort to Shipley, James M. on Dec 17, 1863
Tate, Luiza to Ganon, John on Oct 27, 1859
Tate, Mrs. Mary E. to Scott, Barton S. on Jun 29, 1881
Tate, Ruth A. to Rowan, John on Jan 28, 1882
Tate, Susie E. to Davis, William T. on Oct 25, 1892
Taylor, Anna F. to Grear, William on Feb 08, 1885
Taylor, Armilda Jane to Bates, Charles on Jan 31, 1847
Taylor, Bertha J. to Broyles, Minter W. on Aug 10, 1894
Taylor, Catharine Ann to Nangis, Elisha on Jan 25, 1855
Taylor, Clara to Forbes, John H. on Oct 02, 1892
Taylor, Cora F. to Morgan, John J. on Dec 18, 1898
Taylor, Elizabeth to Kidd, Christopher W. on Aug 02, 1849
Taylor, Elizabeth to Standley, William Nelson on Oct 05, 1869
Taylor, Ella to MeCollum, Benville on Jul 06, 1897
Taylor, Elsie A. to Franklin, Russell on Sep 16, 1898
Taylor, Henrietta to Fox, Hannibal on Oct 25, 1870
Taylor, Jane to Smith, Henry A. on Apr 10, 1850
Taylor, Jennie B. to Hannah, John F. on Mar 03, 1897
Taylor, Lucinda to Pigg, Jessie L. on Mar 16, 1888
Taylor, Margaret to McDaniel, H. on Jun 29, 1856
Taylor, Margaret to Burton, Richard on Aug 20, 1868
Taylor, Mary to Dodson, Marcus on Jul 20, 1854
Taylor, Mary to Sterling, Robert on Nov 17, 1859
Taylor, Mary to George, Thomas C. on Nov 26, 1878
Taylor, Mary A. to Cain, James M. on Jul 25, 1880
Taylor, Mary E. to Wearworth, Foster on Jan 15, 1890
Taylor, Mary E. to Tunnell, Josiah R. on Mar 30, 1890
Taylor, Mary E. to Marvin, James W. on Oct 26, 1890
Taylor, Mary Pascle to Medley, Andrew J. on Oct 14, 1866
Taylor, Melisa to Hoke, Franklin P. on Jan 27, 1879
Taylor, Nancy Ann to Hubbard, Jackson on Mar 06, 1867
Taylor, Ola S. to Bailey, Aldo E. on Jul 11, 1899
Taylor, Rosa L. to Caroyer, Walter on Oct 02, 1879
Taylor, S.G. to Norton, James N. on Jul 22, 1858
Taylor, Sarah A. to Harper, William J. on May 16, 1886
Taylor, Sarah E. to Harmon, Louis J. on Nov 20, 1884
Taylor, Sarah J. to Jones, Newton J. on Jan 01, 1863
Taylor, Susan to Hurst, Marshall on Dec 29, 1872
Teeter, Mary J. to Bailey, Henry J. on Aug 12, 1880
Tellison, Margaret to Clayburg, Isaac on Feb 28, 1856
Templer, Nora E. to Thorington, Alfred M. on Mar 09, 1899
Terrell, Denia to Phillips, William D. on Mar 25, 1866
Terrell, Jane to Scott, Madison on May 06, 1866
Terry, Cora B. to Moore, Levi on Dec 01, 1896
Terry, Mary F. to Meals, Clemont W. on Apr 30, 1878
Terry, Mary F. to Reaugh, Philip on May 14, 1892
Tharp, Eliza J. to Parkey, L.J. on Jun 04, 1882
Tharp, Josie to Canon, James H. on Sep 27, 1891
Tharp, Lelucrabra to Richardson, William on Dec 18, 1870
Tharp, Margaret to Harmon, Alexander on Oct 08, 1846
Tharp, Martha Ann to Calvert, William Binson on Jul 30, 1857
Tharp, Mary B. to Summerville, Jno. G. on Sep 22, 1892
Thimpson, Ellen to Rhodes, George W. on Mar 24, 1878
Thomas, Adair to Hubbard, Joseph on Sep 09, 1880
Thomas, Annie to Poole, T.S. on Oct 14, 1885
Thomas, Cora B. to Caldwell, John T. on Nov 28, 1889
Thomas, Fanny to Robinson, James D. on Dec 31, 1876
Thomas, Harriett to Keyser, Thomas F. on Nov 08, 1899
Thomas, Ida to Leas, Oscar H. on Apr 26, 1887
Thomas, J. J. to Jenkins, William on Oct 01, 1865
Thomas, Lela A. to Henry, Thomas W. on Nov 19, 1879
Thomas, Mary to Warren, Henry E. on Jan 02, 1863
Thomas, Mary Jane to Lemasters, Wesley on Jul 10, 1864
Thomas, Mattie to Thompson, John H. on Apr 26, 1891
Thomas, Nancy E. to Sutton, CharlesE. on Feb 16, 1879
Thomas, Pauline J. to Preston, George A. on Apr 15, 1885
Thomas, Sallie to Guinn, Frank on Apr 15, 1885
Thomas, Sarah to Harris, Samuel on Dec 04, 1859
Thomas, Sophronia to Lee, Jackson on Sep 29, 1858
Thomas, Susan E to Jones, Cyrus E. on Jun 19, 1870
Thomas, Venley J. to Grier, Henry on May 05, 1879
Thomas, Virginia to Downston, Charles on Nov 05, 1871
Thompson, Alice to Kelley, Charles on Sep 26, 1886
Thompson, America J. to Scott, James A. on Aug 18, 1888
Thompson, Caroline to Sims, Daniel T. on Mar 05, 1876
Thompson, Cynthia J. to Johnson, Beverly on Jan 19, 1884
Thompson, Cyrene to Bailey, John on Aug 20, 1889
Thompson, Elizabeth to McGee, John D. on Dec 26, 1886
Thompson, Fredonia L. to Parkhurst, Amos R. on Mar 05, 1882
Thompson, Grace to Cook, Eleas on Feb 08, 1895
Thompson, Hattie to Wallace Jr., James on Feb 24, 1895
Thompson, Judith to Browning, Edward on Feb 19, 1871
Thompson, Laura to White, Thomas J. on Dec 22, 1885
Thompson, Letitia to McNabb, Jacob N. on Feb 06, 1890
Thompson, Mary A. to Quigley, Cantrel R. on Sep 21, 1897
Thompson, Mary C. to Rumley, John C. on Jun 01, 1884
Thompson, Mary E. to Simpson, John E. on Oct 07, 1884
Thompson, Nancy N. to Wiggins, Madison S. on Mar 02, 1864
Thompson, Rachel E. to Williams, Charles on May 20, 1894
Thompson, Rebecca to Harmon, Clayton on Jan 05, 1868
Thompson, Rebecca to Dill, Thomas on Sep 08, 1896
Thompson, Sarah E. to Lafavre, James on Apr 13, 1884
Thompson, Selehee to Nichols, Martin L. on Sep 11, 1890
Thompson, Sophrona to Higgins, Newton on Feb 05, 1874
Thorn, Sarah to Bailey, William on Dec 10, 1864
Thrasher, Laura T. to Moffett, William R. on Dec 20, 1873
Thrasher, Lillie B. to Myers, John H. on Jun 10, 1888
Thrasher, Martha Frances to Johnson, W.A. on Sep 19, 1882
Thrasher, Minnie V. to Hoselton, Albert R. on Feb 24, 1892
Thrush, Christina to George, Edward on Oct 13, 1872
Thurlo, Ella J. to Smith, A.E. on Nov 08, 1874
Thurlo, Hinda to Rush, William J. on Nov 18, 1895
Thurlo, O. N. to Newman, M.P. on Apr 11, 1849
Thurlow, Frances E. to Curtis, John W. P. on Apr 02, 1863
Thurman, Julia to Bradley, C.C. on Feb 18, 1886
Tiffany, Mrs. Safena to Deardorff, Martin H. on Jul 03, 1864
Tillet, Ida L. to Davis, William A. on Nov 26, 1885
Tillett, Jane to Harbolt, James on Mar 31, 1879
Tilor, Charlotte to Leathem, James on Oct 11, 1863
Tilor, Charlotte to Leatherman, James on Oct 11, 1863
Tipton, Charlotte to Reger, James Havens on Nov 02, 1861
Tipton, Ellen to Broyles, Newton S. on Jan 03, 1867
Tipton, Emilie to Smiley, Andrew on May 08, 1862
Tipton, Flora to Frazier, John W. on Oct 05, 1890
Tipton, Hester to Hardin, Wm. C. on Dec 13, 1891
Tipton, Maria J. to Jones, George H. on May 14, 1874
Tipton, Martha to Cassity, Isaac N. on Nov 09, 1856
Tipton, Mary to Clem, Enoch on Mar 02, 1848
Tipton, Mary to High, Joseph on Feb 19, 1880
Tipton, Mrs. Margaret Ann to Kenley, Hiram on Apr 25, 1886
Tipton, Nora V. to Grace, C.W. on Aug 22, 1894
Tipton, Princess A. to Troxell, Erwin A. on Dec 15, 1889
Tipton, Sarah to Elmore, Harrison on Jun 17, 1847
Tipton, Viola E. to Lawrence, William on Dec 19, 1886
Titus, Mary Catherine to Inglish, William Alexander on Apr 18, 1872
Toals, Frances to Leach, John on May 03, 1870
Toalson, Catherine to Morrane, Edward on Jun 20, 1874
Todd, Alice to Rhea, John W. on Sep 26, 1886
Todd, Arvesa to Hague, Lewis on Jan 21, 1877
Todd, Letitia F. to Fairley, Milton W. on Dec 25, 1880
Todd, Margaret to Jorden, John on Jan 30, 1876
Todd, Mary D. to Leonard, William on May 10, 1864
Todd, Naoma E. to McCallister, William on May 07, 1877
Todd, Renie A. to Bray, William on Oct 10, 1895
Todd, Ruth Ann to Eaton, James on 11N , 1860
Todd, Ruth E. to Watson, Charles W. on Oct 21, 1888
Todd, Sarah to Winters, Nelson on Dec 28, 1848
Todd, Sarah Jane to Seaman, William O. on Dec 29, 1856
Todd, Zilpha to Dennis, Homer T. on Mar 29, 1893
Tolle, Hattie C. to Harris, James R. on Jul 30, 1880
Tolle, Minnie A. to Barnett, Ed on Mar 29, 1891
Tolley, Emma to High, Benjamin on May 03, 1883
Tolley, Nancy C. to Yardley, L.W. on Jun 24, 1888
Tomether, Ivie M. to Reed, Charley on May 25, 1893
Toms, Ellen to Sill, Moses on Oct 16, 1890
Toulsten, Lydia E. to Price, Joseph J. on Aug 24, 1854
Townley, Emma to Summers, John M. on Nov 22, 1883
Townsend, Caroline E. to Humes, James L. on Dec 17, 1868
Traber, Jennie to McCallahan, Charles on Feb 11, 1866
Trader, Laura to Todd, Wallace J. on Dec 14, 1888
Triplett, Cora to Harryman, Charles C. on Apr 05, 1893
Triplett, Eunis to Jones, Talton on Feb 26, 1845
Triplett, Mariah to Jaques, Thomas on Dec 12, 1876
Triplett, Nancy to McClanahan, Robert B. on Mar 21, 1871
Triplett, Sarah E. to Calfee, John F. on Aug 31, 1875
Troxell, Ada M. to Long, Corey on Mar 30, 1882
Troxell, Lectie Ann to Waplear, Warren on Feb 04, 1859
Troyer, Hattie E. to Burns, Harry A. on Dec 22, 1897
Troyer, Magdalon J. to Sevier, James W. on Dec 11, 1883
Tucker, Amelia to Pigg, James M. on Jan 04, 1864
Tucker, Effie to Corbin, Wm. D. on Aug 28, 1892
Tucker, Emma to Dickinson, Lorenzo A. on Dec 19, 1894
Tucker, Mary to Pig, Jonathan P. on Feb 25, 1869
Tucker, Mary R. to Lewis, R.W. on Jan 06, 1895
Tucker, Nancy to Pigg, Jesse on Dec 29, 1870
Tucker, Nancy to Davis, James on Jan 03, 1891
Tucker, Sarah to Brackett, Joseph C. on Jul 10, 1860
Tungate, Elizabeth to Coleron, Isaac on Oct 26, 1856
Tunget, Mary Ann to Frazier, Eliah U. on Feb 04, 1869
Tunnell, Alice L. to Nirla, John E. on Apr 26, 1886
Tunnell, Alpha to Whealey, David L. on Sep 5 , 1880
Tunnell, Elizabeth J. to Burt, James E. on Dec 28, 1874
Tunnell, Elizabeth M. to Erwin, John D. on Apr 15, 1871
Tunnell, Martha to Seaman, Lewis on Jun 28, 1873
Tunnell, Martha A. to Ellis, William A. on Sep 11, 1881
Tunnell, Mollie J. to Bennett, Manley on Nov 07, 1897
Tunnell, Nancy E. to Davlin, John on Feb 01, 1885
Tunnell, Rebecca to White, John on Feb 16, 1868
Tunnell, Rhoda E. to Brown, Jacob M. on Mar 04, 1880
Turner, Charlotte to Johnson, William H. on Jan 10, 1869
Turner, Eva W. to Graham, Charles E. on Dec 27, 1896
Turner, Harriett to Wood, Henry on May 08, 1895
Turner, Lissie to Quigley, William N. P. on Jun 15, 1892
Turner, Lucy to Johnson, Beverly on Mar 24, 1864
Turner, Mollie L. to Hamilton, Isidor on Oct 09, 1895
Tusselman, Cora E. to Ryan, Timothy on Sep 21, 1885
Tyatt, Ida B. to Bishoff, George w. on Mar 10, 1889
Tyer, Sarah Elizabeth to Thurlow, John M. on Nov 13, 1853

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