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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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(No given name) to Ellison, John on May 08, 1859
(Unknown Surname), America Elizabeth to Bartlett, Hugh Marshall on Sep 12, 1872
(Unknown Surname), Malissa to Catlett, William on Nov 25, 1896
(No given name) to Bargar, D.W. on Dec 23, 1882
(No given name) to Sloan, William L. on Nov 05, 1886


Padget, Rebecca to Mahoney, John B. on Jan 15, 1893
Page, America to Tharp, Calvin on Jun 18, 1891
Page, America E. to Watson, E.M. on Nov 26, 1891
Page, Cora to Bolander, Edward E. on Feb 03, 1895
Page, Cora to Carlstead, John C. on Nov 23, 1897
Page, Delora to Meeks, Gus on Dec 29, 1886
Page, Elizabeth to Ryan, P.E. on Apr 14, 1882
Page, Ellen to McKeehan, Douglas on Feb 25, 1885
Page, Flara to Moddrell, William H. on Dec 25, 1895
Page, Flora B. to Lewis, Frank E. on Sep 04, 1897
Page, Fuvena to Nowlin, David on Jul 08, 1852
Page, Irena to Hensley, Abner on Dec 03, 1863
Page, Lethe M. to Owens, Adison on Nov 06, 1856
Page, Lotie to Martin, James O. on Dec 24, 1899
Page, Malinda to Hill, James on Oct 15, 1868
Page, Manervery to Williams, John T. on Nov 04, 1877
Page, Martha to Payne, John T. on Sep 11, 1870
Page, Mary to Childers, Stephen on Jan 02, 1876
Page, Nancy L. to Baker, William T. on Apr 29, 1896
Page, Sarah to Payne, Reuben on Mar 08, 1874
Page, Sarah E. to Cotter, Charles E. on Dec 26, 1897
Page, Sarah P. to Moorehead, William on Jul 06, 1871
Pahuer, Permelia to Myers, Isaac on Dec 09, 1883
Paine, Mary E. to Yokearn, Jesse on Oct 08, 1850
Palmer, Frances E. to Read, Phillip W. on Dec 31, 1871
Palmer, Louisa to Huffine, Thomas E. on Oct 14, 1883
Palmer, Lucinda to Jacobs, William on Apr 13, 1873
Palmer, Malinda E. to McNeil, William on Jun 01, 1873
Palmer, Mary A. to Vanhorn, William J. on Nov 25, 1881
Palmer, Mary E. to Callihan, Conrad on Dec 25, 1895
Palmer, Millie E. to Smiley, Joseph J. on Apr 04, 1880
Palmer, Nancy to Tate, Robert on Nov 09, 1860
Palmer, Nancy to Hall, James M. on Nov 19, 1874
Palmer, Sara to C.McKay, Henry on Jan 03, 1882
Parish, Belle to Bagwill, William H. on Aug 23, 1891
Parish, Carrie L. to Creason, Leonard J. on Aug 29, 1897
Park, Alice to Lathrop, B.F. on Jan 11, 1891
Park, Mary E. to Denslow, James O. on Dec 30, 1887
Parker, Allie B. to McDannald, S.A. on Mar 07, 1894
Parker, Annie to Brantner, Aaron on Oct 01, 1871
Parker, Eliza E. to McCullough, John T. on Sep 03, 1899
Parker, Emily to Whitaker, Alfred on Jan 22, 1871
Parker, Mary Rebecca to Brantner, Charles Wesley on Sep 05, 1880
Parker, Mirghty A. to Chapman, Norman on Jun 27, 1881
Parker, Nancy E. to Montgomery, John D. on Jul 21, 1878
Parker, Rosaline to Merrameen, Wm. B. on Aug 01, 1878
Parker, Sarah to Dunton, Lisilvonus on Jul 15, 1863
Parkey, Lydia to Gibson, Joseph on Mar 03, 1872
Parkey, Perlina to Cannon, John on Apr 01, 1860
Parks, Martha E. to Johnson, Samuel on Nov 12, 1881
Parks, Sophia A. to Myers, A.F.S. on Apr 15, 1880
Parmley, Abbie to Coffman, Jacob P. on Jan 25, 1882
Parrish, Mary Jane to Elledge, Gilbert M. on Jul 12, 1857
Parsons, Malissa to Haley, Levi E. on Aug 13, 1881
Parton, Elizabeth to Barton, Henry on Sep 24, 1865
Pate, Elizabeth to Alexander, John on Feb 21, 1864
Patrick, Ava to Jennings, Walter on Jun 04, 1891
Patrick, Maggie M. to Turner, Wililam on Dec 18, 1895
Patrick, Mary Catharine to Burrus, James Randolph on Dec 15, 1875
Patrick, Mary E. to Patrick, Robert W. on Oct 17, 1872
Patrick, Mary Sue to Burriss, James R. on Dec 15, 1875
Patterson, Lillie M. to Hurst, James A. on Jan 14, 1892
Patterson, Sallie to Logan, Barnett on Sep 01, 1874
Paul, Susan to Rains, Reuben on Jan 09, 1870
Paush, Mrs. Lucinda E. to Davis, James E. on Nov 30, 1881
Paxon, Mary L. T. to Howell, Jacob J. on Nov 15, 1899
Payne, Alice P. to Campbell, Marl on Jul 02, 1871
Payne, America I. to Pile, Lindsay on Mar 01, 1899
Payne, Clara L. to Nelson, Edwin on Jan 17, 1897
Payne, Cora A. to Swett, Arthur M. on Mar 24, 1881
Payne, Cora T. to Chappell, William R. on Jun 17, 1891
Payne, Cordelia to Butler, John P. on Nov 07, 1874
Payne, Dora T. to Baldridge, Eugine on Apr 27, 1884
Payne, Elizabeth to Harris, Andrew J. on Jan 31, 1869
Payne, Ella M. to Kelly, Samuel T. on May 15, 1884
Payne, Ellen to Swearingen, William on Mar 17, 1864
Payne, Emma E. to Snapp, John on Feb 21, 1896
Payne, Etta E. to Desper, Harvie S. on Apr 07, 1888
Payne, Eva to Witter, Dr. William on Jan 20, 1878
Payne, Ibbie to Bennett, J.S. on Mar 22, 1888
Payne, Ida M. to Stall, Fred N. on Aug 04, 1897
Payne, Josie to Cox, Abram L. on Jun 10, 1886
Payne, Malinda B. to Banner, Daniel on Dec 25, 1887
Payne, Manerva J. to Strode, James C. on Mar 28, 1875
Payne, Martha to Page, John on Dec 22, 1870
Payne, Mary to Bartlett, Hugh on Apr 03, 1870
Payne, Mary F. to Hill, John W. on May 13, 1883
Payne, Mary J. to Harmon, James G. on Oct 23, 1889
Payne, Mary S. to Hill, C.L. on Jan 01, 1880
Payne, May to McClanahan, John on Mar 24, 1887
Payne, Mrs. Rachel to Thomas, John F. on Dec 06, 1883
Payne, Nancy to Breeden, Lewis on Jun 27, 1869
Payne, Nancy E. to Williams, Charles W. on Oct 03, 1881
Payne, Nancy E. to Needham, Wyatt R. on Sep 02, 1883
Payne, Nannie to Hollan, Edward on Sep 22, 1887
Payne, Virginia E. to Barnett, Burgon on Jan 30, 1870
Peak, Etta Florence to Sapp, J.W. on Jan 08, 1895
Peak, Louisa J. to Haley, Levi on Dec 12, 1886
Peaks, Elvira to Walker, Robert M. on Nov 06, 1895
Pearsen, Lydia A. to Saulsberry, George W. on Aug 19, 1882
Pearson, Almira J. to Perkins, R.S. on Oct 02, 1893
Pearson, Laura Ann to Stevenson, James on Aug 22, 1869
Pearson, Margaret E. to Salisberry, William P. on Jan 14, 1891
Pearson, Racheal A. to Handley, Job H. on Apr 01, 1888
Peasler, Martha A. to Clark, John Q. A. on Jan 20, 1881
Peavler, Charlotte to Belzer, F.M. on Jun 27, 1875
Peavler, Mary Jane to Baker, George A. on Dec 11, 1870
Peavley, Nancy to Reed, Richard on Jan 22, 1888
Peck, Nancy A. to Spray, George W. on Dec 21, 1863
Peck, Nancy E. to Morgan, Austin J. on Apr 07, 1880
Peek, Mary A. to Decker, Killis W. on Dec 20, 1897
Peer, Mahala to Hardenbrook, T.A. on Apr 06, 1893
Pein, Mrs. Martha Jane to Hughes, Terry B. on Jan 01, 1878
Penn, Ella M. to Long, James T. on May 14, 1890
Penn, Eunice E. to Doven, Solomon W. on Aug 20, 1890
Penn, Mary Isabelle to Bingham, Jacob on Mar 02, 1891
Pennick, Martha Jane to Taylor, Isaac on Feb 22, 1874
Perigo, Eliza A. to Fleenor, William on Aug 16, 1896
Perkins, Ales to Stout, Robert S. on Jul 04, 1875
Perkins, Carolina to Mace, V.F. on Dec 06, 1860
Perkins, Josephen to Rogers, Isaac on Jan 17, 1873
Perkins, Sarah to Hatcher, Reuben on Nov 16, 1865
Perkins, Sarah Ann to Havens, Amasey on Aug 30, 1860
Perry, Carrie B. to Tipton, Nathaniel on Sep 05, 1889
Perry, Margaret A. to Rogers, Allen D. on Dec 15, 1881
Peters, Alberta to Neff, Frank on Jul 06, 1884
Peters, Amanda to Jones, Edward T. on Dec 03, 1882
Peters, Bertha O. to Williams, Warner A. on Jan 23, 1898
Peters, Catharine to Sorrell, James N. on Dec 22, 1889
Peters, Catharine L. to Stoven, N.B. on Jul 04, 1880
Peters, Elizabeth to Clark, Thomas B. on Dec 20, 1864
Peters, Emma M. to Buckner, Joel M. on Aug 18, 1889
Peters, Maggie C. to Buckner, Charles B. on Aug 18, 1889
Peters, Mary A. to Bishop, Thomas S. on Feb 05, 1871
Peters, Minnie to Brassfield, Sherman on Nov 07, 1886
Peters, Nancy Jane to MeVey, James A. on Apr 05, 1859
Peters, Pearley to Scott, Roy on Jan 19, 1896
Peters, Sarah I. to Scott, Robert F. on Oct 22, 1899
Peterson, Anna L. to Thurlo, Columbus on Apr 26, 1888
Peterson, Eliza A. to Williams, John W. on Nov 25, 1877
Peterson, Georgia S. to McKee, James E. on Apr 30, 1891
Peterson, Ida M. to Peterson, H. Miles on May 04, 1898
Peterson, Margaret to Jacobs, Andrew J. on Aug 26, 1875
Peterson, Margaret R. to Powers, Charles A. on Apr 03, 1873
Peterson, Nancy O. to McKee, William T. on May 04, 1890
Peveler, Decia C. to Smith, Addison on Sep 02, 1858
Pfeiffer, Caroline to Posey, Andrew on Sep 09, 1888
Pfeiffer, Fannie to Davis, John E. on Dec 24, 1874
Pfeiffer, Mary M. to King, William T. on Feb 18, 1879
Pfeiffer, Mollie to Ash, William A. on Nov 25, 1886
Pfeiffer, Rosa to Stenssey, Samuel on Feb 17, 1881
Pfeiffer, Susan to Fish, Charles M. on Sep 29, 1887
Pfieffer, Anna to Schuster, H.W. on Oct 03, 1881
Pfieffer, Bertha L. to Walker, Albert on Jan 21, 1894
Pfieffer, Fannie to Seward, Lewis on Jan 01, 1875
Pfieffer, Rosa to Stinssy, Samuel on Feb 02, 1881
Phieffer, Emma to Schuster, Aaron L. on Apr 30, 1882
Phiffer, Mattie O. to Albright, Frank on Mar 25, 1888
Philips, Sarah to Groves, Peter on Jun 29, 1899
Phillips, Amy E. to Dorner, Thomas M. on Jul 31, 1881
Phillips, Cassey C. to Smith, Sexon on Mar 02, 1871
Phillips, Chloe E. to Scott, James W. on Feb 05, 1893
Phillips, Debbie to Ohaver, William on May 15, 1889
Phillips, Deborah F. to Finchum, James W. on Sep 04, 1891
Phillips, Eliza M. to Meader, George W. on Mar 14, 1875
Phillips, Elizabeth G. to Hunsaker, Benjamin on Jul 21, 1872
Phillips, Hattie M. to Jones, Edward W. on Feb 10, 1886
Phillips, Hester to Carter, James R. on Jun 29, 1869
Phillips, Julia A. to Cady, John W. on Nov 26, 1878
Phillips, Margaret to Waterfield, David on Aug 13, 1857
Phillips, Maria L. to McDonald, W.S. on Mar 01, 1882
Phillips, Mary to Martin, E.G. on Oct 14, 1880
Phillips, Quinie T. to Brownfield, John E. on Aug 16, 1891
Phipps, Hannah C. to Tyree, Noah on Sep 10, 1891
Phipps, Lillie M. to Marshall, Floyd on Oct 09, 1885
Phipps, Lizzie to Johnson, Allie on Oct 19, 1898
Phipps, Mary A. to Purcell, Andrew J. on Feb 11, 1883
Phipps, Mary M. to Gains, Ephriam J. on Dec 07, 1893
Pickens, Alice to Owings, George A. on Jul 18, 1891
Pickens, Bessie to Hibbets, Lewis H. on Mar 18, 1896
Pickens, Dianah E. to Pierce, Wilcome G. on Sep 05, 1897
Pickens, Florence F. to Albright, Henry on Dec 31, 1880
Pickens, Ida to Triplett, Lewis on Dec 31, 1886
Pickens, Lizzie to Van Velzer, Warren on May 19, 1897
Pickens, Lottie to Phillips, Edgar on Dec 16, 1897
Pickens, Mrs. Hannah E. to Rath, Jacob on Dec 20, 1868
Pickens, Norma G. to Aljer, Hewerdine A. on Dec 13, 1896
Pickens, Sarah to Owings, John L. on Oct 27, 1897
Pickerel, Daisy to Dennis, William A. on Jun 07, 1897
Pickerel, Florence E. to Bunch, Hiram B. on Nov 12, 1893
Pickerel, Nettie to Riley, William C. on Nov 21, 1895
Pickerell, Mary to Childers, William T. on Aug 03, 1865
Pickerell, Nancy J. to Baker, Samuel R. on Sep 07, 1883
Pickett, Isoria to Kneff, James N. on Sep 13, 1874
Pickett, Martha A. to Roger, Joseph on Feb 22, 1880
Pickett, Mary V. to Hutchinson, John F. on Mar 19, 1896
Pickett, N. J. to Busley, Charley on Oct 26, 1879
Pierce, Adelia to Tipton, Samuel on Mar 18, 1885
Pierce, Alma S. to Finchum, John C. on Sep 15, 1895
Pierce, Amanda J. to Stanley, James L. on Apr 17, 1879
Pierce, Carrie to Chase, Leonard on Sep 15, 1897
Pierce, Dora to Springer, William E. on Sep 17, 1899
Pierce, Effie M. to Bachman, J.F. on Feb 21, 1895
Pierce, Laura to Riddle, Robert on Feb 09, 1888
Pierce, Laura A. to Willoughby, George E. on Feb 25, 1897
Pierce, Laura E. to Stewart, Warren on Sep 28, 1894
Pierce, Lydia W. to Henderson, Joseph B. on Feb 01, 1887
Pierce, Mary H. to Finchum, Robert on Aug 20, 1887
Pierce, Minnie L. to Rutledge, Alvin on Apr 11, 1899
Pierce, Paralee to Luper, William H. on Jun 22, 1891
Pierce, Rebecca to Wood, Avery on Sep 29, 1870
Pierce, Sarah E. to Calvert, John W. on Dec 01, 1870
Piercy, Ella E. to Albright, Ulysses G. on Dec 25, 1895
Piercy, Sarah E. to Terry, Ira S. on Mar 14, 1897
Pigg, Dorah A. to Vinson, Harry on Mar 19, 1893
Pigg, Maggie to Shifflett, George on Sep 23, 1893
Pigg, Margaret Ann to Judd, Jeremiah on Mar 08, 1859
Pigg, Maria to Hardin, Robert F. on Oct 24, 1869
Pigg, Mary A. to James, Charles on Dec 17, 1893
Pigg, Mary G. to Guymon, Moses W. on May 19, 1889
Pigg, Sarah E. to Lowry, David on Mar 13, 1892
Pikens, Laura to Link, Ira on Nov 08, 1885
Pilcher, Dana E. to Stufflebean, Zacharigh on Dec 24, 1886
Pilcher, Susan T. to Cornett, William J. on Jul 30, 1848
Pile, Mary E. to Eaton, James F. on Feb 19, 1899
Pile, Patsy to Sanders, James T. on May 01, 1856
Pile, Sarah M. to Sandefur, Lewis on Dec 08, 1867
Pileher, Amanda F. to Harris, Samuel on Jan 13, 1848
Pileher, Casendary S. to W.Thomas, John on Dec 11, 1856
Pileher, Susan S. to Dale, Richard on Sep 01, 1878
Piles, Mary to Santifer, John S. on Mar 13, 1856
Pipes, Amanda to Smith, Henry on Apr 26, 1826
Pipes, Dora to Howard, Luther on Mar 21, 1886
Pipes, Eliza to Long, John L. on Jan 05, 1881
Pipes, Florence to Hollon, John W. on Jan 21, 1883
Pipes, Ida J. to Bundridge, J.H. on Nov 11, 1884
Pipes, Lillie to Irvin, William R. on Mar 13, 1893
Pipes, Martha E. to Knifong, George W. on May 10, 1868
Pipes, Mary E. to Hubbard, Charles C. on Feb 22, 1878
Pipes, May to Upton, Harvey on Apr 03, 1881
Pipes, Mrs. Emily Jane to Hombeck, Isaac on Nov 07, 1881
Pipes, Mrs. Jane to Avery, Mathew J. on Feb 03, 1885
Pipes, Nancy E. to Cannon, William M. on Nov 05, 1863
Pipes, Robisty A. to Dodson, Edmond S. on Dec 14, 1875
Pipes, Sarah Ann to Severe, John W. on Jul 29, 1854
Pipes, Sarah E. to Frazier, Elihu E. on Sep 24, 1896
Pipes, Sarah F. to Harmon, John B. on Oct 07, 1890
Pipes, Sarah J. to Tharp, William on Dec 23, 1860
Pivnids, Eliza Ann to Vanest, Orlando on Sep 07, 1857
Platten, Mrs. Natolie to St. Clam, J.B. on Aug 10, 1890
Poland, Zorah M. to Gillis, James L. on Mar 26, 1895
Polvert, Eliza J. to Murphey, Peter on Oct 21, 1866
Poole, Cordelia to Cromer, Samuel L. on Dec 05, 1880
Porter, Ellen to White, Benjamin F. on Jun 24, 1896
Porter, Hannah J. to Warner, James O. on Dec 15, 1869
Porter, Maggie J. to Lafaver, Fred on Dec 28, 1898
Porter, Margaret to Samuel, Moses on Oct 03, 1855
Porter, Martha W. to Boyd, W.H. on Oct 14, 1891
Porter, Mary E. to Dalzell, Samuel on May 08, 1883
Porter, Oliver V. to Crawford, Thomas W. on Feb 25, 1894
Porter, Virginia L. to Wattenbarger, Adam on Apr 17, 1883
Posey, Amanda to Rowland, W.M. on May 22, 1888
Posey, Margaret A. to Maggart, C.E. on Mar 11, 1877
Posey, Mary to Griffen, William on Aug 10, 1859
Pots, Harriett B. to Christ, George on Oct 01, 1848
Potter, Minnie to Hollan, Ed on Aug 30, 1893
Potts, Ellen to Long, Robert Jefferson on Oct 25, 1866
Potts, Stella to McMillen, Isaac on Sep 15, 1889
Pound, Mary M. to Payne, Enoch on Apr 18, 1899
Powell, E. J. to Hoover, John on Nov 11, 1863
Powell, Ella M. to Powell, William T. on Dec 25, 1897
Powell, Florence A. to Ball, Daniel C. on May 07, 1874
Powell, Mary L. to Hosford, James M. on Jun 12, 1862
Powell, Nancy M. to Hoover, William on Mar 24, 1868
Powell, Thirca Ann to Bragg, Jonathan L. on Aug 19, 1877
Powers, Rhosetty to Hutchinson, Elijah on Jun 17, 1846
Prather, Ann to Meekins, Ricahrd B. on Dec 04, 1851
Prather, Maggie to Bivins, Charles on Feb 25, 1894
Prather, Martha M. to Sigart, John J. on Aug 29, 1860
Prather, Martha M. to Swiggart, John J. on Aug 29, 1860
Pratt, Arazetta L. to Kerr, Charles on Dec 22, 1870
Pratt, Nancy E. to Cornett, William E. on Aug 18, 1872
Pratt, Rebecca to Jones, Ezekial on Aug 15, 1880
Prentice, Alta M. to Dean, Daniel E. on Sep 30, 1897
Preston, Annie to Albright, John F. on Jan 14, 1886
Preston, Jennie M. to Guinn, Isaac on Nov 27, 1884
Preston, Mary to McCoy, Jefferson on Oct 21, 1880
Prethers, Betsey Ann to Smith, Nathan R. on Apr 28, 1848
Prethers, Maud Jane to Smith, Jabbes C. on Mar 04, 1847
Prewitt, Elizabeth J. to Parton, William on Dec 31, 1865
Prewitt, Sarah M. to Davis, Samuel on Nov 12, 1865
Price, Bell to William, David D. on Jan 21, 1880
Price, Dara A. to Conner, Simeon on Mar 26, 1890
Price, Elizabeth to Jones, F.M. on Nov 11, 1883
Price, Ellen to Kennedy, John B. on Apr 09, 1880
Price, Emma L. to Christy, George on Dec 28, 1892
Price, Esther to Bankus, John M. on Dec 14, 1899
Price, Ida B. to Shriver, C.T. on Sep 13, 1892
Price, Jane to Vincent, P.D. on Jul 05, 1875
Price, LeEtta to Beabout, William L. on Dec 30, 1888
Price, Leona to Wilson, Thomas on Apr 24, 1887
Price, Lizzie to Blythe, Charles E. on Apr 12, 1896
Price, M.J. to Stuart, L.H. on Mar 06, 1878
Price, Margaret A. to Brown, W.A. on Jun 30, 1893
Price, Mary to McLain, John on Oct 08, 1871
Price, Mattie F. to Capps, John G. on Sep 08, 1886
Price, Mildred Jane to Couch, J.M. on Jul 07, 1861
Price, Mollie to Black, Alva on Jun 18, 1897
Price, Nancy to Yardley, George W. on Feb 07, 1878
Price, Nancy C. to England, William E. on Nov 19, 1862
Price, Sarah A. to Atwood, James on Apr 21, 1864
Prindle, Caroline to Calfee, William on Jan 01, 1873
Prindle, Caroline to Calfee, William F. on Jan 01, 1873
Prindle, Hopper to Tramer, Benjamin on Jan 19, 1880
Prindle, Sophrana to Jones, Isabelle on Oct 10, 1860
Pring, Elizabeth to Cooly, David on Jan 18, 1856
Privett, Ransey to Ralls, John C. on Jun 09, 1868
Proovelt, Sarah A. to Waggoner, Henry on Jul 30, 1863
Propps, Ida B. to Barnes, John L. on Jun 30, 1889
Provalt, Harriett to Waggoner, Greenberry on Dec 25, 1855
Pryor, Clara J. to Romine, Samuel M. on Dec 08, 1897
Pucher, Amanda to Spurgeon, Allurh L. on Oct 14, 1880
Pulliam, Permelia to MeCollum, Isaac on Apr 30, 1857
Punnco, Sarah to Henthorn, Nathan G. on Nov 03, 1870
Purcell, Flora E. to Dewey, Omer B. on Oct 27, 1894
Purdin, Emma to Filson, Allen on Aug 30, 1893
Purdin, Sally to Lizenby, John on May 28, 1876
Purdy, Mary V. to Crumpacker, John D. on May 01, 1895
Putnam, Armeta to Warren, Ira C. on Jun 09, 1867
Pyatt, Elizabeth J. to Warren, David C. on Dec 22, 1870
Pyatt, Lillie to Wood, James T. on Dec 08, 1889
Pyatt, Lottie C. to Hudnall, Wm. on Oct 15, 1898
Pyatt, Mary to Warren, James J. on Dec 24, 1865
Pyatt, Mary to Warren, James J. on Apr 04, 1866
Pyatt, Mary to Warren, James J. on Apr 04, 1866
Pyatt, Mrs. Annie to Johnson, Marion on Dec 09, 1882
Pyatt, Rachel to Baker, James W. on Oct 12, 1865
Pyatt, Rosa A. to Cordray, Thomas L. on Oct 28, 1894


Quigley, Celia to Grant, Francis M. on Oct 29, 1874
Quigley, Cora A. to Smith, William J. on Aug 04, 1897
Quigley, Cora Ethel to Guiles, Gordon E. on Aug 16, 1899
Quigley, Elia to Riley, William Dudley on Mar 20, 1873
Quigley, Eliza F. to Riley, George W. on Jun 25, 1876
Quigley, Eva M. to Cochran, Hugh W. on Jul 23, 1892
Quigley, Frances J. to Payne, Sandford T. on Jun 25, 1876
Quigley, Francis Wade to White, Samuel on Jun 18, 1857
Quigley, Malinda to Barnes, Daniel on Feb 06, 1859
Quigley, Nora O. to Clem, Herbert M. on Sep 15, 1895
Quigley, Polly to Arthurs, Joseph on Nov 11, 1855
Quigley, Rosan to Bechem, John Samuel on Oct 22, 1857
Quigley, S.J . to Yardley, W. H. on Dec 28, 1862
Quigley, Susan E. to Gumb, John J. on May 10, 1877


RaIls, Sarah J. to Orrondoff, William on Mar 14, 1867
Rains, Carrie to Hibbitts, Wm. O. on Apr 01, 1884
Rains, Eliza A. to Shipley, Charley B. on Jan 26, 1873
Rains, Mary E. to Smith, G.W. on Feb 25, 1877
Rallan, Mrs. E. A. to Shearer, Geo. W. on Oct 28, 1881
Ralls, Dassie E. to Jewett, Leonard D. on May 17, 1896
Ralls, Millie to Eaton, Elisha K. on Mar 28, 1894
Ralls, Sarah L. to Sundly, Charles H. on Apr 13, 1887
Ramage, Carrie to Westen, L.S. on Jun 26, 1887
Ramsey, Rosa B. to Hart, Alson R. on May 23, 1897
Rankin, Delina to Spake, Henry on Dec 28, 1885
Rannells, Sadie K. to Clapp, John W. on Dec 05, 1893
Ransom, Dora to Cleeton, Z.A. on Nov 05, 1893
Ransom, Jennie to Knifong, Oscar on Sep 27, 1896
Rardon, Flora V. to Bailey, Charles on Sep 06, 1889
Ratliff, Mary A. to McCollum, John W. on Nov 03, 1894
Rause, Tiney to Ackers, George W. on Mar 06, 1887
Rayburn, Martha Jane to Nichols, E. on Jul 29, 1880
Ready, Martha to Medley, Jules on Aug 15, 1886
Ream, Mrs. Mary C. to Kays, George W. on Jul 12, 1890
Reardon, Mary E. to Milburn, John T. on Apr 14, 1889
Reathley, Vina to Hoge, Jasper N. on Mar 11, 1877
Reaugh, Mary B. to Love, Spencer V. on May 20, 1896
Reddick, Julia to Inman, Jefferson M. on Jul 13, 1877
Reddie, Eliza Jane to Berry, William J. on Oct 09, 1881
Reddin, Joan to Grindstaff, William on Mar 30, 1879
Redin, Lucy Jane to Saulsbenry, Zachariah on Aug 28, 1870
Reece, Mary Jane to Wagers, Richard S. on Oct 12, 1873
Reece, Nora A. to Smith, Roscoe E. on Nov 25, 1897
Reed, Accy to Birch, James H. on Dec 27, 1860
Reed, Amanda Elizabeth to Maggart, Peter M. on Aug 25, 1856
Reed, Carry to Vaughn, Francis on Oct 08, 1876
Reed, Catharine to Smith, J.W. on Jan 18, 1880
Reed, Flamissa D. to Taylor, James E. on Oct 16, 1890
Reed, Jane to Conner, Samuel W. on Mar 06, 1892
Reed, Jenima S. to Trumbo, Charles L. on Mar 25, 1894
Reed, Lillie A. to Moffitt, Edward P. on Oct 22, 1895
Reed, Lydia Ann to Reed, John W. on Aug 03, 1861
Reed, Maggie A. to Smith, John S. on Jul 09, 1892
Reed, Margaret to Cunningham, Thomas on Feb 09, 1870
Reed, Martha to Lawrence, William on Apr 02, 1858
Reed, Martha J. to Smith, John A. on Jun 05, 1864
Reed, Mary Ann to Kidd, Pleasant Andrew on Jul 04, 1871
Reed, Nancy to Hatcher, John on Sep 15, 1856
Reed, Nancy W. to Eaton, James H. on Nov 19, 1893
Reed, Narcissus J. to Quigley, James M. on Sep 12, 1880
Reed, Rosa to Fairbanks, Charles on Dec 27, 1889
Reese, Hannah to Chamberlin, Andrew J. on Apr 14, 1857
Reese, Mabel E. to Davis, A.K. on Nov 24, 1891
Reeves, Annetta to Gooch, William G. on Jan 25, 1863
Reeves, Cora to Hanes, William A. on Mar 03, 1891
Reeves, Estella to Wells, Vincent A. on Sep 12, 1897
Reeves, Lillie B. to Pickerell, Samuel H. on Dec 29, 1889
Reeves, Mrs. Mary to McDannald, Thomas on Jun 14, 1885
Reeves, Susan J. to McDannald, Noah C. on Dec 31, 1897
Regar, Mrs. Permelia A. to Bukley, Jacob B. on Jan 17, 1888
Reger, Ada A. to Cochran, James E. on Sep 28, 1893
Reger, Clara to Waggoner, John J. on May 26, 1891
Reger, Clara M. to Matkins, Silas A. on Jul 03, 1894
Reger, Elda A. to Wolfe, Albert O. on Apr 10, 1892
Reger, Elsie M. to Guthrie, William H. on Nov 21, 1889
Reger, Elva J. to Dennis, John on Sep 29, 1898
Reger, Emaly A. to Tipton, Hiram on Jul 07, 1874
Reger, Etta V. to Mewmaw, John E. on Sep 05, 1890
Reger, Helen S. to McGlothlin, Thomas J. on Oct 26, 1879
Reger, Laura Victoria to Dewitt, W.W. Webster on Nov 16, 1876
Reger, Mary L. to Cochran, Robert H. on Apr 13, 1893
Reger, Mary S. to Reger, Loranzo D. on Aug 07, 1887
Reger, Matilda E. A. to Dearing, Samuel B. on Nov 01, 1868
Reger, Nancy M. to Keiser, Hawkins on Dec 02, 1877
Reger, Nannie to Calhoon, G.A. on Jun 01, 1890
Reger, Nina G. to Carpenter, Stark A. on Jun 22, 1898
Reger, Ollie to Lehr, Antonie H. on Nov 17, 1883
Reger, Rosa W. to Glidewell, Granville J. on Jul 11, 1875
Reger, Stella to Murphy, Luther on Sep 03, 1891
Reger, Virginia to Glidewell, William B. on Oct 02, 1854
Reic, Edith to Sapp, James W.J. on Jul 01, 1888
Reid, Maria to Hannah, Elmer B. on May 16, 1890
Rennells, Ella J. to Vaugh, Charley on Mar 12, 1893
Renner, Lucinda to Cromer, Joseph H. on Sep 23, 1882
Rentfrow, Georgia to Gillispie, John R. on Jul 31, 1878
Reves, Maggie A. to Finney, Thomas on Nov 13, 1887
Reynolds, America E. to Brown, David T. on Mar 17, 1883
Reynolds, Anna to McCully, Howard S. on Feb 27, 1894
Reynolds, Elizabeth to Sorrell, James on Mar 01, 1866
Reynolds, Margaret A. to Fulks, William W. on Feb 22, 1884
Reynolds, Mary S. to Payne, Dannel S. on Nov 03, 1890
Reynolds, Minnie to Ryan, John on Sep 03, 1883
Reynolds, Nannie to Turner, James B. on Jun 14, 1899
Reynolds, Susan to Martin, Daniel on Oct 23, 1853
Rhoades, Cora M. to Michaels, James S. on Aug 04, 1898
Rhoads, Malinda E. to Russell, Walter on Aug 15, 1899
Rhoads, Mary to Lee, Benedict J. on Jun 05, 1859
Rhoads, Mrs. Martha to Thompson Jr., Andrew on Jan 02, 1890
Rhoads, Surrelda J. to Bailey, Edward on May 26, 1881
Rhodes, Froney to Leasurer, Fransway on Jan 31, 1889
Rhodes, Isabel to Ackles, Stephen on Jul 09, 1891
Rhodes, Martha to Thomson, David on Jun 21, 1880
Rhodes, Mary E. to Grace, Arthur C. on Feb 04, 1891
Rhodes, Sarah to Johnson, Lemuel on May 25, 1882
Rhodes, Susanna to Brown, G. on Aug 17, 1870
Rich, Annie to McDole, D.W. on Dec 06, 1881
Rich, Luella to Custer, J.M. on Sep 07, 1892
Rich, Salome to Green, George E. on Aug 29, 1899
Richardson, Elizabeth to Lee, James on Sep 22, 1873
Richardson, Fannie S. to Purdy, Paul J. on Sep 14, 1892
Richardson, Frances J. to Bullock, Thomas on Mar 01, 1874
Richardson, Margaret Jane to Boxton, Hiram on Mar 27, 1862
Richardson, Martha A. to Todd, William H. on Nov 18, 1860
Richardson, Mary to Bonham, Nelson M. on Aug 05, 1871
Richardson, Mary J. to Hamilton, Marshall P. on May 04, 1873
Richardson, Sarah to Todd, L. on Mar 18, 1852
Richardson, Winnie W. to Stewart, Charles S. on Sep 25, 1890
Richel, Nancy to Knapp, Daniel on Oct 01, 1857
Richmond, Anna N. to Authoy, William A. on Dec 20, 1896
Richmond, Mary F. to Clem, Aretas I. on Feb 02, 1890
Richmond, Susan C. to Smith, Joseph G. on Jan 14, 1883
Ridding, Sinah to Franklin, Charles M. on May 04, 1884
Riddle, Amanda to Bunch Jr., Stokely on Apr 12, 1867
Riddle, Annie to Thurlo, William Harry on Jan 06, 1890
Riddle, Emma to Alexander, Thomas J. on Mar 10, 1895
Riddle, Martha E. to Hicks, James C. on Dec 24, 1882
Riddle, Mary to Hughes, Woodberry on Sep 20, 1882
Riddle, Mrs. Ellen V. to Pierce, Leonard J. on Oct 27, 1886
Riddle, Sarah to Brandon, Frank on Oct 11, 1890
Ridenhour, Rachel R. to Southerland, J.W. on Aug 25, 1884
Ridenour, Lucretia to Alexander, V.C. on Mar 11, 1894
Ridenour, Lulu to Frazier, Ora N. on Apr 22, 1895
Ridenour, Rachel A. to Gauer, Charles A. on Feb 04, 1891
Rider, Caroline to Houston, Marion on Mar 20, 1870
Rider, Crisama to Walker, James on Apr 06, 1871
Rider, Permelia J. to Bailey, John L. on Jan 06, 1870
Riggen, Cora to Harty, Nathan J. on Jun 23, 1897
Riggen, Daisy M. to Hardinger, Oliver M. on Nov 15, 1898
Riggen, Nancy to Bankus, George P. on Jan 31, 1871
Riggens, Matilda to Lunsford, David on Feb 23, 1873
Riggins, Jane to McGill, Hamilton on Apr 19, 1861
Riggins, Lucinda M. to Day, John W.J. on Mar 26, 1876
Riggins, Mrs. Sarah to Parmly, Samuel on Nov 01, 1863
Riggs, Sarah to Gerking, David on May 17, 1857
Rigor, Matilda to Rosinberg, Winny on Aug 08, 1880
Rigs, Priscilla to Lewis, John J. on Apr 10, 1856
Riley, America to Browning, Howard S. on Jul 03, 1884
Riley, Ellen to Fields, Andrew J. on Dec 01, 1881
Riley, Jemima to given, No name on Sep 22, 1850
Riley, Jennie to Kent, T.E. on Nov 24, 1892
Riley, Mary W. to Shepler, William on Feb 12, 1899
Riley, Mrs. Anna J. 0' to DeHart, Willis A. on Sep 15, 1887
Riley, Nora A. to Bartley, Samuel B. on Aug 25, 1897
Rimbley, Elizabeth J. to Rouse, J. on Oct 15, 1880
Rinehart, Amanda C. to Pierce, James M. on Dec 23, 1883
Rinehart, Lydie E. to Stone, John E. on Mar 30, 1876
Ringham, Jane to Heaveston, Hawkene on Aug 31, 1848
Ritch, Clara to Smith, W.H. on Feb 23, 1886
Ritz, Emma M. to Jones, Adren M. on Oct 11, 1899
Roach, Alice S. to McCleod, John F. on Apr 07, 1887
Roach, Annie J. to Hamilton, Harry A. on Mar 12, 1893
Roach, Fannie to Duckworth, Parsan A. on Aug 23, 1885
Roach, Julia M. A. to Reed, Robert G. on Jan 31, 1869
Roach, Mary to Ray, Clint on Sep 29, 1899
Roach, Rebecca Jane to Hoskins, Thomas E. on Oct 26, 1881
Roach, Rosa E. to Francis, Arthur D. on Apr 19, 1891
Roades, Lily to Constant, Ira L. on Jun 14, 1896
Roan, Elizabeth F. to West, John on Jul 27, 1856
Roan, Martha W. to Barnett, William S. on Jun 26, 1856
Robberts, Frances to Banner, Winfield Scott on Mar 04, 1883
Robbins, Martha O. to Taylor, James Z. on Jun 24, 1890
Roberts, Irabella to Miller, Rufus on Mar 12, 1874
Roberts, Margaret E. to Calhoun, Edmond on Mar 17, 1878
Roberts, Mary to Caton, John on Jul 13, 1876
Roberts, Mary to Hurst, Virgil H. on Dec 07, 1879
Roberts, Minerva A. to Alexander, Robert L. on Dec 25, 1889
Roberts, Nancy to Hurst, Virgil H. on Dec 07, 1879
Roberts, Rachel to Cornelius, Harden W. on Aug 04, 1897
Robertson, Nancy E. to Smithson, Isaac N. on May 31, 1889
Robertson, Nina A. to Robh, Robert J. on May 23, 1880
Robeson, Catherine to Mairs, Thomas on Jun 19, 1853
Robinsen, Tampsy J. to Possey, William J. on Jan 04, 1880
Robinson, Elizabeth to Grim, John on Sep 17, 1865
Robinson, Hannah J. to Miller, John W. on Feb 19, 1887
Robinson, Hattie Violet to Rardon, Arthur Lee on Jul 04, 1899
Robinson, Iva V. to Rardan, Robert W. on Jan 16, 1895
Robinson, J.G. to Posey, William J. on Jan 04, 1880
Robinson, Larayny P. to Herrington, John R. on May 22, 1887
Robinson, Lottie to Richmond, Charles J. on Jan 08, 1899
Robinson, Mrs. Mary J. to Fairbrother, Henry on Aug 30, 1898
Robinson, Nora to Peters, William on Dec 14, 1879
Robinson, Samatha to Beckley, Charles R. on Dec 29, 1882
Robinson, Sarah to Chapman, Elijah on Apr 21, 1897
Robison, Belle to Hubbard, Andrew J. on Jul 21, 1884
Rodgers, Callie M. to Harvey, James on Feb 27, 1898
Roe, Millie to Orear, L.L. on Jul 12, 1893
Roe, Nancy L. to Cass, Dwane on Jul 10, 1883
Rogers, Anna J. to Hays, Hiram M. on Feb 24, 1889
Rogers, Jennie to Coss, John W. on Apr 06, 1893
Rogers, Martha E. to Yardley, James F. on Nov 14, 1897
Rogers, Mary L. to Vandiver, Edmond on Oct 24, 1880
Rogers, Mrs. Mary S. to Putnam, Squire on Jun 26, 1864
Rogers, Sarah A. to Rogers, Arthur H. on Oct 02, 1891
Rogers, Susan F. to Grindstaff, Simon H. on Jan 14, 1880
Rogers, Susana to Taylor, Simon T. on Jun 23, 1848
Roggers, Pensely to Taylor, Richard C. on Feb 03, 1850
Roleiman, Nancy C. to Davis, Eli on Jan 12, 1888
Romine, Emma to Ostrom, David on Mar 23, 1884
Romine, Rita E. to McArthur, James on May 03, 1898
Rooks, Elsie to Young, Frank on Jun 29, 1890
Rooks, Hannah M. to Cotton, John on Jul 13, 1897
Rooks, Jane M. to Cotton, Nathan on Dec 30, 1899
Rooks, Jennie to Smith, Joseph M. on Oct 25, 1886
Rooks, Laura E. to Creason, Robert L. on Jul 02, 1894
Rooks, Lydia M. to Morlan, Hannibal on Jan 28, 1892
Rooks, Marietta to Herrington, Don Oron on Feb 27, 1876
Rooks, Mary to Reeves, Nobel on Oct 16, 1875
Rooks, Rachel R. to Cotton, Owen B. on Jun 20, 1890
Rooks, Velmine to Moore, William on Mar 01, 1874
Rop, M. J. to Wilhite, Doctor on Oct 17, 1878
Rose, Ann to Foster, Walker on Sep 01, 1880
Rose, Elizabeth to Wood, Richard on Sep 01, 1880
Rose, Lizzie to Allen, William on Sep 29, 1897
Rose, Mrs. Rutha to King, Peter on May 12, 1860
Rose, Nancy J. to Hook, Henry C. on Dec 25, 1872
Roseberry, Celeray to Hollenbeck, John F. on Feb 21, 1875
Roseberry, Dara F. to Myers, John H. on Jul 08, 1894
Roseberry, Emma J. to Stinson, Oscar on Jan 15, 1891
Roseberry, Maggie to Bennett, C.O. on Feb 27, 1881
Roseberry, Rebecca A. to Powell, Geo. H.M. on May 19, 1889
Roseling, Rebeca to Fleetwood, William on Dec 14, 1887
Rosolund, Francis A. to Gerald, Aiken Humphrey on May 02, 1880
Ross, Emily to Kelly, Johnson on May 22, 1870
Ross, Flora M. to Comstock, Charles B. on Apr 12, 1868
Ross, Flora M. to Comstock, Charles B. on Apr 12, 1868
Ross, Lydia to Reger, George B. on Jan 28, 1877
Ross, Malinda to Wilhite, James on Jan 11, 1872
Ross, Martha to Kelly, Beverly on Aug 24, 1877
Ross, Martha L. to Finchum, Samuel on Jul 31, 1895
Ross, Mary to Wilhite, Samuel J. on May 24, 1869
Ross, Mary E. to Harris, Hiram R. on Dec 08, 1896
Ross, Matilda to Stanley, Wilson on Jul 26, 1860
Ross, Myrtle to Watson, Hampton H. on Oct 16, 1898
Ross, Nancy to Barner, Samuel T. on Mar 27, 1870
Ross, Rowena to CaIdwell, Robert on Feb 20, 1868
Rottman, Icy to Brehm, Adolphus on Oct 26, 1888
Rottman, Matilda to Henning, Francis M. on Feb 26, 1882
Rounds, Sarah Harriet to Murrey, Thomas on Feb 24, 1876
Rouse, Almeda to Harlan, S. B. on Mar 16, 1871
Rouse, Cordelia to Coghill, J.W. on Jul 28, 1872
Rouse, Elizabeth to Rouse, Joseph on Sep 21, 1875
Rouse, Martha N. to Lawhon, George on Mar 17, 1873
Rouse, Mary to Clemmons, William on Dec 21, 1879
Row, Mattie E. to Quigley, James W. on Feb 14, 1886
Rowan, Elizabeth to Purdy, Grant on Sep 31, 1889
Rowland, Mary to Phillips, Elias on Jan 11, 1872
Rowland, Rachel to Martin, Luther C. on Dec 31, 1872
Rowland, Rhoda to Pratt, A.J. on Nov 28, 1880
Roxwell, Eliza to Harmon, Elliott M. on May 18, 1873
Rudd, Cynthia Ann to Chase, Nathan on May 06, 1860
Rude, Susan to Moore, Martin V. on Jan 29, 1861
Ruder, Hattie Len to Johnson, James Christopher on Apr 03, 1881
Rulaw, Jennie B. to Thrasher, Joseph A. on Jun 16, 1886
Rule, Marritta to McKay, James F. on Oct 11, 1888
Rumbley, Emma E. to Eubanks, F.S. on Dec 15, 1879
Rumbly, Sarah L. to Smart, Oliver on Nov 09, 1885
Runalds, Emily H. to Cook, David on Aug 02, 1860
Runnells, Sarah A. to Scott, Eli S. on Feb 08, 1864
Runvels, Lou to McCully, David H. on Jan 03, 1897
Rupe, Esther L. to White, Calvin S. on Feb 16, 1873
Rupe, Mary J. to Thomas, Hiram S. on Sep 12, 1858
Rush, Alice to Thomas, Manley on Jan 08, 1878
Rush, Anna E. to Jennings, Milton D. on Dec 24, 1896
Rush, Matilda to Barnes, James on Mar 27, 1859
Rushton, ---- to Bartemiss, Elza D. on Mar 04, 1888
Russell, Anna E. to Stringer, David on Jan 21, 1872
Russell, Elizabeth to Sodders, James S. on Jan 22, 1866
Russell, Ellen to Jolley, Miles C. on Nov 03, 1897
Russell, Emma Jane to Crasley, Francis on May 07, 1871
Russell, Etta M. to Doty, William A. on Mar 14, 1889
Russell, Etta M. to Bailey, Fred L. on Feb 24, 1895
Russell, Hannah to Doyle, Daniel on Aug 06, 1862
Russell, Mary to Downey, John M. on Feb 24, 1861
Russell, Mary T. to Miller, Joseph on Apr 05, 1866
Russell, Minerva to McAnn, James on Apr 19, 1868
Russell, Minnie E. to Call, Nathan S. on Jan 15, 1884
Russell, Mrs. Frankie D. to Payne, James H. on Dec 21, 1899
Russell, Mrs. Lydia I. to Watson, William A. on Aug --, 1875
Russell, Virginia to Stringer, John H. on Nov 19, 1885
Rutledge, Cora to Mersman, Frank on Oct 03, 1899
Ruw, Rose E. to Allen, James P. on Sep 13, 1882
Ruw, Sarah to Bailey, Thomas W. on Oct 14, 1882
Ryan, Elizabeth G. to Frazier, Sterling P. on Jun 18, 1895
Ryan, Eva C. to ODonnald, Mike on Apr 19, 1886
Ryan, Ida R. to Evans, Walter L. on Jun 07, 1892
Ryan, Mary to Fussleman, John on Nov 25, 1877
Ryan, Nellie to Vetch, Albert N. on Nov 15, 1885

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