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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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Organized by Bride's Last Name C-F

(No given name) to Ellison, John on May 08, 1859
(Unknown Surname), America Elizabeth to Bartlett, Hugh Marshall on Sep 12, 1872
(Unknown Surname), Malissa to Catlett, William on Nov 25, 1896
(No given name) to Bargar, D.W. on Dec 23, 1882


CaIdwell, Annie to Dennis, William A. on Feb 23, 1893
CaIdwell, Jane to Hoover, Lawrence on Jun 18, 1876
CaIdwell, Mary Jane to McCracken, Matthew on Dec 16, 1879
Cady, Eliza Jane to Lehr, John on Sep 21, 1880
Cady, Laura to Elam, William on Nov 30, 1882
Cady, Mary to Walker, Richard on Apr 19, 1868
Cady, Nancy E. to Holliday, George W. on Nov 13, 1881
Cahalan, Allie to Coyle, Bernard on Apr 21, 1884
Cahoon, Catharine to Haley, James R. on Oct 06, 1889
Caidwell, Margaret A. to Border, Joseph M. on Mar 09, 1896
Cain, Anna to Traber, John W. on Aug 13, 1871
Cain, Eliza Jane to Martin, Archidaums S. on Dec 12, 1867
Calbert, Mary E. to Cromer, Edward J. on Oct 05, 1879
Caldwell, - to Brason, Mathew on Mar 08, 1859
Caldwell, Ellin to Sterling, Robert H. on Dec 29, 1887
Caldwell, Ida M. to Niblo Jr., James A. on Sep 18, 1890
Caldwell, Isabell to Atwood, C.W. on Jul 04, 1888
Caldwell, Jane to Osborn, Andrew P. on Jun 22, 1868
Caldwell, Lizzie to DeWitt, Shirley P. on Oct 11, 1899
Caldwell, Maggie to Ship, Joseph on Jan 24, 1881
Caldwell, Martha to Keimel, Joseph on Mar 14, 1878
Caldwell, Mary Jane to Robins, Jonathan W. on Jun 21, 1868
Caldwell, Mary Jane to McCracken, Mathew on Oct 30, 1879
Caldwell, Rebecca to Waller, Elias on Nov 01, 1866
Calfee, Martha A. to Redman, James L. on May 31, 1883
Calhoon, Mary F. to Deeds, Jacob R. on Oct 17, 1886
Calhoun, Aldona to Olmstead, David N. on Mar 31, 1890
Calhoun, Ella to Steel, Henry C. on Feb 28, 1875
Calhoun, Lucy Violette to Ward, James A. on Jan 01, 1873
Calhoun, Martha E. to Smith, J.A. on Jul 26, 1894
Calhoun, Melvina to VanFosson, John on Nov 27, 1867
Calhoun, Nancy A. to Hines, William F. on Apr 30, 1882
Calhoun, Pauline to Warner, John R. on Apr 02, 1894
Calkin, Ella L. to Waldeck, John H. on Aug 11, 1894
Calkin, Henrietta M. to Gofortli, Andrew J. on Dec 09, 1869
Calkin, Hester R. to Vaughn, Samuel on Apr 30, 1871
Call, Della M. to Brown, Edward J. on Oct 16, 1897
Call, Lydia A. to Judd, Charles W.L. on Feb 24, 1889
Call, Margaret E. to Johnson, John W. on Dec 28, 1884
Call, Nancy E. to Burrus, Thomas U. on Dec 23, 1894
Call, Sarah A. to MeClaskey, William A. on Dec 10, 1882
Callahan, Bashney H. to Taylor, Samuel J. on Nov 10, 1895
Callahan, Lucy A. to Taylor, Wm. S. on Dec 24, 1891
Callahan, Mary I. to Lane, Atwood on Dec 11, 1887
Calley, Amanda E. to Yardley, Willis D. on Feb 04, 1880
Callihan, Alice to Carver, Benjamin O. on May 24, 1891
Callihan, Dara to Scott, Christopher L. on May 03, 1894
Callihan, Elizabeth to Tunnell, Stephen S. on May 27, 1852
Callihan, Hattie to Howard, Earnest on Apr 08, 1883
Callihan, Mary to Tunnell, George W. on Jan 9., 1857
Callihan, Mary E. to Hatcher, William S. on Jan 14, 1898
Calsee, Sarah A. to Hardin, Henry on Mar 21, 1872
Calstedt, Louise to Amenda, Lewis on May 27, 1874
Calvert, Linda to Green, John on Feb 26, 1899
Calvert, Mary E. to Leonard, John I. on Jan 26, 1858
Calvert, Nancy Jane to Vandover, Robert M. on Jan 23, 1859
Calvin, Gertrude to Neete, Charlie on Nov 09, 1892
Calyer, Mary M. to Peavler, Frank on Jul 31, 1884
Cambow, Mollie E. to Kent, William A. on Feb 21, 1893
Camell, Elize Ann to Sykes, George on Sep 18, 1887
Camlen, Martha to Bruce, Jonathan on Nov 21, 1883
Camlen, Sarah E. to Fearnow, Thomas N. on Nov 28, 1889
Camlin, Sarah E. to Hoskins, William S. on Jun 17, 1888
Camp, Betty to Hoaglin, George on Jun 24, 1888
Camp, Lieu to Bankes, Oswell on Mar 05, 1899
Camp, Myrtle E. to Rodgers, Fredrick on Jul 03, 1893
Campbell, Ada to Creason, Charles on Mar 17, 1899
Campbell, Betti to Miller, Joseph F. on Apr 03, 1887
Campbell, Carrie to Brackett, Jesse on Oct 06, 1897
Campbell, Catherine to King, Duncan H. on Sep 02, 1896
Campbell, Emily to Bradford, Henry on Jan 04, 1877
Campbell, Evalene to Ware, Timothy L. on Jun 10, 1892
Campbell, Frances to Ellison, John on Apr 19, 1866
Campbell, Ida M. to Ware, Virgil A. on Jun 10, 1892
Campbell, Jane to Kent, Josiah T. on Jan 01, 1872
Campbell, Jane to Fuller, Lorenzo D. on Oct 01, 1875
Campbell, Louise to Beckett, John D. on Jul 28, 1877
Campbell, M. E. to Welsh, A.J. on Jun , 1881
Campbell, Maranda to Wilson, Charles R. on Sep 04, 1873
Campbell, Mary to Yardley, James F. on Sep 07, 1890
Campbell, Mary J. to Scott, Stephen on Jan 14, 1875
Campbell, Maud to Ware, Jacob E. on Oct 15, 1893
Campbell, Mollie D. to Price, James T. on Oct 04, 1884
Campbell, Mrs. Francis E. to Andis, William on Jan 25, 1885
Campbell, Mrs. Sarah to Washburn, William H. on Sep 13, 1888
Campbell, Nancy to Wilkins, Jacob on Dec 25, 1876
Campbell, Rachel to Westfall, William O. on Sep 15, 1877
Campbell, Santippa to Dunlap, James on Oct 15, 1893
Campbell, Sarah A. to Peters, John W. on Dec 26, 1869
Campbell, Zena J. to Cheyney, Robert T. on Jan 15, 1888
Cams, Martha Lucinda to Donoho, Thomas Alexander on Apr 03, 1879
Can, Mary E. to Pickens, Nathaniel on Oct 30, 1881
Canaan, Lura A. to Chapin, Charles J. on Feb 08, 1896
Cannon, Alice to Swearngen, Oscar on Nov 09, 1890
Cannon, Frances to Ward, Elisha R. on Nov 25, 1885
Cannon, Lizzie to Brantner, Mirton V. on Dec 18, 1895
Cannon, Maggie M. to Frazer, William E. on Mar 12, 1899
Cannon, Margaret to Lawrence, Edward on Mar 17, 1867
Cannon, Mary J. to Lawrence, James R. on Oct 03, 1880
Cannon, Minnie Belle to Barston, Thomas on Dec 26, 1888
Cannon, Sarah E. to Pipes, Anderson H. on Mar 10, 1878
Canterberry, Eliza C. to Norton, John W. on Apr 02, 1863
Canterbury, Almira to Lamaster, John on Jun 02, 1859
Capito, Melissa to Kidwell, James A. on Aug 11, 1886
Capitoe, Adelaid G. to Beerle, Joseph G. on Apr 04, 1880
Capto, Mrs. Florence to Combs, Jacob on Sep 09, 1888
Carlstead, Altha to Humphreys, Frank B. on Feb 23, 1895
Carmack, Lucinda to Mason, Isaac on Apr 28, 1894
Carmack, Mary to Turner, Daniel on Jul 19, 1891
Carmack, Nancy J. to Fanning, David on Feb 23, 1886
Carmack, Sarah to Caswell, Ewell on Aug 15, 1874
Carmel, Mary J. to Salsberry, Zachariah on Apr 25, 1895
Carmer, Mrs. Mary A. to Boyd, Robert F. on Mar 19, 1865
Carmichael, Nancy A. to Redding, Alfred on Mar 14, 1886
Carpenter, Margaret to Walker, George W. on Nov 02, 1854
Carry, Lydia J. to Starkey, Josiah on Oct 25, 1865
Carter, Anna V. to Hutchinson, Alexander M. on Nov 19, 1871
Carter, Ida to Clark, Silas on May 03, 1888
Carter, Lellia to Nickell, William P. on Mar 06, 1895
Carter, Maggie E. to Vanburn, John W. on Nov 17, 1880
Carter, Manerva J. to Christy, Rudy on Sep 15, 1872
Carter, Mariah to Martin, William on Jun 26, 1859
Carter, Mary E. to Whaley, W. on May 28, 1875
Cary, Amelia E. to Moore, John P. on Oct 13, 1878
Casida, Mary E. to Moss, Mantells H. on Feb 12, 1860
Casida, Mary M. to Helloms, Simon on Feb 18, 1869
Caslett, Florence M. to Stanley, John W. on Sep 16, 1888
Cason, Eliza Jane to McClaskey, Newal on Apr 18, 1876
Cason, Sarah F. to McCluskey, Riley on Jul 06, 1876
Cassity, Henretta to Neeley, Norman on Jan 15, 1879
Cassity, Nancy to Neeley, Joseph on Mar 20, 1877
Cassity, Vesta Ann to Cramer, William E. on Jun , 1881
Casteel, Hannah J. to Durbin, Dennis F. on Jul 06, 1893
Casteel, Nancy Jane to Casteel, Milton on Nov 14, 1850
Casteel, Nancy Jane to Benham, Peter on Nov 14, 1850
Caster, Lucinda to McGittigen, Stanley on Jan 17, 1867
Castetter, Mamie to Wells, H.C. on Jan 31, 1895
Castle, Julia A. to Sen., J.T. Bradley on Feb 07, 1892
Caswell, Laura A. to Haynes, John P. on Sep 02, 1883
Caswell, Mary to Heece, Dewitt C. on Jan 22, 1864
Caswell, Nancy E. to Collin, Joseph on Jan 26, 1879
Cater, Cora C. to Collins, Horace B. on Sep 15, 1892
Cather, Frances to McCoy, Calvin on Oct 29, 1873
Cathers, Florence to Hoselton, Arthur on May 25, 1874
Cathers, Sarah E. to Romine, Peter on Apr 16, 1877
Catlett, Hester D. to Hagan, Fennell R. on Apr 06, 1876
Caunell, Nora S. to Fisher, George A. on Oct 04, 1897
Cavanaugh, Hannah V. to Preston, G.A. on Jan 10, 1893
Cavanaugh, Nellie I. to Moorehead, Addison on Aug 24, 1898
Cave, Tairie A. to Bourn, William W. on Sep 08, 1897
Caven, Eliza to Reynolds, William on Nov 15, 1874
Cavenall, Rebecca M. to Smyth, Anthony on Dec 17, 1879
Cavenee, Mavrntha to Dotts, David on May 12, 1881
Cavenee, Susan to Kidd, Franklin on Jan 14, 1877
Cavernee, Sarah to Bankus, John A. on Jan 14, 1872
Cawood, Alvina Ann to Neet, W S. on Feb 23, 1882
Cawood, Elmira C. to Grant, William H. on Sep 18, 1867
Caylon, Lucinda to Selinsts, Abraham on Aug 16, 1860
Ceaner, Sarah E. to Green, Chalmer on Jan 14, 1877
Chadwell, Gertrude to Switzer, Robert L. on Oct 01, 1896
Chadwell, Jennie to Fosher, M. Elmer on Oct 01, 1896
Chalfont, Alice to Green, R.E. on Nov 05, 1893
Chamberlin, Leeta A. to Troncil, George on Mar 16, 1856
Chancy, Rhoda C. to Law, William M. on Jan 24, 1884
Chane, Julia to Porter, Adam S. on Apr 04, 1875
Channell, Emily to Vance, James C. on Jan 23, 1884
Chapel, Sarah J. to Blue, U.C. on Aug 25, 1891
Chapin, Lauracy to Reed, John T. on Jun 04, 1885
Chaplin, Annie D. to Rulon, C.E. on Sep 11, 1892
Chaplin, Eliza H. to McCollum, John H. on Jul 30, 1871
Chaplin, Mary E. to Peavler, William on Feb 26, 1862
Chapman, Della A. to Quint, Charles E. on Jul 03, 1895
Chapman, Sarah C. to Wilson, John E. on Mar 25, 1891
Chapman, Tillie to Crouse, Jno. W. on Jun 16, 1889
Chappell, Eliza Jane to Marchbanks, Josiah on Apr 16, 1876
Chappell, Stella M. to Neets, Sherman T. on Dec 20, 1888
Charmel, Cerina E. to Rouse, Thomas B. on Jan 09, 1876
Chayney, Dara M. to Dailey, Reuben H. on Oct 06, 1897
Cheney, Rachel J. to Martin, Thomas on Mar 11, 1869
Cherry, Adda M. to Page, James R. on Jun 25, 1899
Cherry, Mattie to Allen, Theodore E. on Dec 11, 1898
Chess, Mrs. Minnie to Stevenson, Frank on May 25, 1890
Chevoront, Mentie May to Wolf, David B. on Mar 13, 1884
Cheyney, Harriet H. to Baird, George H. on Mar 03, 1892
Childers, Almeda to Page, R.S. on Apr 30, 1876
Childers, Dora A. to Morris, William on Oct 22, 1888
Chittin, Emma to Seaman, Charles W. on Jan 03, 1889
Christ, Sallie to Brautner, Edward L. on Dec 25, 1895
Christy, Blanch to Freed, E. on Jun 20, 1880
Christy, Mary to Knifong, Joseph on Dec 22, 1872
Christy, Mary L. to Bennett, William T. on Mar 24, 1889
Cillops, Salina A. to Pickerell, Robert on Dec 24, 1876
Clapp, Emma A. to Dearing, John M. on Feb 09, 1880
Clapp, Maritta C. to McBurney, John W. on Dec 01, 1889
Clapp, Rosetta to McClaskey, Robert on Jan 06, 1887
Clara L. Summers, to Nichols, L.P. on Aug 03, 1881
Clark, Alice to Glidewell, J.W. on Sep 14, 1892
Clark, Alma to Shatto, Andrew L. on Feb 12, 1885
Clark, Amanda to Johnson, Fielding on Mar 18, 1874
Clark, Ann M. to Mantlo, Thomas W. on Jan 01, 1882
Clark, Anna E. to Minor, Joseph on Aug 14, 1897
Clark, Annie to Shumord, John L. on Jun 30, 1887
Clark, Bell to Norris, George on Jun 30, 1887
Clark, Bertha L. to Roades, David J. on Oct 11, 1896
Clark, Bessie to Roades, Alfred M. on Jul 26, 1896
Clark, Effie M. to Catlett, William J. on Dec 27, 1899
Clark, Elizabeth to Havens, Henry B. on May 31, 1874
Clark, Emily S. to Harless, John on Jan 31, 1879
Clark, Harriet E. to Quigley, John W. on Jan 05, 1883
Clark, India to Douler, Frank C. on Oct 27, 1889
Clark, Iniz to Seaman, Andrew J. on Feb 01, 1892
Clark, Josephine to Pratt, Rufus on Feb 10, 1874
Clark, Julia Ann to Hudnall, Thomas Elias on Apr 23, 1876
Clark, Louise to Hatcher, Nicholas on Dec 22, 1867
Clark, Martha A. to Swen, Isaac on Dec 26, 1873
Clark, Martha E. to Webb, Isaac W. on Dec 22, 1887
Clark, Mary to Talbert, Orville on Jul 05, 1869
Clark, Mary A. to Tinsley, Charles N. on Mar 02, 1897
Clark, Mary E. to Webb, John A. on Apr 29, 1886
Clark, Mary E. to Adlesperger, George O. on Feb 02, 1896
Clark, Matilda to Treswell, William O. on Jan 08, 1888
Clark, May to Catlett, Samuel J. on Aug 23, 1896
Clark, Minnie to Bailey, Henry C. on Feb 11, 1869
Clark, Mrs. Sophrona to Johnson, Henry D. on Jul 17, 1890
Clark, Nancy J. to Schultz, George on Aug 12, 1866
Clark, Nannie to Woods, John on Oct 08, 1885
Clark, Rebecca J. to McKinney, Alfred on Mar 25, 1886
Clark, Susan M. to Ford, Simon P. on Jul 26, 1863
Clark, Susan M. to Ford, Simon P. on Jul 26, 1863
Clarkson, Payne to Turner, A.C. on Mar 27, 1888
Clarkson, Rebecca to Tungate, William R. on Dec 16, 1866
Clarry, Elizabeth to Myers, Davidson on Dec 27, 1855
Clawson, Allie to Parton, John H. on Feb 25, 1897
Clawson, Katie to Ballenger, James H. on Sep 19, 1895
Clawson, Laura to Clapp, Newton C. on Oct 10, 1897
Clawson, Nancy A. to Smith, Daniel M. on Sep 14, 1886
Claybrook, Nancy A. to Huffman, John on Jul 20, 1862
Claybrook, Nancy A. to Ridenour, Enoch M. on Nov 03, 1867
Clayburg, Mary to Norton, William on Nov 13, 1856
Clear, Caroline to Smart, H.K. on Sep 10, 1876
Clear, Cora B. to Hurley, Thomas on Jul 28, 1887
Clear, Rena to Sodders, A.J. on Mar 01, 1890
Cleaton, Julia to Brinkley, James on Dec 28, 1881
Cleaton, Margaret to Bragg, Jonathan T. on Feb 21, 1861
Cleaton, Mary Ann to King, Charles on Feb 12, 1860
Cleaton, Nancy to Delenger, John L. on Sep 07, 1854
Cleeton, Clara M. to Roberts, James on Oct 17, 1893
Cleeton, Elizabeth to Wood, James on Jul 10, 1870
Cleeton, Lena B. to Busick, Isaac N. on Nov 25, 1875
Cleeton, Louvonia to Febs, John on Oct 05, 1884
Cleeton, Margaret to Ogle, John on Dec 01, 1871
Cleeton, Migary to Cleeton, James W. on Dec 3 , 1871
Cleeton, Mrs. A.C. to Mathews, William on Dec 24, 1876
Cleeton, Viola E. to Hall, John H. on Jul 19, 1887
Clem, Addie M. to Green, Theron D. on Dec 04, 1894
Clem, Annie M. to Foster, Alfred on Aug 14, 1898
Clem, Emeline Virginia to Clem, Alfred H. on Aug 06, 1876
Clem, Malissa to Reger, James K. on Nov 15, 1868
Clem, Martha F. to Callihan, John on Oct 24, 1866
Clem, Martha J. to Phipps, William H. on Aug 15, 1883
Clem, Mary to Jacobs, James on Feb 28, 1869
Clem, Mirenda Ann to Callihan, Martin on Apr 14, 1859
Clem, Mrs. Emeline V. to Williams, Edward A. on Sep 03, 1880
Clem, Sarah Ann to Mills, James R. on Sep 13, 1868
Clements, Clued C. to Tipton, George W. on Mar 14, 1875
Clements, Julia M.R. to Smith, Earley on Dec 22, 1897
Clements, Nancy E. to Stewart, Tauner on May 04, 1865
Clements, Susan to Clark, Thompson F. on Mar 05, 1882
Cleton, Armelda to Ringo, George on Nov 24, 1853
Clevenger, Amanda to Bruke, Amos on Oct 12, 1882
Clevenger, Dora to Myer, William W. on Apr 01, 1883
Clevenger, Edna to Sayers, J.H. on Aug 31, 1898
Clevenger, Maria E. to Smiley, Jacob M. on Jun 17, 1886
Clevenger, Mary A. to Williams, William on Jun 27, 1876
Clevenger, Mary J. to Wattenbarger, Soloman on Oct 15, 1898
Clevenger, Mollie to Clevenger, John L. on Feb 17, 1884
Clevinger, Clara F. to Linhart, Oscar A. on Dec 21, 1898
Clifford, to Primrose, Benjamin on Jul 04, 1872
Clifford, Euphemia D. to Leonard, Lewis on Oct 24, 1882
Clipch, Mary to Dodson, R.S. on Mar 09, 1875
Clubine, Emma J. to Harl, William W. on Feb 08, 1895
Clubine, Grace M. to Baker, David J. on Mar 26, 1899
Clubine, Lydia to Clubine, Skelton C. on Sep 29, 1891
Cluster, Mary E. to Biship, William C. on Nov 30, 1879
Coatney, Mary P. to Thrasher, Oliver C. on Aug 18, 1880
Cochran, Catherine to McClaskey, John on Oct 07, 1880
Cochran, Elizabeth to Rigen, Stephen A. Duglas on Jun 02, 1880
Cochran, Emma M. to Sterling, John W. on Dec 01, 1894
Cochran, Erminnie to Bailey, Charles W. on Oct 22, 1899
Cochran, Lena L. to Pearson, William on Dec 23, 1872
Cochran, Margaret to McClaskey, William on May 02, 1875
Cochran, Martha to Sterling, Henry on Jan 12, 1868
Cochran, Mary A. to Farley, Richard on Oct 22, 1865
Cochran, Mary A. to Smiley, James on Jun 18, 1882
Cochran, Mary Ann to Taylor, Zachary on Feb 11, 1872
Cochran, Mary B. to Neel, Eliza M. on Apr 03, 1894
Cochran, Sarah to Sterling, William on Jun 27, 1872
Cochran, Sarah Ann to Desper, Jasper on Aug 06, 1865
Cochrane, Elizabeth E. to Chevorant, Martin on Oct 29, 1884
Cockburn, Martha to Haley, Joshua on Aug 02, 1845
Cockran, Ellen Augusta to Sparger, Caleb Addle on May 11, 1858
Cockrane, Victoria to Payne, Gradeson on Nov 09, 1858
Coffman, Alice to Hollon, George M. on Feb 19, 1896
Coffman, Annie E. to Dillinger, John W. on Feb 11, 1882
Coffman, Emma to Almond, L.W. on Sep 01, 1886
Coffman, Emmeline to Carmack, John B. on May 05, 1879
Coffman, Louella A. to Baker, Thomas A. on Feb 19, 1880
Coffman, Louisa to Carmack, Thomas J. on Jun 03, 1884
Coffman, Maggie to Carmack, William A. on Mar 10, 1886
Coffman, Orpha to Ford, James G. on Dec 24, 1896
Coghill, Armilda to Braden, Henry N. on Sep 02, 1866
Coghill, Lidya E. to Bookout, James on Nov 06, 1865
Cokerham, Lona to Banner, J.S. on Dec 22, 1890
Colburn, Mary A. to Patrick, Henry D. on Oct 07, 1871
Cole, Elvira to Troichal, Almon on Apr 13, 1872
Cole, Hannah A. to McDorman, E.J. on Dec 02, 1891
Cole, Hattie M. to Harmon, William I. on Dec 30, 1883
Colldet, Anna to Ritz, Ernest on Dec 16, 1869
Collens, Sarah Ann to Deeds, Phillip on Mar 29, 1855
Collins, Amanda S. to Babb, Clark on Apr 11, 1896
Collins, Elsie V. to Bradley, Ulyssess S. on Sep 17, 1899
Collins, Emma to Payne, Frank on Jul 03, 1881
Collins, Hattie M. to Watson, Andrew B. on Feb 08, 1885
Collins, Laura J. to Duley, George E. on Feb 03, 1889
Collins, Lula M. to Calfee, Alexander T. on Aug 27, 1896
Collins, Malinda to Leslie, Jefferson on Jun 30, 1884
Collins, Minerva E. to Eaton, Robert L. on Nov 11, 1896
Collum, Lydia M. to Clubine, Albert T. on Mar 16, 1887
Colter, Martha E. to McCarmick, Charles P. on Dec 24, 1896
Colyer, Mary E. to Haynes, John W. on Oct 07, 1869
Compton, Alice G. to Miller, Arthur L. on Mar 30, 1898
Compton, Artamissa to Kennett, John H. on Feb 29, 1880
Compton, Artamissa to Kennett, John D. on Feb 29, 1880
Compton, Cora E. to Shepler, Ross on Feb 28, 1894
Compton, Emma to Maloney, Martin E. on Aug 30, 1885
Compton, Nancy C. to Compton, James on Nov 24, 1888
Compton, Sarah E. to Webb, Hulett on Mar 09, 1871
Comstock, Emma to Janes, Frank on Oct 08, 1891
Comstock, Halley L. to Greenfield, Charles on Oct 26, 1879
Comstock, Lelia L. to Swann, Edward C. on Jun 12, 1894
Comstock, Martha to Stroud, James B. on Apr 06, 1879
Conkin, Emma to Davis, Isaac N. on Sep 17, 1891
Conkin, Martha to Rhoads, James on Jan 12, 1890
Conkin, Nancy to Welks, Madison on Nov 12, 1865
Conkine, Elen to Clements, John on Sep 02, 1874
Conklin, Lillie M. to Baebman, Andrew on Dec 25, 1899
Connauthy, Sarah to Thompson, Andy on Oct 21, 1866
Connell, Jane to Dearing, Haliburton on Nov 08, 1877
Connell, Sarah to Shatto, Elias on Oct 10, 1880
Conner, Anna to Grudin, John W. on Dec 23, 1886
Conner, Annie K. to Linder, Willard H. on May 31, 1896
Conner, Cora B. to Broyles, L.C. on Oct 03, 1892
Conner, Sarah Ann to Irvin, Alexander on Sep 23, 1866
Constant, Mary E. to Hefloin, William S. on Jul 28, 1886
Cook, Carrie to Pickenell, Robert H. on Oct 10, 1880
Cook, Elizabeth A. to Seward, James H. on Aug 05, 1877
Cook, Elvira to Blubaugh, Benjamin on Sep 23, 1877
Cook, Emiline to Shawley, William on Oct 15, 1864
Cook, Mary A. to Payton, George W. on Feb 28, 1867
Cook, Nora M. to Clark, Otus O. on Mar 27, 1897
Cook, Sarah F. to Baley, David H. on Feb 29, 1880
Cookins, Mary E. to Lunsford, William J. on Nov 06, 1887
Cookman, Arminta to Chenvront, John O. on Oct 18, 1888
Cookman, Clar to Chevvront, L.C. on Jan 26, 1893
Cookman, Dew to Reger, Leonadus on Dec 04, 1890
Cookman, Ella to Sterling, William W. on Mar 27, 1890
Cooksey, Angeline to Cummins, William on May 14, 1899
Cooley, Lucinda to Ackroyd, Walter on May 10, 1868
Coon, Ada B. to Olmstead, William on Sep 19, 1897
Coon, Catharine A. to Atwood, Wesley G. on Oct 06, 1889
Coon, Eliza A. to Hawood, Joseph on Apr 09, 1862
Coon, Ocie May to Olmstead, Loyd on Dec 17, 1899
Coon, Violet E. to Adams, Dennis E. on Feb 15, 1891
Coons, Sallie C. to Stout, Joseph F. on Feb 27, 1881
Cooper, Anna to Parker, Charles M. on Jun 26, 1895
Cooper, Bessie A. to Foster, George W. on Sep 27, 1899
Cooper, Clara to Markley, Fred on Dec 21, 1892
Cooper, Jennie to Branstetter, Cecil C. on Jan 17, 1895
Cooper, Martha E. to Helms, George W. on Nov 16, 1899
Cooper, Mary E. to Sevier, Robert H. on Nov 02, 1879
Cooper, Mary Frances to Doolin, Hiram on Mar 02, 1854
Cooper, Molly to Hunsaker, Benjamin N. on Jul 21, 1878
Cooper, Sarah J. to Baker, Sylvester J. on Apr 11, 1880
Cooper, Sarah R. to West, Warden A. on Jan 14, 1883
Cooper, Sylvia P. to Ridenour, William on Dec 13, 1860
Coothlin, Martha J. N. to Hildebrand, Adolph on Nov 05, 1867
Copelan, Flora Z. to Hamilton, Wm. H. on Mar 29, 1896
Corbin, Belle T. to Johnson, Samuel S. on Dec 27, 1893
Corbin, Emma L. to Tucker, John W. on Dec 24, 1882
Cordell, Mary J. to Zoellers, Jacob B. on Aug 16, 1889
Cordray, Annie E. to Warren, Marion F. on Dec 20, 1897
Cordray, Louisa to Pyatt, David B. on Mar 25, 1894
Cordray, Mary E. to Smith, Adam T. on Oct 08, 1883
Cordray, Nancy C. to Sill, William on Mar 15, 1883
Cordray, Nancy J. to Harryman, Thomas J. on Sep 29, 1878
Corkin, Eliza Ann to Payne, William T. on Sep 23, 1860
Cornelious, Annie to Prindle, James O. on Jan 06, 1876
Cornell, Ellen to Wilhite, Daniel on Mar 08, 1859
Cory, Delilah J. to Hart, Alson W. on Dec 31, 1871
Cory, Maggie to Ames, Harry on Apr 11, 1889
Cosby, Abbie H. to Berghofer, Albert A. on Feb 11, 1896
Cotter, Barbara M. to Parsons, William on Feb 18, 1891
Cotter, Bertie to Russell, Clarence S. on Feb 16, 1896
Cotter, Clara A. to Hilburn, William B. on Jan 01, 1896
Cotter, Dora to Lambert, Barclay J. on Sep 17, 1888
Cotter, Elizabeth P. to Prather, G.D. on Jun 26, 1888
Cotter, Hannah to Broyles, Nelson P. on Jun 17, 1866
Cotter, Lizzie M. to Johnson, Joseph W. on Feb 08, 1891
Cotter, Lydia to Jennings, J.W. on Dec 30, 1885
Cotter, Martha A. to Taylor, William H. on Mar 18, 1897
Cotter, Martha E. to Taylor, Henry J. on Jul 05, 1899
Cotter, Martha J. to Ogle, John R. on Jul 03, 1888
Cotter, Mollie to Cordray, William T. on Jun 10, 1894
Cotter, Orissa J. to Moore, John M. on Mar 10, 1897
Cotton, Anna F. to Beckett, John on Sep 24, 1899
Cotton, Laura E. to Cavvnel, Samuel C. on Dec 23, 1888
Cotton, Rosa E. to Anderson, James W. on Apr 04, 1892
Couch, Catherine to Baker, Larkin on Dec 16, 1862
Couch, Eliza Ann to Glidewell, Leander on Dec 23, 1856
Couch, Eva to Bonham, Richard on Mar 24, 1872
Couch, Martha A. to Williams, John F. on Feb 07, 1886
Couch, Rachel M. to Bonham, George W. on May 11, 1875
Couch, Rebecca E. to Foster, William on May 11, 1865
Couch, Susan Ann to Gibson, Joseph A. on Sep 21, 1873
Cougill, Annie B. to Browning, Jonah A. on Dec 22, 1895
Cougill, Leuna to Johnson, Fred C. on Sep 29, 1895
Couplin, Amanda to Barnett, W.S. on Jun 13, 1880
Courtney, Lizzie to Bennett, Smith on Jun 05, 1895
Courtney, Mrs. Dicy to Muck, Daniel on Jan 15, 1858
Cousins, Lucinda A. to Gater, Peter on Apr 06, 1881
Couson, Hulda to Norton, E.A. on Oct 29, 1859
Coutwell, Millie J. to Myers, William I. on Aug 17, 1888
Cowbick, Bertha J. to McCalley, Charles R. on Feb 05, 1899
Cowbick, Mary Jane to Warren, S.J. on Jul 16, 1861
Cowerdan, Mrs. Mary E. to Allen, Alolphus on Dec 28, 1870
Cowgill, Lulu M. to Hamilton, Ralph H. on Oct 13, 1889
Cowhick, Elizabeth Genevieve to Berr, Andrew Dye on Oct 15, 1861
Cowhick, Ellen to Warren, John on Feb 16, 1864
Cowhick, Lela Ann to T.Lewis, Joel on Oct 25, 1876
Cowhick, Minnie M. to Todd, Robert T. on Nov 30, 1893
Cowles, Mary E. to McCormick, William R. on Jan 05, 1867
Cox, Dicie to Wood, Charles H. on Feb 27, 1891
Cox, Malinda to Gibbons, George on Oct 24, 1861
Cox, Margaret J. to Green, Alexander on Apr 30, 1880
Craft, Laura A. to Downing, David A. on Jul 24, 1893
Craig, Florence E. to Bellows, Sanfred on May 22, 1881
Crail, Mattie to Cleeton, Everett A. on May 31, 1895
Crammer, Mary A. to McClanahan, Samuel W. on Jan 11, 1880
Crandall, Esther C. to Hansand, John W. on Jul 07, 1860
Crandall, Florence to Webb, James D. on Dec 12, 1883
Crandle, Josephine to Winn, Levi A. on Apr 05, 1880
Crane, Emma E. to Dillinger, James M. on Sep 13, 1891
Crane, Lucy to Peters, Joseph J. on Dec 24, 1871
Crane, Rebecca H. to Glaze, Andrew J. on Oct 15, 1890
Crane, Virginia E. to Baldridge, Elliott on Nov 15, 1874
Crannel, Susan to Brown, Samuel A. on Jun 08, 1852
Crawford, Agnes to McCabe, Patrick on Dec 17, 1873
Crawford, Anna to McCabe, Thomas L. on Oct 12, 1891
Crawford, Anna M. to Smith, Edward L. on Sep 18, 1898
Crawford, Anne to Terry, Philo F. on Dec 07, 1875
Crawford, Annie B. to Crouch, C.N. on Feb 16, 1893
Crawford, Alice Emma Jean to Sloan, William L. on Nov 5, 1886
Crawford, Catharine to Wages, Clarence on Jun 22, 1895
Crawford, Catharine H. to James, Andrew J. on Sep 20, 1868
Crawford, Harriet J. to Coebran, Robert on Feb 23, 1865
Crawford, Isabella to Mason, James on Mar 28, 1875
Crawford, Katie to Livers, Charles B. on May 16, 1883
Crawford, Martha E. to Van Wye, Joseph J. on Sep 16, 1882
Crawford, Mary to Franklin, William on Mar 01, 1858
Crawford, Minnie to Shohoney, Ora T. on Jun 13, 1897
Crawford, Nancy I. to Roseberry, James W. on Dec 30, 1894
Crawford, Viola P. to Severns, Daniel on Jun 26, 1898
Creason, Amanda to Laremore, Richard on May 04, 1886
Creason, Annie to Boney, William M. on Dec 24, 1898
Creason, Augusta I. to Johnson, David A. on Jun 01, 1895
Creason, Berthena A. to Miller, D.W. on Aug 05, 1894
Creason, Delcenia to Martindale, Frank on Jul 13, 1896
Creason, Elizabeth to Hatcher, Revleen on Jan 12, 1853
Creason, Evaline to Johnson, Cloy E. on Mar 22, 1899
Creason, Hester to Smith, George O. on Jun 20, 1886
Creason, Hulda J. to Henning, Jonathan G. on May 17, 1883
Creason, Kittie A. to Grindstaff, W.T. on Feb 21, 1893
Creason, Lavica to Bumgardner, Mathew on Mar 07, 1861
Creason, Linnie L. to Grindstaff, Isaac on Jan 06, 1892
Creason, Lucy G. to McQuinn, Charles E. on Sep 08, 1895
Creason, Martha M. to Herrington, Joshua on Sep 14, 1865
Creason, Mary A. to Carson, N.M. on Aug 26, 1891
Creason, Mary Eliza to Grindstaff, William Thomas on Nov 26, 1868
Creason, Mary Jane to Emberton, Nathan W. on May 17, 1861
Creason, Nannie E. to Boyer, J.H. on Sep 02, 1894
Creason, Rilda to Johnson, Edward on Sep 04, 1897
Creason, Sarah A. to Hines, Andrew J. on Feb 27, 1864
Creason, Sarah E. to Matteson, Charles E. on Aug 10, 1892
Creason, Sarah G. to Salesbury, John P. on Jun 28, 1878
Creasy, Clementine to Hubbard, Smith E. on Mar 20, 1871
Creviston, Catherine to Saulsberry, Andrew J. on Aug 06, 1863
Creviston, Catherine to Saulsberry, Jackson on Aug 06, 1863
Creviston, May A. to Creviston, John R. on Dec 31, 1876
Crigler, Eliza S. to Overstreet, Francis M. on Nov 29, 1859
Crist, Cynthia to King, William on Jan 29, 1877
Crist, Elizabeth to Spencer, Aaron on Jul 27, 1848
Crist, Ella to Harmon, Charles W. on Dec 23, 1896
Crist, Ermine J. to Summers, James W. on Dec 22, 1889
Crist, Martha to Helm, Hiram on Sep 18, 1870
Crocker, Harriet J. to Cochran, Robert on Feb 23, 1865
Crocker, Millie to Boyd, J.T. on Feb 19, 1893
Cromer, Palina E. to Stephenson, Henry on Dec 30, 1881
Croofoot, Judith to Malone, Benjamin F. on Apr 24, 1870
Crooks, Alice to Doolin, William C. on Apr 29, 1891
Crooks, Ella M. to Doolin, George B. on Apr 09, 1893
Crooks, Fannie A. to Hollon, John on Jan 16, 1896
Crooks, Mary E. to Phillips, Ora M. on Dec 10, 1899
Cross, Olivia to Blackman, George H. on Oct 31, 1898
Croter, Rachel to Hatch, William H. on May 26, 1870
Crouch, Hulda to Watson, John T. on Dec 15, 1892
Crouch, Martha H. to Dennis, Newton on Jun 21, 1883
Crouch, Winnie to Easley, Isaac N. on Jun 29, 1877
Crouse, Dora M. to Morlan, Marion W. on Nov 07, 1897
Crouse, Lydda M. to Ball, George on Jan 18, 1867
Crout, Lavina E. to Stanley, Byron on May 20, 1872
Crowden, Julia Ann to Belzer, Albert on Feb 10, 1859
Crowder, Anna to Bailey, David L. on Nov 22, 1894
Crowder, Emily to Sodders, A.J. on Jun 04, 1881
Crowder, Hattie to Mabb, Stephen on Dec 19, 1882
Crowder, Mary E. to Schooling, Henry A. on May 05, 1864
Crowder, Mrs. Susan to Jones, Miles C. on Nov 19, 1881
Crowdes, Ela to Franklin, Alexander on Dec 29, 1879
Crowdis, Eliza T. to Creason, Robert A. on Dec 25, 1879
Crowdis, Mary to Pipes, Andrew on Mar 09, 1862
Crowdis, Mary to Renor, J.T. on Aug 03, 1879
Crowfoot, Mary E. to Wren, Theopilus B. on Dec 18, 1860
Crumb, Jennie to Glass, Marion W. on Apr 28, 1897
Crummer, Carrie J. to Crouse, Jacob E. on May 07, 1896
Crummer, Elizabeth to Matkins, William J. on Jul 02, 1890
Crummer, Rebecca Jane to Murdock, William on Sep 08, 1872
Crummer, Susan E. to wattenbarger, George A. on Feb 23, 1885
Crump, Miss to Custer, William K. on Apr 29, 1869
Crump, Sarah J. to Bailey, Alexander on Oct 10, 1860
Crump, Verdie C. to Myers, Charles A. on Nov 19, 1899
Crumpacker, Clara Mae to Oven, Dr. Thomas P. on Aug 30, 1881
Crumpacker, Fannie to Hawood, Charles on Dec 11, 1870
Crumpacker, Mary E. to Taylor, William H. on Oct 24, 1889
Cruzen, Katie to Craft, Charles M. on May 16, 1893
Cuddy, Sarah E. to Springer, Conrad on Nov 28, 1869
Cummings, Annie B. to King, John M. on Apr 19, 1891
Cummings, Jane to Ford, William on Jan 01, 1863
Cummings, Lydia to Parkey, Alfred on Apr 02, 1868
Cummings, Martha to Payne, William B. on Jul 18, 1872
Cummings, Nancy to Roan, John W. on Jun 18, 1871
Cummins, Margaret to Leyden, John on Jan 20, 1878
Cummins, Matilda to Sweamngen, James A. on Nov 11, 1888
Cummins, Nancy to Root, Edwin E. on Feb 22, 1890
Cummins, Susie to Custer, Judd on Jun 15, 1893
Cumpton, Mary to Morelock, Augustus on Mar 09, 1866
Cumpton, Sarah P. to McKinney, Francis M. on Jun 02, 1888
Cunningham, Allie to McCormick, James F. on Jan 31, 1892
Cunningham, Cora M. to Jellison, Cornelius A. on Mar 06, 1890
Cunningham, Lucinda to Lee, James on Sep 27, 1859
Cunningham, Margaret E. to Simpson, Samuel on May 24, 1896
Cunningham, Martha J. to Adams, James M. on Sep 01, 185
Cunningham, Mary E. to Childers, Preston R. on Apr 12, 1866
Cunningham, Mina A. to Payne, Phares K. on Oct 23, 1895
Curl, Alice to Campbell, Samuel T. on Feb 07, 1897
Curl, Elizabeth E. to Salsberry, Zachariab on May 09, 1891
Curl, Levina B. to Goaddie, Joshua on Aug 28, 1845
Curl, Mary to Baker, Samuel on Oct 31, 1876
Curl, May to Johnson, Samuel on Dec 31, 1887
Curns, Sabina to Dyer, John A. on Mar 08, 1866
Curtis, Clarry A. to Downing, Ellis on May 07, 1889
Curtis, Louisa to Pipes, John W. on Oct 05, 1879
Curtis, Maggie E. to Dark, Thomas C. on Mar 20, 1884
Curtis, Mary to Trivens, John on Sep 13, 1880
Curtis, Mary E. to Mairs, Joseph W. on Jun 12, 1870
Curtis, Mrs. Frances E. to Smith, A.J. on Dec 13, 1866
Custer, Anna I. to Lane, Clinton I. on Sep 29, 1895
Custer, Clara H. to Bell, John F. on Aug 08, 1886
Custer, Cora to Overstreet, Leonard on Sep 17, 1890
Custer, Jennie to Leas, Cyrus on Mar 05, 1882
Custer, Rosa to Baker, Thomas A. on Dec 27, 1897
Cutsinger, Annie M. to Burress, William J. on Jan 04, 1874
Cutsinger, Clara E. to White, James H. on Jun 10, 1884
Cutsinger, Dortha A. to Williams, James M. on Jun 12, 1890
Cutsinger, Effie D. to McHargue, William on Oct 03, 1897
Cutsinger, Eliza Ann to Yats, Jesse on Apr 13, 1857
Cutsinger, Elizabeth to Cutsinger, William on Mar 06, 1873
Cutsinger, Ida to Matkins, Alexander on Sep 08, 1889
Cutsinger, Jane to Becker, William S. on Apr 12, 1885
Cutsinger, Junie G. to Farley, Charles H. on Jan 01, 1892
Cutsinger, Lorena to Rogers, Henry on Sep 28, 1884
Cutsinger, Louisa to Kingsley, Lewis A. on Mar 06, 1893
Cutsinger, Melvina to Reger, Phillip G. on Dec 06, 1880
Cutsinger, Nannie to Reger, Saul N. on Mar 20, 1887
Cutsinger, Phila T. to Broyles, Samuel G. on Feb 10, 1889
Cutsinger, Sarah A. to Macklin, John W. on Nov 26, 1871


DaIzell, Belle to Baldridge, George W. on Oct 07, 1877
Daily, Katie to McClure, Logan on Dec 27, 1897
Daily, Martha to Johnson, Elijah on Aug 20, 1872
Dale, Hannah J. to Marty, Peter J. on Oct 15, 1899
Dampler, Mary Ann to Williams, Thomas on Jan 02, 1881
Damrell, Cynthia M. to Henderson, Robert P. on Apr 12, 1860
Dange, Emma to Vroom, Oler on Feb 13, 1893
Darman, Viola to Swegent, George M. on Jul 30, 1890
Darmell, Parthinia Ann to Beall, Vivian on Nov 09, 1856
Darr, Augusta B. to Shepler, Henry M. on Feb 21, 1883
Darr, Berth M. to Cummins Sr., William on Apr 12, 1897
Darr, Elmira to Burrus, John W. on Sep 05, 1891
Darr, Elsada to Wampler, Floyd on Sep 15, 1889
Darr, Louclia to Long, George on Apr 08, 1877
Darr, Martha E. to Reger, James F. on Jun 12, 1898
Darr, Mary Ann to Hoskins, Jasper on Dec 31, 1855
Darrah, Mary to Stanly, Sylvanus on Jan 15, 1882
Das, Louisa to Taylor, Meakin on Apr 16, 1848
Daugherty, Eliza to Mcconkey, Thomas on Nov 21, 1891
Daugherty, Fannie to Harris, Charles W. on Apr 24, 1893
Daugherty, Rozeffee to Harris, John W. on Apr 22, 1893
Daven---, Bunch to James, Daniel Lafarne on Feb 16, 1854
Daveson, Martha to Artherton, Thomas on May 20, 1845
Davidson, Florence E. to Kerr, Samuel H. on Dec 20, 1899
Davidson, Mavia to Dugan, John on Oct 03, 1889
Davis, Ada May to Kieffer, George L. on Apr 12, 1891
Davis, Artha to Lehr, George V. on Apr 28, 1892
Davis, Bennett F. to Baker, J.F. on Jan 31, 1878
Davis, Bertin to Pfeiffer, F.R. on May 08, 1890
Davis, Catharine to Young, James M. on Jun 24, 1875
Davis, Catharine A. to Alibright, Phillip on Oct 15, 1855
Davis, Eunice E. to Smart, William J. on Aug 18, 1896
Davis, Fannie M. to Schoonover, Milton on Aug 21, 1898
Davis, Jennie to Lathrop, Birtie T. on Dec 18, 1898
Davis, Jennie M. to Comstock, Ross J. on Apr 12, 1893
Davis, Josie B. to Haven, Alonzo on Sep 25, 1893
Davis, Louisa J. to Dorsey, Theadore H. on Jan 27, 1857
Davis, Lucinda to Brown, Deloss on Nov 10, 1896
Davis, Mariah to Crawford, John on Oct 08, 1882
Davis, Martha Susan to Rayborn, George W. on Apr 09, 1883
Davis, Mary A. to Spray, Leonard L. on Dec 30, 1886
Davis, Mary F. to Riggs, Charles on Oct 08, 1878
Davis, Mary J. to Miller, Stephen A. on Feb 19, 1893
Davis, Mrs. Martha S. to Glasgow, Willis H. on Dec 22, 1886
Davis, Nellie F. to Minear, Vesper on May 03, 1891
Davis, Nellie F. to Leas, Walter E. on Jan 25, 1899
Davis, Samantha to Monroe, Reuben S. J. on Feb 21, 1869
Davis, Sarah A. to Kidd, Mathew N. on Oct 17, 1869
Davis, Susan to Pearson, Branson B. on Sep 06, 1869
Davisson, Ida F. to Chappell, H.H. on Sep 05, 1897
Dawnen, Isadore to Cox, Frank H. on Jan 29, 1882
Day, Annie to Page, Robert D. on Jun 08, 1895
Day, Dorothy J. to Busick, Andrew J. on Dec 29, 1877
Day, Martha M. to Gibbins, Jesse S. on Feb 18, 1869
Day, Mary A. to Barnes, Squire on Oct 20, 1863
Day, Rose M. to Richardson, George T. on Feb 17, 1887
Day, S. A. to Elwood, G.H. on Jan 17, 1878
Day, Sarah E. to Stauser, George W. on Dec 29, 1877
Day, Senora E. to McDanald, James R. on Dec 31, 1887
De Volld, Mary L. to Buckalew, Shelby W. on Jul 15, 1891
DeHaven, Anna N. to Daily, Barton N. on May 26, 1867
DeHaven, Mary M. to Swan, Thomas on Aug 19, 1857
DeIzell, Mary H. to High, Albert on Oct 30, 1892
DeWitt, Annie M. to Hall, Trussel M. on Dec 14, 1897
DeWitt, Elnore to Hart, John S. on Sep 18, 1880
DeWitt, Mary E. to Wattenbarger, Jacob M. on Jul 23, 1889
DeWitt, Minnie H. to Booth, Thomas H. on Apr 27, 1884
Dearing, Cora E. to Bales, Morris L. on Oct 25, 1896
Dearing, Josephine E. to Caldwell, John on Jan 05, 1869
Dearing, Lucinda V. to Bailey, M.G. on Apr 04, 1890
Dearing, Lydia E. to Fields, Patterson F. on May 05, 1884
Dearing, M. J. to Shatto, Israel on Apr 24, 1864
Dearing, Magadlin S. to Caldwell, Robert on Nov 25, 1880
Dearing, Mary L. to Bales, Wm. R. on Jan 04, 1891
Dearing, Mrs. Mary to Robins, Henry L. on Jul 03, 1865
Dearing, Mrs. Matilda E. A. to Eaton, James E. on Aug 21, 1881
Dearing, Rowena to Pickett, William A. on Feb 14, 1869
Dearing, Sarah C. to Maggart, Charles E. on Mar 27, 1898
Dearing, Sarah M. to Henry, Harvey on Oct 02, 1884
Deatrick, Elizabeth to Carperan, James H. on Feb 26, 1859
Deeds, Adaline to Tucker, John on Aug 01, 1878
Deeds, Barbara to McDonald, Noah Allen on Aug 27, 1871
Deeds, Effie J. to Barbee, George W. on Jul 16, 1899
Deeds, Eliza to Waggonner, George on Mar 03, 1864
Deeds, Margaret to Crouse, John S. on Jan 23, 1881
Deeds, Margaret N. to Stancliff, William on Sep 15, 1864
Deeds, Myrtle A. to Sodders, James D. on Aug 31, 1899
Deeds, Nancy A. to Coon, Albert R. on Dec 11, 1881
Deeds, Rhuanna to Beasley, Thomas on Feb 12, 1871
Deeds, Sarah A. to Blythe, Pleasant M. on Apr 15, 1869
Deeds, Susanna to Bardey, James Abraham on Dec 27, 1866
Deeds, Tressa May to Pearson, Horace W. on Apr 04, 1886
Deering, Nancy A. to Smith, Andrew B. on Dec 31, 1876
Deering, Nellie F. to May, James on Jan 10, 1875
Dehm, Sophia K. to Kelley, Oliver S. on Jan 17, 1889
Delenger, Margaret J. to Goodwin, Christopher on Aug 27, 1854
Dell, Dora A. to Carlstead, George W. on May 07, 1898
Dell, Elizabeth Catherine to Cooper, Hugh M. on Jun 18, 1865
Dell, Florence to Stillwell, William on Oct 15, 1884
Dell, Frances L. to Baugh, John M. on Apr 26, 1874
Dell, Jane to Davis, Jacob on Jun 08, 1874
Dell, Maggie to Fleshman, S.L. on Dec 24, 1885
Dell, Rosa to Fleshman, John W. on Dec 25, 1883
Dellinger, Charlotte to Beck, Palemon L. on Jun 20, 1869
Dellzel, Ann E. to Bridtwell, Joseph C. on Aug 22, 1866
Delzell, Alice to High, Robert H. on Jul 22, 1881
Demmitt, Maggie P. to Baley, Alex on Mar 18, 1885
Denison, Lulu M. to Taylor, Thomas B. on Sep 05, 1895
Dennis, Caroline to Holglen, Isaac on Sep 10, 1858
Dennis, Clarissa C. to Collins, Stephen on Oct 19, 1886
Dennis, Elizabeth to Seaward, John I. on Sep 16, 1893
Dennis, Fannie to Yardley, William on Jan 02, 1894
Dennis, Fronie B. to Williams, William A. on Oct 01, 1899
Dennis, Mary C. to Emberton, John T. on Aug 26, 1897
Dennis, Permelia J. to Board, Nicholas S. on Oct 21, 1888
Dennis, Sarah to Bingham, Samuel on May 06, 1847
Dennison, Effie J. to Murdock, James M. on Oct 27, 1895
Dennison, Ruby E. to Cookman, Claget on Oct 16, 1898
Denslow, Mary O. to McDannald, Samuel A. on Dec 21, 1884
Denslow, Sarah to Cotton, John on Oct 05, 1890
Derr, Elizabeth G. to Morain, James on Dec 25, 1863
Desper, Julia A. to Bradley, William A. on Oct 22, 1865
Desper, Leona to Bradley, Thomas on Mar 22, 1864
Desper, Patience to Payne, George E. on Feb 13, 1887
Desper, Sarah A. to Bowman, John B. on Mar 14, 1886
Desper, Silva to Harryman, Overton on May 16, 1893
Desper, Viola to Miller, James M. on Feb 17, 1881
Desthick, Lydia A. to Glen, William M. on Jun 23, 1881
Detluck, Cynthia to Beal, Lester on Oct 10, 1876
Detterman, Nancy to Young, John H. on Mar 30, 1867
Detwiler, Ella J. to Prindle, Anson L. on Feb 17, 1884
Devalid, Ellen to Keith, James W. on Jul 12, 1893
Dever, Lillie M. to Wilson, Ernest R. on Jul 21, 1892
Dever, Sarah L. to Mofit, Philip S. on Oct 24, 1879
Devy, Emma to Marquis, John D. on Nov 22, 1895
Dewett, Anna L. to Menefee, Richard P. on Oct 09, 1895
Dewitt, Armedia B. to Wood, Thomas E. on Dec 28, 1887
Dewitt, Lydia D. to McClaskey, Daniel on May 26, 1881
Dewitt, Margaret J. to McCullough, Warren on Jul 02, 1865
Dewitt, Mary Magedeline to Thomas, Joel W. on Nov 25, 1860
Dickenson, Eva to Reed, Albert L. on Oct 23, 1898
Dickerson, Alice M. to Gibson, Andrew J. on Mar 01, 1882
Dickerson, Armettie to Gray, Elijah C. on Oct 11, 1888
Dickerson, Laura L. to Oatneal, France H. on Sep 30, 1888
Dickerson, Mary E. to Jackson, William R. on Nov 11, 1885
Dickerson, Nettie to Foster, Robert W. on Oct 22, 1894
Dickerson, Rose to Kerr, Thomas H. on Apr 17, 1898
Dickerson, Sarah E. to Rowan, John W. on Jan 22, 1899
Dickinson, Julia A. F. to Jamison, George W. on Feb 23, 1873
Dicks, Carey I. to Catherson, John A. on Jul 13, 1873
Dickson, Mary Ellen to King, Valentine M. on Oct 21, 1880
Dickson, Maud to Pigg, George T. on Oct 14, 1899
Dickson, Phebe Ann to Cave, John on Oct 28, 1855
Dillener, Rosa May to Campbell, Johnson on Dec 10, 1899
Dilliner, Alta to Murphy, William on Sep 23, 1894
Dillinger, Nancy to Maddrell, John D. on Feb 15, 1873
Dillinger, Rosetta to Singley, Rheene on Jan 03, 1886
Dilly, Harriett to Jay, Thomas on Nov 21, 1858
Dilts, Nellie to Stacy, Burt R. on Oct 02, 1895
Diltz, Cordelia J. to Cortney, William M. on Dec 25, 1881
Dimmitt, Clara J. to Custer, John L. on Apr 04, 1883
Ditto, Elizabeth to Beasley, James Riley on Jan 29, 1860
Dixon, Jane to Lunsford, Hiram on Jan 05, 1878
Dixon, Louisa to Wade, George on Oct 21, 1877
Doak, Margaret J. to Doke, Samuel on Sep 11, 1857
Doakes, Ann to Lapp, William on Jan 30, 1859
Dobbins, Margaret to Bailey, James M. on May 15, 1859
Dobbins, Martha Jane to Graham, George on May 17, 1857
Dobbins, Mary Ann to Humphreys, Elisha on Feb 11, 1854
Dobbins, Mattie to Doolin, Lee Roy on Mar 13, 1890
Dobbins, Sarah Cattum to Moberly, Thomas on Nov 04, 1877
Dodge, Mary to Dodson, Job on Dec 20, 1863
Dodson, Dicy Ann to Calvert, James on Mar 20, 1858
Dodson, Jane to Tharp, Jeremiah H. on Jun 22, 1877
Dodson, Mary Ann to Jones, Thomas C. on Jan 05, 1858
Dodson, Mary J. to Elliott, James O. on Sep 22, 1884
Dodson, Mary J. to Creason, Marshal on Mar 30, 1892
Dodson, Mettie E.F. to Brookshire, James N. on Aug 30, 1883
Dodson, Polly Ann to Harman Jr., Thomas J. on Apr 27, 1879
Dodson, Rachel A. to Williams, Charles R. on Feb 01, 1888
Dodson, Sarah to Hoskins, James on Oct 15, 1870
Doggett, Julia to Barr, J.W. on Aug 22, 1886
Doggett, Mrs. Anna to Porter, Wm. J. on Feb 14, 1884
Doke, Margaret Ann to Potter, James P. on Sep 11, 1856
Dolan, Elizabeth to Minson, F.L. on Jan 20, 1878
Dolan, Mary E. to Stokesberry, Samuel on May 26, 1889
Dolling, Elizabeth to Squires, John on Jun 23, 1878
Dollins, Nancy Elizabeth to Cook, Charles H. on Feb 24, 1859
Donhc, Martha to Osborn, John W. on Mar 26, 1876
Donnelly, Emma to Hodge, Lee B on Oct 09, 1897
Donnelly, Sallie to Hunt, James L. on Jul 02, 1892
Donoho, Sarah Ann to Sturgill, Center on Mar 30, 1848
Donoho, Sarah Jane to Chance, Stephen F. on Sep 28, 1862
Donohoe, Mary J. to Hayden, Thomas on Jul 21, 1878
Donohoo, Mary to Carter, David on Feb 24, 1867
Donohoo, Mary Ann to Sturgill, James G. on Aug 13, 1848
Doolin, Cealy to Hatcher, Reuben on Oct 29, 1874
Doolin, Eliza C. to McCray, William on Jan 01, 1878
Doolin, Elizabeth to Callihan, Bailey on Aug 02, 1868
Doolin, Lena to Higgins, Charles E. on Aug 29, 1885
Doolin, Sally to Peters, James H. on Jul 05, 1867
Doover, Levisa to Franklin, William on Jun 30, 1872
Dormar, Armenda to Leassure, H.E. on Jul 22, 1877
Dorsey, Olie to Morton, R.M. on May 24, 1883
Dorton, Hannah M. to Smith, Ephraim L. on Sep 01, 1878
Dotson, Sarah Jane to Bookout, Eli on Sep 29, 1853
Doty, Iva M. to Sayers, Allison T. on May 05, 1895
Doty, Martha E. to Lewis, William H. on Apr 18, 1866
Doty, Mary B. to Johnson, Alf on Mar 26, 1896
Dover, Betsy J. to Britton, Noah S. on Nov 13, 1869
Dover, Elizabeth to Clark, Robert on Oct 01, 1855
Dover, Margaret to Bunch, George on Feb 28, 1861
Dover, Mary A. to Monson, John P. on Jan 03, 1878
Downing, Elizabeth to Hudnall, Robert M. on Oct 07, 1883
Downing, Jane C. to Bell, Josephus on Jul 14, 1880
Downing, Margaret to Dillon, Jacob R. on Jan 02, 1881
Downing, Martha F. to Willis, Jesse W. on Feb 04, 1878
Downing, Sarah to Dolleris, Lewie on Oct 15, 1884
Doyle, Mariah to Montgomery, Doyle on Feb 07, 1853
Doze, Margaret to Hill, John A. on Aug 06, 1865
Doze, Phebe to Custer, Joseph C. on Sep 16, 1869
Drake, Frances S. to Smith, Thomas H. on Sep 11, 1867
Drake, Mrs. Melvina to Osborn, Scott on Oct 15, 1874
Draper, Martha E. to Leaply, George P. on Jan 24, 1885
Ducey, Emma D. to Miller, Daniel B. on Jan 07, 1878
Duckworth, Rachel M. to Hamilton, David M. on Jun 06, 1888
Duffel, Jebella G. to Norvell, R.S. on May 02, 1867
Duffield, Margaret E. to Donohoo, Robert on Apr 10, 1873
Duley, Emma D. to Miller, Daniel B. on Jan 07, 1877
Duley, Josaphine to Busick, David R. on May 13, 1882
Duley, Mrs. Talitha to Huff, William H. on Nov 12, 1876
Duly, Amanda M. to Bungarner, William H. on Mar 07, 1889
Dunham, Lula J. to Jones, Virgil E. on Oct 27, 1896
Dunlah, Jenny to Shole, Abraham L. on Mar 27, 1887
Dunlap, Ada to Camp, Alfred H. on May 11, 1897
Dunlap, Alta to McColluy, Evert on Dec 01, 1887
Dunlap, Amanda J. to Bingham, James K. P. on Sep 20, 1868
Dunlap, Cordelia F. to Roach, William F. on Nov 21, 1897
Dunlap, Dosie to Smith, Orra on Nov 02, 1898
Dunlap, Dulcinda to Bankus, Nathan on Jun 08, 1876
Dunlap, Emiline to West, John W. on Dec 07, 1874
Dunlap, Laura to Bankus, Cyrus on Apr 05, 1888
Dunlap, Lucy W. to Palmer, Joseph M. on Feb 10, 1887
Dunlap, Martha E. to Tunnell, William J. on Oct 27, 1878
Dunlap, Mary to Allen, Eugene E. on Feb 21, 1892
Dunlap, Mary A. to Williams, Robert E. on Aug 18, 1870
Dunlap, Mary E. to Palmer, Nova E. on Dec 22, 1889
Dunlap, Mary R. to Tunnell, John W. on Feb 24, 1881
Dunlap, Mattie to Allen, Raymond O. on Dec 23, 1894
Dunlap, Mina to Smith, Henry C. on Dec 20, 1893
Dunlap, Minnie to Clem, John M. on Apr 03, 1884
Dunlap, Mirna to Shinn, William T. on Dec 17, 1882
Dunlap, Mrs. Sarah Catherine to Glaze, John A. on Mar 20, 1873
Dunlap, Nancy A. to Johnson, William S. on Jan 26, 1877
Dunlap, Nancy T. to Hassee, William on Jul 01, 1852
Dunlap, Nellie G. to Mewmaw, William H. on Nov 04, 1894
Dunlap, Phoebe to Childers, Stephen L. on Dec 13, 1894
Dunlap, Rossa to Johnson, James on Aug 07, 1887
Dunn, Laura to King, L.R. on Dec 31, 1876
Dunnahoo, Malinda to Shipley, Soloman on Jul 26, 1860
Durm, Sarah to Pearson, Charles on Jan 14, 1873
Duskey, Cindarilla to Broyles, William on Oct 08, 1885
Duskey, Dora to Webb, Dennis B. on Jul 03, 1888
Duskey, Sarah E. to Reed, C.H. on Mar 30, 1862
Duskey, Sarah Elen to Prather, Van on Jul 24, 1851
Dusky, Cynthia Ann to Welch, Nelson B. on Jun 06, 1878
Duval, Nellie to Robinson, Frank C. on Dec 18, 1895
Dye, Sarah Evelyn to Moffitt, Amleanzen on Oct 15, 1863
Dyer, Amanda to Shatto, Henry D. on Feb 18, 1869
Dyer, Caroline to Stone, Harvey on Feb 21, 1875
Dyer, Mrs. Maggie to Spellman, Harry on May 25, 1885
Dyer, Nannie D. to Rogers, Lewis on Mar 08, 1874
Dyer, Sarah to Wolf, Rolandus Reed on Feb 04, 1869


Eades, Ema J. to Calhoon, Charles A. on Oct 03, 1878
Eaparthen, Lucinda to Drake, James T. on Sep 10, 1863
Earhart, Mary D. to Buxton, Oscar on Feb 23, 1886
Easley, Emma F. to Earles, William A. on Jul 04, 1883
Easley, Nancy A. to Haywood, Joseph Edgar on Aug 31, 1879
Eastman, Rosella to Wise, L.N. on Dec 02, 1891
Eastwood, Emma to McColloch, John G. on Nov 29, 1898
Eaton, Elizabeth to Storey, Alonzo on Aug 27, 1872
Eaton, Florence G. to Calhoun, Marion L. on Apr 07, 1887
Eaton, Grace to Dunlap, John A. on Dec 29, 1897
Eaton, Jane to Matkins, David on Nov 18, 1860
Eaton, Lucinda Ellen to Taylor, Jacob on Nov 20, 1856
Eaton, Mary E. to Westcoat, Orin D. on Feb 19, 1882
Eaton, Phebe to Burnett, James on Oct 20, 1884
Eckerson, Lula to Sowder, Robert S. on Sep 25, 1899
Eckley, Theresey to Johnson, John on Mar 06, 1873
Edens, Jossie R. to Anderson, George W. on Mar 26, 1899
Edens, Leah A. to Lambert, Edward M. on Apr 21, 1895
Edson, Annie R. to Cavett, Charles on Aug 18, 1882
Edson, Leona J. to Taylor, Thomas C. on Jan 01, 1883
Edson, Lucy A. to Singley, Robert C. on Nov 01, 1885
Edson, Nettie M. to Moore, William M. on Jul 04, 1889
Edson, Samantha to Patrick, John on Feb 28, 1879
Edwards, Artie to Watson, Nathan S. on Mar 30, 1879
Edwards, Artie Jersuith to Watson, N.S. on Mar 30, 1879
Edwards, Inez to Hughes, William S. on Jun 09, 1881
Edwards, Nancy Susan to Hon, Thomas on Jan 02, 1879
Eggman, Angelina to Davis, Mitchell on Apr 22, 1877
Eggman, Florence to Rodgers, G.W. on Oct 10, 1880
Eggman, Nancy C. to Downing, C.T. on Dec 25, 1884
Eggmun, Nora to Hays, James L. on Aug 31, 1879
Eladen, Margaret to Pellisen, Isaac A. on Dec 24, 1857
Elam, Jennie to Law, Marshall on Jun 03, 1890
Elarton, Inez E. to Myers, George R. on Apr 05, 1893
Elder, Laura B. to Anderson, Hugh C. on Dec 25, 1895
Elena, Lucinda to Holliday, S.N. on Apr 09, 1876
Ellis, Hannah to Wattenbarger, Solomon on Jun 16, 1859
Ellis, Jalie to Fassett, Sherman A. on Feb 16, 1895
Ellis, Mary E. to Thomas, William L. on Apr 22, 1858
Ellison, Sarah to Nooman, Stephen A. on Jan 11, 1897
Ellwood, Allice E. to Hamilton, John J. on Feb 22, 1885
Ellwood, Charlotte to Brummitt, William J. on Oct 05, 1872
Ellwood, Emily J. to Cowhick, John T. on Apr 29, 1872
Ellwood, Marietta to Anderson, John Floyd on Jul 12, 1877
Elmore, Catherine to Duffiell, Samuel on Apr 28, 1859
Elmore, Mary E. to Humphreys, Uriah on Aug 25, 1861
Elsworth, Nancy to Eubanks, William on Jun 09, 1877
Elwood, Ollie to Griffeih, Isaac S. on Dec 25, 1891
Ely, Elizabeth to Robinson, Charles L. on Sep 21, 1889
Emberton, Dora to Boyd, Sherman H. on Apr 25, 1886
Emberton, Florence to Clark, James on Sep 12, 1889
Emberton, Mary to Bennett, William on Dec 12, 1852
Emberton, Nancy to Wager, Edward G. on Mar 23, 1873
Emberton, Nora E. to Morehead, John H. on Sep 16, 1894
Emery, Mary E. to Siders, Isaac B. on Feb 22, 1892
Emery, Sarah C. to Middaugh, Thomas E. on Jun 25, 1882
Emhuff, Laura E. to Taylor, Zebedee on Mar 26, 1882
Emmons, Alma M. to Garton, Virgie E. on Jan 21, 1892
Emry, Rhoda to Maston, Francis M. on Mar 20, 1898
England, Elizabeth Jane to McKnob, Jesse on Mar 29, 1852
England, Frances Ann to Price, John on Dec 20, 1863
England, Isabelle to Blue, Alfred on Jul 30, 1846
England, Sarah A. to Mickens, James M. on May 08, 1857
England, Susan A. to Bray, Richard J. on Nov 05, 1896
England, Z.E. to Scott, R.F. on Sep 05, 1888
Engles, Lucy J. to Cotton, Andrew on Dec 15, 1870
English, Kate to Fairbanks, Noah on Jul 21, 1885
English, Sarah W. to Bryan, Charles F. on Jul 13, 1870
Erls, Lyddia to Creason, John on May 26, 1867
Erwin, Jennie to Blackburn, Albert on Nov 29, 1894
Eubanks, Amber C. to Halliburton, Westley on Jun 27, 1886
Eubanks, Bertie B. to Kerr, George B. on Jun 19, 1892
Eubanks, Norma F. to Swanger, John E. on Jul 01, 1898
Evans, Annie to Keggins, Lewis on Apr 25, 1896
Evans, Calesta to Henry, David on Aug 21, 1879
Evans, Catherine to Head, Ira on Jul 02, 1866
Evans, Mary E. to Smith, Martin V. on May 09, 1880
Evans, Rosa to Wiseheart, Richmond on Feb 19, 1891
Evans, Sarah A. to Welch, John on Dec 26, 1881
Everhart, Elizabeth to Ireland, Eli Denny on Dec 25, 1855
Everhart, Martha J. to Mitchell, John on Apr 12, 1883


Saber, Clara Catherine to Gray, Joshua on Aug 31, 1874
  (Editor's NOTE: it is suggested that "Saber" may really be "Faber.")
Fairbanks, Alice to Haeserne, Edgar B. on Jul 05, 1881
Fairbanks, Lydia D. to Jones, Samuel J. on Jul 01, 1886
Fairbanks, Mrs. Ella to Bivins, B.F. on Oct 25, 1884
Fairley, Barbara to Sanford, William on Apr 28, 1859
Faller, Mary L. to Mantlo, Jefferson C. on Jun 23, 1888
Faller, Nellie to Boyers, George W. on Oct 04, 1891
Fanchen, Samantha to Michael, John on Jan 08, 1857
Fancher, Amanda J. to Harman, Jacob A. on Sep 25, 1881
Fancher, Frances to Beck, James W. on Oct 05, 1857
Fancher, Mary E. to Skiles, Barton C. on May 15, 1875
Fancher, Mrs. Lydia A. to Plumb, Jeremiah on Mar 27, 1877
Fanning, Cora to Hull, Benj. F. on Dec 22, 1892
Fanning, Mary Ellen to Carmack, William on May 17, 1873
Fanning, Mary L. to Brumbaugh, George H. on Feb 20, 1899
Fanning, Netta to Carmack, A.J. on Aug 26, 1895
Fanning, Norma M. to Taylor, Robert B. on Oct 27, 1892
Fanning, Rebecca to Martin, John on Oct 18, 1861
Fanning, Rosa L. to Taylor, George W. on Jan 18, 1899
Farley, Anna C. to Leeper, James E. on Oct 09, 1890
Farley, Martha J. to Upton, Harvey on Oct 05, 1894
Farley, Mrs. Nancy to Rowan, Lucien E. on Feb 26, 1882
Farley, Mrs. Nancy L. to Rogers, Thomas on Dec 05, 1889
Farly, Nellie M. to Todd, Charles L. on Dec 25, 1897
Farthing, Rebecca to Morgan, Spencer on Oct 25, 1848
Fassett, Margaret J. to Washburn, John E. on Dec 31, 1890
Fear, Lillie M. to Woodruff, M.T. on Oct 08, 1891
Felker, Barbara E. to Ellis, John N. on Jan 16, 1890
Fenchum, Mary E. to Smith, John S. on Aug 10, 1879
Fenchum, Sarah J. to Busick, Isaac N. on Sep 14, 1879
Ferrell, Quintilla to Pfeiffer, S.S. on Sep 15, 1889
Fertig, Ella H. to Hamilton, J.J. on Mar 23, 1892
Fertig, Emma H. to Browning, J.D. on Dec 24, 1899
Fertig, Helen to Fisher, Samuel on Oct 20, 1870
Fertiz, Matilda J. to Richardson, James T. on Apr 13, 1871
Fetters, Rebecca A. to Grim, Thomas B. on Nov 14, 1878
Fetty, Leah H. to McFarland, William M. on Apr 10, 1862
Fields, Alta to Smith, U.G. on Sep 04, 1892
Fields, Argina to Browning, John A. on Apr 24, 1872
Fields, Coonora E. to Shepherd, John L. on Dec 08, 1897
Fields, Eliza to Simmons, J.R. on Sep 10, 1877
Fields, Elizabeth to Stanley, John on pt 26, 1847
Fields, Emily F. to Sayers, William L. on Sep 20, 1885
Fields, Malinda to McDonald, William on May 08, 1861
Fields, Martha Ann to Clem, Jacob on Jan 18, 1856
Fields, Mary to Broyles, Obadiah on Jan 21, 1877
Fields, Mary E. to Brumbaugh, Daniel on Dec 23, 1882
Fields, Mary E. to Wilson, F.L. on Jan 01, 1893
Fields, Nancy M. to Hollon, James Milton on Feb 22, 1874
Fields, Rebecca B. to Simpson, Henry on Mar 06, 1898
Fields, Sarah J. to Nickell, Frank W. on Nov 25, 1887
Fields, Virginia B. to Maggart, Benjamin on Mar 06, 1881
Finchem, Catharine to Hopper, Allen on Feb 25, 1884
Finchum, Elizabeth to Warren, John M. on Jun 30, 1889
Findon, Sarah K. to Fraizer, T.W. on Sep 28, 1879
Fink, Chustion to Keaselman, Louis on Sep 11, 1883
Finley, Lucinda to Lair, Hiram H. on Jul 23, 1869
Finney, Minnie B. to Reed, John W. on Aug 08, 1888
Fintin, Laura Ann to Phillips, Thomas F. on Jan 02, 1881
Fish, Emma C. to Jones, Wesley N. on Aug 01, 1897
Fish, Louella to Pfififer, Jno Henry on Nov 30, 1880
Fish, Mary A. to Johnson, Robert S. on Oct 20, 1864
Fish, Rosa L. to Kidd, Wesley L. on Mar 22, 1899
Fisher, Etta to Todd, James T. on Jan 11, 1891
Fisher, Junia D. to Weston, Columbus P. on Jul 02, 1882
Fisher, Letitia E. to Humphreys, Danniel C. on Jul 01, 1893
Fisher, Lurana E. to Williams, Henry S. on Jan 03, 1892
Fisher, Sarah R. to Spray, G.W. on Jan 23, 1873
Flanagin, Cora L. to Briggs, Thomas V. on Jun 01, 1890
Fletcher, Eliza T. to Williams, William H. on Feb 08, 1859
Fletcher, Nancy Ann to Quigley, Jonathan on Mar 13, 1853
Flowers, Fidora to Smith, W.A. on Jun 06, 1885
Floyd, Addie M. to Baker, George W. on Jul 21, 1886
Forbes, Emma L. to Waldren, Samuel W. on Jun 19, 1882
Ford, Cora L. to Rogers, John W. on Nov 29, 1896
Ford, Jennie B. to Cleeton, Emsley A. on Oct 14, 1896
Ford, Leota to Pierce, Edwin on Nov 03, 1898
Ford, Martha D. to Huddleson, Charles on May 11, 1882
Ford, Mary to Couch, Joseph H. on Apr 12, 1868
Ford, Mary to McCraken, William A. on Dec 05, 1869
Ford, Mary to Tipton, Joseph on Sep 04, 1881
Ford, Mary Ann to Haney, Johnathen on Feb 03, 1853
Ford, Mary E. to Saulsberry, Jefferson C. on Jul 05, 1878
Ford, Mrs. Betsy Ann to Shatto, Paul on Mar 12, 1872
Ford, Mrs. Martha to Moore, Richard on Dec 23, 1882
Ford, N. Frances to Mitchell, James F. on Oct 11, 1894
Ford, Niaca to McCerien, Amen on May 10, 1874
Foster, Elizabeth to Stephenson, Henry on Mar 24, 1877
Foster, Ellen J. to Murphy, Orlando on Jan 27, 1881
Foster, Elpha to Stephenson, Geo. W. on Jan 05, 1898
Foster, Flora B. to Hall, Albert C. on Nov 30, 1895
Foster, Josephine to Williams, William C. on Feb 12, 1896
Foster, Martha A. to Taylor, Levi on Jul 23, 1876
Foster, Mary E. to Joiner, M.C. on Sep 08, 1892
Foster, Nancy to Ford, Grant on Oct 25, 1863
Foster, Nancy to Sharp, Robert M. on Apr 01, 1897
Foster, Nancy L. to Couch, Joseph W. on Jul 12, 1866
Foster, Rosa to Wright, Michael on Aug 17, 1880
Foster, Sarah to Chonnin, C.W. on Dec 25, 1892
Fourney, Martha Jane to Allred, John M. on Feb 23, 1857
Fowler, Emma J. to Peters, Charles W. on Dec 03, 1882
Fowler, Mollie A. to Peters, George F. on Jul 06, 1884
Fox, Minnie Louise to Merrill, Wilbur DeLoss on Jun 06, 1894
France, Ann to Cooper, Edward on Oct 09, 1873
Franklin, Alice to Neighbors, Joseph on Feb 22, 1886
Franklin, Amy Ann to Dennis, William Jasper on May 21, 1863
Franklin, Clella M. to Ford, Wm. J. on Aug 24, 1890
Franklin, Della to Hilligoss, William O. on Apr 14, 1894
Franklin, Elizabeth P. to Harris, Charley M. on Nov 27, 1860
Franklin, Ella to Daniels, Thomas J. on Mar 05, 1891
Franklin, Frances L. to Heralson, Rollins on Jan 03, 1850
Franklin, Georgia A. to Head, Robert B. on Sep 29, 1889
Franklin, Lizzie to Kenley, Beverly on Apr 09, 1894
Franklin, Lulla M. to Lynch, David W. on Oct 28, 1897
Franklin, Mary Ellon to Harris, John on May 04, 1848
Franklin, Mary L. to Robinson, Marion F. on Jun 14, 1891
Franklin, Mrs. Mahala to Chandler, R.E. on Mar 04, 1889
Franklin, Sarah to Becker, George on Aug 21, 1873
Fransher, Tennessee to Medley, Javez on ly 14, 1861
Frazer, Margaret A. to See, George on Mar 31, 1878
Frazer, Martha to Wilson, Albert on Dec 18, 1879
Frazer, Nancy to Lane, Thomas on May 25, 1851
Frazier, Abbie to Frazier, William E. on Mar 21, 1886
Frazier, Amanda to Boyd, David D. on Mar 22, 1866
Frazier, Ann Eliza to Hull, William R. on Nov 01, 1868
Frazier, Annie to Saulsberry, Jacob on Feb 15, 1885
Frazier, Elizabeth to Payne, John on Sep 05, 1858
Frazier, Elizabeth M. to Norris, Joel on Feb 02, 1873
Frazier, Jennie to Kenley, John R. on May 14, 1882
Frazier, Lew E. to Couch, John T. on Jul 10, 1899
Frazier, Lillie to Sapp, James W. on Jun 03, 1893
Frazier, Lizzie M. to Boling, John H. on Jan 01, 1895
Frazier, Lola to Payne, Thomas E. on Mar 28, 1897
Frazier, Lyda to Lee, Nimrod on Mar 28, 1861
Frazier, Lydia E. to Keel, P.H. on Mar 13, 1861
Frazier, Margaret L. to Fearn, William B. on Aug 24, 1884
Frazier, Mary F. to Harris, Dr. James M. on Dec 30, 1877
Frazier, Mary J. to Green, John D. on Oct 13, 1868
Frazier, Mary Jane to Boyce, Wesley on Mar 12, 1874
Frazier, Minnie to Bennett, Geroge on Oct 11, 1888
Frazier, Mrs. Mary A. to Harris, John on Aug 19, 1884
Frazier, Nancy E. to Kimes, John L. on Sep 05, 1890
Frazier, Polly Ann to Chapman, Terry on Jan 03, 1878
Frazier, Rachel to Bennett, John S. on Feb 13, 1862
Frazier, Rachel to Crumpacker, Henry on Apr 13, 1864
Frazier, Roby to Vaughn, George W. on Oct 06, 1897
Frederick, Rhoda to Murphey, George on Jul 24, 1853
Fredricks, Antemetia to Thompson, Adrain on Feb 02, 1854
Freeland, Maggie to Wells, Sherman W. on Feb 14, 1895
French, Sithy to Eades, Edgar on Nov 24, 1878
Friend, Eliza to Robinson, Peory on Feb 21, 1864
Friend, Elizabeth to Robinson, Perry on Feb 21, 1864
Frittze, Mrs. Rebecca to Sill, Adam on Sep 20, 1885
Frost, Lannie A.M. to Perigo, Judson on Dec 30, 1896
Fry, Adalee to Bass, Cornelius on Aug 04, 1872
Fry, Amanda to Dennis, William on Jan 06, 1867
Fry, Elizabeth E. to Fairbanks, James M. on Jul 10, 1880
Fry, Jane to Letner, Michael on Dec 24, 1863
Fry, Ollie to Neighbor, John W. on Dec 11, 1884
Fugnar, Hellen to Kelly, James P. on Jun 26, 1889
Fulks, Sarah M. to Glidewell, Robert L. on Nov 25, 1895
Fulterty, Florella to West, Marlancthen K. on Jan 09, 1885
Fulton, Nancy to Banner, Robert on Nov 09, 1890
Funkenhouser, Margaret A. to Deeds, George on May 30, 1858

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