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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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(No given name) to Ellison, John on May 08, 1859
(Unknown Surname), America Elizabeth to Bartlett, Hugh Marshall on Sep 12, 1872
(Unknown Surname), Malissa to Catlett, William on Nov 25, 1896
(No given name) to Bargar, D.W. on Dec 23, 1882
(No given name) to Sloan, William L. on Nov 05, 1886


Gable, Ida Ann to Hooker, Enoch on Jul 11, 1871
Gallamore, Susan J. to Trantham, Joseph R. on Dec 06, 1866
Gammon, Sonora B. to Baily, William H. on Sep 25, 1892
Garret, Emma to Howard, Henry R. on Nov 29, 1884
Garrett, Anna to Clements, Davis P. on Mar 30, 1884
Garrett, Carrie F. to Weigel, Edward on Jul 01, 1899
Garrett, Elizabeth to Helmes, William O. on Jan 17, 1898
Garrett, Martha E. to Pierce, C.E. on Jul 24, 1894
Garrett, Mary C. to Bunch, Benjamin F. on Jun 21, 1874
Garrett, Nancy to Hudnall, William on Jun 09, 1876
Garrett, Sarah to Glidewell, Nelson on Sep 05, 1875
Garrison, Emily to Thrasher, Isaac H. on May 26, 1876
Garrub, Ellen to McKinney, Andrew on May 29, 1881
Gartner, Anulia Ann to Kaisen, Benedict W. on Aug 22, 1882
Gates, Barbara E. to Warren, Noah on Oct 25, 1892
Gealson, Elizabeth to Salsbury, Malachi on Sep 11, 1859
Geayer, Mary F. to Long, James H. on Oct 31, 1880
Geisenhaff, Cane M. to Tipton, Nathaniel R. on Aug 13, 1896
Gemison, Mary J. to Dickerson, John E. on Oct 11, 1872
Gender, Ella to Blacker, Silas M. on Sep 22, 1891
Gengr, Tesha to Whitaker, Alfred on Jun 30, 1890
Gentry, Annie B. to Kent, Ellic W. on Mar 14, 1895
George, Agnes to Fanning, Reuben on Sep 01, 1870
George, Ann Mary to Fields, Samuel on Dec , 1874
George, Christina E. to Evans, L.D. on Dec 30, 1888
George, Lucinda E. to Head, James on Jul 11, 1861
George, Mary E. to Jones, Silas E. on Oct 11, 1896
George, Mrs. Margaret L. to Dillinger, Alfred R. on Oct 05, 1877
George, Susan J. to Harrellson, Wesley on Aug , 1873
Gerkin, Mary G. F. to Gose, Stephen M. on Nov 08, 1849
German, Mary Ann to George, John M. on Jan 13, 1880
Gibbons, Margaret to Lang, James B. on Jun 16, 1861
Gibbons, Nancy G. to Farley, David on Jan , 1872
Gibson, Cenderilla to Murphey, James R. on Jun 24, 1867
Gibson, Huldah J. to Earhack, Charles on Jan 17, 1875
Gibson, Jemima to Tolbert, Henry S. on Jul 31, 1870
Gibson, Loretta to Glidewell, Marion on Aug 06, 1875
Gibson, Mary S. to Clark, George on Oct 07, 1866
Gibson, Maud F. to Dunlap, John on Dec 17, 1899
Gibson, Nancy A. to Hatcher, John on Jul 30, 1857
Gilbert, Laura to Wallace, Tillman E. on Sep 15, 1895
Gilbert, Mary to Powell, Clark on Jul 06, 1891
Gill, Elizabeth A. to Long, John W. on Sep 26, 1869
Gill, Fannie to Smyser, John G. on Jun 11, 1899
Gillam, Emma to Lindsay, J.V. on Feb 18, 1880
Gillaspie, Nancy J. to Gillaspie, William H. on Apr 09, 1862
Gilleland, Josie M. to Schooling, T. Gratz on Jun 14, 1893
Gillett, Sallie R. to Cook, A.N. on Sep 05, 1891
Gillispie, Mary to Keithley, Frances on Apr 18, 1880
Gillworth, Laura to Kent, Samuel J. on Dec 26, 1879
Gilman, Martha S. to Wampler, Thomas J. on Dec 29, 1878
Gilmore, Dora to Belcher, John W. on Feb 15, 1888
Gilmore, Mary J. to Wade, Thomas on Dec 05, 1869
Gilstrap, Mary to Robinson, Henry on Oct 27, 1878
Gilworth, Emiline to Gorley, Robert H. on Dec 26, 1860
Gilworth, Nancy to Penland, Alexander on Mar 22, 1871
Gilworth, Salina to Johnson, George on Jan 12, 1860
Gilworth, Sarah W. to Downen, Joel L. on Nov 14, 1856
Ginder, Alice to Dunlap, Alonzo on Jan 14, 1886
Gire, Nancy to Long, George J. on Dec 24, 1880
Gispley, Naomi to Thomas, John G. on Dec 12, 1878
Givens, Catharine to Roberts, Alfred A. on Jan 01, 1880
Glasgow, Cynthia J. to Smith, Fred E. on Dec 11, 1886
Glasgow, Lydia T. to Gunn, John W. on Oct 25, 1882
Glaze, Annie E. to Harding, Dannel E. on Feb 07, 1893
Glaze, Elizabeth to Pickett, Hiram on Apr 11, 1875
Glaze, Emily C. to Atkins, J.L. on Oct 31, 1878
Glaze, Hannah C. to VanFossen, James J. on Jan 28, 1872
Glaze, Mary E. to Shepherd, John on Apr 22, 1877
Glaze, Mrs. Catharine Virginia to Meekins, Van on Aug 08, 1869
Glaze, Sarah C. to McKay, --- on Feb 26, 1869
Glaze, Sarah Jane to McCurdv, John E. on Oct 24, 1866
Glidewell, Abitha to White, Madison on Oct 22, 1882
Glidewell, Belle to Cleeton, John W. on May 26, 1891
Glidewell, Clara to McClaska, James A. on Oct 13, 1895
Glidewell, Ela to Shultz, W.H. on Feb 04, 1891
Glidewell, Hannah E. to Bonde, Sylvester T. on Jan 31, 1894
Glidewell, Hulda to Willis, B.L. on Jun 25, 1893
Glidewell, Ida S. to Dennis, Joseph on Sep 24, 1896
Glidewell, Laura J. to Black, Paton Clark on Oct 12, 1874
Glidewell, M. J. to Price, William on Apr 23, 1878
Glidewell, Mary E. to Hanns, Schuyler P. on Sep 22, 1892
Glidewell, Mary E. to Hite, James A. on Aug 24, 1898
Glidewell, May to Dickerson, Darl C. on Jan 12, 1896
Glidewell, Nancy to Weaver, John on Mar 27, 1856
Glidewell, Nancy C. to Compton, William H. on Sep 19, 1878
Glidewell, Rosella A. to Robison, John R. on Jun 20, 1885
Glidewell, Sarah J. to Cassity, Peter on Sep 12, 1897
Glidewell, Sarah M. to Murphy, Peter on Nov 05, 1899
Glidewell, Serilda J. to Jackson, Benjamin F. on Jan 27, 1884
Glidewell, Sophronia to Wolf, John W. on Feb 03, 1884
Glidewell, Vianna to Moots, William on Jan 13, 1859
Glidwell, Mary M. to Taylor, Isaac on Sep 04, 1873
Goddard, May to Erwin, William A. on Oct 08, 1896
Goferth, Effie to Leslie, William J. on Aug 12, 1890
Goforth, Bessie to Anderson, John L. on Mar 27, 1898
Goforth, Emily J. to McLin, Henry on Dec 18, 1873
Goforth, Obedience to McCully, Charles on Dec 30, 1868
Goins, Mary C. to Eastwood, Lewis E. on Oct 08, 1890
Golden, Amanda to Leach, Nicholas on Oct 14, 1885
Goodwin, Isabell to Fanning, Reuben H. on Feb 02, 1879
Goodwin, Mrs. Polly Jane to Goodwin, Lewis on Jan 17, 1882
Gormley, Viola to Coghill, Homer on Dec 25, 1897
Gorrey, Sarah to Stewart, John on Jun 24, 1881
Gose, Joan to Corall, Jim on Nov 21, 1848
Gose, Mary E. to Baldridge, John on Jul 22, 1866
Gose, Sarah Ann to Genkiny, Peter M. on Jan 09, 1853
Gourley, Catherine to Beal, John on Dec 03, 1878
Grace, L. Gertie to Beall, Joseph J. on Jan 05, 1896
Graham, Berte B. to Guiles, Elisa A. on Jun 10, 1897
Graham, Eliza to Riddle, Chas. L. on Apr 15, 1896
Graham, Lillie M. to Childers, Joseph W. on Nov 15, 1888
Graham, Louise A. to Duffield, George G. on Aug 04, 1864
Graham, Malissa A. to Peuyars, Jonathan on Jun 01, 1873
Graham, Mattie H. to Everhart, James C. on Jun 26, 1881
Graham, Minnie to Hensley, John W. on Jan 01, 1891
Graham, Mrs. Carrie to Channell, Frank J. on Jun 21, 1885
Grambling, Maria to Tipton, George W. on Sep 27, 1891
Gramlin, Elizabeth to Bennett, Job J. on Oct 10, 1875
Gramling, Betsy A. to Morelock, Abraham D. on Mar 20, 1871
Gramling, Eliza A. to Tharp, Edward S. on Feb 18, 1877
Gramling, Jane to Hoskins, Thomas on Sep 27, 1870
Gramling, Lucreticia to McKinney, Hamptin on Jun 22, 1879
Gramling, Margaret J. to Ford, John G. on Nov 11, 1869
Gramling, Mary Jane to Ford, Henry on Jun 22, 1879
Grantham, Martha to Frequa, Richard W. on Mar 02, 1876
Grasnier, Amanda to Elsea, Benjamin F. on Nov 14, 1897
Gray, Alice L. to Johnson, Asbury on Jan 28, 1877
Gray, Amilda to England, John C. on Mar 07, 1886
Gray, Dessie E. to McClaskey, John W. on Dec 23, 1897
Gray, Eliza Jane to Brown, William on Dec 21, 1845
Gray, Elizabeth E. to Starkey, Josiah on Dec 01, 1859
Gray, Elizabeth M. to Overstreet, Preston on Nov 06, 1884
Gray, Elvira to Brooks, William on Mar 10, 1877
Gray, Emma L. to Dickerson, Charles H. on Feb 09, 1898
Gray, Mabel A. to Shole, William H. on Oct 16, 1887
Gray, Margaret M. to Shores, John H. on Mar 24, 1895
Gray, Mary A. to Parmer, William J. on Oct 18, 1873
Gray, Sarah J. to Smith, Edwin M. on Jun 15, 1898
Gray, Victoria to Scobee, Carl on Sep 20, 1890
Gray, Viola to England, Willis B. on Jun 23, 1891
Grear, Ann E. to Farnsworth, Franklin L. on Sep 23, 1858
Grear, Mary Jane to Simpson, Orestes K. on Aug 09, 1863
Green, Anna B. to Jonson, Walter on Mar 03, 1897
Green, Cloomdea to Tobin, William on Jan 23, 1881
Green, Elviry T. to Conner, James on Nov 26, 1859
Green, Emma to Cotton, Andrew on Feb 25, 1894
Green, Lauranan to Green, William on Apr 30, 1857
Green, Liltie to Roach, Roderick D. on Nov 28, 1885
Green, Louana L. Besse to Owen, Rev. John W. on Feb 28, 1881
Green, Luvinnie to Davidson, Adaph M. on May 27, 1898
Green, Margaret to Shawand, Wm. H. on Sep 10, 1856
Green, Martha to Kerr, Charles on Feb 26, 1895
Green, Mary E. to Ellwood, William R. on May 03, 1891
Green, Minnie to Boyd, James A. on May 07, 1874
Green, Nancy to Wood, Stephen M. on Aug 30, 1856
Green, Nancy to Woods, Stephen on Jul 20, 1857
Green, Nora A. to Law, Marshall on Oct 15, 1899
Green, Olive F. to Bier, John T. on Mar 29, 1899
Green, Polly to Helms, Andrew on Jun 18, 1871
Green, Rachel E. to Elwood, John A. on Mar 03, 1886
Green, Rosa to Cunningham, William on Nov 13, 1890
Green, Roxa to Leas, Oscar H. on Sep 06, 1893
Green, Samantha to Martin Jr., William on Dec 25, 1873
Green, Sarah E. to Reed, Eadle on Jun 13, 1872
Green, Sarah E. to Brantner, William on May 05, 1860
Green, Selama to Martin, Frank on Sep 27, 1885
Green, Villa V. to Munyon, David on Mar 25, 1880
Greene, Ida to Martin, John on Oct 30, 1892
Greenstreet, Della to Baker, Edwin G. on May 28, 1899
Greenwood, Catherine to Russell, Richard on Oct 07, 1880
Greenwood, Mary to Ashley, Charles on Mar 22, 1881
Gregg, Besa M. to Kestenson, George W. on Apr 15, 1898
Gregory, Edna to Price, John D. on Sep 07, 1899
Gregory, Nevada C. to Haley, Wade H. on Mar 24, 1895
Gregsby, Jessie F. to Hughes, John C. on Jul 26, 1886
Gressner, Arvilla L. to Hannah, Lennie W. on Apr 09, 1879
Gribler, Etta E. to Switzer, JamesWvans on Mar 08, 1880
Griffeth, Mrs. S.J. to Kattryder, Tobias on Feb 14, 1888
Griffey, Amanda J. to Page, John M. on Jun 16, 1883
Griffith, Delia to Williams, James H. on Feb 04, 1883
Griffith, Margaret to Nowels, John A. on Jan 26, 1881
Griffith, Martha J. to Shores, Meredith on Nov 10, 1867
Griffith, Sarah F. to Caldwell, William on Apr 17, 1883
Griffiths, Nancy Ann to Redding, Vincent G. on Feb 22, 1856
Grim, Catharine to Beall, James R. on Dec 09, 1859
Grim, Elizabeth to Evans, Russel on Jan 19, 1855
Grim, Emma B. to Shutts, Casabiance on Aug 31, 1895
Grim, Marilla A. to Shipley, George on Sep 17, 1865
Grim, Martha to Swigert, George on Dec 10, 1848
Grim, Mary to Wetherow, Charles on Jul 10, 1848
Grim, Mary to Shatto, Daniel on Mar 25, 1864
Grim, Rachel to Rorinson, James on Jan 08, 1880
Grim, Sarah to Glase, Andrew on Mar 16, 1856
Grinder, Melvina to Crump, John T. on Nov 22, 1875
Grindstaff, Barbara E. to Rodgers, Joseph A. on Feb 06, 1887
Grindstaff, Charlottie to Sholly, William on Feb 15, 1897
Grindstaff, Eliza to Wattenbarger, George on Jan 20, 1898
Grindstaff, Harriett R. to Rogers, Jospeh A. on Nov 14, 1897
Grindstaff, Ida to Grindstaff, David D. on Jan 10, 1898
Grindstaff, Mary A. to Creason, William on Sep 06, 1886
Grindstaff, Mary A. to Crooks, John on Jul 03, 1889
Grindstaff, Mary F. to Grindstaff, James on Mar 02, 1882
Grindstaff, Nancy Jane to Perkins, Jonathan on Aug 22, 1869
Grindstaff, Rachel to Mapels, M. on Jan 05, 1880
Grindstaff, Susan to Rodgers, Isaac on Jan 30, 1884
Grismer, Daisy to Pickerel, Cashus L. on Mar 31, 1896
Griun, Flora E. to Shutt, David W. on Aug 20, 1895
Gubler, Catherine E. to Taylor, William L. on Oct 28, 1877
Gudson, Flora A. to Buxton, Junius on May 15, 1881
Guffey, Margaret to Shawner, J.P. on May 02, 1867
Guffey, Trudy to Linhart, Edward on Dec 24, 1890
Gum, Catharine V. to Fetters, W.H. on Apr 15, 1883
Gum, Emma B. to Boyd, Chas. on Mar 04, 1891
Gun, Nancy to Offutt, Charles on Jul 07, 1846
Guntn, Mary C. to McCollum, William P. on Oct 03, 1880
Guthrie, Emma to Stone, Elbert L. on Nov 05, 1885
Gutsinger, Minnie A. to Bridges, William G. on Feb 15, 1894
Guymon, Ana O. to Dickerson, Edward F. on Sep 02, 1895
Guymon, Hulda M. to Goddard, George H. on Oct 16, 1897
Guymon, Mabel R. to Barbee, Andrew J. on Sep 27, 1895
Guymon, Ora M. to Cale, Fred B. on Jan 26, 1899


Hackett, Alice P. to Young, Robert L. on Aug 20, 1892
Hackett, Avaline to Robertson, James C. on Oct 24, 1872
Hackett, Sarah J. to Lowrey, Nelson on Dec 25, 1878
Haddox, Etta L. to Roach, Charles W. on Jan 15, 1898
Hagan, Debbie to Reed, Oliver B. on Nov 09, 1898
Hagan, Temple to Reed, Charles on Sep 04, 1893
Haggy, Mary E. to Majors, W.H. on Sep 27, 1893
Hainly, Lillie to Scott, Mead L. on Sep 08, 1888
Hale, Martha Jane to Broyles, Charles H. on Feb 19, 1893
Hale, Nancy to Linhart, Edward H. on Sep 05, 1895
Hale, Rushie to Linhart, Reuben on Feb 06, 1898
Haley, Agnes to Moberly, John on Apr 15, 1852
Haley, Ida M. to Jones, Joseph T. on Oct 15, 1882
Haley, Lillie G. to Carmack, Sylvester D. on Dec 13, 1896
Haley, Mary A. to Watson, James H. on Jun e , 1864
Haley, Rachel T. to Jones, Augustin on Jan 10, 1869
Haliburton, Helen M. to McReynolds, Samuel on Dec 31, 1876
Haliburton, Mary K. to Holliday, Ambrose B. on Jan 19, 1862
Hall, Belle to Robinson, I.P. on Jul 05, 1892
Hall, Comelia to Cassity, Peter on Dec 18, 1882
Hall, Eliza to Fields, David J. on Nov 23, 1861
Hall, Eliza M. to McDonald, William D. on Dec 02, 1869
Hall, Elizabeth to Montgomery, James A. on Nov 21, 1891
Hall, Evelin to Dennis, Reuben L. on Mar 03, 1859
Hall, Georgia L. to Robinson, William A. on May 08, 1889
Hall, Ivy J. to Hoover, William E. on Sep 27, 1896
Hall, Jane to Vandosen, Hiram on Feb 20, 1868
Hall, Louse to Herrington, David A. on Oct 20, 1872
Hall, M. Ollie to Green, Ellis D. on Apr 26, 1884
Hall, Martha E. to Wattenbarger, Terah E. on Sep 19, 1894
Hall, Mary M. to Wheeler, Simon P. on Jun 30, 1899
Hall, Maude B. to Kinton, Charles S. on Dec 31, 1899
Hall, Nancy to Fredenburgh, Francis M. on Sep 26, 1858
Hall, Reuhy Ellen to Hooper, George W. on Aug 05, 1879
Hall, Sarah E. to Clear, William H. on May 15, 1882
Hall, Susie to Hilagoth, William on Nov 16, 1872
Hallenbeck, Emma J. to Hagy, Jesse M. on Dec 07, 1891
Haller, Mollie M. to Pierce, Edwin R. on Jan 01, 1891
Halliburton, Eliza to Scarlett, Reter on Jun 23, 1867
Halliburton, Hattie C. to Yardley, Charles D. on Dec 27, 1896
Halliburton, Martha to Garrett, Hugh on Mar 10, 1878
Halliburton, Mary D. to Brumbaugh, Philip G. on Dec 23, 1896
Halliburton, Mary E. to De France, James M. on Nov 04, 1856
Halliburton, Mary F. to Bartlett, Addison S. on Feb 27, 1887
Halliburton, Nancy Ann to Benham, John on Apr 12, 1857
Halliburton, Sarah Jane to Lane, Elliott G. on Sep 28, 1858
Ham, Gurna M. to Warren, Charles H. on Aug 18, 1899
Ham, Mary M. to Dickerson, John on Oct 18, 1876
Ham, Rosa to Garrett, Henry T. on Sep 15, 1895
Hamilton, Annie M. to Schnelle, John F. on Nov 11, 1897
Hamilton, Charlotte C. to Saulsberry, Jonathan M. on Apr 27, 1883
Hamilton, Charlotte F. to Quint, Walter H. on Feb 26, 1896
Hamilton, Eliza J. to Wyant, F.M. on May 29, 1892
Hamilton, Florence E. to Price, James D. on Aug 15, 1894
Hamilton, Isabelle to Barr, William on Dec 22, 1885
Hamilton, Rosa G. to Walker, Thomas J. on Jun 23, 1895
Hamilton, Sarah to Carson, Winfield K. on Aug 10, 1893
Hamilton, Sarah Jane to Chappel, Isaac N. on Oct 31, 1869
Hamlelin, Jennie to Haley, Charles G. on Sep 09, 1883
Hamlin, Catherine to Fanning, Jacob on Jul 06, 1851
Hamnek, Mary Catherine to Smith, Jonathan I. on Apr 30, 1846
Hampble, Eliza to Higgins, William on Sep 08, 1859
Hamrick, Julia Ann to Farley, James on May 27, 1855
Hamrick, Sarah Jane to Ralls, Willis on Jun 18, 1846
Hamson, Nancy I. to Gorbet, Peter on Nov 27, 1899
Han, Margaret to Bunch, George on Oct 11, 1885
Han, Vina to Pickerel, R.C. on Jun 12, 1892
Handley, Florence C. to Humphreys, John on Sep 24, 1899
Hanman, Milta to Pratt, John on Feb 18, 1889
Hannah, A. J. C. to Watson, John E. on Sep 24, 1865
Hannah, Elizabeth to Holmes, Daniel on Jun 17, 1881
Hannah, Jennie to Bozarth, William on Jan 29, 1890
Hannah, Minnie R. to Shepler, William D. on Oct 20, 1891
Hannah, Mrs. Judah to Taylor, William L. on Sep 04, 1882
Hannington, Elizabeth to Lain, John on Sep 20, 1889
Hannington, Mary Louise to Hannington, Samuel on Dec 24, 1862
Hannon, Delia to Toalson, Thomas on Jun 17, 1847
Hannon, Lucinda to Taylor, Harrison on Apr 22, 1847
Hannon, Rosa A. D. to Bailey, Oscar on Nov 06, 1899
Hans, Eliza to Carmer, Charles on May 12, 1881
Hansand, Lucy B. to Lane, Thomas A. on Nov 02, 1862
Hansler, Sarah E. to Grindstaff, William H. on Jan 03, 1885
Hanworth, Nancy to Avery, Mathew on Oct 08, 1890
HarI, Frances R. to Belzer, Marion on Jul 25, 1886
Hardin, Ada to Boynton, Charles L. on Feb 19, 1895
Hardin, Cora to Bumgarner, J.C. on Jul 21, 1821
Hardin, Joanna to Rogers, Lewis on Apr 24, 1862
Hardin, Sarah F. to Payne, C.J. on Nov 05, 1893
Hardin, Syndrilla to Duskey, Moses P. on Feb 15, 1863
Harding, Ida L. to Allen, Gustavus V. on Mar 03, 1897
Hardinger, Alice S. to Wade, John W. on Dec 18, 1877
Hardinger, P.J. to Law, M. on Nov 03, 1874
Harellson, Jemima to Bridwell, William A. on Jan 07, 1868
Harelson, Casander to Kelly, William on Aug 29, 1854
Harges, Mandy M. to Wilson, John on Feb 10, 1848
Hargis, Eliza E. to Samples, David on Feb 23, 1860
Hargis, Margart to Custer, Thomas J. on Aug 18, 1867
Hargis, Nancy J. to Shepherd, Francis M. on Jul 27, 1862
Hargis, Perciller to Knight, Joseph A. on Jun 15, 1862
Hargus, Scyntha to Alred, Thomas on Aug 24, 1845
Harl, Vica to Bunch, Hiram B. on Jul 20, 1899
Harlan, Anzie L. to Wood, Simon T. on Feb 14, 1878
Harlan, Cynthia Jane to Thompson, William on Nov 19, 1865
Harlan, Mary to Pickens, Michael on Jul 22, 1872
Harlston, Margaret Jane to Saulsberry Jr., John P. on Apr 06, 1890
Harman, Aldin to Pipes, Wm. S. on Sep 08, 1888
Harman, Dora to Childers, Edwin on Jan 04, 1895
Harman, Shinie to Brookshire, Thomas S. on Apr 09, 1888
Harmon, Ann to Orr, William on Feb 23, 1884
Harmon, Belle to Tharp, J.M. on Dec 30, 1890
Harmon, Catherine to Crawford, Henry on Oct 26, 1849
Harmon, Emma to Martin, Alexander on Feb 14, 1872
Harmon, Gracy Ann to Bragg, Benjamin J. on Apr 04, 1864
Harmon, Josie to Elliott, Jefforson D. on Mar 16, 1883
Harmon, Lucinda to George, John B. on May 13, 1852
Harmon, Lucy to Childers, Charles C. on Mar 30, 1897
Harmon, Maggie E. to Ames, George T. on Jul 01, 1896
Harmon, Martha to Taylor, John on May 03, 1874
Harmon, Mary to James, Jonues on Nov 13, 1851
Harmon, Mary J. to Harris, Charles M. on Sep 27, 1866
Harmon, Nancy J. to Wood, Israel on Feb 25, 1872
Harmon, Nancy Jane to Taylor, David I. on Apr 26, 1864
Harmon, Ruann to Sevier, Joseph on Sep 19, 1869
Harmon, Sarah D. to Holliday, Americus E. on Jul 29, 1890
Harmon, Sarah E. to Head, Daniel on Sep 24, 1876
Harper, Sarah L. to Campbell, Isaac N. on Mar 30, 1876
Harpham, Susanna to Allen, Darrus on Aug 19, 1860
Harre, Minnie M. to Bailey, Henry S. on Feb 18, 1886
Harrelison, Mary C. to Harris, Samuel J. on Jul 10, 1873
Harrels, Cerelda to Mantlo, William on Feb 28, 1870
Harrelson, Effa to Eastman, Willard R. on Jan 05, 1898
Harrelson, Mary to Stephenson, Webster on Apr 27, 1898
Harrelson, Mary L. to Clark, William H. on May 28, 1896
Harrelson, Mary O. to Wyant, William T. on Mar 12, 1884
Harrelson, Nora E. to Shultz, Samuel G. on May 28, 1896
Harrelson, Rissey A. to Jones, Robert on May 11, 1873
Harrelson, Ruthilda to Davidson, John E. on Nov 01, 1868
Harrington, Marian to Lowery, John on Jul 07, 1856
Harrington, Martha J. to Miller, Charles W. on Oct 20, 1890
Harrington, Mrs. Martha Ann to Harrington, Samuel on Sep 07, 1883
Harrington, Rebecca to Harrelson, Lee on Jun 28, 1883
Harris, Ann T. to Herriman, John on Apr 23, 1865
Harris, Anna to Coffen, W.W. on Sep 13, 1891
Harris, Annie to Taylor, Calvin on Mar 08, 1882
Harris, Annie B. to Brown, James H. on May 02, 1886
Harris, Annis to Hull, Lewis C. on Dec 10, 1849
Harris, Anny C. to Ball, Franklin T. on Dec 25, 1867
Harris, Cynthia Jane to Bartley, on Aug 06, 1865
Harris, Daisy A. to Warren, Theodore on Mar 06, 1896
Harris, Delema E. to Bradberry, Jacob G. on Nov 28, 1860
Harris, Eliza to Elliott, Thomas on May 27, 1891
Harris, Flora to Beasley, Thomas on Jul 28, 1893
Harris, Florence M. to Lee, Lewis N. on Mar 30, 1890
Harris, Frances to Jones, James P. on Apr 21, 1872
Harris, Geberly A. to Haley, B.F. on Jun 03, 1890
Harris, Harriett to Hambrick, Thaddaus on Jun 02, 1867
Harris, Ida A. to Sims, Edward R. on Nov 25, 1895
Harris, Jane to Miller, John on Jan 14, 1869
Harris, Jerusha to Wood, Thomas on Sep 17, 1868
Harris, Laura A. to Harrelson, Austin on Jan 20, 1879
Harris, Lena to Kenley, John M. on Dec 18, 1898
Harris, Maggie J. to Crowdis, Robert on Nov 20, 1887
Harris, Mahala A. to Sandefur, William T. on Dec 09, 1855
Harris, Manerva S. to Johnson, John F. on Mar 17, 1864
Harris, Martha E. to Richardson, Mathew on Mar 14, 1877
Harris, Martha Emily to Cutsinger, George Wm. on Aug 01, 1858
Harris, Mary to White, James on Apr 04, 1869
Harris, Mary to Goins, Sterling P. on Aug 10, 1885
Harris, Mary E. to Eaton, William B. on May 15, 1851
Harris, Mary E. to Blurr, James J. P. on Dec 14, 1865
Harris, Mary F. to Hayes, Jeremiah on Dec 23, 1877
Harris, Maud M. to Starker, Ora E. on Jul 02, 1899
Harris, Minnie to Eley, Cuff on Dec 30, 1886
Harris, Molly E. to George, Marian on Nov 07, 1880
Harris, Nancy to Harris, Henry on Sep 30, 1866
Harris, Nancy J. to Leo, Jefferson D. on Apr 16, 1882
Harris, Priscilla E. to Martin, John on Jul 17, 1870
Harris, Rebecca to Morelock, Edward on Jul 17, 1864
Harris, Rebecca to Britton, Philander on Apr , 1868
Harris, Sarah to Hayes, Michael on Jan 12, 1868
Harris, Sarah E. to Logan, Marcus N. on Mar 19, 1882
Harris, Sarah E. to Blame, Francis A. on Apr 19, 1899
Harrison, Caroline to Judd, Parker B. on Nov 21, 1883
Harrison, Luchresia A. to Saulsberry, Christopher on Sep 24, 1867
Harrison, Rebecca J. to Birdsell, Thomas N. on Jan 12, 1892
Harrison, Sarah Ann to Pipes, Homer on Apr 03, 1881
Harryman, Mary A. to Ivie, Sylvester N. on Jan 05, 1899
Harryman, Rosetta to Harris, Samuel J. on Sep 25, 1897
Hart, Addie M. to Todd, Austin on Jan 22, 1896
Hart, Lucy T. to Sandifur, Edwin M. on Feb 11, 1872
Harter, Maggie E. to Stufflebean, William on Jan 21, 1887
Harter, Mrs. Maggie E. to Meekins, John S. on May 11, 1871
Hartford, Martha T. to Bachman, Soloman B. on Dec 29, 1887
Harthison, Eliza to Bowen, Robert on Jun 16, 1845
Hartsley, Mary Francis to Riggs, Warden on Apr 16, 1865
Haskins, Susan to Myers, Andrew on Dec 25, 1892
Hatcher, Ann to Palmer, Henry on Sep 26, 1866
Hatcher, Elizabeth to Morgan, Leroy C. on Feb 23, 1868
Hatcher, Hulda T. to Fertig, M. Mitchell on Sep 05, 1883
Hatcher, Margaret to Hooker, John on Jan 14, 1859
Hatcher, Margaret to Lewis, Joel T. on Oct 26, 1873
Hatcher, Martha Jane to Ritebmond, Alexander on Dec 10, 1865
Hatcher, Matilda to Clark, Samuel on Jul 28, 1873
Hatcher, Minnie to Cookman, Elias H. on Jan 01, 1896
Hatfield, Ettie to MeMains, Perry M. on Mar 16, 1898
Hatlick, Mrs. Jane to Hutchinson, Alexander M. on Oct 28, 1882
Haven, Ann to Mathenay, William on Aug 01, 1858
Havens, Elizabeth to Kane, Michael on Apr 05, 1880
Havens, Hattie to Aclin, Samuel on Sep 28, 1893
Havens, Julia M. to Hutton, William A. on Feb 15, 1890
Havens, Lou Bell to Crawford, Thomas J. on Mar 22, 1882
Havens, Lueticia L. to Glidewell, Aaron on Mar 09, 1880
Havens, Pennelia M. to Seaman, Thomas J. on Feb 19, 1882
Haviner, Eva to McDonald, Walter on Jul 26, 1891
Hay, Caroline to Groves, John H. on Oct 28, 1877
Hayes, Abigail I. to Yardley, Francis Manan on Oct 21, 1877
Hayes, Anna to Winkelback, John B. on Dec 11, 1898
Hayes, Manerva S. to Bennett, James J. on Aug 06, 1871
Hayes, Mary S. to Hull, William on Apr 07, 1888
Haynes, Hannah Alexander to Pyatt, David Cornelius on Jan 21, 1872
Haynes, Lucinda F. to Bunch, Franklin on Mar 22, 1881
Haynes, Mary E. to Belzer, John on Sep 25, 1856
Haynes, Nancy R. to Harl, Leander H. on Feb 15, 1866
Haynes, Rinda to Ayers, William C. on Sep 18, 1864
Hays, Eva to Lee, James on Feb 24, 1889
Hays, Laura to Dehm, George on Nov 10, 1891
Hays, Laura F. to Anderson, James W. on Apr 12, 1894
Hays, Lenora to Waid, Herschel on Mar 03, 1898
Hays, Martha to Arthur, Joseph on Apr 26, 1868
Hays, Nettie to Gray, Charles L. on Nov 04, 1896
Hays, Polly A. to Crawford, Henry E. on Feb 16, 1896
Hayse, Elizabeth Ann to Waits, David on Mar 20, 1856
Haywood, Eliza to Crouch, Harley on Dec 06, 1874
Haywood, Mrs. Maud to Huffman, George W. on Apr 02, 1890
Hayworth, Mary Jane to Marion, Francis on Mar 31, 1869
Head, Emma J. to Fisher, Elijah C. on Jul 01, 1882
Head, Lucinda to Dodson, John on Jan 07, 1877
Head, Mary to Evans, William on Mar 11, 1861
Head, Mary to Huff, Benjamin A. on Nov 08, 1890
Head, Mary E. to Morris, John on Jan 16, 1870
Head, Melinda F. to Goodwin, Thomas B. on Aug 23, 1886
Head, Minnie A. to Palmer, Charles W. on Sep 24, 1891
Head, Nancy E. to Collier, Martin G. on Feb 08, 1879
Head, Princes A. to Revens, Charles on Sep 12, 1885
Head, Sarah J. to Collin, John on Jan 10, 1879
Healey, Edna E. to Schooling, Homer F. on Sep 10, 1899
Healey, Ethyl A. to Shearer, Carl W. on Jun 04, 1899
Hearrelson, Rebecca to Fadget, William on Dec 07, 1883
Hedrick, Mary C. to Dunlap, James B. on Nov 15, 1866
Hefflin, Jane to Higgins, Marion on Oct 15, 1877
Heflion, Anna S. to DeWitt, John C. on Apr 07, 1894
Helm, Ella to Nevin, Thomas on Dec 31, 1890
Helmans, Adie to Emberton, James on Apr 22, 1888
Helmes, Minnie B. to Fanning, James M. on Dec 19, 1897
Helms, Emma to Walker, Squire on May 18, 1899
Helms, Eva E. to Phipps, Andrew J. on Dec 03, 1893
Helms, Kittie to Holsinger, John on Dec 20, 1890
Helms, Kittie to Eastman, Hiram F. on Feb 17, 1897
Helms, Lydia A. to Seal, O.M. P. on Nov 07, 1891
Helms, Melinda M. to Fanning, Thomas B. on Jan 24, 1897
Helms, Rozelda to Kelley, Lorenzo N. on Nov 20, 1890
Henderson, Clera E. to Andrews, A.J. on May 22, 1880
Henderson, Mary B. to Kelly, Sherman on Nov 24, 1886
Henderson, Mary Frances to Damrell, Benjamin on Jan 20, 1859
Heney, Sarah Jane to Davis, James on Oct 15, 1876
Henley, Ellen to Price, Thomas on Jul 20, 1898
Henley, Malinda C. to Wilson, Fred L. on Oct 02, 1888
Hennen, Ollie A. to Sharpnuck, Thomas B. on Dec 31, 1893
Henness, Abigail J. to Hoover, Robert A. on Oct 19, 1876
Henning, Jennie M. to Hamilton, Alva on Jun 07, 1883
Hennings, Alice to Sherwood, George R. on Sep 18, 1886
Hennings, Martha Ann to Sharp, John on Oct 22, 1865
Henry, Amanda B. to Patterson, Thomas C. on Dec 03, 1891
Henry, Ann M. to Baird, J.T. on Jan 24, 1872
Henry, Florence to Eubanks, David A. on Jul 07, 1878
Henry, Frances E. to Brice, George W. on Aug 02, 1883
Henry, Mary E. to Billingsley, John on Jul 28, 1896
Henry, Nancy to Haly, Wad H. on Sep 25, 1853
Henry, Sarah A. to Calhoun, Austin on Mar 28, 1869
Hensley, Elrdie P. to Henry, Arthur L. on Aug 28, 1892
Hensley, Flora M. to Linhart, Charles A. on May 27, 1895
Hensley, Lavica G. to Underwood, Howard B. on Nov 19, 1899
Hensley, Lavissa to Riddle, James B.F. on Dec 25, 1889
Hensley, Lena L. to Taylor, William C. on Dec 21, 1896
Hensley, Mary C. to Ward, Orlando on Nov 22, 1883
Hensley, Odella to Senat, John C. on Aug 21, 1884
Hensley, Vesta E. to Ball, J.P. on Dec 06, 1891
Henson, Sarah C. to Frazier, John on Oct 15, 1891
Henthorn, Clara to Sayre, G.R. on Feb 22, 1893
Henthorn, Mirinda M. to Long, Harry E. on Nov 24, 1897
Henthorne, Laura E. to Hagan, Stanford E. on Feb 06, 1899
Henthrow, Nora E. to Salsbury, Sherman E. on Oct 10, 1897
Heralson, Virginia to Fields, John on Aug 19, 1847
Hereford, Francis M. to Bookout, James on Apr 22, 1885
Herrailson, Ann to Buckhart, Elijah on Aug 24, 1872
Herrailson, Perdena W. to Harris, John on Sep 04, 1874
Herralson, Manerva Jane to Shatto, Hiram on Aug 20, 1876
Herring, Norma to Wood, Webster W. on Jul 04, 1896
Herringlon, Cora to Mullenax, John H. on Aug 10, 1899
Herrington, Anna to Creason, Gilbert on Aug 15, 1889
Herrington, Diantha to Lafaver, Isaac J. on Apr 25, 1869
Herrington, Nora J. to Huston, James W. on Jul 18, 1897
Herrington, Rose to Dearing, Daniel W. on Feb 21, 1897
Hersaman, Barbara to Cookman, Milburn on Feb 04, 1892
Hess, Margeret to Baldridge, James on Jun 03, 1864
Hess, Rachel A. to Wellsto, W.F. on Aug 18, 1869
Hess, Sarah Jane to Richardson, John C. on Sep 07, 1869
Hibbitts, Phoebe to Pickens, Miles on Aug 24, 1890
Hickabotom, Mary to Alexander, David on Nov 20, 1870
Hickabotom, Nancy to Williams, Fleming on Nov 27, 1870
Hickinson, Eunice to Crowder, M.W. on Sep 14, 1873
Hicks, Josephine L. to Campbell, Charley R. on Apr 14, 1895
Higgin, Mary E. to Fisher, John on Feb 17, 1877
Higginbotham, Margaret E. to Darr, John M. on Jan 02, 1881
Higgins, Catherine to Heflan, William on Dec 30, 1858
Higgins, Flora V. to Keener, William N. on Feb 07, 1886
Higgins, Martha to Shaw, Canada on Sep 05, 1859
Higgins, Mary to Wyld, Edward on Jun 14, 1868
Higgins, Matilda A. to Atwood, Columbus on Nov 08, 1866
Higgins, Nancy Marinda to Thompson, Andrew L. on Jan 17, 1875
Higgins, Nannie J. to Norman, Jacob W. on Sep 03, 1874
Higgins, Sarah A. to McCallister, Joseph on Jul 20, 1884
High, Della to Sears, William R. on Mar 19, 1898
High, Destriney to Yardley, Jefferson D. on May 09, 1880
High, Eliza Jane to Yardley, Jacob B. on Jan 12, 1873
High, Mary Ann to Wages, James W. on Jun 04, 1871
High, Mary D . to Parker, Charles on Mar 20, 1881
High, Sarah to McKinsey, Joseph on Sep 16, 1880
Highland, Mae to Morris, John E. on Jan 08, 1895
Hilburn, Cora B. to Cotter, Sherman S. on Sep 23, 1894
Hilburn, Lucy L. to Jacobs, Walter E. on Jan 22, 1899
Hildergoth, Nellie to Crigler, Oliver on Nov 04, 1885
Hill, Adeline to Moore, Stockely on Feb 28, 1864
Hill, Amanda to Payne, Adison on Dec 10, 1857
Hill, Dora Mae to White, William S. on Feb 12, 1884
Hill, Eliza Jane to Sturgall, Jacob on Dec 09, 1852
Hill, Emerine to Boyd, Wilson on Dec 30, 1847
Hill, Ida Loe to Lafavre, Frank on Oct 28, 1874
Hill, Iva M. to Myers, Franklin S. on Jun 22, 1898
Hill, Linda to Duckworth, William D. on Aug 16, 1891
Hill, Maggie M. to Crouch, James D. on Mar 29, 1891
Hill, Mary E. to Fanning, William on Jan 06, 1884
Hill, Nancy Ann to Morelock, George on Jun 15, 1856
Hill, Nannie M. to Harris, Enos E. on Nov 15, 1888
Hill, Olive V. to Altizer, Joseph M. on Jul 25, 1881
Hill, Sallie R. to Doolin, James M. on Dec 21, 1880
Hill, Sarah Ann to Emberton, William on Dec 15, 1853
Hill, Sarah J. to Boyd, John W. on Nov 20, 1873
Hill, Susan J. to Miller, Alfred L. on Feb 05, 1885
Hill, Virginia to Robertson, Mark on Oct 13, 1866
Hilligoss, Stella to Pierson, Charles on Nov 27, 1898
Hinegardner, Lydia A. to Wells, Francis M. on Nov 05, 1872
Hines, Alice M. to Calhoon, Wesley L. on Mar 23, 1884
Hines, Amanda J. to Hostetter, William on Aug 25, 1883
Hines, Lilia J. to Camlen, Barton J. on Jul 15, 1894
Hines, Margaret Isabella to Grindstaff, William on Aug 08, 1869
Hines, Missouri C. to Hines, William S. on May 04, 1896
Hines, Samantha to Breeden, James P. on Sep 21, 1885
Hines, Sarah M. to Nichols, Henry on Mar 15, 1882
Hines, Sophia to Holsinger, John on Dec 03, 1889
Hinkley, Eva to Ward, J. Ben on Apr 22, 1873
Hix, Mary A. to Myers, Isaac on Aug 26, 1869
Hoaglin, Mary C. to Salsbury, Henry I. on Jan 21, 1889
Hoalden, Mary R. to Manly, Rowland C. on Mar 27, 1860
Hoard, Dora B. to Reynolds, James L. on Nov 20, 1879
Hodge, Jennie to Bonduran, B.H. on Aug 11, 1892
Hodge, Lillian to Torrey, Lewis on Jul 04, 1885
Hodge, Mrs. Bettie to Kennelly, James on Apr 24, 1884
Hodson, Sarah E. to Dennis, Ira M. on Oct 25, 1882
Hodson, Susan B. to Young, James S. on Feb 18, 1887
Hoffman, Cina H. to May, Charles F. on Dec 12, 1894
Hoge, Gerthe B. to Keithley, James C. on Mar 15, 1874
Holbrick, Mrs. Malissa Ann to Kingsolver, Isaac M. on Oct 13, 1861
Holbrook, Jane to Clem, Noah on Nov 27, 1853
Holbrook, Mrs. Nancy A. to Kingsolver, Charles on Apr 12, 1860
Holiday, Jennie to Griffith, Henry on Sep 25, 1881
Hollen, Cora Mae to Brinkley, Humphrey H. on Jul 30, 1887
Hollen, Julia to Shipley, Solomen R. on Mar 03, 1878
Hollenback, Bessy to Wilson, John H. on Apr 07, 1895
Hollenbeck, Martha to Dennis, James I. on May 15, 1895
Hollenbeck, Mary A. to Hagy, Elijah R. on Aug 17, 1889
Holliday, Amelia C. to Yardley, John N. on Dec 25, 1879
Holliday, M. R. to Overstreet, Francis M. on Nov 10, 1878
Holliday, Rebecca to Webb, John on Feb 19, 1865
Holliday, Sarah F. to Smith, Leonard J. on Jan 13, 1895
Holliday, Susan R. to Garrett, Jesse on Jun 24, 1877
Hollingbeck, Nettie to Jennings, Jessie on Jun 30, 1888
Hollon, Amanda to Spencer, Isaac C. on Jul 15, 1862
Hollon, Florence L. to Adams, John W. on Jun 05, 1887
Hollon, Hetty Ann to Wells, Benjamin Franklin on Jun 09, 1859
Hollon, Ida B. to Brookshire, William W. on Jan 14, 1888
Hollon, Jane to Adams, Isaac on Sep 03, 1857
Hollon, Lottie L. to Riggen, Elmer E. on Apr 15, 1899
Hollon, Lucretia M. to Schooling, Henry A. on Dec 27, 1866
Hollon, Madlin to Andrews, James B. on Aug 04, 1881
Hollon, Mary Ann to Couch, Daniel S. on Jan 01, 1860
Hollon, Minnie H. to Tipton, W.W. on Jul 08, 1894
Hollon, Miranda to Nickell, James G. on May 31, 1898
Hollon, Mollie to Butler, James T. on Mar 18, 1887
Hollon, Nancy to Morris, John on Nov 22, 1874
Hollon, Sarah E. to Jennings, Joshua on May 25, 1862
Holloway, Bertha M. to Young, Robert D. on May 24, 1896
Holloway, Mary T. to McCormick, Samuel N. on Oct 19, 1873
Holloway, Rebecca Ann to Smith, John on Jan 25, 1847
Holloway, Sarah F. to Tolley, Francis M. on Oct 19, 1873
Holsinger, Ida to Roach, Samuel on Oct 28, 1890
Holsinger, Mrs. Emma to Dever, William H. on Apr 25, 1886
Holsinger, Sophrona to Ogle, Alson on Jan 29, 1890
Holt, Melvina H. to Busby, William T. on Feb 06, 1881
Homes, Eva to Kerr, William on Apr 13, 1873
Hook, Emma to Price, Joseph S. on Sep 17, 1879
Hook, Ida M. to Jamison, Enoch L. on Nov 11, 1884
Hook, Rebecca F. to Sanford, Elmer L. on Apr 12, 1891
Hooker, Anna to Munn, N.F. on Mar 13, 1873
Hooker, Dora to Neely, Elortus M. on Oct 09, 1888
Hooker, Martha A. to Barrass, Granville on Dec 05, 1883
Hooker, Mary to Hoover, Mattias on Jun 24, 1869
Hooker, Mary E. to Jacobs, Sylvester on Apr 17, 1888
Hooton, Melissa to Havens, Arch on Dec 27, 1882
Hoover, Ada to Canterbury, William F. on Jan 19, 1895
Hoover, Carrie S. to Riddle, Leonard E. on Apr 12, 1894
Hoover, Elizabeth to Riddle, George W. on Jan 04, 1894
Hoover, Jemima J. to Walker, James F. on Jul 05, 1854
Hoover, Lucy J. to Morris, Joseph R. on Aug 02, 1877
Hoover, Mrs. Martha to Duckworth, William S. on Sep 11, 1859
Hoover, Nettie A. to Van Hoon, W.J. on Oct 30, 1893
Hoover, Permelia to Hall, C.C. on Sep 07, 1893
Hoover, Rachel to Brassfield, James P.K. on Aug 14, 1866
Hoover, Rebecca Ann to Callihan, William on Mar 12, 1857
Hord, Mattie S. to Kessinger, John D. on Apr 15, 1890
Hoselton, Carrie to Beasley, Peter B. on Mar 25, 1899
Hoskens, Nancy to Roan, William on Jul 22, 1858
Hoskins, Adeline to Vagwill, Carey on Nov 20, 1862
Hoskins, Julia Ann to Glidwell, John Thomas on Aug 12, 1866
Hoskins, Malinda C. to Hollon, Charles L. on Sep 29, 1872
Hoskins, Margaret to Wallis, William on Nov 14, 1853
Hoskins, Mary F. to Massey, Beaz M. on Dec 20, 1853
Hoskins, Mrs. Mary to Havens, Henry R. on Dec 25, 1862
Hosler, Ellen to Jones, J.M. on Oct 24, 1879
Hoster, Martha J. to Waggner, Isaac on Oct , 1880
Hosteter, Mary to McCabe, James on Jul 30, 1879
Hostetter, Sarah E. to Vandeventer, Abraham on Mar 17, 1883
Houpt, Mary A. to Simmons, Wm. C. on Jan 01, 1892
Howard, Fannie to Hart, Joseph on Mar 25, 1894
Howard, Julia to Meador, Charles on May 13, 1885
Howe, Lizzie E. to Sorrell, John A. on Nov 17, 1889
Howell, Adda to Cline, 0th C. on Mar 10, 1898
Howell, Kate L. to Goad, Edward J. on Apr 24, 1895
Howell, Rebecca A. to Childers, Joseph W. on Jul 01, 1888
Howell, Waneta M. to DeWitt, Thomas H. on Mar 29, 1898
Hubbard, J.A. to Robinson, George on Oct 19, 1879
Hubbard, Jennie to Sprake, Martin on Mar 29, 1857
Hubbard, Lura to Riley, Elisha P. on Apr 09, 1897
Huber, Ella to Miner, Wm. H. on Jan 04, 1886
Hubler, Clara L. to Knifong, Alden L. on Jan 22, 1896
Hubler, Ovida to Knifong, James H. on Apr 07, 1897
Hudnall, Jennie to Davis, Harry S. on Mar 16, 1884
Hudnall, Nancy N. to Jackson, David on Oct 09, 1874
Hudson, Allis to Fisher, A.O. on Nov 15, 1874
Hudson, Clara to Sanders, Henry S. on Dec 24, 1874
Hudson, Elisa to Lafeever, James on Apr 13, 1888
Hudson, Emma to Bailey, James W. on Mar 03, 1887
Hudson, Francis to Kimbrough, Rufus G. on Oct 31, 1886
Hudson, Louise to Young, William on Dec 09, 1860
Hudson, Maude to Webb, Birde on Aug 23, 1898
Hudston, Rebecca J. to Simmons, James W. on Feb 18, 1872
Huff, Emma to Moddrell, Wilber W. on Dec 31, 1894
Huff, Myrtle L. to Kerr, John W. on Nov 05, 1899
Huff, Nancy to Sible, James W. on Jun 13, 1858
Huffman, Luetta to Robinson, J. Sheridan on Feb 26, 1896
Huffman, Mary A. to Cummings, Cyrus on Jul 22, 1860
Huffman, Mary E. to Yardley, Pinkney B. on Feb 18, 1884
Huffman, Nellie to Stuart, J.M. on Nov 19, 1891
Huffman, Sarah E. to Devolled, Samuel on Apr 11, 1880
Huffman, Sarah R. to Smith, Francis M. on Dec 24, 1880
Huffman, Susan E. to Cease, James A. on Nov 25, 1866
Huffrel, Rachel to Green, Ritch on Nov 11, 1856
Hufins, Sarah E. to Stallmaker, William B. on Feb 25, 1879
Hughes, Emma to Starks, William E. on May 25, 1896
Hughes, Estella to Poole, T.S. on Mar 22, 1898
Hughes, Fannie to Dray, Annias on Oct 04, 1897
Hughes, Mary to Clubine, Robert W. on Sep 01, 1885
Hughes, Mrs. Polly to Guyner, Samuel on Apr 10, 1884
Hughes, Nora L. to Parker, Albert W. on May 16, 1888
Hughes, Tressie L. to Johnson, Walter L. on Aug 23, 1899
Hulbert, Mary to Casteel, George W. on Jan 11, 1849
Hulburt, Della to Smith, George R. on Nov 23, 1895
Hull, Alvina to Riley, James on Sep 30, 1883
Hull, Clara M. to Stokes, Edgar A. on Sep 24, 1899
Humphrey, Sarah J. to Schooler, Minor L. on Dec 25, 1882
Humphreys, Esther to Clownming, Thomas L. on Jun 14, 1899
Humphreys, Mary E. to Reeves, Lawrence on Mar 04, 1894
Humphreys, Minnie L. to Brown, William J. on Sep 30, 1894
Humphreys, Rachel A. to Stringer, James M. on Nov 11, 1858
Humphreys, Sarah to Moberly, Isaac on May 11, 1884
Hunsacker, Lavinia to Lawhead, John on Feb 07, 1854
Hunsaker, Cynthia to Lafever, James on Apr 08, 1866
Hunsaker, Elizabeth to Martin, William H. on Mar 22, 1874
Hunsaker, Jule Ann to Johnson, George W. on Aug 24, 1854
Hunsaker, Mary A. to Green, William C. on Dec 27, 1866
Hunsaker, Mary E. to Lewis, Benjamin on Oct 04, 1857
Hunsaker, Mary Frances to Wood, Thomas B. on Nov 24, 1867
Hunsaker, Ovetta to Alexander, John W. on Nov 30, 1899
Hunsaker, Phebe to Dunlap, Benjamin on Dec 07, 1882
Hunsaker, Sarah to Bell, Lester on Nov 18, 1869
Hunsaker, Susan to Lafavre, James on Apr 08, 1866
Hunsucker, Susan to Longhead, Josiah on Apr 19, 1857
Hunt, Bridget to Quigley, William I. on Feb 13, 1887
Hunt, Catherine to Meyers, Henry on Sep 15, 1861
Hunt, Ollie to Wood, David R. on Jul 05, 1897
Hunter, Alice to Willis, B.L. on Dec 01, 1873
Hunter, Alice M. to Crites, Jehiel on Jun 13, 1872
Hunter, Belle to Johnson, Marvin on Apr 11, 1875
Hunter, Hattie to Reed, Jasper P. on Aug 28, 1873
Hunter, Lucinda to Davis, Jonathan on Jul 17, 1870
Huntington, Marietta to Gunter, Henry W. on Aug 23, 1867
Huntington, Mrs. Catherine J. to Ownings, William H. on Dec 06, 1874
Huriburt, Julia A. to Browning, William Jasper on Dec 31, 1865
Hurlbert, Lily N. to Wood, Arther B. on Mar 06, 1895
Hurlburt, Alma to Robinson, William S. on Jun 17, 1897
Hurley, Marinda to Anspaugh, Christian on Jun 21, 1863
Hurley, Nancy A. to Anspach, Willis W. on Nov 30, 1873
Hurley, Sophronia E. to Clar, Edward on Dec 24, 1868
Hurlston, Laveta G. to Jackson, Clayburn C. on Oct 27, 1873
Hurst, Ella C. to Sears, Alonzo P. on Apr 19, 1866
Hurst, Emile L. to McWhorter, Walter on Apr 22, 1860
Hurst, Malissa to Tindall, Jerome on Aug 23, 1888
Hurst, Rosetta to Mason, George W. on Jan 03, 1866
Hutchinson, Lucinda to Caster, A.J. on Jan 29, 1860
Hutchison, Anna R. to Roe, C.B. on Feb 26, 1890
Hutchison, Ida L. to Brandan, A.C. on Oct 26, 1889
Huworth, Lizzie to Johnson, Ola B. on Aug 22, 1893
Hyde, Birdie B. to Eastwood, Harry W. on Jan 09, 1899


Icnogle, Jemima J. to Hollenbeck, Arthur E. on Jul 04, 1894
Iling, Mary C. to Pickens, Jacob on Apr 27, 1882
Ingraham, Lucy O. to Chappell, Charles J. on Nov 15, 1893
Inman, Nancy to Shatto, Joseph on Apr 27, 1856
Invner, Daisy to Hannon, Elmer on Feb 16, 1898
Ireland, Sarah E. to Bowman, John on May 19, 1859
Irish, A.F. to Saulsberry, John P. on Nov 29, 1894
Irvin, Elizabeth M. to Malone, B.F. on Feb 11, 1880
Irving, Mary Bell to Barnett, Claire B. on Aug 22, 1895
Irwin, Ida E. to Thomas, Thornton T. on Sep 26, 1895
Isaacs, Agnes to Brown, Charles W. on Sep 15, 1894
Ishmael, Rosanna to Jones, Samuel W. on Apr 30, 1882
Ivie, Anna M. to Newton, McCllen on Apr 10, 1887
Ivie, Ella to Landrus, Samuel on Oct 07, 1888
Ivy, Henrietta to Owings, John on Aug 05, 1880

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