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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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(No given name) to Ellison, John on May 08, 1859
(Unknown Surname), America Elizabeth to Bartlett, Hugh Marshall on Sep 12, 1872
(Unknown Surname), Malissa to Catlett, William on Nov 25, 1896
(No given name) to Bargar, D.W. on Dec 23, 1882
(No given name) to Sloan, William L. on Nov 05, 1886


Jackson, Carrie E. to King, Andrew on Nov 18, 1883
Jackson, Catherine to Talley, David D. on Sep 30, 1852
Jackson, Cora to Van Wye, Sherman on Jun 27, 1889
Jackson, Cora M. to White, John W. on Sep 30, 1897
Jackson, Eiseman to Smith, William D. on Aug 29, 1870
Jackson, Eliza to Cannon, William M. on Oct 05, 1881
Jackson, Jemima E. to Vanwye, Samuel on Nov 06, 1865
Jackson, Marcena B. to Bachman, Ira on Sep 20, 1874
Jackson, Martha J. to Foster, Thomas H. B. on Jun 14, 1863
Jackson, Mary A. to McCreary, Joel C. on Aug 22, 1881
Jackson, Mary E. to Hill, Walter S. on Dec 26, 1896
Jackson, Mary M. to Couch, Isaac P. on Apr 14, 1870
Jackson, Willie L. to Day, James E. on Sep 28, 1892
Jacobs, Carrie to Sullivan, Marquis A. on Nov 20, 1892
Jacobs, Corda to Riggins, Elyah on Mar 11, 1888
Jacobs, Elizabeth to Campton, Moses C. on May 25, 1878
Jacobs, Emma C. to Myers, Ira on Nov 27, 1892
Jacobs, Eva M. to Warren, Hugh A. on Oct 26, 1898
Jacobs, Frances to Gipson, McDaniel on Mar 12, 1868
Jacobs, Kattie to Arnold, Wm. E. on Dec 10, 1890
Jacobs, Louisa to Clark, David H. on Mar 31, 1889
Jacobs, Martha to Park, Edward on Aug 11, 1891
Jacobs, Martha J. to Carter, Benjamin F. on Feb 09, 1867
Jacobs, Mary Ann to Creason, Colias on Feb 15, 1863
Jacobs, Mattie G. to Shatto, James on Sep 23, 1894
Jacobs, Perneta to Clem, Elias on Nov 25, 1861
Jacobs, Rachel A. to Callihan, William on Oct 13, 1863
Jacobs, Sarah to Clem, Andrew J. on Apr 08, 1866
Jacobs, Sarah to Clem, Andrew J. on Apr 08, 1866
Jacobs, Tina E. to Harrelson, Samuel W. on Oct 31, 1897
Jacques, Susan Agnes to Grant, Henderson on Apr 04, 1867
James, Susan A. to Kinsey, Charles F. on Dec 10, 1878
Jamison, Sarah A. to Chiders, Sylvanus W. on Dec 26, 1871
Jaques, Chiora to Webb, William D. on Apr 16, 1898
Jaques, Clara V. to Norman, Joseph on Feb 02, 1881
Jaques, Hester C. to Smith, J.G. on Oct 26, 1876
Jaques, Mary Maria to Adams, Dennis on Nov 07, 1858
Jaques, Mazilla B. to Addlesparger, John E. on Feb 12, 1882
Jarvis, Martha A. to Warren, James on Jun 18, 1877
Jarvus, Luella to Young, W.M. on Sep 08, 1895
Jaynes, Anna M. to Scott, Harry B. on Dec 31, 1896
Jaynes, Margaret to Kent, William T. on Nov 13, 1879
Jaynes, Mary to Kent, Charles T. on Mar 11, 1888
Jaynes, Mary E. to Gunter, John A. on Jun 29, 1879
Jaynes, Rebecca to Ellidge, Thomas B. on Feb 12, 1882
Jayques, Lydia to Gatewood, John B. on Mar 09, 1875
Jellison, Mary to Willard, Stephen on Jul 29, 1860
Jenkins, Elizabeth to Swiggart, David on Mar 20, 1853
Jenkins, Mary S. to Harper, Emery T. on Feb 27, 1897
Jennings, Alice to Wooten, Albert on Feb 28, 1881
Jennings, Carrie E. to Dean, Norman on Jan 22, 1899
Jennings, Ella M. to Ford, John W. on Apr 05, 1894
Jennings, Elvira to Peek, George W. on May 01, 1880
Jennings, Lucy to Maggart, John on May 07, 1880
Jennings, Lucy A. to Knifong, Robert M. on Oct 30, 1870
Jennings, Malinda J. to AlIred, William W. on Feb 11, 1883
Jennings, Margaret to Jones, James on May 15, 1862
Jennings, Mary to Richmond, Charles on Oct 22, 1884
Jennings, Mary to Hoskins, Sherman H. on Aug 28, 1894
Jennings, Susan N. to Brookshier, Granville on May 01, 1861
Jesse, Harriett to Piercon, Marshall on Sep 15, 1872
Jesse, Rebecca E. to Gray, R.E. B. on Jan 11, 1882
Jessee, Caroline M. to Belt, Edward on Feb 16, 1868
Jessee, Dara to Sterlo, W.W. on Mar 16, 1890
Jessee, Floy to Purdin, Ira on Jan 18, 1886
Jessee, Martha W. to Sevier, John R. on Mar 05, 1882
Jewett, Allie M. to Fairley, Albert M. on Jan 20, 1893
Jewett, Minnie to Smart, J.L. on Dec 15, 1890
Jewett, Narcentha to Wilson, David on May 13, 1877
Jewitt, Ada to Moore, Jann on Sep 09, 1885
Johnson, Alice to Adams, John W. on Sep 30, 1896
Johnson, Allie H. to Duckworth, William E. on Sep 18, 1895
Johnson, Alta to Elwood, Charles L. on Jan 01, 1896
Johnson, Ann E. to Doolin, T.J. on Jun 06, 1877
Johnson, Anna to Gillmore, John on Nov 11, 1880
Johnson, Annie to Campbell, Annanias on May 22, 1898
Johnson, Annie B. to Lewis, John E. on Oct 20, 1895
Johnson, Antje to Koons, William A. on Mar 18, 1896
Johnson, Arrabel to Gun, Lewis on Mar 05, 1846
Johnson, Bessie to Ross, Charley on Aug 21, 1898
Johnson, C. to Cotter, J.A. on Nov 16, 1887
Johnson, Carrie E. to Martin, Dan L. on Feb 22, 1891
Johnson, Catharine to Brown, Moses W. on Dec 22, 1873
Johnson, Cora to Whitaker, J.W. on Sep 21, 1898
Johnson, Cornelia E. to Johnson, Frank M. on Jan 07, 1889
Johnson, D. Melvina to Burton, John W. on Jun 27, 1894
Johnson, Edna C. to Austin, Harvey on Dec 05, 1896
Johnson, Eliza to Murphy, Jesse B. on Aug 21, 1851
Johnson, Elizabeth to Wood, Joseph on Oct 18, 1846
Johnson, Elizabeth to Reed, Columbus J. on Sep 25, 1856
Johnson, Elizabeth to Davidson, Henry on Apr 04, 1875
Johnson, Elizabeth A. to Jacobs, Mathais on Sep 28, 1856
Johnson, Ella to M.Thurlo, John on Aug 26, 1894
Johnson, Hannah to Williams, G. W. on Mar 25, 1863
Johnson, Julia to Haley, John on Dec 28, 1881
Johnson, Julia B. to Rodifer, William T. on Nov 02, 1898
Johnson, Licida to Brownlee, Joseph E. on Mar 06, 1892
Johnson, Lillie A. to Green, Marty L. on Jan 01, 1899
Johnson, Mahala to Watt, George on Jan 21, 1861
Johnson, Mahala L. to Williams, G.W. on Aug 31, 1871
Johnson, Margaret to Bowland, John on Dec 02, 1852
Johnson, Margaret Ann to Catlett, Charles Wesley on Apr 28, 1880
Johnson, Martha J. to Bailey, John M. on Apr 01, 1869
Johnson, Mary to Carter, W.G. on Jan 28, 1877
Johnson, Mary A. to Baker, George A. on Feb 14, 1886
Johnson, Mary Ann to Schrock, A.J. on Jan 04, 1854
Johnson, Methinda to Page, William Abner on Jul 04, 1877
Johnson, Nancy E. to Robb, Samuel L. on Mar 23, 1880
Johnson, Nellie V. to Wallace, Seman P. on Apr 09, 1899
Johnson, Parthena to Watson, William B. on Nov 12, 1885
Johnson, Permelia to Thurlo, H.A. on Sep 17, 1893
Johnson, Permelia C. to MeCallahan, W.C. on Nov 17, 1864
Johnson, Rosella to Harryman, Charles on Dec 31, 1885
Johnson, Salina J. to Peckenbaugh, Eseri on Nov 25, 1867
Johnson, Sarah to Moffitt, Albert W. on May 08, 1895
Johnson, Sarah F. to Green, James F. on Sep 08, 1889
Johnson, Tabitha to Dunlap, Isaac on Dec 29, 1867
Johnson, Wealthy P. to Montgery, Solomon on Mar 13, 1899
Johnston, Sarah to Doolin, William Henry on Dec 31, 1865
Jolley, Ann E. to Lantz, Jacob R. on Jul 28, 1875
Jones, Alice D. to Riley, William on Dec 25, 1884
Jones, Angeline to Clark, Wm. on May 26, 1881
Jones, Ann to Franklin, James on Nov 08, 1868
Jones, Anna L. to Foster, Jno. W. on Feb 27, 1890
Jones, Arabella to Lawrence, Lewis P. on Aug 31, 1898
Jones, Augusta A. to Brown, Alexander on Mar 17, 1892
Jones, Delilah to Allright, Elijah on Oct 02, 1864
Jones, Delilah A. to Hunter, Oscar T. on Jan 01, 1891
Jones, E.V. to Jones, Ezekiel on Dec 06, 1887
Jones, Elfie M. to Smart, Elijah C. on Jul 14, 1895
Jones, Eliza B. to Thompson, Horace on Mar 21, 1893
Jones, Elizabeth E. to Hoskins, Henry B. on Oct 02, 1894
Jones, Elzora to Fields, John S. on Sep 07, 1893
Jones, Flora A. to Tunnell, Robert M. on Oct 02, 1883
Jones, Gilpha J. to Kent, Morgan on Jun 04, 1876
Jones, Grace to Bryan, Walter A. on Mar 26, 1894
Jones, Halley Ann to Springer, Elihue F. on Oct 07, 1858
Jones, Halley Ann to Springer, Elihue on Oct 07, 1858
Jones, Jane to Keithler, Francis on Nov 01, 1868
Jones, Leona to Nickell, Richard F. on Sep 15, 1867
Jones, Lorinda to Strode, William H. on Oct 10, 1883
Jones, Louise J. to Rouse, Samuel L. on Sep 01, 1867
Jones, Martha to Sumpter, William on Jul 15, 1860
Jones, Mary A. to McClaskey, George on Apr 11, 1875
Jones, Mary A. to Dodson, Pleasant on Dec 25, 1878
Jones, Mary Ann to Frazer, James on Oct 19, 1851
Jones, Mary Elizabeth to Gose, Christopher Columbus on Apr 17, 1850
Jones, Mary F. to Todd, James F. on Apr 12, 1870
Jones, Mary Isabella to Lee, Francis M. on Aug 15, 1869
Jones, Mary J. to Cleeton, John J. on Sep 21, 1865
Jones, Mary J. to Stephenson, Robert W. on Jun 02, 1872
Jones, Minerva to Pipes, John W. on Nov 18, 1891
Jones, Mollie C. to Franklin, James C. on Nov 03, 1897
Jones, Nancy to Davis, Parley on Oct 01, 1865
Jones, Nancy R. to Haley, Hampton W. on Oct 09, 1856
Jones, Nannie A. to Spencer, John W. on Dec 29, 1889
Jones, Nerva to Hoskins, Joseph T. on Aug 30, 1892
Jones, Nora E. to Lathrop, Eugene on Nov 30, 1892
Jones, Pearl to Bennett, Thomas S. on Sep 25, 1895
Jones, Rebecca to Thompson, Henry N. on Nov 16, 1890
Jones, S. to Bingham, Calvin C. on Jun 05, 1856
Jones, Sallie E. to Ash, Edmund on Dec 26, 1883
Jones, Sarah E. to Marvin, Lewis E. on Apr 28, 1894
Jones, Susan Edna to Taylor, James Polk on Jan 22, 1871
Jones, Susie to Franklin, Edward D. on Nov 02, 1897
Jones, Susie E. to Pipes, Janices A. on Nov 03, 1897
Jooser, Lucy E. to Jarvis, Abiga on Apr 30, 1877
Judd, Cora C. to McClanahan, Charles E. on Feb 28, 1897
Judd, Eleanor to Dodson, John on Dec 29, 1889
Judd, Hellena to Harmon, Thomas on Sep 11, 1885
Judd, Katie V. to Reed, Birch on Aug 22, 1897
Judd, Lottie to Dodson, James A. on Mar 15, 1891
Judd, Mary to Cunningham, William Alfred on Nov 01, 1866
Judd, Mary E. to Collins, Jesse on Jan --, 1880
Judd, Mary E. to Talleatt, John R. on Jun 26, 1887
Judd, Minnie to Triplett, David on Dec 04, 1893
Judd, Nancy A. to Glidewell, George W. on Mar 20, 1887


Kane, Kate to Blackman, Henry on Apr 29, 1874
Kanouse, Aliminta to Shumard, Thomas W. on May 31, 1891
Kanouse, Anna C. to Leslie, Hugh on Mar 27, 1892
Kaup, Effie C. to Cummings, James on May 25, 1879
Keel, Laura A. to Henry, I.C. on Dec 31, 1882
Keele, Mrs. Elida to Anderson, R.S.B. on May 29, 1881
Keele, Rhoda A. to Cutsinger, George on Nov 11, 1883
Keely, Mrs. Nancy J. to Shoe, James M. on Aug 14, 1890
Keener, Mary E. to Kennedy, William D on Nov 28, 1873
Keer, Sarah to Way, John W. on Nov 30, 1894
Keiffer, Anna to Swink, Charles E. on May 31, 1890
Keithley, Evie to Hancock, James P. on Dec 10, 1896
Keithley, Jenne to Brown, James E. on Sep 20, 1888
Keithley, Louella M. to Carter, Sidney M. on Oct 12, 1879
Keithley, Martha E. to Gillaspie, James W. on Jul 01, 1877
Keithley, Mary F. to Young, R.B. on Dec 14, 1873
Keller, Isora L. to Baskett, Stephen S. on Jul 07, 1870
Keller, Nancy to Sleeper, John W. on May 14, 1854
Kelley, Alice to Miller, Doc on Oct 13, 1882
Kelley, Lodenia A. to Jupp, James R. on Dec 04, 1895
Kelley, Mary B. to Underwood, Howard B. on Aug 09, 1885
Kelley, Mary E. to Smart, James M. on Apr 16, 1868
Kelley, Mary E. to Witter, Marriott on Oct 22, 1868
Kelley, Mary E. to Homan, Walter T. on Jun 15, 1898
Kelley, Mrs. Emily to McNabb, John H. on Jun 27, 1884
Kelley, Virginia to Tate, Albert S. on Nov 30, 1899
Kelly, Adaline to Fields, Perry B. on Feb 17, 1853
Kelly, Casandra to Murphey, Robert on Jan 31, 1867
Kelly, Catherine S. to Hines, William on Aug 05, 1863
Kelly, Emma W. to Tarmer, Martin V. on May 21, 1871
Kelly, Martha to Morelock, Enoch on Jun 19, 1860
Kelly, Mary E. to Greene, Charles R. on Jun 31, 1881
Kelly, Mrs. R.J. to Burk, C.R. on Sep 11, 1867
Kelly, Nancy to Zelm, G.W. on May 07, 1876
Kelly, Rachel to Kelly, Samuel on Sep 18, 1859
Kelly, Sarah to Spencer, Aaron on Jul 20, 1854
Kelly, Sirenevada to Harris, Malay on Sep 18, 1870
Kelly, Susan to Childers, Addison W. on Dec 12, 1876
Kelsall, Jessie E. to Callihan, Perry C. on Aug 06, 1899
Kelsaw, Margaret L. to Maloy, George R. on Jun 06, 1896
Kenley, Elizabeth to Becker, William S. on Apr 03, 1881
Kenley, Margaret to Kenley, James on Apr 14, 1898
Kenley, Mary E. to Bingham, William on Jan 04, 1866
Kenley, Mary L. to Frazier, E.E. on Oct 11, 1891
Kennedy, Clarissa M. to Beall, William L. on May 09, 1874
Kennedy, Dicinda to McClasky, James F. on Feb 08, 1874
Kennedy, Madia to Martin, George R. on Aug 05, 1897
Kennedy, Nancy A. to Tarr, J.C. on Nov 30, 1877
Kennedy, Nancy A. to Lambert, J.B. on Sep 02, 1893
Kennelly, Fannie to Price, Wm. G. on Apr 18, 1880
Kennett, Bertha R. to Summers, Luther B. on Dec 24, 1879
Kenney, Elizabeth to Keithel, James Monroe on Feb 27, 1862
Kenney, Esther Ann to Hardin, Stuart S. on Feb 03, 1861
Kent, Abigail to Waggoner, William B. on Sep 07, 1884
Kent, Alice to Jones, Monroe on Jan 18, 1891
Kent, Ann to Abbott, Isaac C. on Jan 21, 1872
Kent, Daisy M. to Briggs, Dallas B. on Dec 06, 1898
Kent, Elizabeth A. to Foster, James I. on Apr 07, 1889
Kent, Hulda to Hayward, William F. on Feb 10, 1885
Kent, Lizzie J. to Munyon, Oscar on Jan 14, 1886
Kent, Lucinda to Hanna, Jonathan M. on Sep 17, 1863
Kent, Mary E. to Jackson, James on Jun 23, 1878
Kent, Mary E. to Wisehart, William W. on Apr 11, 1886
Kent, Mary S. to Cavitt, James M. on Feb 13, 1877
Kent, Minerva to Martin, Calcium on Feb 21, 1886
Kent, Rachel to McGee, James A. on Sep 11, 1856
Kent, Rebecca J. to Foster, Alva R. on Mar 20, 1890
Kent, Susannah to Haley, Silas T. on Mar 25, 1853
Kern, Florintha to Barnett, Burgoyser M. on Sep 30, 1880
Kern, Jane to Watt Jr., David on Sep 23, 1858
Kernett, Sarah E. to Leslie, James L. on May 19, 1878
Kerns, Anna to Lortin, Lafayette on Jan 13, 1887
Kerns, Blanche to Prather, Tabin A. on Sep 21, 1879
Kerns, Emily H. to Townley, Henry on Nov 01, 1878
Kerns, Mary Thomas to Sanders, Marion on May 12, 1852
Kerns, Nancy C. to Wilhite, Zebidee on Oct 21, 1858
Kerr, Blanche to Prather, Tabin on Sep 21, 1879
Kerr, Esther to Hunner, John on Feb 02, 1880
Kerr, Esther to Harner, John on Feb 22, 1880
Kessenger, Volla A. to Wallace, John Q. on Dec 20, 1891
Kessinger, Volla Amanda to Payne, Roy E. on Mar 14, 1886
Kesterson, Amanda to Fascett, Riley on Oct 12, 1889
Keud, Mary E. to Haywood, Frederick on Oct 16, 1876
Keyser, Sadie L. to Hosby, Charles on Dec 22, 1897
Kid, B. Jane to Sorrel, George W. on May 21, 1857
Kidd, Ellie M. to Lyle, Charles W. on Jul 26, 1885
Kidd, Ila J. to Watt, William W. on Jan 19, 1890
Kidd, Mary A. to Brooks, Robert on Mar 29, 1866
Kidd, Mary S. to Bennett, Joshua J. on Jun 17, 1855
Kidd, Mollie to Cavenee, Wils on Feb 15, 1891
Kidwell, Elizabeth to Newell, John on Dec 29, 1888
Kidwell, Mary to Roberts, Isaac on Feb 03, 1886
Kidwell, Rosa B. to Cotter, Benjamin F. on Dec 21, 1884
Kiger, Mrs. Mary to Maloney, Hugh S. on Mar 16, 1882
Kilgore, Fannie to Jones, Charles on Aug 20, 1871
Kilgore, Mary Jane to Kilgore, John on Dec 15, 1865
Killum, Mary A. to McKinney, John C. on Oct 05, 1865
Kilpatrick, Minnie V. to Swan, W.H. on Apr 05, 1891
Kimberly, Maggie to Burchett, James R. on Aug 03, 1890
Kindell, Frances E. to Gibbons, William on Feb 25, 1869
Kindred, Fronia to Grim, W.A. on Jul 26, 1891
Kineberly, Saxee to Butler, Thomas P. on Oct 15, 1889
King, Alice to Walker, James H. on Jan 25, 1885
King, Carolina to Martin, William H. on Dec 10, 1877
King, Hannah Rebecca to Harmon, Jeremiah on Jun 25, 1868
King, Josie to Walker, W.T. on Aug 15, 1893
King, Mahala A. to Hilton, Orson on Sep 29, 1886
King, Margaret Jane to Cox, James on Jun 15, 1876
King, Milda C. to Walker, Wiley V. on Oct 05, 1890
King, Nancy E. to Gray, Joseph C. on Mar 10, 1861
King, Nancy E. to Wills, W. on Dec 20, 1878
King, Nancy M. to Moffit, Wm. H. on Jul 16, 1887
King, Parlina to Reger, Jacob W. on Jul 30, 1882
King, Sarah E. to Mullinix, David E. on Mar 05, 1880
King, Sarah E. to Lyons, W.W. on May 23, 1886
King, Sarah E. to Walker, Thomas B. on May 24, 1890
Kinley, Carolina to Deven, Mount on Feb 06, 1851
Kinley, Phebe to Cummins, Thomas C. on May 13, 1883
Kinman, Etheline to Haymaker, Frederick M. on Feb 09, 1868
Kinney, Elizabeth Jane to Tucker, William A. on Feb 20, 1857
Kinney, Mary to Brackett, Thas. B. on Jul 30, 1854
Kinton, Ida Isabell to Crumpacker, A.O. on Feb 02, 1881
Kinton, Minnie to Riley, Jonathan on Nov 27, 1898
Kinton, Rohama E. to Roberts, Burton L. on Mar 18, 1888
Kivett, Belle M. to Branstetter, Orlando O. on Dec 31, 1895
Klepsch, Hattie F. to Merten, John N. on Oct 24, 1881
Kline, Dot to Shane, William on Oct 25, 1892
Knifong, Catharine Eve to Darr, Jesse S. on Feb 08, 1857
Knifong, Dydama to Franklin, Edmond on Jul 22, 1851
Knifong, Eliza to Kenley, Hiram on Jan 09, 1872
Knifong, Elizabeth to Harmon, John on Nov 24, 1846
Knifong, Esther to Warren, Hugh G. on Oct 07, 1851
Knifong, Jane to Pipes, James on Jun 01, 1854
Knifong, Margaret Elizabeth to Wampler, Christian on Aug 27, 1856
Knifong, Mary to Long, Robert on Jan 15, 1857
Knifong, Mary to Boswell, Isaiah F. on Sep 28, 1884
Knifong, Mine E. to Dodson, James O. on Aug 18, 1898
Knifong, Missouri to Williams, Thomas on Nov 12, 1863
Knifong, Neva R. to Bingham, Cecil A. on Aug 04, 1896
Knifong, Olive to Martin, Mire on Oct 05, 1873
Knifong, Punces to Lawrence, Robert on Mar 27, 1886
Knifong, Susan E. to Jesse, Jerile D. on Nov 14, 1875
Knifong, Vida L. to Lambert, Christian on Nov 02, 1879
Knifong, Vida L. to Lambert, Christian on Nov 02, 1879
Knifong, Virginia to Pipes, James on Apr 13, 1859
Knight, Addeline to Minnis, Burggess K. on Nov 19, 1863
Knight, Alice E. to Cochrane, Wampler L. on Apr 10, 1895
Knight, Brolith to Johnson, William W. on Aug 05, 1877
Knight, Mary V. to Shoppell, Peter on Oct 23, 1899
Knox, Mary Florence to String, William Erastus on Feb 24, 1881
Kuhn, Lydia to Cotter, Warren on Sep 22, 1898


LaFaver, Nancy C. to Pickerall, Joseph A. on Apr 01, 1869
Laden, Hannah M. to Garrett, William on Feb 09, 1871
Lafaver, Amelia to Ball, Aaron H. on Mar 29, 1868
Lafaver, Mary Ann to Taylor, William L. on Jul 03, 1871
Lafaver, Mary E. to Andrews, Milton on Mar 04, 1896
Lafaver, Mary Jane to Hunsaker, Benjamin on Mar 21, 1861
Lafever, Elizabeth to Crum, Andrew on Aug 11, 1870
Lafever, Rhoda E. to Booron, John P. on Sep 15, 1889
Lafland, Mary Elena to Campbell, George W. on Feb 27, 1878
Lair, Mamie to Osborn, Robert W. on Apr 29, 1893
Lamar, Clara to Reeves, Elijah on May 16, 1898
Lamar, Della to England, William on Apr 01, 1888
Lamar, Dora to Petre, Elmer on May 19, 1895
Lamar, Jane to Lamar, James Y. on Oct 25, 1868
Lamar, Laura B. to Hill, James H. on May 05, 1897
Lamar, Luella to Johnson, James S. on Mar 19, 1892
Lamar, Sarah to Dedy, Lewis on Jun 03, 1867
Lambert, Ella to Leonard, Ralph on Sep 02, 1896
Lane, Alvenette to Kimes, John L. on Jun 01, 1884
Lane, Ethelyn C. to Cavermale, Fred L. on Sep 08, 1892
Lane, Hannah to Herrington, Calvin on Jan 16, 1848
Lane, Isabel to Gray, Nelson D. on Mar 11, 1897
Langdon, Sallie to Pipes, John W. on Sep 02, 1898
Langhead, Laura Lucinda to McLaughlin, Andrew J. on Apr 24, 1876
Langhead, Levina to McLaughlin, Andrew J. on Apr 09, 1876
Langhorn, Mrs. Nancy to Wise, Thomas M. on Oct 30, 1888
Langley, Frances to Carpenter, William on Mar 15, 1849
Langley, Mary C. to Carpenter, Henry on Mar 17, 1853
Lankard, Frances to Redington, J.H. on Dec 28, 1891
Lantz, Lou M. to Warren, W.H. on Sep 02, 1891
Lantz, Minnie A. to Head, Wesley A. on Jul 26, 1885
Lantz, Neaty to Langdon, William J. on Nov 13, 1880
Laranier, Almira to Ward, Elisha R. on Jul 04, 1888
Larence, Lizzie Jane to Baker, Pleasant on Jan 28, 1867
Lark, Martha J. to Penn, James on Sep 11, 1884
Latham, Addie to Bennett, James on Jun 04, 1879
Laughead, Lavina to Leapley, Charles F. on Feb 26, 1893
Laughead, Sina to Dehm, John T. on Sep 04, 1889
Laughten, Julia M. to Pfieffer, Casper on Feb 05, 1882
Lavelle, Mary to Richey, Homer on Sep 20, 1894
Law, B.A. to Haliburton, John T. on Dec 29, 1878
Law, Huldah A. to Pratt, William W. on Nov 23, 1876
Law, Iowa V. to Walker, Frank P. on Oct 11, 1888
Law, M. Bessie to Walker, Everett A. on Jun 21, 1899
Law, Orpha W. to Brassfield, G.B. on Dec 24, 1882
Law, Susan to McGee, Marion on Oct 14, 1876
Law, Susan to Smart, Charles W. on Mar 22, 1881
Lawborn, Mary to Bennett, L.A. on Oct 10, 1880
Lawhim, Loraney to Coghill, William on Jan 21, 1879
Lawhon, Marcelia to Smith, John F. on Dec 31, 1876
Lawhon, Nancy J. to Westlake, Sylvester on May 18, 1873
Lawhorn, Minnie O. to Akers, John M. on Apr 16, 1893
Lawhorn, Mrs. Margaret to Laden, Samuel on Oct 15, 1883
Lawrance, Maggie E. to Lawrance, George on Jan 04, 1895
Lawrence, Minnie to Murphy, Albert T. on Nov 14, 1897
Lawrence, Annie to Harris, Joseph E. on Oct 14, 1883
Lawrence, Eva to Jennings, A.W. on Dec 24, 1887
Lawrence, Grace Ann to Harmon, Peter J. on Jan 12, 1860
Lawrence, Maggie E. to Cummins, George on Dec 07, 1883
Lawrence, Maggie E. to Colyer, John S. on Dec 24, 1887
Lawrence, Margaret A. to Tipton, John A. on Sep 18, 1881
Lawrence, Mollie to Tharp, W.A. on Oct 23, 1892
Lawrence, Mrs. Sarah E. to Schultz Sr., George on Sep 17, 1873
Laws, Emma to Gose, Peter on Sep 13, 1889
Laws, Melissa G. to Holt, Rufus M. on Aug 17, 1882
Laws, Serenia A. to Dickerson, John on Feb 05, 1899
Lawson, Mary T. to Hunter, James H. B. on Jun 23, 1873
Leace, Sarah to Springer, Lewis B. on Nov 03, 1859
Leach, Mary to Crawford, Robert on Oct 17, 1880
Leach, Mary V. to Riggin, William W. on Sep 12, 1886
Leach, Sufframann to Maloney, Samuel on Oct 27, 1850
Leapley, Julia Ann to Courtney, Martin on Aug 12, 1881
Leaply, Sarah E. to Duvalld, Samuel on Dec 25, 1886
Leas, Amy to Walker, Charles A. on Oct 08, 1889
Leas, Leona B. to Watts, Albert F. on Dec 22, 1888
Leas, Lura A. to Moffitt, George A. on Mar 09, 1899
Leas, Martha E. to Peckenpaugh, Lafayette on Jul 05, 1883
Leas, Mary M. to Snigley, William G. on Oct 23, 1887
Leas, Myra O. to Peckenpaugh, Douglas on May 06, 1883
Lease, Nora to Rostinbader, William on Oct 20, 1896
Ledford, Amanda E. to Lane, Henry O. on Jan 07, 1894
Ledford, Clare E. to Bumbarner, Daniel M. on Oct 01, 1879
Ledford, Martha A. to Corporon, David F. on Feb 25, 1898
Ledford, Mary J. to Smith, Henry E. on Feb 24, 1878
Ledford, Nancy D. to Robinson, John P. on Dec 25, 1889
Ledford, Oma to Briggs, Thomas V. on Mar 15, 1894
Ledford, Philander C. to Beall, James J. on Dec 13, 1868
Ledford, Pollie C. to Trantham, Joshua A. on Sep 13, 1885
Ledford, Sonora to Flanagin, Fredric M. on Apr 02, 1898
Lee, Malinda to Frazier, William on Sep 23, 1855
Lee, Margaret Ann to Joubee, N. on Apr 25, 1854
Lee, Martha J. to Nichols, Daniel W. on Feb 13, 1884
Lee, Mary to Frazier, Benjamin on Mar 21, 1861
Lee, Nancy E. to Harris, Mallory M. on Jul 27, 1884
Lee, Rachel Ann to MeNeill, W.P. D. on Mar 11, 1856
Lee, Sarah to Frazier, John on Sep 13, 1857
Lee, Sarah Ann to Trager, John on Nov 27, 1857
Lee, Sarah E. to Glidewell, Robert L. on Jan 11, 1886
Leeds, Lottie L. to Sorrells, Christopher M. on Oct 31, 1884
Lehr, Mona C. to Westlake, Marion on Apr 18, 1882
Lemons, Charlotte to Baker, Samuel on Apr 10, 1851
Lentner, Samantha E. to Luddon, Zennis on Nov 27, 1881
Leonard, Amanda to Taylor, William P. on Nov 14, 1886
Leshen, Ann to Kellar, Isaac on Mar 06, 1853
Lesley, Narcissa T. to Jones, Edward on Nov 19, 1875
Leslie, Catharine A. to Smiley, Riley M. on Nov 27, 1864
Leslie, Covie to Hall, George W. on May 17, 1891
Leslie, Isabelle to Weaver, Robert on Jan 10, 1876
Leslie, Louisa J. to Williams, John L. on Apr 03, 1878
Letner, Mary E. to Stewart, Hugh on Apr 04, 1867
Letterell, Betty L. to Harvey, Elisha on Sep 08, 1872
Lewelen, Nancy to Whetzel, George H. on Feb 15, 1866
Lewis, Alta F. to McKay, R.L. on Feb 07, 1886
Lewis, Effa to Garver, Jacob A. on Feb 25, 1883
Lewis, Harriett M. to Pickerell, Charles A. on Nov 30, 1889
Lewis, Ida to Ginder, William H. on Aug 06, 1882
Lewis, Leona to Burk, Greenberry on Oct 22, 1871
Lewis, Mary J. to Callihan, John on Dec 20, 1881
Lewis, Minnie to Smith, Jerry M. on Apr 10, 1898
Lewis, Ora P. to Buckalew, Carl on Jan 01, 1893
Lewis, R. R. to Taylor, Reuben on Nov 14, 1867
Lewis, Roseanna to Anderson, Alexander on Oct 11, 1868
Lewis, Rosie R. to Lake, Wm. M. on Dec 13, 1891
Lewis, Sarah Isabelle to Evans, Soloman G. on Jul 11, 1875
Lightsinger, Catharine to Pfeiffer, Henry on Dec 28, 1889
Likes, Rhoda to Curl, James on May 10, 1879
Lilly, Emma J. to Tipton, Charles H. on Jul 02, 1893
Lilly, Maggie to Tipton, C.C. on Nov 17, 1892
Linder, Elva to Cautwell, O.B. on Nov 18, 1891
Linhart, Amanda C. to Cleeton, Moses on Mar 25, 1896
Linhart, Anna F. to Smith, Daniel M. on Sep 20, 1894
Linhart, Elizabeth to McKinney, John C. on Sep 16, 1891
Linhart, Lily M. to Hensley, James W. on May 27, 1895
Linhart, Nannie to Coffman, F.S. on Sep 06, 1892
Linhart, Prudie A. to Cleeton, Wm. T. on May 26, 1895
Linhart, Sarah A. to Morris, William on Feb 20, 1883
Link, Almanci to Moore, Grant M. on Nov 06, 1892
Link, Hattie Odessa J. to Kent, Alfred R. on Dec 02, 1897
Link, Josephine to Pearson, Samuel on Apr 03, 1894
Link, Mrs. Emma to McClaskey, William A. on Sep 05, 1888
Linn, Julia to Duval, James on Sep 02, 1874
Linn, Manerva E. to Johnson, John on May 11, 1862
Linville, Cora R. to Spake, Dennis D. on May 08, 1898
Linville, Cornelia to Summers, Edward L. on Dec 01, 1895
Linville, Dora A. to Currence, Bony C. on Dec 29, 1897
Lions, Sarah Ann to Dell, Adolphus Butler on Oct 09, 1873
Little, Emma to Bentley, George on Mar 18, 1863
Little, Sophia to Hays, Isaac on Apr 10, 1866
Livingston, Alice J. to Yardley, Edward M. on May 25, 1890
Livingston, Rachel to Myers, Asa on Oct 06, 1886
Livingston, Sarah to Campbell, John on Oct 10, 1886
Lockard, Margaret R. to McLin, John W. on Oct 17, 1891
Lohual, Eliza C. to McCollan, Noah A. on May 27, 1866
Long, Adeline to Jones, Lewis on Mar 1., 1868
Long, Anna to Gent, James on Mar 30, 1875
Long, Belle to Stinson, Leslie L. on Dec 01, 1892
Long, Charlotte to Harpan, Charles W. on Jan 15, 1877
Long, Eliza to Dyer, William C. on Apr 11, 1875
Long, Elizabeth to Bundridge, William on Sep 28, 1897
Long, Henrietta to Slater, B.A. on Dec 01, 1892
Long, Jane to Tolson, Thomas on Jan 01, 1857
Long, Laura to Meade, Thomas J. on Jan 30, 1887
Long, Laura E. to Havens, William H. on May 01, 1887
Long, Margaret C. to Bagley, Silas N. on Aug 08, 1858
Long, Marilea to Pratt, Soolman on Nov 21, 1852
Long, Mary C. to Buckalew, William F. on Feb 16, 1874
Long, Mary E. to Ivie, J.W. on Oct 30, 1892
Long, Mrs. Mary A. to Mason, John H. on Jun 18, 1886
Long, Sena A. to Williams, Thomas on Dec 24, 1881
Loop, Lizzie to Murphey, Jesse J. on Dec 16, 1895
Lord, Mrs. Lea to McConnell, William M. on Sep 04, 1889
Loug, Anny E. to Bundridge, Thomas P. on Nov 21, 1875
Love, Amanda to Livingston, Hugh on Apr 08, 1866
Love, Betsy A. to Tunnell, Alfred S. on Apr 05, 1877
Love, Mary J. to Watson, Moses P. on Oct 25, 1860
Love, Tabitha J. to Ford, Martin on Sep 16, 1866
Lovell, Sarah C. to Buckner, Simon B. on Dec 13, 1896
Lowe, Annie to Cleaton, Lester D. on Apr 22, 1883
Lowe, Cora M. to Sevier, J.M. on Dec 24, 1894
Lowery, Emily to Bradley, Joseph T. on May 10, 1888
Lowry, Hester A. to Overstreet, W.J. on Oct 04, 1893
Lowther, Iva M. to Crump, John on Jul 05, 1896
Lucas, Anna to Brigham, B.A. on May 10, 1893
Lucas, Annie to Vandeventer, Jacob on Dec 10, 1887
Lucas, Jennie to W.Burchett, Charles on Nov 09, 1882
Lucas, Sadie to Vandiventer, Henry on Apr 18, 1891
Lucas, Virtus E. to Adams, Charles W. on Apr 27, 1881
Lumsden, Nettie to Creason, L.T. on Apr 04, 1888
Lumsden, Sarah A. to Maggart, Wm. H. on Feb 28, 1887
Lundry, Alice to Bankus, Lloyd on Nov 26, 1876
Lunsford, Martha E. to Chappell, Arthur E.M. on Feb 02, 1898
Lunsford, Rhoda Ann to Haynes, Thomas P. on Sep 02, 1854
Lyle, Eliza C. to Rouse, James H. on Jan 08, 1857
Lyle, Mrs. Mary J. to Downen, Joel L. on Sep 26, 1882
Lynider, Dora E. to Edson, Leslie C. on Sep 09, 1879
Lynnmiller, Etta A. to McGaughlin, B. on Dec 04, 1879
Lynnvilles, Etta A. to Langlin, H.M. on Dec 04, 1879
Lyons, Ahenica to Dell, John on May 12, 1861
Lythlite, Nancy J. to Starkey, James M. on Dec 24, 1873

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