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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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(No given name) to Ellison, John on May 08, 1859
(Unknown Surname), America Elizabeth to Bartlett, Hugh Marshall on Sep 12, 1872
(Unknown Surname), Malissa to Catlett, William on Nov 25, 1896
(No given name) to Bargar, D.W. on Dec 23, 1882
(No given name) to Sloan, William L. on Nov 05, 1886


M---, Ann to Rayburn, Harrison on Aug 17, 1856
Mackley, Melvina to Litcheten, Henry on Mar 06, 1856
Macklin, Eleanor to Rensen, Enoch M. on Sep 21, 1851
Macklin, Mary L. Mary L. to Rogers, William on Nov 17, 1849
Macklin, Nancy to Waggoner, Augustine on Mar 13, 1864
Macksey, Emely to Sevier, James on Jul 21, 1845
Madden, Caroline Flora Adaline to Draper, Samuel M. on Jul 03, 1880
Maddock, Margaret to King, Peter on Nov 20, 1887
Maddon, Mary Elizabeth to Waggoner, Isaac Newton on Jan 25, 1880
Madkins, Martha J. to Allen, George W. on Mar 03, 1867
Madsell, Mabel to Williams, Thomas G. on Aug 17, 1887
Magart, Hulda to Phipps, Charles on Apr 25, 1888
Maggart, Elizabeth to Wilboit, Solomon on Jul 27, 1848
Maggart, Mary C. to Butler, Wm. A. on Sep 28, 1879
Maggart, Mida to Wright, Eddie on Oct 09, 1896
Maggart, Sarah to Fields, Perry B. on Dec 07, 1854
Maggart, Sarah E. to Isaccs, Henry J. on Feb 16, 1887
Maggerd, Nancy F. to Gramlin, James on Oct 31, 1880
Magors, Sarah E. to McKinney, Thomas R. on Dec 23, 1872
Mairs, Alice to Kerr, James R. on Nov 08, 1882
Mairs, Alice to Purdin, Benjamin F. on Oct 01, 1892
Mairs, Annie to Sterling, James H. on Nov 27, 1889
Mairs, Emma L. to Curtis, Richard T.L. on Aug 23, 1898
Mairs, Ida M. to Green, Earl F. on Aug 28, 1898
Mairs, Maggie to McCallister, Thomas on Mar 26, 1885
Mairs, Martha B. to Reger, William M. on May 26, 1870
Mairs, Mary B. to Jones, Wade H. on Aug 28, 1881
Malloney, Lillian H. to Clevinger, John W. on Jan 25, 1876
Malone, Martha to Johnson, Alfred Wiley on Aug 24, 1862
Maloney, Minnie to West, Paris W. on Oct 04, 1891
Maloney, Mollie to Mitchell, Charles on Dec 22, 1899
Maloney, Nancy J. to Brown, William B. on Jan 31, 1881
Malony, Margaret to Stanley, Charles on May 03, 1845
Malony, Mary to Bennett, Henderson on Mar 31, 1846
Malvy, Mariab E. to Kelsall, Horace G. on Jan 05, 1896
Mann, Libby J. to Woolridge, Charles L. on Nov 13, 1889
Manning, Jennie to McGill, John W. on May 28, 1874
Manor, Annie to Lane, Benjamin L. on Apr 05, 1892
Manor, Mabel E. to Knowles, Charles on Oct 31, 1894
Mansbarger, Emma M. to Holbert, Henry F. on Nov 08, 1892
Mapels, Lorena L. to Owens, John W. on Feb 15, 1881
Marcum, Elizabeth Jane to Whitecer, Wm. on Oct 01, 1857
Marcum, Mary N. to Smith, John Y. on Aug 03, 1862
Marine, Florence to McRae, L.T. on Dec 14, 1880
Markes, Louisa to Brown, William on Jun 25, 1874
Marley, Amanda M. to Wilks, Samuel C. on Nov 09, 1884
Marley, Mary C. to Pearson, Wm. H. on Feb 19, 1893
Marques, Lavina to Bass, Joshiali on Nov 28, 1867
Marquis, Mary S. to Eddy, H.H. on Mar 20, 1881
Marrs, Ada to Garret, Richard on Feb 14, 1878
Marshall, Amanda to Kelley, James on Oct 04, 1882
Marshall, Eliza M. to Eubanks, Humphrey W. on Jan 01, 1890
Marshall, Ellen to Havens, Hiram on Sep 08, 1892
Marshall, Flora J to Bozarth, Andrew J. on Dec 12, 1880
Marshall, Louella to Bartlett, Joseph on Dec 31, 1876
Marshall, Louella to Mathis, William G. on May 14, 1885
Marshall, Mary to Price, John on Oct 11, 1870
Martin, Alda J. to Peters, George W. on Jul 04, 1886
Martin, Ales to Perkins, John on Feb 07, 1850
Martin, Alia to Spencer, Mathis W. on Jan 26, 1879
Martin, Alvedy to Hollon, M. on Sep 25, 1870
Martin, Amanda to Warren, Byron on Jan 07, 1897
Martin, Cora to Lehr, Seamon J. on Dec 31, 1899
Martin, Eliza J. to Hill, James A. on Jan 01, 1891
Martin, Elizabeth to Ben, John on Jan 15, 1894
Martin, Elizabeth to Brantner, Rolla on Feb 17, 1861
Martin, Emily J. to Thompson, David on Oct 24, 1897
Martin, Eva E. to Bray, William T. on Oct 30, 1899
Martin, Frances J. to Hutchinson, Amos B. on Feb 28, 1897
Martin, Inez B. to Webster, William M. on Jan 17, 1891
Martin, Liza to Philips, Keney on Jan 08, 1871
Martin, Louisa to Shaw, Joseph on Dec 30, 1847
Martin, Lucetta to Anderson, B.S. on Mar 31, 1857
Martin, Lydia M. to Wilson, Owen on Aug 15, 1858
Martin, Manerva to Gulpatric, George A. on Dec 24, 1896
Martin, Mary J. to Barnett, Moses F. on Sep 08, 1867
Martin, Mary P. to Keith, Otho M. on Mar 14, 1894
Martin, Minnie B. to Stanford, L.G. on Apr 02, 1893
Martin, Mollie E. to Hays, Lewis F. on Sep 12, 1886
Martin, Mrs. Priscilla to Jones, George on Sep 29, 1878
Martin, Nancy A. to Bunch, Stokley on Apr 26, 1884
Martin, Parmelia to Payne, John on Feb 20, 1865
Martin, Rebecca to Spencer, Isaac C. on Jul 23, 1866
Martin, Rebecca J. to Derthick, John R. on Jun 23, 1881
Martin, Rosa B. to Adams, James S. on Nov 20, 1892
Martin, Ruth Ann to Green, James MeKinsey on Mar 21, 1861
Martin, Sarah to Lehr, Charles B. on Dec 31, 1899
Martin, Sarah M. to Laughead, George W. on Mar 23, 1882
Martin, Susan to Wilson, Thomas on Jun 11, 1898
Martin, Susan B. to Auxier, George N. on Apr 02, 1885
Martin, Susie A. to Johnson, William L. on Dec 25, 1890
Martin, Ursula to Way, Oliver R. on Apr 02, 1885
Martin, Valeria M. to Lichty, Evert A. on Dec 25, 1892
Mary Reynolds, to Brooks, James on Aug 15, 1856
Maser, Minnie Rae to George, Charles E. on Nov 30, 1899
Mason, Alice A. to Roberts, Fellix on Aug 01, 1886
Mason, Mrs. Hannah E. to Arthurs, Thomas C. on Jun 25, 1879
Mason, Sarah A. to Scobee, James W. on Mar 25, 1884
Mason, Sarah E. to Roberts, Harrison on Sep 08, 1886
Massey, Elizabeth Jane to Scott, Robert T. on Dec 25, 1853
Maston, Laura E. to Jones, James H. on Apr 16, 1896
Mathews, Clara to Hooton, Lewis on Jan 04, 1883
Mathiws, Catharine to Cassity, Thompson on May 24, 1888
Matkins, Bessie M. to Baldridge, Hugh on Mar 26, 1899
Matkins, Eliza Ann to Eaton, Henry on Oct 10, 1867
Matkins, Mary E. to Griffith, Clark on Mar 15, 1883
Matkins, Mattie L. to Klein, Lewis J. on Dec 24, 1885
Matkins, Minnie E. to Boyd, A.W. on Dec 25, 1892
Matkins, Sarah Francis to Tayler, James on Apr 01, 1880
Matthews, Mary E. to Smith, Robert R. on Jul 05, 1885
Matthews, Sarah C. to Davis, William C. on Dec 23, 1881
Maxey, Christina to Brantner, Martin M. on May 29, 1881
Maxey, Clara C. to Riddle, Tyne W. on May 11, 1888
Maxey, Elvine Augustine to Maxey, Patrick Henry on Jun 07, 1849
Maxey, Maggie to Kennedy, David on Dec 27, 1876
Maxey, Mary E. to Barnett, John on Apr 06, 1873
Maxey, Mrs. Mary F. to Butler, James W. on May 03, 1885
Maxey, Nellie to Kink, Benjamin F. on Jul 06, 1890
May, Lizzie to Leadlord, Winfield on Mar 29, 1897
May, Lola V. to Williams, Otis W. on Dec 16, 1896
May, Nealey J. to Anderson, Robert N. on Dec 02, 1886
May, Virgie C. to Zeigler, Thomas W. on Jul 04, 1899
Mayes, Ida to Haupt, Benjamin F. on Dec 11, 1883
Mayes, Malissa E. to Harris, George R. on Dec 10, 1865
McAfee, Mary E. to Williams, William G. on Nov 12, 1863
McAllister, Jennie M. to Ferris, Samuel on Jan 30, 1887
McAllister, Loas to Taylor, John L. on Feb 13, 1870
McAllister, Mary L. to Woodall, William H. on Nov 01, 1899
McAnaman, Ella to Halliburton, Ralph on Feb 04, 1891
McAninch, Alice to Crawford, Alfred F. on Oct 20, 1896
McCabe, Kate to Baldridge, Marion F. on Jan 27, 1870
McCabe, Kate to Baldridge, Alva W. on Nov 22, 1899
McCabe, Mary to Smith, William H. on Feb 02, 1898
McCabe, Sarah E. to Judd, Joseph R. on Oct 18, 1899
McCaffree, Mary E. to Williams, William F. on Nov 12, 1863
McCall, Hannah to Tucker, Linville on Oct 01, 1871
McCallahan, Ann T. to Triplett, James T. on Nov 14, 1872
McCalley, Rosa F. to Musgrave, Orris E. on Nov 14, 1897
McCallister, Madlam to Milledgen, Stephen S. on Sep 17, 1868
McCallister, Siddie to Reger, W.M. on Jun 07, 1886
McCann, Annie M. to Hunter, Charles E. on Jun 07, 1874
McCart, Martha to Fulks, Charles on Jan 06, 1870
McCartney, Elizabeth to Carmer, Cage on Mar 13, 1892
McCauley, Laura M. to Harper, Enoch M. on Nov 31, 1881
McCerren, Rebecca J. to Perkins, Charles on May 03, 1874
McClanahan, Nancy A. to Pile, Wm. on Jan 28, 1858
McClannahan, Susan to Crocker, Ebenezer B. on Feb 03, 1872
McClany, Anna B. to Tood, George W. on Mar 19, 1888
McClaren, Susan N. to Shipley, Isaac F. on Feb 24, 1866
McClary, Lizzie to Johnson, William A. on Mar 25, 1896
McClary, Mary J. to Wolf, Lafayette C. on Mar 11, 1869
McClary, Selina to Wilson, David M. on Jun 09, 1885
McClaskey, Amanda to Chapman, William Hamilton on Jan 05, 1871
McClaskey, Catharine to ---, John C. on Nov 12, 1877
McClaskey, Elizabeth to Ross, John R. on Mar 31, 1873
McClaskey, Katie to Tipton, William on Jul 14, 1892
McClaskey, Martha to Ross, Thomas on Apr 27, 1868
McClaskey, Mary J. to Brown, Robert J. on Oct 02, 1890
McClaskey, Nora to Mock, Kenneth on Oct 23, 1899
McClelan, Nealie A. to Bundridge, Alfred M. on Mar 13, 1898
McClelland, Lovey to Lawrence, Lewis P. on Nov 01, 1895
McClin, Mrs. Angeline to Dunn, William on Oct 19, 1879
McCloud, Hattie to Kinkbride, Darius B. on Jul 08, 1896
McCloud, Luella to Duskey, James P. on Sep 08, 1889
McCloud, Mary E. to Watson, Drury P. on Feb 27, 1889
McClure, Emma to Pierce, George on Jul 23, 1894
McCollum, Eliza J. to Martin, John W. on Apr 25, 1876
McCollum, Lillie to Emberton, George C. on Mar 27, 1892
McCollum, Mahala P. to Moody, Benjamin M. on Jan 12, 1858
McCollum, Mary to Hughes, John on Jun 26, 1881
McCollum, Mary to McCollum, William on May 05, 1878
McCollum, Mary A. to Baker, Francis M. on Dec 23, 1865
McCollum, Minnie to McCollum, Robert J. on Apr 23, 1887
McCollum, Mrs. Parmelia to Hendrickson, Harvey on Apr 12, 1866
McCollum, Nannie to Gunter, Reuben Isaac on Mar 07, 1880
McCollum, Susan A. to Deldrick, Jacob on Jun 16, 1861
McConnell, Martha to Bailey, David A. on Jan 03, 1884
McConnell, Mary C. to Starns, Isaac N. on Jul 25, 1882
McCorkel, Carolina to Brown, William on Jan 30, 1870
McCorkle, Cynthia to Sandford, David on Aug 03, 1872
McCorkle, Mary Ann to Dickinson, Alexander on Oct 17, 1872
McCormek, Lizzie to Stinson, Edward on Dec 12, 1897
McCormick, Anna to Smith, Benjamin F. on Sep 11, 1866
McCormick, Emma to Harrelson, Casuel on Nov 13, 1892
McCormick, Martha Emiline to Wells, Charley on Oct 11, 1873
McCormick, Missouri J. to Wyant, James M. on Nov 28, 1886
McCoun, Nancy A. to Payne, John O. on Nov 29, 1876
McCowen, Sarah E. to Dodson, Martin on Mar 14, 1880
McCracken, Armedie F. to Ford, Benjamin F. on Dec 05, 1869
McCreany, Mollie A. to DeIzell, H.J. on Feb 02, 1893
McCullough, Alice to Tood, Lewis M. on Mar 06, 1891
McCullough, Anna to Winters, John M. on Nov 10, 1891
McCullough, Elfin M. to Bolt, I.S. on Oct 14, 1885
McCullough, Elizabeth to Dewitt, Joseph C. on Feb 10, 1867
McCullough, Emma J. to McCully, John C. on Aug 05, 1885
McCullough, Isabelle to Maggart, Cyrus on Nov 21, 1854
McCullough, Jane to White, Samuel L. on Nov 13, 1887
McCullough, Madeline to Dewitt, James B. on Jan 02, 1861
McCullough, Tina P. to Osborn, James R. on Jul 03, 1897
McCully, Dolly L. to Murphy, Gen. C. on Apr , 1869
McCully, Elizabeth E. to Butler, George W. on Mar 15, 1874
McCully, Mary E. to Smart, Grant on Jul 29, 1899
McCully, Mrs. Elizabeth to Tipton, William on Mar 16, 1871
McCully, Sibie to Webb, James W. on May 08, 1870
McDaniel, Emma to Roberson, W.S. on Nov 08, 1885
McDannald, Viola to Daniels, Nathan F. on Sep 08, 1895
McDannel, Julia to Nickels, Edward on Oct 17, 1875
McDannel, Maranda to Sharkey, James on Apr 27, 1858
McDole, Mary Jane to Beall, Josephus on Nov 14, 1867
McDole, Rachel to Fodell, Nicholas on Aug 30, 1874
McDonald, Barbara A. to McDannald, George W. on Jan 01, 1896
McDonald, Ellen to Barrott, John on May 23, 1882
McDonald, Hannah to Johnson, John H. on May 18, 1882
McDonald, Mary to Deeds, Benj. F. on Feb 01, 1880
McDonald, Mary Jane to Blair, James Buma on Aug 18, 1872
McDonald, Mrs. Elizabeth to Guthry, William on Mar 28, 1880
McDonald, Nancy R. to Ellison, Monty C. on May 10, 1887
McDonald, Sarah to Shirkey, G.R. on Dec 26, 1894
McDonald, Susan R. to Heringlon, Samuel A. on Oct 21, 1899
McDonnald, Deliah to Blair, John on Mar 22, 1874
McDorman, Eva M. to Jerome, George M. on Feb 16, 1898
McDuff, Belle to Collins, George F. on Oct 31, 1889
McGee, Lerence to Wilhite, Samuel on Oct 06, 1853
McGee, Louise to MeNabe, Albert on Jan 20, 1860
McGee, Mary C. to Gander, George M. on Apr 11, 1881
McGee, Mrs. Rachel to McNabb, Elbert Jackson on Mar 15, 1874
McGee, Nancy R. to Eaton, James F. on May 28, 1881
McGee, Nicy to Dean, Jacob on Dec 23, 1852
McGee, Polly Ann to Cobb, Jasper M. on Nov 18, 1866
McGee, Sarah E. to Pile, Samuel R. on Sep 17, 1868
McGittigen, Lucinda to Bailey, John on Aug 04, 1874
McGlothlen, Alice to Haley, C.G. on Sep 06, 1891
McGloughlin, Frances Ann to Jarvis, Abijah on Nov 10, 1880
McGowan, Nancy to Perrin, George F. on Apr 08, 1897
McGuinn, Elizabeth to Shipley, Thomas on Mar 09, 1879
McGuinn, Wildy to Allen, William on Apr 28, 1866
McGuire, Louis to Hammack, Isaac on Dec 16, 1867
McIntyre, Martha J. to Cromer, Thomas on Dec 22, 1883
McKay, Ada F. to Harding, John S. on Oct 07, 1896
McKay, Arminta to Mullin, Jesse on Jun 25, 1865
McKay, Mrs. Lucinda Jane to Glaze, Thomas W. on Nov 10, 1864
McKee, Martha to Caw, Henry L. on Aug 08, 1878
McKee, Ninnie M. to Tullis, Walter H. on Oct 28, 1894
McKelnedy, Rachel to Bazarch, James Madison on Jan 27, 1853
McKinestry, Elvina to King, Ephram F. on Apr 01, 1895
McKinestry, Viola to Weter, W.M. on Sep 01, 1888
McKinister, Amanda to Myers Jr., B.F. on Feb 16, 1873
McKinistry, Mrs. Nancey to Williams, Levi on Apr 16, 1882
McKinney, Hattie E. to Jackson, Wm. J. on Oct 15, 1898
McKinney, Mary Ann to Talbert, James on May 08, 1858
McKinney, Nancy to Hudnall, David on Sep 20, 1890
McKinney, Paulina to Herrallson, Levi D. on Dec 20, 1876
McKinney, Rebecca to Gurgr, Charley F. on Apr 06, 1881
McKinsey, Arena C. to Holliday, George R. on Apr 24, 1889
McKinsey, Eliza R. to Baldridge, Chester A. on Apr 24, 1895
McKinstry, Myrtle M. to Huston, Robert B. on Mar 22, 1897
McLain, Mary to Graves, Peter on Apr 01, 1885
McLaughlin, Mina to Slough, Isaac B. on May 06, 1879
McLaughlin, Vina to Hunsaker, Joseph on Nov 11, 1877
McLouglin, Lona to Henry, James on Aug 19, 1894
McMains, Addie to Pierce, A.C. on Jul 01, 1894
McMams, Mattie to Moore, William H. on Apr 11, 1897
McManaman, Maggie to Emberton, John on Dec 04, 1887
McMullen, Dora I. to Shaw, George on Nov 04, 1894
McNab, Keziah to Coens, Robert on Jan 28, 1872
McNabb, Della to Johnson, Marion E. on Apr 20, 1899
McNabb, Luella to Todd, William S. on Sep 03, 1891
McNabb, M. Susan to Shields, Heber R. on Nov 01, 1896
McNabb, Maggie to Young, W.W. on Mar 11, 1894
McNabb, Mary A. to Childers, William M. on Mar 07, 1883
McNabb, Susan E. to Dickson, George W. on Apr 08, 1884
McNaught, Eva Q. to Myers, Ottie B. on Jun 19, 1890
McNaught, Nora to Hard, Charles T. on Dec 25, 1893
McNeal, Lily M. to Tharp, James P. on Apr 08, 1891
McNeece, Elizabeth to Carmer, Mjcajah on Mar 11, 1875
McNeece, Julian to McDonald, George on Mar 05, 1871
McNeece, Lana to England, Smith on Jun 28, 1874
McNeece, Louisa Mahala to Gum, Harmon F. on Nov 19, 1868
McNeece, Mahala to Smith, James on Sep 11, 1871
McNeece, Margaret to Hamilton, B.H. on Jan 05, 1860
McNeece, Mary A. to Wheeler, James L. on Nov 12, 1868
McNeece, Mary F. to West, Jacob on Mar 07, 1869
McNeece, Oasey to Tornsbugh, John on Mar 25, 1874
McNeece, Permelia J. to Basset, Lucas on Mar 28, 1871
McNeese, Mary Jane to Cullison, William W. on Mar 27, 1881
McNeese, Nancy to Lair, Albert on Sep 22, 1881
McNeese, Rhoda to Wilson, George on Sep 27, 1865
McNeil, Alpha to Thrasher, John W. on Dec 30, 1894
McNeily, Missouri Catherine to Scott, James A. M. on May 01, 1873
McQuoun, Virginia K. to Finney, John W. on Aug 19, 1860
McQuown, Hannah to Gose, John M. on Feb 21, 1854
McQuown, Malinda Lavina to Harris, McQuown on Aug 25, 1856
McQuown, Martha A. to Martin, William C. on May 24, 1859
McQuown, Mary F. to Johnson, Prentiss F. on Aug 03, 1884
McQuown, Melvina to Ogle, William on Aug 16, 1864
McQuown, Nettie J. to Gilmore, Jno N. on Jan 11, 1885
McReynolds, Barbara to Cotter, John on Mar 09, 1873
McReynolds, Mary Ann to Stephenson, John on Oct 25, 1868
McVey, Laura to Johnson, Ambrose W. on Jan 13, 1878
McWhorter, E.M. to Baidridge, Richard Benton on Mar 26, 1876
McWhorter, Emily L. to Beck, Anderson on Nov 03, 1870
McWhorter, Mary S. to Triplett, George W. on Mar 23, 1883
McWhorter, Virginia V. to Auxier, William on Jul 20, 1879
Mcpheeters, Uphrasia to Warren, Hugh C. on Jan 03, 1869
Mcphrrsaw, Alice to Hubbard, John H. on Sep 01, 1885
Mcvay, Nancy to Bennett, Wiley on Oct 17, 1871
MeCave, Sarah to Baldridge, Lindley M. on Jun 10, 1860
MeClanahan, Bertha to Olmstead, David A. on Feb 28, 1897
MeClaskey, Elizabeth A. to May, Samuel A. on Feb 12, 1880
MeClelland, Mrs. Sarah I. to Brown, Samuel S. on Sep 12, 1898
MeCloud, M. to Creason, N. on Feb 17, 1878
MeCorkle, Lydda Mariah to Davenport, William on Jun 25, 1865
MeDole, Mary H. to Oliver, Oscar F. on Mar 16, 1880
MeGrim, Mary E. to Straight, Thomas on Mar 19, 1879
MeKelnedy, Rachel to Bazarch, James Madison on Jan 27, 1853
MeLin, R. Nancy to Tate, San on Nov 29, 1852
MeMillan, Bertha to Bealiner, Matbew O. on Apr 25, 1897
MeNeal, Lula E. to Seaman, James V. on Jun 11, 1882
MeNealy, Mollie to Porter, Reece R. on Dec 28, 1899
MeQuown, Elizabeth to Gilmore, David on Jan 13, 1848
Meadows, Pernelia to Green, John W. on Dec 02, 1866
Meals, Amanda to Dewitt, William on Oct 21, 1869
Medley, Lena to Page, Ollie on Apr 07, 1898
Medley, Lida to Ritze, Edward on Aug 12, 1896
Medley, Mary F. to Monson, W.B. on Jun 07, 1893
Meekens, Susan to Brown, James H. on Dec 03, 1857
Meekins, Catharine to Glaze, Robert D on Mar 04, 1880
Meekins, Maggie A. to Duncan, James H. on Sep 04, 1888
Meekins, Maggie E. to Marchbanks, Andrew J. on Jul 17, 1890
Meekins, Mollie B. to Curl, Barney E. on Apr 16, 1891
Meekins, Sarah A. to Carter, Calvin on Sep 11, 1860
Meeks, Amanda J. to Fulks, James T. on Apr 19, 1896
Meeks, Amanda M. to Forbes, D.L. on Apr 15, 1888
Meeks, Barbara A. to Gates, George W. on Dec 16, 1885
Meeks, Mary E. to Eddy, Hulcy C. on Oct 01, 1895
Meeks, Nancy J. to Johnson, Joseph on Nov 09, 1863
Megrew, Nellie L. to Bennett, Edgar E. on Jan 27, 1895
Meinnis, Bellizna Melvina to Scott, John M. on Feb 03, 1859
Mellon, Corrine to Belt, John R. on May 17, 1883
Melon, Cretenia to Stephenson, Joel on Mar 10, 1872
Melon, Sarah to Kiser, Franklin P. on Nov 03, 1878
Melton, Artie to Snow, William H. on Aug 11, 1895
Melton, Sarah C. to Bolan, Emmet D. on Feb 23, 1896
Melton, Viola E. Lindsey to Harris Jr., Overton on Oct 24, 1897
Mericle, Susan E. to Leroy, Frank on Aug 12, 1874
Merriman, Nancy F. to Molland, Samuel A. on May 19, 1857
Merryman, Caroline to Lewis, Richard on Dec 09, 1858
Merryman, Martha to Baker, James on Sep 18, 1853
Meyers, Elizabeth to Buseton, Henry on Oct 17, 1858
Michael, Armilisa to Fletcher, Thomas on Jan 28, 1872
Michael, Deneza Jane to Garrett, James on Oct 01, 1868
Michael, Denizy to Owen, M. on Apr 05, 1855
Michael, Ella L. to Willows, Joseph D. on Apr 13, 1890
Michels, Rachel to Biffings, B.F. on Jul 08, 1880
Milan, Elizabeth to Jones, John on Sep 27, 1866
Milburn, Ada M. to Broyles, Norley on Sep 11, 1892
Milburn, Amanda M. to Cook, John D. on Jan 25, 1899
Milburn, Cora M. to Howell, Lark D. on May 31, 1891
Milburn, Mary to Tipton, Hiram on Nov 28, 1892
Milburn, Sarah to Brewen, Albert on Sep 17, 1885
Milerner, Lizzie to Laws, James on Jan 16, 1892
Miles, Mary E. to Derringer, Mathias W. on Sep 05, 1883
Miles, Nancy to Shatto, William F. on Oct 30, 1880
Miles, Stacey E. to Brummett, Wm. R. on Aug 19, 1881
Milhone, Manervy to Rottman, William on Oct 06, 1878
Miller, Ada M. to Call, David W. on Mar 11, 1894
Miller, Allie E. to Norman, George E. on Jan 18, 1891
Miller, Alsinda to Frazier, Archibald on Apr 10, 1868
Miller, Amanda E. to Phillips, James on Mar 01, 1888
Miller, Angie M. to Vandusen, John E. on Dec 27, 1894
Miller, Augusta to Jewett, William H. on Feb 09, 1889
Miller, Cora B. to Evans, Edward R. on Nov 08, 1896
Miller, Dixie R. to Bertschman, Simon on Nov 20, 1894
Miller, Elizabeth to Reeves, Dewitt on Sep 06, 1868
Miller, Elvira M. to Lamar, Monroe on Oct 04, 1877
Miller, Emma to Payne, Frank on Mar 08, 1880
Miller, Emma to Boyd, J.W. on Sep 14, 1882
Miller, Estelle to Hughes, P.B. on Mar 08, 1894
Miller, Ettie to Murray, F.P. on Feb 06, 1882
Miller, Francis D. to Sanford, William T. on Aug 27, 1899
Miller, Ida A. to Webb, George R. on May 06, 1888
Miller, Jennie M. to Compton, John E. on Jul 17, 1896
Miller, Launa M. to Gehrke, Frank H. on Apr 25, 1895
Miller, Lois D. to Stout, Isiah G. on Oct 03, 1880
Miller, Loran to Hercules, Charles on Nov 07, 1874
Miller, Malissa J. to Harrington, William L. on Apr 23, 1890
Miller, Mary A. to Harper, Francis M. on Dec 28, 1871
Miller, Mary Bell to Cochran, James H. on Oct 31, 1870
Miller, Mary C. to Sinclair, John L. on Dec 12, 1880
Miller, Mary J. to Barbee, William H. on Sep 17, 1887
Miller, Matilda Jane to McCall, Aaron on Jan 02, 1870
Miller, Melissa A. to Davis, James A. on Jan 18, 1894
Miller, Mrs. Exena to Spencer, William B. on May 06, 1878
Miller, Nevada O. to Roberts, John C. on Aug 23, 1896
Miller, Salie to Farley, W.F. on Dec 17, 1890
Miller, Sarah A. to Loder, Isaac H. on Dec 13, 1880
Miller, Sarah A. to McDonnald, William T. on Aug 30, 1882
Miller, Viola C. to Yardley, Richard W. on Jun 11, 1882
Miller, Viola L. to Childers, Henry H. on Oct 21, 1896
Mills, Cora B. to Power, James T. on Nov 24, 1895
Mills, Elizabeth to Clem, Emanuel on Mar 06, 1861
Mills, Jane to Cleeton, William on Mar 08, 1869
Mills, Mrs. Hannah to Punnea, Charles on May 14, 1882
Milner, Emma F. to Phipps, Jessee on Feb 25, 1899
Minchell, Sarah to McCullough, Joel H. on Dec 25, 1889
Minday, Cordelia to Tipton, John W. on Apr 19, 1881
Minday, Victoria to Wattermine, John W. on Mar 30, 1881
Minnis, Martha A. to Schrock, Perez D. on Feb 15, 1849
Minnis, Permelia Jane to Putnam, Frances M. on Feb 25, 1852
Minnis, Susanab F. to Creason, John R. on Jan 23, 1856
Minor, Cora M. to Brautner, George on Oct 04, 1894
Minor, Jessie to Britton, C.L. on Oct 13, 1892
Minshall, Ollie G. to Hays, Alfred W. on Jul 23, 1893
Mitchell, Effie to Babcock, J.H. on Nov 18, 1877
Mitchell, Ida to Eaton, Charles T. on Nov 05, 1891
Miyre, Pruda to Staley, Samuel on Oct 14, 1857
Mize, Ethel M. to Williams, Charles H. on Sep 17, 1898
Mize, Mary Ann to Haralston, Alvaston on Nov 30, 1848
Moberly, Bessie O. to Sherwood, W.F. on Nov 24, 1892
Moberly, Elizabeth to Dell, Leward on Oct 18, 1874
Moberly, Mary A. to Closson, John L. on Mar 06, 1866
Moberly, Nancy J. to Lawrence, John W. on Feb 09, 1872
Moberly, Rachel to Adkinson, John M. on Apr 20, 1873
Moberly, Sarah J. to Moberly, John T. on Apr 10, 1884
Moddrell, Alvia C. to Brandon, John on Oct 06, 1891
Moffett, Alice to Peters, Frank on Feb 23, 1884
Moffett, Eliza Jane to MeDonnald, Henry on Sep 26, 1880
Moffett, Ester to Wood, Henry on Dec 26, 1866
Moffett, Mattie to Buxton, James on Apr 10, 1898
Moffit, Della to Greenstreet, Elby R. on Jan 01, 1899
Moffit, Hattie to Hulse, Wm. F. on Jan 24, 1888
Moffitt, Anna to Long, Frank on Sep 02, 1875
Moffitt, Bobella to Moffitt, John A. on Oct 21, 1880
Moffitt, Dovie M. to Reed, Ira M. on Jan 06, 1899
Moffitt, Jennie to Greenstreet, James T. on Jan 14, 1894
Moffitt, Mary J. to Farson, Thomas H. on Nov 22, 1881
Moffitt, Nellie to Wade, Harvey B. on Mar 25, 1894
Monroe, Carlista J. to Smith, William R. on Sep 07, 1871
Montgomery, Alice L. to Cochran, James B. on Jan 17, 1893
Montgomery, Belle to Myers, C.W. on Sep 16, 1889
Montgomery, Delilah to Weaver, George on Apr 17, 1870
Montgomery, Elizabeth to Runnells, Samuel on Jul 31, 1863
Montgomery, Emma to Weaver, Samuel on May 20, 1882
Montgomery, Emma A. to Deeds, John G. on May 21, 1876
Montgomery, Harriet to Smith, Casar R. on May 12, 1872
Montgomery, Ida B. to Caldwell, James A. on Dec 24, 1895
Montgomery, Lizzie to Bray, A.R. on Apr 02, 1886
Montgomery, Margaret to St. Clear, William T. on Dec 15, 1853
Montgomery, Martha to Payne Jr., Addison on Jan 27, 1885
Montgomery, Mary B. to Smith, William N. on Sep 13, 1874
Montgomery, Mary E. to Shatto, Lafayette on Aug 21, 1881
Montgomery, Mary T. to McDuff, Alexander S. on Dec 28, 1862
Montgomery, May to Henry, John W. on May 26, 1889
Montgomery, Melissa to Payne, Harmon B. on Apr 10, 1894
Montgomery, Mervie to Schooler, Lewis S. on Apr 28, 1889
Montgomery, Milly Jane to McMullen, John on Aug 26, 1866
Montgomery, Minnie B. to Buell, Henry F. on Mar 07, 1895
Montgomery, Nancy to Morrison, Wm. B. on Sep 16, 1855
Montgomery, Nannie B. to Cochran, Robert A. on Feb 28, 1895
Montgomery, Ruth to Montgomery, Isaac on Jul 30, 1854
Montgomery, S.L. to Bass, W. on Feb 13, 1877
Montgomery, Sarah to Boyd, John J. on Sep 16, 1855
Montgomery, Sarah Elizabeth to Wade, Hurschell on Jun 07, 1868
Montomery, Elizabeth to Riggin, George W. on Jun 04, 1871
Moody, Frances J. to Hatcher, Thomas H. on Dec 12, 1875
Moody, Mary E. to Martin, B.F. on Aug 24, 1882
Moomaw, Neosho to Crouch, Frank B. on Jul 09, 1887
Moon, Cora E. to Stuart, J.A. on Sep 11, 1894
Moore, Addie to Roberts, George M. on Mar 13, 1894
Moore, Amanda to Lucas, William on Oct 01, 1899
Moore, Anna to Pigg, Linville on Apr 12, 1891
Moore, Arra to Lond, John R. on Dec 22, 1886
Moore, Arry to Albross, Charles D. on Sep 21, 1870
Moore, Charlotte to Shaffer, Benjamin A.D. on Feb 11, 1867
Moore, Dennie O. to Enslow, James V. on Dec 27, 1898
Moore, Julia A. to Busby, Robert W. on Jul 18, 1860
Moore, Julia E. to Collins, Thomas J. on Sep 10, 1892
Moore, Lemma May to Green, Dwight B. on Jun 06, 1889
Moore, Margaret E. to Overstreet, Charles I. on Mar 08, 1885
Moore, Mary E. to Stewart, Samuel P. on Dec 03, 1865
Moore, Mary L. to Rutledge, Clifton E. on Dec 23, 1895
Moore, Mary M. to Chapman, John A. on Oct 02, 1892
Moore, Nellie E. to Henry, Luther E. on Aug 10, 1899
Moore, Rosella to Triplett, John on Sep 26, 1865
Moore, Sarah E. to Husk, William G. on Oct 04, 1863
Moorehead, Ida to Payne, Jesse T. on Dec 04, 1884
Moraine, Catharine to Doyle, Daniel on Feb 04, 1859
Moran, Catharine to Moran, Thomas on Apr 21, 1884
Moran, Mary to Moran, David on May 16, 1895
More, Corville to Jones, Ephrian G. on Sep 22, 1859
More, Delilah to Beelan, Samuel on Aug 10, 1856
Morelock, Amanda C. to Bruner, William E. on Feb 24, 1890
Morelock, Mary E. to Bingham, William R. on Mar 06, 1897
Morelock, Matilda to Dell, Henry on Mar 24, 1846
Morelock, Nancy A. to Shipley, William on Jul 21, 1867
Morelock, Revis A. to Munveney, Wilson B. on Jan 14, 1889
Morelock, Susanna to Stewart, Price on Sep 07, 1851
Morgan, Almeinda B. to Miller, Lewis G. on Sep 11, 1881
Morgan, Amanda M. to Meek, Hosea H. on Oct 02, 1870
Morgan, Annie L. to Morelock, G.W. on Jan 09, 1892
Morgan, Bellyenda to Grimmett, James H. on Oct 11, 1874
Morgan, Cynthia Jane to Oberley, Victor on Apr 02, 1876
Morgan, Frances to Ransom, Daniel T. on Oct 11, 1874
Morgan, Jane to Stone, Jacob on May 30, 1858
Morgan, Martha Ellen to Lane, John H. on Oct 17, 1886
Morgan, Mary A. to Garrett, Edward O. on Nov 29, 1894
Morgan, Melvina to Drake, J.D. on Jun 26, 1869
Morgan, Nancy A. to Morgan, John J. on Feb 17, 1877
Morgan, Rhoda A. to Wattenbarger, Solomon on Aug 19, 1894
Morley, Catharine to Green, Dwight B. on Mar 03, 1896
Morley, Ida to Lowry, Ulysses on Jan 24, 1886
Morley, Jemima to Rice, Phillip Owen on Nov 05, 1879
Morley, Mattie E. to Duncan, Henry B. on Oct 06, 1897
Morris, Alice to Riddle, E.L. on Jan 01, 1893
Morris, Elizabeth to Baker, Samuel on Feb 11, 1864
Morris, Hannah to Stansbrough, George W. on Jul 01, 1860
Morris, Hester B. to Ash, Robert B. on Jun 17, 1885
Morris, Mary to Flower, James on Apr 03, 1866
Morris, Mary J. to Halliburton, William on Sep 25, 1883
Morris, Mary S. to Hoskins, Sidney C. on Feb 11, 1866
Morris, Nellie to Brown, Ricey L. on Jan 02, 1898
Morris, Norma L. to Cherry, Allie A. on Dec 31, 1899
Morris, Sarah to Johnson, Asleria on Dec 24, 1882
Morris, Sarah J. to Clayburg, George W. on May 31, 1857
Morrison, Ella to Nichols, Samuel F. on Dec 16, 1889
Morrison, Martha J. to Busic, Joshiah W. on Mar 02, 1866
Morrison, Mrs. Sarah to Wright, William T. on Jan 06, 1875
Morrison, Sarah Lou to Hinckley, Jerome on Mar 22, 1877
Morrow, Florence C. to Hoffman, John J. on Jun 02, 1889
Morrow, Maud E. to Boyd, Leonard S. on Nov 12, 1899
Morton, Ellen to Kimble, Ervin on Jun 30, 1872
Morton, Josie to Megren, Charles E. on May 18, 1893
Morton, Kay to Shearer, J.E. on Feb 09, 1874
Morton, Malissa J. to Spencer, James W. on Mar 29, 1877
Moss, Mrs. Sarah E. to McClaren, Samuel on Jan 03, 1875
Muck, Calevian to Leslie, Gabriel on Apr 26, 1857
Muck, Clarinda to Creason, George on Mar 11, 1867
Muck, Clerisa to McClaskey, Isaac on Nov 06, 1881
Muck, Margaret to Buns, Jesse on Oct 21, 1858
Muck, Mary M. to Smiley, Elijah on Feb 12, 1882
Muck, Melvina to Bishop, Samuel on Dec 23, 1883
Muck, Mrs. Sarah Ann to Birres, Matthew on Jan 21, 1858
Muckins, Ann M. to Muckins, Richard J.B. on Sep 11, 1879
Mukins, Lucy A. to Sturst, Thomas J. on Sep Ir, 1879
Mukkings, Mrs. Rachel to Neff, John W. on Mar 12, 1871
Mulkins, Martha to Cowgill, George W. on Jul 30, 1888
Mullens, Lora to Albright, George T. on Dec 25, 1892
Mullins, Araminta B. to Thurlow, David M. on Oct 07, 1855
Mullins, Della to Aibright, Charles E. on Jan 01, 1895
Mullins, Dora to Atkins, Richard R. on Jul 01, 1883
Mullins, Hester M. to Johnson, D. F. on Apr 15, 1863
Mullins, Lucretia to Butler, James on Mar 21, 1853
Mullins, Mary M. to Young, James on Feb 26, 1885
Mullins, May H. to Summers, Arthur M. on Aug 16, 1893
Mumm, Amy to Sandlin, Wesley on Sep 19, 1895
Mummy, Mrs. Mary A. to Carothers, William on Feb 25, 1869
Muncy, H. Maude to Miller, Fredrick H. on Jun 28, 1899
Munly, Elizabeth A. to Morris, James on Mar 08, 1857
Munn, Amy to Losey, Amos J. on Jun 30, 1898
Munn, Florence to Dilliner, A.D. on Jan 25, 1894
Murdock, Corn B. to Moberly, John W. on Apr 30, 1896
Murdock, Jennitia to MeNealey, Edward on Apr 28, 1881
Murdock, Veatrice E. to Thomas, Joseph W. on Jan 31, 1892
Murphy, Elizabeth to Hudnell, Nathaniel on Sep 26, 1850
Murphy, Eva M. to Loyd, Andrew J. on Feb 28, 1898
Murphy, Jerusia E. to Franciscs, William E. on Mar 19, 1892
Murphy, Larvina E. to Whitiker, Thomas J. on May 06, 1888
Murphy, Louisa F. to Bail, Abner F. on Aug 20, 1886
Murphy, Margaret to Stufflebean, Michael on Mar 15, 1865
Murphy, Mary E. to Lumdsen, J.L. on Jul 27, 1892
Murphy, Mary Jane to McCully, Robert P. on Mar 22, 1877
Murphy, May to Snow, Joseph M. on Apr 06, 1898
Murphy, Mrs. Ida to Hurlbert, Jesse C. on Nov 18, 1889
Murphy, Nora B. to Lumsden, James A. on Jun 14, 1899
Murphy, Sylvia G. to Stall, Charles H. on Mar 07, 1894
Murrials, Mary M. to Cozen, Chester on Aug 12, 1866
Murry, Edith M. to Swopes, William H. on Dec 31, 1894
Murte, Mary Jane to MeClanahan, William on Jan 08, 1880
Musgrove, Dora to Heck, George on Feb 15, 1886
Muthins, J. to Cathers, Silas D. on Mar 18, 1880
Myers, Alice to Bundis, Thomas H. on Mar 27, 1884
Myers, Carmora V. to Williams, Alonzo on Nov 28, 1886
Myers, Charlotta to Peters, Sherman on Dec 24, 1885
Myers, Christine to Phillips, James on Apr 10, 1859
Myers, Clara M. to Gibson, George W. on Jul 01, 1897
Myers, Cora A. to Smiley, William T. on Mar 15, 1894
Myers, Daisy M. to Franklin, I.R. on Feb 16, 1899
Myers, Eliza J. to Goodwin, Edman on Nov 10, 1847
Myers, Elizabeth to Williams, Amos on May 28, 1853
Myers, Elvara to Johnson, George C. on Sep 18, 1892
Myers, Emily to Long, S.J. on Mar 13, 1879
Myers, Emma to McNabb, W.C. on Mar 21, 1883
Myers, Hattie G. to Ogg, William A. on Jan 13, 1895
Myers, Ida V. to Williamson, Elmer on Oct 25, 1898
Myers, Jane to Campbell, Eli on Oct 15, 1859
Myers, Jane to Baker, William L. on Jul 28, 1880
Myers, Katie I. to Fields, John W. on Oct 24, 1888
Myers, Laura B. to Weten, Frank J. on Dec 24, 1890
Myers, Lily J. to Smith, Lawrence D. on May 06, 1895
Myers, Louilla to Shipley, James R. on Jun 22, 1873
Myers, Luella to McDanel, Marion T. on Nov 07, 1889
Myers, Maggie to Overstreet, Charles L. on Feb 25, 1894
Myers, Martha to Cornet, Garret on Aug 19, 1857
Myers, Martha to Myers, Thomas B. on Apr 11, 1880
Myers, Mary to Shumaker, John on May 11, 1856
Myers, Minnie L. to Bun, George A. on Aug 27, 1897
Myers, Nancy A. to Bebout, Elisha E. on Dec 28, 1871
Myers, Nancy E. to Smith, Henry M. on Dec 24, 1886
Myers, Rebeca Z. to Stevenson, Warren on Mar 05, 1895
Myers, Rebecca to Manner, Stockely on Oct 02, 1864
Myers, Sarah to Chapman, Aquilla on Mar 03, 1867
Myers, Sarah A. to Keith, Norris T. on Mar 07, 1897
Myers, Viola L. to Smith, Oscar L. on Oct 20, 1895
Myres, Mary C. to Collins, Charles on Jan 01, 1888


Nant, Soveny to Warren, John H. on Mar 26, 1854
Nantz, Esther to Carmack, James on Dec 25, 1851
Neal, Joan to Addlesparger, William J. on Feb 17, 1878
Neal, Pearl E. to Shores, George A. on Jun 22, 1897
Neal, Sallie to Eaton, Charles M. on Jul 21, 1888
Neal, Sarah Ellen to Westlake, Francis M. on Dec 29, 1878
Needham, Loy L. to Beabout, Charles M. on Feb 04, 1894
Needham, Phebe to Yardley, James W. on Apr 11, 1867
Neeghbors, Naoma J. to Kelly, Franklin on May 09, 1861
Neel, Mary to Downing, Charles T. on Sep 14, 1882
Neeley, Flora M. to Smith, William R. on Mar 02, 1882
Neeley, Leab E. to Wattenbarger, Adam R. on Nov 08, 1896
Neely, Florence Ann to Dell, Henry D. on Sep 07, 1876
Neet, Nancy J. to St. Clear, Thomas H. B. on Feb 21, 1871
Neff, Elizabeth to Cheffey, George B. on Feb 20, 1887
Neff, Ida D. to Doolin, Claud S. on Dec 25, 1890
Neff, Orphie B. to Calahan, Willis on Feb 05, 1899
Neighbors, Alda to McKinstray, Simeon on Apr 10, 1892
Neighbors, Ella to Jackson, William M. on May 03, 1892
Neighbors, Emma to Quigley, Marion F. on Apr 14, 1892
Neighbors, Emma to Nichols, Henry on Mar 18, 1894
Neighbors, Venia A. to Breeding, Wilkins P. on Mar 10, 1883
Nelson, Isabelle to Joenes, Charles C. on Jul 18, 1889
Nelson, Mabell C. to Poole, Albert E. on Jan 05, 1897
Nelson, Mollie to Denoho, Isaac R. on Dec 28, 1886
Nelson, Mrs. Belle to Heady, Frank O. on Sep 06, 1898
Nette, Emma to Mock, George W. on Mar 22, 1886
Newell, Angeline to Williams, Fredinck on Sep 11, 1888
Newell, Florence M. to Capito, George W. on Sep 15, 1882
Newell, Maude to Dormer, W.M. on Jul 13, 1881
Newton, Anabell to Bell, Augustus M. on Mar 09, 1882
Newton, Annie M. to Graham, John A. on Oct 30, 1892
Newton, Josie to Craft, John E. on Nov 04, 1891
Newton, Mary J. to Bookout, John on Sep 09, 1878
Newton, Mary M. to Hawkins, Albert A. on May 26, 1895
Niblo, Bessie K. to Bennett, Edward S. on Nov 23, 1899
Nichoken, Elemetta F. to Atwill, Wm. S. on Sep 05, 1880
Nicholas, Elizabeth to Willis, James on Nov 28, 1882
Nichols, Anna to Mives, John R. on Apr 15, 1887
Nichols, Elizabeth to Seltzer, Henry on Dec 16, 1889
Nichols, Ivan E. to Weter, George M. on Mar 16, 1896
Nichols, Martha H. to Davis, William P. on Jan 07, 1883
Nichols, Sarah J. to Dell, Samuel on Oct 29, 1899
Nichols, Sarah M. to Foster, William H. on Sep 18, 1887
Nickell, Bentie to Murry, James O. on Jan 09, 1898
Nickell, Rue J. to Bingham, Arthur W. on Jan 18, 1892
Nickell, Sadie A. to Rinehart, George L. on Oct 25, 1899
Nida, Priscilla J. to Hammock, George B.S. on Oct 05, 1889
Nidey, Mary L. to Harless, Wesley on Dec 24, 1871
Nighters, Susan to Cotter, David on Apr 10, 1879
Noble, Francina J. to Day, Joseph P. on Sep 05, 1860
Norman, Alcenda to Pierce, Andrew on Feb 15, 1866
Norman, Barbara Ellen to Hodson, Perry on Dec 16, 1872
Norman, Drucilla J. to Jaques, Miles on Jan 01, 1880
Norman, Emily to Desper, William P. on Jan 16, 1873
Norman, Grace R. to Kisterson, Benjamin F. on Mar 29, 1895
Norman, Jane to Pearsey, Andrew on Mar 01, 1855
Norman, Levina Jane to Barbee, John W. on Aug 03, 1873
Norman, Maggy to MeCaffery, John on Apr 10, 1880
Norman, Martha to Hurst, Harmon H. on Aug 27, 1854
Norman, Mary to Stout, William on May 21, 1854
Norman, Mary to Almstead, Mahue on Dec 02, 1859
Norman, Mary A. to Miller, Jacob E. on Jan 28, 1892
Norman, Mary C. to Smith, James F. on Oct 23, 1892
Norman, Mary Eliza to Conner, William on Feb 05, 1879
Norman, Matilda C. to McClaren, John W. on Apr 18, 1896
Norman, Nancy Ann to Atwood, Fletcher on May 23, 1861
Norman, Nancy J. to Dormer, James M. on Jul 19, 1896
Norman, Rebecca J. to McDandel, L.C. on Mar 23, 1893
Norman, Stephen to Dobson, Sumner on Dec 17, 1854
Norman, Virginia to Hodson, William on Sep 09, 1869
Norris, Alice to Crannell, Charles on Jan 19, 1890
Norris, Lola to Brown, Byron on Aug 16, 1896
Norris, Malissa to Cummons, Daniel on Dec 23, 1875
Norton, Sarah to Creason, Sidney on Nov 26, 1887
Norvell, Amanda to Caldwell, William on Mar 19, 1874
Norvell, Emma A. to Coffman, Berton C. on Dec 24, 1899
Norvell, Marion Alberta to Wilson, Emmett M. on Mar 05, 1898
Novinger, Sarah E. to Myers, Daniel C. on Mar 21, 1895
Nowell, Alavoiza to Courtney, James A. on Feb 01, 1877
Nowelle, Mrs. Rebecca to Nelson, William A. on Jun 06, 1884
Nowells, Sarah C. to Courtney, Joseph on Dec 23, 1869
Nowels, Lucinda C. to Smiley, Levi on May 28, 1885
Nowland, Manerva to Holliday, Joseph M. on Mar 07, 1875
Nuswender, Isabella to Warner, John B. on Oct 13, 1868


O'Donnell, Julia to Moran, John on Feb 26, 1878
O'Neal, Mary to Dodson, Joseph on Dec 05, 1850
O'Neal, Ruth to Jackson, James R. on May 20, 1869
Oaks, Inez E. to Clark, James B. on Nov 29, 1885
Obell, Rachel to Hook, Thomas on Mar 13, 1881
Obelle, Mary to Miller, John on Apr 05, 1892
Odneal, Julia A. to Hoddy, William A. on Sep 19, 1890
Officer, Elizabeth to Graham, Andrew on Feb 10, 1861
Ogle, Amanda to O'Payne, John on Sep 14, 1856
Ogle, Anna to Taylor, Willard W. on Nov 15, 1879
Ogle, Eveline to Daniels, William J. on May 01, 1892
Ogle, Magany to Hines, John R. on Mar 12, 1892
Ogle, Martha to McCown, William on Feb 07, 1861
Ohaven, Carrie E. to Hartzler, William M. on Dec 01, 1897
Oiler, Belle to Hines, Peter H. on Dec 24, 1899
Oliver, Polly Ann to Thomas, William on Feb 24, 1848
Olmstead, Clora M. to Parson, William A. on Apr 01, 1890
Olmstead, Sarah A. to Bray, James N. on Mar 28, 1889
Ong, Martha B. to Wallace, James C. on Dec 24, 1888
Opel, Bertha F. to Trayer, Louis N. on Dec 15, 1887
Opel, Laura J. to Robinson, Robert S. on Feb 25, 1894
Orr, Eliza to Wood, John M. on Oct 23, 1878
Orr, Lucinda to Wolf, Thomas on Feb 07, 1867
Orr, Sarah W. to Robinson, John D. on Nov 13, 1884
Ortloff, Christena to Reger, Antone on Aug 16, 1886
Ortloff, Sarah to Reger, George F. on Nov 08, 1885
Osborn, Juda A. to Creason, John R. on Sep 16, 1893
Osborn, Mary J. to Turner, William B. on Aug 02, 1879
Osborn, Mrs. Judy A. to Wilhite, Z.P.D. on Apr 17, 1880
Osborn, Nancy E. to Browning, Ely H. on Jan 20, 1897
Osborne, Belle to Bingham, James D. on Dec 18, 1898
Ostram, Anna to Colamber, W.H. on May 28, 1885
Ostram, Minda to Romine, Peter on Jul 10, 1888
Ostrom, Bettie to Robertson, Jessie on Jun 12, 1887
Ostrom, Katie to Robertson, Charles on Feb 04, 1883
Overman, Susan to Rile, Oliver on Mar 20, 1856
Overstreet, Amanda V. to Wood, Frank P. on Jan 15, 1895
Overstreet, Della to Kent, William J. on Mar 24, 1887
Overstreet, Emma E. to Payne, Benjamin B. on Jan 05, 1899
Overstreet, Martha to Morelock, William on Nov 20, 1851
Overstreet, Mary Hattie to Crawford, Alfred F. on Apr 29, 1877
Overstreet, Minnie M. to Willows, George N. on May 01, 1890
Overstreet, Permelia T. to Dennis, Edward on Nov 04, 1855
Overstreet, Sarah to Michael, Johnathan A. on Oct 11, 1849
Overstreet, Sarah F. to Phillips, John on Feb 25, 1872
Owen, Irena to Alexander, Littleberry on Aug 30, 1882
Owen, Polly Ann to Cummings, George on Feb 09, 1861
Owen, Susan to Callin, Calvin P. on Feb 11, 1875
Owens, Drucilla to Snider, John on Aug 16, 1876
Owens, Helen to Turner, Curtis T. on Sep 26, 1878
Owens, Mrs. Letha to Alexander, Samuel on Mar 05, 1876
Owens, Nora C. to Leas, James N. on Jan 19, 1890
Owing, Susan I. to Newton, Denismon on Apr 03, 1887
Owings, Eliza to Jones, James on Jan 24, 1846
Owings, Elizabeth to Long, George W. on Nov 15, 1868
Owings, Mary to Sharmon, Wesley on Feb 03, 1870
Owings, Mary H. to Ferrell, John W. on Jul 04, 1893
Owings, Mrs. Marion to Myers, Davidson on Dec 09, 1872
Owings, Polly to Sutton, Thomas W. on Jan 28, 1869
Owings, Rebecca J. to Gilmore, James on Aug 13, 1860
Owings, Sophrona to Loder, Sylvester on Oct 18, 1885

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