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Sullivan County Early Marriages
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Organized by Bride's Last Name A-B

(No given name) to Ellison, John on May 08, 1859
(Unknown Surname), Malissa to Catlett, William on Nov 25, 1896
(No given name) to Bargar, D.W. on Dec 23, 1882
(No given name) to Sloan, William L. on Nov 05, 1886


Abbott, Mary C. to Hucky, George on Mar 11, 1877
Abbott, Mary C. to Hurley, George on Mar 11, 1877
Abernathy, Rebecca J. to Boston, Pullant M. on Apr 18, 1886
Able, Mary to Todhunter, Isaac N. on Apr 16, 1847
Abrams, Minnie M. to Eastwood, Charles I. on May 19, 1895
Ackles, Osie G. to Pharo, Stephen M. on Jan 30, 1899
Acres, Mary E. to Helms, George W. on Oct 16, 1879
Adams, Annie S. to Somerville, William S. on Nov 21, 1886
Adams, Cora to Wygant, Benjamin F. on Jul 29, 1890
Adams, Idam M. to Moore, Sterling Price on Oct 16, 1886
Adams, Lucinda to Alired, Jesse T. on Jul 05, 1855
Adams, Marietta to Bradley, William on Aug 04, 1886
Adams, Mary E. to Holt, Isiah G. on Nov 22, 1888
Adams, Mirtie E. to Moore, Andrew J. on Oct 28, 1896
Adams, Sarah to Vaughn, Joseph on Nov 18, 1858
Adams, Susie to Fulton, Ethelbert on Apr 16, 1896
Adams, Theressa M. to Edmonds, Edward on Apr 14, 1897
Adamson, Anna to Chase, Benjamin K. on Jun 03, 1897
Adelsperger, Eva to Wadsworth, Henry H. on Jun 30, 1897
Adkins, Frances to Henderson, James W. on Oct 26, 1854
Adkins, Hannah to Crooks, Titus on Jan 10, 1868
Adkins, Melia to Boothe, Joseph on Nov 29, 1860
Aibright, Lewalles to McNaught, Franklin on May 01, 1880
Aibright, Ollie D. to Perrin, R.B. on Sep 21, 1898
Ailor, Matilda E. to Kelly, Hazael on Nov 30, 1856
Ailtiser, Matilda E. to Sinclair, William H. on Aug 20, 1874
Akerman, Mary to Horming, John A. on Apr 21, 1856
Akerman, Mary to Hanning, John A. on Apr 21, 1856
AlIred, Catharine to Medley, John C. on Jul 28, 1871
AlIred, Ida to Goodwin, Wesley on Feb 20, 1883
Albright, Annie to Newton, Philip M. on Jun 03, 1896
Albright, Arozo to Quigley, Jacob H. on Oct 04, 1889
Alderman, Emley Susan to Judd, James W. on Sep 26, 1858
Aldermum, Ann Eliza to Stout, Madison on May 07, 1862
Aleshire, Eliza C. to Stanley, Milton on Jan 19, 1899
Alexander, Arvilla A. to Calhoun, William on Jan 21, 1883
Alexander, Eliza to Douglas, John on Jul 30, 1862
Alexander, Hannahretta to Harris, Wm. L. on Jan 04, 1885
Alexander, Henritta to Harris, William L. on Jan 04, 1884
Alexander, Laura J. to Williams, Lewis W. on Mar 27, 1881
Alexander, Lora A. to Lee, Allen B. on Jun 20, 1897
Alexander, Mary to Weaver, Isaac on Jul 06, 1856
Alexander, Mary Jane to Bowerds, William M. on Feb 18, 1872
Alexander, Mary M. to Page Jr., George on Jun 08, 1877
Alexander, Nancy to McClaskey, Joseph on Feb 09, 1871
Alexander, Phelyn to Weaver, Joel on Aug 26, 1855
Alexander, Pink to Straley, Willis on Feb 05, 1884
Alkins, Fannie M. to Putnam, William M. on Apr 17, 1888
Allen, Alley to Call, Martin F. on Sep 06, 1888
Allen, Barbara to Mace, Ott Perry on Dec 27, 1855
Allen, Elizabeth to Conner, T.J. on Dec 23, 1859
Allen, Elizabeth to Kennett, James M. on Oct 07, 1886
Allen, Hattie F. to Rains, Chrisley A. on Aug 31, 1895
Allen, Ida J. to Moffitt, William R. on Aug 30, 1883
Allen, Jane H. to Collins, John on Jan 22, 1885
Allen, Josephine to Meekins, William A. on Oct 24, 1880
Allen, Lillie L. to Reed, Joseph H. on Oct 09, 1892
Allen, Martha to Lewis, Joseph on Jun 22, 1851
Allen, May to Johnson, John D. on Oct 09, 1895
Allen, Nellie to Hashman, J.C. on May 26, 1889
Allen, Nellie to Pool, Frank E. on Aug 08, 1897
Allen, Sallie M. to St. Clair, John W. on Dec 20, 1899
Allen, Sarah Ann to Norman, Stephen on Mar 19, 1879
Allen, Susie to Wilks, Charles S. on Dec 31, 1895
Allison, Mary June to Meines, George on Sep 09, 1858
Allmstead, Lucy Ann to Buckmaster, Parker on Sep 12, 1869
Allred, Emily to Hargis, Andrew J. on Apr 27, 1847
Allred, Megary E. to Miller, James L. on Jun 25, 1871
Allred, Sarah to Miller, Daniel on Mar 14, 1869
Allred, Tabitha to Hamton, Joe E. on Jul 30, 1871
Allright, Isabelle to Lamar, Moses on Dec 06, 1877
Allsinger, Ninnie A. to McNeese, Simon P. on Dec 13, 1866
Allueback, Rebeca J. to Head, Daniel on Aug 05, 1887
Alman, Zora A. to Jennings, Robert H.B. on Mar 29, 1888
Almon, Hattie to Jennings, Thomas on May 26, 1890
Alther, Aizina to Gooding, Thaddeus on Oct 01, 1866
Altiser, Lavina to Gooden, Thadeus on Apr 26, 1868
Altizer, Margaret F. to Laughead, John on Nov 10, 1889
Altizer, Mary V. to Miller, Silas C. on Sep 05, 1886
Alurney, Maryancy to Braden, Alexander on Aug 27, 1870
Amack, Sarah E. to Guiles, Lorin A. on Mar 01, 1898
Amerman, Clara A. to Williams, Edmond C. on Feb 21, 1892
Ames, Clara L. to Adams, John Q. on Mar 22, 1896
Ames, Gertrude C. to Reed, James S. on Oct 16, 1889
Ammerman, Ida to Lintner, William H. on Jan 01, 1884
Anasmith, Margs to Coon, Ausliny on Dec 08, 1887
Anders, Elizabeth to McKinsey, Wm. on Dec 25, 1880
Anderson, Alda May to Wattenbarger, George on Jan 24, 1891
Anderson, Elizabeth M. to Cassity, William L. on Jan 07, 1894
Anderson, Laura F. to Anderson, John S.H. on Apr 05, 1897
Anderson, Lelitia to Sears, Ira L. on May 13, 1886
Anderson, Mary E. to Sears, Oscar P. on Mar 19, 1876
Anderson, Mary E. to Cassity, Peter T. on Dec 09, 1898
Anderson, Sarah to Stirling, James T. on Mar 07, 1889
Anderson, Susan to Scnapp, John on Jul 17, 1866
Anderson, Weithie to Fisher, Charles A. on Dec 02, 1894
Andis, Ellen F. to Medley, John C. on May 25, 1898
Andrews, Mariah to Meals, George W. on Dec 24, 1874
Andrews, May to Page, Daniel W. on Feb 12, 1885
Andrews, Mrs. Martha A. to Seward, Calvin C. on Aug 21, 1881
Anspach, Mrs. Tabitha to Toole, Thomas on Mar 11, 1866
Anspaugh, A.M. to Kims, W.L. on Mar 11, 1877
Anthony, Lucy to Talbert, Orlando on Oct 07, 1888
Anthony, Sarah E. to Wilhite, Daniel E. on Feb 26, 1889
Anton, Bertha to Brownfield, James on Oct 14, 1898
Appbby, Mary J. to Walton, Columbus on Aug 01, 1898
Archer, Denne to Dorsey, Joseph F. on Sep 11, 1889
Armstead, Sarah Ann to Cochrane, Madison M. on Apr 28, 1861
Armstrong, Eliza to Williams, George E. on Sep 21, 1873
Armstrong, Esther to Casteel, James on Feb 22, 1857
Armstrong, Mrs. Mary to Ralls, John C. on Apr 05, 1889
Arnmett, Lydia M. to Henry, G.F. on Mar 21, 1883
Arnold, Girtie E. to Bundridge, Joseph W. on Oct 06, 1897
Arnold, Mary A. to Shatto, Hiram S. on Sep 25, 1879
Arnold, Maud M. to Christy, Edward D. on Jan 19, 1896
Arnold, Melissa J. to Strode, Lindsey R. on Aug 25, 1881
Arrasmith, Emily to Wood, Henry on Jul 20, 1845
Arrasmith, Lavina to Wheeler, Able F. on Dec 25, 1847
Arratsm, Mary to Auxier, Samuel M. on Dec 27, 1892
Artens, Fannie to Coyle, T.A. on Dec 11, 1892
Arthur, Almeda M. to Shepherd, James A. on Nov 05, 1876
Ash, Delina M. to Haddock, Benjamin F. on Jul 03, 1881
Asher, Wordie M. to Baughman, Elbert T. on Mar 19, 1876
Ashley, Elizabeth to Edwards, J.A. on Jul 04, 1878
Athens, loney B. to Poff, John on Nov 24, 1889
Athon, Emily C. to Sevier, J.M. on Feb 05, 1888
Atkins, Frances to Wolfe, Pinkney H. on Aug 30, 1899
Atkins, Mary F. to Williams, Ed W. on Feb 28, 1886
Atkins, Nancy to Ray, Brahm N. on Apr 19, 1861
Atkinson, Emma to Cutsinger, George on Jun 06, 1891
Attwood, Viola to Nicholas, John W. on Dec 25, 1883
Atwood, Clara E. to Pearson, Thomas B. on Dec 24, 1891
Atwood, Jane to Wedenen, on Dec 16, 1853
Atwood, Louisa to Brunk, William Charles on Jan 17, 1867
Atwood, Nancy to Smart, James on Nov 14, 1891
Aul, Sarah E. to Creason, Isaac W.N. on Jun 30, 1875
Aunnurman, Ella to Whitemack, William on Mar 11, 1888
Auslum, Mary J. to Kent, William on Aug 22, 1879
Auxier, Arminta to Kent, Uriah M. on Apr 28, 1878
Auxier, Emily to Tayler, Jacob on Sep 08, 1878
Auxier, Rebecca to Watson, Gustavus on Feb 01, 1871
Auxier, Sarah Jane to Watson, Henry on Nov 11, 1875
Avery, Frances to Taylor, William on Apr 06, 1866
Ayers, Mrs. Jane to Herriman, Tilford H. on Nov 13, 1879
Ayres, Bertha to Snow, David E. on Sep 15, 1889
Ayres, Claria S. to Francis, Henry on Sep 02, 1883
Ayres, Ida to Heniford, John A. on Feb 27, 1887
Ayres, Kittie to Payne, Daniel S. on Jul 01, 1883
Ayres, Rinda to Smart, Wm. J. on Feb 03, 1887


B---, Leona Catherine to Smith, David on Jun 11, 1853
Babbit, Mary C. to Abott, John C. on Aug 30, 1868
Babbitt, Abbie J. to Davis, N.W. on Oct 30, 1881
Babwell, Sarah W. to Smith, Thomas W. on Feb 20, 1890
Baby, Laurabelle to Rider, T.J. on Oct 16, 1880
Bachman, Dennie to Strong, Ward on Nov 13, 1892
Bachman, Ettie M. to Henry, Emery J. on Jun 29, 1899
Bagly, Mary Belle to Cramer, Gilbert on Jan 05, 1880
Baid, Sarah to Wagers, Francis on Nov 27, 1846
Baidridge, Dora to Hamilton, Arch F. on Nov 30, 1897
Baidridge, Kittie to Black, William on Nov 23, 1897
Baidridge, Sarah Caroline to Banner, Samuel on Apr 28, 1861
Baidridge, Susan to Henry, Robert L. on Mar 08, 1896
Bailes, Rose to Davis, Fred E. on Dec 27, 1896
Bailey, Alwilda to Helton, John H. on Feb 15, 1885
Bailey, Arvilla to Strain, James E. on Jan 01, 1880
Bailey, Arvilla to Strain, James E. on Jan 01, 1880
Bailey, Bell to Athon, Charles E. on Jun 23, 1887
Bailey, Caroline to Craig, Samuel B. on Dec 23, 1881
Bailey, Christian B. to Bates, Harvey C. on Dec 31, 1896
Bailey, Christy A. to Tunnell, William H. on Oct 27, 1870
Bailey, Clara to Wheeler, T.S. on Aug 09, 1895
Bailey, Edith A. to McClary, James on Mar 22, 1891
Bailey, Emma J. to Beatty, Virgil E. on Apr 10, 1889
Bailey, Emma L. to Kent, Richard W. on Jan 23, 1887
Bailey, Emma M. to Moffitt, James F. on Dec 24, 1897
Bailey, Eva R. to Wilkins, Noah on Aug 16, 1896
Bailey, Grace E. to Wise, George J. on Oct 04, 1896
Bailey, Laura to Greson, George on Sep 07, 1886
Bailey, Leona to Smith, John W. on Feb 19, 1891
Bailey, Lola A. to Riddle, Lewis H. on Oct 08, 1890
Bailey, Lou to Hamilton, Clyde A. on Mar 17, 1896
Bailey, Louisa to Thompson, Willard on Oct 21, 1877
Bailey, Lucena to Walker, Leonard O. on Oct 31, 1888
Bailey, Mary O. to Kent, William F. on Feb 02, 1882
Bailey, May to Vaughn, George on Oct 21, 1884
Bailey, Nellie J. to Foster, William L. on Oct 28, 1894
Bailey, Nellie N. to Hammers, Joseph S. on Jun 04, 1868
Bailey, Norma E. to Ross, David O. on Feb 11, 1897
Bailey, Pearl to Hannon, Geo. E.W. on Jan 09, 1898
Bailey, Saphrona to Hook, V.A. on Oct 30, 1883
Baily, Alta to Cooper, A.J. on Dec 20, 1891
Baily, Lilly to Parrish, Davis on Sep 27, 1893
Baird, Francis to Overstreet, Mann on Mar 20, 1881
Baird, Phehe to Yount, Nicholas T. on Oct 01, 1882
Baker, Allie to Harl, George W. on Apr 18, 1886
Baker, Angelina to Shepler, Martin H. on May 02, 1878
Baker, Anna E. to Miller, George W. on Nov 20, 1892
Baker, Cora A. to Thrasher, Stephen H. on Jun 12, 1892
Baker, Delcina to Mendenhall, William G. on Jul 18, 1886
Baker, Delena to Cummings, Daniel B. on Dec 18, 1879
Baker, Dova E. to Lee, Robert E. on Sep 12, 1885
Baker, Edna to Downing, W.G. on Apr 08, 1893
Baker, Elizabeth to Owen, Richard on Mar 20, 1853
Baker, Eva to Shannon, Edward L. on Mar 01, 1899
Baker, Lieuslla to Chancy, Thomas H. on Oct 30, 1878
Baker, Louisa J. to Cain, William J. on Sep 07, 1887
Baker, Lucinda to Beck, James C. on Feb 10, 1881
Baker, Lydia to Parkey, Peter on Nov 09, 1854
Baker, Malinda to Foster, William on Nov 03, 1868
Baker, Margaret Ann to Morris, Samuel T. on Jan 01, 1885
Baker, Margaret E. to Matney, Isaac C. on Feb 29, 1872
Baker, Mary to MeCollum, David H. on Dec 16, 1865
Baker, Mary A. to Saulsburry, Andrew J. on Feb 15, 1885
Baker, Nancy to Peavler, Martin on Mar 31, 1878
Baker, Nancy Jane to Triggs, George W. on Apr 28, 1873
Baker, Sarah to Bennett, William on Mar 31, 1874
Baker, Sarah Ann to Rose, Arthur on May 19, 1872
Baker, Sarah J. to Canterbury, Joseph P. on Jan 20, 1895
Baker, Susan F. to Price, Ulysses G. on Apr 05, 1891
Baldndge, Clara M. to Reger, John E. on Sep 20, 1883
Baldridge, Ada L. to Jackson, J.B. on Mar 13, 1881
Baldridge, Effie to Montgomery, William S. on Oct 31, 1894
Baldridge, Emiline to Tolly, William J. on Jan 23, 1851
Baldridge, Frances M. to Reaves, Thomas A. on Apr 29, 1867
Baldridge, Jennie G. to Caldwell, Marian J. on Jul 29, 1895
Baldridge, Margaret I. to Morehead, John B. on Nov 28, 1886
Baldridge, Mary to Henry, John Z. on Dec 27, 1861
Baldridge, Mary to Stuart, John on Apr 30, 1871
Baldridge, Mary Alice to McClanahan, Andrew J. on Jan 01, 1888
Baldridge, Mary Caroline to Montgomery, Thomas on Jun 30, 1860
Baldridge, Mattie to Boyd, N.M. on Nov 24, 1892
Baldridge, Missouri to Jeosing, Harmon on Oct 12, 1875
Baldridge, Nancy to Boyd, Robert on Dec 25, 1853
Baldridge, Sarah I. to Corben, John L. on May 23, 1858
Baldridge, Sarah Jane to Jackson, William on Feb 10, 1848
Baldridge, Sarah V. to Thomas, M.F. on Apr 01, 1877
Baldridge, Susan to Talley, Henry on Nov 17, 1861
Baldwin, Lily to Reed, John W. on Apr 07, 1887
Bales, Mrs. Lillie A. to Hughes, James on Mar 31, 1887
Balgy, Hannah to Philipps, Isaah on Apr 05, 1857
Ball, Ada E. to Michael, E.D. on Dec 31, 1893
Ball, Elda Bell to Stufflebean, John on Jun 09, 1853
Ball, Ella to Rilble, Albert on Apr 12, 1896
Ball, Emma to Jackson, John on Apr 11, 1872
Ball, Mary to Hayse, Henry H. on Sep 02, 1866
Ball, Myrtle to Lindsey, Joseph on Mar 27, 1899
Ballard, Bertha D. to Rodgers, Clemmons E. on Sep 03, 1896
Bankus, Alice M. to Wilson, Thomas D. on Jan 14, 1894
Bankus, Hattie M. to Heaton, William A. on Feb 28, 1897
Bankus, Mrs. Sary to Callihan, Joseph on Mar 04, 1880
Bankus, Rosa M. to Walker, Lawiston J. on Oct 26, 1898
Bankus, Sarah M. to Hennon, George W. on Jan 01, 1881
Bankus, Ura to Lovell, Ellsworth on Jul 24, 1884
Banner, Cora M. to Cunningham, William on May 15, 1892
Banner, Ellen to Auxier, Thomas J. on Feb 28, 1892
Banner, Ida May to Holliday, James W. on Sep 20, 1888
Banner, Lilian F. to Lemmon, Samuel on Oct 30, 1881
Banner, Myrtle E. to Kinton, George L. on Oct 13, 1895
Banning, Dora A. to Vansickle, Robert L. on Feb 13, 1897
Banty, Francis to Garrott, Paul on Jul 10, 1878
Barbee, Allie to Hubbart, Joseph S. on Aug 22, 1893
Barbee, Emma to Dixon, Francis on Jun 21, 1885
Barbee, Etta C. to Wallace, William R. on Jul 09, 1892
Barbee, Nola C. to Sherman, Thomas C. on Dec 04, 1899
Barbee, Susan to Daly, James on Dec 28, 1865
Barberry, Marcie to Johnson, Alfred W. on Oct 19, 1871
Barby, Mary G. to Pig, Jackson W. on Dec 29, 1872
Barker, Mary Ann to Waggoner, Daniel B. on Dec 25, 1862
Barkley, Margaret to Webb, Nathaniel J. on Feb 06, 1877
Barkley, Mary L. to Page, Hugh W. on Dec 02, 1888
Barley, Mary F. to Guiles, Milton A. on Sep 13, 1874
Barlow, Emily P. to Collins, Jerome J. on May 13, 1890
Barlow, Sarah M. to Cassity, Albert T. on Apr 13, 1890
Barnes, Ada to Harman, Thomas J. on Jul 23, 1893
Barnes, Tellitha to Fulton, John H. on Sep 30, 1858
Barnett, Amanda to Quigley, James P. on Jun 15, 1890
Barnett, Emma to Stewart, Wheeler on Sep 04, 1880
Barnett, Eva to Swallow, John M. on Jun 09, 1872
Barnett, Geneva A. to Corban, Lennie W. on Sep 05, 1897
Barnett, Ida M. to Tucker, William M. on Feb 05, 1896
Barnett, Jane to Glidewell, Leander on Jun 07, 1884
Barnett, Mary J. to Barnett, William S. on Dec 25, 1890
Barnett, Maud to Johnson, Norton on Aug 13, 1899
Barnett, Millie M. to Cox, Henry on Nov 02, 1879
Barnett, Sadie A. to Broyles, William on Jun 21, 1891
Barnett, Sarah L. to Dorrell, James on Nov 15, 1857
Barnett, Susan M. to Barton, Lewis on Oct 25, 1872
Barnett, Susie to Wheeler, Simon P. on Dec 24, 1899
Barr, Lula to Johnson, Neal on Aug 25, 1895
Barr, Mary J. to Turner, John W. on Dec 18, 1886
Bartholomew, Mary L. to Pierce, B.M. on Jan 23, 1872
Bartlett, Almeda to Page, Sanford on Dec 24, 1878
Bartlett, Amanda M. to Sinclair, Sterling P. on Mar 10, 1891
Bartlett, Dora to Conner, Darius A. on May 01, 1898
Bartlett, Dorothy to Bartlett, John on Apr 09, 1876
Bartlett, Elizabeth to Smith, Liberty R. on May 11, 1869
Bartlett, Louana to Kelly, Frank on May 26, 1878
Bartlett, Mary E. to Page, Isaiah L. on Mar 03, 1892
Bartlett, Nancy A. to Payne, Daniel A. on Mar 03, 1878
Bartlett, Sarah E. to Cummins, Edward on Dec 25, 1880
Bartley, Huldid J. to Mason, Elias F. on May 01, 1881
Bartley, Leona to Bingham, William A. on May 01, 1899
Bartmus, Ida M. to Desper, Joseph F. on Mar 15, 1899
Barto, Cora E. to Chappell, Robert L. on Jul , 1894
Barton, Nora May to Humphreys, Uriah on May 26, 1895
Bartow, Mary to Kilburn, Sterling P. on Jul 03, 1898
Bartow, Sarah E. to Harris, William on Jan 27, 1886
Bascus, Rosanna to Sprague, Ebenezer on May 30, 1858
Basket, Clarissa A. to Holland, John S. on Feb 25, 1869
Baskett, Belle to Brookshire, James N. on Nov 21, 1886
Bass, Bell to Shattou, Thomas on Sep 11, 1881
Bass, Maria L. to Hinckley, D.L. on Aug 28, 1893
Bass, lona M. to Bailey, James D. on Jun 10, 1897
Bates, Mary E. to Cooper, James W. on Oct 22, 1882
Battenbery, Hattie M. to Hare, Ora G. on Feb 22, 1887
Baughman, Dell to Long, Andrew on Aug 27, 1886
Bausell, Mary A. to Shaw, William on Dec 31, 1874
Bauswell, Louise E. to Gibson, James W. on Jun 29, 1869
Bay, Ida B. to Loughead, John on Sep 03, 1885
Bay, Lue V. to Davis, C.E. on Nov 05, 1891
Bayr, Mrs. Edna to Rowland, William on Apr 18, 1886
Beabout, Mary E. to Yardley, William R. on Jul 28, 1883
Beabout, Nancy A. to Davis, Eugene on Apr 24, 1881
Beacham, Josephine to Frazier, James E. on Nov 10, 1859
Beachamp, Margaret to Frazer, Joshua on Jan 1 , 1853
Beachum, Malinda to Hamilton, Harvey on Nov 01, 1859
Beal, Marietta Victory to Morgan, William I. on Apr 18, 1875
Beal, Martha Ellen to Munsin, Alexander on Oct 22, 1879
Beal, Mary M. to Quigley, William E. on Feb 09, 1871
Beal, Mrs. Josephine to Kinter, James on Apr 19, 1863
Beall, Clarissa P. to Brees, Wilfred on Jan 01, 1896
Beall, Elizabeth to Long, William W. on May 01, 1890
Beall, Flora M. to States, John W. on Jan 09, 1887
Beall, Jossee to McNaught, William on Jan 08, 1881
Beall, Lora to Love, Elias M. on Oct 01, 1865
Beall, Mary E. to Montgomery, Lucky on Oct 28, 1858
Beall, Rosa M. to Scott, Edward W. on Apr 15, 1894
Beals, Louisa to Fans, William C. on Oct 09, 1852
Beam, Clarissa Philota to Waggoner, George on May 14, 1876
Beard, Anna to Neighbors, Charles on Apr 12, 1890
Beard, Ella O. to Guiles, Emery on Oct 06, 1884
Beard, Frances to Meadow, Theodore on Nov 08, 1874
Beard, Mary E. to Guffey, Thomas W. on Sep 14, 1869
Beard, Nancy Jane to Mikeles, David on Aug 09, 1862
Beasley, Elizabeth S. to Myers, Andrew J. on Dec 17, 1889
Beasley, Evaline to Deeds, David on Mar 14, 1892
Beasley, Hattie E. to Botts, Charle& H. on Jun 17, 1895
Beasley, Mrs. Elizabeth to Waggoner, George W. on Nov 10, 1881
Beatty, Bell to Porter, Andrew on Dec 24, 1872
Beatty, Mary Jane to Walker, Charles on Nov 29, 1877
Beatty, Vinnie E. to Herrington, Warner on Jun 26, 1895
Beaty, Laura O. to Bailey, John A. on Oct 10, 1889
Beazley, Belle to Blackburn, John on Oct 26, 1877
Beazley, Melissa R. to Waggoner, G.F. on Jan 01, 1882
Bechem, Pricy to Frazier, Henry on Oct 29, 1857
Beck, Amanda E. to Summers, Charles E. on Jun 04, 1890
Beck, Celestie E. to West, William S. on Dec 19, 1895
Beck, Frances R. to Harris, John J. on Jun 21, 1899
Beck, Henrietta to Lambert, Charles L. on Dec 15, 1897
Beck, Ida J. to Straley, Elmer E. on Nov 15, 1890
Beck, Lily N. to Baker, George T. on Jun 16, 1896
Beck, Margaret Ann to Tabor, Owen M. on Dec 19, 1856
Beck, Martha Ellen to Dillinger, J.J. on Apr 30, 1874
Beck, Mary Isabelle to Riggins, Byron Dale on Jul 28, 1872
Beck, Maud B. to Ames, Charles M. on Jan 27, 1897
Beck, Nancy to Cleaton, Alfred on Apr 20, 1859
Beck, Rosaline to Riddle, John B. on Aug 16, 1892
Beck, Susannah C. to Foster, Jacob L. on Feb 08, 1881
Becker, Cormealy to Harmon, Jacob B. on Jan 25, 1880
Becker, Hattie to Hiseman, Gilbert G. on Feb 16, 1871
Becker, Jane to Fleming, James T. on Jun 19, 1895
Becker, Nora to Harmon, John P. on Dec 29, 1878
Becker, Sarah to Blackman, Alfred on Oct 13, 1878
Beckett, Naoma H. to Laster, John H. on Mar 13, 1895
Beeler, Elizabeth R. to Lafton, John S. on Nov 06, 1881
Beeler, Ellen to Flanagin, Charles M. on Nov 06, 1895
Beeler, Sarah to Kent, William J. on Dec 25, 1893
Beizer, Betsa F. to Couch, Thomas on Aug 30, 1856
Belcher, Ellen to Bibens, John W. on Oct 14, 1895
Belcher, Martha L. to Cevnett, Wm. L. on Jan 30, 1889
Belier, Abbie to Carmack, George M. on Jan 02, 1897
Beller, Minnie to Carmack, Manford on Oct 11, 1894
Beller, Sarah E. to Carter, Monroe on Feb 15, 1891
Belt, Eliza to Reed, Eldad on May 20, 1861
Belt, Margaret T. to Straley, William on Sep 25, 1870
Belt, Mrs. Mary I. to Yardley, James M. on Nov 03, 1867
Belt, Nancy to Tunman, Aaron on Jan 02, 1859
Belt, Rosa E. to McDanald, William N. on May 22, 1890
Beltzer, Rachel Ann to Heldreth, Rees on Jul 12, 1874
Belzan, Irene to Bolen, L.P. on May 22, 1853
Belzer, Hannah to Belzer, Milton on Jul 17, 1864
Belzer, Lucinda to Carmack, Daniel on Jan 01, 1878
Belzer, Mary to Mackollum, Henderson on Sep 18, 1858
Belzer, Rebecca A. to Clubine, Robert on Sep 22, 1889
Benham, Malenda to Cotton, Jesse on Mar 09, 1856
Bennett, Catharine to Berz, John W. on Feb 26, 1858
Bennett, Ceola to White, Hugh on Dec 29, 1875
Bennett, Eleanor M. to VanRiper, Richard on Feb 17, 1868
Bennett, Elizabeth to Frazier, Benton on Dec 08, 1861
Bennett, Eva to Bigham, Eddie S. on Mar 21, 1891
Bennett, Jane to Johnson, Monroe on Aug 07, 1859
Bennett, Laura to Weesner, M.E. on Feb 25, 1882
Bennett, Louilla to Sears, Amos C. on Nov 04, 1880
Bennett, Mary Ann to Smith, Moses M. on Nov 07, 1851
Bennett, Nancy P. to Cruet, Jefferson on Oct 13, 1859
Bennett, Rhoda to Malony, Hugh L. on Jul 04, 1847
Bennett, Sarah to Barton, Alexander on Jan 09, 1876
Bennett, Susan to Cummins, William on Feb 21, 1875
Bentley, Mary to Welch, Mepullus on May 29, 1860
Benton, Sarah Catherine to Yardley, Joseph B. on Dec 31, 1871
Berger, Jennie to Stufflebean, John on Jan 14, 1891
Berkslin, Cora B. to West, Paris W. on Jan 02, 1887
Berry, Allie to Cleaton, Oscar F. on Dec 07, 1894
Berry, Ann to Loso, Edward Lafayette on Sep 05, 1876
Berry, Elizabeth B. to Ford, George on Mar 10, 1872
Berry, Hattie A. to Miller, Franklin on Nov 26, 1878
Berry, Laura J. to Parish, Albert on Jul 02, 1885
Berry, Sally to Southerland, Wm. D. on Apr 15, 1884
Bevins, Emma to Simmons, George on Jun 19, 1884
Bhream, Christain to Rottman, Chrisman on Nov 30, 1881
Biba, Rosa to Chapman, William H. on Jan 08, 1899
Biddison, Susannah to Wages, Lilleton P. on Jan 14, 1858
Bigham, Callia to Stewart, William L. on Feb 24, 1897
Bilery, Susan to Sweps, John R. on Jun 27, 1870
Bimton, Maude Ladd to Crump, Charles M. on Oct 04, 1897
Bingham, Caroline to Taylor, James on Oct 27, 1859
Bingham, Elizabeth to Dunlap, Alexander on Sep 05, 1850
Bingham, Elizabeth Jane to Minnis, Thomas Dee Gallitan on Oct 21, 1855
Bingham, Gemima to Herlston, Hazzel on Jun 22, 1848
Bingham, Maggie to Lawrence, George M. on Nov 27, 1893
Bingham, Margaret E. to Lawpa, Randolph S. on Mar 17, 1890
Bingham, Mary Ann to Hamilton, Joseph on Feb 19, 1852
Bingham, Mary E. to Link, Riley on Oct 31, 1886
Bingham, Philicia to Osborn, William B. on Jun 23, 1898
Bingham, Sarah F. to Wagoner, Jno. W. on Jan 01, 1891
Birch, Achroah to Bord, George on Apr 13, 1864
Birdwell, Minnie to Harmon, Andrew C. on Jan 08, 1892
Bishop, Fannie A. to Doze, Franklin on Nov 21, 1880
Bitts, Margaret A. to Cochran, David E. on Dec 25, 1876
Biven, L. to Green, J.M. on Aug 09, 1853
Bivens, Laura B. to Montgomery, Willis J. on Sep 24, 1890
Bivens, Mary E. to Creason, Peter on Feb 21, 1880
Bivins, Alfie A. to Minor, Grant E. on Jul 01, 1897
Black, Ale to Glidewell, Lewis on Jul 28, 1858
Black, Clara to McCloud, John F. on Jan 03, 1892
Black, Elizabeth to Johnson, Benjamin on Oct 27, 1848
Black, Elizabeth to McCredy, William on Feb 19, 1869
Black, Harriet to Perkins, John on Feb 19, 1869
Black, Rosetta E. to Chappell, Charles E. on Feb 18, 1897
Black, Susan to Dennis, John on May 17, 1874
Blackman, Emily to Warner, B.F. on Apr 28, 1880
Blackman, Emily to Warner, Benjamin F. on Apr 08, 1881
Blackweed, Mary Ellen to Watson, Jacob on Nov 12, 1856
Blackwell, Joella to Kinsey, J.T. on Apr 21, 1885
Blackwell, Victoria A. to Williams, Ferdinand P. on Jan , 1873
Blackwood, Victory B. to Dudley, Thomas W. on Jul 16, 1886
Blair, Amanda M. to Bailey, Daniel on Mar 16, 1867
Blair, Esther Rosetta to Grindstaff, Isaac Newton on Sep 03, 1876
Blair, Jane to Franklin, Melill on Oct 04, 1875
Blair, Margaret to Hulbert, Winthrop on Jul 01, 1866
Bledson, Etta L. to Springer, Melvin L. on Mar 01, 1896
Bliss, Sarah F. to Haphet, John on Jan 28, 1892
Blue, Sarah J. to Vanwye, George on Nov 26, 1894
Blythe, Selina to Blair, J.W. on Jan 29, 1869
Bodenhammer, Barbara to McAllister, John R. on Aug 10, 1869
Bohanan, Alice to Dodson, Charles on Dec 22, 1890
Bohanan, Ellen to Pipes, Semon on Oct 17, 1889
Bohaunan, Rosa M. to Dodson, Virgel J. on Nov 22, 1894
Boice, M. Lizzie to Alomothy, George on Feb 21, 1875
Bois, Anna Frances to Harlan, Millard Fieldman on Sep 09, 1877
Bokir, Lettie to Todd, James L. on Mar 18, 1888
Bolin, Aveline to Harris, John on Jun 05, 1859
Bondurant, Eliza E. to Craven, Luther E. on Mar 13, 1873
Bondurant, Margaret E. to Graves, Henry H. on Dec 27, 1885
Bondurant, Mary A. to Murphy, John G. on May 05, 1864
Boney, Anna to Darrah, Thomas on Apr 22, 1891
Boney, Iola to Miller, Samuel E. on Dec 28, 1886
Boney, Minnie to Halliburton, Forest H. on Nov 19, 1899
Bonham, Mary to Morehead, John B. on Aug 13, 1874
Bonine, Mattie to Murphy, Carry on Jun 02, 1896
Bookout, America Elizabeth to Bartlett, Hugh Marshall on Sep 12, 1872 
Bookout, America to Beal, George on Jun 06, 1875
Bookout, Carrie to West, Elihue on Nov 04, 1888
Bookout, Emma G. to Hughes, McDonald on Jan 27, 1880
Bookout, Isabelle to Shinafelt, William O. on May 25, 1898
Bookout, Manlin to Cat, Walter on Feb 22, 1880 (correction! This record is filed in the
                     Recorders Office as: Bookout, Malinda to Scott, Walter on 2/22/1880)
Bookout, Minnie D. to Lee, Harry C. on Dec 24, 1899
Bookout, Sarah to Meador, Jesse on Mar 06, 1870
Border, Mary C. to Bishop, Hamilton on Jan 16, 1881
Borders, Nettie to Caidwell, Robert on Dec 19, 1889
Borron, Ema to Moffitt, Benjamin F. on Mar 11, 1899
Borshore, June to York, John on Jun 13, 1880
Boswell, Rebecca to Knifong, James P. on Sep 10, 1871
Botlenbury, Mary to Springer, John M. on Oct 03, 1886
Bottenberg, Alice to Springer, Henry on Feb 2., 1882
Bottenberg, Lizzie to Payne, Samuel B. on Sep 25, 1895
Bottomberg, Alma to Cole, George on Dec 27, 1882
Botts, Jane to Hall, James E. on Jul 13, 1879
Botts, Martha A. to Rop, Thomas N. on Jan 19, 1889
Boume, Julia B. to Ford, James A. on Mar 19, 1895
Bowen, Mariann to McKee, John on May 07, 1849
Bower, Corilla A. to Elder, John on Apr 23, 1868
Bower, Mary Ann to Kenward, Fred H. on Jul 04, 1884
Bowling, Amanda to Thompson, Charles on May 09, 1875
Bowman, Alice A. to Olmstead, William B. on Apr 04, 1888
Bowman, Barbara A. to Weston, Alfred Alexander on Dec 24, 1865
Bowman, Fedella to Bassett, Lucus on Nov 23, 1884
Bowman, Honour to Harvey, William on Nov 20, 1856
Bowman, Lordema M. to Young, Amos P. on Feb 24, 1885
Bowman, Lydia to Boyd, A.B. on Apr 08, 1867
Bowman, Mahala to Young, George W. on Apr 22, 1892
Bowman, Martha to Runnets, John on Apr 01, 1851
Boxwell, Emma to Warren, Virgil S. on Dec 03, 1896
Boxwell, Mary E. to McClluy, George L. on Mar 22, 1888
Boyd, Cerilda to Jackson, Joseph W. on Feb 01, 1877
Boyd, Cora to Capito, William on Jun 01, 1891
Boyd, Eliza Ellen to Emberton, George W. on Nov 01, 1860
Boyd, Elizabeth to Hudnall, Isaac on Oct 13, 1893
Boyd, Ella to Henry, C.P. on Aug 22, 1886
Boyd, Floy to Delnn, George M. on Feb 02, 1896
Boyd, Hellen to Smoyer, Harry J. on Feb 16, 1887
Boyd, Jennie L. to Beabout, Charles C. on Feb 17, 1895
Boyd, Lucy A. to Murdock, John R. on Apr 08, 1897
Boyd, Mary to Cordrey, Nathan on Oct 18, 1853
Boyd, Mary F. to Tipton, Hiram on Apr 13, 1876
Boyd, Nancy A. to Meedan, John M. on Apr 15, 1866
Boyd, Nora A. to Nicholson, John on Sep 06, 1886
Boyd, Nora M. to Patterson, Elmer E. on Jul 11, 1892
Boyer, Emma to Davenport, Charles on Sep 10, 1876
Boyer, Susanna to Fertig, Thadeus S. on Apr 11, 1875
Boyland, Anna to McNeiley, R.A. on Jan 30, 1893
Boynton, Cora M. to Miller, Albert P. on Dec 18, 1884
Boynton, Doda S. to Andrews, Mark T. on Sep 01, 1887
Boynton, Jean F. to Crawford, W.F. on Jan 26, 1887
Bozarth, Florence to Beck, Preston L. on Sep 19, 1885
Bozarth, Henrietta to Anderson, Peter A. on Jan 09, 1881
Bozarth, Lucinda to Hargis, Nandin on Jan 07, 1855
Bozarth, Lucinda to Jones, John T. on Mar 14, 1875
Brackelt, Mary A. to Harmon, Hugh on Sep 15, 1897
Brackett, Catharine Lucy to Conkin, James M. on Aug 20, 1856
Brackett, Elizabeth to Stanley, Eli on Mar 30, 1858
Brackett, Louise to Shalding, Joseph on Oct 02, 1851
Brackett, Mary to Tucker, Walter L. on Feb 03, 1867
Brackett, Mary to Dailey, Benjamin on Feb 01, 1867
Brackett, Phebe A. to Barnett, William M. on Feb 14, 1869
Bradburn, Elizabeth to Stinchcomb, George on Feb 14, 1858
Bradden, Elizabeth to Quigley, Cantrell R. on Oct 29, 1871
Braden, Amanda to Hill, Caleb on Jul 25, 1852
Bradford, Kay Seeley to Fish, Lafayette on Oct 02, 1873
Bradford, Mary M. to Bay, Thomas W. on Aug 27, 1889
Bradford, Mattie to Lofton, Cyrus L. on Dec 25, 1878
Bradley, Clara E. to McCullough, Grant R. on Jun 07, 1899
Bradley, Esther Ann to Collins, Levy Weard on Mar 15, 1870
Bradley, Martha S. to Desper, Norris on Oct 05, 1865
Bradley, Mary Ellen to Roberts, John on Oct 14, 1879
Bradshaw, Cassie F. to Starkey, John I. on Dec 25, 1894
Bradshaw, Jennie to Carmichael, James on Sep 23, 1894
Bradwell, Susan Jane to Gallimore, Albertus on Jan 10, 1861
Bragg, Alzada to Cooper, John Caleb on Jul 15, 1877
Bragg, Amapda to Cannon, Amos on Mar 12, 1860
Bragg, Hesten Ellen to Leach, John M. on Jan 27, 1852
Bragg, Jane to Morelock, David W. on Apr 26, 1849
Bram, Emelia to Roddman, William F. on Sep 02, 1885
Branden, Dicey to Cave, John P. on Apr 05, 1857
Brandon, Eunice to Cave, Edmond on Jan 05, 1862
Bransteter, Fannie H. to Hahne, John F. on Jan 09, 1894
Brantner, Rosa to Preston, William L. on Oct 12, 1881
Brantner, Sarah to Saulsberry, William K. on Apr 24, 1872
Brasfield, Rachel R. to Grinder, Thomas J. on Feb 19, 1881
Brassfield, Elizabeth to Hoselton, Arthur D. on Feb 10, 1897
Brassfield, Mrs. Leah to Hatcher, William J. on Sep 27, 1886
Brassfield, Sarah to Scott, Zebulan P. on Feb 18, 1890
Bratton, Mrs. Delilah to Tuttle, Acy C. on Sep 26, 1869
Bray, Annie M. to Cassidy, Alfred T. on Oct 03, 1892
Bray, Eveline Emma to Bird, Allen on Jan 27, 1889
Bray, Maggia to Lenlung, Peter on Apr 06, 1878
Bray, Mahala C. to Guymon, Henry N. on Oct 30, 1889
Bray, Mary E. to Ayers, Isaac on Apr 15, 1880
Bray, Sarah to Carter, Franklin on Jul 30, 1868
Bray, Sarah Clementine to Bozerth, Alexander on Aug 26, 1880
Breeden, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth to Creek, John on Jan 15, 1860
Breeding, Mary E. to McClarren, Ora on Aug 30, 1885
Breeding, Rosa M. to Williams, James H. on Aug 09, 1893
Brenard, Nancy to Owings, Samuel on Sep 10, 1863
Brewer, Carrie E. to Robinson, Benjamin T. on Nov 08, 1885
Bridewell, Elizabeth to Davis, Darrius on Aug 24, 1872
Bridewell, Nancy to Courtney, John A. on Feb 05, 1877
Bridewell, Phebe Ann to Vernon, Elijah H. on Apr 07, 1868
Bridwell, Sarah Elizabeth to Herrallson, William K. on Jun 07, 1868
Briggs, Flora M. to Lucas, Solomon M. on Nov 15, 1889
Briggs, Maud to Ayer, John C. on Aug 07, 1892
Briggs, Sarah P. to Crampton, Riggen H. on Aug 15, 1866
Brigham, Emma L. to Miller, Joseph H. on Mar 13, 1886
Bright, Julia A. to Shattuck, Benjamin on Apr 08, 1868
Brimm, Susan Angeline to Hambaugh, George W. on Jun 27, 1869
Brinkley, Delia to Turner, Elsworth on Oct 29, 1892
Brinkley, Emma to Osburn, Jackson S. on Feb 19, 1899
Brinkley, L. C. to Hollon, J.T. on Sep 03, 1892
Brinkley, Miranda B. to King, Charles A. on Jun 07, 1884
Brinkley, Rebecca to Pipes, James M. on Apr 01, 1888
Brisendine, Sarah E. to Majore, Wm. Henry on Aug 05, 1882
Brittian, Minervie to Baker, Robert C. on Nov 10, 1889
Britton, Betsy to Coffman, Pleasant on Sep 08, 1866
Britton, Elizabeth to Smith, George W. on Apr 21, 1872
Britton, Josephine to Purdin, Charles on Apr 24, 1892
Britton, Rosa to Morris, Lester on Oct 04, 1885
Brombaugh, Emma D. to Hulett, Charles E. on Oct 01, 1882
Brook, Rebecca F. to Harman, Reuben on Nov 06, 1880
Brookbanks, Rosa Beil to Seaweard, John on Jul 03, 1885
Brooks, Mrs. Senney to Hibbits, Charles W. on Aug 31, 1881
Brooks, Rosetta to Dennis, John on Mar 23, 1873
Brookshier, Essie M. to Jones, John O. on Dec 03, 1895
Brookshier, Lucinda to Hubbard, William on Apr 29, 1862
Brookshier, Lucy to Quick, J.W. on Jun 11, 1868
Brookshier, Lucy A. to Langdon, William C. on Jan 20, 1896
Brookshier, Manerva Jane to Osborn, William on Dec 06, 1866
Brookshier, Martha F. to Gilmore, David H. on Sep 30, 1869
Brookshier, Nancy to Wilson, Albert E. on Dec 31, 1871
Brookshier, Retta A. to Oakes, Clarence P. on Nov 28, 1895
Brookshire, Elsie M. to Brantner, Herman J. on Jun 18, 1896
Brookshire, Girttie E. to Jones, James L. on Dec 01, 1897
Brookshire, Ida B. to Oaks, Clarence P. on Dec 29, 1889
Brookshire, Jennie B. to Stephenson, Robert F. on Jan 24, 1884
Brookshire, Sallie to Glaze, James D. on Feb 20, 1883
Brookshire, Sary June to Harman, James G. on May 29, 1881
Brown, Adelia to Cheeseman, Ezra D. on Jan 01, 1884
Brown, Alice Adelie to Afton, George H. on Mar 25, 1879
Brown, Armetta I. to Holliday, Thornton D. on Nov 15, 1868
Brown, Becca to Ames, Edward F. on Feb 28, 1897
Brown, Cora to Ward, Wilbur N. on Apr 01, 1894
Brown, Eliza J. to Husted, Wm. L. on Mar 01, 1835
Brown, Elizabeth C. to Warden, William C. on Jan 12, 1860
Brown, Elizabeth E. to Redding, William T. on Oct 16, 1895
Brown, Elizabeth N. J. to Hayes, Elias on May 02, 1865
Brown, Ella May to Stall, Lyman on Oct 07, 1883
Brown, Frances R. to Price, John T. on Sep 12, 1894
Brown, Ida to Grindstaff, Wm. H. on Sep 11, 1895
Brown, Jennie A. to Miller, John H. on Nov 12, 189?
Brown, Josie E. to Stephenson, William E. on Sep 04, 1892
Brown, Laura to Douglass, William on Jan 10, 1886
Brown, Lizzy to MeFerren, Jesse on Aug 27, 1860
Brown, Louisa J. to Johnson, Martin V. on May 07, 1877
Brown, Margaret E. to Scott, Tilson on Feb 23, 1896
Brown, Mary C. to Spencer, Charles on Jul 29, 1890
Brown, Mary E. to Baker, Joel Palmer on Mar 01, 1881
Brown, Mary Lizzie to Sherwood, William Wakeman A. on Mar 23, 1864
Brown, Mrs. Mary Jane to Harmon, Redmon P. on Mar 20, 1870
Brown, Nancy Matilda to Runnells, Samuel on Apr 25, 1863
Brown, Nora E. to Spencer, George M. on Dec 25, 1897
Brown, Rachel M. to Eastwood, Dekaib on Dec 03, 1865
Brown, Sarah to Cooper, A.H. on Aug 31, 1877
Brown, Sarah Ann to Winters, Nathaniel on Nov 07, 1848
Brown, Sarah Ann to Gender, John A. on Feb 16, 1873
Brown, Sedalia to Sweet, Anson on May 06, 1883
Brown, Susie to Wood, Albert on Apr 10, 1887
Brown, Wealthy to Walker, Elijah J. on Mar 20, 1898
Brownfield, Martha to Beck, Martin on Nov 05, 1884
Brownfield, Mollie to Miller, Alonzo on Jul 12, 1885
Browning, Alma L. to Morris, George H. on Oct 12, 1873
Browning, Amanda M. to Seaman, Jonah on Mar 01, 1860
Browning, Clara to Canard, Glen on Oct 18, 1893
Browning, Ella to Hoskins, John J. on Mar 05, 1896
Browning, Elvina A. to Bradshaw, Francis P. on Oct 05, 1876
Browning, Jennie B. to Williams, James E. on Mar 18, 1891
Browning, Laura to Hamilton, H.R. on Apr 12, 1893
Browning, Laura E. to Dickerson, Robert W. on Oct 10, 1895
Browning, Laura M. to Purdin, Henry on Dec 13, 1885
Browning, Louie E. to Duncan, Fred R. on Dec 24, 1899
Browning, Marinda to Sanders, Charles on Mar 27, 1859
Browning, Martha E. to Weesner, Erastus A. on Mar 30, 1892
Browning, Mary Jane to Chapman, Samuel on Mar 26, 1857
Browning, Mary L. to Southerland, Thomas D. on Dec 31, 1890
Browning, Milly J. to Dickerson, Spencer on Sep 21, 1893
Browning, Sarah to Seaman, Jonah on Nov 15, 1868
Browning, Sarah to Bundies, Henry on Jul 11, 1885
Browning, Sarah A. to Hatch, Edwin R. on Jun 21, 1872
Browning, Sarah E. to Harris, John A on Oct 03, 1886
Browning, Sarah E. to Foster, Thomas A. on Nov 02, 1890
Brownlee, America to Rockfeller, Albert on Dec 30, 1883
Broyle, Mary S. to Wilhite, William J. on Apr 10, 1870
Broyles, Allie C. to McWhorter, Walter F. on Sep 13, 1885
Broyles, Clarinda to Wolf, Isaac H. on Apr 15, 1866
Broyles, Cordelia to Wilhite, Andrew I. on Dec 10, 1857
Broyles, Eva to Bolinger, Charles H. on Jan 31, 1897
Broyles, Ida to Crane, William on Mar 23, 1884
Broyles, Maggie to Steele, Samuel R. on Feb 18, 1885
Broyles, Margaret Jane to Dearing, Judge Riddley on Jan 11, 1872
Broyles, Parlina to Wilhite, William on Dec 22, 1864
Broyles, Pauline to Wilhite, William on Dec 29, 1864
Broyles, Priscilla to Carter, John Henry on Mar 27, 1867
Bruce, Fannie to Williams, Lee on Oct 30, 1898
Bruce, Hattie E. to Cawood, John E. on Nov 15, 1893
Bruce, Olie B. to Donoho, George M. on Jul 09, 1890
Bruce, Rosanna to Norton, James on Dec 19, 1882
Brumanagh, Ida M. to Alspach, Fredris on Dec 25, 1887
Brumbaugh, Amanda to Arthurs, Andrew J. on Sep 13, 1874
Brumbaugh, Annette to Lantz, G. on Oct 03, 1877
Brumbaugh, Lennie to Smith, M.M. on Apr 22, 1896
Brumbaugh, Lizzie to Bayles, Clay on Nov 26, 1881
Brumbaugh, Martha E. to Newton, John on Mar 28, 1875
Brumbaugh, Metta to Hicks, James C. on Jun 19, 1897
Brumbaugh, Rebecca to Fields, John S. on Oct 05, 1883
Brummitt, Allier to Allen, Hosa Benson on Apr 18, 1889
Bruner, Maggie J. to Halsinger, Jacob on Sep 06, 1885
Brush, Margaret E. to Gooding, Thadius on Feb 30, 1878
Bryne, Mrs. Melissa to Gill, Julius W. on Nov 23, 1874
Buckalew, Eliza to Kerby, Henry C. on Aug 08, 1875
Buckalew, Fannie F. to Oneal, Franklin on Jan 01, 1881
Buckalew, Mary to Childers, Joseph F. on Oct 07, 1890
Buckalew, Sadie E. to Overstreet, Charles L. on Jan 05, 1899
Buckalew, Sarah to Lin, Fredrick M. on Dec 04, 1881
Buckallew, Della to Dye, George on Jun 13, 1897
Buckheart, Jane Belle to McCormack, Charles B. on May 10, 1891
Buckmaster, Nancy to Darrab, Robert on Mar 12, 1857
Buckner, Carrie to Nowels, Nathan A. on Dec 05, 1889
Buckner, Henniretta to Nowels, John A. on Feb 03, 1887
Buckner, Laura L. to Nowels, Francis M. on Oct 05, 1882
Buckner, Maggie C. to Strong, Robert S. on Apr 23, 1899
Buddigum, Amanda to Powell, Frank P. on Jul 07, 1878
Buler, Minerva to Perkins, William on Nov 17, 1883
Bullington, Nancy J. to Wattenbarger, Jacob on Jun 23, 1888
Bumgardner, Elizabeth to Creason, Gilpen on Nov 28, 1860
Bumgardner, Seny to Combs, William K. on Jul 15, 1860
Bumgarner, Linnie to Watson, Manford on Feb 28, 1889
Bunch, Alvey to Alexander, Alfred E. on May 21, 1863
Bunch, Annie to Peevler, Michael on Sep 07, 1883
Bunch, Arvey to Page, William on Feb 08, 1846
Bunch, Belle to Grisamer, William on Feb 26, 1891
Bunch, Christina to Maxey, William on Sep 28, 1862
Bunch, Dortha to Carmack, Thomas B. on Dec 24, 1891
Bunch, Laura to Burrus, F.W. on Oct 18, 1893
Bunch, Laura B. to Hall, Millard on Jan 27, 1889
Bunch, Martha to Penland, William A. on Aug 21, 1849
Bunch, Mary A. to Lewis, Hiram Sadoras on Feb 11, 1882
Bunch, Mrs. Margaret to McCollum, Stephen W. on Jul 02, 1885
Bunch, Mrs. Margaret to McCollum, Stephen on Jun 05, 1890
Bunch, Mrs. Nancy to Putman, William on Apr 14, 1882
Bunch, Nancy to Ward, James on May 07, 1874
Bunch, Nancy to Billups, Socrates on Nov 29, 1877
Bunch, Rosa to Straley, George on Dec 04, 1887
Bunch, Vina to Hill, George W. on Aug 15, 1861
Bundies, Mary J. to Dodson, John C. on Nov 06, 1895
Bundies, Rachel to Dodson, John C. on Mar 18, 1886
Bundies, Sarah W. to King, James on Jan 24, 1883
Bundridge, America Ann to Seaman, John Richard on Apr 04, 1867
Bundridge, Lizzie to Bundies, Edward P. on Feb 27, 1896
Bundridge, Martha E. to Brown, William A. on Jan 12, 1865
Bundridge, Sarah to Harmon, John B. on May 24, 1865
Bunnell, Iris O. to Smith, Druary H. on Sep 24, 1895
Bunnell, Rebecca to Bennett, Fred E. on Dec 28, 1893
Bunnes, Mary to Green, Lafayette on Sep 05, 1884
Bunton, Lucy O. to Sharp, David M. on Oct 07, 1896
Burbon, Mary to Muney, Andrew B. on Aug 02, 1863
Burby, Mary to Morrell, Amos M. on May 23, 1867
Burch, Anna to Boyd, Robert B. on Jun 25, 1875
Burch, Mary Jane to Lewis, Paris on Jul 20, 1873
Burchett, Martha Jane to Overstreet, John H. on Oct 06, 1870
Burchett, Nancy P. to Roberts, Merrick L. on Jun 26, 1870
Burchett, Sarah M. to Allen, William W. on Dec 31, 1893
Burckhalter, Carrie to Allen, William M. on Oct 25, 1890
Burditt, Bettie to Russell, John on Oct 18, 1891
Burditt, Mary E. to Ralls, Terrah H. on Jan 24, 1892
Buren, Nan to Roberts, John E. on Nov 09, 1898
Burger, Amanda to Stufflebean, Isaac on Jun 13, 1886
Burgess, Amanda J. to Craig, William H. on Jan 20, 1859
Burkholder, Emily to Homer, Watson on Apr 23, 1872
Burmel, Melissa Bell to Willis, W.J. on Mar 28, 1886
Burnett, Mary E. to Finchum, David M. on Sep 08, 1892
Burns, Bannerd to Summers, Peter on Nov 29, 1886
Burns, Catherine to James, John W. on Aug 09, 1853
Burns, Emma V. to Wade, Samuel F. on Aug 21, 1888
Burns, Mary to Glaze, Conrad on Oct 28, 1862
Burns, Mary E. to Brown, George K. on Dec 22, 1892
Burns, Mary L. to Williams, James H. on Nov 14, 1897
Burns, Sarah S. to Schrock, James Wilson on Dec 04, 1850
Burns, Sarena M. to Darr, Charles L. on Feb 05, 1899
Burrass, Nancy E. to Stolehand, John A. on Apr 09, 1882
Burress, Clarinda to Muck, John on Aug 21, 1864
Burress, Phebe to Muck, Daniel on Aug 21, 1870
Burrow, Martha C. to Hall, Perry H. on May 30, 1880
Burrus, Nora F. to Millay, Elmer on Nov 06, 1898
Burrus, Vietta to Darr, Samuel O. on Dec 25, 1895
Burruss, Elva J. to Remley, James H. on Dec 19, 1894
Burt, Hannah P. to Tunnell, Manford on Apr 15, 1877
Burtch, Laura to Reed, Heskett on Aug 12, 1894
Burton, Alice to Tailman, Wilber on Feb 28, 1891
Burton, Mary to Muncy, Andrew J. on Feb 11, 1864
Burton, Mary A. to Lambert, D.H.C. on Aug 29, 1894
Burwell, Rebecca A. to Shipley, James S. on Sep 16, 1888
Busby, Anna B. to Young, Reece on Nov 25, 1877
Busby, Laura to Vandemark, John J. on Jan 24, 1887
Busby, Martha E. to Taylor, Hugh R. on Sep 17, 1868
Busby, Mary to Dyer, Samuel S. on Nov 25, 1886
Bush, Sencia to Merriman, John W. on Jun 23, 1857
Busic, Sarah to Busic, Dr. J. N. on Jun 29, 1864
Busick, Aurelia A. to Busick, Dennis S. on Jan 04, 1876
Busick, Martha to Morrison, Joseph on Jan 30, 1859
Busick, Martha P. to Herryman, Wade on Nov 01, 1888
Busick, Neiory to Sorrell, Clyde P. on Sep 03, 1889
Busick, Viola A. to Lucas, S.W. on Oct 31, 1880
Butler, Georgia to Shepler, John N. on May 14, 1888
Butler, Ida M. to Price, John D. on Jan 12, 1897
Butler, Lucinda to Maxey, Elmer on Jan 12, 1888
Butler, Lucretia B. to Foster, James E. on Dec 29, 1895
Butler, Lulie to Catlett, Charles W. on Jul 06, 1884
Butler, Luticia to Clem, Alonzo on May 25, 1879
Butler, Maggie Lou E. to Sholtus, D.H. on Nov 29, 1888
Butler, Malissa to Runnells, Henry on Dec 07, 1868
Butler, Nancy to Ledford, John on Feb 17, 1895
Buxton, Chloe to Monson, Robert D. on Jun 28, 1878
Byrd, Mary to Harl, George W. on Nov 24, 1882

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